WIPEOUT 2097/XL                                 The Original Wipeout 2097 FAQ
FAQ Edition 1.02                                           by Matthew Sephton


  1.0  Introduction
  1.1  The Game
  1.2  Graphics
  1.3  Music
  1.4  Gameplay

  2.0  Playing Concepts
  2.1  The Joypad
  2.2  Driving
  2.3  Teams
  2.4  Classes & Tracks
  2.5  Weapons
  2.6  Ghost Racers

  3.0  Cheats
  3.1  Challenges
  3.2  Hidden Options
  3.3  Shortcuts
  3.4  Fast Starts

  4.0  What Do You Know?
  4.1  Contacting The Author
  4.2  Release
  4.3  E&OE
  4.4  Thanks

  5.0  Version history



This FAQ aims to be the definitive source of information for the PlayStation
game Wipeout 2097 (Wipeout XL in USA), henceforth WO2. It serves no other
purpose. The PAL manual for this game is really quite poor, with some aspects
of the game barely getting a mention.


What a game! WO2 surpasses Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 as the best game on the
Sony PlayStation. It's graphics are by far the best I have ever seen on any
games machine, arcades included. They are shifted at such a rate that my eyes
cannot keep up. It features time trials, arcade racing, challenges, different
difficulty levels and lots more.


Unbelievable! The graphics are unprecedented, making the original Wipeout
look quite dated. Some of the explosion effects make a great showcase for the
PlayStation's hardware. You really won't believe how fast the polygons are
moved about (150k+ per second according to the Psygnosis web page). Track
detail has also risen to a new level, with more animated roadside objects,
and there are even up to 15 cars on track at once! The Designers Republic
also deserve a mention as they have once again outdone themselves with their
distinctive touch of graphic design.

1.3  MUSIC

Psygnosis have excelled themselves once more in putting together an even
better line-up of artists for the soundtrack for WO2. The US release may not
have these as the original didn't. For those of you who are thirsty for more
then 'WO2: The Soundtrack' is available to buy in the shops.


Newcomers may find the game difficult at first, but perseverance will be
rewarded with hours of fun. Taking into account the different game modes, the
number of courses and the additional bonuses makes for a great game.

Experimentation with driving lines is the only way to improve lap times.
Learning how each weapon operates and where is best to use it is the key to
ploughing through the field in a race.



As with any other game playing skills will improve over time. Perseverance is
the key. If you have played the original Wipeout then, you can probably
select the AG Systems or the Auricom cars from the start without having too
much bother. It's up to personal preferences really.


Craft control may be the hardest part of the game, especially for newcomers.
It is essential to understand that they are anti-gravity machines and so will
handle more like a hover-craft than a conventional car.

Steering can be difficult, especially when travelling at the high-speeds of
Rapier and Phantom classes. There is one method that can be easily adopted.
Instead of pressing left and right with separate movements of your thumb
(which is far from ideal when trying to achieve quick reaction times) hold
your thumb centrally on the joypad and roll it in the relevant direction. I
think you will find that this saves time and increases reaction time.

To turn tight corners more easily tap the relevant air-brake whilst still
accelerating, causing your machine to skid or slide. It is sometimes more
beneficial to hold down the air-brake to really make your back end slide out.

It is essential that a good driving line is taken. Try to enter corners wide

and get as close to the apex as you can without hitting it, never forget that
you do have left and right air-brakes. Take time to learn the layout of each
track, especially prior to a challenge.


Here is a list of the default joypad buttons and their functions.


  Up         Nose down
  Down       Nose up
  Left       Turn left
  Right      Turn right
  Square     Discard weapon
  Triangle   Change view
  Circle     Use weapon
  Cross      Accelerate
  L2         Left air brake
  R2         Right air brake
  Start      Pause menu

2.3  TEAMS

Each team has their strengths and weaknesses, with top speed increasing
through the teams. In my opinion the best all round standard car is the
Auricom. Die hard racers may prefer the Quirex. There are five teams.


  Feisar      6        3          7         7              6     Beginner
  AG Systems  7        5          6         6              3     Amateur
  Auricom     5        6          5         5              5     Intermediate
  Quirex      4        7          3         5              7     Expert
  Piranha     10       10         10        10             10    No Weapons


There are a total of eight tracks over the four classes. See 3.1, gaining
Phantom class also lets you race any of the 8 tracks at any class - you are
not limited to the first two at Vector, the next two at Venom etc.

  VECTOR                          VENOM

  Talon's Reach    EASY           Valparaiso       EASY
  Sagarmatha       EASY           Phenitia Park    TRICKY

  RAPIER                          PHANTOM

  Gare D'Europa    HARD           Vostok Island    VERY HARD
  Odessa Keys      HARD           Spilskinanke     VERY HARD


To master the game it is essential that you learn what each weapon does and
where or when is best to use it. Key usage of weapons makes the game more
forgiving if you make a mess of one part of a track.

  WEAPON           USE IT WHEN?

  Mines            After overtaking.
  E-pak            Low shield level. Any time.
  Autopilot        Difficult chicane or turn. Just before the pit lane.
  Turbo boost      Any lengthy hill or straight.
  Rockets          Many enemy on screen.
  Missiles         Lock on. Rear lock on.
  Electro bolt     Lock on. In a group.
  Thunder bomb     Many enemy on screen.
  Shield           In a group. Difficult part of course. Low shield.
  Plasma bolt      Sure fire target. Beware of charge period.
  Quake disruptor  Many enemy on screen. Just for fun.

For instance, Autopilot is best left until a section of the track that you
know is difficult - so you can make up for a previous mistake. Also remember
that you can cancel Autopilot whilst it is activated by pressing SQUARE. This
is very useful if you know that you can handle a chicane etc. better than the
Autopilot and you aren't too sure if the Autopilot will last you through it.


Time trials offer the ability to test your skills against ghost racers. These
are preset for each track and class. Once you have beat the ghost your race
will replace the ghost you beat and remain valid until you change tracks, you
can still change cars. It seems to me that the ghosts aren't saved to the
memory card, so they are only really useful for getting up to speed on a
certain track, or just to learn the racing line of a track.



The following button press combinations can be used by holding down L1, R1
and SELECT anywhere in the relevant menu. Are there any more?


  Piranha Team      X X X X O T S    Machine Gun       S O X S O X T
  Phantom Class     T T T O O O      Infinite Energy   T X S O T X S O
  Eight Tracks      S O T O S        Infinite Weapons  X X S S O O T
                                     Infinite Time     T S O X T S O X


Once you have got gold medals on the initial 6 tracks then Challenge I
becomes available. This consists of racing a season of all six courses at
Rapier class. Once this is completed, you get Phantom class (which is 50%
faster than Rapier!) and two extra hard tracks to race on. When gold is
achieved in the two Phantom tracks, Challenge II becomes available which
consists of all eight tracks at Phantom speed. This will prove to be the most
difficult challenge of all.


Inspection of the game CD reveals that there are nine track folders, so there
must be one more track after Phantom. There are also four extro programs
which means that it must be possible to get one more bonus after Challenge II
(Piranha challenge). What bonus(es) could it reveal?


There aren't any shortcuts in the true sense of the word, but it is possible
to save a lot of time by cutting corners. You can use a turbo boost to do
this in the extreme, or just pull back on the d-pad to raise your nose over
some shallow corners as seen in the 'chicane' along side the train on the
Gare D'Europa track.


It is quite easy to get a fast start and essential if you want to put in a
fast time-trial or race. What you have to do is land the gauge of the thrust-
ometer in the first two large bars when Curly says "Go"! It is probably
equivalent to a turbo boost.



If you have any additions which you think should be included in this FAQ then
please send them to me as below. Already there are a number of questions
that need answering.

 1 What is the ninth track, and how do you get it?

 2 How do you play the oiginal Wipeout courses under the new version?

 3 Are there any more cheat presses or secrets known?


The author of this FAQ, Matthew Sephton, can be contacted by e-mail or
through his web page (which contains information about Bjork, other types of
music, the Sony PlayStation and contains some of my Windows 95 Shareware).

  e-mail: u5ms@csc.liv.ac.uk
     www: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~u5ms/


This FAQ is obtainable from various places on the internet, but the latest
version can always be downloaded from this URL:

4.3  E&OE

All errors and omissions excluded. As far as I know the information in this
document is accurate. Correct me if I'm wrong. Use at your own risk.


Original FAQ by Matthew Sephton. Button press cheats from Daniel Beretzki



1.00, 21 Oct 1996  Original release.

1.01, 23 Oct 1996  Cheats added. Challenges enhanced.

1.02, 28 Oct 1996  Slight modifications and tidying up.

*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************