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  |   __  \\        /  _  \\       \  \\  /  /\    |  \\    /  |\       /  _  \\      |  \  |  |\
  |  |\_|  |\      /  / \  \\       \  \\/  / /    |   \\  /   | |     /  / \  \\     |   \ |  | |
  |  ||_|  | |    /  / / \  \\       \  ^  / /     |    \\/    | |    /  / / \  \\    |    \|  | |
  |       / \|   |  |_/___|  |\       \   / /      |     ^     | |   |  |_/___|  |\   |        | |
  |   __  \ /    |   _____   | |      /  / /       |  |\   /|  | |   |   _____   | |  |  |\    | |
  |  |\_|  |\    |  |\ ___|  | |     /  / /        |  | \ / |  | |   |  |\ ___|  | |  |  | \   | |
  |  | ||  | |   |  | |   |  | |    /  / /         |  | |^  |  | |   |  | |   |  | |  |  | ||  | |
  |__| ||__| |   |__| |   |__| |   /__/ /          |__| |   |__| |   |__| |   |__| |  |__| ||__| |
   \__\| \__\|    \__\|    \__\|   \__\/            \__\|    \__\|    \__\|    \__\|   \__\| \__\|

                                          /  ____  \\
                                         /  /\___\  \\
                                         |__| |  |  | \
                                          \__\|  |  | |
                                                /  /  |
                                               /  /  /
                                              /  /  /
                                             /  /  / 
                                           _/  /__/__

                                     THE  -  GREAT  -  ESCAPE


| -VRESION 0.3- |
| -nov-05-1999- |
My E-mail: marc_wouters@csi.com

CONTENTS                                    CONTENTS                                      CONTENTS


 0) Contents
 1) Revision History
 2) Introduction
 3) The Story
 4) Rayman's friends and enemies
 5) Objects and magic objects
 6) Walkthough
 7) Codes and Secrets
 8) Frekenly Asked Questions
 9) Credits
10) Some Rules

REVISION HISTORY                           REVISION HISTOY                          RESION HISTORY

  |Version 0.1 - nov/03/99|
      -Got the game today!! I started the introduction and the story.
  |Version 0.2 - nov/04/99|

      -So, what have I done today, huh? Well, I have finshed the introduction, the story, the
       friend and enemies, the objects, and the walkthrough's first level. I know it may not really
       help you, but keep looking for the second level...
  |Version 0.3 - nov//99|

      -Completed the level 2 and 3, updated the introduction, and made some spelling and
       grammatical corrections. Also updated the walkthrough's layout; now the YLs and the cages
       are easyer to find.

INTRODUCTION                                INTRODUCTION                              INTRODUCTION


   Rayman, one of the first games on psx, and surely one of the best, finally comes back more than
three years after the psx version. With it's full 3D graphics, it's one of the best-looking N64
games. Like his predecessor, this game really rocks. Ubi Softha made one of the best 3D platformers
ever, among Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64. (and soon, DK64). Unlike BK or M64, the worlds are not
composed by one single square area with a few things to do on the sames place. Rayan is more like
traditional old platfofmers: you follow one path. That doesn't mean the game is more easy or
boring, no at all. The worlds are huge, with many taks to do. Creativity and imagination are
everywhere. But as every game Rayman2 isn't perefect. I think there are not enough ennemies, don't
you think so? Anyway, I'll try to make this FAQ as clear as I can; but if you have any suggestion,
correction or comment to do, just e-mail ma at: marc_wouters@csi.com

Important notes to the reader: * All along the walkthrough, I'll use abreviations. Here they are:
                                 MS  : Magic Spheres
                                 SOT : Stone Of Thought
                                 MD  : Magic Doors
                                 PF  : Power Fist
                                 YL  : Yellow Lumz
                                 SYL : Super Yellow Lumz
                                 RL  : Red Lumz
                                 PL  : Purple Lumz
                                 BL  : Blue Lumz
                                 GL  : Green Lumz
                                 SL  : Silver Lumz
                                 SP  : Sticking Plaster

                               * I'm not going to make a special section for the YLs, you'll have
                                 to reffer to the walkthrough for finding them. For making them
                                 easy to find, I'll write them like this: ==1ST== LY, ==2ND== LY, 
                                 ==37TH== LY, etc...
                                 And for the cages: ++3RD++ cage, ++5TH++ cage, etc
                                 Also, I may not find them all myself...If you find one I havent,
                                 don't hesitate e-mailing me at marc_wouters@csi.com

                               * You can find the most recently updated version of this FAQ at
                                 www.gamefaqs.com, www.cheatcc.com, and now at 

                               * I'm using the N64 version of the game, but as far as I know, the
                                 psx, DC, or PC versions are exalctly the same. Altough, if you
                                 find something different, just tell me, and I'll mention it in the

                               * MY NAME IS DAVID!!! I'm not Marc. Many people do that misstake
                                 'cos they see "Marc" in my adress.

THE STORY                                    THE STORY                                   THE STORY


   Panic in the Chamber of the Teensies and the Fairy Council: Robot-Pirates from deep in space
have arrived, deterined to conquer and anslave the entire world. The time for combat has come.
Volunteers froms small resistance groups and thrown themselves into battle with the evil
aggressors. Rayman and his friend Globox go to the edge of The Great Forest, where the highest
number of pirates are located.

   Rayman jumps from a tree and activates his helicopter for a soft landing in the middle of a
thicket of bushes . "The Pirates are coming straight at us!", cries Rayman to his friend. "Get
ready!" The hearth suddenly begins to tremble... Several trees collapse, creating a passagaway for
an army of robots. The battle begins! Rayman leaps into action, sending metal monsters flying with
his powerful energy spheres. A little later, Globox, trembling with fright, desparatly tries to
make the robots rust up by creating little rain storms over their heads. A robot, creaking
horribly, crashes to the ground. "Not bad, Globox!" shouts Rayman with a smile. Globox tries to
answer, but Rayman doesn't hear. The strained face of Ly has just appeared in hi mind. "Rayman...",
begins Ly, in a weary voice, "the pirates have broken the heart of the world. The energy has
scattered. Other than Clark, all of our brave warriors have been captured..."

   Shocked gy this terrible news, Rayman lets himself be surprised by a gigantic robot who pins him
between it's powerful pinchers. He tries to create a new energy sphere in the palm of his hand, but
to no avail. The destruction of the Primordial Core has taken away all of his powers... Desparate,
he shouts to his friend... "They've got me, Globox! Save yourself!" "But...but...what about you?!"
"No time to explain! Go find Ly, she'll tell you what to do!" After a moment of hesitation, Globox
dodges between the feet of the robots, and plunges into the high grass.

   An evil laugh reverberates. Rayman turns and sees Razorbeard, the leader of the Pirates. "I have
you, Rayman! You'll soon be my most obedient slave...!" Rayman tries to free himself, but the iron
grip of the robot tightens around him. He casts a dark look at Razorhead and shouts defiantly:
"it's over yet, pirate! I'll find a way to escape and then I'll make you wish you'd never been




   The inhabitants of Rayman's world fall in to two categories: Magilcal beings, gifted with
fantastic powers, and peope...

 > The Magical Beings

   * Polokus: He is the spirit of the world, the creator of all that is and will be... His power is
              sush that his dreams can become reality... Long, long ago he went away from this
              world, and only by reunting the four magical masks can he be broought back...

   * Ly: Ly is a fairy, and like all fairies, she posseses great powers. Unfortunately, the
         expolsion of the Primordial Core by the pirates has weakened her. When she has reunited
         enough energy, she can create Silver Lumz, which give amazing new powers to Rayman.

   * The Teensies: Ancient and wise people who lon ago built the Hall of Doors, that magical place
                   where access is given to al the regions of the world. Very old and a little
                   absent minded, they have forgotten which of them is their King, and spent time
                   performing acrobatic dance moves to make the youngest green with envy.

 > The People

   * Globox: Adorable, if a little simple, Globox is Rayman's best friend. He has the power to
             create forceful little rain storms which can used to put out fires or ake plants grow.
             With the aid of his mate Uglette, he has produced a prodigius family: more than 650
             children at last count.
   * Clark: A mountain of muscles, Clark is an army all by himself. With one mighty blow, he can
            send an entire regiment of pirates flying. His only weak point: a somewhat sensitive
            stomach. This can cause problems, especially when in the heat of battle, he munches
            a robot that's a little too rusty...

   * Murfu: Nicknamed "The Flying Encyclopedia", Murfy helps Rayman by giving him loads of hints
            and advice. For a short reminder of Murfy's main explanations, move Rayman next to one
            of the many Stones of Thought scattered around throughout the world. If you would
            rather have Murfy come in-person to give you his detailed explanations, stop by a Stone
            of Thought and keep Buton B pressed.

   * Carmen the Whale: A magnificent creature, who's job is to survey the depths of the ocean and
                       deposit the air bubbles which can be the difference between life and death
                       or stray plants and animals. She is sometimes pursued by pranhas with
                       heartburn, who are quite fond of her air bubbles...

   *Sssssam: This young and spirited sepent is the ferryman for the Marshes of Awakening. He helps
             the inhabitants waterski across the swamps...


 * Admiral Razorbeard: The pirate leader, he is famous thoughout the galaxy for reducing over one
                       hundred peacefull planets to cosmic dust. Don't be fooled by his pathetic
                       and silly appearence, his feroity is unmatched. His dream? Overrun Rayman's
                       world and reduce all it's inhabitants to slavery...

 * The Henchemen: These are the pirate's robot invasion force. Totally devoted to Admiral
                  Razorbeard, they enforce a reing of terror by capturing anyone unlucky enough to
                  cross their paths. There exist several different models, each with it's strong
                  and weak point.

 * The Guardian of the Cave of bad Dreams: A terrifying monster who's job is to guard the
                                           subterranian grotto where the creatures stemming trom
                                           nightmares of Polokus are locked away. No one has dared
                                           to venture within the Cave of Bad Dreams, even though
                                           it's rumored to contain an even more precious treasure.

 * The Zombie Chickens: We can no longer even keep track of all the sinister rsuts provoked by the
                        arrival of pirates: diturbances in overall harmony, the poliferation of
                        piranhas, giant spiders and caterpillars, etc... Terrified by all these
                        events, the hens began laying dead eggs, out of which burst the horrible
                        Zombie Chickens...

OBJECTS                                        OBJECTS                                     OBJECTS



 > Cages: The pirates have imprisoned many inhabitants in these little cages sealed with vital
          energy. Breaking 10 cages increass Rayman's Life Bar.

 > Kegs: Filled with gunpowder, they explode at the smallest shock. The more advanced models can
         even fly...

 > Shells: Built by the pirates, these are mule headed missiles which can only be subdued by
           extreme patience. Most have legs, some can fly.

 > Plums: These strange fruit have several purposes. You can throw them at your enemies, climb
          onto them and move around by shooting in the opposite direction, and even float through
          lava fields on them...

 > Magic Spheres: Found on pedestals of the same color, Magic Spheres open the doors to mysterious

 > The Sticking Plasters: Mediocre at best architcetually, the pirates are to reiforce their
                          constructions with sticking plasters. The wooden ones are very fragile
                          but the metal ones will ony yield to an explosive.

 > Switches: The Pirates have cluttered the environment with switches which activate strange
             machines and open various doors. To make it work, just shoot at it.

 Magic Objets.

 > The Stones of Thouht: The Stones of Thought provide a telepathic link to Murfy. Whenever Rayman
                         needs a little help or advice, he should approach one of the Stones, and
                         Murfy will appear in his mind.

 > Magic Doors: Present at the begining and the end of a world, they take you to the Hall if you
                go through them.

 > The Power Fist: Having the Power Fist makes Rayman's shots more powerful. Attention: if Rayman
                   dies or gets hit, he loses part of the energy in his Power Fist. After three
                   such losses, his shots go back to normal power.

 > The Four Masks: These magic were hidden inside secret and mysterious sanctuaries. The ancient
                   legends say that whoever can reunite the four can awaken mighty Plokus...

 > The Lumz: Lumz are very powerful shards of energy. Each color has it's own special powers...

           * Yellow Lumz: These are the 1000 shards broken from the Primordial Core when the
                          pirates exploded it. When Rayman has collected enough of them, he'll be
                          able to negotiate his entry into new worlds.
                          In addition, they contain precious knowledge. The more Rayman can
                          gather, the more he knows of the secrets of the world. At any moment in
                          the game, just press Button L to read new information provided by the 
                          Yellow Lumz.

           * Super Yellow Lumz: Ancient Lumz recognisable by their larger size and big smiles.
                                They are five times more powerful than Yellow Lumz.

           * Red Lumz: Packed with vital energy, they restore Rayman's life Bar.

           * Purple Lumz: By shooting them, Rayman can grab onto them and swing from one to
                          another, thereby crossing vast areas without touching the ground.

           * Blue Lumz: Oxigen rich, they restore Rayman's Air Gauge when he's moving under water.

           * Green Lumz: These Lumz are very special. They record Rayman's progress. If he should
                         die, he will appear at the place where he last took a Green Lumz.

           * Silver Lumz: The Silver Lumz are fashioned by Fairies. They give new and amazing
                          powers to Rayman...

WALKTHROUGH                                 WALKTHROUGH                                WALKTHROUGH


                    ---------------LEVEL 1 : THE WOODS OF LIGHT---------------

>Yellow Lumz: 5
>Cages: 2

      After the splendid intro, your good old friend Globox is taken to your cell by the guards.
He brought your a precious Silver Lumz from Ly the Fairie. Now you can use your super long punch
again! Just hit the rusted grid near you and enter the super hapy sliding party! While sliding, try
to get some Lumz to recover your energy. As you reach the end of the slide, the fat Globox pushes
you down the Prizon Ship. OOooooooaaaaa... As our hero wakes up a little bit dizy, he searches for
Globox but can't find him... Now let the adventure begin!

      Walk around to get used to the controls, and stand to the Stone of Thought, so that Murfy will
come to you to give you some hints. Then follow the stream to reach the very ++1ST++ cage. Hit it
two times to open it and let Murfy tell you what he has to tell. Grab the ==1ST== Yellow Lumz and
the grid on the floor should open.

      Fall down the pit and jump on some platforms to get the ==2ND== YL, just above a SOT.(see
introduction for abreviations) Contine to reach the ==3RD== YL. (These well-designed mosquitos
won't hurt you.) Get into the stream and go behind the waterfall to find the ==4TH== YL. Then get
back on the grass, go up until you reach a SOT, and use your helicopter to reach the platform on
the other side.

      Aaw, now, look at this!: Globox's kids! Aren't they cute? They where hoping you'd bring their
dady back, but as you don't know where he is, you only can promise you're gona look for him. They
also tell you that Ly the Fairie has been kidnapped and you have to rescue her. Anyway, follow the
tunnel to reach a large room with 2 high rocks. Stand between the rocks and jump repeatedly to get
the ==5TH== and last YL of this world. Yahoo! Continue up to the submit and hit the ++2ND++ cage
to free the Teensies. They tell you that Ly has been taken to the Fairy Glade. If you have
collected the 5 YL, they can open the gate to the Hall of Doors. Jump through the twirl to finish
the level.

                    -------------------LEVEL 2 : THE FAIRY GLADE-------------------

>Yellow Lumz: 50
>Cages: 7

      As you enter the water, get in the water and search for an uderwater tunnel. Enter it and go
to the end to find the ++1ST++ cage. Hit it to get  ==FIVE== (1ST, 2ND, 3TH, 4TH and 5TH) YE. Then
go no the platform in the center of the area and jump on the big muschroom. Booiinng! It will throw
you in the air and you will automatically grab the bridge above you. You also got the ==6TH== YL.
Now move along the bridge to reach a platform. Push A to land on the solid ground. Follow the path
leading to a kind of pond. Don't go into the water!! Jump on the nenuphars, avoiding the piranha,
up to the other side and then jump onto the platorms up to an alcove. Follow the path and hit the
switch on the other side of the net to open a door. Now you are on the bridge you were hanging on.
Take the ==7TH== YL and go to the other side of the bridge to find the ++2ND++ cage. Hit it to get
the ==8TH== YL. You can fall down and follow a thin path leading to the door you opened. (Globox's
kids are standing there) Follow the path and take the GL as a checkpoint.
Continue and you'll reach another pond infested by pianhas. Follow the path until you reach a
strange toxer deversing a discuting green slime into the lake. Walk on the net to cross the tower
and jump onto the roof.From there you can fly to a small isolated platform on the other side of the
pond. Standon the barrel, and it will lead you to the ==9TH== YL. Now get back on the tower's roof
and jump on the moving platforms to reach the alcove.

      Follow the path leading to a isolated tree and climb the vines that are on it. Continu and
slide down the stream. Follow the path of vines on your right. Place yourself under some other
vines, and jump to grab them. Continue, avoiding the piranha, and you should reach the ==10TH==
YL. As you go ahead, you should reach an old ship. A Henchmen will try to throw some Kegs at your
face. A least some action! Anyway, ignore him and keep going by skirting the left wall, and you'll
reach an area with a little pond. Take the ==11TH==, ==12TH==, and ==13TH== YLs on the nenuphars.
Then continue and climb the lader to get the ==14TH== YL. On the platform at the top, you can
find the ==15TH== YL and the ++3RD++ cage, in which there are ==FIVE== (16th, 17th, 18th, 19th
and 20th) other YLs.
Now get back to where the Henchmen was. Stand on the Sticking Plaster and when the Henchmen throws
a Keg, get out of here. The Keg will destroy the floor, and you'll be able to get down. You also
get a GL.(checkpoint)

      Jump on the floating boxes and get on the platform to the left. Climb the web, avoiding the
falling Kegs. (If you get hit by a Keg, quickly activate your helicopter, so that you don't fall
into the slime). Then punch the Sticking Plaster to break the door. You'd like to go to the right,
but these lazers prevent you from going on. So you decide to go to the right and meet Murfy. Keep
going and you may have to fight a Henchmen. Just hit him 5 or 6 times to put him KO.
Hint: as Murfy told you, stay from quite a distance to him, and keep pushing Z to aim more ealily.
      (Very similar to Zelda's Z-Targetting)
Keep going, enter the wooden house, and kill another Henchmen. Grab a Keg and come back on the
grass to find a door with a metal Sticking Plaster on it. Throw the Keg at it to break it. Follow
the path to find the ++4TH++ cage . Hit it to get ==FIVE== (21th, 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th) YLs. Now
come back to where the Keg were.

      Climb up the grid and Rayman will hang on the net above him. Look around to find the
==26TH== and ==27TH== YLs. Enter the little hole and jump on the net on the floor with a
moving lazer to make some trampoline. As you're in the mid air, try to hit the switch to switch off
the lazers. Now you can enter the other hole. Follow the allway, avoiding the lazers. There you
find a sleeping Henchmen with a switch near him. Do what you have to do and switch of the lazers.

      Now follow the opened path, avoid the lazers. You may think you end up in a dead-end, but if
you look at your left, you see a net with the ==28TH== YL on it. As you climb down, you get
the ==29TH== YL. You finally meet Ly. She's asking for some help!!! So enter the small cave
and you discover the machin that is keeping Ly sealed. Destroy it by throwing Kegs on it's 3 weak
points. Souds easy, huh? Well, not at all... As you try to approach it, it sends missiles at you.
As the missile approaches you, throw the Keg in the air, hit the missile, and catch you keg. Once
you've destroyed it, Rayman goes chat with Ly. (I love her voice!) She'll teach you more about
Polokus. She will also give you a SL that allow you to grab the PL.

      Climb the net on which you got 2 YLs. Now, use the PL to cross the broken bridge. Place
yourself between the two pipes and jump repeteadly to get the ==30TH== and ==31ST== YL.
You'll end up in front on a giant hole. Jump and use your helicopter to grab the ==32ND==,
==33RD== and ==34TH== YLs, before landind on a pipe. Jump and land on another pipe
to get the ==35TH== YL. Jump down to anoter pipe with a Henchman ant the ++4TH++ cage.
Open it to get the ==36TH==, ==37TH==, and ==38TH== YL. Fall down on a wooden bridge
and enter the cave to reach an area full of thermal air currents. (That reminds me Pilotwings...)
Murfy should explain you how it works... In the first current is the ==39TH== Yl. At the
bottom of the 2nd one is the ==40TH== YL. At the bottom of the 3rd one is the ==41ST==
YL. In the 4th one (the very thin one) are the ==42ND== and ==43RD== YLs. At the bottom
of the 5th one is the ==44TH== YL. At the bottom of the 6th one is the ==45TH== YL.
At the bottom of the 7th is the ==46TH== YL. In the 8th one (the very small one) are the
==47TH== and ==48TH== YLs.

      From the highest current, hit the PL to get on the wooden platform. There is the ++6TH++
cage hidden in the little chamber. Hit it to free a Teensie. He will open the gate to the Hall Of
Doors. The level 2 is over.

NOTE: As you see, I have missed 1 cage and 2 YL. If you know where they are, please e-mail me
----  at marc_wouters@CSI.com Of course, you'll get some credits.

BONUS LEVEL: coming soon

               -------------------LEVEL 3 : THE MARSHES OF AWAKENING-------------------

>Yellow Lumz: 50
>Cages: 5

      This level is mainly composed by water skiing. As you enter the level, wollow the path on the
left until you get the ==1ST== YL. Then come back and jump on the nenuphars and hang on the net. Go
on your lef and jump to bet on the other side of the net and land on the wooden planks. Open the
floating ++1ST++ cage to free you friend Sssssam. He doesn't know anything about the Masks of
Polokus, but saw Globox beeing captured by 2 pirates. They took him beyond the marshes, so Sssssam
will help you getting on the other side.

      Now shoot at him, and prepare for some swamp-snaking! At the begining, jump on the two rocks
that stick out of the water to use them as spring-boards and get two RL. Continue, continue, avoid
the giant axe, and place yourself on the righ and jump to get a SYL (2ST, 3ND, 4RD, 5TH, and 6TH
YLs), and right after that, hit a switch to make a row of four other YLs appear: the ==7TH==,
==8TH==, ==9TH== and ==10TH==. After the floating boxes, hit the ++2ND++, ++3RD++ and ++4TH++ cages.
In each of them is a SYL.(11TH, 12TH, 13TH, 14TH, and 15TH YLs, then 16Th, 17TH, 18TH, 19TH, and
20TH YLs, and 21TH, 22TH, 23TH, 24TH, 25TH YLs)

      Avoid the floating mine and go to the left to jump on a floating box and land on the wooden
planks to get the ==26TH== and ==27TH== YLs. Then you arrive to a circle of five floating mines.
Jump in the middle of them to get a SYL (28TH, 29TH, 30TH, 31TH and 32TH YLs) Further is another SYL
( 33TH, 34TH, 35TH, 36TH and 37TH YLs) at the top of a wooden stick. After slaloming between some
stick, keep your right and jump on a big rock to get the ==38TH==, ==39TH==, ==40TH== YLs. Right
after that, you see a fisherman in his barque. At the end of his rod is a SYL. (41TH, 42TH, 43TH,
44TH and 45TH YLs). A little farther is the last SYL, bust behind a mine. Jump over the mine to
get the ==46TH==, ==47TH==, ==48TH==, ==49TH== and ==50TH== YL.

     Then Sssssam poses you on the solid ground and leaves. Hit the ++5TH++ and last cage to free
a Teensie that will open the gate to the Hall of Doors. Level 3 finished.

Bonus level: coming soon

               -------------------LEVEL 3 : THE MARSHES OF AWAKENING-------------------

Coming soon

CODES AND SECRETS                          CODES AND SECRETS                     CODES AND SECRETS


Coming soon

FAQ                                              FAQ                                           FAQ


   Got a question? I'm always here to answer it! But don't forget to check if it's not already been

CREDITS                                        CREDITS                                     CREDITS


   Thanks a bunch to you all guys for helping me making this FAQ what it is now.


   - David Wouters - marc_wouters@csi.com: I couln't leave this section empty, so I put myself.
                                           (which is legitimate, since I do most of the job...)


   - www.gamefaqs.com : They accepted to put my FAQ on they site.

   - www.cheatcc.com : Same as gamefaqs.

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