Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Unlocks Reach the Multiplayer rank listed to unlock the appropriate weapon/ mount. Note: The Legendary mounts require you to reach level 50, and then re-level from 1 to 50 again in Legendary mode the indicated number of times. Rank 1: Weapon: Cattleman Revolver, Knife Mount: El SeƱor Rank 2: Weapon: Repeater Carbine Rank 3: Weapon: Throwing Knife Rank 4: Mount: Lusitano Nag Rank 5:Weapon: Volcanic Pistol Rank 8: Weapon: Winchester Repeater Mount: Turkmen Rank 9: Weapon: Schofield Revolver Rank 11: Weapon: Pump Action Shotgun Mount: Cleveland Bay (Legendary 1-4) Rank 13: Weapon: Springfield Rifle Rank 15: Weapon: Dynamite Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 2-4) Rank 17: Weapon: Double Action Revolver Rank 18: Weapon: Sawed-off Shotgun Rank 20: Weapon: Rolling Block Rifle Rank 22: Weapon: Fire Bottle Mount: Cleveland Bay Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 1) Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 2-4) Rank 24: Weapon: Semi Automatic Pistol Rank 26: Weapon: Semi Auto Shotgun Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 3-4) Rank 28: Weapon: Carcano Rifle Rank 32: Weapon: Henry Repeater Rank 33: Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 1) Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 2) Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 3-4) Rank 35: Weapon: High Power Pistol Rank 37: Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 4) Rank 40: Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle Mount: American Standard Bred Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 1) Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 2) Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 3) Rank 42: Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 4) Rank 43: Weapon: Evans Repeater Rank 46: Weapon: LeMat Revolver Rank 49: Weapon: Mauser Pistol Rank 50: Weapon: Buffalo Rifle Mount: Bonzo (bull) Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 1) Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 2) Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 3) Mount: Zebra Donkey (Legendary 4)