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June 7, 1999
Version 1.0
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This FAQ is only a walkthrough, about the story of the game I'm still 
working on it. So please enjoy playing the game. ^_-


1.About the story (explained briefly)
2.About the game
3.Main Menu/Options (translated to english)
4.Battle Options



After watching in the Movie Theater, your girlfriend mysteriously 
disappears and you've been teleported back in a different world. You will 
meet this eight beautiful girls at this different world. With the gifted 
magic power of the Bluemoon and the help of the eight beautiful girls, you 
unlock the mysterious disappearance of your girlfriend. 


There are three game modes I found so far. The ancient, futuristic, and the 
high school mode. I tried them all both, but it seems that the ancient one 
is easy. So I'll try to finish this ancient mode, there is no guaranty the 
game will be finished. If I do finish it I'll try to finish the other 
modes. Look for updates. 


Sonata Main Screen




Sonata Options Screen





Sonata Game Inventory








Switch Turn  - L1      UP      R1 - Escape      

        ITEM - LEFT          RIGHT- Attack 

                   Fatal Blow (The hero has this only)




You've been teleported back to the ancients. If its you in real life your 
gonna say Where am I ? You will meet this beautiful girl with a long dark 
blue hair and she will talk to you in brief. Now you have to name yourself. 
HELLO! HELLO!! Anybody know Japanese? Its OK if you use numbers if you 
like, but that's gonna be silly. The words are completely in "Kana" if you 
use it by naming yourself. If you know "Kana" that's good. But if you 
don't, here are some examples I named myself, I'm still not good with 
"Kana" though but it's better than nothing.


First Row: eighth character    "Ku"
First Row: eleventh character  "Sa"
Second Row: sixth character    "Na"
Fourth Row: fifth character    "Gi"

 The word is "Kusanagi"


First Row: sixth character     "Ka"
First Row: ninth character     "Ke"
Third Row: eleventh character  "Ru"
And finalize it by pressing it to OK.

 The word is "Kakeru"


Fifth Row: eighth character    "Bu"
Third Row: eleventh character  "Ru"
Sixth Row: tenth character     "U"
Third Row: third character     "Mu"
Sixth Row: tenth character     "U"
First Row: fifteenth character "N"

The word is "Burumuun" in English "Bluemoon"

So your name will be Kakeru Kusanagi and Bluemoon I don't know what the 
other name is for but I named it to Bluemoon.

After talking with her you will be at this magnificent house. Now go 
outside and you will be choosing where to go. Check all of them in order  
1-9 except for your place No.4 Now I will explain them in an aligned way. 
Now let's meet the gals shall we. If you have Dual Shock you will have some 
effects like heartbeat.

Now check the first option, you will see this beautiful girl you met and 
her name is "Chihaya". 

Now check the second option, you will meet a cute girl named "Aoi".

Now check the third option, you will meet a beautiful blonde named 

Now check the sixth option, you will meet a cute friendly elf named 

Now check the seventh option, you will meet the twin fairies named 
"Nitsuki" and "Futsumi".

Now check the eighth option, you will meet this strange girl named ????, 
try to check and go back eight option and you will see her again. But when 
you talk to her she disappears.

Now check the ninth option, you will meet a tomboy named "Narumi". Talk to 
her again and you will enter the dungeon alone. You will fight monster lady 
called "Supirikiea". Give her you best shot but, you will be defeated but 
not game over.

You will be back at "Chihaya" place and she was relieved you made it back 
and also worried. Now your back at your house and "Mizuho" is there talk to 
her then leave. At this moment you have to choose your party. But in this 
walkthrough choose "Chihaya" and "Aoi". When choosing them in your party, 
just talk to them and if an option pops out choose the second option. Now 
the person will be in your party. Now after choosing your party, go leave 
and check the ninth option and enter the cave.


NOTE: Do some level build ups in the main hall of the dungeon before going 
through your quest, learning the healing spells and others will help you. 
Try to reach Level 3-4 or so on if you like.

Once inside the cave, when you go straight ahead you will see a big green 
crystal and here you can save by going through it. You can only save here 
not everywhere. Now your destination is heading towards East, let the 
compass above your right be your guide. On the East entrance keep heading 
towards its path until you reach the altar, but you will encounter a 
guardian and defeat it to open the door to reach there.

NOTE: The guardians are skulls with purple flames on them they are easy 
just watch "Chihaya's" HP. If you have raised your level and learned the 
healing spells use it to heal a party member. I will work on the magic 
spells soon and hopefully give you translations.

Once there you will see the altar with two treasure chest on each side. 
Take the Items first, one is an amulet equip it to the hero and then check 
the altar twice and you will hear a rumble outside the main hall. Go back 
to the main hall then head West. When there you will see a rock plate 
elevator with a purple light underneath it. Now step on the elevator and 
you will be at the West entrance, also there you will see a treasure chest 
take the item and it's a sword. Equip it to the hero, it will give 2 times 
damage. Now go to the West entrance and keep heading towards its path until 
you reach a big door. Go inside and go straight to the steps and get the 
key from the statue. After you get the key leave the dungeon and save from 
the surface where "Narumi" is.

NOTE: You can either walk going back to the surface or use the hero's magic 
teleport. At this method your status will be fully recovered.

Your now outside the dungeon. I found something interesting in the game, 
but I hope it works on your saved game. 

Now visit "Chihaya's" place, when your there talk to her and if an option 
pops out pick the first one and again sometimes a sub option pops out pick 
Ah! Eh! Anything! But be careful you might break her heart or you might get 
a smile by choosing third one from the sub option. Me! She gives me a smile 
and sometimes you will hear a Ding! Ding! Ding! Sound??? Anyway keep doing 
this method about 6-7 or so on. If successful you will hear a different 
music and a sound of a pouring water. You will see "Chihaya" taking a bath, 
she is in FFUUUUUULLL skin. Now! Now! There is nothing to see don't be a 
naughty boy silly. Besides she is covering herself. Dooooooooooh! Nothing 
to see. 0_-

After that event save your game and go to the Sonata's Main Menu option and 
look at the MovieClips/Pictures and you will see "Chihaya" there.

NOTE: About the other events in the game I'm still working on it and I'm 
not sure how to get them properly. I'll do my best to finish the game and 
find the other secrets to unlock them. I got "Chihaya's" part of the scene 

I'm still exploring the dungeon I'm already far away. But, I'm still 
writing the walkthrough for it. So this is what I have for now. So please 
enjoy the game.

MORE STILL IN THE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I would like to thank GameFaqs for posting this FAQ.  I appreciate all the 
efforts of GameFaqs in maintaining their web site.  It is very helpful and 
useful to all of us gamers. 


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