* Madden 99 FAQ *
Author: Jdude84
E-Mail: Jdude84@Hotmail.com
Version: 1.0

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Version Updates
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1.0 Typed up the whole thing
1.1 Changed the Legal Stuff a bit
1. Controls
2. Game Modes
3. Game Options
4. GameShark Codes
5. Codes
6. Credits
7. Legal Stuff*
8. The End

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1. Controls

* * *Offense* * *

-Before The Snap-
View receivers to the left: Z
View receivers to the right: R
Snap the ball: A
Audible: B, then B,A, or C-Down

-After The Snap-

Move: Control Stick
Dive: B
Speed Burst: A
Juke Move: Z
Lateral: R
Jump: C-Up
Stiff Arm Left: C-Left
Stiff Arm Right: C-Right
Spin: C-Down

Move QB: Control Stick
Bring Up Passing Options: A
Pass To Receiver: A,B, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right
Pump Fake To Receiver: Z+A,B, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right
Throw Ball Away: C-Up

Control Player Closest To Ball: A
Dive For Low Pass: B
Jump For High Pass: C-Up

* * *Defense* * *

-Before The Snap-
Control A Different Player: A
Defensive Alignment Shift: Z
Call Bump And Run Coverage: R

-After The Snap-
Move: Control Stick
Tackle: B
Control Defender Closest To Ball: A
Jump: C-Up
Speed Burst: C-Left
Swim Move: C-Right

* * *Special Teams* * *

Start Kick Meter: A
Aim Kick Left\Right: Control Pad
Kick The Ball: A

Control Kick Returner: Control Pad
Fair Catch: C-Up

2. Game Modes

There are a total of 7 game modes in the game, below is a listing of them all.

Exhibition: Play a preseason game between any two teams.

Season: Play a full 17 week NFL-style season with your favorite team.

Custom Season: The same as season mode, except you can customize what teams you 
play and what the leagues are made up of.

Franchise: Manage your team through multiple seasons, trying to stay as the head 
coach throughout the franchise.

Tournament: Your basic tourney, play a 8 or 16 team tournement.

Fantasy Draft: Play a 4, 8, or 16 team fantasy draft where you draft all the 
players, then play in a tournament.

Practice: DUH, what else could it be besides practice. You can practice set 
plays in this mode. Useful for beginners.

3. Game Options

Below is a list of all the options you can set for the game modes.

QTR Length: Sets the length of each quarter

Skill Level: sets the skill level, either Pro(easy), All Pro(Hard), or 
Madden(Knock you down to the ground mode)

Injuries: Toggles whether players can get injured or not.

Commentary: Toggles wheteher the play by play is heard on\off

Fatigue: Chooses whether fatigue is a factor in game play

Passing Mode: When normal, passing is traditional(see controls), when 
directional it is easier to pass but you do not gain as many yards.

Trade Deadline: When on, you can't make trades after the 6th week in season 
mode, with it off you can make trades till the end of the season.

Player Lock(defense only): When on the player that you select before the snap 
becomes the default player that you control at the start of each play.

Salary Cap: When off, salary cap restrictions does not affect season mode.

Penalty Levels: Changes the frequency of penalties called.

4. GameShark Codes

These codes can be used with gameshark.

Away Team Scores 0: 80084ee10000

Away Team Scores 50: 80084ee10032

Home Team Scores 0: 80082d950000

Home Team Scores 50: 80082d950032
Infinite Time Outs Away Team: 80084ee30003

Infinite Time Outs Home Team: 80082d970003
No Time Outs Away Team: 80084ee30000

No Time Outs Home Team: 80082d970000

5. Codes

These codes can be used at the code entry screen.

TIBURON     All Madden Team
AT MADDEN   All-Star Team  
SIXTIES     1960's team
SEVENTIES   1970's team
EIGHTIES    1980's team
HOWLIE      AFC Pro Bowl 1996-97
LEI         NFC Pro Bowl 1996-97
STATS MEN   Statistical Leaders
ELEC ARTS   EA Sports Team

6. Credits

GameSages - Copied codes from their site, visit them at http://sages.ign.com

InterAct Accessories - Copied the gameshark codes from their site, visit them at 

Me- I wrote the rest of this FAQ!

7. Legal Stuff

You may not reproduce this faq in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction of this 
FAQ without my consent is prohibited, this document is copyright 1999, all 
rights reserved. You can find this FAQ at gamefaqs.com, cheatplanet.com, and 

8. The End

That's it for now, now i'm going to go to the phsyciatric hospital, writing 
these things have driven me crazy. So for now why don't you go and visit some of 
the other FAQs I have written? You can find them all at http://www.gamefaqs.com 

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