Quake II FAQ
By Sir Robin (SirRobin7@yahoo.com)
Copyright 1999 by NC Enterprizes.

Version .25

Revision History:
.25 - Not done, but submitted just to get something on the game out there.


I   - Weapons
II  - Enemies
III - Bonuses and Powerups
IV  - Generic Strategies
V   - Walkthrough
VI  - Cheats and Codes


1)     Blaster - Useful all-around firearm.  Does not use ammo, probably it's 
best feature.  Useful for seeking out hidden areas, detonating barrels, hitting
switches and killing the basic grunts.  Also should be used in situations where
you can hit but the enemy can't hit back, works well at long ranges too.
2)     Shotgun - Uses shotgun shells.  A less ammo-consuming alternative to the
super shotgun.  In most situations where a shotgun is warranted for medium 
range, use this weapon, as it will waste less ammo, and incur about as much
damage as a super shotgun blast.  Neither shotgun should really be used at long
range unless absolutely necessary.
3)     Super Shotgun - Twice the damage, twice the shells used.  Used up close
can put down an Enforcer in one blast, but from a distance the shot tends to
spread too much to warrant the amount of ammo needed.
4)    Machinegun - A light, fast weapon that uses bullets for ammo.  Although
bullets are rather abundant, uses ammo quite fast.  Good for short and medium
range attacks, but due to the light weight of the gun, the shots spread out,
and again, should not be used at long range unless necessary.  Keep it handy,
when you find that you're full on ammo for it, and there's plenty of it lying
around, pull it out and use it for a while.  Effective on almost all light to 
medium enemies.
5)     Chaingun - Never found a situation where use of this gun was needed,
except for firing it once just to see how it worked.  Painfully long spinup
time leaves you vunerable and spindown time wastes ammo.  Save your bullets for
the machinegun and use a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher for high power
long range attacks, and the super shotgun for close quarters.
6)     Grenade Launcher - The most strategic weapon in the game.  Very useful
if you've played a level before and know there's an Enforcer just around the
corner.  Ability to richocet off walls causes no end of suffering for our
unsuspecting Strogg friends.  Also invaluable in "shooting fish in a barrel"
(See Generic Strategies).  Never leave home without it.  And never shoot it at
a wall right in front of you.
7)     Rocket Launcher - Shoots a rather powerful blast right at the intended
target, assuming they do not move.  In any event, a good all-around long and
medium range weapon for the medium and up enemies.  Do not fire at close range.
8)     Hyperblaster - Quite a bit of fun, uses Cells for ammo.  An improved
chaingun, no spinup delay, but some spindown lag, wasting ammo.  Goes through
cells quite fast, and once you pick up the BFG10K, you want to save your cells
for that.
9)     Railgun - God praise the man that invented the railgun.  And curse the
one that gave it to the Stroggs.  An intensely powerful gun that fires depleted
uranium slugs and can rip through several low power enemies in one shot.  
Insanely long reload time, but most things you hit the first time won't be 
getting up for a bit anyway.  If the target is in the path of the slug when 
you pull the trigger, it gets hit.  Very useful to have around in the later
levels of the game.
10)     BFG10K - This is the weapon that makes bosses not so scary anymore.
Pull the trigger, and wait about a second or two, and then a incredible ball of
green energy flies out the barrel, severely hurting whatever was standing in
its way.  This gun uses 50 cells per shot, meaning with an ammo backpack you
can carry 6 shots for it.  Do not bother on anything less than the biggest
enemies, and do not fire at close range.


     Light Guard - (Light) Armed with a weapon comparable to your own blaster,
that is all the firepower you should bother to use on this Strogg.  Shoot it
two or three times and watch it go down.  Be careful in Medium and Hard
difficulties as they like to shoot once or twice after they go down.
     Shotgun Guard - (Light) Armed with a shotgun, same strategy as above, but 
be quick about dispatching this one as there is not warning when he is about 
to fire, and the shot is instantaneous.
     Machine Gun Guard - (Light) Armed now with a machine gun, this one has a
brief warning sound before he begins to fire, but again, don't use anything 
more than your blaster on this one.  Also watch out for post-mortem fire.
     Enforcer - (Light/Medium) This character forms the backbone of the Strogg
defence, and can be found on almost all levels of the game.  He uses a chaingun
attached to his hand and if he gets close enough, will attempt to belt you with
it.  The blaster can be used to defeat him if you have enough open space to get
out of the way of his shots for long enough.  If he manages to rush you though,
use something more powerful.  At close range a Super Shotgun blast can put him
in his grave immediately.  Watch again for him to spray his gun after he's 
dead.  The machinegun is also quite effective if you manage to pin him with it
as it effectively keeps him in one place and does not let him shoot back.  
     Dogs - (Medium) Probably can take about as much damage as an Enforcer, but
way more deadly.  They are a lot harder to hit, and when they lock on with that
laser beam thingy of theirs, it's impossible to just dodge, you need to get out
of line of sight with them.  The preffered method of dealing with these is
either find a way to set up a "fish in a barrel" (see Generic Strategies) as it
seems that they cannot fire at any angle other than straight out, or to use
something hard and fast at a distance.  Stay away from close quarters, but if
it cannot be avoided, the first choice to kill them is the railgun, followed by
the super shotgun.
     Gunner - (Medium) Has both a grenage launcher and a chaingun.  Can be
felled quite easily with a series of medium range shotgun blasts, or a few
grenades/rockets of your own.  Moves pretty fast.  Just remember to get out of
the way when the grenades start flying.
     Berserker - (Medium) Can do a whole mess of damage to you with his big,
pointy arms, and can take as much as he dishes out, but he has one major 
failing.  He has no long range attack.  This makes it recommended to use the
blaster to take him down whenever you have open room to continually back away
from him while shooting.  Especially useful is if you can put a ledge between
you and him.  Whether you have the high or low ground is not important, the
important part is that he can't reach you and you can sit there and shoot him 
until he decides that now is a good time to die.
     Iron Maiden - (Light/Medium) The manual makes this Strogg seem much more
deadly than she really is.  At a distance, she typically walks in a straight
line, ducks often, and her firing sequence is easily interrupted by hitting her
with something.  On easy mode, these are dispatched with nothing more than a
blaster quite frequently.  She gives off a distinctive sound plenty well in
advance before shooting her rocket launcher, giving more than enough time to
sidestep out of the way.  Up close one should try to dispatch her a little
quicker with perhaps a more powerful weapon, but otherwise, they're not nearly
as tough as they're made out to be, I doubt they have as much health as an
     Gladiator - (Medium/Heavy) Extremely dangerous, when sighted, do not stop
moving side to side, for if one of it's shots from its railgun connect, you're
in an awful amount of trouble, at least 25 health worth.  Pump rockets, 
grenades or your own railgun slugs into it.  Moves incredibley fast for
something so huge.
     Mutant - (Medium) Not many of these in the game, only have close-range 
attacks, and usually start coming at you from a distance.  As long as you can
dispatch of them before they get too close, they are not much of a threat. Move
quite fast.  Use a railgun, machinegun, or hyperblaster if needed.  Grenades or
rockets are mostly ineffective as by the time the shot reaches the target, the
target has moved.
     Flyer - (Light/Medium) Can't take a whole lot of damage, three or four
blaster shots are typically enough, if you're feeling lucky.  From a distance
you get enough warning to side-step their shots, being two rapid fire laser
blasters, but much closer and you end up getting hit.  Don't bother with 
grenades at all, and you have to be a really good shot to hit with a rocket, 
especially since they move pretty fast.  The machinegun works rather well, as 
does the shotgun at closer range.
     Icarus - (Medium/Heavy) Can take a lot of punishment, flies, and uses two
shoulder-mounted laser blasters.  Recommendation, do not let it shoot.  Put two
railgun slugs through it as fast as you can, and it that isn't an option, rush
it with the super shotgun.  The quicker it's dead, the better.
     Tank - (Heavy) The manual named this enemy Tank, though those of you
who've played through the game already know there's an enemy far more deserving
of that title.  We'll come to him in a minute.  Well, "Tank" here uses rockets,
a chaingun, and a laser blaster.  Doesn't move fast at all.  Best thing to do,
find a nice long hallway with bend at the end and sit in the bend, popping 
grenades around the corner for him.  Otherwise, just find a nice spot of cover
and pop out occasionally to fire a grenade/rocket/railgun slug or three into
him.  Usually falls in under ten grenades.  Warning:  Do NOT pop out of cover
while he is firing at you.
     Tank II - (HEAVY) Not in the manual, so this is the best name I can give
him, if anybody has a better idea, let me know.  This one looks like a tank
about the size of a small house.  This would be a good time to use your BFG10K.
     Guardian - (HEAVY) Big ugly thing.  Lots of armor, lots of ammo, lots of 
weapons.  Moves pretty slow.  Find a corner to keep popping out of.  When you 
run out of BFG10K ammo, use your railgun next.  Note: Do not stand and let it 
shoot you.
     Flying Guardian - (HEAVY) Big flying ugly thing.  More trouble than a
Guardian.  By the time you face these, you probably won't have any BFG10K ammo
left.  If you do, use it, then fall back on the railgun.  Do not stop moving.
Circle around it by turning and strafing at the same time and continue to pump
railgun slugs into it until one of you has had enough.


(note first max amount is normal, second is with ammo pack)
Bullets  - 50 per pickup.  Max 200/300
Shells   - 10 per pickup.  Max 100/200
Grenades - 5  per pickup.  Max 50/100
Rockets  - 5  per pickup.  Max 50/100
Cells    - 50 per pickup.  Max 200/300

Green  - Flak Jacket  
Yellow - Combat Suit 
Red    - Body Armor  
Armor Shard          - 2   pts or armor protection

First Aid Kit    - 10  health pts.  Max 100+
Medkit           - 25  health pts.  Max 100+
Stimpack         - 2   health pts.  Max 200?
Mega-Health      - 100 health pts.  Max 200 - drains slowly to 100+ regardless
Super Adrenaline - Permanently increases your max health by 1 pt

Note:  The Mega-Health and Super Adrenaline descriptions are reversed in the

Silencer - Frankly can't see the point, but temporarily silences the firing
sound of any weapon.  It lasts about a minute or so.
Ammo Pack - Allows you to carry more ammo (see above for new maximums).
Enviroment Suit - Protects you from biohazards like toxic sludge temporarily.
Power Amplifier - Quad damage.  Increases weapon damage by a factor of 4.
Invulnerability - Is there anything to say about this?
Invisibility - Same here, the name says it all.
Power Sheild - Provides protection from energy weapons.  When hurt, it will
draw on your cells.


     Some basic hints if you're trying to play the game for yourself but don't
want somebody to lead you by the hand the whole way.
     -Very Important Technique:  Fish in a Barrel.  This involves getting an
enemy at the bottom of some long drop, like at the bottom of a lift, and then
lobbing grenades down on the hapless victim.  Very useful on Dogs, or anything
significant firepower.  The important part is to shoot the grenade at the SIDE
walls of the hole, not at the back wall.  If you shoot at the back wall, the
grenade will go flying out the opening of the lift on the bottom, you want it
to bounce around inside the bottom of the lift, so shoot the side wall as
straight on as possible.
     -Usefull technique for finding secrets and finding out traps:  Any wall 
that's supposed open will NOT cast light from a shot from a gun on it.  At this
point, look around for a switch you can shoot to open it up.  Be sure to look
up, as they are frequently found there.  if you cannot find a switch, proceed,
but be wary of some enemy or two popping out of there and chewing up your back
when you're not looking.
     -Use cover.  Don't just sit there and get shot.  Most enemies give off a 
warning sound right before they shoot, or have shots that travel slow enough
you can step out of the way before it gets to you.  Shoot until you are about
to get shot, then step out of the way until you can shoot again.
     -Never underestimate the potential of taking out an enemy with the
blaster, especially Berserkers, as this can be done quite often with them.
These guys take a lot of ammo otherwise, and if you can easily just pot shot
them from a remote location, do it.  It will take a lot longer, but you'll have
more ammo when you need it, and you won't have any less health.  Always give
your health priority over ammo, though.  You can't shoot dead.

The walkthrough is for the Easy level only.  The Medium and Hard difficulties
are identical except for the positioning and type of enemies you will
encounter.  The main purpose of the walkthrough is to tell you where to go, how
to get there, and most important, where all the secrets and bonuses are hidden
along the way.  An official secret (One acknowledged by the game) is marked
with an (S#), with the number being which number it is in the level (first, 
second, etc).

Stage 1  - Strogg Outpost
Enemies - 9
Secrets - 4

     Fly down the ravine you start in.  Go to the left and grab the armor
shards.  Pick up the shotgun to the right, but hold off using it, the whole
stage can be taken out with just the blaster.  Go through the door, pop the two
Light Guards waiting there.  Dive off the platform to either your left or right
into the water, turn 180 degrees around and dive under the platform you were
just standing on.  Grab the armor shards and shells underwater there (S1).  Now
go across the room to where the stimpacks are up on the ledge.  Go on the other
side of the ledge from the stimpacks where the boxes are coming from and there
is a chain moving up the wall.  Press up against the chain and face the other
direction.  After a moment or two, you will begin to move up.  Jump onto one of
the boxes that will pass by (do not stay on the lift too long or you will be
crushed against the ceiling).  Ride the box until you can jump onto the ledge
just above the door and get the invisibility powerup there (S2).  Drop off and
go in that door.  Blast the unsuspecting Light Guard through the next door,
blow the barrels to get the armor in the box and grab whatever else on the 
floor you see that appeals to you.  Then, go over to the lift and push the
button to ride it up.  At the top, a Light Guard will come through the door and
start shooting at you.  Cure him of life.  Follow the corridor behind that
door, killing another Light Guard along the way.  When you get into a large
room with moving boxes, walk out on the left ledge that has a stimpack at the
end of it.  Look down and to your right until you see some barrels.  Place a
shot into them, killing the Light Guard that was napping by them.  Drop down
and pick up the super shotgun in the hole you just blew behind the ladder (S3).
Climb the ladder, and go into the next room.  Shoot the button as prompted and
enter the alcove to the left to get the adrenaline and boost your health max to
101 (S4).  Go through the door under the button, kill two Light Guards and one
Shotgun Guard.  Go straight into the water and follow it right to get two 
stimpacks and two armor shards.  Get out of there and follow the ramp up and 
around to the exit lift to the Central Complex.

Stage 2  - Central Complex
Enemies - 22
Secrets - 3

     Head out of the elevator slightly to the left towards the box on your
level.  There is one Light Guard hiding behind the support column in the far
right of the room, and there is a Shotgun Guard hiding almost directly behind
the box you were just pointed towards.  Dispatch both of them, pick up the
shotgun.  Climb up on the box next to the grenade pack.  Jump from the box onto
the ledge behind the support column to claim a set of Combat Armor (S1).  Grab
anything else lying around that suits you and proceed to the opening that was
to your left when you exited the lift.  Directly inside to your right is a 
Shotgun Guard waiting for you.  End his exisitence.  Go up the stairs.  There 
is a green path leading off to the right and a path straight ahead that turns
left.  Follow the path that turns left, go around the left corner and kill the
Enforcer down the hall.  Now back up and take the green path.  Directly around
the corner will be a Shotgun Guard, dispose of him.  Around the next corner is
a large pipe to the left, with a barrel next to it at the end.  Wait.  Slowly
advance with your aim on the barrel.  As soon as an Enforcer pops around the
corner and runs up next to the barrel, shoot it.  Go around that same corner
and kill another Enforcer at the end of the corridor.  Grab the machinegun
and any other toys you see that you like.  Now go back to the hole you blew in
the pipe.  Follow the water flow out of it into a pond of sorts.  Around to
your right there is a platform with a few barrels, a Shotgun Guard and a few
goodies.  Pop a barrel to take out the Guard, all of them will go off.  Take
the lift up.  There should be one Shotgun Guard wandering about right in front
of you.  End his life.  Leave the lift facing left and shoot either the barrel
or the Shotgun Guard, whichever you prefer.  Grab the explosive pack there.
Then, go to the right of the lift.  Hug the wall and look down to the lower
level until you can get a clean shot at one of the barrels, but try not to
spook the Shotgun Guard who's guarding them.  We want to suprise him, get it?
After parts of him are all over the room, grab the Adrenaline that was hiding
behind the barrels (S2).  Leave that room by the archway in the far right
corner (from the Adrenaline).  To the right will be an Enforcer, who won't be
able to enforce much once you're through with him.  Grab the grenades he was
hoarding and press the button to open up the door, but don't go through it yet.
Go down the stairs that were to the left of the arch you just passed through,
killing the Shotgun Guard and picking up stuff on the way.  At the bottom,
you'll find an Enforcer, a grenade launcher, and a great view.  Look at the
back of the Gunner, and show him your opinion on his continued exisitence by
placing a super shotgun blast directly in his back.  Then, move back and to the
left and continue to place blaster shots through the left-most opening in the
wall.  If he tries to shoot back, move out of the way, but keep back and left
enough that there's only room for your shot to go through the opening and peg
him.  After he's gone on the the Place Where Stroggs are Eternally Blessed, go
back up the stairs and follow the path back to the point where you entered the
green colored tunnel instead of taking the path that turned left.  The one
where you killed your first Enforcer, remember?  Head down that path this time.
Turn left at the end of the hall.  Across a bridge spanning the main room there
will be another Enforcer waiting.  Pop him.  Go to the end of the hall.  To 
your right is a Shotgun Guard waiting.  Jump out of the hall and bust him.
Then go to your left around a corner and break open another Shotgun Guard.
The door he's guarding is locked, so head back to the stairs that the first
Shotgun Guard was standing on.  Go the the point where it turns left and
changes to a ramp.  Go up the ramp facing backwards and looking up and a little
to the right.  There will be a ledge at the end of a ramp that you can see.  On
this ledge there is an Enforcer.  End his life.  Drop the charges off at the
big computer thingy.  Go to the ledge where you just killed the Enforcer.  Grab
the super shotgun there.  Looking out at the computer from the ledge, there
will be a large blue strip in the wall to your left.  Run and jump from the
ledge and land on the edge of the strip.  Walk along the edge of it.  At the
end you will be able to enter a secret room that has a Power Amplifier in it.
Grab that (S3).  The door that was locked before is now open, so go through
that, kill the Shotgun Guard on the other side and press the switch he was
guarding so carefully.  The blue force field in the main room is now open.
Proceed back to the main room, dispatch the Enforcer that was behind the field
and take the Teleporter on to the Intelligence Center.

Stage 3  - Intelligence Center
Enemies - 23
Secrets - 3

     Grab the grenades and health, go around the corner to your right, kill the
Light Guard.  Go through the door, there will be an Enforcer to your left.
After removing him from the physical plane, look up just beyond the door you
came through.  There will be a switch in the ceiling that will open a door
right in front of you that contains a flak jacket (S1).  Follow the right set
of stairs and kill the two Light Guards at the top.  Backtrack to the door you
came through.  Head out onto the glass to the left and pick up the grenade
launcher and grenades.  Now go up the left set of stairs (so you can grab the
shells on the steps) and go through the door at the top.  There will be a Light
Guard and an Enforcer.  Take the lift down.  Kill the Light Guard at the
bottom.  There is a hidden door to the left of the lift.  When you pass by the
box in the hall it will open up, allowing an Enforcer to peel at your back.  No
problem right?  Walk backwards.  Not that simple.  As soon as that Enforcer
pops out, another on down the hall in one of the side rooms will come out too.
You figure out how to deal with it.  I suggest diving into one of the two rooms
at the end of the hall and letting them come to you.  After you've disposed of
them, there are grenades and a switch to open the locked door in the left room,
and another flak jacket in the right room.  Go in the now unlocked door at the
end of the hall and jump or run under the beams, whichever is appropriate based
on which one is flickering.  Take the left route for now, the right is locked.
In this room you will have to eliminate two Enforcers, followed by a Machine
Gun Guard, then two Shotgun Guards.  Jump up on the pile of boxes at the right
side of the end of the hall before turning left and shoot the grating with a 
different pattern on it.  Crawl in and grab your brand new ammo bag (S2).  Turn
around and drop out of the crawlspace.  Switch to your grenade launcher and lob
on into the right side of the window across the way.  Do not go through the
arch, but you will have to get close to the arch.  When you've heard a squishy
sound following the grenade explosion, you got him.  After that, enter the arch
facing left.  You will have to contend with an Enforcer and a Machine Gun Guard
there.  Follow the path up the ramp and to the right, then activate the 
computer to open the security door on the other side of the beam room.  
Backtrack to that room and go through that door.  There is a Tank just around
the left corner.  Now is a good time to put your grenade launcher to good use.
Dive around the corner, pop off a few shots, dive back, repeat.  Shouldn't take
more than 10 direct hits.  Grab the combat armor off the box and the machinegun
lying about and proceed to the end of the hall.  The right path is blocked, so
you'll have to take the left, where an Enforcer is already shooting at you
from.  Follow the Armor Shards, kill another Enforcer at the end, and a Machine
Gun Guard to the right out of the hallway.  Now, go to the left on the other
side of the stack of boxes.  There is a cracked, sparking wall.  Shoot it for
grenades and health (S3).  Grab the data disc.  As soon as you do, doors will
open up to your left and right and let out an Enforcer each.  Deal with them as
you see fit.  If you're unarmed, try harsh language.  Press the button in each 
alcove where they were to open up the previously blocked route to the lift to
the Com Center.

Stage 4  - Communications Center
Enemies - 19
Secrets - 3

     Leave the lift, turn 90 degrees left, look straight up and move forward
until you see a button that you can shoot.  It will open up a door to your
immediate left with health in it (S1).  Enter the "pump" room.  There will be
one Enforcer straight out from you, and another off to your left.  Take the
passage to the left the Enforcer came from.  Follow it to an open room.  There
will be two Flyers and one Enforcer to the right to cause you trouble.  When
they are dead, grab the chaingun and ammo and any other bits and pieces lying
around.  Then, follow the far wall until you're standing next to the stairs on
the right side of them.  There will be a button you can shoot to open a cove
across the room that has a silencer in it (S2).  Go up the stairs into the room
there.  You should find two Enforcers, one to either side of the entrance.  Now
go all the way across the room from the lift and look up slowly until you can
see the top of a Dog waiting for you.  Blast him from the ground as it it much
safer than taking him on on the same level.  I've never had him shoot back at
me from this spot.  At the top of the lift an Enforcer across the way will
notice you.  Eliminate him as you see fit, but try not to step off the lift.
Switch to grenade launcher then and step off the lift.  Move slowly to your
right.  Eventually the right wall in front of you will blow open.  Lob a few
grenades in the opening to harm the Gunner that's about to pop out.  After he's
toast, don't forget the flak jacket on the box on the level below.  Drop down
from above to get it.  Then head across on the path.  You'll be in the "pump"
room, only up above.  There will be a Flyer to your left and an Enforcer to
your right.  Follow the path to your right until another T-section of sorts.
There will be an Enforcer to your left, pop him, then hit the switch he was
guarding.  This will stop the pump.  Go back on the catwalk, drop down to grab
the enviroment suit off the stack of crates and jump in the sludge to get a
Mega-Health (S3).  Follow the path until you get back where the button was that
stopped the pump, then follow the path to the right instead.  There will be a
Flyer off to the right, and then an Enforcer in an aclove to the left after the
left turn.  Up ahead at the end of the hall on the right, the wall will blow
open and let another Enforcer out.  Kill him, raid his stash, then head down
hall.  Eventually you'll run into another Enforcer.  Enter the door he was
guarding and kill the Flyer and Gunner inside.  Set the data disc on the
terminal at the far side of the room.  The green force field behind you will
now be open, take the teleporter to the Orbital Defence platform.

Stage 5  - Orbital Defence
Enemies - 29
Secrets - 4

     Head up the ramp and to either the left or the right.  Eventually you'll
run into a Berserker, lead him back to where you started and use the area where
you materialized as a "barrel" for the "fish in a barrel" trick.  There are
several Berserkers in this level that this can be done to, so I won't bother to
mention this every time.  If you get him down where you started and you stand
on the higher ledge to either side you can sit and pelt him with the blaster
without a problem.  Beyond where you found the Berserker, there is a Flyer up
above lying in wait for you.  Peg him.  Around the corner to the right is a
Tank.  Idea.  Lob grenades around the corner and continue to pelt him as he
approaches.  Behind him, next to the wall, straight up is a switch on the
ceiling.  Shoot it.  This opens a cove hanging from the ceiling down the stairs
to your right.  You can get it by jumping from the stairs after you shut the
gravity off.  Head down the stairs, kill two Flyers, followed by a Berserker.
Grab the chaingun off the dead body.  In the main room with the gravity
generator, there are three Flyers.  Also if you look in the windows up to your
left, there's an Iron Maiden hanging out up there.  You can pop her off from
here with just the blaster.  At the end of the room down the left turn, a 
Berserker will come running after you, check him.  Up the stairs that follow
will be one Flyer.  If you haven't killed her previously, the Iron Maiden is at
the top of the steps.  Hit the switch to get the gravity off-line.  Back down
the steps and jump straight across to get the combat armor.  This is a great
spot to sit an pick off Berserkers, especially the one running around the now-
dormant gravity generator.  There will be another one to the left right after
the gravity generator room, a Flyer in the middle of the stairs, and another
Berserker at the top of the steps.  Follow the corridor, kill an Iron Maiden,
and stop when you see sparks coming out of a vent in the ceiling.  Shoot there
and collect a Mega-Health.  Hit the switch at the end of the hall.  Kill the
two Flyers putzing about outside and jump the bridge.  Hit the switch on the
other side to undo the field between you and the Iron Maiden before she gets
close.  Down the hall and to the left is another Berserker.  What I like to do
is lead him back to the area where the switch was, hit it when we're both 
inside, then jump across the bridge and shoot him from across the bridge.
Anyway, back where the Berserker was, the exit is covered by an energy shield.
Enter the hangar to the left.  As soon as the ship takes off, jump into the
hole it came out of before it can close.  You'll get a rocket launcher and some
rockets for your trouble (S2).  After you come up the lift from down there,
dive across the room to the other side.  Looking up on the ledge where you just
were standing there is an Iron Maiden there.  Kill her from a distance, keeping
in mind that just above you, lumbering about, is a Tank.  When the opportunity
presents itself, jump up onto the ledge, run into the hall onto the right, and
spook the Berserker that you'll find there, and lead him back to where the Iron
Maiden was.  Kill him in the same fashion you killed her.  Where you're feeling
ready, go up to where you spooked the Berserker, grab the grenade launcher, and

pop a few up Mr. Tank's.  After he becomes a meat by-product follow the ledge
and take a left.  In this room are two Berserkers.  You can lead them back out
to the ledge you were just walking on and peg them off from the ledge the Iron
Maiden was sitting on.  In that room, after it's clear, you will find the 3
charge packs you will need for the next level.  Jump on a tiny box that's not
colored like the rest in the right close corner of the room (from the door) to
open up a door next to the box with combat armor in it (S3).  Make sure you 
land on all the crates in the room just in case...I haven't been able to pin 
down which one opens the door at the end of the hall outside the door and frees
the Berserker that is now entering the room to rip you to shreds.  After
killing him, enter the new room open at the end of the hall outside the door 
(S4).  Kill the Flyer in the hangar and the Iron Maiden waiting for you in the
hallway outside by the exit.  Hop in the teleport and make your way to the
Docking Station.

Stage 6  - Docking Station
Enemies - 22
Secrets - 3

Stage 7  - Strogg Frieghter
Enemies - 28
Secrets - 2

Stage 8  - Cargo Bay
Enemies - 33
Secrets - 3

Stage 9  - Zaxite Mines
Enemies - 24
Secrets - 1

Stage 10 - Storage Facility
Enemies - 20
Secrets - 1

Stage 11 - Organic Storage
Enemies - 42
Secrets - 2 (1 found)

Stage 12 - Processing Center
Enemies - 42
Secrets - 3

All these need to be entered on the code screen.  To get there, go to NEW,
SINGLE, LOAD, and do not have a memory pak in.  When it asks for one, choose
DO NOT USE.  Then enter the code.  For the time being all the passwords that
are not cheat codes are ones of my devising.  If you have one I am missing, or
have a better one, please submit it.

S3TC 00LC 0L0R S??? - SET COOL COLORS.  Changes the color scheme in single or
S3TL 0WGR V1TY ???? - SET LOW GRAVITY.  Lowers the gravity in multiplayer.
S3T1 NF1N 1TES H0TS - SET INFINITE SHOTS.  Unlimited ammo in multiplayer.
If you know of more, please e-mail me!


FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7 - Level 0 - Twists.  This is a code you get for beating the
game.  It is one of the multiplayer levels that has been filled with a rockets
for you and Gladiators for you to shoot with them.  After you have killed all
the Gladiators, a Flying Guardian will show up to waste you before you can 
blink.  It has a 1:40 minute time limit.

Central Complex       - 6JBN SHFB 07BR X3J1
Intelligence Center   - 1KLG VL2H LNBF F4LQ
Communications Center - 2KQD 2MSD Z9VM 4XYL
Orbital Defence       - VK7N Z?LY ?4V5 LJ4W
Docking Station       - VK3J HSW5 9GZN LQW9
Strogg Frieghter      - TK3T RN5N Q06W JV05
Cargo Bay             - S?WM H1G9 B46C WB0D
Zaxite Mines          - R8WB 8X7J VGQ0 SJWR
Storage Facility      - Q?WB BLW8 RP6Y XLSN
Organic Storage       - P6P5 KYWX HB8R DJZH
Processing Center     - N520 KJFW Y681 VLMD