The Godfather - (Playstation 2)
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Created: 4-4-06 Last Edited: 4-17-06

Table of Contents
  1. Game Information
   1a. Game Synopsis
   1b. Game Controls
    1b1. On- Foot Controls
    1b2. Driving Controls
  2. Missions Walkthrough
   2a. The Alley
   2b. The Enforcer
   2c. A Grave Situation
   2d. Sleeping with the Fishes
   2e. The Don is Dead
   2f. Intensive Care
   2g. Fireworks
   2h. Death to the Traitor
   2i. Horseplay
   2j. A Recipe for Revenge
   2k. Now it's Personal
   2l. The Silent Witness
   2m. Sonny's War
   2n. Change of Plans
   2o. Order to Kill
   2p. It's Only Business
   2q. Batisim by Fire
  3. Side Missions Walkthrough
   3a. Hit Contracts
    3a1.  Mike Salieri
    3a2.  Donnie Marinelli
    3a3.  Tony Bianchi
    3a4.  Freddie Nobile
    3a5.  Johnny Tattaglia
    3a6.  Plinio Ottaviano
    3a7.  Leon Grossi
    3a8.  Oscar Zavarella
    3a9.  Bobby Marcolini
    3a10. Jack Fontana
    3a11. Salvatorre Stracci
    3a12. Domenico Mazza
    3a13. Luciano Fabbri
    3a14. Emilo Barzini
    3a15. Marco Cuneo
   3b. Execution Styles
    3b1.  Blackhand Execution
    3b2.  Bombs Away Execution
    3b3.  Cocktail Hour Execution
    3b4.  Grand Slam Execution
    3b5.  Blackhand Grapple Execution
    3b6.  Hard Head Execution
    3b7.  Last Gasp Execution
    3b8.  Over Cooked Execution
    3b9.  Road Rage Execution
    3b10. Silent Assassin Execution
    3b11. Stained Glass Execution
    3b12. Watch Your Step Execution
    3b13. Traffic Accident Execution
    3b14. Wallpapered Execution
    3b15. Hats Off Execution
    3b16. Pistol Execution
    3b17. Faceoff Execution
    3b18. Gut Shot Execution
    3b19. Disarmed
    3b20. Kneecapped
    3b21. Firearm Execution
    3b22. Sure Shot Execution
  4. E-Mail Questions
  5. Legal Info
  6. Contact Info
  7. Thanks to...

|                                |
| 1.      Game Information       |

  1a. Game Synopsis

The Godfather is based on a three part movie series with the same name of the
New York Era of the 1930's - 1940's. You get to play as a young man who will
try to take revenge on on of the mafia's don's. Use an arsenal of weapons from
the 1930's era.

  1b. Game Controls

*Note - I have the PS2 version so once I find out the Xbox controls and the
Gamecube controls I can update this with those as well.

  1b1. On - Foot Controls
Left Anolog Stick - Move
Right Anolog Stick - Move Camera/Persision Targeting (when locked on target)
Directional Button Up/Down - Reveal/Conceal Weapon
Directional Button Left/Right - Switch Weapon
L1 - (hold) Lock on Target
L2 - Free-aim Shooting
Triangle - Talk/Action/Vault Over Object/Extort
Select - Objectives
Directional Button Up - Reload (When weapon is revealed)
Square - Wall Cover/Block
R1 - Fire Weapon
R2 - Execute (when available)
X - (hold) Sprint

  1b2. Driving Conrols
Left Analog Stick - Steer
L2/R3 - (click)Rear Veiw
X/R1 - Accelarate
Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
Triangle - Enter or Exit Vehicle
Circle/R2 - Handbrake
Square/R2  -Brake/Reverse
Directional Button Up/Down - Change Camera

*Note - R3 and L3 are also the Right and Left Analog Stick controls.

|                                |
| 2.      Missions Walkthrough   |

This guide will contain NO spoilers so you don't have to be catious when you
read through the guide.

  2a. The Alley
This is a training mission and you'll learn most of the controls here. It isn't
to hard to beat this mission just do what Luca tells you to do and you'll do
fine. You'll only learn the basic and fighting controls on this mission. The
rest you will learn later.

1,000 cash: There is 1K in the breakable crate thats in there just throw one of
the 2 guys at it or smash their head on it and it will break. 
Submitted by: Matthew McCay

  2b. The Enforcer
Answer the phone in your safehouse/hotel and you'll be informed of your next
mission, which in this case would be The Enforcer. Exit the hotel and talk to
Luca Brasi, you'll notice him because he has the puppeteer signs over his head.
Now walk with him to the butcher shop to extort the butcher. The person you
want to extort has a puppeterr sign over him. Press Triangle near him to begin
extorting him. He doesn't want to give up any money so ruin his store a little
until he gives you confirmation that you'll receive your money. After this
takes place follow him through the new door and talk to the person with the
puppeteer signs over him to take over your first racket. Remember that when you
take over rackets they give in right away so you don't have to damage anything.
Return downstairs and you'll learn how to bribe policemen with money to get rid
of any heat you have. Hand the money to Luca by talking to him to complete the

  2c. A Grave Situation
Meet Monk and Paulie at the place marked on your mini-map. After the cutscene
follow Monk and Paulie to beat up a couple of guys. Grab the one nearest to you
and beat him up until he has no life left. Now follow the other guy you have to
beat up into the graveyard so he can get his beating. To actually give him his
beating you'll have to smash him into objects in the graveyard. You will learn
how to do this when Monk and Paulie tell you how. Watch the cutscene and talk
to Monk.

  2d. Sleeping with the fishes
Go to next marked area on your mini-map and talk to Luca Brasi who will teach
you how to shoot. Drive Luca and yourself of course to the destination marked
on your mini-map. Watch the cutscene to see what happens. Kill the men that are
in green suits that come at you. After you don't see any more coming at you go
to the front door of the building and head inside. Kill the assasin who has a
mark over his head so you now it's him. Once you do kill him get out and find
a car, any will do and return to your safehouse/hotel. The police will be on
your tail, but they aren't very smart so try pushing them off to the side while
you drive into a building or other object to slow them down. Once you are very
close to the safehouse/hotel the cops won't be following you anymore. Enter the
safehouse/hotel to complete the mission.

  2e. The Don is Dead
Monk is at the barborshop get there and you'll see the cutscene. Once it's over
take cover behind the cars or anything you see that will protect you from the
gunfire. Shoot the other mobsters with the magnum (silver with six bullets per
reload) if you have acuired it as it is very powerful. The hostage taker can be
killed by a headshot and isn't hard to do. Now go over to the next marker and
watch a cutscene. Now get in the marked car and follow the ambulance while a
friend of yours shoots the mobsters trying to stop you. The ride isn't a very
long one because once you get to a bridge there is a cutscene and you must get
out and kill all of the mobsters around you except for the one that is marked
because you have to interrogate him. Just shoot him in the knee or the shoulder
then walk over to him to interrogate him. After the interogation get into the
ambulance and go to the hospital which is marked onn the mini-map. Once you are
done getting to the hospital it's not over yet... now go over to the Corleone
Compound and speak with Alfonzo. Go over to meet Clemenza at the Falctonite and
watch the cutscene. He tells you to go to the hospital once again to complete
this mission.

  2f. Intensive Care
Head over to the hospital if you haven't already and go into the marker. Watch
yet another cutscene. Get inside the hospital and speak with the cop, he will
the first person you see inside the hospital. After your weapons are taken from
you find the room where Monk is currently at. An assasin will appear and guess
what... you kill him with bare hands. You will see another cutscene so after
that you return back to the main lobby were you talked with the cop and collect
your weapons which should be behind the desk. Now you have to head all the way
down to the basement. There will be some mobsters that you can kill if you got
your guns back. Pick up there ammo by just stepping over it. Once you approach
the basement just kill everyone there and then a cutscene will be shown. Return
upstairs, don't worry about any more mobsters as there will be no more. Talk to
Micheal then another cutscene will be shown. Then meet the next person who is
Clemenza then you complete the mission.

  2g. Fireworks 
Once you get to Rosa's place talk to her and she tells you Monk,Paulie, and
Sonny are all waiting for you upstairs. Monk and Paulie are in the first room
that is upstairs. Sonny is at another room which is also upstairs. Talk to all
three of them and watch the cutscene. Head back down and bribe the policeman so
he can let you get through the door. Now go through the alley that is next to
the flowershop. You will learn how to choke the cops now. Just hold the cop and
hold L3 and R3 to choke them. Kill all of the cops in the alley like this. At
the end of the alley there is a door you go through. Kill three more gaurds and
talk to Rosa. Then head through the elevator to find the police cheif so you
can kill him. To kill the cheif you have to grab hold of him and move him to a
ledge on the roof. If you need to punch him a couple of time do so but be sure
that you don't kill him. Only throw him off the roof to kill him. Talk to Rosa
again and then go to the Corleone compound marked on your mini-map.

  2h. Death to the Traitor
Talk to Clemenza to start the new mission there will be a cutscene once again.
Get out of the car and enter the marked building. Make your way to the second
floor a retreive the dynamite. Return back to the outside and talk to Clemenza.
Walk with him through the alleys and get into the marked bar. Kill everyone on
the first floor then make your way to teh second floor. Kill all the guys that
are up there as well, there are about 8 in all. Plant the dynamite behind the
counter in the second floor and run back out of the building without stopping
for anything or else you will blow up with the building. Not even for the guy
with the baseball bat he won't hurt you if you run past him. Once you talk with
Clemenza you will see another cutscene. Follow Paulie and watch out for the
dynamite he throws as it weakens you a lot. When he can't run anywhere else he
will hide behind boxes so you do the same and wait for him to be in your range
of shooting to kill him. His life is only a little more than regular mobsters
unlike other games where bosses have incredibly much more health. When he dies
talk to Clemenza and go to the next marked point on your mini-map. The police
will be following you so watch out for them.

  2i. Horseplay
When your ready to start this mission pick up any phone. To pick one up just
press the triangle button near one. You will need to find Tom Hagen. You will
see a cutscene, after it follow Tom and stay close to him and stay crouching.To
crouch press circle. Follow him all the way into the horse stable where you can
watch another cutscene. Get in front of Tom and get out a Garrote Wire which is
a weapon. To use it stand behind someone and hold L1 and R1 to choke them utill
they die. On you left you will see stairs go up them and wait for the butler to
leave and follow the gaurd into another room. Use the Garrote Wire on him also.
Go up those stairs and choke the gaurd up there. You will see a gaurd trying to
make a move on the maid and she will leave. Follow the gaurd and choke him now.
Straight ahead should be the checkpoint, get there and Tom will get there as 
well. Watch the cutscene to end the mission.

  2j. A Recipe for Revenge
Watch the cutscene at the start of the mission. Get to the resturaunt and get
in the alley. Kill the mobsters silently, using a Garote wire is best. Get the
gaurd to open the door by bribing him. Just press triangle and he will take the
bribe right away. Get inside to the bathroom and plant the gun in the bathroom
by pressing triangle next to it. Go into the main room of the resturaunt. The
dining room if you will. Watch the cutscene to see what happens next. Get in
the car and drive Micheal to the docks marked on your mini-map. Mobsters will
try to stop you so evade them to prevent from slowing you down. You can only
that same car so if it blows up you have to do it over. Watch the next cutscene
and your done with the mission.

  2k. Now it's Personal
When you start your mission you will see a cutscene. Interrogate the mobster in
the appartment, remember you can hurt him just don't kill him. Then find a the
closest phone and watch the cutscene. Go over to the Chapel and meet Monk at
the chapel. Go through the basement and kill the mobsters that block your way.
Go into the cathedral and watch the next cutscene.

  2l. The Silent Witness
Get to your next area marked on your mini-map. Once you get there you have to
interrogate the Tattaglia capo. After you finish that go over to the Funeral
home which is marked on your mini-map. Kill all of the mobsters and make sure
to be taking cover as you can take some big damage. Try to find some bottles
for health. When you kill everyone approach Bruno Tattaglia and weaken him some
then grab hold of him and drag him all the way to the oven and throw him in as
you have to make it look like an accident.

  2m. Sonny's war
At the begging of the mission you will see a cutscene. Get to the bar in time.
If you go fast enough you can reach the destination quickly. Get inside the bar
from a door in the alley way that's next to the bar. Once inside you will see
many mobsters that you have to kill. Try to not waste a lot of your ammo as
there will be many people on all floors. If you get low on health and can't
find a bootle for health stay low and be sure to hide against the walls to be
protected. Right, now take the flight of stairs to the top floor and kill any
people that come at you. Find the mobster you must interrogate and do so. Then
go back downstairs and get in the car where Sonny is. Drive to the construction
zone marked on your mini-map. Sonny will pop out and shoot any gangsters that
will follow you. Also try to make the cars crash into other cars to slow them
down. When are approaching the area two large trucks will be blocking your path
now you can either go off to the left or straight in between them as you can
fit. Get to the marked area and it will be your next checkpoint in case you
die. Go into the store and remember this will be a place you can extort later.
To save you time though extort the store clerk now and kill any mobsters of
course. Go through the back door just like you would if you were extorting a
store the normal way. Kill the guy next to the stairs and open the large blue
double doors. About four people will be behind them so kill them and remember
to be hiding occasionally. Pick up the mobsters ammo, bottles of health and the
other items they drop. After you kill them go up the next stairs and kill two
of the mobsters you will see up there. Get into the room that has windows and
interrogate the man in there. He will most likely not talk right away so punch
him a couple of times and make the bar get to the green line so he will talk.
Watch him talk in the cutscene and return downstairs to the car where Sonny is
waiting for you. Get to the warehouse now which is your next marked area to get
to. When you get out of the car hide on one of the walls and just aim with L1
at the mobsters. Walk slowly and be alert since there will many people there.
Get through them and just pick up there ammo and if your low on health don't
worry as there will be health around there. Once you get to large blue double
doors a truck will run through crates and someone will shoot you from the truck
just kill him as he dies quickly. Press square to hide against the wall and
open the double doors and press L1 and you can aim at the people so you can
kill the mobsters. Head through the doors and shoot the mobsters. Once you get
through them get to the back and interogate the man. Remember to punch them a
couple of times only. Watch the cutscene to end the mission.
  2n. Change of Plans
Answer any phone and you will now have to meet Sonny at the Corleone compound.
Get to the compound and once you start the mission get into the nearest car and
follow Sonny. He drives near perfect so you will need to try to drive really
good as well. You have no time or anything you just have to stay near Sonny and
hope that you won't crash into any cars or any objects on the road. Once the
next cutscene initiates and then ends follow the marked car until it it gets to
a warehouse. Kill the guys that come out of the car and then go into the same
style of warehouse from the previous mission. do the same tactics and head into
the back to interrogate the tollbooth worker in the back. He will tell you some
stuff in the cutscene and now you must get to your next marke area. The place
will look like a normal place you can extort. So head in and kill the people in
there. Go through the door in the back and go up the stairs where of course
more people will be waiting for you. Find a final door and go in there and you
must get Ricardo Barco to talk. If you try to interogate him you won't get him
to talk. Instead interrogate his girl who will eventually make him talk. Now
you must return to the Corleone compound in the set amount of time given to you
but don't worry you will make it in time if you go fast enough. Just don't hit
any cars. At the time you get to the compound you will see a cutscene and end
the mission.

  2o. Order to kill
When you start the mission watch the cutscene. Now head over to meet Monk near
the hotel. Talk to him, then after that head into the hotel and use a Pistol
or the Tommy Gun. Head over to the next marked area remembering to hide and use
the wall hide option. When you get over there watch the cutscene. Get down to 
first floor in the bar/stage area where Monk should be. This is going to be
hard, but not much. There are some pillars you can hide on so do it. Kill all
of the mobsters then when there are none left aim at Monk. When aiming at him
aim for his head and fire away. He will try to run, but not out of the hotel so
you don't have to worry about a chase. When he is finally dead get out of the
bar and talk to the Corleone member to finish the mission and start the next

  2p. It's Only Bussiness
Once you start the mission get to the marked place. Crouch and walk slowly to
the elevator. A few guys with shotguns will come at you so kill them. Once you
do get in the elevator. When the door opens a couple of mobsters will attack be
waiting for you. Go into the next room and kill the gaurds behind counters. Now
take the stairs and kill the mobsters that come at you. Once you get to the top
go into the room and hide behind the counter. Kill the mobstsers around Tessio.
Approach Tessio and end his life. Get out of the hotle and a Corleone member
will tell you what you can do next.

  2q. Batisim by Fire
When you start the mission find Michael at the church. After the cutscene get
to the flower shop in Little Italy and talk to Clemenza. After the cutscene
drive him and yourself of course to the hotel. Follow his instruction or you
will fail. Talk to the Stratccis on the floor where Don Stracci is. I beleive
it is the last floor. Once the Stracci gaurds let you talk to the Don do so.
Follow him into the elevator after the cutscene. Once in there you can kill him
anyway you want. I used a Garotte Wire behind him. Kill his gaurds that will be
waiting to kill you. Talk to Clemenza and watch the cutscene. Now meet Cicci at
the barber shop. Drive him to the Savanahh Hotel. Watch the cutscene. When you
see Don Cuneo shoot him down. Kill the gaurds surrounding the hotel. Follow 
Cicci into the garage and talk to him. He will direct you to Don Tattaglia.
When you start your car Cuneo mobsters will try to stop you so just make them
crash into other cars. When you get to your destination talk to the lady and 
she will tell you where the Don is. Now get to the next destination which is a
hotel. Get inside and don't have any weapons out. Talk to the gaurd next to the
stairs and bribe him which is easy. Now go up to the thrid floor using the
stairs. When up there just shoot the gaurds. Find the Don and kill him. Go back
Willi and talk to him. Get in the car after the cutscene and now Tattaglias
will be following you. Don't worry only they will be following you. Talk to
Al Neri at the next area. Drive Al Neri in the police car to the next area that
is a courthouse. Let Al Neri get out of the car and do what he says. Wait for
Al Neri to shoot. Follow Barzini who is marked with puppeteer signs. Shoot him
at the side of the courthouse. Watch the cutscene and now finsh him off. Get in
a car and drive around. The cops will be following you for three minutes. When
the three minutes are up you. Now have another three minutes to get to the next
marked place which is the church. After you watch the cutscene get to the 
Corleone compound to finsish the mission.

|                                |
| 3a.     Hit Contracts          |

For the hit contracts I will be breif only stating the bonus objective and your
money earned and a little help on how to kill your enemy. Also on this section
the help will only be for getting the Bonus Objective completed because to not
get the Bonus Objective all you do is kill the target anyway you want.

*Note - w/out is stands for without as it doesn't take as long to type.

  3a1. Mike Saleri
Bonus Objective: Use Melee Combat
Reward: 500 w/out Bonus Objective + 2,500 extra with Bonus Objective

Kill anyway you want but for the Bonus Objective to be completed use your fists
and no weapons which means also no bats.

  3a2. Donnie Marinelli
Bonus Objective: Use Baseball Bat
Reward : 500 w/out Bonus Objective + 2,500 extra with Bonus Objective   

Kill however you want but for Bonus Objective use only the Baseball Bat. Which
means no you can't use the Lead Pipe in place of the Baseball Bat.

  3a3. Tony Bianchi
Bonus Objective: Use Garrote Wire
Reward : 500 w/out Bonus Objective + 2,500 extra with Bonus Objective

To use the Garrote Wire press and hold behind your target when the Garrote Wire
is equiped to get the Bonus Objective or kill him with your choice of death.

  3a4. Freddie Nobile
Bonus Objective: Be sure nobody sees the crime
Reward: 4,000 w/out Bonus Objective + 20,000 extra with Bonus Objectve

To get the bonus objective you can't let anyone see te crime which means no 
gaurds, maids, anything. Go to the basement of the hotel where your target is
wait for the maid to leave. Be sure to hide behind cars. Freddie moves and his
gaurds will appear. Wait for both to leave and kill Freddie whatever way you.
Take the elveator in the basement and kill the two gaurds to get the objective

  3a5. Johnny Tattaglia
Bonus Objective: Burn Johnny to death
Reward: 4,000 w/out Bonus Objective + 20,000 extra with Bonus Objective

Kill him by burning him to death. Since he will be in a bakery you will see any
oven, toss him in, or to make things short throw a Molotov Cocktail.

  3a6. Plinio Ottaviano
Bonus Objective: Burn Plinio to death
Reward: 1,500 w/out Bonus Objective + 7,500 extra with Bonus Objective

Kill by throwing a Molotov Cocktail in the warehouse in his general area. Or 
you can shoot the explosive boxes near him to burn him.

  3a7. Leon Grossi
Bonus objective: Toss Leon into the Bakery Oven
Reward: 1,500 w/out Bonus Objective + 7,500 extra with Bonus Objective

Your average bakery that you can extort. Leon Grossi will have gaurds so take
caution. Carful not to kill him, he will have a sign over his head to tell him
apart from the others. When the gaurds are dead walk over to Leon and shove him
into the bakery.

  3a8. Oscar Zavarella
Bonus Objective: Shoot Oscar in this sequence: Knee, Shoulder, Chin
Reward: 1,500 w/out Bonus Objective + 7,500 extra with Bonus Objective

Kill all of his gaurds, there will be a lot so beware. When only Oscar is left
shoot him in the knee, then the soulder, and finally the Chin. You should use 
the Free-Aim shooting. While you are killing his gaurds don't kill him, you can
tell which one he because he has a sign above his head.

  3a9. Bobby Marcolini
Bonus Objective: Make it look like an accident - Toss him off a roof or bridge
Reward: 1,500 w/out Bonus Objective + 7,500 extra with Bonus Objective

On the bridge kill the mobsters at the top of the bridge. You need to find some
stairs now also on the bridge. Kill the mobsters that come at you. When you do
go to the right after the staris and there's Johnny, I mean Bobby! Grab him and
beat him up for a little bit. Drag him to the edge of the bridge and toss him 

  3a10. Jack Fontana
Bonus Objective: Strangle Jack with your bare hands
Reward: 5,000 w/out + 25,000 extra with Bonus Objective

Get to the back of the house without having a gun out. Get to Jack and choke 
him to death. To choke him press R3 and L3 at the same time while you are 
holding him.

|                                |
| 3b.     Execution Styles       |


In this section you will learn how to complete the execution styles to get even
closer to completing the game. You should be sure that your enemies are on low
health before attempting the execution. Most likely the person you will perform
the execution on will be a mobster from another family.

  3b1. Blackhand Execution
Kill the enemy by fighting them but you must not grab the enemy or you cannot 
complete the execution.

  3b2. Bombs Away Execution
Blow up the enemy with any explosive such as dynamite or a bomb.

  3b3. Cocktail Hour Execution
Kill the enemy in a Molotov Cocktail explosion.

  3b4. Grand Slam Execution
Face an enemy on there knees and press the execution button when you have a bat
in your hands.

  3b5. Blackhand Grapple Execution
While grabbing the enemy punch him to death.

  3b6. Hard Head Execution
Grab your enemy and move them to any counter such as bar counter and slam them
into it, the head must be at it's side to work.

  3b7. Last Gasp Execution
Grab the enemy and choke him to death by holding L3 and R3.

  3b8. Over Cooked Execution
Grab your enemy when you are in a bakery or funeral home and take them to the
stove/oven. Have there back facing it and push him in by moving the Left analog
stick forward towards the stove. Then with the right analog stick push him in.

  3b9. Road Rage Execution
Run over your enemy with your vehichle.

  3b10. Silent Assassin Execution
Use your Garrote Wire on your enemy. To use a Garrote stand behind the enemy 
and press and hold R1 with your garrot equiped.

  3b11. Stained Glass Execution
Throw your enemy out a one-story building. An easy thing to do is shoot the
glass out and then move your enemy to the window and use the same techniques as
in the Over Cooked execution.

  3b12. Watch Your Step Execution
Throw your enemy off a two-story window, a roof-top or any other high place. 
Use the same techniques is in the stained glass execution.

  3b13. Traffic Accident Execution
Throw your enemy into moving traffic. Now don't stand right in front of the 
cars they will stop. Just weaken the enemy and when you see a car coming throw
him in. It take a while to get it right.

  3b14. Wallpapered Execution
Slam yor enemy into the wall until he dies.

  3b15. Hats Off Execution
Shoot the enemy in the leg an he will have to get on his knees. Go up to him 
and exucute him by pressing R2.

  3b16. Pistol Execution
Use any one handed weapon to kill your enemy while you are near him.

  3b17. Faceoff Execution
Get your enemy on his knees then using a two handed weapon press R2 to execute

  3b18. Gut Shot Execution
Shoot the enemy in the stomach by pressing L2 and move it towards the stomach
until the cursor is read.

  3b19. Disarmed

Shoot Rival Family Member in Shoulder to make them drop their weapon.

  3b20. Kneecapped
Shoot the enemy in the knees to make him fall to his knees.

  3b21. Firearm Execution

Shoot the enemy using any firearm.

  3b22. Sure Shot Execution
Shoot your enemy in the head by pressing L2 and moving the cursor to the head
then shoot.

|                                |
| 4.      E-Mail Questons        |

I have received many e-mails already. Most of them are the same question so I
will list the multiple ones of the same question. If your question is not 
answered here e-mail me.

1. Question: How is it possible to open a safe?

   Answer: Stand next to the safe with a bomb in your inventory then press R1
   to set it off. Get away from it to prevent damage. To get the dynamite you 
   can find it in a hotel safehouse that YOU own.

2. Question: How do you start a mob war?

   Answer: When you kill a certain member of a family the vendetta for that 
   family will go up. Once the level goes all the way up the war will start
   but only with that family.

3. Question: How do you win a mob war?

   Answer: To win a mob war you must find the compound of the rival family that
   you are at war with. It's marked on your map. Once you do find it break
   through the defenses and get into one of the houses. It looks like your the
   Corleone compond doesn't it? Get into the basement and set a bomb. Get out
   before the bomb goes of so you don't die to win the war. Or you can bribe an
   FBI agent also located on your map to raise heat on the rival family you are
   at war with.

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