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                                  FAQ v1.35
			*** ALL 40 CUSTOM PARTS ***

I) Contents:
        - Intro to FAQ             
        - Version History          
        - Intro to Game            
	- Items and Controls
	- The Stages and Gold Cards
		Green Garden
		Blue Resort
		Red Mountain
		White Glacier
		Black Fortress
		Rainbow Palace
	- Advanced Techniques
		Winning Gold Cards from Sub Bosses
		Remote Bombs as Staircases
	- Custom Items
	- Battle Mode Information
	- Options
II) Introduction to FAQ
	Bomberman 64 is quite possibly the Nintendo 64 gem of the entire
fourth quarter of 1997.  With it's fabulous single player mode, complimented
by the outstanding mutli-player battle mode, this game has something for
everyone.  The single player mode follows in the "tradition" of Mario 64
inviting you to wander through fully three dimensional worlds completing a
variety of tasks.  This FAQ is primarily to guide you through those worlds,
help you obtain all of the gold cards hidden throughout the game, and find
all of the custom objects that allow you to alter Bomberman's appearance in
the battle mode.
	For questions, comments, and additions to the Custom Item portion of
the FAQ, please email  For questions and comments
regarding any other portion of the FAQ, please email

III) Version History

v1.35 - New map available from for Rainbow 1 and 3
      - Fixed mistake in White 2.
      - Added info for Black 4.
      - Last two custom suits method fixed:
	- The game must be beaten in _3_ hours, not 5.
      - Added small info about winning a battle with custom suits.

     - Revised some strategies
       - Getting Normal gold card 3 in Red 1
       - Getting the fourth gold card from White 4
       - Getting the fourth gold card from Black 2
     - Detailed how to get the Remote item in White 1

v1.25 - Last Hard mode item found by "CRaZy"

v1.2 - Added all updated locations for Hard mode gold cards
     - Updated Custom Items list to 32 items
       - 32 Normal mode item locations
       - 31 Hard mode item locations
     - Changed stage and item info layout.
       - Custom items info in correspoding stages.
     - Revised boss strategies somewhat.

v1.0 - Completely added Rainbow Palace info
     - Completely added Battle Mode info (including the hidden stages!)
     - Greatly improved the Custom items info.
     - Added Options information at the end.
     - Began preliminary information regarding location of gold cards in hard.

v0.9 - Initial release.  
     - Missing Rainbow Palace info
     - Missing Battle Mode info
     - Very rough Custom items info.

IV) Introduction to Game.
	Bomberman's world is being threatened, and a strange hero has appeared
to aid (?) Bomberman in freeing his world from evil's grasp.  Bomberman must
conquer four worlds that are chained to a commanding fifth world.  Bomberman
can tackle the first four world in any order (but a suggested order is give.)
	In each world are four stages.  Two of the stage are full exploratory
stages that Bomberman must battle through and search around to find his way
out and on to the next board.  The other two stages consist of battles with
a stage sub boss, and the stage's final boss.  In every stage, five gold cards
can be obtained by completing certain tasks.  If all 100 gold cards are found,
the ending changes and a six world becomes explorable.
	Also in the exploratory stages, numbers of custom items can be found.
These items add up in the custom menu and allow you to dress Bomberman up in
a multitude of costumes and looks.  You may only use your custom Bomberman in
the battle mode.
        The game can be played in Normal mode or in Hard mode.  In hard mode,
some of the gold card locations have changed, the enemies are faster, and take
a lot more to kill.  If you get a heart in hard mode, if you lose it, it will
not bounce away.  Instead it will simply fade.  The sub bosses don't release
hearts either.  Some of the game is much easier to accomplish with the Full
Power option turned on.  (See Options)

V) Items and Controls.

Bomb - Bomberman once again has a seemingly unlimited supply of bombs.  The
only limitation is that you can lay down only so many at a time.  But
Bomberman has some new tricks this time around.  You can press A to drop a
bomb as usual, and you can press A again, or simply walk into the bomb, to
kick the bomb forward.  Once in motion, you can press the R button to stop
the bomb from moving.  However, if you press and hold B while pressing A, the
bomb will appear in Bomberman's hands.  You can hold the bomb for as long as
you like without fear.  You can toss it away by press B.  You can throw the
bomb three different distances, determined by whether the control stick is
neutral, a little bit forward, or all the way forward.  While in you hands,
you can tap the A button to pump the bomb up into a larger bomb which has
a larger blast radius, and is capable of damaging some structures a normal
bomb can't.

Bomb Item - When Bomberman blows up certain destructible parts of each stages,
he might find one of the power up items.  The Bomb Item is one of the most
common items to find.  By catching it, the number of bombs Bomberman can lay
down at one time increases by one.  Initially, you begin with the ability to
lay two bombs.  By catching enough of these you can lay a maximum of eight.

Fire Item - This is the other very common item.  This will increase the radius
of the explosion from you bombs, allowing you to break objects or damage
enemies (or yourself!) from farther away.  This seems to max out after around
five of these items have been picked up.

Blue Gem - This is a very common item to receive from defeated enemies.  A
blue gem increases you gem count by one.  By sending your count of 50, you
will receive an extra credit.

Red Gem - Just like a blue gem except that it increases your gem count by
five for each one you touch.

Heart - Certain difficult to destroy enemies will give you this item.  By
holding the heart, you can sustain one killing blow without dying.  If you
are hit by something that would kill you, you will flash for a little bit,
signifying that you are invincible, and the heart will pop out and bounce
away.  If you are fast, you have the opportunity to reclaim the heart again.

Remote Item - This looks like a heart with a bomb in it.  By touching this,
you bombs, big and small, are transformed to time bombs that are set off with
the touch of the Z button.  This is an extremely useful tool.  Remote bombs,
once set, will not go off at all until you trigger them with Z.  Just be
careful not to set them off when you're too near by.

Super Bomb Item - This looks like a little bomb surrounded by an explosion.
It is a very powerful item, and it turns your bombs red.  Red bombs, big or
small, can destroy things that even pumped up normal bombs can't.  They also
deal more damage to enemies.  This item can be used in conjunction with the
Remote power up.

VI) The Stages, and the Gold Cards.

Note about the maps:
	It's very hard to depict these maps in the most accurate way possible,
but try to picture the maps being arranged relative to the direction the
camera (not you) is facing when you begin the stage.  (s) is the location at
which you start.

Note about the gold cards:
	For the exploratory stages, as you may have noticed, the fourth card
is always for defeating 30 enemies in the stage.  The 30th enemy destroyed
will drop the card, so make sure you can pick it up from where it's destroyed.
The fifth card is always for beating the board within the stage's target time.
I usually go for the fifth card first, and come back for the other four.  As
of v1.2 of this FAQ, card 4 and 5 are left out to conserve space.

				Green Garden
*** Stage 1 Map:   ___       ___       ___
                  |   |     |   |     |   |
                  |h3 |     | 4e|     | 5 |__
                  | __|     |___|     |___|  |
                  |d  |                  | 6 |
                  | 2c|                  |___|
                  |g _|
                  |f b|
                  | 1 |

Stage 1 - Objective: Touch the four plates that will release the red diamond
from the containment of the green orbs.  Plate one (a) is to the right of 
where you start (s).  You must face the wall opposite the three blue pillars 
and kick bombs underneath the crack at the bottom of the wall, so that they 
hit the wooden pillars that support the grating above.  Once both are taken 
out, go to the opposite side and climb up the staircase to fall in and touch 
the plate.  The next plate (b) is to the right of the crocodile head which, 
when blown up, permits you entrance to the next part of the stage.  Next, go
to the side of the altar opposite the stream to (c) and climb the steps to
touch that plate.  The last plate (d) is often obscured from view by the
bridges, but it is located just below the croc head at the waterfall.  Once
all the plates are touched, the red diamond can be picked up.

Gold Cards: Please note that this board is intended to be one of the harder
boards to pick up all the gold cards from, and you may want to come back and
do it after you've beaten the game (the ending can be very insightful).
	To get the gold cards, your going to need to get the Super Bomb
item, which is very hard to get to in this board and is located at (e).  To
get to room 4, you must access the teleporter found above plate (c).  This
mainly requires that you get the Remote item from beneath the bridge in the
back of room 2, and arranging the bombs so Bomberman can bounce from the low
ledge across the way, up to the staircase.  Read the Advanced Techniques
section below to find out how to do that.
	Once you make it to room four, you will notice a grate held up by
three pillars, and a lot of square platforms rising from the water like so:
                        | 8  5       |
                        | 7  4  2   T  up

Stage 1 - Objective: Race through the streets from room 1 to room 6 while
avoiding any oncoming traffic.  The safest (while not the only) way to get by
is to take the skywalks over the street as far as they will take you.  If you
find yourself back on the street (which will happen a lot), run to one side or
the other to find the ramp leading back to the skywalk.  Once you reach room
6, be sure to go up the purple ramps and blow up the boxes over the entrance.
You'll definitely want the Super Bomb item, but you may find it more helpful to
avoid the Remote item.  You have to fight as boss to get out of this stage.
It locks on to you with guns, fires beams at you, and deposits enemies.  It's
actually very easy to win against it.  Stand at the tail of the symbol on the
floor, and the guns can't reach you.  Keep drop kicking bombs at the center,
and when it's gone, take out the side guns separately.

Gold Card: This board is tough enough without worrying about the cards.
They're all very easy to find.

1) When you leave room 1 to room 2, go through the right side.  The card is
in the pole towards the very end of the room (a).
Hard mode: Same.

2) Likewise, the next card is in the back of room 4 (b).
Hard mode: Same.

3) After you get it, cross to the other side and get the other one (c).
Hard mode: Same.

Custom 1)
Normal: The last pillar before you enter the boss area. It is under the red
walkway on top of a wall. I've heard you can fall on a previous wall, and bomb
jump over to there, or throw a bomb at it from the right to make it fall off
the wall.
Hard: Same.

Custom 2) There is none, there are 3 in Black 3

*** Stage 2 - Strategy: Stage 2 and 4 seem to swap for this level.  This is a
boss like all the other stage 4's.  He'll just pummel you with one attack
after another.  If he shoot's heat seeking missiles at you, be sure to run
from them leaving bombs behind that will detonate the missiles and save you.
Other favorite tactics it has is sending satellites to locate you and try to
capture you in a fire blast, and locking on to you with machine guns.  Keep

Gold Card: It's just like all the other bosses... find the weak spots.
1) Burn the left gun turret
2) Burn the right gun turret
3) Blast the gray blob he puts out at least once.
4) Burn the nose turret.  I thought you had to hit the center part in the air,
but it turns out you can just kick the bombs in front of it, and it will break
5) Defeat the boss by the target time.

*** Stage 3 - Map: N/A

Stage 3 - Objective: Make your way up the tower and find the exit at the top.
You start at the bottom and you'll learn about stepping on the switch plates.
The following will tell you how to make it out of the tower in the shortest
amount of time.  From the start, step on the first switch to your left to
activate the bridge.  Go up the left steps and touch switch two.  Watch out
for the laser beams when going back to the stairs.  Take the right steps now
and time your steps on the red blocks so you are in time with the green light.
Take the elevator up.  Go all the way forward to activate the switch, and come
back to find the elevator to the left of the one you came up in.  Watch out 
for the lasers again.  Blast away the box in the air, and take the next
elevator up.  Touch switch two, and go straight.  Activate switch four, and
dodge the laser beams to get back.  Now hit switch one and take the new
bridges to the elevator.  Make your way over the platforms to the next
elevator.  When you get off, blast open the big door with a pumped up bomb,
safely cross the series of platforms and steps, and make your way to the exit.

Gold Cards: Some of these take a tremendous amount of exploration.

1) The first card is easily found on the second level of the tower, in a box
on the left side of the stage (relative to the way you entered)
Hard mode: Same.

2) The next one is in the room where you had to press switch two, and then
switch four and dodge all the laser beams.  Once back, instead of hitting
switch one, hit switch three, and go the opposite way.  You'll be treated
to one medium, and one very long series of red alarm tiles.  Stay with the
green and if you make it to the back of the room that is all red tiles, bomb
the box you find there for the card.
Hard mode: Same.

3) OK, this one will take a bit to explain...  In the second room where card 1
is, activate the switch and take the elevator up.  But don't take the elevator
you find in the sky.  Instead, bomb the far box and drop down to the raised
platform.  From here, you need to reach the diagonally opposed raised platform
which means bouncing off at least two bombs dropped from the platform to the
dividing pathway two times.  If you make it across, you'll be at the elevator
which you couldn't reach before.  Take it up, and you'll be presented with a
series of platforms separated by elevators.  Make your way to the highest one
from which you can take an elevator to a brand new room.  Once you're there,
cross the blue bridge, and activate the switch.  From there, go back, and move
to your right (if the switch was at your back) and bomb the objects on that
side of the board.  One of them will be the card.  *phew*
Hard mode: Same.

Custom 1)
Normal: On the section with the [.], [:], and [.:] switches, activate
the [.:] (3) switch, and head towards the platform opposite the switches
via the bridge. Make a long bomb bridge and jump from that platform to
the other one. Take the elevator up. Near there a new bridge which would
not normally be there if you too the normal way should be there. It
will lead to the sunglasses.
Hard: Same.

Custom 2)
Normal: Go towards Gold card 3, and go down the stairs that open up after
you hit the switch and make the blue bridge disappear.  Take the elevator
down and blow up the blocks to find the item.
Hard: Same.

Custom 3)
Normal: Near Gold card 2, there is a [::] switch. On a wall right next
to it are a couple blocks. One of them wil have the costume piece.
Hard: Same.

*** Stage 4 - Defeat Altair in battle.  At first he has a counterpart which
will shoot a searing laser in your direction.  One touch and you're dead, so
be especially careful around it.  Altair will run around dropping bombs, and
generally making a lot of mistakes, but you can take him out too.  Once he's
been hurt enough, he and his counterpart will join together and become more
powerful.  All in all, he's still just like one of the sub bosses, and you can
defeat him similarly.  He likes to teleport away from blasts and pumped up
bombs.  Many people report having difficulty in getting all five cards from
him.  It seems to me that he's just like all the other sub-bosses, so I think 
you get one card just for beating him, regardless of the time.  I have never
failed to get all five cards from him.  Make sure you get the big bomb blast,
and big bomb on the head cards _before_ you beat him, not while you do.  In
other words, don't finish him off with one of those attacks unless you already
got the card for that.

Gold Cards: Read about fighting the sub bosses in the Advanced Techniques
section to find out how to win gold cards.
Special card: You get one card just for beating him before he joins with his

				Rainbow Palace
*** Stage 1 Map:         _______                                 
                        |   |cxd|                             
                        |b2   a |   
                                z_            |     |
                             67|  |__     o  o|     |
   x_      _w    v___y    53|        | O |-| o|     |
     | Oo |  |_1|     |42|           ||-||_|_o|     |___     ___s
                                      |_|               |   |    |

ATTENTION!!!  There is now a full map in jpg format available for download
from detailing how to get most of the items in the main
room (not the adjoining room).  I can not help you any more than by making
this map so I will NOT ACCEPT EMAIL containing questions about this stage
any longer.  That includes requests for the map.

Stage 1 - Objective: It's a task that's much harder to do than say.  You need
to activate the switch at (a) to get out of the door at (x).  So start by
going to room 2, and blow up one of the pillars on either side of the platform
to get the Remote item.  Now go back to room 1.  From where you return, go
straight ahead to the ledge that's right in front of the exit (roughly) where
the (w) is.  Kick a bomb to (1), jump across, kick a bomb to (2), jump again,
drop a bomb at (3), kick a bomb to (4), drop a bomb at (5), jump back to the
(y), then turn around and bounce back up to the next ledge.  Drop a bomb at
(7) and the one more at (6).  Bounce all the way back to (y), and turn around
once more and bounce to the switch at (z).  Things to remember:
- These are small bombs, none of them are pumped up.
- Don't push the joystick in the direction you're trying to go once you're
  bouncing.  If you set it up right, you'll bounce there automatically.
Now you just need to (x).  Start by going to the (v) and throwing a pumped
up bomb towards the exit, so that it hangs off the edge.  Throw a small bomb
from (v) only not as far so it lands in front of the big bomb.  Then jump off
(w) and boucne safely to (x).  Good luck...

Gold Cards: In almost every case, you're going to have to sacrifice a life for
each card, so make sure you have more than one life left, and you know how to
get out easily.  Cards 2 and 3 are extremely difficult and meant to be reached
by only the best players who understand the mechanics of bomb jumping best.

1) In room 2, at (b), opposite from where you came in, the gold card is in the
center pillar beyond the gap.  If you want to get it without too much thinking
just blow up a bomb in front of it, pick it up in the gap, and throw yourself
over the edge.
Hard mode: Same.

2 & 3) The next two cards are on either side of the exit and must be reached
by first making it to (e).  After long experimentation, I found a way to get
up there which offers almost constant success.  First, from the very edge of
(z) (the side closest to (s) ) toss a pumped up bomb to the low hanging plat-
form.  Drop down and get a small bomb to land on the higher far platform.  Now
you need to get three bombs bouncing up and down against the high pillar that
you're trying to reach.  If you set it up right, you should bounce off the big
bomb, up to the little bomb, and hopefully right off the highest bouncing bomb
on to the pillar at (e).  From here, you need to figure out how to make it on
to either pathway, left or right, from (e).  Because of the complexity
involved in mapping that out and explaining it, and because I don't want to
take every ounce of challenge out of the game, I'm going to stop here, and let
you figure the rest out for yourself.  But email me if you're really stuck.
It definatly is possible, and you'll never want to have to do it again once
you succeed for the first time.  Keep in mind that it is easiest to kill your-
self once you get the cards, so make sure you have back up lives.  And don't
blow yourself up when you finally get to the pillars...
Hard mode: the card on the left (c) is the same, but the card at (d) has
swapped places with the custom item that used to be behind it.  You can try
to nab them both in one shot, by catching the card if it happens to fall the
right way, but the best way to get it is to head just before the exit and
navigate the floating platforms going right by using the appropriate bombs
and bouncing them into proper position.

Custom 1)
Normal: In one of the pillars at the far end of room 2 on the left
Hard: Same as above only on the right.

Custom 2)
Normal: Same as Hard Gold card 3
Hard: Same as Normal Gold card 3

*** Stage 2 - Strategy: Meet Spellmaker, one of the cheapest bosses in the
whole game.  This dude has a tarot deck and pulls cards out at random which
have different effects:
 6 Red heart:    He will drop items for you (Read note about 1st Gold Card)
11 Green knife:  He'll throw explosive cards at you (Gambit, anyone?)
13 Purple blade: He will slash at you at a certain distance from his body.
15 Blue animal:  His shadow will extend a hand that tries to grab you.
17 Blue moon:    Hands will rain down and try to stomp you.
18 Yellow star:  A gigantic foot will try to stomp you.  Get to a corner.
19 Red light:    A slow moving flaming dragon will hunt you down.
21 Green planet: The light fades and stars drop which will dizzy you.  
Try to get to know each card on sight so you know what to do.  He is extremely
evasive, but that's OK because his vulnerable spot is actually his shadow, not
his body.  So do whatever you have to to get his shadow to connect with a bomb
blast.  The easiest way to do this is to approach him, let him fly off,
predict where he will end up, and toss a pumped bomb at that location before
he lands.  If you aimed correctly, it will explode before he has a chance to
pull away from the blast.

Gold Cards: Again, these are a pain to get in one round, but keep practicing.

1) You get a gold card for free.  Since the Spellmaker was so genorous,
don't be greedy, as he'll look for any reason to take it back... such as
taking one of the items he might give you in the course of the fight.
2) Burn his cape.  This can be done by trying to get lucky and placing the
bombs where you know he won't move from (especially if the purple blade card
comes up, he's rooted to the spot until it's over) or you can try to get it
at the same time as card 3.  Read on.
3) Burn his head.  You might be wondering how on earth that is possible since
he always flies away.  It is possible to get him to appear in the floor any
time that you want him to (although he will during some of his later spells).
Pump up a bomb and run towards him so he flies to a new spot.  Meet him at the
new spot and toss the bomb at his head just as he lands.  If you did it right,
he will dematerialize out of his cape, and his shadow will reappear somewhere
else.  Using the same strategy of predicting his motion, try to drop a pumped
up bomb at a place where he will stop, and if his head if still in the ground
when the bomb explodes, there's a very good chance you'll get this card, as
well as card 2.
4) During spell 15 Blue animal, you need a bomb to eplode in the shadow hand.
If you're confident, you can drop a bomb just before the new card is shown to
you.  If you see card 15 Blue animal, just stay by the bomb as long as you
dare, and if you placed it at the right time, it will blow up just as the
hands fingers rise out of the ground.
5) Beat the boss by the target time.

*** Stage 3 Map:                 ______
                                | d| s |
				|2  a1 |

ATTENTION!!!  There is now a full map in jpg format available for download
from detailing how to get most of the items in the main
room (not the adjoining room).  I can not help you any more than by making
this map so I will NOT ACCEPT EMAIL containing questions about this stage
any longer.  That includes requests for the map.

Stage 3 - Objective: This one is fairly straightforward.  There are four
switches in each corner of room 1 that must be activated so you can exit.
Getting to them however, is another story.  Go for the two on the left
of room 1 first, then the two on the right.  I'm not going to go into detail
on how to reach each one.  By now, you should be really good at getting good
old B-man up step blocks.  Reread Stage 1 of Rainbow Palace if you're still
not sure.  The trick to getting started is using the little steps that lead
nowhere as a way of boosting yourself up to the first step.  Once you have
the two on the left, getting to the right side of the room will require a
lot of smart bomb placement.  But most importantly, there are grey pillars 
which seem to block your way to the steps on the right, but think about
whether they are really blocking you or not.  Again, email me if you're
stumped, but I think if you got this far, you can figure this one out too. :)
And do be careful with the enemies that roam around in there.  Most aren't
so bad, but the blues take a lot of hits, and can really screw up your
strategy, so get rid of them.

Gold Cards: I guess they figured since your brain will hurt so much from
solving this board, (and you never want an experience like looking for the
gold cards in stage 1 ever again), they made the gold cards really simple to

1) The first card is right next to those little steps.  Get one bomb to
explode in the steps, and the block ahead of them will reveal the card.
Hard mode: Now you have to go out to room 2 and cross the platforms going
right from where you entered.  You'll have to be quick if you don't have Full
Power activated since you won't yet have the Remote bombs (they can only be
found on the platform beyond in room 2 in Hard).  Once you're on the major
platform, build a bomb bridge leading from the platform to the upper ledge
beyond.  The card is in one of the pillars.

2) This one is in the pillar to the left of the exit stage...
Hard mode: Same.

3) ...and to the right as well.
Hard mode: Same.

Custom 1)
Normal: The same or near Hard Gold Card 1.
Hard: The sae or near Hard Gold Card 1.

Custom 2)
Normal: The same or near Hard Gold Card 1.
Hard: The same as Normal Gold Card 1.

*** Stage 4 - Strategy: OK, it's one on one (at first) with your so called
ally.  There are two rounds to this fight.  The first round consists of you
fighting on a small square area.  The enemy will fly off, pick a row to fly
along, and blast a laser along that line.  You're generally safe all the way
up front, or all the way in the back.  Then he will fly from the top
somewhere, to the middle of the board and land.  From there he will either
stalk you or fly off again and repeat the pattern.  There are two ways to
damage him at this point.  One is to pump up a bomb, stand in the back, and
wait for him to try to land.  If you predict where he will land, and throw
the bomb there early enough, it will probably go off in time to hit him.  Now,
he's not very smart, so when he drops bombs, he always tries to get close to
you, so position yourself so that there are bombs between you and him, and he
will inevitably walk into them.  If you don't want him to fly away, you have
to stay very close to him.  If he's been down for a good period of time, and
some distance is put between you, he'll fly off again, so use that your
advantage.  After enough hits from bombs (and it takes a lot... you may want
to consider the strategy listed for gold card 1) there is a short animation
	During round 2, Regulus joins the fight.  (If you die in round 2, and
it's not game over, you start in round 2, with any gold cards you may have
collected, so don't worry).  Now the two of you generally duke it out in the
room trying to stay alive.  The enemy has two new attacks, a dash attack which
is mostly harmless, and a blast ray.  The blast ray can be devistating, so be
on the look out for the animation where he prepares to open fire.  Finish the
guy off, and you just won the game.  Get ready for new animation sequences
during the ending credits.

Gold Cards: Don't worry, I won't refer you to the Advanced Techniques this
time, but most of them are similar.
1) Defeat the enemy in round 1 by 10000.  The fastest, although not the
easiest, way to do that is to get him dizzy and toss him off the edge, but
this takes extreme skill.  You need to stay close to him so he doesn't fly
away, kick a bomb at him while he's near the edge, and pick him up facing the
edge.  If you're really fast enough to do all that, you may not even have to
throw him, since he'll push off you when you've run out of time to hold him.
If you were facing the edge when he does that, you've did it.  He'll fall off
the side of the screen and act as though he was defeated.
2) Bounce a pumped up bomb off the enemy's head during round 2.
3) Hit the enemy with a pumped up bomb during round 2.
4) Keep Regulus alive until the end of the fight.  He has a high tendancy to
wade right into the enemy's blast ray.  He's stupid, what can I say?  Just
don't add to the damage he tends to receive during the course of the fight.
5) Defeat the boss by the target time.

VII) Advanced Techniques

Winning Gold Cards from Sub Bosses:  Apart from the obvious gold card won by
beating the sub bosses within the target time, the other cards can be won by
performing some of the following standard tricks:
i)   Bounce a pumped up bomb on their head.
ii)  Hit them with a blast from an exploding pumped up bomb.
iii)  Some sub bosses have a special attack that can be countered (see
individual sub boss descriptions for each).
iv)   In most cases you get a card just for beating them.
Remember that when hit, sub bosses release hearts.  Make sure you have one at
all times if possible.

Using Remote Bombs as staircases: When you watch the ending, one of the 
sequences you see shows you how to set up a bomb staircase.  If you
arrange pumped up and normal bombs like so (with o being small bombs, and
O being large bombs):   O O o
			O o o O o	you can jump off the small bomb and
bounce all the way up to the two large bombs.  It comes in handy particularly
in the first stage in Green Gardens with the teleport to the Super Bomb item,
and the teleporter in the first room.

VIII) Custom Items 

Current Part Count: 40! (100%)

Please note that the actual location of each custom part is in their
corresponding stages, if applicable.

If you go into a battle mode wearing a complete set of items and win,
Bomberman will issue a different victory cry.  Some examples are when
he wears the complete Knight, Dragon, and Cat suits.  This FAQ will not
contain a list of all victory cries, but do try to find them all for
yourselves.  They're cute.

Special Thanks to
 Mark MvEvoy for the US names to these costume pieces and locations.
 Dr. Midget for locations of a couple parts.
 Everyone else who emailed me with part locations.
 John Owen and Bomber-V for the notice about the second to last parts.

- HEAD Costume Pieces - [Red (?)'s]

Knight Helmet - Given to you at the beginning
Dragon Head   - Green 1 
Iron Goggles  - Red 1
Cat Hood      - Blue 1
Pony Tails    - Rainbow 3
Sunglasses    - Black 3
Chicken Head  - White 1
Samurai Head  - Beat the game with 120 gold cards.
Clown Smile   - Beat the game under 3 Hours
Gold Visor    - Beat Hard mode with 120 gold cards under 3 Hours

- BODY Costume Pieces - [Purple (?)'s]

Knight Armor  - Given to you at the beginning
Dragon Mail   - Green 3
Iron Armor    - White 1
Cat Suit      - Blue 3
Dress         - Black 3
Duck Float    - Rainbow 1
Rocking Horse - Red 3
Shogun Kimono - Beat the game with 120 cards.
Karate Ware   - Beat the game under 3 Hours 
Gold Armor    - Beat Hard mode with 120 gold cards under 3 Hours

- ARMS - [Green (?)'s]

Knight Sword    - Given to you at the beginning
Dragon Gloves   - Green 1
Iron Nuckles    - Blue 1
Cat Paws        - Rainbow 1
Slash Claws     - Red 1
Drill Arms      - Black 1
Chicken Wings   - White 3
Fan             - Beat the game with 120 gold cards.
Boxing Gloves   - Beat the game under 3 Hours 
Gold Gloves     - Beat Hard mode with 120 gold cards under 3 Hours 

- FEET - [Yellow (?)'s]

Knight Shoes  - Given to you at the beginning
Dragon Spikes - Green 3
Iron Sneakers - White 3
Cat Paws      - Red 3
High Tops     - Blue 3
Duck Feet     - Rainbow 3
Bunny Socks   - Black 3
High Heels    - Beat the game with 120 gold cards.
Clogs         - Beat the game under 3 Hours 
Gold Boots    - Beat Hard mode with 120 gold cards under 3 Hours 

	The last two sets must be obtained by beating the game under 3 hours.
It is not 5 hours as was first believed.
	The best way to pull this off though, is to start a new game, play 
each exploratory stage twice, once to get the target time card, and again to 
get the other 4.  If you ever die or mess up, reset the game, and start over.  
This is much easier to accomplish if you have the Full Power option activated 
(although you may not want it for every board).  Also note that for the second 
to last part in each catagory, it is NOT necessary to get all 120 cards, but 
you do need the first 100 to reach the Rainbow Palace.  Once inside, just play 
as fast as you can, unless you're in hard mode going for the final part.
	If you're going for the final suit, good times for completing each
world is as follows:
Green, Blue, Red, White: 15 - 20 minutes, 25 worst case...
Black, Rainbow:          20 - 30 minutes, 35 worst case...
	Few early boards should take you longer than 30000 on the clock.

IX) Battle Mode info

	The battle mode is one of the best multi-player games for the N64 
around.  It is simply pure fun mixed with madness.  In Single Battle mode,
The objective is simple: be the last one alive.  You can blow up your enemies, 
force them in to traps, pick them up and chuck them when they're dizzy, or win 
by sheer luck and survival.  
	In team battle, the objective is a little different.  Each player joins
one of two teams, and the game is played a lot like capture the flag.  Each 
team has a gem represented by their team's color.  The goal is to protect your
gem and bomb the opposing team's.  Each gem can be picked up by any member of
any team.  The first team to bomb the other team's gem five times is declared
the winner.  Bombed gems will disappear and reappear somewhere else on the
screen at random.

There are different stages to choose from, as well as different options.  In
each stage, are objects which can be blown up to reveal power up items.  All
the power ups that you can recieve in the single player mode are available to
you in the multi-player mode with the exception of the Remote item.  In
addition, there are two more items:
- Curse: The Bomberman traditional curse reappears.  The effects are the
standard array of things you really don't want, such as becoming very large
and slow, or not being able to drop bombs, or not being able to stop dropping
them, etc.  It appears as a skull.  You will flash yellow breifly if you touch
one.  Curses CAN BE PASSED ALONG to other players by tagging them.
- Magic: (I didn't know what else to call this...) Magic appears as a blue cat
face with pink eyes.  Once a player (not a ghost) touches it, it affects every
player still alive.  It can summon a tornado, give everyone power bombs, make
everyone large and slow just to name a few.  The effects run out after a while
to everyone at the same time.  Grab this is you want to make things a lot more

Options: In the options screen, you can custom tailor the battles.
BATTLE: This sets the number of wins needed to win the entire game.
        [1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  3 is the default]
TIME: This sets the amount of time the game lasts.  If more than one player is
      still alive when this time runs out, the game is a draw.
      [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, or unlimted.  2 is the default]
SUDDEN DEATH: If this is ON, when the game is down to 59 seconds left, the
              battle goes to sudden death.  Each stages Sudden Death is
              described in the stage section.
	      [ON or OFF.  ON is the default]
GHOSTS: When this is ON, players who have died can come back to haunt the
        remaining players (a great way to get revenge on whoever killed you).
	To haunt a plyer, simply touch him and you will be in control of him
	for approximatly one or two seconds before you will be thrown off.
	During that time, you are in complete control of that character.
	Ghosts can be killed, but keep coming back until Sudden Death is

When chosing the players, each player can be set to a human player, a
computer controlled player, or to off to eliminate that player from the
battle.  Human players may at this time select their custom designed
Bomberman outfits to run around the course in.  Computer controlled players
have selectable artificial intelligence levels (from 1 to 3).

The Stages: When you start the game, there are 6 selectable stages.  There are
four hidden ones which can be brought out in one of two ways:
1) When you are on the "Adventure, Battle, Custom, Option" menu screen, you
can rapidly press the start button as fast as you can (which is much easier to
do if you have a joystick with a slow motion feature) until you hear a chime
indicating that the hidden stages are out until you reset the game.
2) If you beat Stage 6-4, the first two hidden stages are saved into the game,
and if you collect all 120 cards, the last two are saved as well.  You will
not have to do 1) once you complete these tasks.

STAGE 1: Rock Garden - This is the simplest stage out of them all.  Bomb the
rocks for items.  No gimmicks.
Sudden Death: Look out for the unseasonal meteor showers, they can be killer.

STAGE 2: Up and Down - This stage has three levels to it.  It is rather easy
to slip off the edge and die by drowning, so be careful.  Players may want to
try to dominate the upper platform.
Sudden Death: Either you're sinking, or the water is rising.  Either way, you
better get to the top quick.

STAGE 3: Pyramid - This multi-layered board provides lot of excitement at very
little risk of falling off and dying.  All power ups are found in the bricks
at the bottom of the screen.
Sudden Death: The polar ice caps must be melting or something.  Who ever heard
of a pyramid in the middle of the ocean anyway?

STAGE 4: Greedy Trap - The name says it all.  Power ups are stored in the
center location of the board.  It's very easy to fall in and get to them.
Getting out through the limited access ways is another story.
Sudden Death: Nothing is going to stop these walls from closing in and
crushing anything in their path.

Stage 5: Top Rules - If you can stay on the top planks, you have a pretty good
shot at the other players.  But the good stuff is in the pit at the bottom.
Sudden Death: There's nothing sudden about the way the walls close in on you.

Stage 6: Feild of Grass - Welcome to obscurity.  No one has been around to cut
the grass in a while, and as a result, it's gotten quit high.  This tends to
make it harder to make out where exactly people have planted bombs that are
lying in wait for you.  If you're not the brave type, stick to the sides where
everything is visible.  But you'll miss all the power ups.
Sudden Death: It's that menacing meteor shower again.  This can be a very
upsetting end to a tough game.

				*** HIDDEN STAGES ***
Stage 7: In the Gutter - There's a neat little trick to this board.  When the
bird on the center pillar faces left or right, the current of the water that
you stand in will flow in that direction, sweeping all the bombs, as well as
the players along to one side or the other.
Sudden Death: Those grates are going to comb the water until it drags up some
bodies.  Especially deadly when that current is flowing.

Stage 8: Sea Sick - That's what you'll be after watching this stage for a
while.  The deck of the ship you're on will sway back and forth trying to
disorient you from the task at hand.
Sudden Death: Why those meteors don't completely sink the ship and everyone
on board, I'll never understand.

Stage 9: Blizzard Battle - Welcome to the field of snow.  Like the Field of
Grass stage, your view of the playing field is very obscured, and you're in
even more trouble, because there are no elevations to take refuge in.  And if
that weren't enough, the wind has a nasty habit of blowing you into one of
the corners of the screen.
Sudden Death: Can you say avalanche?  Watch in awe as the largest snow fall
you've ever seen sweeps across the stage from either direction.

Stage 10: Lost at Sea - You knew ice would end up in the picture somewhere.
Here it is.  You also get a very nice scenic look at the going ons of the
undersea world.  Avoid slipping by hugging an edge.
Sudden Death: This must be a very desolate planet to get ravaged by all of
those meteor showers to frequently.

When you first start the game, only two options are available to you.  After
playing more and completing certain tasks, the other three will open up
for you.

Sound: Mono or Stereo, take your pick

Throw Bombs: Ordinarily you would control the distance that your bombs travel
when you throw them by how much you've pushed you analog stick (either all the
way, part of the way, or not at all), but you can instead choose to determine
that by the duration of your B button pressing.  You can either very quickly
tap the button, press it and release quickly, or hold it down for the varying
degrees of distance.  If you get the hang of it, it may allow you to do some
precise throwing without risking a life by falling over the edge because you
had to move the joystick forward in order to throw.

Music: This appears after you complete the first four worlds and have access
to the fifth.  It is the music preview option.  Sample the soundtracks of the

View (Credits): This appears after you beat stage 6-4 for the first time.  Now
if there's a scene that you might want to see again to find out any hints, you
can select this instead of having to go through another entire battle.  No, 
you can't veiw anything else besides the credits.

Full Power: This appears after you've obtained all 120 cards.  By turning this
on, Bomberman will start every single stage with Super Remote maxed out bombs.
Is this cheating?  Maybe...  Will it help you in hard mode?  You better
believe it.  A lot of the bosses will become much more difficult to nail, thus
making the gold cards harder to achieve.  This just may tip the scales for you
so give it a shot if you can't do it normally.

*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************