The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bosses FAQ by: Spencer Ausban Below is a list of the bosses and how to beat them. I. Childhood Bosses II. Adult Bosses III. Mini bosses (Child) IV. Mini Bosses (Adult) I. Childhood Bosses: 1. Queen Gohma: Starting the battle-Look up at her and wait until the scene. How to cause damage-Either hit her in the eye with the slingshot or Deku Seeds. Then use your sword while she is stunned. Helpful Tips-Use Deku Sticks and jump attacks. 2. King Dodongo: Starting the battle-Drop down from the hole. How to cause damage-Throw a bomb in his mouth when he opens it. Then attack with sword or Deku Stick. Helpful Tips-While he is rolling stay in the slope that leads to the lava. 3. Barinade: Starting the battle-Enter the door. How to cause damage-Use the Boomerang to defeat the jellyfish and the tentacles. Then when he is twirling around with no jellyfish around him hit him with the Boomerang to stun him. Then hit him with the sword. Helpful Tips-N/A II. Adult Bosses: 1. Phantom Ganon: Starting the battle-Enter the circular room then try to leave. How to cause damage-Use the bow to shoot the horse. Then hit the energy balls back at him. Then use sword. Helpful Tips-Try to maneuver yourself so that when he launches lightning at you you donÂ’t get hit. 2. Volvagia: Starting the battle-Enter circular area. How to cause damage-Hit him with the hammer when he pops out of his hole. Then hit him with the hammer or sword. Helpful Tips-N/A 4. Morpha: Starting the battle-Jump on one of the pillars. How to cause damage-Use longshot to reel him in. Then use the sword. Helpful Tips-Stay away from the goo arms. 5. Bongo Bongo: Starting the battle-Land on bongo drum. How to cause damage-Shoot his hands with arrows. Use the Lens of Truth to see his eye. Then shoot his eye with an arrow. Then use sword. Helpful Tips-Always have the Hover Boots on. 6. Twinrova: Starting the battle-Move to the circular rug. How to cause damage-Use the Mirror Shield to deflect the ice witchÂ’s attack to the fire witch vise versa. Repeat until they fuse. To defeat the boss use the shield to absorb the same attack three times. Ex: Absorb three fire attacks without absorbing an ice attack. Once fully absorbed the shield will shoot a stream of energy that you must direct to hit he boss. Then while she is down hit her with your sword. Helpful Tips-N/A 7. Gannondorf: Starting the battle- Enter the room. How to cause damage-Get in a corner and deflect the balls of energy that he throws at you. Then use your Light Arrows. Then either use the longshot or hover boots to reach him. Then use your sword. Helpful Tips-N/A 8. Ganon: Starting the battle-Go towards the pile of rubble. How to cause damage-Either hit him in the head with a light arrow or roll under his legs. Hit him in the tail with the hammer. Repeat until you get your sword back. Then use sword. Helpful Tips-DonÂ’t use the BiggoronÂ’s Sword. III. Mini Bosses (Child) 1. Lizard Warriors-These are easy. Just hit them with your sword when they are about to attack. 2. Tentacles-Use the Boomerang. 3. Dead Hand (Well)-Get grabbed by a hand and wait until he lowers his head. Then press buttons to get free. Then attack. 4. Armored Knuckle-This one is a little hard. If you have NaruÂ’s Love than use it. Attack him all out. IV. Mini Bosses (Adult) 1. StalfoÂ’s-Attack them when they are about to attack. 2. Four PoeÂ’s-Shoot them with arrows. 3. Flame Dancers-Throw a bomb at him while he is skating around. Then use the sword. 4. Dark Link-Multiple ways to beat him. The easiest way that I found was to use the thrust while equipped with the BiggoronÂ’s Sword. Other ways are using the hammer or DinÂ’s Fire. Do not use the Master Sword. 5. Dead Hand (Shadow Temple)-Same as the other Dead Hand. 6. Armored Knuckle-Same as before. 7. Dragon Warrior-Same as Lizard Warrior. I hope that this guide has been of help to you.