Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes FAQ
For Arcade/Naomi
v1.1 (May 1, 2000)

This document Copyright 2000 Robert Iu 

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The Street Fighter series and the Capcom characters are Copyright Capcom Co., 
Ltd. and Copyright Capcom U.S.A., Inc.  The Marvel characters are Copyright 
Marvel Characters, Inc.  Strider Hiryu is Copyright Moto Kikaku.  All rights 

Thanks goes to the people on #capcom, especially DannyCat, Dasrik, Viscant, fLoE 
along with for providing the most current info on the game, 
MadMan's Cafe ( for keeping me updated on the game, and 
Ford City for having this game so quickly.

The newest version of this FAQ can be found at:

1.1: finished unlocking order (might have two characters switched), added 
movelist to rest of characters, damage tiers, and updated various stuff
1.0: big update; added unlocking order, colors, snapbacks, assists, more Jill, 
Silver Samurai info (big thanks to DannyCat again)
0.9: some corrections and a note added to DC users
0.8: found character move lists from Capcom's secret stash!
0.7: added more Hayato, Anakaris comments, some info on Wolverine-2
0.6: added some Chun-Li info, US DC date, and more various character comments

0. Notes
1. When is it coming out?
2. Who are the characters in the game?
   A. How are the hidden characters unlocked?
   B. What does those gold boxes around the characters mean?
   C. Hidden/alternate stages
3. What's changed?
   A. Attack buttons
   B. Assist buttons
      a. Snapback
      b. Duo/Triple Hyper Combo
   C. How do you switch characters?
      a. Delayed Hyper Combos
      b. Crossover Counters
   D. Misc.
      a. Damage Tiers
4. Characters
   A. New Characters
   B. Old Characters
   C. Abyss

0. Notes
     This FAQ focuses on the US arcade version of the game. This will not 
mention anything on the 'D' 'V' and 'N' points thing on getting the hidden 
stuff. (BTW, check out as CJayC has put up 
a hacked VMU with all the secrets unlocked; believe me, that's probably the only 
reasonable way so far.) This FAQ also assumes that you've at least played Marvel 
vs. Capcom and the other Vs. games. I didn't want to fluff this FAQ too much by 
adding stuff most people already know.

1. When is it coming out?
     It's already out in various places across the country starting 3/16/00. 
Check the arcades in your area. For you importers, the release date for the 
Japanese Dreamcast was moved up to 3/28/00. The DC US version had a date of 
5/02/00, but that has since been pushed back to July. I've also heard that it 
won't be out until September.

2. Who are the characters in the game?
     There were thought to be 52 characters in the arcade version of the game 
and 40 for the Dreamcast version originally. But it seems that all 56 are going 
to be in there even thought there are 52 boxes. On the Japanese Dreamcast 
version, more boxes reveal themselves when you unlock past the 40 original ones. 
This list is for the arcade version:

     Capcom               Marvel
     ------               ------
     Akuma                Cable
     Amingo               Captain America
     Anakaris             Cyclops
     BB Hood              Dr.Doom
     Captain Commando     Gambit
     Guile                Hulk
     Hayato               Iceman
     Jin                  Juggernaut
     Morrigan             Magneto
     Ruby Heart           Marrow
     Ryu                  Shuma Gorath
     Sonson               Spider-Man
     Strider Hiryu        Venom
     Zangief              Wolverine

and 28 need to be unlocked:
          Capcom          Marvel
          ------          ------
Block 1:  Cammy           Omega Red
          Jill            Psylocke
          Sakura          Rogue
          Tron            Storm

Block 2:  Chun-Li         Iron Man
          M.Bison?        Silver Samurai
          Megaman         War Machine
          Roll            Wolverine-2

Block 3:  Charlie         Blackheart
          Dan             Colossus
          Dhalsim         Sabretooth
          Ken             Spiral

Block 4:  Felicia         Sentinel
          Kobun           Thanos

It seems like Capcom will give all 56 to both the DC and Naomi versions. You can 
try to make out the hidden characters during the intro for the game, which shows 
all the characters or their outline if they are still hidden.

     A. How are the hidden characters unlocked?

     The US version is not using the VMU from the Dreamcast at all. I think 
their reasoning was that people will mess with it in the arcades here or that 
people won't really bother with it at all. The hidden characters are unlocked by 
Exp.(experience) points that is shown on the character selection screen and 
title screen. Each coin/token put into the machine gives you one experience 
point (this may vary depending on the operator's setting.) Points are also given 
in what seems like set time intervals (like every 10 hours the game is on, 100 
exp is added.) This is so that even a machine in a smaller place will eventually 
get the characters unlocked. Hitting the service trigger to cheat this system 
may I have heard works, sorry about me saying it didn't before. Every 400 exp 
raises the Lv.(level) by 1 and does something.

  Lv.1   400 Exp Marvel character gets unlocked
  Lv.2   800 Exp gold box around a random character
  Lv.3  1200 Exp gold box
  Lv.4  1600 Exp Capcom character gets unlocked
  Lv.5  2000 Exp gold box
  Lv.6  2400 Exp gold box
  Lv.7  2800 Exp Marvel character get unlocked
  Lv.8  3200 Exp gold box

So basically you get Marvel character, gold box, gold box, Capcom character, 
gold box, gold box, Marvel character, ect. There seems to be an order to the 
unlocking of characters. First the characters in block 1 are unlocked 
(alternating between Marvel and Capcom characters) and then 2 and so on. What I 
have listed for Block 1 and 2 are confirmed from various machine across the 
country. Block 4 is a guess from the DC version. The unlocked characters just 
become selectable on the selection screen without any notice or message.

     B. What does those gold boxes around the characters mean?

     The thing now is that we think the gold boxes mean that the character now 
has two more color that can be chosen (with the Assist buttons.) Whoopee! In 
other words, the gold boxes are generally useless.

     C. Hidden/alternate stages

     No word on any of the stages that are in the DC version being unlocked in 
any arcades so far. 

3. What's changed?

     A lot...

     A. Attacks buttons

     Jab     Fierce    Assist 1 
      _         _         _
     (_)       (_)       (_)
      _         _         _
     (_)       (_)       (_)
    Short  Roundhouse  Assist 2

     The biggest change is the new setup of the buttons. If you don't know yet, 
the Strong and Forward buttons are gone and are now the Fierce and Roundhouse. 
In place of Fierce and Roundhouse are the assist button, Assist 1 and Assist 2. 
Most are guessing the main reason for this change was to conform to the standard 
Dreamcast controllers, which were horrid for playing MvC. Another reason may be 
that doing allowed for Capcom to put things into the game like Snapback and 
assist characters, without having players worry about hitting the wrong two 
buttons. The change isn't too bad, most players adapted after a few games.
     The Strong and Forward attacks can still be done, usually inside a combo. 
This is because the Jab and Short also double as Strong and Forward. Strider for 
example can hit Jab-Short-Jab-Short-Fierce-Roundhouse and the second time the 
Jab and Short are hit his Strong and Forward from MvC will come out. For a 
character like Ryu who had a Weak to Strong chain, pressing Jab-Short would 
result in a Jab-Forward coming out for him, because he can't chain a Short after 
his Jab. 
     So for most characters, doing the 'full' air combo would now require 
launching and then hitting Jab-Short-Jab-Short-Finisher.
     Some of those who have launchers that is either Strong or Forward can also 
do them by holding down-forward on the controller and hitting either Fierce or 
Roundhouse, depending on what your character has for a launcher. And if your 
character's old launcher was either a Strong or Forward like Zangief's then you 
done have to chain into their launcher.

     B. Assist Buttons
     Remember how in Marvel vs. Street Fighter you can call your partner to 
assist you with Strong + Forward? Well, that's what the main use of the Assist 
buttons are for. As you all should know by now, there are 3 characters on your 
team. After picking each of your character, you are given a choice of 3 assist 
types. Some of these are pretty obvious (Projectile type, Anti-Air type, Dash 
type, Heal type, ect.) Others such as Variety type, Expansion type and Balance 
type, are less descriptive in what they are (Expansion is 'movement' in the 
Japanese import.) After you pick them, you cannot change them until you lose and 
choose your team again. With the Assist buttons you call your first character 
under the main life bar out with Assist 1 and the bottom character with Assist 
2. This can be used at almost any time you can do a move except while you are 
Super Jumping. This mean you can do it while sitting back charging with Guile, 
while you are in the middle of a chain combo, anytime you can buffer into 
something, right as you are jumping at or over an opponent, ect. After using an 
Assist, you have to wait for the 'Assist OK' over the assist character you had 
just used to go away before calling another assist or switching out with that 
character. I don't think you can ever have all three characters on screen at the 
same time except during a Triple Hyper Combo. Using your assists characters is 
one of the key thing you most likely will have to be good at to be good at this 
game. Be careful though, your assist character seems to take extra damage when 
hit, but all done to them is red (aka recoverable) damage. But they cannot be 
thrown (or autocomboed?) I know Jill's Tyrant super fails after the initial hit, 
but Maximum Spider worked. There is a limit of one assist during a combo.
          a. Snapback
          QCF + Assist 1 or 2 will do your character's Snapback attack. You will 
have a light effect coming from you as you do a normal move. This uses up one 
super level and is a blockable attack that if connects will force your 
opponent's current character out and force in another character, depending on 
which Assist button you used (Assist 1 to force his middle character in, Assist 
2 to force his bottom character in.) The character forced out is also unusable 
for the opponent until the red 'X' over the life bar has gone away. Some 
characters can combo these in. These may also becoming important as we learn 
more about the game and may become one of the main ways to stop people from 
overusing their assist characters.
          b. Duo/Triple Hyper Combo
          Pressing both Assist 1 and Assist 2 may do either a super, duo super, 
or triple super. It will make use of as many characters and super meter as it 
can. If you have only 1 character left and 5 levels of meter you get a regular 
super since there are no more characters left to do more, if you have all three 
characters but only 1 level of super meter you still get a regular super because 
you don't have enough meter to do more. If you have 2 characters and 2 or more 
levels you'll get a Duo Super using 2 level of meter up. Having 3 characters and 
3 or more levels will allow you to do a Triple Super using 3 levels up. Doing 
these DO NOT switch your character out like it did in the previous versus games. 
These generally do not do enough damage to warrant the use of 3 levels, as you 
do not switch your character out. Also, the supers you do depend on which assist 
type you picked for your characters.

     C. How do you switch characters?
     Hitting Jab + Short will tag out your character and tag in you middle 
character. Hitting Fierce + Roundhouse will tag in your bottom character. 
Tagging in has been made fairer now. Where in MvC a blocked tag in usually meant 
eating a super and hitting with your tag in only resulted in a little damage 
done. Now if you hit with your opponent with a tag in, they get popped up 
allowing you to combo them. They can roll out once they hit the ground so it's 
best to hit them before then (duh.)
     To switch the starting character before a match, hold either Assist 1 to 
switch with your middle character or Assist 2 to switch with the bottom 
character when the screen showing you and your opponent's characters in a 
hexagon right before the match.
          a. Delayed Hyper Combo (DHC)
          I put this under here because this is probably the best way for you to 
tag in characters in this game. To do this, while you are doing a super (it can 
be anytime from when you start it until the background changes back to normal.) 
Let's say you have Ryu, Morrigan, and Captain Commando (in that order). Ryu does 
his super fireball, anytime during it you can do QCF+PP to have Morrigan jump in 
and do her Soul Eraser or QCF+KK to have her do her Darkness Illusion. There are 
a few things to consider here, first off, you most likely would want to wait as 
long as possible before canceling to get the most out of Ryu's super. Then 
depending on how far the opponent is from you the Darkness Illusion may or may 
not connect. But you may want the Darkness Illusion over the Soul Eraser because 
you can cancel into CapCom's Captain Sword while she has them up there or maybe 
you want to do a Captain Storm after a Soul Eraser (Note: I'm not sure if these 
would actually connect, this is just a scenario I made up.) Some of these DHC's 
do insane damage (I know Guile-Captain America-Gambit has one that does 70-80% 
and 99% on Akuma and Strider.) These will most likely replace the duo team 
beating from MvC as the cheapest way to do damage. You can only do up to 3 super 
this way and Level 3 supers are included (this is probably why 5 levels of super 
is the max.) The last character doing this stays in.
          b. Crossover Counters (b, db, d + Assist 1 or 2)
          Another relatively safe way to switch your character. Works the same 
as previous, while blocking an attack do the motion (the assist button you use 
determines who comes out, Assist 1 for your middle character and Assist 2 for 
your bottom character) and you character will tag out and your partner will come 
and do an attack. The assist type you pick determines what the character does 
for their counter. And yes, these can be super cancelled into supers.

     D. Misc.
     Super canceling from the PSX EX games are now doable. Just do a special 
move and before the character recovers do that character's super. Push blocking 
is now done with the 2 Punch buttons and Super Jumping can be done with the 2 
Kick buttons. There is no Easy Mode to pick from anymore (or at least the 
default settings don't have it.) Throws are harder to do off someone's jump-in 
attack. The announcer is very reminiscent of the Alpha 3 announcer. The music 
for the game is jazzy, elevator music sounding. The backgrounds are awesome, too 
bad it only make the characters look so much worse in comparison. You play 7 
stages against the computer before reaching Abyss. There is only one universal 
ending for all characters. There are also no win quotes or pose points. The 
computer will use the hidden characters once they are unlocked, but not before.

          a. Damage Tiers (thanks to CJayC for this info)
Most Damage taken to least:
135: Akuma, Kobun, Roll, Wolverine-2
125: Anakaris, Spider-Man, Strider, Wolverine
115: Marrow, Morrigan, Sonson
110: Cammy, Dan, Dhalsim, Felicia, Iceman, Psylocke, Shuma Gorath
105: BB.Hood, Chun-Li, Hayato, Jill, Ken, Magneto, Megaman, Sabretooth, Spiral, 
100: Amingo, Cable, Captain Commando, Charlie, Cyclops, Gambit, Guile, Iron Man, 
Jin, M.Bison, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Sakura, Venom, War Machine
90: Captain America, Dr.Doom, Omega Red, Rogue, Silver Samurai, Thanos, Tron
85: Blackheart, Juggernaut, Hulk, Zangief
80: Colossus
75: Sentinal

4. Characters

   QCF: fireball motion
   QCB: hurricane kick motion
   DP: dragon punch motion
   RDP: reverse dragon punch motion
   HCF: half circle forward
   HCB: half circle back
   Hunter aka zigzag
   Weak to Strong aka Stronger
   OTG: Off the ground

     A. New characters

        a. Amingo
           Daiti no Kodomo (Child of Ground) (grab): QCB + K
           Daiti no Kodomo (Child of Ground) (attack): QCF + K
           Midori no Kanki (Joy of Green): QCB + P
           Kaze no Sakeb (Scream of Wind): QCF + P (air)
           Shokubutsu no Okite (Law of Vegetation): QCB + PP
           Taiyou no Megumi (Sun's Blessing): QCF + KK
           A-Heal Type: Life Up vegetable, slow / Taiyou no Megumi
           B-Enhance Type: Defense Up plant / Taiyou no Megumi
           C-Balance Type: Midori no Kanki / Taiyou no Megumi
        Launcher: C.Strong and C.Forward
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Ground Chain: Weak to Strong
        Air Chain:
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
        Colors (Hat/Pants):
           Jab: Blue/Yellow      Fierce: Red/Blue       A1: Purple/Yellow
           Short: Purple/Brown   Roundhouse: Blue/Red   A2: Red/Yellow
     His beanstalk super connects after his launchers. His maraca super seems 
useless for now as it does little damage and is blockable and kind of slow. He 
drops a plant on the ground and it goes across the screen. Supposedly if mashed 
right, it does a lot of damage. His normals are good as they have good range and 
hit multiple times.

        b. Anakaris
           Coffin Fall: d, d + P or K (air)
           Cobra Blow: b, f + P (air)
           Mummy Drop: QCF + P (air)
           Royal Curse: QCF + K in air
           Pharaoh Magic: Roundhouse, Jab, d, Short, Fierce
           Pharaoh Coffin Fall: d, d + PP
           Pharaoh Illusion: Jab, Jab, f, Short, Fierce
           Pharaoh Cobra Blow: b, f + PP
           A-Ground Type: Cobra Blow / Pharaoh Cobra Blow
           B-Throw Type: Mummy Drop / Pharaoh Illusion
           C-Variety Type: Coffin Fall / Pharaoh Coffin Fall
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Yellow/Blue   Fierce: Green            A1: Brown
           Short: Pink/Red    Roundhouse: Red/Yellow   A2: Monochrome
     Still have not gotten the hang of this guy. His Pharaoh Coffin Fall seems 
useless and his Pharaoh Cobra Blow seems blockable even after the opponent gets 
hit by the first wave of attack (it hurts assist characters when mashed though.) 
I read somewhere that timing the button presses is key to getting the most of 
out this super. His Pharaoh Illusion causes him to go into the background and 
you control his hands by using the attack buttons. Jab make the left hand hit 
sideways, Fierce makes the right hand hit sideways, Short makes the left hand 
hit downward and Roundhouse makes the right hand hit downward. You can still be 
hit while in this super. Weird character when compared to the rest of the cast. 
Royal Curse turns everybody into the same thing, a small straw doll.

        c. B.B. Hood
           Smiling Missile: Charge b, f + P or K
           Happy Missile: Charge d, u + P or K
           Shy Strike: QCB + P
           Cheer of Fire: DP + P (air)
           Cruel Hunting: QCF + PP
           Beautiful Memory: HCF + KK
           Apple For You: HCB + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Smiling Missile / Cruel Hunting
           B-Anti-Air Type: Cheer of Fire / Cruel Hunting
           C-Variety Type: Shy Strike / Cruel Hunting
        Launcher: S.Forward
        Snapback: f, f + Fierce
        Ground Chain: Hunter
        Air Chain: 
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: Red      Fierce: Purple      A1: Dk. Blue
           Short: Blue   Roundhouse: White   A2: Black
     She can double jump. Her Cruel Hunting does massive block damage. Fierce is 
good for jumping in on and her Roundhouse attacks are landmines that have good 
range and knocks the opponent away. Not sure if she's better as a keep away 
character or offensive character.

        d. Cable
           Viper Beam: QCF + P (air)
           Psimitar: DP + P
           Electro Trap: QCB + K (air)
           Psy Charge: HCB + P
           Crack Down: QCF + K
           Hyper Viper: QCF + PP (air)
           Time Flip: QCF + KK (can hit opponent while clone attacks)
           A-Projectile Type: Viper Beam / Hyper Viper
           B-Anti-Air Type: Psimitar / Hyper Viper
           C-Variety Type: Electro Trap / Hyper Viper
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
        Ground Chain: Weak to Strong
        Air Chain: 
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: Blue       Fierce: Lt. Green   A1: Dk. Green
           Short: Purple   Roundhouse: Olive   A2: Dk. Blue
     Primary a keep away character thanks to the long recovery after his 
projectile attacks. His Fierce make him shoot his gun, which can be canceled 
into Viper Beam, which if hits can be super canceled into his Hyper Viper for 
insane damage. The air version of his Hyper Viper is much better than the ground 
version as there is almost no start-up and recovery (see DHCable combo on

        e. Felicia
           Delta Kick: DP + K (air)
           Rolling Buckler: QCF + P, P or K
           Sand Splash: QCF + K
           Cat Spike: DP + P
           Dancing Flash: QCF + PP
           Please Help Me: QCB + KK
           Hyper Sand Splash: QCF + KK
           A-Expansion Type: Delta Kick / Hyper Sand Splash
           B-Ground Type: Sand Splash / Hyper Sand Splash
           C-Variety Type: Cat Spike / Hyper Sand Splash
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: C.Forward
        Ground Chain:
        Air Chain: 
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
        Colors (Hair/Fur):
           Jab: Blue/White    Fierce: Black/Orange     A1: Grey/White
           Short: Red/White   Roundhouse: White/Pink   A2: Red/Black

        f. Guile
           Sonic Boom: Charge b, f + P
           Somersault Kick: Charge d, u + K (Air d, u + K)
           Sonic Hurricane: QCF + PP
           Somersault Strike: QCB + KK
           Crossfire Blitz: Air, QCF + KK
           A-Anti-Air Type: Somersault Kick / Somersault Strike
           B-Projectile Type: Sonic Boom / Sonic Hurricane
           C-Balance Type: Sonic Boom / Somersault Strike
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: f + Fierce
        Ground Chain: Weak to Strong
        Jumping Chain: Weak to Strong
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: Olive Green   Fierce: Grey        A1: Olive Green w/tan
           Short: Purple      Roundhouse: Brown   A2: Purple w/tan
     All of Guile's super can be comboed into. On the ground you can chain 
anything into S.Fierce or S.Roundhouse into either super, preferably Sonic 
Hurricane. For his air combo he can connect with all 6 hits or can go into his 
air super. I use to do it after a Jab-Short-Strong-Forward chain, but it being 
blocked 25% of the time and he being open afterwards I just try do finish the 
chain which does almost the same damage and leads to an OTG in the corner. He 
can OTG after his Roundhouse air throw. His Somersault Kick, if blocked usually 
knocks the opponent too far away for them to hit him before he recovers. By far 
one of the better characters in the game so far.

        g. Hayato
           Siden: QCF + P
           Guren: DP + P (air)
           Plasma Combo: b + Jab, Jab, Jab or Fierce, Jab
                       : b + Jab, Jab, Jab or Fierce, Roundhouse , Jab, Jab
                       : b + Fierce, Jab, Fierce, Short or Fierce, Fierce
           Shirotora Hou: b, f + PP
           Dive Pierce: air d + Roundhouse
           Rasetsu Slash: QCF + KK
           Crescent Moon: QCF + PP
           Plasma Field: QCB + KK (air)
           B.Hayato (Level 3): Jab, Fierce, b, Short, Roundhouse
           A-Expansion Type: Siden / Crescent Moon
           B-Anti-Air Type: Guren / Rasetsu Slash
           C-Balance Type: Siden / Rasetsu Slash
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse (2nd hit)
        Ground Chain: Weak to Strong
        Air Chain:
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: White/Grey     Fierce: White/Red         A1: Red
           Short: White/Blue   Roundhouse: White/Brown   A2: Black
     Think Strider mixed with Ryu. Not too great as his moves have enough 
recovery time for opponent to counter. Decent reach thanks to his sword. Plasma 
Field makes him turns bluish for a limited time and it gives him the ability to 
use supers without using meter when the bubble hits the opponent. This can be 
comboed in after his air combo-Guren. He can even do his Level 3 with less than 
3 levels while it is in effect.

        h. Jill ('?' next to Guile)
           Kinsetsu Sentou A (Close Combat A): QCF + P (air) (Fierce version can 
be held)
           Grenade Launcher: DP + P (can be held)
           Kinkyuu Kaihi A (Emergency Evasion A): QCB + K (Short for zombie that 
holds opponent, Roundhouse for exploding zombie)
           Kinkyuu Kaihi B (Emergency Evasion B): QCF + Short (dog)
           Kinkyuu Kaihi C (Emergency Evasion C): QCF + Roundhouse (bird)
           Ousen Shageki (Return Fire): HCB + P (Beretta counter-attack)
           Kinsetsu Sentou A+ (Close Combat A+): QCF + PP (air)
           Code: T-002: QCB + KK
           Rocket Launcher: QCF + KK
           A-Heal Type: Life Up herb, fast / Rocket Launcher
           B-Dash Type: Close Combat A / Close Combat A+
           C-Projectile Type: Grenade Launcher / Rocket Launcher
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
        Ground Chain: Weak to Strong
        Air Chain: Weak to Strong
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: Blue     Fierce: Orange/Yellow    A1: Brown/Grey
           Short: Pink   Roundhouse: Blue-Green   A2: Grey
     Mostly a pixie character though you can kind of set up a Captain Commando-
like keep away game with her 'helpers.' She can combo into her charging super 
very easily on the ground and in the air after most moves. She has no limit on 
how many 'helper' attackers are on screen, so if you want she can have the dog, 
bird, a zombie, and an assist character onscreen at the same time. Her Grenade 
Launcher isn't much of a projectile and is more so anti-air. Her Rocket Launcher 
works kind of like Proton Cannon where if it hits as she brings it out, it'll 
connect fully, otherwise it is very avoidable (she even falls back afterwards 
like Chun-Li does in Pocket Fighter.) Her Tyrant super is insanely hard to hit 
with as you have to have the opponent the right distance from you, on or very 
close to the ground and not blocking. Right afterwards, you can do her Rocket 
Launcher to hit Tyrant into the opponent for a little more damage. Her zombies 
along with her animal attacks can be hit down, in fact you, your animal, and 
your assist character can knock your zombie over and it'll stay on the ground 
for a bit grabbing the opponent if they get near just like they do in the 
ResEvil series. Her zombies come in from behind you and keep moving forward 
really slowly. She can OTG after her Roundhouse either into Close Combat A or 
Short-C.Fierce-AC. Her Fierce Close Combat A can be charged much like Megaman's 
Mega Buster. Not really worth it as she loses her launcher and gets more 
recovery after the move. Holding down the button after the Grenade Launcher 
increases the range of it.

        i. Kobun
           Kobun Fire: QCF + P (air) (can be held)
           Call for Help (Rush!): QCB + Jab
           Call for Help (Seize!): QCB + Fierce
           Call for Help (Air!): QCB + K
           Robot Attack: QCF + K
           Lunch Rush: QCF + PP
           King Kobun: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Call For Help (Rush!) / Lunch Rush
           B-Anti-Air Type: Kobun Fire (up) / King Kobun
           C-Balance Type: Kobun Fire (forward) / Kobun 'Legion'
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: C.Roundhouse
           Jab: Blue      Fierce: Pink             A1: Red
           Short: Black   Roundhouse: Blue-green   A2: Purple
     Wow, and you thought Roll was small. It is not as small as it looks as some 
moves that looks like it should miss, don't on it. Almost no range what-so-ever 
on most attacks. What Kobun does for his Lunch Rush depends on what his assist 
is. A Type gives you the regular Lunch Rush, B Type gives you the stepwise drop 
of Kobuns and C Type gives you the Kobun Legion.

        j. Marrow
           Boneerang: QCF + P (air)
           Towering Spine: DP + P
           Ricochet Slash: QCB + K
           Ride & Slash: HCB+P (air)
           Stinger Bones: QCF + PP
           Bone Buster: QCB + PP (air)
           A-Projectile Type: Boneerang / Bone Buster
           B-Anti-Air Type: Towering Spine / Bone Buster
           C-Expansion Type: Ricochet Slash / Stinger Bones
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Ground Chain: Hunter
        Air Chain:
        Super Jump Chain: Hunter
           Jab: Green    Fierce: Lavender        A1: Grey
           Short: Blue   Roundhouse: Lt. Green   A2: Purple
     A pixie character. Has a double jump. Her Boneerang stays in place for a 
bit and allows her to zone. Has the potential to replace Wolverine for a combo 

        k. Ruby Heart
           Schwarzalle: QCF + P, direction + P, direction + P (air)
           Sublimation: QCF + K
           Fantome: QCB + K
           (Anchor): HCB + P
           (Hyper Schwarzalle): QCF + PP (air)
           Barutoneeru: QCF + KK
           Miru Fantome: QCB + KK
           Tooru Do Maji: Roundhouse, Jab, d, Short, Fierce
           A-Anti-Air Type: Sublimation / Barutoneeru
           B-Capture Type: Fierce Anchor / Miru Fantome
           C-Enhance Type: Power Up / Hyper Schwarzalle
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors (Hair/Suit):
           Jab: Blonde/Blue   Fierce: Pink/Brown       A1: Blonde/Green
           Short: Grey/Blue   Roundhouse: Grey/Olive   A2: Red/Dk. Purple
     Her Schwarzalle and Hyper Schwarzalle can be redirected with a direction + 
P (up to 2 times for regular and I think 5 times for super.) Try to control it 
so you land safely. Her Tooru Do Maji is when she drops a barrel on you. It 
seems to be 'timing' super where you have to hit the right buttons at the right 
time to get the max damage out of it.

        l. Sonson
           Fuusetuzan (Wind-slash Beheading): Tap P (air)
           Sienbu (Child Monkey Dance): QCF + P (air)
           Seitenrengeki: DP + P (air)
           Wall Run: RDP + K (P to jump off, K to kick)
           (blockable throw): HCB + P
           Creep Advance: HCF + K
           Tenchi Tsuukan (Pass Through Heaven and Earth): QCF + PP (air)
           Saruou (Monkey King): QCB + PP (Jab to punch low, Fierce to punch 
high, K to spit fire)
           POW: QCF + KK
           A-Heal Type: Life Up fruit / Saruou
           B-Projectile Type: Sienbu / Saruou
           C-Anti-Air Type: Seitenrengeki / Tenchi Tsuukan
        Launcher: C.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Red        Fierce: Green      A1: Pink
           Short: Yellow   Roundhouse: Blue   A2: Purple
     Money King super can do a lot of block damage with her fire breath. The 
stick super will hit the opponent with the stick on the way up. POW, well, it 
can be use against jump-ins but is risky otherwise very hard to connect and does 
too little damage.

        m. Tron ('?' next to Ryu)
           Command Shot: QCF + P
           Bonne Strike: QCF + K (air)
           Kobun Launcher: DP + P
           Lunch Rush: QCF + PP
           King Kobun: QCB + PP
           A-Throw Type: Fierce throw / Lunch Rush
           B-Anti-Air Type: S.Forward / King Kobun
           C-Projectile Type: C.Strong / King Kobun
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Green    Fierce: Purple      A1: Grey
           Short: Pink   Roundhouse: Olive   A2: Lt. Pink
     Her Command Shot is slow in coming out and if it hits, holds the opponent 
in place for a bit. Lunch Rush works kind of like Command Shot where she shoots 
the opponent to lock them in place for the rush. If you have her Throw Type 
assist, do it by doing a team super (Assist 1 + Assist 2) instead of QCF + PP, 
because the serve bots will come out even if you don't hit the opponent with the 
gun. A lot of her normals are like Jin's where they seem like special moves.

     B. Old characters

        a. Akuma
           (fireball): QCF + P (air)
           (dragon punch): DP + P
           (hurricane kick): QCB + K (air)
           (dive kick): In air QCF + K
           (super fireball): QCB + PP (air)
           (super dragon punch): QCF + PP
           (super hurricane kick): QCF + KK
           Shun Goku Satsu (Level 3): Jab, Jab, f, Short, Fierce
           A-Projectile Type: fireball / super fireball
           B-Anti-Air Type: dragon punch / super dragon punch
           C-Expansion Type: hurricane kick / super hurricane kick
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: f + Fierce
           Jab: Red/Black      Fierce: Red/White        A1: Blonde/Purple
           Short: White/Grey   Roundhouse: Orange/Red   A2: White
     Takes more damage yet again. But can play a good keep away game. Supposedly 
one of the better character as he has easy to do damaging combos (C.Short-
C.Forward-Roundhouse hurricane kick-super air fireball) and can run. He has his 
hurricane kick super from the SF3 series (QCF + KK.)

        b. Blackheart
           Dark Thunder: HCF + P
           Inferno: HCB + P
           Armageddon: QCF + PP
           Judgment Day: QCB + PP (air)
           Heart of Darkness: QCF + KK
           A-Ground Type: Dark Thunder / Judgment Day
           B-Anti-Air Type: Inferno / Heart of Darkness
           C-Launcher Type: S.Strong / Armageddon
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: C.Strong
           Jab: Blue         Fierce: Black          A1: Purple
           Short: Lt. Blue   Roundhouse: Dk. Blue   A2: Dk. Purple
     Move list is unchanged from MvSF. He loses his Strong and Forward attacks 
at will which were apparently some of his best moves. Sorry not too much info, 
didn't use him before and not using him now. Has an air dash.

        c. Cammy ('?' next to Strider)
           Cannon Drill: QCF + K (air)
           Cannon Spike: DP + K
           Cannon Strike: In air QCB + K
           Cannon Revenge: HCB + P
           Hooligan Combination: QCB + K
           Spin Knuckle: QCF + P 
           Spin Drive Smasher: QCF + KK
           Killer Bee Assault: QCB + PP (air)
           Reverse Shaft Breaker: QCF + KK
           A-Anti-Air Type: Cannon Spike / Spin Drive Smasher
           B-Dash Type: Cannon Drill / Spin Drive Smasher
           C-Expansion Type: Spin Knuckle / Killer Bee Assault
        Launcher: C.Fierce, S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Lt. Blue   Fierce: Dk. Blue   A1: Magenta
           Short: Green    Roundhouse: Pink   A2: Black suited,
                                              deep tanned Cammy...
     She can air combo into her Killer Bee Assault (now QCB + PP) after a Cannon 
Spike and continue with an OTG. Has a double jump. Fast character.

        d. Captain America
           Shield Slash: QCF + P (air)
           Stars & Stripes: DP + P
           Charging Star: QCF + K
           Cartwheel: HCB + P
           Final Justice: QCF + PP
           Hyper Charging Stars: QCF + KK
           Hyper Stars & Stripes: DP + PP
           A-Projectile Type: Jab Shield Slash / Hyper Charging Star
           B-Anti-Air Type: Stars & Stripes / Hyper Stars & Stripes
           C-Dash Type: Charging Star / Hyper Charging Star
        Launcher: C.Fierce, S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Blue      Fierce: Shiny Lt. Blue   A1: Shiny Dk. Blue
           Short: Green   Roundhouse: Shiny Grey   A2: Dk. Blue
     Pretty much can be played the same as his MvC counterpart except for losing 
the S.Strong as anti-air. No ground level Shield Slash, Jab version goes strait 
ahead. His Jabx3 -> double jump air combo is still there; just that you have to 
time it now or else his Strong comes out. Still has Short-Forward-Hyper Stars 
and Stripes. His Dash Type assist is great for countering beam traps.

        e. Captain Commando
           Captain Fire: QCF + P
           Captain Corridor: QCB + P
           Captain Kick: QCB + K
           Commando Strike (Sho): QCF + Short
           Commando Strike (Genity): QCF + Roundhouse
           Commando Strike (Hoover): QCF + Short + Fierce
           Captain Sword: QCF + PP
           Captain Storm: QCF + KK
           A-Ground Type: Captain Fire / Captain Sword
           B-Anti-Air Type: Captain Corridor / Captain Sword
           C-Expansion Type: Captain Kick / Captain Sword
        Launcher: C.Strong, S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Blue    Fierce: Lt. Green   A1: Black
           Short: Red   Roundhouse: Gold    A2: Pink
     Seems to play the same but it looks like he is easier to get in on now that 
you can abuse assist characters. S.Roundhouse into Captain Sword still works 
along with Captain Storm into Captain Sword. Comboing into the Captain Storm 
after a C.Fierce is much easier. The Captain Corridor assist is hella good.

        f. Charlie
           Sonic Boom: Charge b, f + P
           Somersault Kick: Charge d, u + K
           Moon-sault Slash: In air u, uf, f + K
           Crossfire Blitz: QCF + KK
           Sonic Break: QCF + PP
           Somersault Justice: QCB + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Sonic Boom / Sonic Break
           B-Anti-Air Type: Somersault Shell / Somersault Justice
           C-Balance Type: Sonic Boom / Somersault Justice
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: f + Fierce
        Colors (Vest/Pants):
           Jab: Yellow/Blue   Fierce: White/Blue        A1: Green/Tan
           Short: Red/Grey    Roundhouse: Yellow/Grey   A2: Red

        g. Chun-Li ('?' under Captain Commando)
           Kikouken: QCF + P
           Tenshou Kyaku: DP + K
           Hyakuretsu Kyaku: Tap K (air)
           Hyenshuu: HCB + K
           Kikoushou: QCF + PP
           Senretsu Kyaku: QCF + KK
           Hazantenshou Kyaku: DP + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Kikouken / Kikoshou
           B-Anti-Air Type: Tenshou Kyaku / Hazan Tenshou Kyaku
           C-Expansion Type: Hyenshuu/ Senretsu Kyaku
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: f + Fierce
           Jab: Blue     Fierce: Green     A1: Purple
           Short: Pink   Roundhouse: Red   A2: Black
     Old df + Roundhouse is now db + Roundhouse. Her head stomp is jump d + 
Roundhouse. You can no longer chain a Fierce or Roundhouse after her head stomp. 
Her air super from MvC seems to be gone now. Fierce no longer combos into her 
Senretsu Kyaku.

        h. Colossus
           Giant Swing: QCF + P (air)
           Power Tackle: QCF + K (air)
           Super Dive: QCF + PP (air)
           Super Armor: QCB + PP
           A-Dash Type: Short Power Tackle / Super Dive
           B-Anti-Air Type: Roundhouse Power Tackle /Super Dive
           C-Launcher Type: S.Roundhouse /Super Dive
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Red        Fierce: Dk. Red       A1: Salmon
           Short: Yellow   Roundhouse: Lt. Red   A2: Magenta
     Horridly animated, but insanely powerful.

        i. Cyclops
           Optic Blast: QCF + P (air)
           Gene Splice: DP + P
           Cyclone Kick : QCB + K
           Optic Sweep: f, df, d + P
           Rapid Punches: Charge b,f + P, tap P or K
           Running Neckbreaker Drop: Charge b,f + K
           Mega Optic Blast: QCF + PP (air)
           Super Optic Blast: QCB + PP
           A-Projectile Type: Jab Optic Blast / Mega Optic Blast
           B-Anti-Air Type: Gene Splice / Mega Optic Blast
           C-Expansion Type: Cyclone Kick / Mega Optic Blast
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Blue     Fierce: Faded Blue     A1: White
           Short: Grey   Roundhouse: All Grey   A2: Grey with glowy
                                                    green trim...
     He's much improved over his MvSF counterpart; Mega Optic Blast does great 
block damage again and can be done in air now with him slowly falling during it. 
Supposedly another good character because of his keep away game with assists and 
his J.Roundhouse. Iceman kills him, as Iceman takes no block damage from most of 
his attacks.

        j. Dan
           Gadoken: QCF + P
           Koryuken: DP + P
           Dankuu Kyaku: QCB + K (air)
           Premium Sign: QCF + K
           (rolling taunt) QCF or QCB + Start
           Shinkuu Gadouken: QCF + PP
           Kouryuu Rekka: QCF + KK
           Hisshou Buraiken: QCB + KK
           Chouhatsu Densetsu: QCF, QCF + START
           Otoko Michi: Fierce, Short, b, Jab, Jab
           A-Projectile Type: Gadoken / Shinkuu Gadoken
           B-Anti-Air Type: Koryuken / Koryurekka
           C-Variety Type: Premium Sign / Hisshou Burai Ken
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Pink       Fierce: Purple          A1: Yellow
           Short: Orange   Roundhouse: Lt. Green   A2: Lt. Blue
     Can do Gale Kick in air now. His Level 3 super, Otoko Michi, now does very 
good damage when mashed.

        k. Dhalsim
           Yoga Fire: QCF + P (air)
           Yoga Blast: HCB + K
           Yoga Flame: HCB + P
           Yoga Teleport: RDP or DP + PP or KK (air)
           Levitate: QCB + KK (air)
           Yoga Inferno: QCF + PP (air)
           Yoga Strike: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Yoga Fire / Yoga Inferno
           B-Ground Type: Yoga Flame / Yoga Inferno
           C-Anti-Air Type: Yoga Blast / Yoga Inferno
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse (close)
        Colors (Skin/Clothes):
           Jab: Brown/Yellow     Fierce: Brown/Blue   A1: Dk. Brown/Blue-green
           Short: White/Purple   Roundhouse: Lavender/Yellow   A2: Grey/Pink
     He can now chain his weak attacks to a strong attack. I guess this makes up 
for him losing his pokes with Strong and Forward.

        l. Dr. Doom
           Plasma Beam: QCF + P (air)
           Photon Shot: HCB + P (air)
           Molecular Shield: HCB + K
           Flying: QCB + KK (air)
           Photon Array: HCB + PP (air)
           Electric Cage: QCF + PP
           Sphere Flame: QCF + KK
           A-Variety Type: Photon Shot / Photon Array
           B-Anti-Air Type: Molecular Shield / Sphere Flame
           C-Projectile Type: Plasma Beam / Electric Cage
        Launcher: C.Fierce, S.Forward
        Snapback: S.Strong
           Jab: Blue-green    Fierce: Dk. Green   A1: Dk. Blue
           Short: Lt. Green   Roundhouse: Brown   A2: Lighter Green 
     His Sphere Flame combos after his launcher. His Electric Cage looks sort of 
like Chun-Li's super puffball only it moves forward as a small fireball and then 
gets bigger when it hits.

        m. Gambit
           Kinetic Card: QCF + P (air)
           Trick Card: QCB + P
           Cajun Slash: DP + P (Short+ Fierce for old Fierce version)
           Cajun Strike: Charge d, u + K
           Cajun Escape: Charge d, u + P, b or f then P
           Royal Flush: QCF + PP
           Cajun Explosion: QCB or QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Kinetic Card / Royal Flush
           B-Expansion Type: Jab Cajun Slash / Royal Flush
           C-Launcher Type: C.Fierce / Royal Flush
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Tan      Fierce: Brown           A1: Purple
           Short: Grey   Roundhouse: Grey with   A2: Cyan
                                     purple hair
     Plays pretty much the same, without his infinite of course. Might be more 
recovery on his Jab Cajun Slash.

        n. Hulk
           Gamma Tornado: HCB + P
           Gamma Slam: QCF + P
           Gamma Charge: Charge b, f + K
           Anti-Air Gamma Charge: Charge d, u + K
           Gamma Wave: QCF + PP
           Gamma Crush: QCB + PP
           Gamma Quake: QCF + KK
           A-Ground Type: Jab Gamma Slam / Gamma Wave
           B-Dash Type: Gamma Charge / Gamma Crush
           C-Anti-Air Type: Anti-Air Gamma Charge / Gamma Quake
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors (Skin/Shorts):
           Jab: Green/Red     Fierce: Green/Blue             A1: Lt. Grey/Blue
           Short: Grey/Blue   Roundhouse: Lt. Green/Orange   A2: Green/Purple
     His C.Fierce launcher is better and his Gamma Charge has also improved. 
Comparable to how he was in MSF.

        o. Iceman
           Ice Beam: QCF + P (air)
           Ice Avalanche: QCF + K (air)
           Ice Fist: QCB + P
           Arctic Attack: QCF + PP (air)
           A-Projectile Type: Ice Beam / Artic Attack
           B-Variety Type: Ice Avalanche / Artic Attack
           C-Balance Type: Ice Beam / Artic Attack
        Launcher: C.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Bluish          Fierce: Dk. Bluish    A1: Greenish
           Short: Also Bluish   Roundhouse: Pinkish   A2: Also Greenish
     No block damage from most 'energy' projectile attacks, another insane keep 
away game (starting to see pattern here?), and a fast dash is making him one of 
the best characters so far. He only seems to have one super, Arctic Attack (QCF 
+ PP) but it can be easily combo off his air combo or S.Fierce. Ice Beam is a 
very good assist as it nullifies any of you opponent's and their assist's 
projectiles. I have no idea what doing Ice Fist adds to you (better range or 
power maybe?)

        p. Iron Man ('?' right of Hulk)
           Unibeam: QCF + P (air)
           Repulsor Blast: HCB + P
           Smart Bomb: Short + Fierce (air)
           Flight: QCB + KK
           Kneedive: In air d + Roundhouse
           Proton Cannon: QCF + PP
           A-Projectile Type: Unibeam / Proton Cannon
           B-Anti-Air Type: Repulsor Blast / Proton Cannon
           C-Launcher Type: S.Roundhouse / Proton Cannon
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Red/Yellow      Fierce: Red/Orange         A1: Red/White
           Short: Blue/Yellow   Roundhouse: Red/Lavender   A2: Orange/Lt. Green
     He is like how he was in MSH. He cannot chain after the knee dive.

        q. Jin Saotome
           Saotome Typhoon: Charge b, f + P
           Saotome Crush: HCB + K
           Saotome Dynamite: Charge d, u + P
           Blodia Punch: QCF + PP
           Blodia Vulcan: QCB + PP
           Saotome Cyclone: QCF + KK
           A-Expansion Type: Saotome Typhoon / Saotome Cyclone
           B-Anti-Air Type: Saotome Dynamite / Blodia Punch
           C-Launcher Type: S.Strong / Blodia Punch
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: C.Fierce
           Jab: White          Fierce: Red/Black         A1: Pink/White
           Short: Black/Gold   Roundhouse: Green/White   A2: Blue/Yellow
     He is better because his air Roundhouse drill attack hit more times making 
them safer. He can combo into his Saotome Cyclone after his launcher. C.Strong-
Blodia Punch is still there but is harder to connect.

        r. Juggernaut
           Earthquake Punch: f, df, d + P
           Juggernaut Punch: HCF + P
           Juggernaut Body Press: HCF + K (air)
           Cytorak Power-Up: DP + PP
           Juggernaut Headcrush: QCF + PP
           A-Ground Type: Earthquake Punch / Headcrush
           B-Dash Type: Juggernaut Punch / Headcrush
           C-Variety Type: Body Splash / Headcrush
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: f + Fierce
           Jab: Brown    Fierce: Lavender    A1: Orange
           Short: Grey   Roundhouse: Green   A2: Red
     Headcrush comes out fast and does great damage. Almost anything bigger than 
a Jab or Short blocked, mean a Headcrush. If you can, mash it for the 8 hits. 
It's hard to do but the damage is well worth it.

        s. Ken
           (fireball): QCF + P (air)
           (dragon punch): DP + P (air)
           (hurricane kick): QCB + K (air)
           (forward roll): QCB + P
           Shouryureppa: QCF + PP
           Shinryuken: QCF + KK
           Shippuujinrai Kyaku: QCB + KK
           A-Anti-Air Type: dragon punch / Shinryuken
           B-Projectile Type: fireball / Shoryuu Reppa
           C-Expansion Type: hurricane kick / Shoryuu Reppa
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Red        Fierce: White        A1: Purple w/tan
           Short: Yellow   Roundhouse: Purple   A2: Green
     A hurricane kick in an air combo does insane damage if it fully connects.

        t. M.Bison
           Psycho Shot: HCF + P
           Double Knee Press: HCF + K (air)
           Psycho Field: HCB + P
           Warp: DP + P or K
           Head Press: Charge d, u + K
           Somersault Skull Dive: Charge d, u + P or P after Head Press
           Psycho Crusher: QCF + PP (air)
           Psycho Explosion: HCB + PP
           Knee Press Nightmare: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Psycho Shot / Psycho Crusher
           B-Variety Type: Psycho Field / Psycho Crusher
           C-Expansion Type: Scissor Kick / Knee Press Nightmare
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Red      Fierce: Dk. Red     A1: Dk. Grey
           Short: Blue   Roundhouse: White   A2: Black/Gold
     Gains a new super, Psycho Explosion (HCB + PP) which is an enhanced version 
of his Psycho Field.

        u. Magneto
           E.M. Disruptor: HCF + P (air)
           Magnetic Blast: In air u, uf, f + P
           Hyper Gravitation: HCB + K (air)
           Magnetic Force Field: HCF + K
           Flight: QCB + KK
           Magnetic Shockwave: QCF + PP
           Magnetic Tempest: QCF + KK (air)
           A-Projectile Type: E.M. Disruptor / Magnetic Shockwave
           B-Capture Type: Hyper Gravitation / Magnetic Tempest
           C-Launcher Type: C.Fierce / Magnetic Tempest
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Red/Lt. Purple   Fierce: Purple           A1: Red/Dk. Purple
           Short: Blue           Roundhouse: Dk. Purple   A2: Red/Black
     His dash is fast, probaly the fastest in the game. His Force Field move is 
a counterattack like Cammy's and Jill's. It you hit him, he'll do a one hit 
Magnetic Shockwave.

        v. Megaman ('?' above Guile)
           Mega Buster: Fierce (can be held) (air)
           Mega Upper: DP + P (air)
           Item Attack: QCF + P
           Item Change (Rock Ball): QCF + K
           Item Change (Tornado Hold): DP + K
           Item Change (Leaf Shield): QCB + K
           Hyper Megaman: QCF + PP (air)
           Rush Drill: QCF + KK
           Beat Plane: QCB + PP (air)
           A-Projectile Type: Mega Buster / Hyper Megaman
           B-Anti-Air Type: Mega Upper / Hyper Megaman
           C-Balance Type: Mega Buster / Hyper Megaman
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Blue    Fierce: Green      A1: Grey
           Short: Red   Roundhouse: Gold   A2: Red/Yellow
     There seems to be more start-up on his supers.

        w. Morrigan
           Soul Fist: QCF + P (air)
           Shadow Blade: DP + P (air)
           Vector Drain: HCB + P
           Shell Kick: In air QCB + K
           Soul Eraser: QCF + PP
           Silhouette Blade: DP + PP
           Darkness Illusion: QCF + KK (air)
           A-Anti-Air Type: Shadow Blade / Silhouette Blade
           B-Projectile Type: Soul Fist / Soul Eraser
           C-Balance Type: Shadow Blade / Silhouette Blade
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors (Hair):
           Jab: Grey       Fierce: Pink            A1: Pink/Red wings
           Short: Blonde   Roundhouse: Lt. Green   A2: Blonde/Red wings
     She seems to have lost her Eternal Slumber from MvC.

        x. Omega Red ('?' under Shuma Gorath)
           Carbonadium Coil: QCF + P or PP (air) and in air QCF + K or KK
              Then P - Energy Drain
                   K - Death Factor
                   Joystick + K - Throw
                   b + P or K - Return
                   d + P - Slam
                   d + P, d + P - Double Slam
           Omega Strike: QCF + K or KK, then d + K to Cancel or b + K to Return
           Omega Destroyer: QCB + PP
           Omega Smasher: In air QCB + PP
           A-Throw Type: Jab Carbonadium Coil / Omega Destroyer
           B-Anti-Air Type: Roundhouse Omega Strike / Omega Destroyer
           C-Ground Type: db + Roundhouse / Omega Destroyer
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors (Hairs/Clothes):
           Jab: Blonde/Red       Fierce: Lt.Blonde/Lt.Red   A1: Dk.Blonde/Dk.Red
           Short: White/Purple   Roundhouse: White/Pink     A2: Blonde/Tan
     Energy Drain still gives you back more life than you have in red, but it is 
really little. His supers have been changed in their motion to QCB + PP for 
both. QCF + PP gives you the coil that goes upward. The same applies for his 
kick attack; QCF + KK goes upward.

        y. Psylocke ('?' above Cyclops)
           Psi Blast: QCF + P (air)
           Psi Blade: QCF + K, can be repeated (air)
           Ninjutsu: HCB + P or K (air)
           Kochou Gakure: QCB + KK (air)
           Psi Maelstorm: QCF + KK
           Psi Thrust: QCF + PP, then direction + P (air)
           A-Anti-Air Type: Roundhouse Psi Blade / Psi Maelstrom
           B-Projectile Type: Jab Psi Blast / Kochou Gakure
           C-Balance Type: Jab Psi Blast / Psi Thrust
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Blue      Fierce: Pink             A1: Lt. Blue w/tan
           Short: Black   Roundhouse: Dk. Purple   A2: Dk. Blue w/tan
     From those who used her in MSH, they say she is a lot faster. Dash in with 
her C.Short. That move has insane range and priority. She can do the full Hunter 
series into her C.Fierce launcher on almost everybody. The better players here 
have been super canceling her Psi Blade into her Kochou Gakure to finish her air 
combos. Her Ninjitsu Teleport only goes to 4 places on the screen now.

        z. Rogue ('?' above Magneto)
           Repeating Punch: QCF + P (air)
           Rising Repeating Punch: DP + P
           Power Dive Punch: DP + K
           Power Drain: QCB + K (air)
           Good Night Sugar: QCF + PP
           A-Anti-Air Type: Rising Repeating Punch / Hyper Rushing Punches
           B-Rush Type: Repeating Punch / Hyper Rushing Punches
           C-Throw Type: Power Drain / Hyper Rushing Punches
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse, C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
        Colors (Jacket/Suit):
           Jab: Green/Grey       Fierce: Grey              A1: Blue/Yellow
           Short: Green/Yellow   Roundhouse: Grey/Yellow   A2: Lt. Green/Yellow
     No longer does the opponent's move when she absorbs their powers. She now 
gets enhancements, such as Power-up from Juggernaut and Hulk, or Speed-up from 
Wolverine. Supposedly annoying when she has Speed enhancement. She also has 
Meter-up, Life-up, and Defense-up. She might have an infinite while she has 

       aa. Roll ('?' under Strider)
           Roll Buster: QCF + P (air)
           Flower Bouquet: DP + P (air)
           Item Attack: QCB + P
           Item Change (Rock Ball): QCF + K
           Item Change (Tornado Hold): DP + K
           Item Change (Leaf Shield): QCB + K
           Hyper Roll: QCF + PP (air)
           Rush Drill: QCF + KK
           Beat Plane: QCB + PP
           A-Projectile Type: Roll Buster / Hyper Roll
           B-Variety Type: Flower Bouquet / Hyper Roll
           C-Balance Type: Flower Bouquet / Hyper Roll
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Red      Fierce: Pink        A1: Blue
           Short: Grey   Roundhouse: White   A2: Purple
     Same as Megaman for Item Change. Flower Bouquet is DP + P. Has double jump 

       bb. Ryu
           (fireball): QCF + P (air)
           (dragon punch): DP + P
           (hurricane kick): QCB + K (air)
           Shinkuu Hadouken: QCF + PP (air)
           Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: QCB + KK
           Shin-Shouryuken (Level 3): DP + PP
           A-Anti-Air Type: dragon punch / Shinkuu Hadouken
           B-Projectile Type: fireball / Shinkuu Hadouken
           C-Expansion Type: hurricane kick / Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: f + Fierce
           Jab: White      Fierce: Lt. Tan          A1: Lt. Grey
           Short: Purple   Roundhouse: Blue-green   A2: Dk. Grey
     No more mode switching now that Akuma and Ken are in the game. He is a bit 
faster. Still has his Fierce into super fireball. Air comboing into the super 
fireball is also easier to do. His Snapback is his overhead, slow but has to be 
blocked high.

       cc. Sabretooth
           Berserker Claw: QCF + P
           Wild Fang: HCB + P
           Armed Birdie: HCB + K
           Berserker Claw X: QCF + PP
           Hyper Armed Birdie: HCB + KK
           Weapon X Dash: DP + PP
           A-Expansion Type: Berserker Claw / Berserker Claw X
           B-Projectile Type: Armed Birdie / Hyper Armed Birdie
           C-Launcher Type: C.Fierce /Hyper Armed Birdie
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Strong
           Jab: Red/Yellow     Fierce: Black/Yellow       A1: Brown/Lt. Yellow
           Short: Pink/White   Roundhouse: Green/Orange   A2: Black/Orange

       dd. Sakura ('?' next to Morrigan)
           Shououken: QCF + P (air)
           Hadouken: QCB + P (air)
           Shunpuu Kyaku: QCB + K (air)
           Midare Zakura: QCF + PP
           Shinkuu Hadouken: QCB + PP
           Haru Ichiban: QCB + KK
           Sunburn Sakura Transformation (Level 3): RDP + Short
        As Sunburn Sakura
              Shououken: DP + P (air)
              Hadouken: QCF + P (air)
              Shunpuu Kyaku: QCB + K (air)
              Midare Zakura: QCF + KK
              Shinkuu Hadouken: QCF + PP
              Haru Ichiban: QCB + KK
              Normal Sakura Transformation (Level 3): RDP + Short
              Spring Jail Shooting (Level 3): Jab, Jab, f, Short, Fierce
           A-Dash Type: Shououken / Haru Ichiban
           B-Projectile Type: Hadouken / Shinkuu Hadouken
           C-Expansion Type: Shunpuu Kyaku / Midare Zakura
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
        Colors (Gloves/Skirt):
           Jab: Red/Blue        Fierce: White/Lt. Blue   A1: Yellow/Blue
           Short: Purple/Grey   Roundhouse: White/Red    A2: Brown

       ee. Sentinel
           Rocket Punch Low: QCF + Jab (air)
           Rocket Punch Strait: QCF + Fierce (air)
           Rocket Punch Diagonal: DP + P (air)
           Sentinel Force: QCF + K
           Flight: QCB + KK
           Plasma Storm: QCF + PP
           Hard Drive: In air QCF + PP
           Hyper Sentinel Force: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Rocket Punch / Hyper Sentinel Force
           B-Launcher Type: S.Roundhouse / Hyper Sentinel Force
           C-Ground Type: Sentinel Force / Hyper Sentinel Force
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Blue/Purple         Fierce: Purple/Blue   A1: Red/Purple
           Short: Lt. Purple/Grey   Roundhouse: Black     A2: Dk. Blue/Grey
     Has super armor. He also seems to have some pretty sick combos in the 
corner with Fierce Rocket Punches and Hyper Sentinel Forces.

       ff. Shuma Gorath
           Mystic Stare: Charge b, f + P
           Mystic Smash: Charge b, f + K
           Devitilization: HCB + K
           Chaos Dimension (Level 3): QCF + PP, then Fierce or Roundhouse
           Hyper Mystic Smash: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Mystic Stare / Hyper Mystic Smash
           B-Expansion Type: Mystic Smash / Hyper Mystic Smash
           C-Balance Type: Mystic Stare / Hyper Mystic Smash
        Launcher: S.Forward
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Green      Fierce: Orange      A1: Grey
           Short: Purple   Roundhouse: Black   A2: Greenish White
     His life absorb throw only recovers up to what he has in red energy after 
that it recovers him really slowly. Chaos Dimension hurts a lot and you can OTG 

       gg. Silver Samurai ('?' next to Wolverine)
           Shuriken: QCF + P, then u or d (air)
           Repeating Slash: Tap P (f, f to run forward)
           Triple Shuriken: QCF + PP (air with Sword Power-up Thunder)
           Thunder Sword: QCF + KK
           Sword Power-up (Lightning): QCB + P
           Sword Power-up (Ice): QCB + Short
           Sword Power-up (Flame): QCB + Roundhouse
           A-Ground Type: Repeating Slash / Hyper Repeating Slash
           B-Projectile Type: Shuriken / Triple Shuriken
           C-Launcher Type: C.Fierce / RaiMeiKen
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Forward
           Jab: Blue-grey     Fierce: Silver    A1: Black
           Short: Dull Grey   Roundhouse: Tan   A2: Lt. Grey
     The Shuriken and Triple Shuriken chips for good damage. Lightning gives him 
more speed and allows him to do the Triple Shuriken in the air. Fire gives him 
more power and QCF + KK will do a rising fire column. Ice gives him armor and 
QCF + KK will do a ground ice super which has to be blocked low and freezes the 
opponent allowing you to hit afterwards.

       hh. Spider-Man
           Web Ball: QCF + P (air)
           Web Swing: QCB + K (air)
           Spider Sting: DP + P
           Web Throw: HCB + P
           Maximum Spider: QCF + PP (air)
           Crawler Assault: QCF + KK
           Ultimate Web Throw: QCB + PP
           A-Capture Type: Web Ball / Crawler Assault
           B-Expansion Type: Web Swing / Crawler Assault
           C-Anti-Air Type: Spider Sting / Crawler Assault
        Launcher: S.Strong, S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Orange/Lt. Blue   Fierce: Red/Blue          A1: Lt. Red/Purple
           Short: Orange/Black    Roundhouse: Green/Black   A2: Orange/Dk. Blue
     Seems to play the same. Air combo still does good damage and he doesn't 
have to worry about Zangief now.

       ii. Spiral
           Dancing Swords: HCB + P (air)
              Sword Toss (Forward): QCF + Jab (air)
              Sword Toss (Up): QCF + Fierce (air)
              Sword Toss (Circle):QCF + Short (air)
              Sword Toss (6-Way): QCF + Roundhouse (air)
           6-Hand Grapple: DP + P (air)
           Metamorphosis (Level 3): QCB + PP, then P (air)
           Stampede Swords: QCF + PP
           Speed Dance: QCF + KK
           Power Dance: QCB + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Jab Sword Toss / Stampede Swords
           B-Variety Type: Fierce Sword Toss / Stampede Swords
           C-Ground Type: S.Fierce / Metamorphosis
        Launcher: C.Roundhouse
        Snapback: C.Fierce
           Jab: Lt. Blue   Fierce: Lt. Green    A1: Grey
           Short: Blue     Roundhouse: Purple   A2: Dk. Blue
     Metamorphosis will cause Spiral to morph into each of the Marvel characters 
and do a hit each with them. Does great damage.

       jj. Storm ('?' under Hulk)
           Whirlwind: QCF + K (air)
           Double Typhoon: HCB + K (air)
           Lightning Attack: Short + Fierce (air)
           Lightning Sphere: In air QCB + P
           Flight: QCB + KK
           Lightning Storm: HCF + PP (air)
           Hail Storm: QCB + PP
          A-Projectile Type: Whirlwind / Lightning Storm
          B-Expansion Type: Lightning Attack / Lightning Storm
          C-Variety Type: Double Typhoon / Hail Storm
        Launcher: C.Fierce, C.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Grey     Fierce: Pink       A1: Purple-Grey
           Short: Gold   Roundhouse: Cyan   A2: Purple
     Easy to use than she was in XSF. Hail Storm is very nice in hurting assist 

       kk. Strider Hiryu
           Ame no Murakumo: QCF + P
           Excalibur: In air QCF + P or K
           Gram: DP + P or K (air with P)
           Vajra: QCB + K
           Formation A: QCF + K (Short for tiger, Roundhouse for bird)
           Formation B: Charge b, f + P, repeat to fire
           Formation C: Charge b, f + K
           Warp: QCB + K
           Heki Hari Tsuki: QCB + P
                  u or d to move
                  P to slash
                  K to dive kick off
                  d + K to kick downwards
                  f to release
                  b, f to change sides
           Ragnarok: DP + PP
           Legion: QCF + KK
           Ouroborus: QCF + PP
           A-Ground Type: Ame no Murakumo / Legion
           B-Variety Type: Vajra / Legion
           C-Projectile Type: Roundhouse Formation A / Legion
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Lavender/Red   Fierce: Green/Orange       A1: Grey/White
           Short: Tan/Red      Roundhouse: Brown/Orange   A2: Red/White
     Ohh, let's see... now that the Strong and Forward buttons are gone, he can 
no longer poke with those. His S.Fierce and S.Roundhouse now knocks the enemy up 
a bit and away so his Gram no longer connects afterwards. His Ouroboros does not 
last as long and you cannot do a super while in it, except maybe DHC during the 
start-up, which is mostly a waste. He has a lot more recovery after Legion. One 
can now easily Super Jump over the whole thing and land behind him with time to 
hit him. A lot of people say that his assists all suck, but someone here manage 
to do well with his teleport kick assist, just make sure you keep his ass 
covered afterwards cause he take damage like Akuma.

       ll. Thanos
           Titan Crush: QCF + P (air)
           Death Sphere: QCF + K
           Gauntlet Power: QCF + PP (rolling ball)
           Gauntlet Reality: QCB + PP (two slabs of rock)
           Gauntlet Space: QCF + KK (rock shower)
           Gauntlet Soul: QCB + KK (health drain)
           A-Capture Type: Death Sphere / Gauntlet Power
           B-Dash Type: Titan Crush / Gauntlet Reality
           C-Launcher Type: C.Fierce / Gauntlet Space
        Launcher: C.Fierce
        Snapback: S.Roundhouse
           Jab: Lt. Blue/Orange   Fierce: Lt. Blue/Peach   A1: Purple/Orange
           Short: Blue/Yellow     Roundhouse: Blue/Red     A2: Purple/Red

       mm. Venom
           Venom Fang: QCF + P
           Web Throw: HCB + P
           Venom Rush: QCF + K
           Venom Web: QCF + PP
           Death Bite: QCF + KK
           A-Expansion Type: Venom Fang / Death Bite
           B-Variety Type: Venom Rush / Death Bite
           C-Launcher Type: S.Strong / Death Bite
        Launcher: S.Strong
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Blue         Fierce: Orange   A1: Purple
           Short: Dk. Blue   RH: Green        A2: Grey
     Seems to be better as his Venom Fang seems to do more damage. His Alpha 
assist is mad cheasy, just make sure to cover him when he taunts after he does 
it. His air combo is harder to do for some reason, I don't know what I'm doing 
wrong. He is supposedly easier to play now. Can combo Venom Bite after 

       nn. War Machine ('?' right of Magneto)
           Shoulder Cannon: QCF + P or K (in air P)
           Repulsor Blast: HCB + P
           Smart Bomb: Short + Fierce (air)
           Flight: QCB + KK
           Proton Cannon: QCF + PP
           War Destroyer: QCF + KK
           A-Projectile Type: Shoulder Cannon / Proton Cannon
           B-Anti-Air Type: Repulsor Blast / War Destroyer
           C-Variety Type: Smart Bomb / War Destroyer
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Grey/White     Fierce: Green/White          A1: Blue/Tan
           Short: Blue/White   Roundhouse: Dk. Blue/White   A2: Dk. Grey/White
     He has the moves of GWM from MvC (missiles instead of beams.) Much faster 
on this projectile attacks. No more canceling Fierce or Roundhouse after the 
knee dive.

       oo. Wolverine
           Berserker Barrage: QCF + P
           Berserker Slash: QCB + P
           Tornado Claw: DP + P
           Drill Claw: Short + Fierce (air)
           Berserker Barrage X: QCF + PP
           Weapon X: DP + PP
           Fatal Claw: QCF + KK
           Berserker Rage: QCF + KK
           A-Expansion Type: Berserker Barrage - Berserker Barrage X
           B-Anti-Air Type: Tornado Claw / Fatal Claw
           C-Dash Type: Drill Claw / Fatal Claw
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors (Gloves & Boots):
           Jab: Blue    Fierce: Purple         A1: Green
           Short: Tan   Roundhouse: Lt. Blue   A2: Dk. Purple
     Ouch, he has lost a lot. He is slower, his Drill Claw is slower, it is much 
harder to combo into his supers (Jab-Short-Strong-BBX seems to be it for now), 
his dive kick no longer cancels into Roundhouse nor another divekick. He can 
still pressure, but the rewards are not as high anymore and with assist 
characters the risks are greater.

       pp. Wolverine-2 (aka LAW, Bonerine) ('?' right of Venom)
           Berserker Barrage: QCF + P
           Tornado Claw: DP + P (air)
           Drill Claw: Short + Fierce (air)
           Berserker Barrage X: QCF + PP
           Weapon X: DP + PP
           A-Ground Type: S.Fierce
           B-Launcher Type: S.Roundhouse
           C-Variety Type: df + Fierce
        Launcher: S.Roundhouse
        Snapback: S.Fierce
        Colors(Gloves & Boots):
           Jab: Blue         Fierce: Brown          A1: Dk. Purple
           Short: Tan              RH: Black          A2: Dk. Brown
     He loses some moves (Fatal Claw, Berserker Claw, and Berserker Rage) and 
gains the ability to do Tornado Claw in air. He has better range on his Jab 
thanks to his longer claws, C.Forward does not knock down and his dive kick is 
XvSF style.

       qq. Zangief
           Double Lariat: PP (air)
           Lariat: KK (air)
           Banishing Flat: DP+ P
           Aerial Russian Slam: DP + K
           Screw Pile Driver: 270 + P (air)
           Flying Power Bomb: HCF + K
           Final Atomic Buster: 270 + PP
           Ultra Final Atomic Buster (Level 3): 270 + KK
           Iron Body Transformation: RDP + Short
        As Iron Body Zangief:
              Double Lariat: PP (air)
              Lariat: KK (air)
              Aerial Russian Slam: DP + K
              Screw Pile Driver: 270 + P (air)
              Flying Power Bomb: HCF + K
              Vodka Fire: QCF + P
              Final Atomic Buster: 270 + PP
              Siberian Blizzard: 270 + KK
              Normal Body Transformation: RDP + Short
           A-Ground Type: Lariat / Hyper Lariat
           B-Throw Type: Running Bear Grab / Hyper Lariat
           C-Air Throw Type: Aerial Russian Slam / Hyper Lariat
        Launchers: C.Strong, QCB + Jab
        Snapback: S.Fierce
           Jab: Red      Fierce: Pink        A1: White w/black skin
           Short: Blue   Roundhouse: Black   A2: Yellow w/black skin
     He no longer has his Triple Option. If you don't know what that is then you 
shouldn't be using him in the first place. His old Strong throw is now a command 
motion (QCB + Jab.) But missing it means getting his Elbow Drop. His Screw Pile 
Driver does a lot more damage, about 20-30%, but with a game full of unlimited 
helpers that cannot be thrown, he is gonna have a hard time getting in to do it. 
When he is in his Iron Body mode, he is much quicker now. And his Hyper Lariat 
that he does during team supers is doable. Just press both Assist buttons when 
you only have 1 level of super meter or when he is the last character.

C. Abyss
     From what I can remember, he is one of the sons of Apocalypse and appeared 
during the War of the Gems saga. This may be wrong as he apparently doesn't look 
anything like that Abyss and may in fact be a Capcom creation for this game. 
Abyss comes in 3 forms and each has hyper armor. His first form is kind of like 
Onslaught's first form but much slower and telegraphs his attacks. He has moves 
like Onslaught (the charge, the beam) and a hail storm-like attack. After he is 
defeated, he melts into a small green thing which mostly uses projectile attacks 
and will catch you off guard once in a while as you attack him. His third form 
is kind of like a huge Venom as he does his Venom Fang and creepy as he is the 
stage and will keep going offscreen. The black ball floating around is hittable. 
This form is easy if you have a super that hit a lot and can connect with it.

Many thanks to DannyCat for all the translations he has done and info he has 

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for his Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 FAQ for some move names, damage 
info and for that great VMU hack.

Chris MacDonald aka Kao Mengura for all his various FAQs in which I took names 
from and as the inspiration of how I did the formatting.

Jeffery's JapaneseEnglish Dictionary Server 

The people who post on 
Senio "Akuma" Rotondi and his Darkstalkers 3 FAQ
Rich Joseph and his X-MEN: Children of the Atom FAQ
Johnny Foodmaster and his Jill FAQ
Francis Yuen
Brent Werling
SKL for knowing what 'watering dirt' is all about
And to Nick "Willy Sorry" Nack

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