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Fallout 2 FAQ .3
  - by the Ayatollah Sheik Rattle n' Roll (

%%% Arroyo %%%


If you have a perception of 6 you can notice the bridge guard's
spear and he will tell you to bring him a piece of flint from your aunt
he may sharpen yours. You can either steal the flint from your aunt,
her three healing powders, or talk her out of it.

Hakunin will ask you to cleanse his garden. Simply kill the evil looking

plants in the garden outside his tent.

Your brother will ask you to find his dog. Go to the area filled with
geckos, kill them, get the dog, and return it for 100 exp.


Blow up the impenetrable door with plastic explosives.

You can gain 100 experience by repairing the well.

%%% Klamath %%%


If you talk to one of the women she'll tell you her husband is missing.
you rescue him from the toxic caves, he will teach you how to skin

One of the trappers has a key to an area filled with rats. Kill the god.

Talk to Torr and tell him you'll help him guard the brahmin. Kill all
scorpions. Get 250 exp.


The fuel injection system is on the other end of the rat caves.

%%% Den %%%


You get the quest to free Victor by talking to him in the Den. You'll
to retrieve his radio from his defunct business in Klamath, and then pay

Metzger $1000.

Mama will ask you to give Smitty a meal. Do it for 250 exp. and a

Becky will ask you to find Fred and get the money he owes her. Yay! It's

Where's Waldo time...

Becky will ask you to find a book she lent Derek. Even more fun for

%%% Vault City %%%


A resident, Amanda, will ask you to rescue her husband Joshua from the
Servant assignment building. You can talk him out.

The lady in the repair facility needs pliers and a wrench. Pliers can be

bought from various stores, and see below for one way to obtain a


If you find the child's Mr. Nixon doll, and wait, he'll mention the
of a buried wrench.

Inside the vault, on the second floor is a broken vent. Repair it to get

50 small energy cells.

%%% Gecko %%%


To optimize the reactor, bring the holodisk back to Vault City, use it
the main computer, then bring it back to Gecko and use it on the robot

Skeeter wants a 3 step power transformer. You can steal the forms off of

the head ghoul in the powerplant, then give them to the ghoul who

%%% New Reno %%%


The weapon shop owner can expand the magazine on an assault rifle to 100

rounds, add a speed loader to a magnum, put a low light scope on your
or add a 20x scope to a hunting rifle.

Hidden in the basement of the weapon shop is a man who can do
as well. He'll do everything the owner will, plus he can upgrade your

%%% Broken Hills %%%


You can get the quest to fix the mine air purifier from the head miner.
He'll send you to the Den to get a part, then return. Enter the mines
and use stimpacks often to heal the damage from the fumes, then use the
part on the purifier.

If you beat Francis the mutant (located in the tavern) at arm wrestling,

he'll give you a power fist.

Eric the ghoul wants more power for his home. Ask the power plant
to give him more power.

Marcus will ask you to find some missing townspeople. Their bodies are
caves beneath the residential section. One of the enterances to the
is near the talking plant.

%%% Military Base %%%


A map to San Fransisco is in one of the tents.

%%% Special Karma %%%

You get champion around 400 karma or so.

If you win the boxing title in New Reno, you get the prize fighter

You can get the Gigolo karmic trait by sleeping around. Not sure what
effects are.

If you star in a movie for the Corsican brothers in New Reno, you can
the Porn Star karmic trait.

%%% Special Encounters %%%

You can encounter a bunch of Unwashed Villagers hunting a spammer. I see

no real use to this one besides a few stimpacks in a locker in an
abandoned building.

There is a bridgekeeper who may be encountered. If you correctly answer
questions, you can get his robes, which have the same stats as combat

%%% Armor %%%

Name                  AC   Normal  Laser   Fire   Plasma  Explode
Leather Jacket         8   0/20%   0/20%   0/10%  0/10%   0/20%
Metal Armor mkII      15   4/35%   7/80%   4/15%  4/25%   4/30%
Bridgekeeper's Robes  20   5/40%   8/60%   4/30%  4/50%   6/40%
Combat Armor          20   5/40%   8/60%   4/30%  4/50%   6/40%

%%% Melee Weapons %%%

Name              Rng  Damage   Str  AP
Sharpened Pole    2    2-9      4    4t 5at 6t 7at
Spear             2    3-15     4    4t 5at 6t 7at

%%% Guns %%%

Name              Rng  Ammo    Damage   Cap  Str  AP
.223 Pistol       30   .223    20-30    5    5    5s 6a
Tommy Gun         32   .45     3-20     50   6    5s 6a 6b
M3A1 Grease Gun   20   .45     10-20    30   4    4s 5a 5b
Combat Shotgun    22   12 ga.  15-25    12   5    5s 6a 6b
Pancor Jackhammer 35   12 ga.  18-29    10   5    5s 6a 6b

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