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*** Space Station: Silicon Valley - The Guide ***
Author: marshmallow (

Another DMA creation...this game is do I say this...odd. Yes, 
that's the word I was looking for, odd. Sick. That's another good 
one...disturbing is also quite fitting. :)

Note: Most updated version can be found at, so if you 
have a Q, make sure it's not in the outdated version that someone else 
may have stole. Yes, this has happened enough times that I have to put 
this down!

1) Story
2) Basics
3) Items
4) Animals
5) Walkthrough
6) Bosses
7) Secrets
8) Credits
9) Legal Stuff
10) The End

1) Story

Straight from the Manual [Illegal? Fine, c'mon DMA...SUE ME!!!...on the 
otherhand, don't :)]:

Launched in 2001, Silicon Valley was the largest, most expensive space 
station ever created. An experiment in artificial life and robotic 
evolution, Silicon Valley broke new ground in terms of size, luxury, and 
extreme danger...

There was only one slight hiccup. Seven minutes after the station was 
launched, it vanished. Completely. Utterly. Absolutely. Gone.

Of course, a massive search was launched. Every terroist group in the 
solar system who had 1) a motive and 2) a REALLY big garage was 
immediately arrested, searched, and locked up on general suspicion. But 
nothing was ever found.

Until now. After 1000 years, Silicon Valley has returned. It was spotted 
by a giant orbiting telescope as it passed the orbit of Uranus. The 
Earth government immediately sprang into action and sent aboard a 
squadron of brave Space Marine, each and every one of them barrel-
chested, sharp shooting, iron pumping heroes. They vanished. The next 
squad vanished too. In fact, about five squads were sent to the giant 
derelict station before someone figured out they weren't getting 

What this job needed was someone expendable and cheap. Enter DAN DANGER 
and EVO, the bravest heroes Earth has to offer (and at knockdown prices 
too...). Dan is, of course, human, but EVO is the end result of the 
Silicon Valley experiment, a super-intelligent, self-evolving robot.

The fate of the Earth is in their hands. Who knows what terrible changes 
have occured over the last millennium? Who, or what, is in charge of the 
station? Why has it suddenly reappeared? Why is it heading straight for 
Earth? What can be done to stop it? Can Dan stop it? Evo? You?

I'll continue the story from the opening cinema...

As Evo and Dan speed towards SS in their broken down space ship, they 
start to argue over what station to listen to on the radio. It gets to 
the point that Dan isn't even driving it anymore, and before they know 
what is happening, the break through the ceiling of SV and plummet 
below...While this was happening, down below on the SV floor, Flossy the 
Sheep and Roger the Dog were admitting their eternal love for each 
other. After the joy and the kissing, Dan's ship lands on Roger, killing 
the dog insantly. Evo is blown from the wreckage, hits the ceiling and 
shatters...his main chip falls down and lands in Roger's Body. Dan will 
watch everything from the ship...and so our adventure begins.

2) Basics

To complete each mission (All 30+ of them), you'll need to complete 
several objectives using different animals. To take control of any 
animal, you'll have to kill it first. Then step up to it and press R. Be 
careful, though, as Evo can not survive long without being inside a 
host. The Green energy bar at the top is two parts: The long one is your 
energy, and the ball is the amount of energy your A attack has. Then the 
bottom is your enemie's energy, plus your energy for your B attack. Your 
attack's power always returns, but each time you use it will go down, 
the amount depending on the animal and the attack.

3) Items

Power Cells:
Collect these glowing balls and you'll get more points towards 100% on a 

Grab these blue balls, they will restore your energy bar considerably.

There are two per start at one, and you exit in one. The 
exit will only open up when you have completed all of your objectives.

These blue objects will give you a little tour of the level. Useful for 
knowing what is ahead.

Walk up to these T.V.s and it will tell you about the animal you are 
currently in. It's the same as when you enter a new creature, though...

Break these open to reveal energy and other goodies!

You receive these for doing a secret objective.

4) Animals

Here's the layout...

(Name of animal)
Mass: Funny...Duhaha!
Engine: It's in the game...
Intelligence: What it is like when the CPU controls it?
Strength: For both attacks and defense
Water: Is it good in H20?

1. Sheep
Description: White stuff with four black things sticking out and a blank 
stare. Hilarious!
Mass: Medium. It's fluffy!
Engine: Bio
Abilities: Floaty Hop - Use the Sheep's Hovering ability to scale cliffs 
and cayons!
           Baa - Use this when bored or just for a laugh. Does no 

Intelligence: Very low! It just runs away from danger. Doesn't help 
that's it's slow...
Strength: Defense - Weak
          Offense - No attack
Water: Floats well in it

2. Dog
Description: A yellow dog with strange legs.
Mass: Medium - Doggy goodness! Sick...
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - Use this when you need to get up on platforms
           Bite - Besides making him bark, it makes his head lunge 
forward and bite!
Intelligence: Rather low. Runs around aimlessly.
Strength: Defense - Not so good.
          Offense - Medium at best
Water: Excellent. Swims like a pro!

3. Racing Mouse
Description: A small, blue mouse on wheels.
Mass: Tiny
Engine: 2.0
Abilities: Speed Boost - Use this to cross large gaps or to speed away 
from enemies! Beware, as        
                         it acts like a real automobile when going into 
sharp corners.
           Tail Attack - Use it's sharp tail to impale oppenents.
Intelligence: High, it will try to escape while attacking.
Strength: Defense - Almost none.
          Offense - Formidable...
Water: Will die soon if deposited in water.

4. Ram
Description: A Sheep without eyes and a pair of horns.
Mass: Medium. Heavy horns...
Engine: in underwear
Abilities: Jump - Amazing!!!
           Head-Butt - Use this to slay enemies...or just to watch his 
neck extend three feet
Intelligence: Low - Tries to attack, but misses often. 
Strength: Defense - Light 
          Offense - Medium, but good enough for the levels where he is
Water: Floats like sheep

5. Racing Dog
Description: A dog on wheels...with missile launchers!
Mass: Medium
Engine: 1.6
Abilities: Speed Boost - Just like the Racing Mouse
           Missiles - They are, of course, homing missiles
Intelligence: Low! They retreat and then try to shoot, but it's too late 
Strength: Defense - it me, or is this guy just average? :)
          Offense - High, those missiles are powerful
Water: Swims just fine

6. Racing Fox
Description: A red fox with wheels!
Mass: Light
Engine: 1.6
Abilities: Teleport - Sorta...he'll launch forward at an incredible 
speed. Not an attack.
           Tail Attack - Easy to pull off, and you can keep wiggling it 
for awhile!
Intelligence: High - Follows you to no end
Strength: Defense - Rather light
          Offense - Rather high...!
Water: Swims great, it's a Fox ya know...

7. Bear
Description: A bear that looks much like a box...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Grab 'n' Lob - Use this to lift heavy objects
           Bear Frenzy - He'll go pyscho and thrash his claws while 
foaming at the mouth. You  
           can also jump now!
Intelligence: Low - Straightforward attacks.
Strength: Defense - Huge
          Offense - Very powerful
Water: Poor

8. Rat
Description: A black rat with glowing red eyes...on wheels!
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Diesel
Abilities: Feces - Lay some exploding feces!
           Bite - A more straightforward type of attack
Intelligence: High - Runs around trying to avoid attacks. 
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

9. Spring Thingy
Description: A normal sheep except with a spring instead of feet
Mass: Light
Engine: Spring
Abilities: Hop - Whee! This is the only way you can move...pretty high!
           Baa - Like the Sheep
Intelligence: Very low - It just sits there...
Strength: Defense - Very low
          Offense - No attack
Water: Ok

10. Spring Ram
Description: A ram on a spring
Mass: Medium
Engine: Spring
Abilities: Jump - Whee!
           Head-Butt - His neck extends three feet and he hits stuff!
Intelligence: Low - he just sits there
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

11. King Rat
Description: A heavyweight rat with a crown on. Scary!
Mass: Huge
Engine: Diesel
Abilities: Ratty Smell - He farts noxious gas with hilarious sound 
effects...oh boy!
           Rat Army Attack - Send your allies into battle! Charrrge!
Intelligence: Very High - Runs away, yet still farts
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Sorta ok in a small way...

12. Penguin
Description: cute! I feel sorry for them when I have to 
kill them in cold  
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - When in mid-air, he can also whip out an umbrella and 
glide slightly
           SnowBalls - Somewhat weak, but an easy attack to pull off.
Intelligence: Above average
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Weak
Water: Excellent - swims like a pro

13. Husky
Description: A white dog
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - A bit higher than most animals
           Husky Frenzy - Besides foaming at the mouth, he bites rapidly
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Great, but not awesome or, totally dude!!!

14. Heli-Rabbit
Description: A rabbit with his ears in a propllor shape 
Mass: Light
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Fly - Hover, fly...same deal, sorta.
           Bomb - Get over a target and release a fury of bombs! Just to 
get caught up in it...
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Poor
          Offense - High
Water: Barely

15. Rabbit
Description: Duhh...did me see a wabbit?!
Mass: Light
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Hop - Woohoo!
           Pound Ground - His foot will get big and send out shockwaves
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - Medium
Water: Just barely

16. Walrus
Description: A blue walrus with shades on a sled with a propellor
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Speed Boost - Wheee!
           Homing Missiles - Large and in charge! Takes up too much 
energy though...
Intelligence: High - Very hard to hit
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - High
Water: Excellent

Nore: Do not be fooled by the above...the Walrus is terrible! Almost 
impossible to control, and it takes forever for the missiles to 

17. Polar Bear on Treads
Description: A Polar Bear on treads...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Mines - Explosive feces! Large explosions, too...
           Shots - Large cannon balls come out of it's nose
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

18. Ski Husky
Description: A husky on skiis...with rocket launchers!
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Speed Boost - Just like the about Newton's 
           Missiles - Homing, at that! Large magazine! 
Intelligence: Medium, lock and shoot is all they know how to do!
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - High
Water: Poor

19. Seagul
Description: A gray, ratty looking bird.
Mass: Medium
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Fly - Woohoo!
           Claw Attack - Use this to attack or lift dead bodies off the 
Intelligence: Low - Bumbles around without reason
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

20. King Penguin
Description: A large penguin with a crown on it's head
Mass: Huge
Engine: Jet
Abilities: Boost Jump - Rocket flames come out of his ass to propell him 
straight up! 
           Penguin Army Attack - Uselss.
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - No attacks
Water: Excellent

21. Polar Bear
Description: Polar Bears...I know you've seen one before! C'mon...don't 
Mass: Huge
Engine: Fusion
Abilities: Smash - Hit the decks!!! It's a butt stomp-like attack.
           Hide - Fit into a nice round ball with cute eyes peeking out. 
Intelligence: Low - Barely knows how to move, let alone attack
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

22. Cool Cod
Description: A blue fish that looks like a shark (I know sharks are 
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Jet
Abilities: Jump - Out of the water that is. Spending time on dry land = 
loss of energy
           Swim - No! He just sits there in the water and bobs up and 
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - None
Water: Excellent...that was a no-brainer if I ever saw one. 

23. Elephant
Description: ...kidding right? Go visit the zoo for crying out loud...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Diesal
Abilities: Water Spray - Water...and you spray it!
           Grab 'n' Lob - Great for picking heavy stuff up with your 
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - High
Water: Great

24. Turtle Tank
Description: A turtle with the head of a cannon
Mass: Medium
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Shoot - Cannonballs!
           Hide - Underneath your shell!
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - Medium 
          Offense - High
Water: Ok

25. Hyena
Description: A pink dog like creature...mmm...Discovery Channel...
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - Cool...or not.
           Laughter - It spreads like wildfire then before you know it, 
everyone is laughing!
Intelligence: High - Runs away when there is a threat
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Good enough

26. Piranha
Description: A green fish with HUGE teeth.
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Fusion
Abilities: Jump - Woooooohhhhooooo!!! How original...
           Bite - What else are you going to use those huge fangs for?
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - Meager
          Offense - High
Water: Duh...EXCELLENT!

5) Walkthrough

Note: Will not reveal locations of Power Cells

- - - - - - -  European Zone - - - - - - -

Level 1: Smashing Start

Ooh! Ah! Ow! My head! Sheesh, what a landing! Evo, do as I say and we 
might just get iut of this mess - alive! Oh,, and if we're going to 
repair you, we'll need as many of those purple cells as possible.

* Get some energy
* Get me some sheep

Guide: You're in a dog, so you can attack. SImply chase down Flossy and 
kill her, then get inside her body (not sexually...) and control her 
(mission 2 complete). Now just get the blue energy that's near the ship 
(mission 1 complete). Now the exit will open up and you can scroll on 
outta her. 

Level 2: Have A Nice Day!

Oi! Hungry sheep are on the loose - round them up! Fast! Use the 
electric fence to keep them in their pen. Hey! The Scanner shows a mouse 
with wheels in this zone. Use it to reach the exit.

* Get FOUR sheep into the pen
* Find the mouse with wheels

Guide: Simple enough...or is it? Round the sheep into the pen by either 
a) chasing them in or if they just won't cooperate, b) kill them and put 
them in YOURSELF :) When they're all in, hit the electric switch to keep 
them in (mission 1 complete). Note: You will need one of the sheep to 
collect some of the Power Cells. The mouse with wheels is on the other 
side of the level, in a large shed. Take control of it and go towards 
the center of the level. See the island with a tree? Run full force at 
the ramp with a turbo and you'll rocket towards it, and land on the exit 
that is no active.

To collect a Trophy in this level, with the Racing Mouse, go near the 
second shed and a dog will come out and challenge you to a race around 
the lebel. Good thin you have the turbo, but don't waste it. Use it in 
controlled bursts, then when the ramps comes up, hit it at your top 
speed! Woohoo!

Level 3: Honeymoon Lagoon

The electric fence is linked to the Big Machine. Play around with it and 
see what happens...Oh yeah - and bring me back something soft and fluffy 
to hug.

* Deactivate the Big Machine
* Deactivate the electric fence
* Get something soft and fluffy

Guide: Go forwards and hit the ramp to get on the raised platform, 
albeit not very much. Hit the four levels and the machine will spout out 
some Power Cells (mission 1 complete). Then hit the four buttons on 
either corner, but be quick about it, they reset after about 10 seconds 
(mission 2 complete). Now you can go to the second part of the level, 
since the electric fence is disabled. Go past the foxes (don't even try 
to kill them, they will murdur you) and up the hills using yur turbo, at 
the end are some sheep! Kill one and get inside (mission 3 complete), 
now continue on the path. You're at the start, so you'll have to go 
right back to where the sheep were (sorta). Get near the lake, on the 
opposite side of where the electric fence was. See the metal thing going 
up and down? Get on it and hover to the exit. 

Trophy: Have you noticed the blue rings around the level? If you fly 
through them all, you get the trophy! Three must be activated by the 
Racing Mouse (one near the big machine, one near the foxes, and one 
above the sheep pen) while the last two must be activated using the 
sheep (both by the exit pad). 

Level 4: The Battery Farm

The farm's gone to the dogs! Damn mutts took over the farmhouse and set 
up and electric fence around the exit. And I need chow, now! Get me some 

* Raise the bridge sections
* Grow some carrots
* Switch off the electric fence

(Question: How did this game get an 'E' rating with cuss words in it?)

Guide: Go forward as the mouse and get inside the fence via the ramp. 
Kill all of the sheep, and the ram, and then take control of a sheep. 
Keep going and hover over the broken bridge, hit the switch and the 
pieces will rise! Go back and get inside the Ram, then proceed over thr 
bridge to kill the Racing Dog with Rocket Launchers. Don't worry, if you 
get low on energy just return to the barn for energy. When he's dead, 
great, but don't do anything with him _yet_. Go over to the machine near 
the carrots and hit the lever a few times to raise them (mission 2 
complete). Using them as platforms, go to the upper section. Go around 
and hit the switch to raise the bridge sections on the left side of the 
level (mission 1 complete).

Now we're set! Use the Racing Dog and cross the bridge, then kill off 
the Racing Foxes so they won't bother you...shouldn't be too hard, you 
have missiles and fast wheels! Go inside the house and stand on the 
switch (for some reason, you HAVE to be the rocket launching dog to do 
this, otherwise it says "Un-authroized personnel" or something. Maybe 
it's because you could hit the switch without raising the bridges...) 
(mission 3 complete). Now go exit!

Trophy: Simply kill all the animals in the level and a trophy will 
appear inside the'll need the Sheep to get it, though.


Q: I'm missing four Power Cells...where are they?

A: See that valve near the second bridge? To activate it, go near the 
house and stand on the bushes. See the upraised platforms? Get on them 
from there, then go forward. Now you can easily hover over there as the 
Sheep. When you activate it, four plants will grow and pop open to 
reveal four Power Cells.

Q: What's with the barn and the thing that goes up and down when I hit 
the switch?

A: Get on that thing to go to the upper part. Two Power Cells await, as 
well as a camera. Also, hover out to the roof for even more!

Level 5: The Engine Room

You need a keycard to pass through here. Sensors detect an object in the 
hands of a dead humaoid, possibly one of the station's professors. Watch 
out for those crazy bears!

* Find the keycard
* Activate the bridge
* Open the security door

Guide: Go forward and turn left and get away from that wacko bear! Kill 
the RAcing Dog and quicly take out that bear before he rips you to 
shreds! Go near the beginning and destroy the computers, then take 
control of the bear. Go and lift that white thing (press A and hold it) 
then go to where the Racing Dog was when you first came in. Drop it in 
the red thingie, and the scientist will come over and give you a key 
card (mission 1 complete). Then go to where the bear originally was, or 
near the beginning, and go down the hole in the wall. At the end is a 
switch (mission 2 complete). Now simply go to where the camera 
went...But to get past the duo of bears, you'll either have to a) Go by 
as a bear so they don't kill you or b) use A LOT of rockets :) (mission 
3 complete).

Trophy: To receive the Trophy, simply collect all the Power Cells in the 
level (they're in the computers). You'll need to use the rat in the 
small pipe to get it, though.

Level 6: Fat Bear Mountain

Those cheeky little sheep have taken control of this old playground and 
locked the fat bear inside the hillside cavern down by the empty sheep 
dip pool.

* Kill the angry animals
* Flood the sheep dip pool

Guide: Ok, this is easy enough. Go up the mountain as the Racing Mouse 
and go where the Racing Dog is. Ok...hit the ramps and turn on the 
switch to open the building. Lure the Bear out and the Dog and them will 
fight. When the Dog (or bear) is dead, get inside it and kill the other 
off (mission 1 complete). Now, use the Bear to get to the switch and 
activate it (mission 2 complete). Get inside a sheep (there's a ton of 
them around here) and push the crates around in the water to form a 
bridge so you can exit this stupid level...

Trophy: Near the switch that opens the building are three levers that 
won't stay down, right? Well, get an animal on top of one, exit it and 
the lever will stay! Find another host quickly and do the same. The 
trophy will appear! But how do you get it? I can touch it and 
everything, but the animal goes right through it!! It this some kind of 
glitch? I've read about it...but is it that rare? Does this mean I can't 
finish the game with 100%?! WAHHH!!!

Level 7: Rocky Hard Place

I'd say this area was hit by a sevre meteor storm - and it looks like 
there's another one on the way. I see some floating asteroid chunks 
which might make a  good bridge - if you can get them up.

* Elevate the asteroid chunks
* Bring me a thing on a spring

Guide: Go forward pn the ramp as the Fox and warp to the box below. 
Carefully aim yourself and do the same to get inside the pen. Get a 
Spring Thingy (mission 2 complete), doesn't matter if it's a Ram or not, 
and get out of there. Follow the path around to find a switch: hit it 
(mission 1 complete). Now simply spring to the exit.

Trophy: This is a bit more difficult than completing the mission...Hit 
the switch near the pen to make the brown box start to go up and down. 
Get on it as a normal sheep and at the top is a platform. If you try to 
hover towards the platform with a fox on it the wind will blow you away. 
So instead of doing that, hover on the outside of the wind and come in 
at an angle. Hit the switch to turn off the gravuty, and take control of 
a Springy Thingy. Now go to the exit and jump, you'll go way up high to 
a platform with a Trophy!

Level 8: Stinky Sewers

Flupping honk, Evo, what's that stench? Must be coming from down the sewers. Ugh. It smells worse than your backside.

* Find the keycard to access the main tunnels
* Reactivate the Big Taps
* Gain access to the King Rat's hole

Guide: Go forward and search around until you find some rats, get inside 
one and go past the place where you couldn't get before because you were 
too big...underneathe a pipe. Keep on going until you meet a Fox, kill 
him using yur exploding feces then take over his body. Run to the rivers 
of crap and try to get out on all the stops, on one of them you will be 
able to! Open the wooden door to find a fat dead guy who'll give you a 
key card (mission 1 complete). Not far from here is the locked door, and 
now you can get through it! Keep on going past the barricade of cans to 
activate a nozzle which will cause water in the next room to rise. Go in 
there and take control of the dog, use him to push the crates around so 
you can get out of here. Search around the next area to find another 
nozzle (mission 2 complete), which will rise the water even more! Now 
the Fox can fit through the small hole. Follow it to the end to find the 
Rat King [See "Boss Section" for details on fighting]. Take control of 
the Rat King and return to the start where there is this thing going up 
and down. Follow it to the door where you can exit...whew! (mission 3 

Guess I'll find out soon enough.

Level 9: Rat-o-matic

Ah, so this is where the rats that are tearing apart EuroEden are mass 
produced - from mice! Oi! Evo! Save this paradise off Earth...or I'm 
sticking you in the microwave.

* Kill the fox family
* Destroy the Rat-o-matic

Guide: Easy enough...with practice! Drive the Rat King forward and keep 
turning until you're outside. Do battle with the Fox Family until 
everybody is dead [For details, see "Boss Section"] (nission 1 

Now take a Fox as your host and drive into the room toliets, use your 
warp to get to the lower platform with the switch. Hitting it will 
unlock the door that is next door. Inside is a Racing Mouse, kill him 
off and get inside of his body. Turn on the Rat-o-matic to be dumped 
into a factory like place where several contraptions will try to stomp 
you, fry you, demorph you, light you on fire, and spray you with 
paint...At the end is a rat, kill him and use his exploding feces to 
destroy the computers. A chain reaction will occur and all the equipment 
in the level will be blown to bits in a neat, and long, little cinema 
(mission 2 complete). Now you have to exit...Go to where all the mice 
came out and they'll open a door for you. Go to the end and hita switch, 
then QUICKLY get back before the door shuts. This may take a lot of 
practice, but it _is_ possible. Behind the door is the exit.

It's on the barbecue near the Fox Family. How do ya get it? Who knows.

10. Give A Dog A Bonus

I spy with my little eye...a piece of your shellsuit to collect. Get a 
move on and get it or I'm leaving without you...

Guide: Fly around, shoot's pretty fun! :) When dogfighting, 
remember to turn AROUND when they pass you, they won't know what hit 

Your prize is your Torso!!

- - - - - - - Ice Zone - - - - - - - 

Level 11: Snow Joke

So you made it to the cooler...Wait! Something's missing...oh yeah - 
SNOW. Ooh, that big computer thing looks cool. Swotch it on and see what 

* Switch on the snow blower
* Switch on the big computer thing
* Get a husky

Guide: Immediately get inside the Penguin that was run over by a 
snowball, and then proceed to go over to "the big computer thing" amd 
switch it on (mission 2 complete). Go down in the big hole with the 
grating and flip the switch (mission 1 complete). Also, kill a Husky and 
get inside it (mission 3 complete). Now just jump on the platforms to 
get to the exit. 

Note: Easier if you use a rabbit

Trophy: Way up if I could only get to it.

Level 12: Ice 'n' Easy Does It

I need more data about the station. Scanners detect a high mental energy 
build up in this area...It's coming from the preserved heads of the 
professors lying around. Go get 'em!

* Get the heads!

Guide: Kill a rabbit and then climb the ice platforms, then drop down to 
claim a head. Go to the ice pond with all the Walruses and go near the 
thingie in the middle, destroy the ice with some thumps and a Heli-
Rabbit comes out! Use him to get the head behind the start, and the one 
behind the wall in the water must be taken using a Walrus. That's all 
the heads...(mission 1 complete). Now you can exit!

Trophy: Kill all of the Walruses.

Level 13: Penguin Playpen

The sensors have located a stinky seagull who was laughing when you 
crash landed, Evo. Go get it! Ha! The penguins have built a statue of 
their king on top of the exit...Get out of that!

* Kill that fat ugly bird
* Get rid of that supid statue

Guide: Go down the slope and start to swim, you cute little penguin you. 
Swim all the way around to find a dead Walrus, use him to push the Ice 
Block in the gap and then use Mr. Penguin to hop over it! Go down and up 
the platform, then lure down the Ski Husky by falling down the slopes 
and he'll follow and the Tread Polar Bear and him will fight to the 
death (The Polar Bear will win). Now get inside the Ski Husky and go to 
the Seagull, kill him! Use the dead bodies of the penguins (using his 
claw attack) and put them on the buttons so they will _stay_ put down 
(mission 2 complete). Done!

Trophy: ????

Level 14: Pinball Blizzrd

Some...thing is jamming my signal to the teleporter. Here's my plan: jam 
the jam with our special tune so I can get a signal through.

* Collect the silver notes
* Play our special tune on the keyboard

Guide: Go forward and kill the Penguin King with your missiles and then 
use him to collect the notes around the level...shouldn't be difficult. 
Then go to the Keyboard and watch the keys, then do the same thing it 
did (like in Banjo-Kazooie...!).

Trophy: Good question!

Level 15: Hoppa Choppa

Sob. Sniff...I just picked up a distress signal from cute ickle 
bunnikins terrorised by evil huskies. Kill the husky scum, Evo. Kill 
them for the bunnies...and for me.

* Kill all the huskies
* Destroy all the gun sites

Guide: Go forward in your Penguin, and climb to the very top so you're 
looking down on everything. Glide down with your umbrella so you're 
close to the creature on the ledge, and hop out and climb inside! Take 
control of the King Penguin and fly out of there, fly past all the evil 
Huskies until you see some Heli-Rabbits. Go inside the control room and 
flip the switch, now the gun turrets will be turned on! They'll start 
shooting at the Heli-Rabbits, and one or two will die. Go get inside! 
Use them to kill one Ski Huski, then use him to sneak up on the rest of 
the Huskies and pummel them with rockets (They won't do anything until 
you start to fire). After the Huskies are dead (mission 1 complete) 
return and become a Heli-rabbit, now carefully destroy all the gun 
turrets (mission 2 complete). This takes practice, as the Heli-Rabbit 
barely has any defense...good thing there's a lot of energy hanging 
around in this level.

Trophy: In some magical place where I can't find it.

Level 16: Something Fishy

Hey, Evo, here's a good one...I need some FISH for my CHIPS. Get it? Ha 
ha ha. By the way, the teleporters behind a big sealed door.

* Free the fish!
* Switch the switch to open the big door.

Guide/Trophy: Working on it.

Well, this is as good as place as any to stop and tell you that this is 
as far I have gotten in this gigantoid game. This is half of the game, 
and I have half left to more Ice level and two more zones. 
Whew! The next update will prolly have the Jungle Zone, and the animals 
for that zone. Then the next one will be the last zones and the last 
levels and animals...etc.

I've been playing this game for 15 hours too... 

6) Bosses

Rat King:
Make sure you go in with strong energy, or else you're doomed. Destory 
his flunkies first, one at a time, or you'll be overwhelmd and killed 
within seconds. There are two crates in the room, both have enegry in 
them. Once the King is alone he'll be easy to kill. Especially if you 
trap him in a corner...

Fox Family:
Spray your gas all of the place and make your rat friends go in and do 
the dirty work. If one dies, take control of him and finish off the 
fox's with their explosive feces. Muahah!

Penguin King:
Not very difficult at all...da few dozen missiles and he'll be dead >:)

7) Secrets

On the first level, go up to the Rocket and you can see Dan through the 
glass. He'll make a little comment, but if you're the dog and bark five 
times, the rocket will attempt to take off! It will be, of course, 

No Music:
In each level, there are several speakers that blast out strange music 
and tunes. Well, if you have something exploding feces 
or rockets, then you can blast them away and the music will go away! 

More to come...I hope.

8) Credits

Nintendo: One time in Mario 64, Mario shouted "TICKLE MY {pink} 
PICKLE!!" It was sick...very!

DMA Design: Floating sheep? LOL, they're ok in my book.

9) Legal Stuff

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

Yes, you can print it out, silly =) Just don't sell it for money.

10) The End

So many games, so many guides...I'm overwhelmed! As always, if there are 
any mistakes, typos, misprints, questions, comments, etc., then E-mail 
me at