#Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks~

Publisher: Midway

Players: 1 or 2

Rated: Mature 

Version History

17th October: Added the main bulk of the FAQ and formatted it

19th October: Added this version history (cause I forgot before, Whoops!) and 
the Smoke section.

21st October: Added Mileena strategy and advanced specials for Liu Kang and 
Kung Lao

25th October: Added new fatality for Johnny Cage, the thanks list and the 
experience points trick

27th October: Added new fatality for Reptile (Thanks to Rob81570@aol.com)

25th November: Added list of Special abilities and when you get them.

29th January: Added more strategies for some bosses (Thanks to Matt Chesser)

About the author

	Hi, my names Matt Brown and I am from Ye Olde England and I am 
currently 24 years of age. This is my very first walkthrough so if it's a bit 
rough then I can only apologise! My Email is Hoxronk@hotmail.com, so if there 
are any questions, corrections to this guide, or any suggestions on how to 
improve this guide then please let me know. New rule, don't add me to MSN 
unless you have a REALLY good reason or you will be ignored. If you really 
need to talk to me, send me an email first, 'k? Sorry if that came out harsh, 
I didn't mean it, I am fluffy, honest!


I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Advanced Controls
IV. Experience Points
V. Advanced Specials + Special Abilities
VI. Fatalities
VII. Walkthrough
VIII. Smoke Missions
IX. Ermac + Mileena
X. Thanks to
XI. Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

	Well I will admit, the first time I heard about the radical new 
direction Midway took with Shaolin Monks I was a little disappointed because 
I absolutely loved every game before it. But being the die hard fan of Mortal 
Kombat I am, I bought it on the day of release and was blown away with 
everything in it. The game is set between MK 1 and 2, so it adds more 
storyline to an already impressive tale. It plays like a top down multi-
directional fighter, with enemies coming from all directions and it has 
combos to knock every foe flying with. You take control of either Kung Lao or 
Liu Kang both with their own storyline running side by side, meeting various 
MK characters along the way. This game is a must for all fans of the MK story, 
but even if you have never touched an MK game in your life this will surely 
bring enjoyment in the form of lots and lots of glorious ass kicking. This 
walkthrough will not include the transcripts of the cut scenes or anything 
said by any character unless it is necessary. Plus unless it is a boss with a 
specific strategy I won't be telling you how to deal with every single foe, 
or this could go on forever.

II. Controls 

Left Analogue Stick - Move
Right Analogue Stick - Move Camera / Change view (click)
D-Pad - Fatality input / Map Toggle
Left Trigger - Lock on to enemy
Right Trigger - Special Move enabler
X - Quick Attack
Y - Medium Attack
Z - Power Attack
A - Jump/Evade
Black - Throw
White - Fatality

III. Advanced Controls

These are all moves that will aid you in ass kicking:

Throw - Just pressing the throw button from a static point with hurl your foe 
a short distance, but when running, you can throw your enemies further plus 
every foe in its way will get hit also. Plus you can direct your throws, 
useful for some situations.

Special Attacks - Pressing the right trigger + X, Y, Z or black will perform 
a special attack. Pressing R + Black lets you sit on your opponents shoulders 
and from here you can beat him up to your heart's content. When upgraded you 
can make the enemy you are controlling lash out at other foes.

The rest of the special attacks are specific to each character:

Kung Lao:
R + X - teleport
R + Y - Cyclone Spin
R + Z - Hat Throw

Liu Kang
R + X - Fireball
R + Y - Uppercut
R + Z - Flying Kick

Side note - There's a blue bar underneath your energy bar. You can only 
perform special moves when this is showing some blue.

Locking on - Holding the L trigger will make your character lock onto the 
nearest foe. While locking on, you can evade attacks by pressing A, or you 
can strafe around your foe. If you stand there not attacking, you will block 
incoming attacks every time an enemy makes contact with you while blocking 
you will lose a bit of health however.

Fatalities - These can be performed only when you have reached a certain 
point the game early on. When the big red blob on the left-hand side of your 
energy bar is full you can pull off your fatality by pressing the white 
button, then inputting the directions required. This gets filled up by 
perfuming combos. You get told the first fatality, but there are more to find.

Weapons - Throughout the levels there are weapons to aid in the bloodshed. 
These range from single handed blades to double handed blades and twin blades.
As expected, the heavier the weapon, the more damage but slower swing, and 
the opposite for the lighter weapons. The weapon of choice for me would be 
the twin blades as you can pull off some really effective combos and it has 
the speed to get in before a counter attack. As with hand to hand, pressing X, 
Y or Z will yield different strengths of swing, while sacrificing speed.

IV. Experience points

	While doing combos, performing fatalities and generally kicking ass, 
you can build up experience points. Every time the number of your combos 
reaches every 10th number, you get experience multipliers which will boost 
your points dramatically too. Breaking the little statues lying about the 
place will also yield some points, but nothing to write home about. The 
biggest boost in points comes from when you defeat the bosses as they spew 
out about 8 or 9 orbs, each worth 400 points. Tasty. What are these points 
for I hear you ask? You can buy more advanced special moves that deal more 
damage, but the usual trade off for strength for speed comes back. You can 
buy your specials and combos whenever, and I don't think you need me to tell 
you when to buy what specials, just experiment because you will probably end 
up buying them all anyway fairly soon in the game.

       Experience points trick
You will have noticed that when you are doing combos that you get a message 
after every 10th multiplier. Well every now and again you will get the 
familiar message TOASTY!! Well when this happens, hit start and you will get 
a cool 1000 experience points. As far as I know there is no specific way to 
trigger the toasty, but it seems to happen more with uppercuts for me. If 
there is anyone who can tell me a more definite way to trigger it, let me 

V. Advanced specials + Special Abilities

Liu Kang

X Button - Level 1 One Fireball
	     Level 2 Fireball in mid air
	     Level 3 Two fireballs
	     Level 4 Four Fireballs

Y Button - Level 1 Uppercut
	     Level 2 Double uppercut
	     Level 3 Triple uppercut
	     Level 4 Quadruple uppercut

B Button - Level 1 Flying Kick
	     Level 2 Bicycle Kick
	     Level 3 Bicycle Kick + Flying kick

Kung Lao

X Button - Level 1 Teleport
	     Level 2 Teleport further
	     Level 3 Double teleport
	     Level 4 Teleport with stun

Y Button - Level 1 Spin
	     Level 2 Double Spin
	     Level 3 multiple spin
	     Level 4 spin then extend

B Button - Level 1 Hat throw
	     Level 2 Hat Ricochet
	     Level 3 Hat Boomerang
	     Level 4 Hat Shield

I put all these in a separate section as I have been getting a lot of emails 
asking about them so here they are for all to see:

Long Jump - You get this after defeating the Oni warlord
Fist of Ruin - You get it when you defeat Kitana
Climb - Defeat Reptile
Wall Run - Defeat Baraka
Wall Jump - After you defeat Baraka go through the portal, then jump up the 
building opposite. Turn left and keep going forward to the big statue, break 
it and go down to the area below.
Double Jump - Defeat Goro
Swing - Defeat Scorpion

VI. Fatalities

Kung Lao 
Body Slice: R, R, R, R, X  
Mid Air Slice: U, U, U, R, X  
Friendly Rabbit: U, U, U, D, X  
Arm Cutter: L,R,L,D, X  
Head Toss: L,R,L,L, X  
Many Chops: U,U,L,U, X  
Headache: U,D,U,R, X  
Buzzsaw: R,R,U,U, X  
Unfriendly Rabbit: L,U,R,R, X  
Tornado: U,R,D,L,Y (Multality)  
Hat Control: L,R,R,L, Y (Multality)  
Razor Edge: L,L,U,U, B (Brutality)  
Liu Kang 
Shaolin Soccer: D,L,U,R, X  
Bonebreak Combo: L,U,U,R, X  
Fire/ Kick Combo: L,R,D,D, X  
Flipping Uppercut: U,R,D,L, X  
Dragon: D,R,L,L, X  
Giant Stomp: L,L,L,U, X  
Head Clap: R,U,R,U, X  
Arm Rip: D,L,R,U, X  
Fire Trails: U,D,U,D, Y (Multality)  
Dragon's Fury: L,R,U,U, Y (Multality)  
Rage Mode: R,U,D,D, B (Brutality)  

Blade Lift: D, L, R, R, X 
Decapitation Slice: L, L,L,L,X 
Johnny Cage 
Decapitation Uppercut: L, L,L,L,X 
Torso Rip: D, D, R, R, X
Punching Bag Fatality: U,L,L,L X (Thanks to Chazz Geldenhuys for this one!) 
Kiss of Death: R, R, R, R, X 
Head Chop: L, L, R, R, X  
Hidden Chomp: L,L,L,D, X 
Head Eat: L,R,L,D, X 
Face Claw- U,U,R,L, X
Spear Slice: R,D,R,R, X  
Flame: U,U,D,D, X  
Raise Hell: D,D,D,U, Y (Multality)  
Searing Blade: R,L,R,R, B (Brutality)  
Spine Rip: R,D,R,R, X  
Snowball: L,L,D,R, X  
Freeze Uppercut: R,R,D,R, X  
Ice Stomp: U,U,D,U, Y (Multality)  
Frostbite Rage: U,D,L,U, B (Brutality)

VII. Walkthrough

Goro's Lair

	After the cut scene, you are put in an area, known as Goro's lair. 
Happy place isn't it? Well this is an opportunity to get to grips with your 
character. Take this time to mess around with the buttons and the specials so 
you feel happy to go and kick ass. When you are done with all that, you will 
notice there is a Kombat Koin spinning in the center of the room. Go and pick 
it up. Good. Raiden will tell you about your first task, then you're off.
This is where you learn all your moves and abilities. Once you have 
despatched of your foe (called Oni), go pick up the Koin that appears. Wash, 
rinse and repeat for the rest of the koins that appear. Once you have done 
all of his tasks, the gate will raise to let you into another cave of the 
lair. There is another task here involving blocking, air attacks and weapon 
kombat. Complete all the tasks and you will be rewarded with entry to the 
next area. Seasoned MK'ers will recognise this area as the bottom of the Pit! 
After a small cut scene there are two Oni waiting for death deal with these 
to move to the right hand side of the area, and jump up the platforms to 
reach the plateau. There is a solitary Oni here to deal with, do so and carry 
on foreword around the corner and jump up to the next plateau. Run along here 
to the end then jump across all the platforms then up to the top, and across 
the top of the pit, dealing with the Oni after the cut scene to the next cave. 
This cave is more interesting. There is a pool of blood in the center of the 
room and spinning around in the middle of it is a red Koin. Go pick it up. 
Voila! You now have your first fatality. Successfully perform it to move on 
to the next room. Here you will encounter more Oni. Before these attack, 
there are a couple of things in the room of interest. On the floor to the 
right of the mouth of the cave where you came in, there are two squares. Dont 
worry about these if you're playing alone, there's not much you can do. These 
are for ko-op mode. Up on the ceiling there are spikes that you can use for 
killing. Using Y or a vertical throw toward the spikes will dispatch your foe 
with ease. 

(Side Note: Killing enemies with environmental hazards will not get you any 
experience points)

	The final learning task here is the wall at the other end of the room. 
You will notice this wall has some cracks in it. The idea here is to shove an 
enemy through it, either by throwing them, or hitting them into it will a big 
boot. Go through here to enter an area that looks like the Pit as well. On 
your left there is a statue where you can save if you want. Once done, go to 
the platform to trigger another cut scene. Once done drop off the ledge to 
the area below. If you drop off here with care you can pick up a big sword to 
aid you in the next fight.

Boss: Oni Warlord

	Here is your first boss. He looks big and hard, yes, but he isn't all 
that tough. He has few basic attacks involving his big club. All he can do is 
swing it around his head, or smash it into the floor. Your job is to avoid 
this by running in and doing combo after combo, or if you managed to pick up 
the sword, he will be toast in a few swings. There is also some regular Oni 
on the ground around him but they won't cause you any problems, as they will 
be getting more punishment than you if you can stay out of the way of the 
	 After polishing him off go to the wall where he smashed through and 
pick up the Koin. It is the long jump ability. Go to the left of the area and 
there are two platforms you must jump onto to reach the top of the now 
smashed wall. When you reach the gap, press R + A and you can do a long jump 
across the gap. Great! When you reach the other end, jump across the 
platforms then up to reach the top. Now carry on your journey, long jump 
across the gap to the other end. Run across to the bridge then across to 
trigger a cut scene. When this has played out, you are face with two new foes 
with weapons (Masked Guards). You will only be allowed to continue when these 
two are dead. These foes are a bit harder than Onis and as such you should 
think about blocking, then attacking with these. You have two options here, 
you can either pound on them until they are dead, or you can lob them off the 
bridge with a throw, it's up to you. Once these two have been dealt with, go 
across to the left hand side of the bridge and you can see that a portal has 
now opened. Go through

Wu Shi Academy

	After the cut scene you are in a forest area with two small statues. 
Smash them to find stuff in and walk forwards. You will be greeted here with 
another new enemy, the Tarkartas. These foes are tougher than the last, 
thanks to their speed and their trademark blades. These foes also have 
projectiles in the form of Baraka's Blade Spark. On either wall you notice 
there are spikes that can be used to your advantage at a push, but as with 
most enemies, I suggest that you kill them with your bare hands, that way you 
build up your experience points faster. As these are a harder foe, you may 
find it easier to take them on one at a time, but as you progress in skill 
and confidence, you can take them on in groups. Once you have killed them all, 
carry on forwards to the intersection. To the left is a spike pit and if you 
jump over it you will see a giant statue that is unbreakable...for now... 
Anyway, you should head left and over the bridge. There will be a cut scene 
with a Tarkartas knocking over the thing over the bridge, and as soon as it 
is done, leg it to avoid being crushed, its not as fatal as you may think, 
but not pleasant. Follow the path round to exit this area to the next. 
	Here you see another cut scene describing what the catapults are all 
about. Go and kill the 2 foes in your own style and go towards the fire 
breathing statue. When it stops, jump up the two big steps and then go right. 
The idea here is to get the Tarkatan standing there to go through the boulder 
pile. The best way I found was to run up to him and throw him mid run to get 
a better swing. After the cut scene, retrace your steps back down and after 
you kill the enemy (again) go up and head around. When you are faced with 
another Tarkata, you need to throw him up into the catapult. Now, you need to 
go back to the fire breathing statue, kill the two foes, then go up the big 
steps. This time go left to the end. Out of the two Tarkata, you need to 
chuck one of them through the boulder pile and dust the other one. After this 
is done head back down, past the big statue, past the catapult to an area 
familiar to platform fans. There are 3 platforms, all with fire breathing 
statues on them and they are surrounded by a spike pit. Nice. It shouldn't be 
too much of a bind getting across here, just time your jumps and don't get 
yourself spiked. When you are on the other side, jump up the broken wall and 
follow it to the end of the area.
	After the cut scene, you have to deal with more Tarkata. Never fear 
though, as now you have the aid of everyone's favourite, Johnny Cage. When 
you have killed them all, head up screen then left, through a little tunnel 
into a new area. Here, you will be ambushed by 3 foes. Kill them all with a 
big grin and go through the newly opened door. After the cut scene, head up 
the broken bit of wall and follow it around, avoiding the 3 flying boulders. 
Cage wants us protect him while he does his thing, all you need to do is kill 
or fend off the foe until he's done. After a short time he will be done and 
he moves on. Finish off any remaining foe and go back down to the ground. 
Here you need to protect Cage again. When he is done, go through the door you 
took to get here to go and get a weapon from the hold. I suggest the twin 
blades. There is also a green Koin here which will give your energy bar a 
boost. When you have your weapon of choice go back to the area where you 
protected Cage and go left. There should be some steps here to go up. When 
you reach the top, you should see 3 cauldrons. Hit the strings holding them 
upright with your weapons to release them. When the cut scene is over head 
back down, and through the newly opened door to your left.
	In this new area, go down the steps, and then head right. You will be 
faced with 3 fire breathing statues to pass, just time it right and you'll be 
fine, and then go through the exit.
	OoOOOooh fire! Anyway, here there is a mini village on fire with some 
people running around on fire (as you do). These people if allowed to touch 
you will hurt so it's probably best to either avoid them or kill them with a 
projectile. Go top right of the screen, over the fire, and you should come 
across your first (of many) Test Your Might locations (TYM from now on). If 
you didn't play MK1 or MK: Deadly Alliance then you might not have seen these 
before. The idea is to hit A as fast as possible to make the meter at the 
left of the screen rise to the top, then press L when it reaches the bar. 
After this, go to the house that got put out and jump onto the roof, then 
onto the top of the wall. Kill the enemy that appear then go left up onto the 
tower. Here is another TYM to do to release the water. With the fire out, go 
up the next tower and do the next TYM to put out the fire. Get off this tower 
and ahead of you there is a statue that you can't break yet, but remember 
where this is, because you will be coming back here. Anyway, go right at the 
intersection and go up the next tower to the next TYM to put out more fire. 
Jump down the other side of the pillar and follow the water flow to the end.  
To your right, you will see the roof of a house.  Jump onto that roof and 
again onto the house across from it.  Jump up to the top of this area and 
kill the Tarkata.  Break the lever (for the last time in this area). With 
this done you should head down to the ground to trigger another cut scene and 
the gate opening. Go through it.
	After the cut scene you are back in the area with the fire breathing 
statues. Go past these right to the end and jump off the ledge. You will be 
greeted by 2 Tarkartas. Deal with them and continue past the swinging tree 
branches and round to the right. Here are two Masked Guards for you to have 
your way with, and then continue up the slope for another cut scene. After 
this you can either go through the portal or turn around and save at the 

The Portal

	Once on the other side you will be confronted with another foe. The 
Shadow Priests from The Portal level in MKII (remember?). Anyway, these guys 
have a few attacks, a lightening bolt, purple energy balls, and some summon 
other foes from portals. Kill them if you must and move on towards the camera. 
When you reach the intersection, go right, then next left. When you come to 
the gap, long jump across and up the ledge. Here you meet yet another new foe, 
Demon Captains. These guys just have basic attacks, so just kill 'em and move 
on to the end and through the portal at the end.

Evil Monastery

         When you are back in control after the cut scene, run up the stairs to 
trigger yet another cut scene. After this you are in a tall room. Enemies 
burst in through the windows at the top and come to attack you. Deal with 
them one at a time and head up the stairs to the right. Go to the far left 
and you see a Test Your Might lever. This will release some spikes from the 
floor at the bottom. 
Go down there. The idea here is to impale one foe on each side. Either use Y 
to send them skywards or do a static throw. When you have finally done this, 
the door will open at the top of both sets of steps.
	In the next area, head up both sets of stairs picking up the weapons on 
the way. In the main hall you will be faced with a number of foes. Kill all 
of them except one. Now a quick review of this room would suggest there is no 
exit but that is why we kept an enemy alive. Lob him upwards onto the spikes 
then use him as a platform to reach the top. Brilliant! Head up the stairs, 
then out the door to the next area
	In the next area, there is nothing puzzle wise, so just kill all the 
foe you come across and then exit upstairs.
	You are now in a corridor. Head forwards and pick up the red koin in 
the middle of the floor. It is a Multality. In order to use this, you must 
fill up two orbs on the left of your energy bar, instead of the one for 
fatalities. In order to progress you must perform a multality. Charge up with 
the foe around and unleash, then you can go through the other side. You now 
need to make your way up around the side of the giant column. Some platforms 
you will get trapped on and you must kill all the foes in the area to 
progress. After the 3rd one of these areas, Kitana will lob a pillar at you. 
Do your best to avoid it and continue upwards. On the last stretch before the 
top you will come across a save point, save if you want then continue to the 

Boss: Kitana

	 She finally gets her wish to get her ass kicked. The area you are in 
isn't laid with any traps so it's just a case of you Vs her. Her attacks are 
quite limited so it's a case of just avoiding them and running in for combos.
As always, blocking is good and try not to pile it on at once as she will get 
annoyed and slash out at you. When her energy bar reaches about half way, a 
cut scene will start and the real fight will begin.
	You are now faced with 3 lovely ladies; Kitana, Mileena and Jade. Since 
your first task is to get Kitana back into her hold, let's do that. Just 
concentrate on her and try to avoid the attacks of the other two. When you 
get her health down so far, she will get thrown back into her place. When 
this happens, the other two will try to free her again, so it's up to you to 
see that doesn't happen. All you need to do is keep them away from the podium 
by hurting them lots. Eventually, she will be done in her bubble and you are 
just left with the other two to deal with. It is quite hard to beat both at 
the same time, so it is time to use the environment to aid you. Both side of 
the arena has a pit on it to chuck the women into, and you can leave them in 
there for a while so you can go mano a mano with the other. You will also 
notice that there is a lever near the pits to do the Test Your Might on, and 
when you succeed; the one in the pit will get hurt. When you beat Mileena, 
she just falls over but when you beat Jade she will be prime for a good ol' 
Fatality. When you do this you will be treated to another cut scene. 
	When this is over, go pick up your reward in the form of lots of 
experience orbs and a brand spanking new ability (The Fist of Ruin), then go 
through the portal. On the other side you need to head back down the column, 
saving on your way past the statue. To get past the gates that shot up on 
your way up you need to use your new power on the big Statues (go up to them 
and hit them with B). When you reach the bottom, you will come across two 
statues together, smash them and go through the portal.

Portal: Part 2

	After the cut scene, you need to follow Reptile. Follow the platform as 
it turns left; go down the step and long jump across the gap. Go right and 
then follow the path around to the area with the two Shadow Priests. Deal 
with them and go through the portal that opens.

The Living Forest

	After a cut scene walk forward to the statue and bust it with B. Go 
left and you will be faced with another new foe. These zombie-like creatures 
are a push-over. Their attacks are either to vomit blood at you, swing for 
you (slowly) or just blow up in a small bloody pop. Anyway, there is a living 
tree near-by that needs to be fed. Since the only things you can pick up are 
the zombies then they'll have to do. Throw one into the mouth that will open 
and you will hear a sound. Throw another in and the vines in the background 
will drop revealing more zombies and a save point. Go there if you want. When 
you've done, go across the pit of vines opposite the tree you just fed. You 
will see two mini statues that you can break to pick stuff up from. Just past 
this there is an open area with a fire in the middle and some shadows on the 
floor. Well these shadows are actually another new foe. These for me were the 
biggest pain in the arse, non boss wise, and luckily these are the only place 
you see them. If you have a multality then use it now, if not then just 
attack when they pop up out of the ground and try get in as much damage as 
possible because they don't stay up for long. When you finally kill them all, 
go to the far right and jump over the pit of pointy vine things to the ledge 
above and then go through the door.
	Here you are faced with two options. You can either go forwards or left. 
Both take you to the same place so it really doesn't matter. Let's say you go 
left. Long jump over the river to an area with a fire and two Putrid Corpses. 
You need to lob one of the foes into the nearby living tree, and go through 
the door.
	In this new area head forward and jump over the small river to a 
blocked doorway with two statues on either side. Two of them will come alive 
and go for you, but they shouldn't be that much of a problem to deal with. 
First off you need to use B to break their shields then just combo away, 
being careful if you see them wind back to swing because you can't stop it. 
If you want to see Smoke then take one of the statues and throw him through 
the blocked doorway. I will not be telling you the missions for Smoke yet, 
but that might change in the future. Anyway assuming you didn't want to see 
Smoke continue round to the river's edge and jump from platform to platform, 
being careful not to fall into the water because that will cause giant snakes 
to pop up and attack you. The last jump to dry land will require a long jump. 
When you make it across, you need to jump upwards from one platform to the 
other right to the top. Up here there is a doorway flanked by two breakable 
statues that may yield goodies.
	The next area is an enclosed viney area. Walk forwards and stand in the 
water to make corpses fall and snakes appear out of the water on all 4 
corners. The idea here is to feed the snakes with the corpses, so take them 
and throw them skywards towards the snakes, if done correctly 4 times the 
vines will drop and you can continue. A bit past here you will see a save 
point, do so if you want. Head up and jump up the ledge, then up the ledge to 
the right to an area with the 3rd living tree. 2 corpses should drop down, 
kill one and throw the other to the tree to eat. Go left and jump up the 
ledge to an area with a giant snakes head. If you fed all 3 trees correctly 
then you can pass through here. If not then you have to backtrack through to 
all 3 trees and try feeding them again.

Reptiles Lair 
	Walk forwards and the gate will shut behind you. Go stand in the center 
of the circle and prepare for statues. First off, two will come trundling at 
you, so either punch or kick them to break them. With this done, 4 statues 
will come at you so break them too. Then the final wave of statues will be 5 
and this is quite tough and may require a few tries. Anyway, with this done a 
koin will appear, it is brutality. These require 3 orbs to be lit up next to 
your health bar so build that up using combos and unleash hell! With a 
brutality, you glow with fire and you can do lightening fast combos on a 
group of foes that end in death. You must do this to continue, so when it is 
done go through the gate that opens.	
	You are now in a fairly large tunnel with statue everywhere. Don't 
worry, none of them come to life, so just smash away to your heart's content 
and you can pick up a fair amount of health and experience orbs, right up 
until the end. Here you will be greeted with a cut scene. After this carry on 
up the narrow pathway, and through the door for another scene.

Boss: Snake
	After the cut scene, you will be given instructions on what to do in 
this room. You see the big pillar that the snake is slithering around? You 
need to go up to it when he moves and hit it 3 times with B. When the pillar 
is busted, you need to move onto the next one. To do this, jump on the rubble 
near the lowest platform to the right of the room, then long jump the gap. 
Now this is where you need to watch the movements of the snake. Every now and 
then a gap will open between his head and his tale and this is when you need 
to jump across. Make your way round to the next pillar and hit it again 3 
times with B. With this done carry on forwards and the camera will turn with 
you. Again, watch for a gap in the snake then jump across both platforms, 
round to the next pillar. Break it again and move on round. Jump across the 
platforms then round to the final pillar, you know what to do. When the cut 
scene is over you will be face with a new boss

Boss: Reptile

	Good old Reptile, gotta love him. There's nothing too complex about 
this guy. His attacks are acid spit, force ball (a ball of energy that knocks 
you into the air) and invisibility. The first half of the fight you will 
spend running in and avoiding his projectiles to get some nice combos in. 
Sometimes he will teleport up to a platform at the back of the cave and shoot 
projectiles at you. Never worry though because all you have to do is run in 
directly underneath him to avoid them, stay there and you will not get hit. 
Eventually a mini cut scene will play and he will now use his invisibility 
ability to annoy you. Just keep L pressed to lock onto him and as soon as he 
shows himself by doing the Acid Spit or similar, throw a projectile at him to 
make him visible again. Carry on with this until he is dead to pick up your 
rewards in the form of a lot of experience and a new ability. You can now 
wall climb, so go to the right hand side of the cave and break the snake in 
half with the Fist of Ruin (B) then use wall climb to get out of there. You 
need to back track now all the way back to the portal. Just keep going the 
way you came, either avoiding all the enemies you see or fighting them, it's 
up to you. When you go past a save point, do so if you haven't for a while.

The Portal: Part 3

	Right then, walk forwards, either fighting or ignoring the guards then 
go down the slope slightly to the right. When you get to the bottom, follow 
it round to the right. Keep to the right then head up the cliff you see in 
the background. Use your new ability to climb up there. While doing so 
however you will be bombarded with flying skulls, but you only need to hit 
them once with X and you should be fine. When you reach the top, you will be 
faced with two Shadow Priests. Kill them to make the bridge appear to the 
next portal.

The Soul Tombs

	You are standing on a walkway to a huge ominous structure known as The 
Soul Tombs, so follow in inside. Inside you will notice there are a couple of 
instant death bringers in the form of two giant spinning pointed drums either 
side of the room and in the middle is a spiked pit that enemies can be thrown 
into. To the left of the door is a save point and there are two open doors, 
one with a red symbol above it and the other with a green one. Since it 
doesn't matter which one you go through first, let's go with the red one.
	You are now standing in a long passageway and if you look up the 
ceiling is covered in useful spikes. A load (I'm not kidding) of enemies will 
come at you here, so you can either stand there fighting them all to get more 
experience, or you can ignore them and carry on down the corridor and when 
you see a cave like entrance on the back wall go through it. Here are a few 
Tarkartas that you can fight or you can ignore them and climb up the section 
of wall to the back that has what looks like hand holes in it. When you get 
to the top, head round to the left and follow it to the door. You are now 
back outside and to the left and right of you there are two upright grates 
with spikes on the other side. Head forwards and jump over the waves of 
spikes that come up towards you out of the ground. When you get to the end, 
there is a circular area with a Test Your Might lever on it. The trick here 
is to time it so that you press L when the enemy that's wandering around is 
in the bloodstained bit of the floor. With this done, go to where that enemy 
was and at the end of the walkway is another Test Your Might, this one 
controls the grate on the other side of the doorway. When you've killed the 
second foe, go round past where he died to the end of the walkway and do the 
Test Your Might thing again to kill the last enemy. Right, now walk back to 
where you did the first TYM thing on the circular area, and then keep 
following the path around until you reach the other door. In this next 
corridor you will be face with a load of foe yet again. There are some nice 
environmental aids here too. There are Iron Maidens (\m/) on the back wall 
that slam shut on enemies thrown into it and on the ceiling there are two 
sets of chains that will rip apart anyone thrown up there. With all the 
enemies ignored or killed, go through the door on the other side. Here there 
are 2 Shadow Priests and a couple of Tarkartas. When you have killed these 
either by your own hand or by throwing them up into the spikes there is a 
Test Your Might that needs your attention at the end of the room. When this 
is done, back track outside then through the door to the corridor. Go left 
and through the door through a corridor, then through the door at the other 

Boss: Orochi Hellbeast

	OooOOOooh that's a cool name isn't it? Anyway, this beast can be quite 
annoying as he can feed off of the lesser foes around him to regain energy so 
I think it would be best if we killed off his food first eh? Once the 3 
Tarkartas are dead, you can give your full attention to the main guy. He has 
his basic (but hard) punches and on top of that he can blast fire from his 
mouth, or he will just set himself on fire, burning those who get too close. 
Try not to get too close to him and do combos as this will more than likely 
hurt you more than him, so it may be best to stick the more aerial attacks or 
projectiles. Once he is dead, go out of this room, through the two corridors 
back into the main room. Now let's go through the green door.

Alternate Strategy (Thanks to Matt Chesser):

This fight can be hard or it can be extremely simple. The simplest way of 
beating this demon to death is to use one of the minor enemies near him to 
activate a Brutality, and then proceed to beat him to death with your now 
superhumanly-powerful attacks - it really only takes about six or seven solid 
hits on him with Kung Lao to take him down.


	This room is a bugger. There is a ceiling full of spikes that will come 
in useful for the upcoming fight. Wave after wave of Tarkartas will come to 
you and you need to dispatch them all in order to continue. When this is done, 
continue through the door that opens at the other end. You come out in a 
corridor, where you can either go left or right, left will take you to a 
statue and a door that isn't open yet so go right and dispatch any foe that 
want it and go through the door. You will end up outside with a load of 
floaty platforms. You need to go to the other end of all this so just jump 
from one to the next and if you want a fight, stand on the big circle area 
for a fight with 2 Tarkartas.  Carry on jumping to the end and go through the 
door. In the middle of this room are a single foe and a fan spinning ahead. 
Combine the two and go up the stairs to the right. In this room, a few 
Tarkartas will appear and the other end of this room has a platform with 
spikes underneath it. Impale a foe on them and the platform will drop down 
allowing you access to the upper level. Go around to the left and through the 
door. In this new room, go around the fence and up the small set of stairs 
and jump onto the hanging platform above the fan. When you do some enemies 
appear and you need to send them upwards off the platform into the fan blades. 
When you send them all in the fan, it will break and some of the blades will 
imbed in the wall, so jump on them to get to the other side then go round the 
corner. Go and stand on the square button. Go to back outside then into the 
corridor and to the end. There is a statue on the back wall that has now 
dropped its sword. Either side of the door are two people strung up. Now with 
your best maniacal laugh, chop them in half and the door will open. In this 
room there are some enemies and a big glowing orb at the back. Kill the 
enemies, then go up to the big orb and hit it a few times with B. Now get 
back now to the main room in your own style. When you get back there a new 
corridor is revealed. Go through it for another boss fight.

Boss: Baraka

	Everyone's favourite Tarkata is here to get his ass kicked. After the 
cut scene involving one of the stupid lines in a game yet you get to start 
the hurt. The first part of this fight is nothing technical; just evade 
attacks like Blade Swipe, Sparks and basic combos. Don't forget to block. 
After a while he will jump over the small ravine and goes to grab an 
unwilling human out of the cage, set him on fire and throw him towards you. 
This little guy can be a pain so dispatch him with a projectile and avoid 
touching him, while you're doing this Baraka will lob another so take out 
that one too. He will then jump back and the fight will resume. After a while 
you will see a small cut scene and he will be out of reach. You now need to 
use projectiles to hit him with. After you connect with a few of those and 
the cut scene ends you need to grab one of the two swords. Pile on the pain 
now, but be careful not to get too crazy with your combos or he will counter-
attack. After a bit a Test Your Might will be available, when you win this 
you will get the chance to impale him with the sword in your hand. All you 
have to do is press black and you will shove the sword straight through his 
face. Now go and pick up the second sword and do the same with this one. 
After this one is in his torso you need to Finish Him! 
	After the cut scene a pillar will rise with the koin you need to 
collect on top of it. Problem is though that you can't actually reach it. Yet. 
You see the portal that opened? Go through.

Wu shi Academy: Part 2

	You come out of the portal between two houses. Go straight forwards and 
climb up onto the roof of the house in front of you then up onto the top of 
the wall and go right, over the tower to the big statue. Punch it really hard 
with B and walk on. Jump down the wall and find the koin at the bottom. It is 
the wall run ability. Follow the instructions to go back up the wall and 
retrace your steps to get back to where you defeated Baraka. Once there you 
need to wall run up the tower to collect the koin. It is yet another new 
ability, wall jump. Go out of here now through the door and into the main 
room towards the steps. Go to the save point if you wish, then go up the 
steps to exit. Go towards the portal and through.

The Portal: Part 4

	When you appear, two Shadow Priests will be there, ignore or fight, 
it's up to you. Go forwards and drop off the end straight down (you won't get 
hurt, it's ok). Go straight forwards and take out the foes, and go through 
the only portal down there. 
	On the other side you will be face by initially two Shadow Priests but 
they will summon other foes, so kill them all and carry on up. Here you are 
faced with a circle in the wall and 3 gold disks in it. To the right of that 
there is a wall that has a gap in it. Using your newest ability, jump from 
one side of the gap to the other all the way up to the top. Up there you will 
come across yet another two Priests, kill them to make the bridge rise and go 
through the portal.


	Go forwards through the two big rocks into a camp. There are two 
opposing enemies here that will fight each other if you let them, so they 
aren't that much of a bind. Go around the big lava pit to the right and you 
will come across a save point and some weapons lying about. Carry on round 
and you will see a big gate in the wall, and to the right of that there is a 
bit of wall you can climb up, do so. Walk up to the gap in the floor and jump 
across and head for the bridge.

This part is not really necessary but it will get you a lot of experience and 
you get a cameo. Near the start of the rope bridge is another gap in the wall 
for you to wall jump up and at the top there is an entrance to what looks 
like a mine shaft, blocked by some bodies. If you have a weapon you can hack 
at this to get access. On the other side walk forwards, being careful to 
avoid the rocks being thrown at you from the enemy. When you reach the other 
end, there is a ladder to your left you can climb to the next level. Keep 
doing this to the top and you will come across none other than Kabal, pre-
face messing up. After the cut scene you can pick up the experience and 
Kabal's dual weapons. Head back down.

	Whatever you did, you now need to go across the bridge and half way 
across you will get ambushed by two foes. Kill them and carry on across to 
the other side then go into the door.
	Here is a pool with a Raiden's stick in it and a load of foes to beat. 
Hitting these guys doesn't prove helpful, so it's time for a bit of throwing. 
Get each one into the pool and every now and again Raiden will zap the pool, 
killing the enemy inside, and you get hurt if you stay in there. When all the 
enemies are dead, go to the right and do the Test Your Might.  With the 
button pressed, the gate will open, so go out of here and right down to the 
bottom of the camp and through the now open gate.
	You are greeted in this next area with a cut scene, and after, a fight 
with one of my all time favourite characters: Sub Zero. There's not much to 
this fight, he has his signature freeze, slide and ice puddle, so use block 
and you should be fine. The only thing here is that you have to be careful 
with your combos as he will counter attack and hurt you. About half way into 
this fight it gets stopped. After the cut scene go onto the boat with Sub. 
The next bit involves you kicking bodies everywhere; every foe that jumps on 
your boat needs to be ejected post haste. When the seemingly endless boat 
trip comes to the end, get off and follow Sub, and he will freeze the entire 
huge door. You need to then use B to smash it open and go through.
	In this next area you see a giant wheel with huge spikes on it. Your 
job here is to impale enemies onto it so that they go up and fill the well to 
the left of the wheel. Eventually when you have killed enough people there, 
it will over flow and Sub gets to work doing what he does best. All you need 
to do here is keep the enemies off Sub's back until he is done. When it is 
all frozen, wall climb up it and head off to the door to your left. 
	Here go down the steps to the open area. Sub will follow you and say 
you can't wall run because of the spikes and proceeds to freeze them. Your 
job here is to keep him safe again. There is a trick here though, because the 
normal way would involve you killing the foe so more come, but if you simply 
kick them into the pit then they don't die, hence don't come back. Superb! 
When Sub is done, wall run across to the other side where you will see a save 
point, and I suggest you use it here, for I smell a boss

Boss: Goro

	My what a big chap. Despite his size, this fight can be quite easy if 
you want to be cheap. This way involves you staying away and firing 
projectiles at him. If you want a bit of a tougher fight go in and use aerial 
combos, being careful to avoid his fireballs, his giant swing and the big 
jump that sends shockwaves out. Either way don't run in and use normal combos 
because you will get put in your place fairly quickly. About half way through 
after a small cut scene he will now be armed with a big sweaty pillar to 
swing at you. He can only swing this thing and hit it into the floor to make 
a shockwave, if you see him wind up to this, jump out the way. Just keep up 
with your tactic until he is done, then finish him. Now you will have more 
experience to pick up. After this head back out of the door into the other 
area where a cut scene will play. Go through the pointed out portal.

The Dead Pool
	Aaah the dead pool...memories! Anyway there are corpses every where now 
and some hooks hanging from the ceiling. You should recognise what to do with 
these by now so impale one every hook to progress. Side note, send one corpse 
into the acid for a fun fatality. When you have done the task a koin appears, 
which is the swing ability and the door will open at the other end, so go 
through. On the other side there are a series of poles for you to practice 
your new ability on, so make your way across to the portal.

The Portal: Part 5

	You find yourself at the top of the cliff now, so make your way back 
down. To the left of the circle in the wall there is a wall with a load of 
poles sticking out of it. Swing all the way to the top and kill the waiting 
Priests and go through the portal.


	After the cut scene you get the chance to save if you wish and then go 
through the arch way down the steps. When they turn round, two bodies will 
fall, so deal with them and move on down. At the bottom you will see another 
cut scene, after this, continue to the next fight.

Boss: Scorpion

	Aaah another MK favourite. After the cut scene the fight begins. 
Scorp's attacks are: Spear, teleport punch, a weird spinney thing with his 
spear and fire breathing. For the first part, just kick his ass in the usual 
manner, a bit of hurt, a bit of block etc. Eventually, after the cut scene he 
has legged it, so follow him. Go through the arch and long jump across all 
the gaps to the end then go down all the stairs to the bottom and go through 
the arch. Scorp is on a platform high up, raising fire from below you. When 
you see a patch of floor beneath you start to glow, don't be there. After a 
bit of this he will throw his spear at you and it sticks into the floor. This 
is where you go up to it and hit black to start another Test Your Might. When 
you win this you will pull him off his high point and the ass kicking can 
begin again. After a bit of this he will go back up and the whole thing 
starts again. When you finally beat him press white and do the fatality.
	Go to the gate and go through..........wait, no he's not actually dead. Damn. 
He is really pissed off now! This version is called Inferno Scorpion and he 
looks mad. Despite his look though, in all honesty if you have enough energy 
left, he shouldn't be that much hassle, just continue as you were, the bonus 
this time is he will stay on the ground to get killed. Once you finish him, 
pick up the orbs and the double jump and exit all the way back up to the save 
point, then go through the portal.

The Portal: Part 6

	Kill any foe up here you feel the need to and head down to the bottom 
to where the circle in the wall was. There is now a gap where the circle was, 
so go through it.

The Foundry

	Walk forward to the save point and head down the passageway to the 
right. At the end there is a Test Your Might game that will release part of a 
gate above you. Come back out of here and head up the slope to the left of 
the main area. After the cut scene, go left down the corridor, being careful 
not to get crushed by the big spiky things falling from the ceiling. At the 
end is another TYM to release the second half of the gate. Head down to the 
bottom near the save point again, and go up the corridor to the left of the 
save point. Kill the guards that burst through the walls and go through the 
	In this new area head diagonally across the lava to the open door. Here 
is an area with a pot pouring white hot metal onto a pile and two foes. Throw 
them into the stream of metal to trigger a cut scene of a door opening. In 
this new area, our old friend with the cool name is back. The Orochi 
Hellbeast is there with little friends. There are two hooks hanging from the 
ceiling, so no prizes for guessing what needs to happen here. Kill the big 
guy then impale the little 'uns on the hooks and a pillar will rise in the 
corner of the room. Go up it and head round to the right and over the lava. 
Do the Test Your Might and head all the way around the top to the other lava 
pit, killing anyone in your way. You are at the edge of the lava pit now, so 
you need to wall run diagonally up to the top of the spike covered wall. If 
you come up short, just double jump the rest of the distance then go through 
the door. All you need to do in this room is run through, but fight if you 
must and exit. You are back in the lava room now so head down to the bottom 
and wall climb up the other side and go through the door. Do the Test Your 
Might game and a nice axe will appear, and when you pick it up so will 
enemies. Kill them, ignore them, whatever and head out of this room, down the 
drop and left out of this room. Go along the corridor to the main area and up 
the slope and head to the right all the way around and up the stairs. See the 
two crystals either side of the door? Smash them with your big axe and the 
kill all the foes that appear and you can go through the massive double doors.
	On the other side, head up the massive flight of steps to the top and 
watch the cut scene. After it, head forwards and to the left is a save point 
and either side of the corridor, Johnny Cage and Mileena are both behind bars. 
Go to the right and talk to Mileena with black 4 times and guards will come 
running out from the right. Polish these off and go through the door.

Boss: Kano

	Hmm, this can be a bit of an annoying fight, just because Jax is a 
useless idiot. I.e. when you're in the middle of a combo, Jax will grab Kano 
and start punching, which would be fine except he hardly does any damage and 
it gives Kano room to regroup. Anyway, this shouldn't be that hard, just 
combo and watch out for his cannonball attack and his combos just keep your 
guard up. After he is dead, you get a nice health boost and a bonus for a 
little bit on. Pick up all the experience lying around (to be honest at this 
point you should have all the stuff you need by now anyway) and head back up 
the way you came. Go and save your game now and prepare yourself for:

Boss Fight: The final Showdown

	Well, here it is your final challenge! You will have to face 3 
opponents this time, Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn. The good news is 
though, because you killed Kano, there is a medium health pick up at your 
disposal at the right hand side of the arena. I will break the bosses down 

Shang Tsung - This guy shouldn't prove all that hard as long as you remember 
to keep your guard up and be patient. Keep blocking and wait for him to 
attack you. He has his own set of moves, namely multiple fireballs, fire from 
the ground, soul suck (where he gets a bit of energy back) and a rapid punch 
teleport hit move. He will also morph into 3 different characters in rotation 
(Sub Zero, then Johnny Cage, then Reptile). Each of these won't stand for too 
much punishment and will do a combo breaker if you push them too far. Finish 
him off to progress to the next boss.

Kintaro - This guy isn't all that different from Goro in that he is just a 
big freak who will go down with enough aerial combos or projectiles. Don't 
try to block anything he does, you can't. He can shoot fireballs, do some 
hefty throws, jump forward, and jump off the screen and come crashing down 
multiple times. Your best bet is toy try to avoid all this and wait for an 
opening to carry on your attack.

Shao Kahn - Well then, here he is. First off, you need to fight this guy as 
cheaply as possible, projectiles ahoy. Don't try to run in and combo, or do 
any aerial combos as he will just completely annihilate you. Just keep as far 
away as possible and throw everything you can at him. He can shoot a green 
energy ball, do a heft uppercut should you get too close and he will shoulder 
barge. Every now and then he will stop to taunt and this will give you a bit 
of breathing room. When you get his energy bar down about half way, he will 
bring out his trademark hammer. This is where things get a little hairy. He 
can swing that thing with some ease and it will do some hefty damage. Just 
keep on with staying out of his way and shooting stuff at him. Sometimes he 
will spin with his hammer outstretched all the way around the arena. You must 
do two long jumps to get away, then a double jump at the end if needed. If 
you keep this up then he will go down with a bit of luck. All that's left to 
do is FINISH HIM! Sit back, watch the end scene and give yourself a pat on 
the back for a hard fight well fought!

Alternate Strategy (Thanks to Matt Chesser):

Shang Tsung: I dodged most of this fellow's attacks (as this American can't 
block worth a damn) when he was in his base form, and really nailed him when 
he transformed. I was very reticent about throwing Kung Lao's hat at him when 
Shang wasn't transformed into someone else, as it seems to me that Shang can 
get the fireballs out faster than Kung Lao can throw his hat. However, when 
Shang Tsung elects to transform, killing him now becomes elementary. I 
learned to be incredibly cautious in this fight, as I'd need a lot of health 
for Kintaro and Shao Kahn.  
Kintaro: The big baddie. While not harder than Shao Kahn, he's certainly not 
much easier... unless you learn to be cautious, and watch for openings. The 
big key here that I discovered, playing Kung Lao - not sure how well it 
applies to Liu Kang, was to throw the hat only when Kintaro was moving about 
- this meant he couldn't fireball me in return. When Kintaro starts to jump 
in the attempt to crush you (when he jumps really really high off the screen), 
the easiest way I found to beat him was to move to the spot where he jumps 
from - he'll never land back where he started.  
Shao Kahn: This fight seemed easier than it should have been. For the first 
half of the fight, as you said, no tricks - fireball/hat him to death. When 
Kahn pulls out the big mallet, the fun really begins. Now all of his dash 
attacks have a tad extra range, but as you should have been staying around 
the perimeter of the arena, this shouldn't matter very much. When Kahn takes 
the hammer and starts whirling about with it, that's when the fight really 
begins - this move can take off about 25% of your total life bar if you're 
fully hit by it. However, beating this is rather elementary - beat him down 
from the air. I used Kung Lao's jumping Dive Kicks. Doing it this way, at the 
worst I took one hit, and at the best none at all.


VIII. Smoke Missions

Aah, Smoke, the illusive character from MK II. He is found in the Living 
Forest area, where you come across the second set of stone statues in the 
area with the waterfalls. To get to him throw one of the stone statues into 
the rock that is blocking the doorway. He has 5 tasks for you to complete and 
I am assuming you know your way around the game pretty well by now. If not go 
back and check the guide. Once you complete each task you must head all the 
way back to him each time to get a new one.

Mission 1: Break the walls in the Soul Tombs. In the soul tombs, go through 
the door with the green symbol above it. Here you need to throw the enemies 
through the wall at the back to reveal 4 direction arrows (A fatality FYI).

Mission 2: Find the Shrine. When you first enter the Wu Shi Academy at the 
start of the game, you go past the wall of spikes to an intersection at the 
end and you went right remember? Well this time you need to go left over the 
spike pit and use your Fist of Ruin (B) and go through. In this new area go 
up to the big double doors and it will give a message.

Mission 3: Perform 3 sacrifices in the torture room. Back to the Soul Tombs 
again I'm afraid. In the main area a new door has opened with a huge skull 
above it. In here there is a corridor which leads to a room. Here there is a 
pit in the middle and on 3 of the walls is a different hole with spikes in. 
Your job is to throw an enemy into each of these. The easiest way of doing 
this is stand right underneath them and wait for an enemy to come to you. 
When they do, throw them up and you should get a confirmation sound and you 
go to the next.

Mission 4: Throw an enemy into the purple portals in the Portal area. Go to 
the Portal area. When you are on the other side, keep to the right as you go 
forwards and take the first right. Long jump over the gap and go up the step 
and you will see the first of the portals in front of you. Get one of the 
foes around and throw him into it. Go back to the gap you jumped across and 
go down it. Here there is the second portal in the back of the area. The best 
thing to do here is kill the two Shadow Priests so you're just left with the 
one foe. Stand next to the portal and wait for the foe to come to you and 
throw him in. If you mess this up, go through the blue portal and back to 
make them come back.

Mission 5: Survive in the frozen wasteland. For this final test you must go 
through the portal that has opened to the far right of Smoke. Here you are on 
the bridge of The Pit Level from MK II. All you have to do is kill every foe 
that comes at you, making sure to throw at least one off the bridge for a 
cool cut scene. When they are all dead return to Smoke.

IX. Ermac + Mileena (For when you've completed the game)

Ermac - Yes his is in the game and you get to fight him! His is in the Wu Shi 
Academy. Remember early in the guide when you first entered the Wu Shi 
Academy you saw your first Tarkartas with the spikes either side and said 
about the spike pit with the statue? If not go up and have a read. Well go 
over the spike pit and bust the statue and go through the two cliffs. Here, 
go to the left and wall run up the wall to the top. There is a bar here for 
you to jump onto and swing across. Continue on the others to the other side 
and interact with the big statue and the door will open. Go though and 
interact with the Ermac statue at the far left.
	He has all his telekinetic moves so watch out for them. Just pummel 
away, and after a bit he will retreat and raise some boulders to contend with. 
Continue the fight, and eventually he will bring the stone Johnny Cage to 
life! Kill him and then continue to kick his ass all the way down then finish 
him in what is one of the coolest deaths in the game! Sorry you don't get 
anything really useful except concept art and the joy of seeing Ermac.

Mileena - This woman finally meets her comeuppance when she is tracked down 
by you. To find her, go to the Living Forest and go to the first save point 
behind where the vines used to be. Above there, there is a branch that can be 
swung on then a few more after. When you get to the top, jump to the ledge 
then wall climb all the way up. In the next area there is a series of narrow 
walkways, each joined by islands that have foes on. When you get to the end 
you will meet up with Mileena and two Masked Guards.
	There is nothing fancy about this fight, once you have taken out the 
two guards (which I advise you to do) then the fight is yours. Just make sure 
to block and avoid her attacks and she will be dust. This fight however is 
more pointless than the Ermac fight as you will only get experience points 
and no concept art. You don't even get to finish her. Poo. This is a bit of 
fun though and gives you a sense of closure!

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