Walk through for level 1,2 and 3 Mlission1 Rock Crawler: buy these items 4 Monster Wheel's 2 Sparco racing seat's 1 heavy duty rear axle 1 safety fuel cell 1 heavy duty front axle 4 heavy duty 40 in. coil cover's 2 steel tube's (in raw material's) day1 all u do is look at the diagram. That is what you want it to look like in the end. after you look click the check. day2 buy all the stuff i mentioned up above. Then take apart the bronco as far as possible as you can. day3 take off all the rest of the stuff u didn't get off then make sure u use your helpers at the top to modify your bronco. By the end of day three u should have at least 2 of the quadrille panels. day4 start putting on your modified parts u have from your builders but make sure you keep tour builders working on your parts. if your not done on day5 don't worry cuz u have a hole other day. day6 make sure your engine works and everything plus the most important thing. It stumped me bad make sure u take out every window in the bronco. DON'T LEAVE ANY IN THE CAR !!!! now just go to day7 and paint your car and add and buy stickers and buy the nos if u have to sell your extra stuff u have in ur inventory or at bottom of screen the items down there. if your having trouble with the days going to fast use this cheat "flashback" this allows u to go back 1 day if your having trouble with your money depleting type in "money cheat" it adds 1000 $ but I don't know if these cheats work on every level. They work on first for surefire never used the money cheat so do come crying to me if it don't work lol after u type in the cheat click the light bulb you have to be in the game for it to work Mission 2 Snowmobile: Day1:Check out what it's suppose to look like Day 2 Items to sell: Interior carpet in car (take-out all seats including rear seats and click on the carpet to get carpet into inventory and then then click and drag to the sell button) Door carpets including hatch (click inside of door to get carpet into inventory and then then click and drag to the sell button) Passenger seat (take out and sell by raging from inventory the sell button Things to do to car Take off doors, bumpers, and back hatch. Click where rear seat was and cut chassis frame Things to buy: 1 Right side ski 1 Left side ski 2 Steal Chains 1 Master cylinder for hydraulics' 2 Break levers 3 Aluminum cylinder 2 150HP engines 2 Few sprockets 2 break disc+calipers 4 Short hydraulics' 3 40in. steel tubes 6 40in. angle irons 6 80in. angle irons 4 120in. steel tubes 2 Snow track's On this mission don't waste any time. You have to keep jessie and those guys working. After all the modified parts and engines are put in the car. Remember to put the hatch and bumper back on the car Race Day: when your racing turn on the hydraulics' only when your turning the corners and then turn them off on straight-aways Mission3 Swamp Buggy: (first option) im going to specify what i mean by option on the first day u click the next option button for option 2 but for option 1 just click the check mark. don't even try to sell the interior because it is worth $0 Stuff to buy: 1 Flat 4engine 1 Steel tube 9 Sheet metal 4 Angle iron 1 a b foam 1 Hydraulic Arm Stuff to sell: sell front bumper backseat after you buy all the stuff . take off rear door then front bumper and after parts come in make jessie and the others work. Day2: take the all seats out and remove the interior carpet its worth nothing. take off the hatch and the front bumper. Day3:after you take the hatch door off in between the rear lights there is a little piece that you need to cut out. you should have the modified front bumper on the car. Day4: you should almost be done with all the modified stuff. What i mean is u should almost have it all installed. Day5: after you install all of the modified parts make sure you put the cut off piece and hatch door together. First you have to put the hatch door on the put the cut piece I just said this to make it a little easier to understand. if it isn't tell me lol. Day6: you should be able to put the passenger seat back in don't worry about the muffler for some reason u cant make it with anything it had me stuck but it said i was done so this should be it Day7: have as much fun as you can with that car. i have no secrets for turning on this level or anything just drive