²±°  The Mortal Kombat 3 FAQ °±²
                               By Derek Verbeeck
                  Twentieth Revision  -  September 29, 1995
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 º Introduction º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍWhat the hell is this file I'm reading anyway?

   Welcome to the FAQ for Mortal Kombat III. This FAQ covers Revisions 2.0,
   2.1, and The New Release, Ultimate MK 3. Inside this FAQ you will find
   much information about Mortal Kombat 3, not just the moves and Fatalities,
   but some backstory to the game. Enjoy!

 º Availability º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍWhere can I find this file or updates of it?

   outworld.pb.net: Derek Verbeeck's file archives.
   ftp.netcom.com: Andy Eddy's FAQ Archive. Thanks Andy!
   brawl.mindlink.net: The fighting game archive.
   Look for me on IRC as GuNDaM (#mk3,#kombat)
   The FAQ will soon be accessible on the Web.
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 º Story º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍWhere's Raiden, and who's this Sindel chick?
   Five hundred years ago, Shang Tsung was banished to the Earth realm by
his master Shao Khan. There he was to open up a gateway for his master, by
upsetting the Earth realm's natural balances. Tsung dominated the Mortal
Kombat tournament, and had almost reached his goal when his dominance came to a 
smashing end at the hands of Liu Kang, a Shaolin monk.
 Tsung returned to the Outworld a shame. He had failed his master, and his
Shokan pupil, Goro, had apparently perished. Tsung however, developed a new
plan, which he told his master. Kahn was delighted by this idea, and spared
Tsung's life. Kahn would have no failures this time. Kahn swiftly defeated his
opponents, and set his sights once again on Earth. Upon his arrival, Kahn began 
to take souls from the population of Earth, except for a few, chosen by Raiden 
to protect the Earth Realm. Each warrior has their own reason to be alive. And 
now, with the battle lines drawn, the Kombat Kontinues.............. 

 º Key º
 ÈÍÍÍJust what, exactly, does Block - Run - Jump up and down mean?

   While reading this FAQ, you may refer to this key to translate some things
you may not understand. 

Note: If you have to press up in a motion, it may help to hold block.
Quarter Circle Towards: Move the joystick from the Down position to the Towards
Quarter Circle Away: Move the joystick from the Down position to the Away
Half Circle Away: Move the joystick from the Towards position to the Away
Half Circle Towards: Move the joystick from the Away position to the Away
Down - Up: Move the joystick from the Down position to the Up position.
Charge [B] (X): Hold the specified button [B] for X seconds.
Hold: Hold the specified button(s) while performing the move.
Release: Release the button you held during the maneuver.
Fatality: When you have beaten your opponent the best two out of three, you can
          do him/her in the old MK way!
Super Uppercut: Each Kombatant's Super Uppercut motion is the move which will
                allow you to do a Stage Fatality on either The Pit 3, Shao
                Kahn Tower, or, The Subway.
Mercy: If you don't want to finish your opponent quite yet, you can grant them
       Mercy! This gives them some extra energy, so you can beat each other
       around a bit more. This move is also the same for each character.
       In order to show Mercy, you must lose one round of the match.
       Mercy: Hold Run - Four Down - Release [Full Screen Away]
Animality: To perform an Animality, you must grant Mercy during the Third Round.
           Then, when it again says 'Finish Him!/Her!' you must perform the
           character's animality. 
Battle Ascension: In certain Kombat Zones, such as "The Subway", if you clip
                  your opponent with an uppercut, they go flying up through
                  the ceiling, and you follow. You then continue the match on
                  the streets. Battle Ascension is present on the following
                  stages: Soul Chamber, The Subway, and, The Bank. If you
                  do Battle Ascension on your opponent, the order in which
                  the stages come will reset to the first background. So, if
                  you wish to do a Super Uppercut, stay away from Uppercuts
                  during the match on those stages.
Babality: In order to perform a Babality, you must go your entire winning
          Round without using the Block button at all.
Friendship: Once again, as in MK ][, you can do a Friendship on your opponent.
            Why a Mortal Kombatant would want to make nice with his/her opponent
            I have no clue, but, to do a Friendship, you must not use the Block
            button in the winning round.
Random Selection: In order to randomly select a character, you must push Up
                  on the joystick at the same time you press start. (Player
                  One's selector must be on Tsung, and Player Two's must be
                  on Liu Kang.)

 º Individual Moves º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍWhoa! How did you do that??

-Sub Zero-----------------------------------------------------------------------
  The ninja returns unmasked. Betrayed by his own clan, the Lin Kuei, he breaks
sacred codes by leaving, and is marked for death. But, unlike the ninja, his
persuers come as machines. He must not only defend Earth from the Outworld 
menace, but elude these assassins.
 Actor:John Turk
 Ice Blast: Quarter Circle Towards - Low Punch
 Ice Shower: Quarter Circle Towards - High Punch
 Ice Clone: Quarter Circle Back - Low Punch
 Slide: Back + Low Punch + Block + Low Kick
 Fatality 1: Two Away - Down - Away - Run          [Sweep Distance]
             (Sub-Zero blows mist at his victim, which freezes them, before 
             they topple over and crumble.) 
 Fatality 2: Two Blocks - Run - Block - Run         [Close]
             (Sub-Zero raises his opponent high over his head, then freezes 
             them before breaking them in half. As their body shatters, pieces
             of ice and body parts fall to the floor.)

  Animality: Towards - Two Up                        [Close] 
             (Sub-Zero morphs into a Polar Bear, and starts tearing at his 
  Babality:   Two Down - Away - High Kick
  Friendship: Low Kick - Low Kick - Two Runs - Up
              (Sub Zero makes his opponent a snowman.)

  Super Uppercut: Away - Down - Two Towards - High Kick

  Combo [30%/6 HITS]: HP-HP-LP-LK-HK-B+HK
 In vicious battle, Sub Zero defeats Cyrax and Sektor: but not alone. Sub Zero
discovers his third Lin Kuei assassin, Smoke. When he was a human ninja, Smoke
and Sub Zero were allies. Sub Zero helps Smoke remember his past, and gains him
as an ally once again. Sub Zero goes on to face Kahn alone, and finds it takes
all his own inner strength to defeat him. Sub Zero returns to the shadows, his
legacy known only by a select few..........
-Sonya Blade--------------------------------------------------------------------
 Sonya disappears in the first tournament, but is later rescued by Jax. After
returning to Earth, she and Jax try to warn the government of the looming 
Outworld menace. Lacking proof, they watch helplessly as the invasion begins.
 Actress:Kerri Hoskins
 Energy Rings: Quarter Circle Towards - Low Punch
 Angular Bicycle Kick: Two Back - Down - High Kick
 Square Wave Punch: Towards - Back - High Punch
 Leg Grab: Down + Low Punch + Block
 Fatality 1: Away - Towards - Two Down - Run          [Anywhere]
             (Sonya performs her old MK1 fatality, blowing a deadly kiss to her
 Fatality 2: Hold Block & Run - Two Up - Away - Down        [3/4 Screen Away]
             (Sonya fires a blob of energy at her opponent, which surrounds
             the victim and implodes.)

 Babality: Two Down - Towards - Low Kick 
 Super Uppercut: Two Towards - Down - High Punch
 Combo [31%/6 HITS]: HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-B+HP

 Sonya eventually faces archenemy Kano atop a skyscraper. She defeats him, and
once he is out of the way, she is easily able to overcome Kahn. After the Earth
is restored, Sonya helps Jax to form the Outworld Research Bureau, and they
lead the first expedition into the Outworld.

-Liu Kang-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 After the Outworld invasion, Liu Kang finds himself the prime target of Kahn's
extermination squads. He is the Shaolin champion and has thwarted Kahn's schemes
in the past. Of all the humans, Kang poses the greatest threat to Shao Kahn's 
 Actor: Eddie Wong
 High Fireball: Two Towards - High Punch
 Low Fireball: Two Towards - Low Punch
 Flying Kick: Two Towards - Low Kick
 Bicycle Kick : Charge Low Kick (3)

 Fatality 1: Two Towards - Two Down - Low Kick           [Anywhere]
             (Liu Kang disappears, and at the same time, a column of flame
             erupts over his opponent's body.)
 Fatality 2: Two Up - Down - Up - Up+Block+Run   [Anywhere]
             (Liu Kang disappears, and a Mortal Kombat I machine falls on top
             of his opponent.)
 Babality: Three Down - High Kick
 Friendship: Three Runs - Down+Run
             (A screen unravels in the background, and Liu Kang creates a shadow
             puppet of the MK Dragon on this screen.)
 Animality: Three Down - Up   [Sweep]
            (Liu Kang morphs into a dragon, and bites his opponent in half.)
 Super Uppercut: Run - Two Blocks - Low Kick

 Combo [36%/7 HITS]: HP-HP-Block-LK-LK-HK-LK

 Once again shattering Kahn's plans to take over Earth, Liu Kang defeats the
Outworlder and returns the Earth to the way it was before the invasion. In
doing so, Kang also ensures the safety of the Outworld. Before the Portal closes
Princess Kitana comes to the Earth Realm to thank him for restoring order in
both realms, and for reuniting her with her mother - SINDEL. The Portal then
closes once again..............
 After failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld menace, Jax
begins to covertly prepare for the future battle with Khan's minions. He fits
both arms with indestructible implants. This is a war Jax is prepared to win.
 Actor: John Parrish
 Ground Slam: Charge Low Kick (4)
 Double Missile: Two Towards - Two Back - High Punch
 Single Missile: Away - Towards - High Punch
 Running Shoulder Slam: Two Towards - High Kick
 Gotcha Grab: Two Towards - Low Punch (Tap Low Punch for repeated hits.)
 Backbreaker: Block (In midair.)
 Multiple Slams: Hold Towards + Tap High Punch For Successive Slams
                 (Yes! I finally figured it out! Just hold towards while
                 throwing and keep tapping High Punch.)
 Fatality 1: Hold Block - Up - Down - Towards - Up    [Close]
             (Jax's arms morph into sharp-edged blades, and he proceeds to dice
             his opponent. When he is done, they hang in the air momentarily,
             before splattering to the ground.)
 Fatality 2: Run - Block - Two Runs - Low Kick [3/4 Screen Away]
             (Jax grows to immense proportions, and stomps on his shocked 
 Babality: Three Down - Low Kick
 Friendship: Low Kick - Two Runs - Low Kick
             (Jax pulls out a rope, and begins playing Jump rope.)
 Super Uppercut: Down - Towards - Down - Low Punch
 Combo [33%/7 HITS]: HK-HK-D+HP-HP-Block-LP-HP-B+HP

 Jax defeats Kahn, and convinces the government to form the Outworld Research
Bureau. This group discovers new ways to open a portal using science, rather
than Black Magic. Jax and Sonya lead the first expedition to this new dimension.

-Shang Tsung--------------------------------------------------------------------
 Tsung is Kahn's lead sorceror. He once fell out of favor with his emperor after
failing to win the Earth Realm by tournament battle. But, the ever scheming 
Tsung is instrumental in Kahn's conquest of Earth. He has now been granted more
power than ever.
 Actor:John Turk
 Volcanic Eruption: Two Towards - Two Back - Low Kick
 Skulls: Two Back - High Punch (1)
         Two Back - Towards - High Punch (2)
         Two Back - Two Towards - High Punch (3)
 Sindel: Back - Down - Back - Low Kick
 Jax: Two Towards - Down - Low Punch
 Kano: Away - Towards - Block
 Liu Kang: 360 motion
 Stryker: Three Towards - High Kick
 Sub-Zero : Towards - Down - Towards - High Punch
 Cyrax: Three Blocks
 Sektor: Down - Towards - Away - Run
 Nightwolf: Three Up
 Sheeva: Towards - Down - Towards - Low Kick
 Sonya Blade: Down+Run-Low Punch+Block
 Kung Lao: Run - Run - Block - Run
 Kabal: Low Punch - Low Punch - Block - High Kick 
 Fatality 1: Hold Low Punch - Down - Two Towards - Down - Release [Close]
             (Tsung raises a bed of spikes from the floor, and knocks his
             opponent onto it.)
 Fatality 2: Hold Low Punch - Run - Block - Run - Block   [Close]             
             (Tsung lifts his opponent up into the air. Their soul is absorbed
             into the air, and the corpse splatters onto the ground.)
 Babality: Three Runs - Low Kick
 Friendship: Low Kick - Low Kick - Two Runs - Down
             (Shang Tsung morphs into one of the characters from Joust, and
             bounces off of the screen.)

 Animality: Hold High Punch - Three Runs - Release     [Sweep]

 Super Uppercut: Two Up - Away - Low Punch

 Combo [27%/5 HITS]: LK-HP-HP-LP-B+HK

 Once again serving as Kahn's right hand man, Tsung is assigned to hunt down 
the rogue Earth warriors. he realizes that Kahn will take his soul once it is
done, and so he kills Shao Kahn as well as Motaro. Tsung then proceeds to take
all of the souls, and control of the Earth.
-Kung Lao-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Kung Lao has begun training a new order of Shaolin alongside Liu Kang. However,
nothing could ever prepare them for the Outworld invasion.
 Actor:Anthony Marquez
 Hat Throw: Away - Towards - Low Punch
 Teleport: Down - Up
 Diving Kick: Down + High Kick
 Spinning Shield: Towards - Down - Towards - Run
 Fatality 1: Block+Run - Block+Run - Down [From Close to Sweep]
             (Kung Lao enters his Spinning Shield, which grows larger and glows.
             His opponent is then sucked in, and their body parts come flying
 Fatality 2: Two Towards - Away - Down - High Punch
             (Kung Lao throws his hat, decapitating his opponent. The hat then
             boomerangs several times, leaving Kung Lao's opponent a bloody
 Babality: Down - Two Towards - High Punch

 Friendship: Run - Low Punch - Run - Low Kick
             (Kung Lao tosses his hat off screen like a frisbee, and a dog goes
             off chasing it. The dog gets a nasty surprise.)

 Animality: Four Runs - Block                          [Close]
            (Kung Lao morphs into a leopard, and gores his opponent.)

 Super Uppercut: Two Down - Two Towards - Low Kick

 Combo [34%/7 HITS]: HP-LP-HP-LP-LK-HK-B+HK
 Kung Lao is mortally wounded in the final battle. Though he defeated Kahn, and
secured the world's safety, he dies of his injuries. He then meets up with his
ancestor, Kung Lao, who died in battle with Goro 500 years earlier.
 Kano is thought to have been killed in the first tournament. Instead, he is 
found alive in the Outworld, where he once again eludes capture by Sonya. 
Before the invasion begins, Kano convinces Shao Khan to spare his soul, 
because Kano can teach Khan's army to use Earth weapons.
 Actor:Richard Divizio
 Knife Throw: Down - Away - High Punch
 Cannonbal: Charge Low Kick (3)
 Knife Uppercut: Down - Towards - High Punch
 Choke Hold: Quarter Circle Towards - Low Punch
 Air Throw: Block
 Fatality 1: Hold Low Punch - Towards - Two Down - Towards - Release [Close]
             (Kano rips his opponents skeleton out of their mouth.)
 Fatality 2: Low Punch - Two Blocks - High Kick          [Half Screen]
             (Kano fries his opponent with an "Optic Blast".)

 Babality: Two Towards - Two Down - Low Kick

 Friendship: Low Kick - Two Runs - High Kick
             (Kano pops some bubblegum into his mouth, and blows a bubble, which
             subsequently pops all over his face.)

 Animality: Hold High Punch - Three Blocks - Release  [Close]
            (Kano morphs into a spider, and siphons his opponents blood out.)

 Super Uppercut: Two Up - Away - Low Kick

 Combo [37%/6 HITS]: HP-HP-D+LP-D+HP-jump kick-knife uppercut

 Kano lures Kahn's minions away on a false mission: and then nukes them with a
stolen weapon. He then makes his way back, and defeats Kahn himself. Kano then
attempts to take control of the souls Kahn has collected. Without the magic of
Kahn's dark sorcerers however, Kano cannot control the souls, and it is 
believed he suffered a violent death at their hands. Without even knowing it,
Kano saved the world he tried to conquer.
 Sektor is actually the code name for unit LK-989. He was the first of three
prototype cybernetic ninjas created by the Lin Kuei. Sektor was once a human
assassin trained by the Lin Kuei. He volunteered for automation because of
his loyalty to the clan. Sektor survives the outworld invasion because he has
no soul to take.
 Actor:Sal DiVita
 Heat Seeker: Half Circle Away - High Punch
 Straight Missile: Two Towards - Low Punch
 Teleport: Two Towards - Low Kick
 Fatality 1: Run - Low Punch - Low Punch - Block    [Sweep Distance]
             (Sektor's chest opens up to reveal a large crushing machine, which
             then smashes the victim.)
 Fatality 2: Three Towards - Away - Block [Jump Away Distance]
             (Sektor roasts his opponent with a flamethrower.)
 Animality: Two Towards - Down - Up                     [Close]
            (Sektor morphs into a bat, and flies off the screen. When he flies 
            back on, he decapitates his opponent.)

 Babality: Away - Three Down - High Kick

 Friendship: Three Runs - Down     [Jump Away Distance]
             (Sektor makes one of those Carnival "Test your Strength" things
             come up, and hits it with a hammer.)

 Super Uppercut: Three Runs - Down
 Combo [26%/5 HITS]: HP-HP-HK-HK-B+HK
 Sektor eventually eliminates Sub Zero, and is attacked by Kahn's forces. Being
more than a match for them, Sektor easily defeats them, and is able to enter the
fortress undetected. There he defeats Motaro and Kahn, and sets his self 
destruct system off. The ensuing explosion is immense enough to destroy the 
portal above the fortress, returning the Earth to normal.

 When the Outworld portal opens up over a large city in North America, panic
and chaos rage out of control. Kurtis Stryker was the leader of the riot
control brigade when Shao Khan began taking souls. He finds himself the lone
survivor of a city once populated by millions.
 Actor: Michael O'Brien 
 Long Range Grenade: Half Circle Away - High Punch
 Short Range Grenade: Half Circle Away - Low Punch
 Nightstick Throw: Two Towards - High Kick
 Nightstick Trip: Towards - Away - Low Punch
 Fatality 1: Down - Towards - Down - Towards - Block [Close]
             (Stryker turns his back to the players. When he turns back, there
             is a time bomb strapped to his opponent's back. Stryker then holds
             his ear's as his opponent explodes.)

 Fatality 2: Four Towards - Low Kick [Full Screen Away]
             (Stryker fires a cord at his opponent, electrocuting him/her.)
 Animality: Three Runs - Block      [Sweep]
            (Stryker morphs into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and bites his opponent
            in half.)
 Babality: Down - Two Towards - Away - High Punch

 Friendship: Low Punch - Two Runs - Low Punch
             (Stryker blows his whistle, and the other 13 Kombatants come 
             running past him.)

 Super Uppercut: Towards - Two Up - High Kick

 Combo [50%/6 HITS]: LK-HP-HP-LP-jump kick-nightstick throw

 Ignorant as to why his soul was spared, Stryker receives a vision from Raiden.
He is instructed to travel West. There he meets up with the other Kombatants who
are fighting for Earth. Shao Kahn is surprised by this new Kombatant, and 
Stryker defeats him. Stryker returns to the city he was sworn to protect, and
the chaos that consumed the city before the invasion is gone.

 Sheeva was hand picked by Shao Kahn to serve as Sindel's personal protector. 
She becomes suspicious of Shao Kahn's loyalty towards her race of Shokan when
he places Motaro as the leader of hi extermination squads. In the Outworld, 
Motaro's race of centaurians are the natural enemy of Shokan.
 Leaping Stomp: Down - Up
 Fireball: Quarter Circle Towards - High Punch
 Ground Stomp: Away - Down - Away - High Kick
 Fatality 1: Hold High Kick - Towards - Away - Two Towards - Release [Close]
             (Sheeva grabs her opponent by each shoulder, and rips off their 
             skin like clothing.)
 Fatality 2: Towards - Two Down - Towards - Low Punch    [Close]
             (Sheeva pounds her opponent into the ground.)
 Babality: Three Down - Back - High Kick

 Friendship: Two Towards - Down - Towards - High Punch

 Animality: Run - Four Blocks [Close]
            (Sheeva morphs into a Scorpion, which stabs her opponent with it's
            stinger. Sheeva's opponent then stumbles backwards, and begins to
            glow red, before exploding.)

 Super Uppercut: Down - Towards - Down - Towards - Low Punch
 Sheeva discovers Kahn's treacherous plots against the Shokan race. Kahn has 
given vital information to Motaro's race on how to defeat the Shokan. Motaro
and Kahn plan to enslave the Shokan race. Outraged, Sheeva kills them both, 
and returns her race's lost nobility.
 Cyrax is unit LK-4D4, the second of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built
by the Lin Kuei. He was trained by the Lin Kuei, and his last command is to
find and terminate the rogue ninja Sub Zero.
 Actor:Sal DiVita
 Energy Net: Three Back - Low Kick
 Exploding Teleport: Two Towards - Low Kick
 Long Range Bomb: Hold Low Kick - Two Towards - High Kick - Release
 Short Range Bomb: Hold Low Kick - Two Back - High Kick - Release 
 Air Kapture: Quarter Circle Towards - Block (Cyrax will become airborne.)
              Low Punch will throw your opponent. 
 Fatality 1: Four Down - Up - Down - High Punch  [Anywhere]
             (Cyrax decimates his opponent with a rotor blade.)
 Fatality 2: Two Down - Towards - Up - Run         [Close]
             (Cyrax self destructs, Predator style, taking his opponent with
 Animality: Two Up - Two Down   [Close]
            (Cyrax morphs into a shark, and eats his opponent.)

 Babality: Two Towards - Away - High Punch
 Friendship: Three Runs - Up
             (Cyrax places his hands on his knees, and does a strange dance.)

 Super Uppercut: Run - Block - Run
 Combo [30%/6 HITS]: HP-HP-HK-HP-HK-B+HK
 Combo [18%/3 HITS]: HP-HP-LP
 Cyrax is reprogrammed by Sub Zero, and attacks Shao Kahn instead of him. Cyrax
goes on to defeat Kahn, and, awaits new orders from the Lin Kuei. However, being
reprogrammed, he is unable to receive these commands. Cyrax gets lost in the
desert, forever seeking the Lin Kuei headquarters.

 As a chosen warrior, his identity is a mystery to all. It is believed he is
a survivor of an attack by Shao Khan's extermination squads. As a result, he
is horribly scarred, kept alive only by artificial respirators and a rage
to end Shao Khan's conquest.
 Actor:Richard Divizio
 Fireball: Two Back - High Punch
 Tornado Spin: Away - Towards - Low Kick
 Spinning Blade: Thrre Back - Run
 Fatality 1: Two Down - Away - Towards - Block [Sweep]
             (Kabal fires a hose into his opponent, who's head then inflates.
             They then proceed to float off of the screen. A loud blast can be 
             heard before body parts fall onto the screen.)
 Fatality 2: Run - Three Blocks - High Kick  [Close]
             (Kabal removes his mask, and screams at the player[s]. He then 
             screams at his opponent, whose soul exits the body and runs away
             in terror.)
 Babality: Two Runs - Low Kick 

 Friendship: Run - Low Kick - Low Kick - Up
             (Kabal roasts a marshmallow on one of his hookswords.)

 Animality: Hold High Punch - Two Towards - Down - Towards - Release
            (Kabal morphs into a strange-looking skeletal beast with horns, and
            rams his opponent.)
 Super Uppercut: Two Blocks - High Kick

 Combo [45%/7 HITS]: LK-LK-HP-HP-D+HP-jump kick-fireball
 Combo [25%/4 HITS]: HP-LP-D+HP-D-LP
 Combo [3 HITS]: LK-LK-HK
 Kabal was once a member of the Black Dragon gang, alongside Kano. He wishes to
repay his debt to society by doing good. Kabal now gives crime's inner circle
something to fear.
 She once ruled the Outworld at Shao Khan's side as his queen. Now, 10,000 years
after her untimely death, she is reincarnated on Earth. Her evil intent is every
match for Shao Kahn's tyranny.
  Actress: Lia Montelongo
 Scream: Three Towards - High Punch
 Float: Two Away - Towards - High Kick (Block to land.)
 Air Fireball: Half Circle Towards - Low Kick
 Fireball: Two Towards - Low Punch
 Fatality 1: Two Runs - Block - Run - Block   [Sweep]
             (Sindel wraps her opponent up in her hair. As she pulls away from
             her opponent, their body parts begin to fly off in each and every
 Fatality 2: Run - Two Blocks - Block+Run [Sweep]
             (Sindel does her Sonic Scream, and her opponent's skin rips off.)
 Babality: Three Runs - Up

 Friendship: Five Runs - Up
             (A football comes out of the floor, and Sindel punt kicks it.)
 Super Uppercut: Three Down - Low Punch

 Animality: Two Towards - Up    [Anywhere]
            (Sindel morphs into a giant wasp, and stings her opponent to death.)

 Combo [40%/6 HITS]: HK-HP-HP-D+HP-jump kick-air fireball
 Combo [3 HITS]: HP-HP-D+HP
 Sindel has visions of her past. Her true King's name was Jerrod, and she ruled
a peaceful Realm called Edenia at his side, and had a daughter, before Kahn 
took Edenia in their own Mortal Kombat. Sindel turns on Kahn, and defeats him.
She saves the Earth, and insures the restoration of Edenia, as well as a reunion
after 10,000 years with her daughter - KITANA.

 Works as a historian and preserver of his people's culture. When Khan's 
portal opens over North America, Nightwolf uses his shaman's magic to protect
his tribe's sacred land. This area becomes a vital threat to Khan's invasion 
of the Earth.
 Actor:Sal DiVita
 Shoot Arrow: Quarter Circle Away - Low Punch
 Hatchet Uppercut: Quarter Circle Towards - High Punch
 Shield Aura: Three Towards - High Kick
 Shadow Shoulder Ram: Three Towards - Low Kick
 Fatality 1: Two Up - Away - Towards - Block            [Close]
             (Nightwolf calls upon a beam of light to disentegrate his victim.)
 Fatality 2: Two Away - Down - High Punch   [Jump Away Distance]
             (Nightwolf calls on the power of Raiden, who channels his power  
             through Nightwolf's hatchet to electrocute his opponent.)
 Animality: Two Towards - Two Down              [Close]
             (Nightwolf morphs into a wolf, and savagely attacks his opponent.)

 Babality: Towards - Away - Towards - Away - Low Punch
 Friendship: Three Runs - Down  [Anywhere except Close]
             (Nightwolf morphs into Raiden, who is doing his MK2 winning
             stance. An MK2 machine floats onto the screen directly behind him.
             A message quickly appears on the screen, several of which have been
 Super Uppercut: Two Runs - Block
 Combo [41%/7 HITS]: LK-HP-HP-LP-hatchet uppercut-hatchet uppercut-HK

 Nightwolf teams up with the other Earth warriors, and they make their way to
his sacred land. There they form a plan of attack against the invasion. 
Nightwolf faces Kahn, and emerges victorious. Nightwolf is able to peacefully 
take back the land taken away from his people so long ago. His people form
their own proud nation, and emerge as the Great rulers of the Earth.

  Smoke was once a human ninja, a member of the Lin Kuei. He was automated 
against his will, and is now hunting Sub Zero, his former ally. Smoke's origin
is unclear to himself. 
 Actor: Sal DiVita

 Harpoon Pull: Two Away - Low Punch
 Teleport Uppercut: Two Towards - Low Kick
 Kamouflage Mode: Hold Block - Three Up - Run
 Air Throw: Block

 Fatality 1: Hold Block & Run - Two Down - Towards - Up   [Sweep]
             (Smoke feeds his opponent a pineapple bomb.)
 Fatality 2: Two Up - Towards - Down      [Full Screen Away]
             (Smoke drops a couple hundred spherical bombs on the ground. After
             a few seconds, the view changes to show the Earth exploding.)

 Babality: Two Down - Two Away - High Kick
 Friendship: Three Runs - High Kick
             (Smoke opens his chestplste, and a foghorn comes out.)

 Super Uppercut: Two Towards - Down - Low Kick

 Animality: Two Down - Towards - Block   [Sweep]
            (Smoke morphs into a bull, and rams his opponent.)
 Smoke and Sub-Zero were allies and friends during their days in the Lin Kuei.
Smoke was captured and automated before he could escape, and programmed to kill
his former friend and ally. But Smoke discovers he has a soul, and regains the
memory of his former life. He helps Sub-Zero to defeat Kahn, but must live
forever in his cybernetic body.

  Scorpion, the hell spawned spectre, returns to take the Earth away from the
Outworld warriors.
 Actor: John Turk

 Spear Pull:
 Telport Punch:
 Hyper Teleport Punch:


  Princess Kitana returns, fighting alongside her true mother, against the
tyranny of her "father".
 Actress: Kerri Hoskins

 Fan Lift:
 Fan Blade:


  The reptilian Outworlder resurfaces, with a vendetta against Tsung.
 Actor: John Turk

 Acid Spit:


  Kitana's mysterious "sister" reappears, entering this new Mortal Kombat
 Actress: Lia Montelongo


 º Boss Strategies º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍHey, that centaur guy doesn't play fair.

 Motaro is a member of a centaurian race that is the natural enemy of Shokan,
Sheeva's race. He was chosen to be the leader of Shao Kahn's extermination
 It is fairly easy to defeat Motaro, so long as you follow one rule: do NOT use
ANY special move on him. If you fire a projectile, it will bounce right back
at you, and Cyrax's bombs simply disappear without exploding. The main attack
Motaro falls for is this: jump in, so that you land slightly in front of him,
and throw a combo. He will get hit by it. If the first few hits are blocked, he
will usually stop blocking sometime during the combo. Another way that Motaro
allows you to clip him with over and over is this: corner him, and just 
Roundhouse him to death.

--Shao Kahn---------------------------------------------------------------------
   Actor: Brian Glynn
 Shao Kahn is emperor supreme of the Outworld, and has now taken over the Earth.
This tournament is the last chance for the Earth Warriors to stand up to Kahn.

 Shao Kahn fights almost the same as he did in MK ][, but he has a few new 
attacks. However, be wary when he laughs or taunts. He is not stupid, as was the
case in Part ][. He will attack YOU when you get near enough. If Kahn forces you
into the corner, beware. He will attack you several times in a flurry, and you
might stop blocking as he hits you.
 º Kombat Kodes º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍShh, don't tell anyone.

 This section of the FAQ deals with the so-called "Lock Sequence" codes that you
can enter on the versus screen.
 Each player controls the three boxes on their side of the screen.
 Low Punch: 1st Box
 Block: 2nd Box
 Low Kick: 3rd Box
 Simply hit the respective button the number of times listed.
 Disable Throwing
 Disable Blocking
 Your character will morph into a random kombatant every few seconds.
 Winner of the first round will go on to fight Kahn. 
 Dark Kombat
 There is no knowledge that is not power.
 Player One starts with one quarter life missing.
 Player Two starts with one quarter life missing.
 Player One starts with half their life missing.
 Player Two starts with half their life missing.
 No Fear.
 Winner of the first round will go on to fight Noob Saibot. 
 Winner of the first round will go on to fight Smoke.
 Psycho Kombat.........Is that your best? 
 Absolutely nothing! 
 Galaga Game... (Game is OVER after you play)
 Hold Flippers :)
 Winner of the first round will go on to fight Motaro.
 Unlimited Run.
 The Ultimate Kombat Kode. Allows Smoke to be used.

 º Hidden Characters º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍHey, you kow how to use Cage? *WHAP* Owww! I swear, I saw
                   my friend use him.... But, uhh, he forgot how......


Smoke: In all versions up to and including v2.1, Smoke was hidden, locked away
       until the Ultimate Kombat Kode was entered. In Ultimate, he is a normal
       usable character like the rest.

Noob Saibot: Noob Saibot can be fought using a Lock Sequence code. Saibot is a
             shadow of Kano.             
Smoke: Smoke can be fought as well as used. Use the Lock Sequence code.
       Smoke isn't much of a fighter. He just kind of walks around and spews
       smoke around the screen. Once in a while, he gains the initiative to
       run up and combo, but that's about it.

 º Kombat Diskussion º
 ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍDifferent things about Mortal Kombat III.

 -The Movie-
  Mortal Kombat:The Movie, was released in theatres on August 18, 1995. The
  motion picture sports great special effects, a good plot, good transition
  of the characters into the story, and it has an awesome Soundtrack! If you
  haven't seen it yet, you must live in Outworld, so go through a portal
  and see it NOW. :)

 -The Novel-
  There are now two MK Novels out. One has been out since May (MK:The Novel),
  and the other since August (The Movie Novelization). The Movie Novel is not
  worth the paper it's printed on due to it's lame retelling of the movie's
  plot, but MK:The Novel is a much different story. The plot of the novel is
  quite different from the movie, but it contains all the Kombatants and as
  much action as you'd expect from Mortal Kombat. The novel is written by
  Jeff Rovin.

 -The Home Versions-
  The Mortal Kombat III home versions are due out very soon. The PlayStation
  version is due October 1, and the versions for the SNES, Game Boy, Genesis,
  and Game Gear will be available October 13th, Mortal Friday. The Super NES
  version is the only one I have actually seen in play, and it looks to be a
  great translation. How the others are remains to be seen.

 -MK3 Online-
  No it's not a new online service, though we all keep wishing. The Mortal
  Kombat phenomenom has spread all over the Internet, and there are now many
  places you can go to get instant information about it.


  Mailing Lists:
  mkombat@m-net.arbornet.org (Not a FAQ mailing list, a discussion group.)

   cd /pub/mk
   Derek Verbeeck's new Archive for Fighting Game Information
   cd /pub/mk
   Ratman's FTP Archive for MK and related stuff.
   cd /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
   Andy Eddy's FAQ Archive. If a game has a FAQ, it's here!
   cd /pub/mk
   The Fighting Game Archive

   The Mortal Kombat III Discussion Channel
   A Channel for the discussion of MK and other fighting games.

  Soon to be opening: Mortal Kombat:The Mud. An online role playing game
  in the Mortal Kombat Universe, E-Mail me for details.

             (Any sites missing will gladly be printed upon request.)

                              º Credits/Thanks º

Derek Verbeeck.....................dverbeeck@pb.net            -Author
Darren Greenberg...................sputnik@pb.net              -Teachin' Me
Ryan Shapiro.......................bladez@li.net               -Also Teachin'
Scott Archer.......................sarcher@hornet.liunet.edu   -Kombos
Paul Hurley........................rat@mv.com                  -Info Provider
Andy Eddy..........................vidgames@netcom.com         -Distributor
Andre' Kennerson...................kennerson@hal.lamar.edu     -Many Confirms
Andrew McAuley.....................curmudgeon1@xband.com       -Confirmations
Robocod............................robocod@rust.net            -Stories
John Coleman.......................coleman@hopwood.lynchburg.edu -Info Source
Peter Momot........................mkombat@ripco.com             -Info Source
Chris Caniano......................ccaniano@csws15.ic.sunysb.edu -FREE PLAY!

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