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***The Ultimate Quest 64 FAQ****

Author: marshmallow

Welcome, dear friends. I have bought Quest 64 and I have written this 
FAQ for your covienence. I hope you enjoy it. 

Fixed a few typos
fixed some problems in the Earth spell list
finished the Walktrhough (sorry, I wrote it. It's not a reader's)
Made some "CORRECTIONS!!!" notes along the Walkthrough
Made this letter (below)

To everyone, 
Now you can stop e-mailing me with info on how to beat Beigus and 
everything, I have beaten him. I thank all of you who helped, and I want 
to make a correction in the Walkthough, don't even bother with Fire and 
Wind, Earth and Water are truely the best. Water because of the healing, 
the ice and water attacks, and because of some nice tricks with the 
escape spell. Earth becuase of Avalanche, Magic Barrier, and Spirit 
Armor. After you have maxed them both out Fire is ok. 

**This is the VERY LAST update to this Guide so DO NOT e-mail me with 
additions or anything, but I'll anwser any game help questions you may 

 By the way, I did not update those "?s" in the baddies section, it will 
just remain tha way for all eternity, so don't email me or anything.

The only reason I couldn't beat Beigus is because I didn't have anything 
in Earth, but Water and Fire were maxed out...try killing him without 
Avalanche and Magic Barrier!

Version 3.0

* - updated 

- - - - - - - - - - 
1) Introduction
2) The Basics
3) Be an Expert 
4) WalkThrough - 100% *
5) Items 
6) Magic Spells 
7) Secrets and Tips * A much better defsnese trick
8) Baddies * I added the attacks for Mammon
9) spirit gem list * Blue Cave only
10) FAQ
11) Credits *
12) Legal Stuff
13) The End

1) Introduction

Quest 64 is the first true RPG to come to the Nintendo 64. It's not the 
best RPG ever, but it is a great RPG nontheless. Ok, so I'm stretching 
that a little. To tell the truth, it's average, well...above average. 
But what's wrong with above average? 

The plot: CeltLand is a large island in a far away sea, it is also one 
of the most peaceful. For eons the residents of CeltLand have lived in 
peace with the spirits, each spirit is part of nature: Fire, Earth, 
Water, and Wind. The secrets to these mystical entities are inscribed in 
the Eletale Book, a book so secret that only the true spirits tamers can 
read. Spirit tamers hold the power of the spirits, and are one with 

One day this all changed, an uknown stole the EleTale Book and has Read 
it's sacred volumes. The knowledge this unknown knows now is enough to 
destory all of CeltLand. He has already used it's powerul magic to turn 
ordinary creatures into horrible monsters with black magic at their 
disposal. They are roaming the counrtysides and now only the cities are 
safe, for now. The citizens are frightened and fear for their lives. Who 
could stop this?

You are Brian, an apprentience spirit tamer. Your father, Lord 
Bartholmy, was a respected spirit tamer himself. Over a month ago he 
left to find the EleTale Book. You (Brian) have promised everyone in 
CeltLand that you will go and find the book, rescue your father, and 
restore peace to CeltLand. 

This is just the main plot, there are many sub plots. Read about them in 
the WalkThrough.

This FAQ contains MAJOR spoilers, you have been don't 
complain to me.

2) The Basics

You can control Brian in the huge 3D world that is CeltLand. Aside from 
FF7, Quest 64 is the first 100% 3D RPG. Quest 64 is like an RPG in many 
ways, you control magic spells, follow Brian through his homeland, sleep 
in hotels, there are turn based battles etc,...It is also NOT like an 
RPG, there is no money system, no other people that will join Brian on 
the Quest, and well...that's it. But Quest 64 is an RPG. 

Navigating the giant world is very simple, just move Brian around with 
the control stick. If you see a person you want to talk to, simply go up 
to her/him/it. A bubble with appear over it's head, like in comic books. 
Push the A button and they will talk to you. You may find out key 
information about the level, what's to come, tips, someone might be nice 
and give you an item, or they might just want to make small talk. 
Whatever the case, it's smart to talk to everyone you meet. 

Sometimes when looking around a city or elsewhere, you might find a red 
treasure chest. Go up to it, and a "!" will appear over Brian's head. 
Now you can open the chest by pushing the "A" button, you will get 
whatever is inside. 

To advance your magic spells you must collect the spirit gems that 
litter the landscape. You will see them as a small bubble like geyser 
that flashes on and off, you have to have a sharp eye to spot some of 
them. When you get over it you will see a "?" over Brian's head, push 
the "Z" button and you will see a C Button confirguration. You may now 
raise the power for your magic spells. C up is Fire, C right is Wind, C 
down is Water, and C left is Earth. Learn these! Note: You may also win 
spirit gems from battle

The battles in Quest are random, in another words if you're walking in 
an area outside a city every other few seconds you will be forced into a 
battle by the monsters that run around. This can get annoying at times, 
but it's always a good idea to build up your HP, MP, magic spells, and 
item collections. 

During battle you will face off against the enemy in classic turn based 
combat. The fighting arena is represented by a large octagon. Your space 
is represented by the octagon that surrounds you. The enemy has their 
own space as well. You can not move outside your field, nor can the 
enemy. But you can move the octagon by getting close to what you want to 
move near and attacking or by pushing Z with nothing selected (this will 
forfeit your turn). 

Unlike most RPGs you can dodge your enemy's attacks, all you must do is 
move around in your field. Some attacks, however, are almost impossible 
to avoid. To defeat the enemy just attack them until their HP is used 
up. If an object is blocking the view, you can swivel the camera with 
the Left shoulder button (L). It is common to receive items after 
winning a battle. 

Normally you have a view much like Mario 64's, that is behind out hero. 
Hit the L button and it will zoom out for a more behind in the air 
perspective, much like Mario RPG. Note: This can not be done in enclosed 

To attack with a spell hit the corresponding C button and push the A 
button to attack with it. Some spells require you to face the enemy you 
wish to attack. You may also attack with your magic staff, just get up 
close to an enemy (don't worry, they can't attack when it's your turn) 
and when a staff icon appears then hit the A button, you will use the 
staff frequently in your quest. 

3) Be an Expert

Collecting spirit gems is an important task, as they will increase your 
power. Enemies are almost always more powerful than you so this can be 
important, you must decide what magic spells to increase and what not 
to. Personally I like the Fire and Water attacks, water for healing and 
"all creature attacks" and fire for strong attacks. Keep them at about 
the same level. 

If you find that you need healing, and you happen to have the "heal 
spell" (see spells list and descriptions) then you can heal yourself 
without items. Try to make this your most powerful water attack, as in 
the heat of battle this is a must. You can also use the heal outside of 
battles, remember that. You can use it again and again, so replenshing 
yourself is easy. 

But breads (see items list) and other healing items are still needed, 
because it will be awhile before you can heal 50 HP in one spell. I only 
use them for bosses, because when you are defeated you will be taken to 
the last hotel you visited 

Remember that cities are safe. 

Explore the cities and castle very well, every nook and cranny. You will 
discover all kinds of items to help you. Remember, after you save a city 
to go back and talk to everyone, some might give you items (a good 
example of this is the king of Dondoran). 

Mixing spells is important because they can leave you with new spells. 
To mix a spell all you have to do is push some C buttons. "For example, 
to get Ice Knife push C down twice (two parts water) and then C left 
(wind). So it's two parts water, one part wind!" Of course, you could 
also get Ice Knife from egtting a lot of spirit gems... That was what 
gremmlin told me. 

4) The WalkThrough

Melrode Majesty

You will begin in your room. You are talking to the Grand Abbot. He 
tries to keep you from going, but then breaks done and tells you that if 
you want to go then you should head to the city of Dondoran. After the 
talk is over head through the door. 

Go down the stairs until you come to an open room. Talk to the maid for 
more info. Continue until you come to a hall with a lot of doors to the 
left. One of them has another maid. Check all the doors in this hall. 
One maid will give you some fresh bread, and even more bread in the 
chests. When you get in the courtyard look around for a spirit gem. I 
would raise my fire first, since it's a more powerful attack. And you 
need attacks right now! 

Then go through the door to the side, you will enter a large room with a 
man in it, talk to him. Don't go through the big door just yet, go up to 
the end of the room and go through the door. Talk to the guy if you 
want. Now go out the giant door.  


Go down the ramp and turn left, follow the long path until you get to a 
steeple. Talk to the horse if you want (hehe), and then go into the hay. 
In the hay there is another spirit gem. Now go back to the ramp, now go 
down the ramp that is against the gate. Walk what seems forever until 
you get to a door. Enter it to get to a small village.

Small Village

Go into all the houses and talk to everyone you can. You will learn 
about your father, the day of grief, and about some other stuff. Like 
how monsters are roaming the country side. You will also meet a new 
character, Shannon, a lady with a Yes..that's it.  
You will meet her a lot in the hotels. She always has something nice to 
say. On the big hill with the sheep, you can talk to the sheep (hehe) 
and go inside the house to get some items from the chest. By the ocean 
you will meet the only defense to the city, a guy with a pole. Real sad, 
huh? Try going to the Hotel to save and the shop to get the White Wings. 
Now go to the door on the blue wall, this leads to the first battle 

Giant Field

Learn to fight in this harsh enviroment, a giant field of grass with 
trees everywhere. You will find Man Eaters, Were Hares, Hell Hounds, and 
all kinds of other enemies. Look to the right of the field, you will see 
a spirit gem in the corner (later, not right away).  Fight your way 
through until you see a cottage to the right, you will find a spirit gem 
there, plus a fortune teller. Sooner or later you will get to a split in 
the road. Take the right, this leads to the town of Dondoran. Before you 
enter fight for a while, just to build up your attacks. Stop at level 10 
or so, then enter the city.

CORRECTS!!!: I have found that you should fight around here until you're 
HP is at 100, it may take awhile but if you use some tips in the secrets 
section then you'll be fine. 

The Town of Dondoran

This city is a lot like a maze, actually it is a maze. Sometimes you 
will get turned around and not know where to go. Just stay cool, learn 
the layout and you'll be fine. Talk to everyone to learn of a robber 
that stole the Earth Orb straight out of the castle. He blocked the 
roads so no one can get through, you (of course) have to save the day. 
You also meet a pot maker, Shannon (again), and the King. Save at the 
hotel, get fresh bread at the tavern, and get Gold Wings at the store. 
In the middle field (the one that is bare) there is a spirit gem. After 
you're all stocked up enter the castle through the large door. 

The Castle Of Dondoran

Talk to the guards to either side of you (unlike most RPG's they both 
have something different to say). Go through the doors to the left or 
right, exploring the maze like castle. You will find a lot of treasure, 
and the Princess. She will tell you about the robber and how that if you 
get the Earth Orb the king will pay you...handsomely (more on that 
later!). Then get all the treasures in her room. After you're done with 
everything go back to the room where you entered. Climb the staircase 
and talk to the man to get clearence to continue. Upon entering the 
throneroom talk to the king, he will tell you the story. Enter the door 
to the left and get the treasures. When you're all done with this city 
go back to the field. 

Giant Field

Remember that cross in the road? This time go left, but before you do 
fight some baddies until you get a real high level of power, maybe 11 or 
so. Even higher would be nice. Nearer to the castle are Were Hares, 
close to the forst are Man Eaters, and closer to the village of before 
are lots of Hell Hounds. I like to battle the Man Eaters, their attacks 
are easy to avoid. When you're ready enter Connor Forest. 

Connor Forest

Upon entering Connor Forest you may be attacked by a Frog Warrior, 
defeat him and move on. Turn left and enter the shack. Inside is a 
spirit gem and a chest with a Giant's Shoe. Go back outside and fight 
some creatures to build up your power even more. Take the path behind 
the shack and follow it, fighting all the battles you can. Remember to 
build up the water spirit, you should have or getting close to the 
healing spell. With this you will be un-defeatable in the forest. When 
you see a large treeroot that froms a bridge look to the right, there's 
a spirit gem! Keep going and you will eventually make it to a large blue 
door, fight some more to get even more powerful. There is also a spirit 
gem around here.  When you feel confident enough, go into the door. 

CORECTION!!!: I have found that before entering the door your HP should 
be at 110 or so, when you defeat Solvaring you'll get 120!

BOSS: Solvaring

Solvaring is a large man with a lot of fur clothing. Move away as far as 
possible and shoot him with the fireball, power # 2. This will take at 
least 15 off of him. He will shoot a searing blast of lava at you, just 
move to the side as quickly as possible, it can take up to 10 off of 
you. Never, I repeat NEVER, attack him up close. He will then use his 
earth attack, a huge rock will blast up from the ground and hit you. 
This can take up to 15 off! And then many more because you will have to 
get away. Just use my way and he'll be gone in no time. Use bread and 
Dew Drops to recover yourself. You now have the Earth Orb!!!

CORRECTIONS: If you follow my tips above then move in close and attack 
with the staff, his powerful Earth attack will only take 6 or 7 away. 

Conner Forest

After he's gone get all the stuff from the chests, then head back into 
forest. Go back to the large field, of course this will require a lot of 
battles, this is good though. 

Giant Field

Head back into the city of Dondoran, but build up some more HP. 

The Town Of Dondoran

Talk to everyone and they will thank you for what you've done. If you 
need some bread go to the tavern. Head back to the castle. 

The Castle Of Dondoran

Go back to the throne room and talk to the king. He will let you into a 
secret back room. It contains a spirit gem, Hero's Drink, and a bunch of 
other stuff. When you're ready go back to Conner Forest.

Connor Forest

This time turn right, you will collect two spirit gems on this path so 
keep your eyes peeled. Battle your way through until you reach a brown 
door with a treasure box by it. Get the goods and go through the door. 

Hilly Fields

The Hilly Fields area is strange, huge, and confusing. I have turned 
myself around a lot in this place, so check the map often. There are a 
lot of spirit gems in this place too, so watch out. They're easy to see 
against green, though. Make your way to the ship that is on the map. 
Spend your night at the hotel, and talk to Shannon. Now board the ship. 

CORRECTIONS!!!: Before boarding the ship make sure your HP is at least 
at 130


Talk to the captain and he will greet you, just go down into the ship 
and wait for a few seconds. Then walk back out to discover that he has 
taken you across the lake.

West Carmagh

Save in the hotel, talk to Shannon, and go to the city that is on top 
(looking at the map here). There are tons of spirit gems around here, so 
each around. There are also some easy baddies. Take advantage of this by 
building your hit points.

CORRECTIONS!!!: BVefore entering Larapool your HP should be at 140 


Talk to everyone is town, including the sorceress (spelling?). She's in 
the giant hotel, with Shannon (I told you she follows you!). The hotel 
is pretty big, main floor, upstairs, downstair, and a basement. Talk to 
everyone in town and you will learn that someone has stolen the magical 
Wind Jade. It controls the power of the wind, which is (somehow) vital 
to life as we know it. The person who stole it is using it to stop the 
wind and...that's it. Larapool is also known as the water capitol of the 
world (or something like that). After you get all stocked up (Tavern and 
everything) go to the hotel that is the closest to Windward Forest 
(again, look at the map).

West Carmagh 

Along the path you will see many easy baddies and a few more spirit 
gems, so get them. When you finally get to the hotel go inside and you 
will learn that the unknown being used the Wind Jade to destroy the only 
bridge to Windward Forest! So now we must take to the longer route.  
Around here the day/night thing actually affects gameplay! During the 
day easy creature come out, during the night impossible skeletons and 
newer versions of the Hell Hound come out. They are hard! Make a fast 
break for Cull Hazzard. Along the way will be more gems and everything. 
Save at the hotel before entering the cave. There's another gem outside 
of it, to the right. 

Cull Hazard

I won't tell you every step of the way, it's pretty straightforward. 
There are a few chests along the way, and the creatures in here are 
difficult as well. I suggest building up HP and MP before coming in 
here. The Blood Jells (I think that's what they're called) can really 
hurt, almost as much as the 10 foot tall dragon! When you get to the end 
there will be a bridge of green vines, and after that a few treasure 
chests. When you finally get to the final door you will have reached the 
peaceful town of Normoon. 

CORRECTIONS!!!: Before entering Normoon your HP should be around 150-


This town is pretty sleepy, not very much activity. Like all cities just 
talk to everyone and get the Wings and the Bread from the Tavern. 
Shannon is waiting for you in the Hotel, as usual. In the two mills 
there's treasure to be found. On the right side of the town is a large 
yellow patch of flowers, (?) get through the holes and you will be 
gifted with two spirit gems. When you're ready go up the hill at the end 
and go through the door to enter Windward Forest. 

Windward Forest

Fight until you get a lot of HP, MP, and items (you should have a ton of 
items by now!). Continue on the path until you get to a cottage, go 
inside. There will be a spirit gem in the first room, now go through the 
next door. A treasure box with some freash bread lie in wait for you in 
the second room. Outside there is yet another spirit gem by the tree. 
And a tresure box behind the house, it has a Healing Potion. Keep going 
along the path, fighting monsters and everything. Sooner or later you 
will get to Zelse

CORRECTIONS!!!: Fight around here until your HP is around 160 or above, 
after defeating Zelse you will have 10 more HP points, that would make 
it around 170.

BOSS: Zelse

Zelse is a man in blue with silver hair, but he's not old, not at all. 
He will throw large white diamonds at you, they each take off barely 
anything, but together they can be deadly. Get close and he will slice 
you with a green machete, so stay away from him. Every once and awhile 
he will make a huge blue ice field come up and out of the ground. This 
is your signal to get away from him! Throw fire at him until he blows 
up. Items would be a good idea to have, especially mint leaves. You now 
have the Wind Jade!!!

CORRECTIONS!!!: Use Avalanche, if aimed correctly you can take around 
nearly 300 in one turn (95...95...95).

Windward Forest

Continue along and talk to the guys in the house, they'll thank you. You 
can either go to Larapool by foot, building up your power, or use the 
wings to get there. 


If you did use the wings to get here (I never do) then get them replaced 
at the shop. Go to the hotel and talk to the sorceress on the top floor 
again, she will tell you about some girl who can see everything or 
something, she tells you to go to the basement. Go down there and go 
across the path, and into the door. There she is again! Talk to her, and 
she says that you must go to Blue Cave, or something. I don't really 
understand it, I'm writing this as I go along the game! Get the Silver 
Amulet from the chest too.  Go back out and the water will have gone 
down, go down there and follow the path, collecting the spirit gem, plus 
the one by the other door. Enter the door, and presto!

Blue Cave

Turn right and follow the arrows, taking some battles and running from 
some. When you get to the end you will find a chest, open it up. Go back 
and you will notice some arrows and a cave, go through it. Follow the 
arrows, well, it's just a one way ticket so...then you follow the cave 
that never seems to end..ho hum..isn't this exciting? Then through 
another bridge, then after about 10 minutes of just walking you'll get 
to a room with a lot of different paths. Take the right one and always 
take a right if there's a turn, other than that follow the path. This 
place now uses left ove baddies, so defeating them shouldn't be hard.   
After what seems like forever you'll come to a large open room with a 
house in it. There is a spirit gem to the let side.  Go inside it. Talk 
to the thing that's floating around to save, then talk to the other 
person. She'll fill you in on some details, so go into the next room. 
Hope onto the platfrom and you will be warped to a purple boat

CORRECTIONS!!!: If you fight every fight here your HP may rise a dozen 
or so points!

to the captain  Then go into the cabin, and down the stairs. Then go 
over to the old man and talk to him. Go through the next door, get the 
spirit gem, and the chest. Talk to the guy, of course. Then go back up 
on the deck. Now go down the hard to spot ladder.

Isle of Skye

Go over and grab the spirit gem. When you go over the grass you may be 
attacked, so be ready for battle. Go over to the house and then behind 
it, there's a hidden spirit gem. There is another gem by the gates.  

Talk to the man, and the the girl who looked like a prostitute, it seems 
as if someone has stolen the Water Jewel and has been turning up evil 
powers on the seas...for some reason this isn't a surprise. Don't mess 
with the door, it's locked. Go back and continue on the dirt path. Go to 
the spirit gem and collect it. Now walk into the four pillars in the 
middle, they will transport you to a strange cave like place.  Follow 
the skinny path until you see a girl in a Link esque suit, this is 

CORRECTIONS!!!: Before fighting Nepty, your HP should be near 200. Plus 
you get 10 points for defeating her.

BOSS: Nepty

I have redone this part, because I've found a much more efficent way of 
killing her. Stay away from her, and throw "Fire Bombs" at her, this 
will take away 50 to 60! Now she only has about 910, so she'll be gone 
in no time. Although you still need to have some items (honey braed 
comes in handy, mint leaves are a must!).  Do this until she explodes. 
You have won the Water Jewel!!!

CORRECTIONS!!!: Use Avalanche and you can kill her in a few turns 
(89...89...89), just aim it right.

Go back to the cottage and talk to the people, then go back through the 
door. Get the spirit gem and step on the platform, it's a warp. 

Now you will warp to Epona's cottage in the Blue Cave

Blue Cave

Talk to her and she will tell you some stuff. Now then, save at the 
little..thing over there and you'll be all set. Go out there and stand 
between the pillars, you will warp to Larapool. Boy, this must be an 
important city, you come here often! 


Exit this town and head towards the ship that brought you here. 


Talk to the captain, get in, get out!

East limelin

Save at the hotel and shove off! Battle your way through until you get 
to Limelin. Be on the lookout for spirit gems along the way.

CORRECTIONS!!!: Before entering Limelin city make sure your defense is 
near 90, those groups of Blood Jells are great taregts for this. Simply 
don't attack them and when you're energy gets low use heal until it's 
all the way up, do this until your MP is nearly gone. Then kill them. 
Notice that you can get 5-6 points every time you do this!


Talk to everyone in the town, which will take awhile. This is the 
biggest town yet, and most of the buildings have a second story. Get 
wings at the store, and learn of Fargo. Fargo was a killer who murdered 
many people, he was put away for good but just recently he escaped into 
the mines. You can find out this and more by talking to everyone. This 
is also one of the most treasurous cities as well. There are a few 
chests in the buildings, a spirit gem in the grass, and plus the castle. 
After all of this head into the castle.

Limelin Castle

Before the actual castle there is a sprirt gem in this maze like place. 
When you enter the castle look for two (yes two) spirit gems under the 
staircase pillar. Sweet! Talk to everyone in the castle, including the 
Queen. After that head back into the main hall and find the treasure 
room, it has some chests. Go back into the city. 


Head to the left and get behind the tower, a spirit gem awaits. Now 
enter the tower. There is yet another spirit gem upstairs. Now check out 
the tunnel to the right. This place may be gated in, but you can still 
get the spirit gem there. There is yet another spirit gem by the 
water...I told you there was a lot of stuff here! Finally, exit the town 
and towards the mines. 

East Limelin

Go straight forward and turn left, this place is great for battles 
because these enemies are old. Just follow the path and go down the 
paths that have arrows on them. Go into the house and get the two spirit 
gems. My, what a nice house! =) Now head into the Baragoon Tunnel!


When you  enter the cave get the chests and the spirit gem. Follow the 
cave path, the baddies here are old so they shouldn't be hard. Keep 
going, then when you get a open place get the spirit gems and the chest. 
Follow the path for what seems forever, then go up all the ramps. Turn 
left and get the spirit gem. Go the other way and just follow the path, 
very straightforward. When you get to a large room grab the spirit gems. 
Now, it's time for a Sub Boss!

CORRECTIONS!!!: THose Termants are great targets for the defense trick.


I have re-done this one too: All you have to do to defeat Shilf is throw 
Ice Knife at her, because it takes away 50 to 60 off! It will take 
awhile still, but keep going at it. Her green laser beam is easily 
avoided, so don't goof around. Use heal when needed (it should (by now) 
be healing 50!). 

CORRECTIONS!!!: Use Avalanche and you can kill this bitch in a few 
turns, my record is 5 turns (124...123...122). Your HP should be getting 
close to 280. 

After she's defeated continue on to the next room, don't worry, there 
aren't any baddies here. Get the two chests, the spirit gem, and go 
through the only door. You will reach a light at the end of the 
tunnel...go into it. 

Dindom Dries

After coming from Bargoon Tunnel save at the little tent, and get the 
spirit gem in the corner. Go straight from the tent to Greenoch Village, 
or what's left of it. Lots of batttles will take place. This desert is 

CORRECTIONS!!!: I usually ignore the creatures here, too powerful. 

Greenoch Village

Hmm...only two buildings and slabs of rocks? What's up? It appears as if 
an evil being was testing his powers and had a little accident on the 
city! Get the chest and save at the hotel. Do you notice the staircase 
that goes down behind the counter? Hmmmm....keep going.

Dindom Dries

Follow the path the best you can, when you get to a large red molten 
lava place go over it and to the left, you will see a spirit gem on some 
rocks. Go over the rocks and you will be at the entrance of Boil Hole, 
another cave. 

Boil Hole 

Follow the path, no turns, no dead ends, just one long path. Very 
simple. Along the path will be a few chests and a spirit gem. After what 
seems hours of running and fighting you will come to a huge caven with a 
man in it, this is the killer...Fargo.

CORRECTIONS!!!: It's easy to get killed in here, be careful


Fargo is a man with red hair who has a lot of different fire spells. The 
best spell for this is, again, Ice Knife. It takes away nearly 100 HP! 
So of course, use this. Your heal spell should be around 50 HP every 
time, so his attacks shouldn't be that damaging. His attacks are: 
Throwing a ball of fire at you and getting close to him will make him 
rip lose a large explosion that realy hurts. Since you can use Ice Knife 
from really far away, he can never do that. After awhile he will blow you have the Fire Ruby!!!

CORRECTIONS!!!: Use Avalacnhe, it can easiley take off 300 in one 
turn...IF used correctly. You should also use Magic barrier.

Go up the hill with the chest and exit (note: Get all the goods before 
leaving). If you are attacked then you are in the wrong tunnnel, go to 
the end and exit to find Bargoon Moor.

Bargoon Moor

Follow the path and go to Brannoch Castle Town, collecting the spirit 

Bargoon Castle Town

Talk to everyone in town to learn of the king, he has gone insane ever 
since a woman came to town just a few days ago (HA!). He has changed 
from a nice king to an evil magician, and has imprisoned anyone who even 
dares pose him. Your father came here just a few days ago too...get the 
black wings, save at the hotel, and go into the castle. Follow the path 
until you get to the locked door. Walk to the left and you will see a 
thin path, follow it. Follow the path around the place and you will get 
a spirit gem. You will see a small blue door...enter it. 

Brannoch Castle

Follow the hall until you get to a blue door. Enter it. Go around the 
path until you get to another blue door, enter it. Along the path you 
will find a chest by a door, get the goods and go through the door. 
There's a spirit gem in here, now go down the hallway after the chest. 
Soon you will get to another door, go through it. Go through the ring 
room, and contine through the door. After hours (ok, minutes) of running 
you will come to a door. You guessed it, go through it. You will now do 
battle with Guilty, a sub boss.

CORRECTIONS!!!: Your HP should be nearing 300.

SUB BOSS: Guilty

Guilty is a large, red, heavily clawed orge. You could hit him with your 
staff (it takes away nearly 100) but he would  hit you with his 
explosion attack, which in turn would take 50 (!!) off you. Bad idea, 
instead move away and throw level two fireballs at him, together they 
will take a good junk (50-60) off of him. He will use his slash attack, 
in this two large knives slam in on you, only takes away about 20 or so. 
After awhile he'll blow up. Take the door, the correct one has large 
green pillars in it.

CORRECTIONS!!!: Just use Magic Barrier and Avalanche (again, 

After following the hall, you will be in a large room. Get the goods and 
enter the next door. Follow the hall and on the way get the treasure in 
the chest. Follow the path and then you'll come to a room with two 
people at the end. Get the two chests and walk up to them. My, my, my, 
it's Shannon! And your dad too...something weird is going on. Talk to 
them and contine (ha! I'm not spoiling this for you!). Follow the hall 
until you come to a large door...enter it. Follow the path and walk up 
to the man in blue.

CORRECTIONS!!!: I missed a room with treasures and Leonardo, she is used 
as a save point. It's just before the fight with Beigus.

SUB BOSS: Beigus

Ok, this guy is quite easy. Just use Magic Barrier and get right on his 
platform, before the barrier gives refreash it (every three turns I 
believe). Use Avalanche and you can easiley take off 200 in one attack, 
maybe more (124...123....). Pretty simple. 

After he's dead go up the blue platform that is behind it, follow the 
path. After a few seconds you will be on a platform with Shannon, talk 
to her and she will give you the Eletale Book. Continue and go up to the 
large platform with things sticking out of it. 

The World Of Mammon

This place is messed up seriously, it's like the Twilight zone! Some 
doors go to empty rooms and when you exit you're in a new place, it's a 
very straightforward path. Along the way you will find Epona, who acts 
as the last save place in the game. When you exit you will be in a mock 
up of the first town in the game, go to the door that would lead to the 
monastary. All of the other doors are locked. After following the 
twisting path you will get to a 20 foot high, purple, deomon. THis is 


This guy is simple, just use Magic Barrier and go up the ramp so you can 
whack him with your staff. It will only take 80 or so off if you're 
powered up, but it will kill him sooner than you think. Every other time 
or so use Avalanche, I don't use it a lot because sometimes it just 
doesn't connect, but if you get into a good rythme it can take off 
nearly 400 in one turn! Refresh the Barrier every so often and you'll be 

Congratualations, you have beaten the game. Sorry for the sucky wasn't my fault, but I'm sorry anyways =)

5) Items

Like any RPG Quest has a ton of items to use. Most are found in chests, 
others by winning battles, and even more by people. Here's a list and 
what they do.

Mysterious Wings: These wings will take you to whatever city you picked 
them up in. They can't be used in jungles or caves. 

Bread: Restores HP by 50

Honey Bread: Restores HP by 100

Dew Drops: Restores 10 MP points

Doll: Can be used to escape a battle

Bell: Freezes one baddie

Silent Flute: See Bell

Dragon's Potion: Restores all MP points

Hero's Drink: Restores MP by 40

Silver Amulet: Increases defense 1.5 times

Mint Leaf: Restores 20 MP points

Giant's Boot: Can take twice the number of steps in a battle

Healing Potion: Restores HP by 150

Gold Amulet: Increases Defense 2 times.

Earth Orb: This round metal ball contains the power of the Earth Spirit. 

Spirit Light: Refills all HP

Wind Jade: This green jade holds the power of the wind spirit itself. 

Water Jewel: This beautiful jewel contains the water spirit. 

Fire Ruby: This large ruby holds the mighty power of the fire spirit.

Eletale Book: doesn't really do anything, I'm not even sure you 
need it to complete the game.

6) Magic Spells

Below are a list of magic spells that Brian can access, in no particular 

Fire Spells

Fire Ball: Brian will throw a large fireball at his oppents.
Power: Medium

Fire Bomb: Throws a near molten boulder, very powerful.
Power: High!!!

Fire Arrows: He will throw many arrows that are on fire
Power: Medium

Steam: Steam blasts around Brian
Power: Above Average

Compression: A monster will be engulfed in a red arrow and then shrunken 
down to size, his attacks are weakened. 
Power: None

Power Staff: Make your staff attack more powerful, only lasts a short 
Power: High!

Vampire's Touch: Everytime you hit someone with your staff your HP 
Power: None

Extinction: It misses often, but when it hits an enemy it will kill it 
instantly, regardless of HP. Doesn't work on bosses...of course! 
Power: HIGH!!!

Fire Pillar: A huge pillar of fire raises from the ground and engulfs 
the enemy. 
Power: HIGH!!!

Earth Spells

Rock: Lift and throw a huge boulder
Power: Medium

Rolling Rock: A huge rock rolls over your enemies
Power: Above Average

Rock Shower: Rocks fly out from you like shrapenal
Power: Above Average

Magnet Rock: Rocks will close in on the enemy
Power: Medium

Spirit Armor
Your defense goes up for a short while
Power: None

Weakeness: Weakens the enemy's defense
Power: none

Weak All: All the enemies are weakened
Power: None

Magic Barrier: Shield yourself from attack for a short while
Power: None

Avalanche: Each hit can either A) Kill a creature or B) Hurt it very 
badly if you aim it right you can get mutiple hits from one creature, on 
a boss you might see this a lot (100...100...100). Best attack in the 
game, PERIOD.
Power: HIGH!!

Confusion: When an enemy attacks the number of HP he takes away are 
given to you as MP
Power: None

Wind Spells

Wind Cutter: A green, thin, and very sharp piece of wind rips through 
the creature
Power: Weak

Large Cutter: A larger version of the Wind Cutter
Power: Medium

Restriction: The baddie can not move
Power: None

Silence: It can not cast any spells
Power: None

Cyclone: A miniature tornado rips through all baddies
Power: High!

Evade: Slows the creatures down
Power: None

Slow Enemy: You become quicker
Power: None

Ultimate Wind: A large wind slams into everyone
Power: HIGH!

Wind Bomb: Shockwaves run away from the central blast
Power: HIGH!

Water Spells

Soul Searcher: View the creature's stats
Power: None

Water Pillar: A huge pillar of water comes up from the ground
Power: HIGH!!

Walking Water: Larger than the Water Pillar, plus it moves away from 
Power: HIGH!!

Ice Wall: A fog of frozen water droplets freeze attackers
Power: Above Average

Ice Knife: Huge icecles rain down on oppenets
Power: High!

Drain Magic: What do you think it does? Hmm... (enter sarcasm)
Power: None

Invalidty: Any ice attacks on you will be evaded
Power: None

Healing: With out a doubt the most used magic attack, Heal will restore 
hit points. Find many spirit gems to max out it's power. It can start 
with +5 and stop at +50! Well, it could go beyond that..????
Power: None

Escape: Get up close to the attackers and hit them with this, the battle 
is over.
Power: None 

Exit: Takes you back to the beginning of an area
Power: None

Return: Takes you back to the beginning of the level you're on. 
Power: None

 NEW!!! *How many Spirit gems you need for the spells list* NEW!!!

Fire Spells
- - - - - -

Fire Ball
Level one: 1
level two: 4
level three: 16

Power Staff
Level one: 7
Level two: 22

Fire Arrows
Level one: 10
Level two: 28

Hot Steam
Level one: 13
Level two: 44

Compression: 19

Fire Pillar: 24

Fire Bomb: 30

Vampire's Touch: 32

Magma Ball: 36

Extinction: 44

Wind Spells
- - - - - - 

Wind Cutter
Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 12

Level one: 6
Level two: 16

Level one: 8
Level two: 24

Level one: 10
Level two: 42

Large Cutter: 13

Wind Bomb: 20

Cyclone: 28

Slow Enemy: 32

Wind Walk: 37

Ultimate Wind: 47

Earth Spells
- - - - - - - - 

Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 16

Spirit Armor
Level one: 7
Level two: 21

Rolling Rock
Level one: 10
Level two: 39

Level one: 13 
Level two: 31

Magnet Rock: 19

Avalanche: 24

Confusion: 27

Rock Shower: 34

Magic Barrier: 36

Weaken all: 39

Water Spells
- - - - - - 

Water Pillar
Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 13

Level one: 7
Level two: 25

Soul Searcher
Level one: 10
Level two: 33

Ice Wall: 15

Ice Knife: 17

Exit: 19

Escape: 23

Return: 24

Walking Water: 35

Drain Magic: 40

Invalidity: 46

7) Secrets and Tips

* After defeating Solvaris go back to the King's castle, he will reward 
you with a lot of goodies. 

* It seems that by pushing the "B" button Brain go run faster and turn 
corners sharper. Just a little though. 

* You get extra hit points by attacking with your Staff

* Defense points can be gained every time you get hit. 

* Everytime you attack with magic you get expierence points towards 
another magic point (MP). 

* Sometimes in hotels, taverns, and other places some women might give 
you some dew drops or a mint leaf. You can get some when you run out. 

* In one of the buildings in Normoon a man will replenish any Honey 
Bread you lose.

* Want to build up defense? Then here is a SWEET trick for you. Get to a 
place where there is a hotel in a place where you fight creatures. A 
good example of this would be at the Isle of Skye, or before the boats. 
Anyways, save at the hotel and then go out into the place and find the 
toughest guy you can. Get hit a lot, and then heal yourself with spells. 
Don't fight, just heal! Sooner or later you will die. You will appear at 
the Hotel all nice and everything, AND you will have a ton of defense 
points! Try it! Do this over and over for a great effect. 

* I saved the best for last, the combo! That's right, like Mario RPG you 
can attack more than once in one turn. Well..not twice but twice the 
damage (or more). Get close to an enemy so the staff icon appears and 
then use a magic attack, if succesful the magic attack will hurt it PLUS 
you will smack it with the all powerful staff! Try this with Fire Pillar 
for some devastation.

* This secret is the best in the Dindom Dries, after the first 
tent go to the next one on the map. See that path? That leads into a 
gigantic desert. It takes up most of the map space! Go through here and 
keep going, at the end (a long hike!) you will see a pyramid with a 
large jewel floating above it. Go to the very tip and you will be taken 
to the lost city (er...building actually) of Shamrock (right name?). 
Here you will find..hmm...a lot of sprirt gems! I came in with 40, went 
out with 50! I even started to build up my wind from 1 to 10!! Wow! 
Explore around, and you will find the treasure rooms of treasure rooms. 
In here is a large circle of chests that include every item in the game! 
Plus some gems. Look around some more and you will find someone to talk 
to...I won't reveal this secret. Try it out yourself!

* In the hilly field area look on your map, see that forest? The Glenco 
Forest can be gotten into! Just look around for a log that will take you 
across a gap, in this forest are a ton of spirit gems. About a dozen or 
so. Plus a cottage. They are hidden well, and you will have a lot of 
fights, but it's worth it. 

* In Limelin Castle, go to the throne room. Behind the throne is a 
secret door, just go through it like you would any door. Behind it is a 
hall, and a door. Through the door is a room with three treasure chests, 

* I forget what it's called, but let me just explain it to you. Fire 
creatures will take more damage if you hit them with a water or ice 
attack and an ice creature will take more damage if you hit them with a 
fire attack. Use this to your advantage.  

 Here is a much better defense trick: Get to a place where the weakest 
creature doesn't take that much HP off (the BEST example is the Blood 
Jell) and just let him attack you. Defeat anyone who will give you any 
problems, everytime it's your turn just Z, this will forfeit your turn. 
When you're HP gets a little low keep healing until your HP is nearly 
100%, keep getting hit. When your MP is nearly gone kill the creature. 
This will net you MAJOR defense points. It might take awhile, but you 
can get 5-6 points doing this! Note: the more you do this in one area 
the less you will get.

8) Baddies

Were Here 
The normal hare has been turned into this!
HP: 9
MP: 7
Attack: 3
Defense: 1
Element: Wind - wind cutter

Hell Hound
Normal wolves are now blood thirsty animals
MP: 10
Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Element: Fire - FireBall

Man Eater
This grotesque creature eats humans, evident of the skulls in his skin
HP: 24
MP: 10
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Element: Earth - Rock

Frog Warrior
your every day frog is now an axe weilding maniac
HP: 38
MP: 20
Attack: 5
Defense: 8
Element: Wind - Cyclone
         Wind - Wind Cutter

A wolf wearing a man's clothing
HP: 40
MP: 20
Attack: 7
Defense: 5
Element: Fire - Fireball
         Wind - Cyclone

these puppets are now posessed!
HP: 28
MP: 5
Attack: 6
Defense: 6
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

these don't look like bats, but messed up bananas!
HP: 24
MP: 10
Attack: 5
Defesne: 3
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter
         Water - Water Pillar

Man Trap
Even the fauna is out to get ya!
HP: 65
MP: 10
Attack: 11
Defense: 4
Element: Water - Heal

They look like walking flowers
HP: 9
MP: 10
Attack: 3
Defense: 1
Element: Fire - Fireball

They are blue, and look strange in the meadows
HP: 13
MP: 10
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2
Element: Water - Ice Knife

Big Mouth
Hideous creatures with big mouths
HP: 28
MP: 10
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2
Element: Water - Water Pillar

Mad Doll
A better version of the Marionasty
HP: 70
MP: 10 
Attack: 10
Defense: 11
Element: Earth - Rock

Big Worm Thing
God, they look like aliens!
HP: 60
MP: 30
Element: Wind - Large Cutter

Bats 2
Again, messed up bananas =) Just better this time!
HP: 30
MP: 20
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

Ork Junior
Pig Heads in a coat...uh...
HP: 63
MP: 20
Attack: 12
Defense: 14
Element: Earth - Rock

Ghost Hound
Better Hell Hounds
HP: 99
MP: 20
Attack: 12
Defense: 16
Element: Fire - Level 3 Fire Ball

These guys look cool
HP: 80
MP: 40
Attack: 12
Defense: 20
Element: Wind - Large Clutter

Blood Jells
Red jello with a single eye
HP: 97
MP: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 11 
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

Your normal 20 foot dragon
HP: 310
MP: 10
Attack: 20
Defense: 15
Element: Fire - Fire Ball
         Fire Ball - Fire Bomb

Spinning ugly demons
HP: 83
MP: 5
Attack: 13
Defense: 15  
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter
         Water - Ice bomb                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Mario RPG fireball ripoffs
HP: 160 
MP: 15
Attack: 33
Defense: 33
Element: Fire - Fireball

Cry Shell
Turtles with a problem..ahem
HP: 100
MP: 34
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Element: Water - Ice Bomb

Pink Freaks in clothing
HP: 260
MP: 30
Attack: 37
Defense: 42
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows
          Water - Defense down
          Wind - Wind Cutter

Fish Man
They have climbed out of the sea to stalk the residents
HP: 150
MP: 14
Attack: 23
Defense: 23
Element: Water - Walking Water 

Scare Crow
I'll tell you, they don't look anything like a scare crow
HP: 120 
MP: 20
Attack: 19
Defense: 10
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

Big fat piggies!
HP: 198 
MP: 20
Defense: 26
Element: Earth - Slam

Frog King
HP: 108
MP: 20
Attack: 11
Defense: 9
Element: Wind - Cutter
         Fire - Arrows
         Earth - Sword

Jackolaterns (sp?)
Hmm...weird looking...I won't ask....
HP: 160
MP: 20
Attack: 24
Defense: 30 
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

wee! Worms
HP: 230 
MP: 23
Attack: 27
Defense: 28
Element: Fire - Arrows
         Wind - Cutter  
         Fire - Fire Pillar 

I like polygons (the drink)
HP: 141
MP: 26
Attack: 30
Defense: 38
Element: Wind - Wind cutter

HP: 340 
MP: 30
Attack: 40
Defense: 70
Element: Earth - Rock Crush

Mutiple Optics
It's jiggly, it's, not's a thing with a lot 
'o eyes!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ? 
Defense: ?
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

A robotic like Mr. caterpillar woMAN like thing..yeeehaaa!!!!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ? 
Defense: ?
Element: Water - Walking Water

Ice scorpions!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?: ? - ?

If you know what the ?s are then please tell me

Boss Stats

1st Boss, holder of the Earth orb
HP: 210
MP: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 14
Element: Fire - Lava Ray
         Earth - Rock Pillar

2nd boss, holder of the Wind Jade
HP: 655
MP: 35
Attack: 34
Defense: 20
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter (well sort of!)
         Water - Ice Mountain
         Wind - Large Cutter

3rd boss, holder of the Water Jewel
HP: 910
MP: 45
Attack: 46
Defense: 32
Element: Water - Bubbles
         Water - Bubble Explosion

1st Sub Boss
HP: 1,100
MP: 54
Attack: 52
Defense: 39
Element: Fire - Laser
         Wind - Cutter (well sort of!)

4th boss, holder of the Fire Ruby
HP: 1,600
MP: 65
Attack: 61
Defense: 45
Element: Fire - Fire Bomb
         Fire - Fireball
2nd Sub Boss
HP: 1,900 
MP: 73
Attack: 71
Defense: 69 
Element: Wind - Knife cutter (?!)
         Fire - Fire Explosion

3rd Sub Boss
HP: 1,999.999 (I'm not joking!)
MP: 80
Attack: 80
Defense: 76
Element: Wind - Blade
         Fire - Laser Beam

The final boss...
HP: 2,300
MP: 99
Attack: 99
Defense: 99
Element: Fire - Three way nuclear halcaust
         Wind - The Sun is blowing up...
         Fire - Little daggers

9) The Spirit Gem List

Ah yes, this shows where every spirit gem is. Of course, I haven't found 
all of them (I hope to god not!), so if you find any that I missed Email 
me and I will add you to the credits section, just make sure I don't 
have it already or you'll get an email bomb (joke!). 

Melrode Majesty
a) In the courtyard, sometimes its there, sometimes it's not. 
b) Outside of the castle, in the the stepple..look in the hay. 

Small Village
a) in the sheep field, in the corner behind the's way out 

Large Field
a) from the start keep running, it'll be in a corner on the left
b) To the right will be a cottage, it's in there
c) Outside of the hotel, by the gates

The Town of Dondoran
a) In the central area where the two guys are

The castle of Dondoran
a) After you get the Earth orb go to the king and through the back door

Conner Forest

a) There is one in the shack to the left of the beginning
b) beginning: By the tree to the right, kinda
c) beginning: go to the right and you look right, there it is 
d) on the path behind the shack there is a treeroot that forms a tunnel, 
it's around here
e) before the fight with Solvaris check around the trees in front of the 

Hilly Area

a) beginning: to the left
b) it's around here somewhere...
c) before the ship and to the right, it's hard to get

Glecoa Forest (Note: There are a lot, just explore, I don't think these 
are 100% right..)
a) to the right
b) one near it
c) another one over there too
d) near the beginning and to the left
e) near the lake on the other side
f) by a tree near the house
g) there's one before you get to the house
h) I do believe there's one in the house
i) argh, search around for this one, it's hard to spot

West Carmagh
a) one near the hotel, up the hill
b) Up another hill
c) up the hill near the cross in the road
d) before Cull Hazard, to the right

a) after the water is drained there is one on the path
b) after the water is drained look by the door besides the one you got 
to go to the sorceress to get the water down..phew!

Cull Hazard
there are gems along the path, easy to spot so I won't list them

Normmon Village
a) see that flower patch? get in there for one!
b) and yet another
c) There is another patch besides it, there's one in there

Windward Forest
a) outside of the house by the tree
b) a spirit gem is in the first room
c) Near the trees after defeating Zelse

Blue Cave
a) at the end of a dead end
b) Another dead end
c) to the left of Epona's house
There are an untold amount of gems in the maze area, I don't try to get 
them because I fear I might get lost. One of them is easy to get though, 
it's by a treasure box.

Purple Ship
a) One in the very bottom room

Isle of Skye
a) behind the house
b) by the gates
c) on the docks, to the right
d) before Nepty
e) behind the locked door in the house

East Limelin
a) to the left of one path
) there's on in the flower patch to the right of the town
b) and a second one as well
c) to the left, by the port
d) the left tunnel, it leads to a gated house with a spirit gem
e) the right one takes you to a tower, one behind it
f) and one in the second story of it

Limelin Castle
a) in the courtyard is one after the pillar
b) one under the staircase pillar at the beginning
c) and a second one as well
d) in the library, go up the little stairs

Baragoon Mines
a) in the large room with a chest
b) after the large room with a lot of ramps, turn left
c) after defeating Shilf go forward 
d) before Shilf there is a large room with many pillars, to the left in 
this room

Dindom Dries
a) in the tent at the beginning
b) in the desert to the southeast is one in the middle of no where
c) before Boil Hole, in the rocks...

a) circle around the place to get one
b) in the chest room there are
c) two
d) circle around to get this one
e) when you talk to that guy there is one for each
f) two
g) three
h) four
i) Before going to see the man, go around to the left

Boil Hole
a) Along the path
b) After defeating Fargo

a) this one is to the left of the entrance
b) to the right
c) in the cave

Bargoon Castle Town
none..I think...

Bargoon Castle
they are along the path...simple

If you've found ANY that I have missed, then please email me them. I 
will give you credit. Thank you.

10) FAQ 

Q: This game is too hard! I get walloped everytime!
A: Try killing some easy guys, then build up your powers. And look for 
some spirit gems, they are a must. 

Q: I want my defense higher. 

A: Look in the Secrets section, or you can just fight some. That secret 
can be done almost everywhere..almost.

Q: I heard that you get a new staff...where?

A: You kinda do, use the staff power spell to increase the power of your 
staff for a short while. 

Q: How do you mix spells? I've been trying forever!

A: See the "Be an Expert" section. 

Q: All the bosses are impossible. HELP!

A: Now this can be anwsered by just building up your HP, MP, etc,...but 
it will take a very, very long time. Try seeing my walkthrough. Always 
helps for me ;)

Q: These random battles are driving me blawooie!!!! Is there anything I 
can do?

A: Not really, when you get the "escape" spell for water then it's 
better, but it often misses anyways. I hate them too. Just use the 
oppurtunity to build your levels. Or you can run away by touching the 

Q: How many NPCs are in this game? 

A: I heard (not sure now) that there were over 250 NPCs. For you who are 
in the dark, NPC = Non Playable Character

Q: Why are there so many empty rooms?

A: This game was obviously rushed, so they didn't have time to fill them 
up. It's bad in the hotels and castles..otherwise every place is filled. 

Q: Do I need a controller pack to save?

A: Yep.  

11) Legal Stuff
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow. 
This FAQ can not be distributed without the notice of the author (check 
below for e-mail address). It can not be distribited for a profit 
(unless I get all of it!!!). If you do use it on your site update it 
whenever updates are added. And for god's sake...use all of this FAQ. 
That is all. 

12) Credits

THQ: They made Quest afterall

Nintendo: For everything

ME: I wrote all of this

The Coffee Pot: Without it this would take forever ;)

MetroidMoo: In all honesty, this is the guy I have to thank. He told me 
almost all of the stats for the baddies, just so I wouldn't have to go 
through with that cheap ass soul searcher doing it myself! MetroidMoo, 
if you're reading this (I know you are!), thanks. 

gremmlin: He told me about mixing spells. Thanks grem!

A-Jay Nicolas: He told me about the list his friend wrote

Ky14: It's probably not his real name, it's his email. Well, you know 
who you are! =)

To all 42 people who e-mailed me with info on how to beat Beigus, thank 
you all!! You showed me that Earth is a helluva lot better than fire is. 

13) The end

It's time to say goodbye. Ya know what? Making a FAQ is a lot easier 
than making a website. I think I'll do this instead of cramming the net 
with more "databases," heh. 

If you have ANY questions, comments, found a mistake, found a spirit gem 
I missed (I know I must have missed some), or anything like that then 
email me at And my ICQ # is 9936617.

It's time for me to go now. Good bye boys and girls! C-ya on the Banjo 
Kazooie FAQ!!! =)


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