EF2000 FAQ ************************ THE GAME PLAY FAQ ************************ The Game Play FAQ was created from messages posted in the EF2000 Pilots Forum. It represents the collective wisdom of a number of different pilots. The original messages have been edited for brevity. Where possible I've included the name of the original contributor. If you've got any additions or corrections to the FAQ, please drop me a note ate ef2000@im.gte.com. Thanks to all of the EF pilots who contributed. -Steve Black, 1st Eurofighter Air Wing -- 2/20/96 ********************* AVIONICS ************************* Radar How to Read the Radar Display There are three rows of numbers on the left hand side of the radar screen and something that looks like a flipped check mark which keeps changing its position and angle depending on planes movements. I figured that the middle number is the radar range but as far as other two numbers and a flipped check mark, I am at a loss. They are the effective radar range in up, forward, and down directions. Note that when you change the radar mode from look-up to look ahead to look down, the numbers shift accordingly. (Posted by Ed Silverstein) MMD/JTIDS Question: ... In the upper right hand-corner of the MFD, just under the altitude, there are two numbers. What are they? Also, how does one adjust the range using J+ and J-? I apologize if the answers are in the manual, but I cannot find them after searching for quite some time. Thanks! Posted by: Jeff Robbins To use the J+ and J- keys just click on them with the mouse. Make sure to turn the map off. -- Posted by Steve Black According to DID.... the two numbers relate to your X and Y co-ordinates in the game world. Posted by: Jeff Robbins ******************************* WEAPONS*************************** Laser Guided Bombs/Tiald Display Aiming LGBs Question: Can anyone give me any tips on hitting the right target with the laser guided bombs? How can I make sure that I'll hit the right structure? (Posted by: Dizzy Murphy ) The first thing I do is use the view target facility in the pre-flight briefing. That way I know what to look for when I approach the target. Try to pick a geographical marker if possible (a different colour building or one that's taller),this will also help. Then I fly to my target area and with about 7 to 5 km from the target I activate TIALD (if you are directly in line with the target it should select it for you automatically) then track and laser the target. With the TIALD MFD selected drop bomb at appropriate point (I assume you know how to read TIALD). Works every time (for me at least) (Posted by: Alex Porreca) After activating the TIALD, turn the laser guidance on then slew the target in the VDU using [shft ] arrow keys, for close up use the zoom. Hit Auto pilot then F8 and watch the damage, or [shift] F7 for an outside view of the target. Incidently after [shft] F7, [shft]c scrolls through the available ground targets. (Posted by: Nige ) One simple note. Be careful not to bank too much while lasing or the target tracking can be broken. This can also happen on autopilot if the plane starts circling the target (which usually would be impossible if SAMS were doing their jobs). (Posted by: Jeff Robbins ) Tiald Offset Question: Has any body got TIALD to offset the aiming crosshair by using shift and arrow keys. Because I find it annoying that you can only bomb the selected target. (posted by University of Hertfordshire) The trick is to use the shift key on the right side of the keyboard (left won't work) and the arrow keys. By using offset track you can move the cross hairs all over the place (and get quite lost). (posted by Steve Black) Mavericks Question: I fly towards the target and then I switch to the MFD to Slew the seeker head to get the target in the middle. But the IRST shows the target off and on if at all. Then I fire the maverick and most of the times it misses the target. Can anyone give me some advice? (Posted by: George Lindsay) Yes, targets are a bit jerky using the "tlads." Low level Mav strikes are good for a range of about 4-5 miles. If you want greater distances, altitudes of 10,000-15,000 seem to work the best. (Posted by: Rick Olson) Free Fall Bombs Question: Can anyone suggest the best altitude and AOA for delivery of cluster munitions and rockets? (Posted by: Jeffrey Bush) 10000 ft is a good altitude to start a bombing run. What I do is roll inverted and pull back on the stick to avoid negative G's(really reds out on ef2000), then align myself with target, keeping my nose down on target (usually about 25-30 degrees). REMEMBER-You will gain a lot of speed doing this, so chop your throttle and use airbrake if you have to. However, the faster you go, the more accurate your CCIP will be on target. Try to pull up as soon as you release or you will be caught in the blast(unless using snakeyes). For rockets, great altitude is not needed. the key to rockets is range-don't shoot until 1-2 miles away; the closer the better. Make sure the target is in the aiming reticle at the center of the hud. Oh, and try to keep out of the dirt by keeping a close eye on your altimeter. (Posted by: Brian MacPherson) Finding the CCIP Question: What is the CCIP? How do you find the CCIP?I .....if you look at the bottom of the vertical line there will appear a small horizontal line which indicates that point where the bomb will hit. When this horizontal line passes through the target release your bombs. Posted by: Alex Porreca Try going into a steep dive over the target. I also use the F1 key to get an unobstructed view. (Posted by Steve Black) I have found that if I am bombing a pre-defined target, the CCIP bomb line appears and I can bomb successfully. I have yet to find ways to mark targets of opportunity and bomb them accurately. I usually do a very steep dive and release the bombs on my best guesstimate. Posted by: Sim Cluster Bombs Question: I can't seem to get the hang of bombing with them. In the practice I line up on target, I get the bomb sight up, The triangle is showing, but I tell when to release. At top or bottom of bomb line. Am I following the "X" or the triangle. ....Posted by: Frederick Overton ..The release level for the cluster bomb, as stated in the manual, is 180 feet. If you fly that low, you will see the CCIP at the bottom of the HUD (small horizontal tick mark across the vertical line). I get best results dropping the bomb a split second before the CCIP crosses the target. Posted by: Jeff Robbins ... get low if you want a dense dispersion of the bomblets (200 feet or so) or stay about 1000 feet over the target (you'll have to do this by "feel") and pickle - it's a real wide area of coverage, but less probability of any one bomblet hitting a target. Keep the pointy end forward --Posted by: Don Nelson Cannon Autofire Question: On page 145 of the manual, a reference is made to "autofiring" in regards to using the cannon. I can find no other reference anywhere in the manual to explain what this is, or how to initiate it, or even to verify that "autofiring" is engaged..... Posted by: Bob Cavender Auto fire is automatic when using the cannon with the radar turned on. Lock on to a enemy target (doesn't work if you lock on to a friendly) using the "c" key, close to within cannon range (appx 2 miles) line up the pipper on your target( should be surrounded by solid green box on the hud) and the cannon should start firing by it self. Note : the pipper has to settle on the target for a second, it won't work if the target just passes through it. I haven't tried using it in tracking mode because I find using tracking mode in a dogfight is a sure method of getting a silk elevator ride. Posted by: RIGGER ************************REFUELING**************************** Refueling Tricks Question: How do I refuel? One trick in the game that works is reduce your speed to +10 KTS faster than the tanker and use the `(tilde) key to adjust your joystick sensitivity to about 25%. I know this seems like cheating, but there are aircraft in the US inventory that have an air refueling mode for their flight controls to make A/R easier Also you must make two joystick inputs for EVERY maneuver you want to make behind the tanker. To hook up to the basket, you must initiate a turn and then almost immediately bank the other way to take out the correction. This will allow you to move in small increments which is the way real airplanes perform A/R. Posted by: Capt Keith Marlowe Here's another approach to inflight refueling which works for me. Approach the tanker, remembering to request permission to join. The trick to maintaining a good closure speed is to use the autothrottle set to 309 kts, which is about 7kts faster than the tanker. As mentioned in other messages you need to be very smooth and gentle on the stick in order to avoid ploughing into the tanker an making a dirty smudge in the sky! Posted by: Rez Manzoori .... it *IS* possible. The trick, (just like in the real thing) is to concentration being smooth. Personally I think the 50+ KTS rule is a little too high. A closure with a 2 foot dish at 50 knots? Here are my notes on air-refueling: 1. throttle to 75% - use more for a faster closing, but be ready to back down when you need to. 2. only use the airbrake to bleed off extra speed. You cant deploy and stow the brake fast enough to keep pace with the tanker. 3. Reduce your closing rate to +7 KTS IAS - This gives ample time to line up on the hose. 4. avoid over-correcting. If your plane is drifting to port, use a slight amount Posted by: Rob Marley Finding the Tanker How do I find the tanker? ...no matter where you are, if you select your air refueling (AR) HUD mode it will display the heading to the tanker Posted by: John Taylor The mid air HUD refueling mode will tell you where to go. Sometimes there is more than one airborne tanker. I could be wrong, but I think I recall being able to cycle refueling HUD info between different tankers using the C key just like when you cycle targets on radar. Posted by: Jeff Robbins ********************** STRATEGY AND TACTICS****************** Avoiding Air-to-Air Missiles Question: - My DASS seems to fail me too often. I'll get blasted out of the sky without warning. Does anybody know how to make the DASS work better? - How do I know if I have to throw a Chaff or Flare? Chaff is for heat-seeking, Flare for IR the manual says, but how on earth do I know what's coming at me?? ... Posted by: Mark Jonker Kick your DASS out to 15-30 mile range. It seems to be more effective at that setting. (a bug??) DASS goes inactive when you use the #3 MFD to show anything other than the DASS.. Also; RTFM re: flares and chaff.. You can launch either manually with the INS and DEL keys. Keep hackin away at it, pretty soon your situational awareness will improve; and things get A LOT easier.. hope this helps.. Posted by: Steve Anthony You don't have time to try and figure out what sort of missiles are coming at you so you have got to use both chaff and flares at the same time. (I do and it works okay). Changing direction can also be useful once you deployed some chaff and flares. Also, don't forget to use your ECM. Posted by: Alex Porreca When a missile comes at you regardless if it is Infra red or radar, lower your thrust: 1. generate less heat 2. if you are too fast you can't turn that fast!!! 3. release 3x chaff and 3x flare and brake left/right and right after you get 90deg to the ground, pull for 3 sec or more and brake more to the same side you turned last time till you are 45deg from the ground release more chaff and flare and pull as hard on the stick as you can!!! make sure you watch the altitude and horizon!!! Posted by: Tom 1.IR and heat-seeking missiles are the same! 2.Use chaffs against radar-guided missiles, and flares against IR-guided missiles. Remember: It is not embarrassing to return without chaffs and flares but to return without your plane! 3.Always turn hard out of the missile's flight path at high speed. 4.Don't rely too much on DASS. Every modern Russian fighter has IR tracking systems -- just like the EF2000. They don't need radar to fire IR-guided missiles or guns at you. Posted by: Joerg Jooss Any hints on avoiding both AA and SAMS?! I find myself just turning wildly with no plan or strategy and hoping for the best.. Posted by: Paul Wasserman I find I can quite successfully avoid missiles if I keep velocity above 1 mach, and keep DASS on all the time, and ECM on when fired at. You may not realize, but when you play with anything in the third MFD, DASS turns itself off, i.e., if you check you fuel level, you will need to turn DASS back on. Posted by: Clinton Isle Missiles in Padock View Questions: I have some problems while padlocking missiles....I can't break the visual lock until missile crashes on the ground or run out of fuel...!!! I have found that if you flick back to the hud view that you can then padlock a new target. Posted by: steve mcginnis CAP Flights Question: Is it normal to not encounter any enemy aircraft on a CAP? If so (or not), exactly how long are you supposed to fly in circles in order to get a 100% rating? Posted by: Joe Gayle When I'm flying a cap there is a waypoint 8, it's the landing waypoint but I can't get to it. It goes 6-7 and then 1. Anyone have a solution? Posted by: Fredrik Hofgren CAP's are normally four hour flights. The autopilot will fly you thru the CAP waypoints(1-6).When you want to return to base, set your AP to the "landing" waypoint or manually fly in. Posted by: Rick Olson One of the replies below said that a CAP was a 4 hour flight. Do you really have to fly 4 hours in order to get 100% rating, or can you just fly through the waypoints one time and return to base? If there are no enemies, I don't want to fly in circles for very long. Posted by GSU Try using shift-s, it will advance you through time by 1/2 hour periods or until you get vectored to intercept by AWACS Identifying Friend or Foe (IFF) Question:Has anyone found the ""IFF"" command to help id friend or foe...I have shot down many friendly aircraft... Posted by: DAN DAMATO According to the docs there isn't any IFF, it's supposed to be automatic. However, I have found the following... It looks like radar guided missiles (AMRAAMs, S25s) won't lock on a friendly cause you can't seem to target them. IR ones can be fired at friendlies, the HUD will allow you to target a friendly, however I think that the target tracker contains an X in it as an indicator. Posted by: Bob Stewart Engaging When Low on Fuel Question: What happens when you're at the end of an escort mission and you're low on fuel and all of a sudden bandits appear on your JTIDS screen? Well, unless you're shot up or have no weapons left to fire, you're obliged to engage ASAP. One trick (there are many) is to turn your radar off and try and sneak around the bandit of your choice, then turn your radar back on, acquire a missile lock and fire ASAP. That's for IR missiles. Radar guided missiles can be launched from a variety of angles. The success or failure of these missiles depends on A LOT of different factors. Anyway, with either type of missile, the key is to get into a good firing position without the bandit knowing you're there. Easier said than done, but that's the ideal. Remember, when your radar is on, you're giving off signals that the bandits can pick up. JTIDS is so cool because with a little practice, you can get into a nice firing position on your enemy without him/her ever knowing you're there. Posted by: Dan (DanielB17@aol.com) Busy Airfield Question: You approach the field and message out "For Recovery". Suddenly the tower says "Negative. Field Busy". What do you do? Well, depending on the amount of gas you have left, you can either orbit or hit the nearest tanker...if there's one within reach. And what if you can't do either? Land. Only one problem. Your other wingmen won't follow if the tower says the field is still busy. As far as the computer is concerned, they eventually just fall out of the air. I don't know about your EF program, but mine always locks up on a loop with this vaguely Baltic tower operator saying the field is STILL busy. So, with no other way to control your wingmen (that I've found), you just have to resign yourself that you actually put in a day's work and the program just has a glitch. Or so it seems to me. The point is, whether you got recognition or not, you fulfilled your mission. Okay, so you don't get credit. What else is new? Posted by: Dan (DanielB17@aol.com) Low on Gas and Out of Weapons And one last thing. When you're running low of gas and weapons, and the bandits are closing, send out that MAYDAY call for help. That's what those other guys are flying the CAP missions for. Good luck. And check that JTIDS constantly. Posted by: Dan (DanielB17@aol.com) Enemy ECM ( Question: I was wondering if there was any way to accurately target enemy planes once they switched their ecm on. ever time my wingman say "music" my radar blips fade in and out and the missile lock tone turns on and off. Is there any way to counteract this. Posted by: steve mcginnis ...the best way to counter enemy ecm is to get in closer so your radar can burn through their jamming... keep an eye on the target aspect indicator: if the target is flying perpendicular to you don't waste your radar missiles...get in closer and tag him with an IR missile...or guns. Posted by: Fangs Wingmen Comms & Tactics Question...When my wingman says to attack his target, is there any way to see what his target is? Or do I have to somehow figure it out? Posted by: F14 Go to page 55 in your EF2000 manual. It says pressing F5 will toggle through the wingman's different views. One view is your wingman's cockpit view. . .maybe he'll have his target on display on his HUD. Posted by: Dino Question:Does anyone know if there's a way to instruct your wingman to take evasive action to dodge missiles. If there isn't a way...shouldn't there be one? Posted by: Al Denby Select "Engage" and tell the wingmen to break. Question: What do I do when the Wingman says, "I'll engage, you cover." When you're wingman says "I'll engage. You cover," go find another target. He's got that one. Of course, you could order him to cover you instead. Don't switch to landing HUD mode until you see the field. The regular nav HUD mode will give you range to the airfield until then. Posted by: Clark Question: Could someone please write a note on the proper use of Wingmen, when to order them to Bracket, Drag, Break etc. ! posted by Justin Wingmen are not totally useless honest! There are some bugs but they can still be very useful. In ground attack missions do not issue orders to wingmen after you have reached the IP and they will proceed to attack the mission target. The patch will solve this problem with the command running in. As for air to air missions the RAF works on the free fighter system where one fighter will engage and the other will provide cover and will NOT engage another target (except to protect the wingman) until the roles are reversed (hence you engage ill cover etc.). IF you remember this and keep tabs on your number two with F5 everybody should survive a lot longer. I've flown cap mission where the wingmen have become aces! Wingmen are quite good at attacking enemy aircraft if you can keep fighters of his tail.... though they do waste lots of ammo by shooting at already damaged aircraft. As for the use of drag and bracket maneuvers drag is the most useful. Use drag to entice enemies onto your wingman's tail where you can easily splash them with a short range missile shot. Be quick though or your wingman is history. Bracket is only really good for splitting up enemy formations before a close range dogfights. Another useful command is the break command on the engage menu, use this when the enemy fires a salvo that may be heading for your wingman or when someone moves in on his six. This should help keep your number two alive longer. NOTE: None of this applies to Wingmen three and four as they will operate on there own in combat. Posted by: James Clarke ******************COMMUNICATIONS****************** Getting Clearance Question: How do I get clearance to take off? First, make sure that your waypoint is set to #1. You will only get clearance to take-off once other flights are cleared. Sometimes you may be faced with a wait while ATC gets their act together. You will then be given the proper clearance to take-off. Posted by: Brent Norman I use shift S to skip to the runway and the take off clearance usually follows straight away. Posted by: Vince Omodei Emergency Landing Question: What about Emergency Landing? According to the manual there is an Emergency Landing request command. However, it didn't make it to the first release. MAYBE it could be in the patch. Posted by: Len Hjalmarson Correct . There is no emergency landing option in the current release. Just go ahead and land. ******************** FLIGHT INFORMATION SYSTEMS ************************** Fuel Display Question: Why do the fuel to base indicators change when using afterburners? When you engage afterburners you are dumping extra fuel into the jet pipes (hence after-burn), so your rate of fuel consumption goes up dramatically. (Posted by: Al Denby) ************************** NAVIGATING WITH WAYPOINTS ***************** Question: Can anyone tell if there is a way to setup each waypoint ahead of time; for example,I would like to be able to set all before take off, then not worry about it, but it appears that I have to take care of each one in flight. . Posted by: Rick Olson While you are on the ground, or in the air, just hit pause and make your adjustments [to the autopilot..Ed.] You can do that while in pause. It is also fair since it takes you longer with a mouse than it does a real pilot by hand.Gambit Posted by: Cliff When I'm flying a cap there is a waypoint 8, it's the landing waypoint but I can't get to it. It goes 6-7and then 1. Anyone have a solution? Posted by: Fredrik Hofgren CAP's are normally four hour flights. The autopilot will fly you thru the CAP waypoints(1-6).When you want to return to base, set your AP to the "landing" waypoint or manually fly in. Posted by: Rick Olson Question: How do I find the airfield. One solution is to engage the ILS and then follow the waypoint carret. *********************** STORES JETTISON********************** Question: I wanted was to dump my air to ground for a dogfight. Also is there a way to tell when the external fuel tanks are empty? Posted by: Ricky Schehr Check the manual again. I keep thinking that ALT-K jettisons fuel only, whereas ALT-J will jettison everything - leaving you in a clean configuration. I believe you can find out what the status of your external tanks are by pressing MFD three and selecting 'STO.' Select your fuel tanks to see which are empty. Posted by: Armando J. Heredia *****************************TAXIING********************************** Question...while taxing does your aircraft have the turn radius of an oil tanker? From experience I know that aircraft nose steering is pretty sensitive and I would prefer it to be the same here. Anybody have an idea? Rudder pedals seem to change yaw while in flight at low speed. Nose wheel steering seems to work well while taxiing. "shift ." goes right, "shift ," goes left. try it Posted by: surfdog try the left"shift/<"and right"shift/>" wheel brakes to increse turn radis heheh like driving a farm tractor.... Posted by:snoutcall