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                  Author/Editor:  Lawerence E. Mize, Jr.

Welcome to the Twisted Metal 2 Unofficial Users Guide.  This mini-faq of
sorts is an attempt to collect all of the interesting bits of Twisted Metal
2 into one simple little text file.  Below, you will find sundry bits of 
information that include advanced attacks, level codes, extra vehicles, extra
levels, etc.  For now, character descriptions have been left out.  Why?
Twisted Metal 2 is a game of action.  The story is secondary.  Before playing,
one need know only two things:  what the targets are; and how to eliminate 
them.  With that in mind, I invite you to enjoy the items that follow and
let the action commence!

Key:     L = Left direction        R = Right direction
         U = Up direction          D = Down direction
         X = The 'X' button        T = The triangle button
         S = The square button     C = The circle button
         L1, L2, R1, R2 = Their respective shift buttons

Advanced Attacks:  The following moves consist of consecutive pad motions 
                   (i.e., you press the buttons one after another, not 

        L,R,U   =   Freeze Blast (blue ball, slightly homing)
        R,L,U   =   Napalm (just like the normal pick-up weapon)
        U,U,L   =   Jump (self-explanatory)
        U,U,R   =   Shield (the green dome of protection; lasts 3
        L,R,D   =   Rear Attack (fires the currently selected weapon
                    behind your vehicle)
        R,L,D   =   Mine Attack (drops one whammo mine)
        R,D,L,U =   Cloaking Device (renders your vehicle invisible
                     for 3 seconds)

Weaponless Attacks:  These attacks can be performed when either no special
                     weapon is selected (e.g., homing missles, remote bombs)
                     or you are completely out of weapons.  Also, these
                     attacks MUST be preceded by the Rear Attack 
                     (a L,R,D pad movement).  Once the Rear Attack has been
                     performed, an empty trigger click will sound. 
                     Directly after that sound, you can perform the following 

        L,R,U   =   Reverse Freeze Blast (a normal freeze that fires backwards)
        R,L,U   =   Reverse Napalm (a normal napalm blast that fires backwards)

Extra Vehicle Codes:  Perform these codes at the car selection screen for
                      a 1-player tournament game.  Once done, you can
                      select the extra cars in any other mode.  Also,
                      these codes need to be reimplemented each time you
                      reboot the game.

        U,L1,T,R = Adds Sweet Tooth to the character selection screen.

        L1,U,D,L = Adds Minion to your character selection screen.
                   (Thanks to Ryan Costa)

Extra Level Codes:  Perform these codes at the track selection screen for
                    a 2-player challenge match.  If done properly, you will
                    hear a loud noise, and the game will advance to the 
                    character selection screen.  These codes need to be
                    reimplemented each time you reboot the game.

        D,L,R1,D = Rooftops Level.  This is the Rooftops level from the
                   first Twisted Metal.  The layout is the same, but a few
                   of the 'background' buildings are gone (no more crane).
                   (Thanks to Brandon Mullins)

        U,D,R,R1 = Jet Moto Level.  This level is (possibly) based on the
                   levels for SingleTrac's Jet Moto game.

        D,U,L1,R1 = Cyburbia Level.  This is the Cyburbia level from
                    the first game.  What's nice is that most of the
                    old weapons have been replaced with their newer
                    counterparts.  You needn't rememorize the items.

Mona Lisa Code:  I haven't gotten this code to work yet, but it should be valid.
                 You will see this code when you torch the Mona Lisa in the 
                 Louvre on the Paris level, n'est pas?  RUMOR ALERT:  Some people
                 contend that this code must be performed on the 
                 SingleTrac Logo screen that appears just after game boot.
                 Just keep entering the code.  If it works, you will see
                 a hidden video clip.  "Do it right when the SingleTrac screen 
                 changes to it's second form.  I'd advise you to flip your PSX 
                 over if it usually has FMV problems."--Curt Warner

        U,D,L1,R1 = Mona Lisa pad movements.

Note:  I found most of these codes while exploring the finer
       points of collateral (sp?) damage (i.e., blowing the
       S%!t out of everything.  Most of the signs on certain
       levels will slowing burn away when torched/napalmed.
       Codes are displayed behind certain signs/paintings.
       Codes from other sources were noted where appropriate.

Basic Level Codes for Each Vehicle:

            |  Axel  |  Grasshopper  |  Hammerhead  |
Los Angeles |  N/A   |      N/A      |     N/A      |
Moscow      | XTXX_  |     TxC___    |    _TXXX_    |
Paris       | CTS_T_ |     XTCSSC    |    _XTSXT    |
Amazonia    | TTSCC_ |     _XCCTC    |    T___XC    |
New York    | _TSSX_ |     CTXC_S    |    TTXTXX    |
Antarctica  | XXTSTC |     XSSC_T    |    TXTCXS    |
Holland     | CXCTCC |     TTXSCT    |    TSSXS_    |
Hong Kong   | TXCXXC |     CSSSTX    |    CTCSST    |
Dark Tooth  | TSTS_S |     X_XSS_    |    CCC_TX    |

            |  Mr. Grimm  |  Mr. Slamm  |  Outlaw 2  |
Los Angeles |     N/A     |     N/A     |    N/A     |
Moscow      |    TTXXC_   |    XXTSX_   |   _XC_T_   |
Paris       |    CXTCTX   |    X__CXS   |   TTXCT_   |
Amazonia    |    XSSTTT   |    CTS_SX   |   TSSST_   |
New York    |    T__CXC   |    TXCS_C   |   CXTTT_   |
Antarctica  |    CTXTX_   |    T_TCTT   |   XTCST_   |
Holland     |    XXT_CX   |    _C__C_   |   XSS_T_   |
Hong Kong   |    _XCTSS   |    S__T_T   |   _TXSXX   |
Dark Tooth  |    _STCCT   |    S_STCX   |   _CX_T_   |

            |  Roadkill  |  Shadow  |  Spectre  |
Los Angeles |    N/A     |   N/A    |    N/A    |
Moscow      |   CXTSS_   |  S__TT_  |   CTXXT_  |
Paris       |   T_T__C   |  XXC_TX  |   _TSCCX  |
Amazonia    |   XXTCST   |  XTXSCT  |   CXTSTX  |
New York    |   C__X_X   |  X__XCS  |   _XCXXT  |
Antarctica  |   _TSXC_   |  CXCCXC  |   X___CT  |
Holland     |   X__T_S   |  CTSTS_  |   T__SXS  |
Hong Kong   |   TTSTCT   |  C_T_SX  |   XTXTCS  |
Dark Tooth  |   TCXTSX   |  CT_TC_  |   XCCC_T  |

            |  Thumper  |  Twister  |  Warthog  |
Los Angeles |    N/A    |    N/A    |    N/A    |
Moscow      |   C__TX_  |   X__TC_  |   T__TS_  |
Paris       |   XSSCCT  |   TXCCXT  |   TSSSXS  |
Amazonia    |   TXC_S_  |   _TSXSC  |   CSSCXX  |
New York    |   XXTTXT  |   XTXCX_  |   XSS_XC  |
Antarctica  |   TTS___  |   C__XST  |   _XCT_S  |
Holland     |   XTX_ST  |   _XX__C  |   TXTS_X  |
Hong Kong   |   T__ST_  |   XXTXS_  |   CXTC_C  |
Dark Tooth  |   T_SSXC  |   XS_STC  |   CS_CCS  |

Monumental Damage:  Here's a list of neat things to destroy.

     Paris:  The Eiffel (sp?) Tower.  Set a remote explosion beneath
             it and watch the tower fall.  Once destroyed, the remains
             will form a bridge to the rooftops.

     New York:  The Statue of Liberty.  The first few missles light the
                torch.  The next few destroy Lady Liberty's clothes to
                reveal a bikini (NOTE:  there are two versions of the
                bikini-clad icon--a waif and a plump version).  The final 
                few missles will send her to oblivion.

     Los Angeles:  The HOLLYWOOD sign explodes quite nicely.

     Antarctica:  Just wait . . . everything explodes (or rather sinks)
                  on its own.

     Holland:  Fire a few well aimed missles and those lovely windmills
               are--lord, help me--GONE WITH THE WIND!

     Amazonia:  Destroy some of the minor temples and statues.  There is
                a tunnel beneath the lava.

     Moscow:  Torch the signs.  Watch them slowly burn. Also, shock your
              friends by destroying the lightning generator.  Aim at the
              top of the ramps or set off a remote bomb.  To completely
              destroy ALL of the ramps, simply place a remote bomb on the
              blue pad at the center of the bowl (or, possibly, attack the
              ramp supports).  

Utility Commands:  The following commands will help you better enjoy the
                   whole Twisted Metal experience.  Please note that
                   the plus character '+' denotes simultaneous button

     U+Select = Cycle through the car views in 1-player mode.  In 2-player
                mode, this will switch between horizontal and vertical
                split screen.

     R+Select = Toggle the Rear View Mirror on and off in 1-player mode.
     L+Select = Toggle the Radar Display on and off in either 1- or 
                2-player mode.
     D+Select = Toggle your Weapon Display between the current weapon
                icon and a full list of your armament.

     R1 = Random Car Select.  Press R1 at the vehicle selection screen to
          randomly choose your ride.


     Lawerence E. Mize, Jr. = Author/Editor/Main Contributor
            Brandon Mullins = Rooftop Level Code
               Drew Johnson = Weaponless attack--Reverse Freeze Attack
                Mike Troupe = Basic Level Codes for Outlaw 2
                Curt Warner = Mona Lisa Video
                 Ryan Costa = Minion Code
                  Jim Irwin = Basic Level Codes for Axel, Shadow, Hammerhead,
                              Spectre, Grasshopper, Thumper, Twister, and
                              Mr. Grimm (Take a break, man!)

End Notes:

     I hope you have enjoyed this Guide.  If you have any questions, comments,
     additions, corrections, etc., then email me at I'll
     reply as quickly as possible.  Also, a WWW version of this should be 
     up and running by the end of the week.  

     "Thank you!" . . . to all the contributors.

  |           {---                               Lawerence E. Mize, Jr. | 
  | [:\\\\\\\{>======================-,          UMBC ComSci Major &    |
  |           {---              ______0______    NWS CO-OP Programmer   |

         DISCLAIMER:  I speak for myself and *not* for UMBC or NWS.

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