FAQ v0.3
				  By Doubleten

Hi everyone. Do you want a FAQ of the Granstream Saga? Yup, this is it.
BTW, this is my first FAQ so if you want to complain please don't complain
about the language, ok?

This version actually already finish at september, but I lost the FAQ and I
just found it at the end of October. Not just I lost the FAQ, I also forgot
my E-mail password so I can't check my mail (so for those who send me an
E-mail or
more, I'm really sorry I can't replay it. Some of my grammar is still confusing
for you all. But I hope this version will help you alot.

Hey not much to say let's goes to the FAQ... :)

1. Introduction
2. Game
   2.1 The Buttons
   2.2 The Menu
   2.3 The Battle
   2.4 Saving a game
   2.5 Characters
3. Walkthrough
   3.1 Land of Shilf
	3.1.1  Valos' House
	3.1.2  Wise Man Cemetery
	3.1.3  Town of Arona
	3.1.4  Gude Airship
	3.1.5  Vangel Airship
	3.1.6  Town of Arona
	3.1.7  Valos' House
	3.1.8  Kiria Shrine
	3.1.9  Wise Man Cemetery
	3.1.10 Kiria Shrine
   3.2 Land of Aqua
	3.2.1  Town of Pixim
	3.2.2  Kel's Secret Cave
	3.2.3  Icy Corridor
	3.2.4  Town of Pixim
	3.2.5  The Tower
	3.2.6  Kel's Secret Cave
	3.2.7  Town of Pixim
	3.2.8  Icy Corridor
   3.3 Land of Volcos
	3.3.1  Greintz's Barrier
	3.3.2  Town of Tulku
	3.3.3  Town of Orkul
	3.3.4  Lava Cave
	3.3.5  Town of Orkul
	3.3.6  Greintz's Barrier
	3.3.7  Stalagamite Castle
	3.3.8  Greinzt's Barrier
	3.3.9  Stalagamite Castle
	3.3.10 Greinzt's Barrier
   3.4 Vangel Airship
   3.5 Land Of Zephere
	3.5.1  Town of Geltenia
	3.5.2  Spirit Shrine
	3.5.3  Ruins of Earth Spirits
	3.5.4  Ruins of Wind Spirits
	3.5.5  Ruins of Water Spirits
	3.5.6  Ruins of Fire Spirits
	3.5.7  Town of Geltenia
	3.5.8  Underground Cemetery
	3.5.9  Imperial Wizardy
	3.5.10 Town of Geltenia
   3.6 ???
4. Items
5. Magic
6. Ability
7. Enemy
8. Miscellaneous
9. Credits

				1. Introduction
The Granstream Saga is a fantastic RPG. Not like the other RPG, this RPG is
amazing (well, I think Final Fantasy VII and the other RPG are good too).
This game has a real battle almost, like Alundra, with a full polygon like
Final Fantasy VII, and a lot of amazing animation. The only one is missing I
Thought is the face, if you watch carefully, they all have no faces!!!!

This RPG is place at the Granstream World (maybe it is the Earth). You will
play as Eon, the youth with a red hair that has the scepter on his arm. In
your journey, you (Eon) will meet Arcia, Korky (the spirit beast), and Laramee
to help you for saving all of continent.
When Eon was very young, he was founded in front of the church with the
Scepter. The elder took Eon to his home, and then Valos come to elder house
and pick Eon as his son.
Eon's Scepter has a mysterious power to duplicate and restore items. The
Scepter is the ancient scepter, which is lost a hundred years ago. The Scepter
only can work if Eon is in great danger or at the critical situation.

Some of the people who sent me email said, this game is a really great RPG,
but the story is too short.
				    2. Game
Before you go to the walkthrough maybe you have to know some of game basic.

2.1 The Buttons
D-Pad   --> The movement (I think you maybe understand it)
X       --> Talk (attack if you're in battle)
O       --> Cancel (block if you're in battle)
Square  --> Magic
Triangle--> Menu
R1      --> Rotate to Right (Like SimCity)
L1      --> Rotate to Left
R2	--> Choose Continent (at Airlim)
L2	--> not used
2.2 The Menu
I'll give the cart about the menu.
|Items    | Original items like dried herb
|Equip    | Equip the weapon, armor, and shield
|Magic    | The magic that you've learn
|Status   | See your status (you can't see your experience)
|Scepter  | The items that your scepter have been duplicate
|Option   | Text speed and reset
2.3 The Battle
The battle is very simple, very easy and very difficult (?). Ok, I said very
easy because you've only one to do, kill The Opponent. Every battle, you've
only one opponent (one to one), fairs enough huh. Not like the other RPG, that
you've sudden attack by the enemy, you'll go into the battle if:
1. You touch the enemy or the enemy touches you
2. You go to their area (sometime you'll fight with the enemy who attack you
   suddenly if you go to someplace).
3. It's the game story (???)
4. The enemy blocks your way...
5. It's boss time ^_^!
The difficult is... well nothing very difficult I think but, well I
think you must find it by yourself then email me if you want to give me a
information (you've to find out by yourself, I'm serious if you play the game)
Ok, In the battle, you and your enemy have two bars. On the top is your LP and
the others are HP. If you lost your HP, your LP will resurrect you...
O, I will gave you a tip, block your enemy attack then counterattack that's
more efficient than you attack them, but this tip is not work for the several
2.4 Saving a game
Saving a game is the most important in a RPG game, well you can save (also
can heal your LP and HP) at the green spot at the dungeon or at the church.
2.5 Characters
* Eon
The main character. A young man with red hair who has the legendary scepter.
He is the reincarnation of Kah Oh.
* Arcia
Wise man daughter. Only she can use the lifting verse to lift the land.
* Korky
The spirit beast. He can transformed into a giant beast.
* Laramee
The only female Gude's crew.
* Gandor
Gude's Crew, the reincarnation of Kah Oh's enemy.
* Slayzer
Laramee's brother, the Gude's Commander
* Valos
Eon's step father.
* Zora
Wise man of Wind, Arcia's Father.
* Karok
The leader of the spirit beast.

				3. Walkthrough
Start the game and watch the animation (you can't skip it unless you have a
saved game :P).

3.1 Land of Shilf
3.1.1 Valos' House
First, take the cup at the chest and use it with the stew. The youth will
come and Valos will go to the basement. Follow Valos and warp to the Wise Man
3.1.2 Wise Man Cemetery
After Valos talk to you, search the broken statue at upper left (If you right
your scepter will glow and Valos will talk to you again). Follow Valos and
talk to him. If you to save the game, follow Valos (to west) and you'll see a
save spot. Go to north hall and check the statue to fight the guardian.
Go down to basement, and head to east to take the orb of wind (you'll fight
the same type of guardian). After you take the orb of wind, Valos will show
up with Roddy (the missing boy) and he will send you and Roddy back to Town
of Arona.
3.1.3 Town of Arona
Follow Roddy and talk to his father, Douger the pub owner. Get in to the pub
and when you get out from the put, get in once again. Go to the church at the
top of the town and talk to drunk man (actually he is ill) in your way to the
church. Talk to the priest, and search the altar (which the priest gets out)
when the priest gone. Take the silver comb (Arcia Silver Comb) at the desk
and watch the animation. Talk to the priest and go to the pub. Search the
chest outside the pub.
3.1.4 Gude Airship
Watch the animation (funny, and you'll be at Laramee's Room), and you'll get
a company, Korky the spiritual beast (don't call him 'bird') and Laramee the
Gude females crew (the only female crew). Go out from Laramee's room, and head
to south (you can't go down, Korky will warn you). At the room, search the
chest, Korky will show up, and go upstairs. Search the chest once more and go
back to Laramee's Room
3.1.5 Vangel Airship
Travel around and you'll find a chest at the first floor. You can fight two
kind of robot at the first bridge, and go to elevator to go to second Bridge
(you can't go to third bridge), You'll fight a soldier this time, head east
if you want to search the interesting stuff. Go to the first cabin (which is
not locked) at the west to get the cell key (you must fight a soldier first).
Use the key on cell door and watch the animation. Go to bottom left door and
watch the animation once again. Search the broken orb, and go outside (you'll
watch the animation again).
3.1.6 Town of Arona
At the Airlim go to Town of Arona, and talk to townsfolk (and search the
barrels for items, to get axe talk to the shop owner at the shop near the pub
). In Elder's house, you can take the ocarina book (by the way you can return
it later). Go to the church and talk to the priest. Go the the elder's house
and talk to the elder. Go to out side the town, and go to Valos' house.
3.1.7 Valos' House
Search the barrels to get one LP. Enter the house and read the note. Talk to
Arcia and head to Kiria Shrine.
3.1.8 Kiria Shrine
Go to the dungeon, and travel it, (at second level, search the blue likes
diamond). Back to front of dungeon, and search the pillar. Search the dungeon
before you go to basement (you can find one more life vessel which will add
1 LP to you Life Point). At the basement you'll find Starstone and Moonstone.
Don't take it but duplicate it (answer no at the first question and answer
yes at the second question). Put it both duplicate at the room which has a
ladder. Go down, and push the button when the blocks are unite. At the wind
room, read the book or if you don't borrow it, just open the window like this
		X is close, O is open
or maybe like this

if you do it right the wind will blow, and if all the window right on the
position, it will blow a song. Go to the teleport spot.
3.1.9 Wise Man Cemetery
Search the first floor, before you go to basement (If you touch the chest,
you'll fight an enemy, if you win you can take the treasure). Go down for the
next dungeon. Fight the guardians, and the sorcerer. Near the end of the
dungeon, you'll have to answer this 3 question, answer this like next...
First question answers 'Both' (go to right pillar). Take the treasure first
and open the pillar one by one to fall and go to the next question (You'll
understand what I mean).
Second question answer 'Love' (Go to left pillar). Wait for a moment to go to
next question.
Last question answer 'Health' (Go to left pillar, I don't remember). Wait the
boy finishes his run. Take or duplicate the lifting verse, and go to the
teleport spot for your first boss.
3.1.10 Kiria Shrine
Save your game first!! (I very recommended it) If you don't save your
game maybe you want to die. Go upstairs to fight the boss, listen carefully to
Valos advice or see the boss list at Enemy section. After you beat the boss
watch the animation.

3.2 Land of Aqua
3.2.1 Town of Pixim
After a few speak, Afto will come, talk to him and follow him. In the next
morning, go to the church (You maybe want to search barrels at outside the
apotechary because you will got a magic armor, or search the fire to see a
funny talk with Korky :P). After you go to church go to the southwest of the
town to meet Arcia, and talk to the youth who spoke to Arcia (answer yes if
he asks a question).
3.2.2 Kel's Secret Cave
Go in to the cave (search the place first if you want to), after that you can
explore the cave for a moment and talk to the youth (You'll know that he is
Kel's follower) to see the ceremony.
3.2.3 Icy Corridor
Well, welcome to Kel's Prison. Try to get out from the cell. After talking to
Arcia, a guard will come. You can search the place for awhile then head to
North. In Earth Stratum, search the wall for getting the magic stone. After
you got ten, talk to the guard at the South and walk to prison again. Do it
at the second day (Don't worry, about the magic stone, search at the same
place which are you got them) but when you came back to your cell, Afto will
appear. At the third day, Arcia will be take from the cell to be a sacrifice.
Find the key on the sleeping guard and duplicate it. Go to Heaven Stratum,
and go to the magic labyrinth. I can't tell you much about this Labyrinth.
When you find Arcia, try to get out (Afto will come because you need the cell
3.2.4 Town of Pixim
After the old townsfolk get in, go to the tower.
3.2.5 The Tower
Find the tower for interesting stuffs :). Try to go to the top of the tower.
3.2.6 Kel's Secret Cave
Search the youth (not at the dungeon) and he will give you troop emblem.
If you're fighting with a wizard, there's a chest behind it takes the sword
and equip it. Search the another youth at the dungeon.
When you're at B3 search all of skeleton like statues (It's big to get).
When you're answering all questions with the statue, answer yes to all. Try
to search the wall until someone comes. Follow him to go to the other dungeon.
Near the end of the dungeon, you'll meet Afto's mother. Talk to him and
answer yes (You can't answer no). Go to the other room which Afto's mother
pointing, fight the Ice Golem. Talk to her again, and follow her. It is boss
time !!!! To fight Levante see the boss list at below.
3.2.7 Town of Pixim
After Afto's mother gave you the spell. Go to Icy corridor.
3.2.8 Icy Corridor
Go to the altar of water and see the animation. Go to the Airlim after that.

3.3 Land of Volcos
3.3.1 Geintz's Barrier
Go to see your weight and get some of the stone until the guard says
something. Go to the west to the town of Tulku.
3.3.2 Town of Tulku
Talk to the old man at the town meeting hall, and watch the animation. Save
all of the townsfolk and bring the to the town hall. After the animation
(again) go to town of Orkul
3.3.3 Town of Orkul
Go to houses of Orkul and talk to Arcia. After that, go to Geint'z barrier
and talk to the guard. Go to Airlim and head to Lava Cave.
3.3.4 Lava Cave
Search Ziruas at east cave (sure it's difficult). After you find
Ziruas go to south cave. Search the dead soldier and use the potion which
Ziuras gave it to you. Search the cave to find Laramee.
3.3.5 Town of Orkul
Speak to Arcia and go to Greint'z Barrier
3.3.6 Greintz's Barrier
Search the bookcase at the north. Once you enter the lab, search the book
and Korky will bring you to Stalagamite Castle.
3.3.7 Stalagamite Castle
Go jump into the door to enter the dungeon. It's pretty easy so I won't tell
you about the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, You'll meet evil Ziruas.
After you'll find him, go to Ziruas Lab at Geintz's Barrier.
3.3.8 Geintz's Barrier
Talk to Ziruas and gave the item he wants. To get the sulfur, buy it from
apotechary at town or Orkul. After that talk to Arcia and Laramee at Orkul
mayor's house. Talk to Ziruas again and go to Stalagamite Castle.
3.3.9 Stalagamite Castle
Enter the Muscle Layer, and use the item that Ziruas gave to you to the
weaker wall (The wall is little bit different). Go down until you fight the
boss. Fight him until you lose about 2 LP. Ziruas will help you and have
suicide. Beat the boss then go back to Greinzt's Barrier.
3.3.10 Greintz's Barrier
Talk to Arcia at Ziruas Lab and talk to Greintz. Go to Orkul and talk to the
man standing nears the cliff. Talk to Greintz again and talk to the boy near
Orkul mayor house. Talk to Greintz again and talk to Mayor of Orkul. Talk to
Greintz for the last time and ask everything. Go to Stalagamite Castle.
3.3.11 Stalagamite Castle
Go to the room, which is locked by magic (now it's open), and search the rock.
After talking to the Wiseman talk to Arcia at Ziruas' Lab.
3.3.12. Greintz's Barrier
After you talk to Arcia watch the animation.

3.4 Vangel Airship
Go to the bridge (at second and third bridge), and defeat high swordsman.
After you got two ID card (ID card level 1, and 2). Go to Engine Control
Room. Talk to the engineer, and use the card to the card slot near the
Inspection area. After you use those cards, inspection area will open. This
area little hard, and there's an armor or a weapon if you go up with one of
two stairs which are not lead to Canon Engine Room (I forgot). Check the main
engine and go back to Arcia. Go to first bridge and there's two chest at
there before you go to the main bridge (search the east chest if you don't
want to fight with Mimic). Go to the main bridge and fight the high
swordsman. Go to the dock (the place when you go to Vangel Airship at near
the beginning). Watch the animation.

3.5 Land of Zephere
You're at the last continent now.
3.5.1 Town of Geltenia
Once you go to inside the town, your friends will act crazy. Walk to north
to the spirit shrine.
3.5.2 Spirits Shrine
Talk to the great Karok, he will give you an instruction to remove the towns
magic barrier. Take the stone tablet and go to Airlim (take the Gaia Edge and
justection at the wall if you want). At Airlim head to Ruins of Earth
3.5.4 Ruins of Earth Spirits
I forgot about this area, email me if I wrong. At B1, go to North Mother
Tower and search the chest to take the translation magic. Go down to B4, use
the Translation Magic, and search the pedestal. Go to B2. Search the chest at
South Mother Tower to take a sword. Still at B2 go to West Mother Tower. Talk
to Spirit King Servant, and fight the Earth dragon. After you fight the Earth
Dragon, go talk to Spirit King Servant again.
Use the stone tablet at the earth pedestal and talk to Spirit King Servant.
At the next room, search the north, west, and east pillar to repower the Airlim.
Return to Airlim and head to Shilf continent.
3.5.5 Ruins of Wind Spirits
Search the pedestal to take the puzzle. Enter the ring (you will fight an
enemy) in this order : (I've forgot the clue, e-mail me if you know the
answer, or just let me know the clue that written at the pedestal, I'll give
you a credit). Fight the wind Dragon, talk to The Servant, use the stone
tablet on wind pedestal, talk to the servant and head to Aquas continent.
3.5.6 Ruins of Water Spirits
Down to B1 and search the pedestal. When the screen turns purple or blue
maybe, walk the passage in clock-wise before the screen goes to normal again.
Down to B1 again and search the pedestal again. This time you'll have walk
in the opposite of clock-wise turn. Go fight the dragon, and do as same as
you did in Ruins of Earth/Wind Spirits. Go to Airlim and head to Volcos
3.5.7 Ruins of Fire Spirits
Walk to one spots and search the pedestal to fight with an enemy. Go to
passage with the same color with the spot and search the pedestal to fight
the enemy. If you're right, the spot color will turn off (black). Do it until
all of the spots turn off and appear a teleport spot at the middle. Fight the
dragon and do the same thing like at the other ruins. Go to Airlim and head
to Zephere Continent.
3.5.8 Town of Geltenia
Back to the Spirits Shrine and use the Stone tablet one the pedestal. Go out
and talk to Laramee. Search Arcia, and talk to her. go out side, and get in
the house and speak to Laramee. Go to Spirits Shrine, and talk to Arcia. Talk
to Karok and go to the center of the town and search it to get into the
Underground Cemetery
3.5.9 Underground Cemetery
In here you'll find a little girl. If you touch her, she'll disappear. Talk
to her to send you in the public cemetery. In Public cemetery search the
tomb in this order (Search the + sign)
	 **	**
	 **	+*
 * *		       * *
 * +		       + *
 * *                   * *

 * *                   * *
 * +                   + *
 * *                   * *
	 *+	**
	 **	**
If the order is right, there's a old woman at the east side. Talk to her and
answer no. A door will open for you (walk down to take the first lifting
verse and search the chest to gain LP). Go to the main room of the cemetery
and search the girl at South East. She will teleport you once more, and
search the middle tomb of each side. Walk down to get the second lifting and
Life element. Go out to the main room again and go to the north. At the
royal cemetery, search all the tomb (I don't know exactly, but my friends
said you must search all sides) to get the third lifting verse. Go to the
main room, and talk to the girl. Go talk to each woman in each cemetery room,
after that, talk to the girl at the main room, and bring her to the old lady
you met at the first time. Go to the center of the main room to talk to wise
man. Go talk to Arcia and Laramee at town, and go to cemetery to go to
imperial wizardy.
3.5.10 Imperial wizardy
Go to right and talk to Gude's crew. Just go to South and get the security
card and use the elevator. For next room, I don't know how to explain it, but
it's pretty easy and I guess you don't need an help (If you need, e-mail me
and I'll put it in my FAQ).

3.6 ??? (Last boss place)
I don't know the name of this place. If you enter the next room, you'll fight
a powerful enemy (guardians and dragons). Near the end of the dungeon (not a
dungeon actually), you must choose one of Laramee and Arcia to take her soul
to fight the last boss. Before you go to the last room, you'll choose one
options (leave and practice or fight last boss). Once, you defeat the boss
you'll see the ending, the ending depends on which person (Laramee or Arcia)
did you sacrafice.

				   4. Items
First I'll give you a tip. In every place if you see a barrel, vase, chest
(of course:)), or the other thing, I'm sure that you
will found interesting or useful stuff. I'll give you 2 list, Item list and
Weapon list.
Next is the Item List :
| Name of Item                   | Description			 | Cost     |
| Dried Herb                     | Restore HP and Little LP      | 60       |
| Fresh Herb			 | Restore HP and Some LP	 | 100	    |
| Special Herb			 | Restore HP and all LP         | 150      |
| Low Potion			 | A potion made by magician     | 100	    |
| High Potion			 | Increase MP by 180		 | 250	    |
| Rare Potion			 | Increase MP by 400		 | 500	    |
| Fruits of Vanetawa		 | Korky's Favorite Fruits,      |   	    |
|				 | Restore Health		 | 70 	    |
| Phantom Eye			 | Detects Mimics		 | 50	    |
| Angel Feather			 | Escape to the start		 | 100	    |
| Life Element			 | Greatly increase MP and LP	 | 1500	    |
| White Crystal			 | Restore LP randomly		 | 100	    |
| Black Crystal			 | Restore MP randomly		 | 150	    |
| Elixir			 | Sealed by revival power	 | 5000     |
| Ancient Mystery Stone		 | Holds Magic			 | 1000	    |
| Fishing Rod			 | Cast Fish at anywhere	 | ???	    |

Weapon List :
| Type		| Name		| Description			    	    |
| Knife		| Dirk		| Simple lightweight dagger, good for nimble|
|		|		| attacks.				    |
| 		| Holy Knife	| Increase the probability of obtaining     |
|		|		| items					    |
| Axe		| Battle Axe	| Slow, but increase power		    |
|		| Tyrano Fang   | Give a powerful hit with its sharp edge   |
|		| Gaia Edge	| Blade of spirit King			    |
| Sword		| Broad Sword	| Long blade sword. Quick with good         |
|		|		| attacking power			    |
|		| Bastard Sword | Forge with wide blade. Long reach with    |
|		|		| high attack power			    |
|		| Flare Saber	| Increase damage to enemies that are weak  |
|		|		| against fire				    |
|		| Valhalla      | Increase damage to enemies that are weak  |
|		|		| against ice.				    |
|		|		| Increase damage to enemies that are weak  |
|		|		| against lightning                         |
| Armor		| Battle Suit	| Simple armor providing weak protection    |
|		| Plate Mail	| Many layers, strong protection	    |
|		| Cross Mail	| Unique magic features, but weaker	    |
|		|		| protection				    |
|		| Plate Armor   | Thick but lightweight			    |
| Shield	| Steel Shield	| A lightweight shield, no special effects  |
|		| Neptune	| Shield with special magic, resist ice     |
|		|		| attack				    |
|		| Mercury	| Shield with special magic, resist fire    |
|		| 		| attack				    |
|		| Justection	| Display special power when used with 	    |
|		|		| sacred armor				    |
Thanks for Kong Wing Ho. thanks a lot ^_^

				   5. Magic
The magic point (MP) can't be restore be sleep (I've told you that this RPG
not like the others) but you can receive it randomly by defeating the enemy.

				  6. Ability
In your Journey, you'll find a lot of ability, next is the list ability.
| Name			| Description		| How to get it		    |
| Triple Cut (Sword)	| Cut your enemy 3 times| Get the broken sword      |
| *X,X,X*		|			| (Bastard Sword)	    |
| Rotation Cut (Axe)	| Make a blow slice the | Get the Tyrano Fang	    |
| *360 degree from U*	| enemy	(unblockable)	|			    |
| Screw Cut (Dagger)    | Make an uppercut and  | Take Laramee's Holy Knife |
| *L,D,R+X*		| slash down the enemy  |			    |
| Tornado Cut (Sword)   | Attack the enemy twice| Get the Vahallas Sword    |
| *R,D,L+x*		| with a powerful blow  | (Ice Sword)		    |

				   7. Enemy
Enemy, I hate to fight this things... By the way, I will separate the monster
list and the boss list.
Monster List
The name of the monster are different, but they have a type which has a basic
way to beat them.
| Type			| How to win					    |
| Guardian		| Stay close to him and cut him several times. Block|
|			| his attack of course. If he has a shield attack   |
|			| until his shield off his hand, try to block his   |
|			| way to shield.				    |
| Soldier		| Block his attack and make counterattack. (If he   |
|			| Make an unblockable move, attack him quickly).    |
| Golem			| Attack twice, and block his attack, stay close.   |
| Sorcerer		| Block his attack and hit him quickly, or hit him  |
|			| when he cast the spell			    |
| Ultimate Life Form	| Block his attack, try to get him to to the corner.|
| Dragon		| See the boss list				    |

Boss List
| Name			| How to win					    |
| Draglarg		| Block the meteor, when his arm attacking you block|
|			| and counter. Finish his arms first then hide 	    |
|			| behind the pillar. Block the meteor and hit him   |
|			| quickly.					    |
| Levante		| Wait and block his magic and counter attack, the  |
|			| way is attack him when he cast fire or wind spell |
|			| (He always makes a movement to one of four circle |
|			| cast his magic (Fire, Ice, Earth, and Wind).      |
| Ultimate Life Form    | Hard to beat it. While you're block by his nails  |
| (forgot the name)	| try to go as far as you can. If its root are not  |
|			| on the ground, attack him. The screen makes	    |
|			| harder. Some kind of magic (red and blue are      |
|			| slowing you, and blue with some red will kill     |
|			| you) make it difficult to get it.		    |
| Earth Dragon		| When he attack you with his some kind of flare,   |
|			| step to his back and hit him. Some magic can hurt |
|			| him but he will come closer to you and attack with|
|			| his claws.					    |
| Wind Dragon		| Stay close, and after he attack you hit him twice |
|			| and block his attack. Harder than Earth Dragon I  |
|			| though.					    |
| Water Dragon		| Almost same with Earth Dragon.		    |
| Fire Dragon		| Almost same with Earth Dragon and Water Dragon.   |
| Imperial Wizardy	| Pretty hard. To beat him, you can only beat the   |
| Leader (Forgot the	| center of him. Using Granstream Magic not very    |
| name)			| useful, Use sword, and use Tornado cut on him.    |
|			| His four hands little confusing, use double side  |
|			| step to avoid its attack (->-> or