------------------------{ INFINITE SPACE }-------------------------



1. Battle System
2. Character Skills
3. Special Character Skills
4. Ship Skills
5. Modules
6. General Tips
7. Walkthrough


⁃	Formation

⁃	The ships at the front of your fleet are more susceptible to attack, but have a 
        higher weapon hit rate. The opposite applies to ships in the rear of your fleet.

⁃	With a few exceptions, always destroy the ships at the front of the enemy fleet 

⁃	You'll want to put the ships with the highest HP in the front. Note that your 
        flagship does not have to be in the front row.

⁃	If your flagship is destroyed it's game over, but if you lose any other ship it 
        will be recovered upon entering port on any planet.

⁃	Actions

⁃	Dodge command will make you invincible to enemy barrages, but will decrease your 
        mobility against normal enemy attacks

⁃	Normal command makes all of your ships fire once at the enemy.

⁃	Barrage command makes all of your ships fire three times at the enemy. If they 
        are dodging, all shots will miss.

⁃	Special command 1 is the captain's (Yuri's) ability.

⁃	Special command 2 is the first officer's ability.

⁃	Special command 3 is the flagship's ability. Not all ships have a special weapon.

⁃	Melee command is only available if you are close to the enemy fleet. Your crew 
        will board the enemy ship and a melee battle will ensue.

⁃	Fighter command launches all available fighters into battle. Fighters replenish 
        over time during battle.

⁃	AA command uses any and all AA weapons equipped on your ships to take down enemy 


⁃	Each character's skills/stats affect the ships in your fleet - 

⁃	Leadership: Directly related to mobility and the speed at which your gauge fills

⁃	Control: Gauge speed and range

⁃	Navigation: Mobility, battle speed, and cruise speed

⁃	Artillery: Weapon accuracy

⁃	Maintenance: Ship/fighter recovery, mobility, and battle speed

⁃	Science: Periodic ship upgrades

⁃	Medicine: Crew recovery during battle

⁃	Management: Money earned while cruising, livability, fatigue resistance

⁃	Combat: Melee performance, livability

⁃	Piloting: Fighter strength


Some crew members have special skills. "A" skills are support skills. The character 
must be assigned to a certain post to utilize them.  The "C" skills are action 
skills. They take the place of "Special 1" and "Special 2" during battle, and are 
for the captain and his first officer post only. 

⁃	A Skills

⁃	AS Genius - Artillery post - AS accuracy bonus

⁃	AA Genius - Artillery post - AA accuracy bonus

⁃	Amateur Chef - Food service post - fleet livability bonus

⁃	Space Warrior - Security post - melee bonus

⁃	Scalpel Star - Medical post - bonus to fleet medicine

⁃	Ace Pilot - Fighter post - bonus to fighter's AA and AS

⁃	Cool & Calm - Operator post - faster command guage replenishing

⁃	Machine Geek - Maintenance post - bonus to fleet maintenance

⁃	Mad Scientist - Science post - bonus to fleet science

⁃	Abacus - Accounting post - fleet maintaining costs reduced

⁃	Ace Helmsman - Navigation post - bonus to fleet mobility

⁃	Star Engineer - Engineer post - bonus to fleet cruise and battle speed

⁃	Angel Voice - Any post - faster command gauge

⁃	All Seeing - Radar control post - bonus to fleet attack range

⁃	Fleet Leader - Captain post - # of ships in your fleet

⁃	C Skills (only active if character is captain or first officer)

⁃	Iron Wall - temporary defense increase

⁃	Death Blow - for melee battle, enhanced version of slash

⁃	Marksman - for melee battle, enhanced version of shoot

⁃	Commander - for melee battle, enhanced version of leader

⁃	Mr. Precise - Temporarily increases fleet accuracy

⁃	Medic - Restore HP 

⁃	Inciter - Critical hit rate +20% for short period 

⁃	Mercy Angel - Restore HP and crew

⁃	Maneuver Ace - Raises dodge rate for short period

⁃	Formation Foe - enemy loses formation effects temporarily (all enemies 
        frontrow). Can fail.

⁃	Comeback Kid - Returns one downed ship to battle with 20% durability

⁃	Fighter Expert - Temporarily raises fighter attack power

⁃	Final Roar - Barrage attack with +40% critical hit rate


⁃	Directly related to how your ship behaves. Can be modified by adding crew members   

        and/or modules

⁃	Battle Speed: Speed of movement during battle (forward and back)

⁃	Mobility: How well your ship dodges

⁃	Attack Range: How far your weapons reach

⁃	Gauge Speed: How quickly the command gauge refills. Adversely affected
        by crew fatigue

⁃	Anti-Ship: Accuracy rate vs ships

⁃	Anti-Air: Accuracy rate vs fighters

⁃	Durability - Hit points

⁃	Livability - Directly related to gauge speed. Adversely affected by having too 
        much crew

⁃	Current Crew: How many crew members are on board. 

⁃	Crew Req: Minimum number of crew required for the ship to operate at 100%

⁃	Armor: Reduces HP damage

⁃	Cruise Speed: Speed moving on the map (outside of battle) higherspeed means
        lessrandom battles


⁃	Modules directly affect the stats of a ship. With the exception of crew cabins,
        hangars, and holds, you can only have one of each module equipped.

⁃	Modules have different levels. As you acquire higher level modules, make sure to
        update the ones you've got equipped on your ship (provided you can afford them)

⁃	Modules, like ships, require blueprints which can be obtained from Module
        companies or through story events.


⁃	An enemy is more vulnerable to barrage immediately after they attack you. 

⁃	If an enemy's outline goes from red to yellow or yellow to green without having     

        attacked you, you can assume they are now dodging until they attack.

⁃	In battle, if you retreat backwards as far as to the left as possible, most         

        enemies will not attack (unless they have a special attack that ignores range).     

        Note that the enemies in the second half of the game are smarter and this 
        tactic generally doesn't work.

⁃	If you find yourself completely outclassed during battle, it may be time to buy a   

        better ship.

⁃	Characters only gain exp. if they are assigned to a post.

⁃	Talk to  your friends whenever you are in a tavern. As your crew grows, sometimes   

        a certain member will do something to give Yuri a bonus. If your friends start      

        repeating themselves, you know there is nothing to get at that time.

⁃	Save often. It only takes one poorly thought out battle or a bad dialogue choice to 

        force a restart.

⁃	When adding crew members, mind their stats but also put them somewhere that they    

        can make use of their special skill(s)

⁃	Carefully utilize character's special skills. For example, the medic skill can make 

        a huge difference during battle.

⁃	Don't waste weapon slots on AA weapons. Instead use fighters launched from carrier  

        class ships. Later on in the game you'll acquire battleships that can alsolaunch

⁃	Once you can use fighters, you should begin most battles by launching them and      

        moving back. As they attack the enemy fleet, it will be unable to move and 
        you can fully charge your gauge.

⁃	Fighters only attack the ship that you have targeted, not the entire enemy fleet.   

        You can freely switch targets even after the fighters are engaged.

⁃	During melee fights, choose the command that is weak against whatever the opponent  

        is currently using, as they rarely ever use the same command twice. For example, 
        if you start with shoot and they start with leader, choose slash for your next      

        turn, knowing the enemy will not choose leader again. This works for the first 
        half of the game, after that, enemies are a bit smarter.

⁃	If you find yourself having trouble with the melee battles, equip some security     

        room modules.

⁃	You can use L or R to advance dialog faster than tapping on the corner of the       


⁃	Your fleet's cruise speed is only as fast as its slowest ship.


---{  7. WALKTHROUGH  }---



✓	If this is your fist time playing, choose to go through the tutorial. Many of the   

        elements in this game are confusing to newcomers, and you learn very little 
        from the manual. Once you're finished, a real battle will take place - the ship 
        you control is nearly invincible, so just keep attacking until all enemies are      


✓	Enter Nia. The following battle is also simple - move her ship forward into range   

      and barrage the enemy for a quick kill. Cutscenes will follow. When asked by Nia if 
        you are scared, selecting 'Yeah' will net you 20exp.

⁃	[NOTE] Often during Infinite Space you will be presented with an option for         

        multiple responses like this where choosing a certain one will earn stat bonuses.


✓	Choose to travel to Bagut. En route, two enemy vessels will attack. Another easy    

        introductory battle, move forward or simply wait for the enemy to get into range, 
        then fire away.

✓	 After the arriving at Bagut, ride the elevator down to the tavern.

✓	Talk to Nia at the bar. Some guys will attack, choose to tell them off ('Go to      

        Grus') for some extra combat experience. After the scene, re-enter the tavern. 

✓	Talk to the bartender and ask for information.

✓	Depart Bagut and head for Haspal. Don't worry about the ??? spot, as Nia won't let  

        you travel there just yet. 

++ HASPAL ++

✓	Talk to Radimir and ask about a job. Accept it.

✓	Talk to Nia to uncover a plan.

✓	Talk to the gate guard. If you choose to bribe him with 'something like 100g' he    

        will offer to open the void gate.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Depart Haspal for Bagut to deliver Radimir's package to the          

        bartender there. After collecting your pay of 300g, head for Toropets

⁃	[NOTE] - Should you travel to the ??? location near Bagut at this time, you might   

        not be able to catch up to the fleeing enemy, so don't bother trying


✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The bartender here has a job for you. Deliver the package to Bagut   

        for an easy 250g

✓	Purchase blueprints at the 'Ship Co'. Blueprints are cheap, but actually creating a 

        ship from them isn't. You'll have to choose one of the two available at this point. 
        The Otlichny has a slight edge in stats but is 700g more expensive.

✓	Buy the Fire Control Room and Radar Room modules for your new ship. They are cheap  

        and well worth it at this point.


✓	Travel to the ??? spot in area two. You will net some fame points for the           


✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Travel to the ??? spot in area one. There is a transport ship there  

        you can raid if you are quick. Immediately move your ship forward in order to catch 
        up to the fleeing vessel, then use normal attacks repeatedly before it can escape. 
        It will dodge your barrage attacks. Destroying the ship gets you 1150g

✓	Travel to Ropesk for your first boss battle!

++ ROPESK ++

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Panfilov)

⁃	Panfilov's  brought a couple of friends for support and has put them at the front   

        of his fleet, so make sure you target them first. Activate dodge, and stay far 
        enough away from the enemy until your gauge fills to red. During this battle it is 
        better to dodge the enemies' barrage attacks and take more damage from their normal 

        ones. Once your gauge is red, move up into range and barrage the two support ships
        one at time.After you destroy one, Panfilov will activate his special weapon. 
        When his ship turns red make sure you dodge. As long as you are dodging you'll be   

        safe from the special attack. Panfilov's gauge will be empty after he uses his      

        special weapon, so charge in, barrage him, then quickly back up. Repeat this 
        process a few times to bring Panfilov down.

✓	Make sure to assign Kira a spot on your ship, then travel back to any tavern 
        and speak to your friends a bonus artillery point. Head for the void gate. 
        On the way Torlo will join your party. Unfortunately you can't assign him to 
        your crew until you reach a planet, so when you speak to the guards at the 
        gate, choose to turn back for Hapsal and assign Torlo before taking fighting 
        the guards.

✓	The guards are not difficult, just make sure - as in all cases - to attack 
        the ships at the front of the fleet first. Try and get close enough so that 
        both of your weapons are in range.



✓	This a good time to travel around the planets gaining exp, collecting blueprints, 

and upgrading your ship by purchasing new modules. Be careful - if you've just come out of 

the void gate from chapter one the random battles can be extremely tough until you upgrade 

your ship and/or visit the man in Nezhatin. Make sure to always save before you leave a 


✓	You'll gain 10 fame discovering a nebula on your way to Nezhatin 

✓	There's 300g to be made if you travel to the ??? spot in the upper left of area 2

✓	In Nezhatin, talking to the old man (Gen) and asking for his wisdom will get you 

the special skill "Fleet Leader Lv. 2". This is huge, as it allows you to add another ship 

to your fleet making battle much easier.

⁃	[NOTE] I suggest adding the Daisy to your fleet right now as opposed to buying 

another ship. It will save you a good chunk of money and the Daisy is strong enough to back 

you up at this point in the game.

✓	After you speak to the bartender at any of the taverns, an event will happen 

randomly as you travel from spot to spot that progresses story.  Galkin will attack you, 

but don't worry about the battle. No matter the outcome, Elgavan forces break up the fight 

and the captain invites you to the Lutsk base to talk. You'll want to wait before you go 

there, and instead head for Perekop.


✓	Make sure to pick up the three module blueprints on sale here. In fact, for future 

reference, BUY ANY AND ALL BLUEPRINTS WHENEVER YOU SEE THEM! It will not always be pointed 

out in this guide to buy them. If you see a module, fighter, or ship  company on a planet, 

buy the blueprints that are there.

✓	Talk to the bartender to get information as well as accept his job, then speak to 

both of the employees at the tavern. The 2nd one will tell you about the son of the late 

former president of Efimov Inc. who is hiding on Klaipeda. 

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Before you go, deliver the bartender's package to Nezhatin without 

engaging in any random battles. If you haven't already, talk to the old man in the tavern 

on Nezhatin for "Fleet Leader Lv.2"

++ LUTSK ++

✓	Go to the tavern and speak to Rufina twice, then speak to Tatiana 3 times in order 

to recruit her. Talk to Rufina one more time for a hint at your next objective.

⁃	[NOTE] You will often have to speak to characters more than once in Infinite Space 

to progress the story

✓	You still have a lot of empty space on your ship, so go to the guild and hire the 

two people there if you can afford them. 


✓	Speak to the bartender a couple of times. Leave the tavern and enter Karlo's house 

to recruit him and gain a blueprint for a shield frame. Head to the void gate and travel 

back to Ropesk. Turns out your epitaph is in danger. On your way, stop by Haspal and 

recruit Radimir.

++ ROPESK ++

✓	Visit the pawnshop on Toropets to learn your epitaph was stolen by pirates, and 

that they were seen going to the Milesk Sector. Go after them!

✓	You will learn melee combat in the Milesk sector (tell Nia you don't know how). The 

second battle is not possible to win as far as I know.

✓	After all the scenes are done, you are finished in Ropesk and it's time to head 

back to Lutsk

+++ LUTSK BASE +++

✓	You can now enter the Lutsk base HQ. Once you arrive, speak to everyone (remember 

more than once), then talk to Vladykin again. Agree to fight the pirates, and meet Vladkyn 

at his lodgings.

✓	Keep talking to Vladkyn until he tells you that you need to go to Ruza for a data 

chip, and gives you the code phrase "We'll buy you a few drinks" 

⁃	[NOTE] - Here you can choose between the blueprints for the Orfey or the Derzky 

class ships.. Orfey is a more expensive choice but a better ship.

✓	Head to the ??? spot in area 4 for 600g. To make things easier on yourself, 

purchase a new ship to replace the Daisy at this point. If you don't have enough money, 

fight some random battles until you do.

✓	Go to Ruza and talk to the military man (Zakhar, Kira's brother) and use the secret 

phrase you learned (We'll buy you a few drinks) to get the data chip. Return to the Lutsk 


✓	En route, Galkin will show up again. Don't worry about winning or losing - the 

story will progress either way.

✓	Give the data chip to Vladkyn in his lodging. He says it will take time to decode, 

so go do some leveling up or do the side quest below.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Go to Ketryzn and take the job from the bartender. He wants you to 

travel to Popash, Lutsk, and Ruza and collect tabs from his bar patrons. Doing so and 

returning to Ketryzn will get you 1000g.

✓	Return to Vladkyn in the Lutsk base lodging. You will be presented with a choice 

between the indirect route and the direct route to the pirate base. 



⁃	If you take the indirect route,  you will have to fight a 3 ship battle before you 

fight Balik. Inside the base,  a mind controlled Zakhar will attack Tatiana, and Torlo will 

kill him.

⁃	If you take the direct route you will only have to fight Balik. Inside the base, 

Torlo will simply knock Zakhar out instead of killing him.

⁃	For the purpose of this guide, choose to knock Zakhar out. 

⁃	[NOTE] There are choices in this game that will affect who you can recruit later in 

the story or affect the plot in small ways. I will try to point out as many of these as I 

can by using the words 'for the purpose of this guide'. If you wish to use this guide as 

efficiently as possible, make sure to make the same choices.


⁃	Balik uses missiles if he gets close enough which cause heavy damage, so keep your 

distance. His special attack is a devastating salvo of missiles. Make sure that you 

immediately dodge when his ship turns red. Stay just out of range and keep up dodge until 

he fires his special. Once he does, dash in and fire normal (barrage will leave you 

defenseless) on the support ships, then quickly back up and dodge. Repeat for each 

successive ship including Balik's.

✓	Take the elevator down to Balik's base. If you choose the path to the right, you 

will progress the story, but if you choose to go left first, you can reach a blueprint. 

Make the following choices in order to get the blueprint first - 

⁃	Move forward, left, right, turn back twice, then forward, right, forward, right, 

and left

✓	After leaving the pirate base, visit Vladykin in the lodging of the Lutsk base for 

blueprints to a new ship!

✓	Travel to Efimov Inc. on Perekop. You will receive two missile upgrades for your 


✓	Go to the void gate to finish chapter 2!


✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- A man on Chernesk needs some polyphermin medicine for his daughter. 

If you travel to Zveningord, you can purchase some at the hospital for 150g. Bring it to 

the man, and he will give you blueprints for two pirate ships - a Gnevy-class destroyer and 

a Novik-class destroyer.

✓	Exploration: 

⁃	There are some module blueprints for sale on Ostrog. 

⁃	If you visit the ??? spot in area 4, you will discover a resource asteroid (300g) 

and discover a nebula on the way (10 fame).

⁃	When you are done exploring, head for Zveningord and talk to Vladykin at central HQ

++ Zveningord ++

✓	Speak to Vladykin about all 3 topics. He'll give you a couple of assignments. After 

speaking to him, go to his lodging. He'll give you blueprints for a Borodino-class 

battleship as well as Fleet Leader Lv 3! 

⁃	[NOTE] Now that you can command 3 ships at a time, I highly recommend you start 

saving up for the Borodino battleship. It is slow but more powerful than anything you've 

had so far.

++ Nerekhta ++

✓	Visit the medic hq. The receptionist will ask for a donation of 500g. If you can 

afford it, she will reward you with med skill +2. If you are feeling generous, donate 1000g 

more for a shield gen 2 blue print and a sick bay 2 module.

✓	Go to the tavern to meet Galkin. He'll introduce a new crew member, Ian. Talk to 

Galkin again and he'll tell you to search for Gennadiy Alabyshev. He hints he is an old 

man, and that he may be in the Lutsk sector

✓	Travel to Zarub after this and tell Ian that yes, you feel like you should be 

captain. You will gain 30 leadership experience. Speak to the bartender to learn about 

Argun Narevin. Go to the void gate and warp back to Lutsk

++ Lutsk Sector +++

✓	The old man named Gennadiy Alabyshev Galkin referred to is who we know as Gen on 

Nezhatin. Go speak to him. He agrees to come with you, but you cannot assign him like a 

normal crew member. Head back to the void gate, and Gen will tell you to go to Deviagorsk. 

++ Deviaorsk ++

✓	Drop Gen off here. You can come back 'after some time has passed'. Burn some time 

(I visited the Chernesk tavern) until a scene is triggered signifying it's time to go get 

Gen. Head back to Deviagorsk

✓	Speak to Gen at the tavern. 

✓	Gen reveals his plan and warns to only attack the pirate ships, and DO NOT fire on 

the Driutesk ships or it's game over. You will encounter fleets comprising of both. This 

applies to random battles in the area as well. If you destroy the pirate ships first, the 

battle will end. Gen will joins you crew here. 

++ Buzhsk ++

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Travel to Driutesk first and accept a job from the bartender. He 

wants you to take out some pirates in the area between Nerekhta and Ostrog. Head to the ??? 

spot there and defeat the pirates (an easy fight) then travel back to Driutesk and claim 

your reward of 850g

✓	When you arrive at Buzhsk, you'll be attacked. This fleet has a Driutesk ship out 

front, so destroy the two other ships in order to win.

✓	You don't have to do anything other than win the above battle to accomplish the 

mission. Gen will teach you "final roar lv.1"

✓	Travel to nearby Alatyr. A module co. shop has opened up with a ton of new 

blueprints. Make sure to buy the deflector shield.

++ Gorodok ++

✓	Travel to Gorodok and speak to Melania twice. She'll tell you about a meteoroid 

field that requires a deflector module to cross. After your party, well, parties, Ian and 

Melania will be taken by pirates. Some new starlanes will open up near Gorodok. 

✓	Head to the first ??? spot near Gorodok, fight a quick battle, and you'll rescue 

Ian. Go back to Gorodok so that you can assign him a spot on your crew before proceeding to 


✓	You can survive the meteoroid field as long as you have a deflector module equipped 

on your lead ship, but any ships in your fleet without a shield will be reduced to 10hp

⁃	[NOTE] After you pass the field, you return to the map screen, and you will never 

have to go through it again. Instead of proceeding to Medyn, go back to Gorodok and heal 

up. You no longer need the deflector modules, so replace them with something else if you 


✓	BOSS BATTLE (Argun) -

⁃	This may be your toughest fight yet. The enemy fleet has 5 ships, and if you don't 

dodge it, Argun's special attack will damage all 3 ships in your fleet. This battle is much 

easier if you have the Borodino at this point. Follow a strategy similar to previous boss 

battles to win. After this battle, STOP your flight immediately and turn back to Gorodok 

for healing/saving.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Balik) - 

⁃	Another 5 ship battle, and the flagship has no special attack. Unfortunately all 5 

ships are quite strong. Take it slow against the 4 front ships, and if you are in good 

enough shape after that, rush into all weapons range and use your special against the 


++ Medyn ++

✓	Take the elevator down to the pirate base. A melee battle will ensue, and is very 

simple assuming you know the order of battle as you outnumber the enemy. Proceed up the 

base, and another melee fight takes place. A good thing to remember here is that the enemy 

rarely uses the same command twice in a row, so if you keep that in mind your commands will 

usually be neutral or effective.

✓	Make sure not to show Argun any mercy, or Melania will be killed. For the purpose 

of this guide, choose this path.

✓	Head to the void gate via the path with the ??? areas.

++ Zvenigorod ++

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The bartender in Zarub has a job for you. Go to Ostrog. Travel back 

and forth around the area until the ship appears. The reward is 1100g.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The bartender in Driutesk has a job for you. He wants you to deliver 

a package to Peozero for 450g.

✓	Sop by the medic hq. in Nerekhta to meet your saviors, Feodor and Larissa. Word is 

they are heading to Ruza. Go to the tavern there to recruit them.

✓	Visit Vladykins lodgings in Zveningorod, he tells you to goto the Volodarev sector, 

which is now on your map.

++ Volodarev ++

✓	Travel to Volodrev. Enroute you will be attacked by Mudakov. Another 5 ship battle, 

but nothing difficult. Make sure to grab the new blueprints for sale on Volodarev.

✓	Talk to the man at the bar. He turns out to be Semias, a friend of Nia's. They want 

to talk, so you need to go burn some time. You can take a walk in the forest and the meadow 

on Volodarev. Afterwards, go back to the tavern. Go to the meadow once more and talk to the 


✓	Head back to the Zvenigorod lodgings and report (when you reach the planet, Ratai 

will join). Meet Vladykin at headquarters. He tells you to go to Heraklion in the Kalymnos 

cluster. You can also now buy ship blueprints on Chernesk. After you buy them, head for the 

Void Gate, Gen and Alik will leave the crew.


++ Exploration ++

✓	Talk to your friends on Chios until Karlo speaks. When the option arises, choose 

'Why?' and Yuri will gain +1 science skill. 

✓	If you travel to Volos and have Gadina in your crew, you will earn 500g.

✓	If you travel to the ??? spot in area 1, you will meet Roubis. Travel to Thira to 

recruit Roubis.

✓	Travel to Heraklion and to Minas' lab. Talk to him a couple of times, he'll join 


✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- If you keep talking to the Chios bartender, he will eventually offer 

you a job. Accept it, and travel to the mine of Dodecanese. 

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The job on Volos is similar to the one above (mine in Zante for 


++  Dodecanese ++

✓	The only way to reach this planet is from the top-right ??? spot in area 2.

✓	Help out during the bar fight to gain 20 combat experience. Talk to the trader. He 

offers you 100g reward which you can accept or reject. If you refuse it, he says he 'hopes 

to be able to repay you someday'. For the purpose of this guide, reject the reward.

✓	Upon leaving Dodecanese, you can choose between attacking pirates or defending a 

passenger ship. Defending will draw you into a 3 ship battle, whereas attacking draws you 

into a 4 ship battle. For the purpose of this guide, defend. 

✓	Visit the two ??? spots between Dodecanese and Zante for 1000g and 600g

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- If you recruited Minas, then view 'help' under CTA enough times, 

help will stop working. Minas will create a new help, which is actually a powerful female 

robot who will join your crew. She comes with the Medic Lv. 2 ability which is very useful 

during battle.

++ Veroia ++

✓	Enter the tavern if you have done both mining side quests, and Loukas Barberis from 

the mines will join your crew.

✓	Enter the security agency here.

✓	Ioannov will explain you need to pass through a pirate base near the spider web. 

You can now pass through the ??? spot in area 3.

++ Spider Web ++

✓	Your crew will find a survivor on a wrecked ship on your way

✓	You will be forced into two battles in a row. The first is a 3 ship fight, the 

second is a 4 ship fight. There will be no time to rest or heal in between, so be careful 

and conserve your HP.

✓	After the battle, head back to Heraklion. The survivor your picked up, Rhea, will 

join your crew.

✓	Travel back to the security agency on Veroia, and tell Ioannov "I'm not so 

confident". If you tell him you are confident, you still cannot reach the Spider Web. 

✓	Go to the tavern here and speak to both Pappas and Delis. You need to talk to 

Pappas 3 times. A new ship design co has been added to Volos.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The bartender on Volos has a job for you. You need to transport a 

package to the tavern on Nerekhta (back through the void gate). Reward is 1200g

++ Zante ++

✓	Travel to the ??? to the right of Zante to trigger a cutscene where you pick up 

Celina. Take her back to the security agency on Veroia.

✓	If you choose 'you can't do that' during the dialog, Yuri will gain 20 leadership 


✓	You need to drop Nia off at prison - go to the new ??? spot in the top left of area 


✓	While Nia works out her plan, you need to burn some time. After visiting enough 

places, cutscenes involving Nia will take place. Continue to travel around until another 

scene involving Ioannov takes place

✓	Travel to a tavern and talk to Ian after the above scenes. 

✓	You need to capture a pirate by getting into a melee battle. Unfortunately the 

pirates from random battles aren't good enough, so travel around the area near Zante until 

you are attacked by a 5 ship fleet. Get into a melee battle with the boss ship to 

accomplish the objective. Take your hostage to the security agency.

++ Veroia ++

✓	You can now use fighters and AA weapons! Travel to Thira to buy some fighter 

blueprints, then come back to the security agency.

⁃	[NOTE] You need to equip a hangar module to use fighters, and only ships with a 

catapult can have a hangar. At this point in the game, I could not find any ships with 


✓	Go to the security agency and choose to ship out when you are ready for battle

✓	Head to Skantzoura

++ Skantzoura ++

✓	A 5 ship battle will take place. This is the first time you will be attacked by 

fighters. The threat is very small though, and your fleet should stop the fighters fairly 

quickly even if you don't have a ship designed for AA combat. You cannot move while under 

fighter attack, so keep your fleet near the left edge of the screen for this battle. 

✓	On Skantzoura, if you enter the west prison you will find nothing except a melee 

fight. Visit the east prison and you will find Leo, Reah's boyfriend. He will join your 

crew. You will have a melee battle, then find Pappas

✓	You can now enter the Admin building

✓	Visit the observation room first, then the warden's office

✓	Enter the prison (west)

✓	Your next objective is the spider web in area 4. Don't forget to assign Nia and Leo 

spots on your crew.

++ Spider Web (Area 4) ++

✓	BOSS FIGHT (Warden)

⁃	A 5 ship battle. You are supposed to capture the warden alive. Unlike previously, 

you need not get into a melee battle. Just destroy everyone. Strategy is similar to any 

other 5 ship battle up to this point. Sneak into range while dodging and either bait an 

enemy barrage or use normal attack, then rush back out of range and dodge again. None of 

the enemy ships use any special weapons or fighters.

✓	Stop by the security agency before progressing on to Mytilene. You will get 

blueprints for a Volos class cruiser, a Selene-class destroyer, and 5000g!

✓	Talk to Leo in any tavern, and he will give you blueprints for an Anti-Air Control 

Room 2 module.

✓	Travel to Mytilene and thoroughly explore the ruins.

✓	A new void gate is now open in area 1. Go there, and use it to move onto chapter 5!


++ Exploration ++

✓	The ??? spot in area 1 has 300g

✓	Enter the Riveli tavern. Roubis and Torlo get into a fight, choose "Make Torlo 

Adkin apologize" and you'll get +30 leadership. 

✓	If you travel from Populara to the ??? spot left of it, you will discover a nebula 

and earn + 10 fame.

✓	There is a guild on Hermeta. Enter the tavern first and speak to the bartender. Pay 

him 500 g to unlock it. 

✓	Hire the man and woman at the guild (Pachjo Palmo and Bravo Soneto) Make sure to 

offer Palmo 800g. Any less and he will demand 1000g. Soneto will cost you 600g total.

✓	After Soneto joins, talk to your friends in a tavern and choose "I'm sorry to hear 

that" for +5 fame.

++ Tineo ++

✓	Visit the observatory. You'll meet Aminda, a former student of Minas.

✓	Visit the ??? area between Selo and Riveli or else nothing will happen when you 

enter the Lanco hotel later.

++ Populara ++

✓	If you are done exploring, choose to apply at the Lanco branch

✓	Enter the Lacno hotel and talk to the men three times

✓	Enter the tavern and talk to Garni, then go back to the hotel and talk to Pappas. 

Leave the planet and a cutscene will occur with Vladykin. Travel back to Zveningord

++ Zveningord ++

✓	Enter central hq to meet Vladykin. As you head back to the void gate, Nia will ask 

to go to Deviagorsk.

✓	Go to the tavern on Deviagorsk and talk to Semias until Nia leaves the Daisy with 

him. Head through the void gate.

++ Tineo ++

✓	Travel back to the observatory on Tineo. 

✓	In the hotel, you can go to all 3 rooms, but Nia is the only one you can talk to. 

✓	Go back to the observatory in the morning. 

++ Populara ++

✓	Go to the hotel and speak to Pappas until he leaves

✓	Speak to Garni in the tavern three times. Yuri comes up with a plan.

✓	As you depart, Garni will join your crew. 

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- The fighter co. on Riveli won't sell to you yet. Enter the guard 

post there and speak to Valso until he gives you a letter of introduction. You can now shop 

at the fighter co.

✓	Head for a void gate in area 3 and warp to the Spetses border.

++ Spetses ++

✓	DO NOT head to the blockade until you are done exploring and are ready to fight.

✓	In the Leucas tavern, Kuchin will ask for 500g. If you pay, Yuri will gain 100 


✓	In the Oenus tavern, speak to the young man three times. Turns out this is Cico, 

the captain of the ship you just saved moments ago.

✓	Travel to the Kilkis sector to discover resources worth 1000g

✓	The starlane between area 1 and Orion has a nebula to discover for +10 fame. On 

Orion, talk to the zero-G dog in the tavern. He will enhance either your artillery, 

navigation, or ship management skills. The choice is yours.

++ Blockade ++

✓	For the first battle, do not attack, simply wait the fight out. Dodge and back all 

the way up. After the fight, head toward the Kilkis sector

✓	The same rules apply for the second battle - do not attack.

✓	The third battle is a 5 ship fight - destroy everything. The enemy will deploy 

fighters, and their fleet is quite strong. 

⁃	[NOTE] At this point, it is a good idea to equip one of your ships with an anit-air 

(AA) weapon. It diminishes your overall attack, but is good for taking out those pesky 


✓	Travel past the blockade to Alonnisos, and be prepared for another tough battle.

⁃	BOSS BATTLE (Beleko)

⁃	Back up as quickly as you can and use your AA weapon. The enemy fleet is quick, so 

the goal is get as far to the left as possible before their fighters stop you. If you the 

fleet gets into range while you are still locked down by fighters, change from AA to dodge 

just in case. As soon as they let up, get back and handle this fight much like the previous 

one. This is a very tough battle so if you're having trouble, either have fully upgrade 

modules or a second battleship in your fleet. If you save the flagship for last, you end up 

capturing Beleko as opposed to killing him. For the purpose of the rest of this guide, 

choose this path.

++ Spetses ++

✓	Enter Fort Camdus, then the prison. Both places require you to melee fight, but 

both battles are extremely easy. After visiting both places, the Epitaph ruins appear. Go 

there to finally track down Cadmus.

✓	You can only travel to one place, the ??? spot, which is also a dead gate. Choose 

to travel through it, and you will gain +30 leadership exp. In the next conversation, ask 

Gavriil Minas for another +30 leadership exp, and finally, choose to look for Valantin. 

✓	Keep moving from ??? to ???.  


++ Remote Irvest ++

✓	You can discover a nebula and earn +10 fame if you head to the ??? spot on the 

right. Travel to NN-005

✓	Talk to Cico in the tavern, then visit the desert. If you spend the 1000 g required 

and explore all 3 sites inside, Yuri can gain +1 science skill. This is optional of course.

✓	As you depart, Cico will offer his help. This means you can temporarily add his 

extremely powerful ship (the Rudianos) to your fleet!

✓	Head through the void gate that has just appeared to the left of NN-005

++ Mag Stream ++

✓	It is straightforward from here, just move through the ??? spots until you reach 

Kashtano. Stop by the ??? spot in area 6 to discover a nebula and earn +10 fame.

✓	On Kasthano, in the trader's guild, pay your respects to Pipra twice. Pay her 

2000g, and she will give you a pass into the Red Bazaar on Kranio. Talk to her once more.

⁃	[NOTE] Pipra will offer 20g for each point of fame you give her. Even if you are 

desperate for money, I don't suggest doing this.

++ Subpremi ++

✓	Enter the guild. There are two people here to hire. Speak to each one twice. Lotuso 

will cost you 1100g total, and Sceptro will end up costing 1300g.

++ Zefiro ++

✓	Go to the science tower. Cico will ask you a question. Unfortuantely you cannot 

refuse him. Head to the tavern and speak to the bartender. You can now access the trade 

hall here (which you cannot enter without an ID and dress).

✓	Try to depart Zefiro a couple of times. A scene involving Cico will take place. Go 

back into the science tower. You will obtain a black pass from Cico's attacker

++ Strategio ++

✓	At the white bazaar, you can exchange 500g for +2 ship management skill if you shop 

for daily necessities.

✓	If you shop for medicine, Garni will leave your crew temporarily to look after 


✓	If you shop for medicine again, you can pay 800g in exchange for +2 medicine skill

✓	If you shop for clothes, you can pay 1200g in exchange for a party dress, which 

required item for the trade hall. Shop there again for some boxer shorts. They cost 50g and 

will net you 50 ship management exp.

✓	At the blue bazaar, check for research equipment. For 500g, you get science skill 

+2. For 200g, you can get combat skill +1. You cannot buy the flowers yet.

✓	Head to the hospital and talk to Katida Lanco. You can choose to yell at her or 

lecture her. For the purpose of the rest of this guide, choose to yell at her.

✓	Go back to the blue bazaar and buy the flowers for Katida (the 300g flowers you 

cheapskate!). Paulo Marjeno will join your crew.

✓	Give the flowers to Katida in the hospital, then talk to her. She has the ID you 

need. She and Nikolao Garni will join your crew

++ Kranio ++

✓	Travel to the red bazaar. You should be able to enter if you got the pass from 

Pipra. Inside are 3 blueprint shops.

✓	Go to the black bazaar. You should be able to enter if you got the pass from 

Zefiro. They can get you IDs if you have the Lanco family ID.

++ Zefiro ++

✓	Now that you have the required items, you can enter the trade hall.

✓	Keep talking to the man in black until Nia gives him the data, then leave the hall.

✓	A starlane to the RG sector is now open. Head in that direction. Cico will leave 

and take his ship with him. Enemies in this area are nearly impossible to beat without his 

ship, so retreat if you run into any.

✓	When you reach the RG sector, your crew will discover an abandoned planet. You can 

rest up here. Continue on to the void gate.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Oisin) - 

⁃	Make sure you have AA weaponry for this fight. At this point in the game it may be 

to expensive to buy a carrier ship and fighters, fortunately a simple AA pulse laser will 

work just fine. Oisin will fire mines at you. Just use your AA weapon and wait it out. 

After the mines are taken care of, you only need to take out Oisin's ship. Proceed to the 

void gate and warp through it.


++ Nejo ++

✓	Enter Lanco HQ. There you will meet Katida's grandpa, Jozefo. Katida Lanco and 

Nikolao Garni will leave your crew, and you will now have access to the hotel.

✓	Enter the hotel and talk to Jozefo. He'll reward you with 20,000g, which is much 

needed after all the money you were forced to spend in chapter 6. Talk to him three times. 

✓	Enter the tavern and speak to your friends. 

✓	Enter the hotel and make your decision. This decision will affect the story from 

here on out. For the sake of this guide, choose to side with Kalymnos.

✓	As you depart, Mateo Beleko will join your crew. Thankfully, the game will 

automatically transport you back to Kalymnos.

++ Exploration ++

✓	Travel to the ??? area above Basiliscus for a resource asteroid worth 1000g

✓	Travel to the Argos tavern and upon entering a man will give you +1 artillery 


✓	Travel to the ??? spot in area 3 to discover a nebula (+10 fame) and a resource 

asteroid worth 600g

++ Basiliscus ++

✓	Enter the Allied HQ. Talk to Glavanis. Delis will join your crew. Talk to Glavanis 

again. He'll give you your assignment as well as 5000g.

✓	A module co. is now open here on Basiliscus.

✓	As you leave Basiliscus, Pappas will join your crew. Head for the void gate in area 
4 to warp to Irvest.

++ Exploration ++

✓	Head to Byzantium to discover a nebula and +10 fame.

++ Chalkis ++

✓	Enter the Chalkis HQ and talk to Verga a few times. You can now travel to CL-665

✓	On your way, you will enter a battle where you must only destroy ships 2 and 3. Do 

not damage ship 1. They will try to retreat, so try and defeat them as quickly as possible. 

✓	If you choose to stop Delis after the battle, Yuri will gain +20 fame.  Proceed to 

CL-665 (go back and heal if needed)

✓	You'll have to fight an easy 3 ship battle, then head back to Chalkis HQ. You will 

get a reward of 5000g. Head for Lesvos

++ Lesvos ++

✓	Enter the Lesvos HQ. Talk to Terzi a few times, then talk to Delis. Head for CL-617

✓	For this assignment, you have to put a transport ship in your fleet. Assign it to 

the back, and make sure it doesn't get shot down. Be careful, as you will only have 2 ships 

capable of attacking now.

✓	Travel to the ??? spot northwest of CL-617. You will get into a battle trying to 

help Terzi. Afterwards, choose to salvage the ship. You will get blueprints for a Thalia 

class battleship. Continue to your destination.

✓	Head back to Lesvos HQ and collect a 3000g reward. Travel to Najbaro in area 2.

++ Najbaro ++

✓	This battle is a tough one. You need to destroy the carrier, but it is guarded by 

two battleships and strong fighters. The carrier itself has a ton of HP as well. There are 

a couple different strategies. The more expensive of the two is to buy a carrier and 

fighters if you don't have one already. An alternative is to rush in right away and destroy 

the battleships and the carrier as quickly as you can with little regard to safety. This 

might take a few attempts, but is a much cheaper way to advance.

✓	During the scenes, talk to Verga first for +10 leadership points, then talk to 

Delis first for fame +50. You will then have to fight Abato one on one without a period of 


✓	BOSS BATTLE (Abato) -

⁃	His special attack will destroy your flagship in one hit, so dodge as soon as 

possible and make sure you are dodging as often as you can throughout the fight. Stay 

relatively close to him, and always wait for him to make a move first so that you don't get 

caught by his special attack.


++ Najbaro ++

✓	Enter the control bunker on Najbaro. You will have to fight two fairly simple melee 

battles, then choose to evacuate without Delis for +30 fame.

✓	On CL-665, head into the tavern and talk to the middle aged man. Offer him the 500g 

he needs and you will get +50 fame. Talk to your friends and choose to contribute 1000g for 

another +50 fame. Continue to Byzantium.

++ Byzantium ++

✓	At the joint HQ, talk to both men. Pappas will permanently join your crew.

✓	Travel the area around Najbaro and fight random battles until Torlo tells you that 

you've taken care of the stragglers.

✓	Travel to Byzantium, talk to Kira, then to everybody. A lot of people will leave 

your crew for now, so reassign who you have left to compensate. As you depart, Villo will 

join your crew. Head for the void gate in area 3.

++ Kashtano ++

✓	After warping through, Celina will lend her ship to your fleet. Put this ship at 

the front of your fleet. Head for the trader's guild on Kashtano and speak to Pipra until 

she mentions Semias. You can find him in the Subpremi tavern.

✓	Speak to Semias until he joins your crew.

✓	Go back to see Pipra on Kashtano.

✓	Travel to the ??? spot in the lower right corner or area 5. After the cutscene, 

head for Kashanto. 

✓	Speak to Pipra one more time, then head to area 4 via Subpremi. Make sure Celina's 

ship is in the front of our fleet and that your ships are behind it, both next to each 

other in the mid range. This way your ships should be 100% for the boss battle and share 

the damage.

✓	There will be a 5 ship battle here in area 4, but with Celina's ship in your fleet 

it's a piece of cake.

✓	Continue along this path for another battle identical to the one you just fought.

✓	You will end up fighting a large flagship one on one. You cannot defeat it, and the 

battle will end after you attack a few times. A scene will take place, Celina will leave, 

and you will have to fight again.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Eremon)

⁃	This is a one on one battle, so make most of your moves counter attacks. If you 

fleet was formed correctly, the enemy will most likely spread his attacks between your two 

ships. If needed, back up and heal using the medic command. The enemy has a lot of HP, so 

be patient. Win the battle to finish up the chapter as well as the first half of the game.


++ Lari++

✓	You must explore every area before going to the cell block east wing to advance the 


✓	Visit the east wing. Talk to everyone multiple times. Gen will give you the fleet 

commander lv4 ability (you can have 4 ships now), and Semias will give you combat skill +1. 

Then go to Yuri's cell. 

✓	After the scene involving lunch and the plasma storms, speak to everyone again. 

Once you've done so, you can advance the story by going back to Yuri's cell. 

✓	Choose to go to the prison complex. As you proceed through, Yuri gets his Plamic 

Blade back along with combat skill +2

✓	A melee battle will ensue. Just remember, choose the command that is weak against 

whatever the opponent is currently using, as they rarely ever use the same command twice.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Dudungo)

⁃	This melee battle is slightly difficult because it is probably the first time your 

enemy has more HP than you. Just stick to the above strategy and use the commander ability. 

Travel toward Labico.

++ Labico ++

✓	The battle on the way to Labico is fairly easy. Even though there are 5 ships, 

their weapons are weak. DO NOT go to any other planet, you will be killed.

✓	In the tavern, speak to your friends. Yuri will gain +1 ship management skill.

✓	Go to the Union HQ. You must pay the 1000g to get in.

✓	Talk to Jovani. If you choose "Don't tell him" and Yuri will get +1 ship management 

skill. Speak to him again to get a map. Speak to him once more for an entry permit to 


⁃	[NOTE] Now that you can have 4 ships in your fleet, consider adding a carrier if 

you haven't yet.

✓	The ??? spot in area 2 is a resource asteroid worth 600g.

++ Acerenza ++

✓	Enter the Bazaar, and purchase a bodysuit for 1000g from the clothier. Talk to the 

ship trader to purchase some blueprints. 

✓	Enter the arms dealer and if you'd like, buy each one for both. Both Franny and 

Alik will gain +1 combat skill. You can also have the dealer fix your plasmic blade for 

3000g, and gain +2 combat skill for Yuri. 

✓	Enter the guild and hire the two men (you need crew!).

✓	Go back to the clothier after you've traveled around a while and collect your suit. 

Talk to Mariana, then talk to Pipra until you automatically leave the clothier.

✓	Head to area 1 for a 3 ship battle. The flagship is very powerful, and you need to 

get into a melee battle with it, so rush in dodging and board it for a melee battle. If you 

are getting destroyed before you get close enough, put your flagship in the back of your 

fleet. Using fighters to stop the enemy from moving back is also a good strategy.

✓	You will have to fight two melee battles. It is a good idea to assign Semias to 

combat station before going into battle. This is the first time I discovred the method I 

have highlighted previously does not seem to work as well. Enemies now will often repeat 

their actions, so it is more a chance based system.

✓	Once you are talking to Glorinda, for the sake of this guide choose the option 

"then you leave me no choice". Head for Belgirate

++ Belgirate ++

✓	The 4 ship battle here should be a piece of cake. 

✓	After the fight, you get your old crew back! Not exactly the most heartwarming 

moment, but it will make future battles much easier. Leave Belgirate. 


++ Rentinen ++

✓	Don't forget to visit the Ship Co. and buy all available blueprints. 

⁃	[NOTE] - You should now be able to purchase the Agrell battleship. It is a behemoth 

with a starting durability of 6700. 32,400g may be out of your price range at the moment 

but keep this ship in mind.

✓	Enter the Alpha Quadrant HQ. Talk to Sankt a few times. You need to give them some 

time, so go out and visit the two planets below.

++ Ischlausen ++

✓	The bartender on Ischlausen has a job for you. Fight some pirates at the nearby 

void gate and return for 2000g.

✓	The same bartender will have a second job for you. He'll give you 2300g to collect 

a package from 'an old lady'. She is actually Pipra, and you can find her on in the Bazaar 

on Acerenza. You can find this planet if you travel through the nearby void gate. Make sure 

to talk to the bartender about Mariana on Acerenza after you speak to Pipra. Enter the 

clothier in the bazaar and speak to Pipra again about Mariana.

✓	Talk to the merchant in the Ischlausen tavern. They will mention a pirate lair, 

which is now accessable.

✓	Enter the pirate lair on Ischlausen

⁃	When the path splits, choose right and fight an easy melee battle. Continue on for 

a slightly tougher melee battle. You will find blueprints for a Navigation Bridge 8 module 

and a Lookout 2 module.

⁃	Enter again, this time choose left and you will find 1300g.

++ Zeippern ++

✓	Talk to your friends at the tavern. You will learn about the Regeinland sector, and 

gain +2 navigation skill. If this event is not happening for you, you may have to go back 

to Apha Quadrant HQ to progress the story first.

✓	The bartender has a job for you. Take his package to the Mindesfelde tavern for 


✓	Talk to the bartender again for another job. He will offer 3000g if you can find 

Fioros flowers for him. Travel through the void gate in area 1, and enter the forest on 

Daiano to find the flower. While in the forest, Anastasia Andreas will join your crew, but 

you cannot assign her yet. Head back to the tavern on Zeippern to collect your reward.

✓	Re-enter the tavern and talk to Andreas to have her join your crew properly.

✓	Go to the ??? spots in area 1 to discover a nebula for +10 fame and a resource 

asteroid for 600g.

++ Rentinen++

✓	Go back to HQ to continue the plot.

✓	Visit the tavern. If you spoke to Pipra about her, Mariana will join your crew.

✓	Travel through the void gate in area 2

++ Escondido Lane ++

✓	Visit the ??? spots in area 2. You will discovera a nebula for 10 fame as well as a 

resource asteroid worth 3000g.

✓	Before entering the void gate in area 3, you will be told about your upcoming 

option to join either the government forces or the rebel forces. For the sake of this 

guide, choose to side with the rebel forces on Agua Clara.

✓	Travel through the void gate in area 3.

⁃	[NOTE] - Just traveling to either planet will determine which side you take.

++ Agua Clara ++

✓	Enter the Zaga house and talk to Ochoa three times

✓	Careful, the enemies in the area are heavily armored

✓	Speak to the laborer in the Guadalajara tavern, and buy the information he has for 

3000g. You'll need it to get into the HQ on Dorado.

⁃	[NOTE] - Colaci looks a lot like a character you've met (Jovani). Visit Jovani in 

the Union HQ all the way back on Labico (a few void gates back) and you Colaci will join 

your crew.

++ Guadalajara ++

✓	Time to go hunting. The enemies you'll be facing (especially the Castillas) have a 

lot of armor, so take your time and use the medic ability when needed. If you don't have a 

battleship with at least 6000 hp plopped in front of your fleet this is going to be an 

extremely difficult time. Having two ships capable of launching quality fighters is also a 

good idea.

✓	The lower ??? spot in area 3 has 5 ships you need to take out.  

✓	Head past Guadalajara to the void gate to engage in another 5 ship battle.

✓	Head toward the planet Dorado for yet another 5 ship battle. The first and fifth 

ship are tough, luckily the middle 3 are quick to go down.

++ Dorado ++

✓	Go past Dorado to discover a nebula for +10 fame.

✓	Before you go into the tavern, check your crew if you don't know who the accountant 

is. In the tavern, talk to the merchant. He'll give +2 ship management skill to whoever is 

an accountant.

✓	Enter front line HQ and talk to Lozano. He says Osvaldo is getting hammered, so 

leave after talking to Lozano and find Osvaldo in the bar.

✓	Go back to HQ and talk to Lozano for the second time. Choose to let Gen rest, 

you'll get him back later. You will lose fame if you don't let him rest.

++ EE-22 ++

✓	On your way, you'll discover a resource asteroid worth 200g.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Navarra)

⁃	You only need to destroy the Navarra. It is extremely difficult to take out 4 

Castilla ships (as you may have learned while hunting, 1 is tough enough!), so don't worry 

about them. None of the ships in the enemy fleet have fighters or AA weapons, so your best 

bet is to use your own fighters and stand back while they deal all of the damage. Make sure 

to have at least 2 ships worth of the best class of fighters or it will take forever. Your 

fighters should be doing at least 30 damage per hit. The fleet will probably get close 

enough to fire on you after a while, so just get in their face when your fighters let up 

and they will back up. Don't bother attacking with your guns, just drive them back, launch 

fighters, and retreat/heal.

++ Dorado ++

✓	Enter the HQ on Dorado. Gen will join up again if you let him rest. You'll also get 

blueprints for the Navarra, as well as an epitaph.

✓	Travel through the void gate in area 1. On the other side, Dasadre and Jimenez will 

join your crew. Your next destination is Rentinen, backtrack through one more void gate to 

reach it and the next chapter.


++ Rentinen ++

✓	Enter the HQ on Rentinen. Talk to Schneizer and he will give you blueprints for a 

Castilla class shield ship! Obviously this is a good ship to put at the front of your fleet 

if you can afford it, but it has very little firepower. 

✓	Talk to Sankt 3 times, talk to Schneizer again, then talk to Roth when you are 

ready. Schneizer and Baecker will temporarily join your crew. You will automatically travel 

to Voyage.

++ Voyage ++

✓	If you visit the ??? spot in the upper right section of area 1, you will discover a 

nebula and +10 fame.

✓	Move through this area (there's nothing except the nebula) and to the unstable gate 

in area 1.

✓	If you choose 'video seen on Rentinen' Yuri will gain +1 science skill.

++ Spetses Sector ++

✓	You only have one path to follow here, continue on until a battle takes place

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Glavanis)

⁃	A fairly easy battle compared to what you've been dealing with lately. The enemy 

will use a lot of fighters against you, so be ready with fighters of your own or AA 


++ Orion ++

✓	Before using the elevator, note that there will be a melee battle. The enemy only 

has 50 hp, but they have an attack stat of 112 so if you aren't careful they can shred your 

crew quickly.

✓	Speak to the bartender. He'll mention Celinas, and tell you someone named Miltos on 

a nearby planet can help you.

✓	Travel to Oenus and speak to the bartender there. You can then speak to 'the 

informant' (Miltos). You can find Celina in the Sardis belt.

++ Sardis Belt ++

✓	Speak to Celina. When the option appears, choose to rescue Nikitas first.

✓	Travel to the nearby blockade as well as an easy 5 ship battle. Soften them up with 

your fighters then move in for the kill. You can now proceed past the blockade. Head for 

Spetses for a boss battle.


⁃	The enemy fleet is quick so it is difficult to retreat during this battle. Use your 

fighters to demobilize them if you need to heal up. All of the ships are relatively weak 


++ Spetses ++

✓	Visit Fort Camdus. On the first floor you'll find blueprints for an Erebos 

battleship. On the second floor you will find Leandro Zenakis. He'll join your crew. Now go 

to the great hall to find Nikitas. Take him back to the Sardis Belt.

✓	Head to the void gate in area 1 and warp through it.

++ Exploration ++

✓	Try to enter the security agency on Veroia. You can't get in, so go to the bar and 

talk to the soldier, then talk to the wanderer.  Tell him your real name and he (Fomich) 

will join you. Like Help (the female robot character), Fomich can use Medic Lv. 2. He has a 

much higher leadership stat than Help, so he is a great choice for first officer.

✓	Enter the tavern.  Zografos will give you blueprints for a security 7 module as 

soon as you enter.

✓	Enter Minas' lab. You'll receive an Analysis Room 2 module.

++ Skantzoura ++

✓	Go into the west prison. Make your way through (there are no forks) and a melee 

battle will take place. After, you'll find some familiar faces.

✓	When the options appear, choose all of them. They are all former crew members. 

After talking to everyone, the following people should join your crew

⁃	Kira

⁃	Torlo

⁃	Tatiana

⁃	Terzi

⁃	Agkarov

⁃	Rufina

⁃	Radimir

✓	At this point, you should have more crew members than posts, so take time to decide 

who you want where.

✓	You can now travel to Mytilene. Get there via the Spider Web.

++ Mytilene ++

✓	Upon reaching the planet you will be drawn into a 5 ship battle. Another easy one 

compared to those in chapter 2.

✓	You can remod and or save on Mytilene. Using the elevator draws you into a melee 


✓	Enter Desmond's lab. You'll have to fight 3 melee battles, all enemy groups have 

only 1200 hp. After, Minas and Aminda will join your crew. Your next destination is Spetses

✓	As you make your way forward now, you will be drawn into several battles with no 

opportunity to port, so do any preparing you need to do before departing. Also be careful 

not to loose any ships during battle, or you will have to fight without them.

✓	Once you hit Zokynthos you'll be drawn into a 5 ship battle. After this battle, 

just before you reach Heraklion you'll be drawn into a boss battle

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Cico) - 

⁃	Again, nothing too difficult about this fight. Wear down the enemy by launching 

fighters right away. Move back, charge up, and move in once your fighters are done to pick 

off the ships one by one.

✓	Just before Chios you will have to fight another 5 ship battle.

✓	Head through the void gate in area 1.

++ Spetses Sector ++

✓	You will have a few 5 ship battles on your way.

✓	Make sure to make your way to the void gate as directly as you can. If you don't 

stay on a relatively straight path, you will fail the mission.

++ Voyage Sector ++

✓	Visit the tavern on any planet, and Torlo will give you blueprints for Adrasteia 


✓	Continue on through the void gate in area 4 to reach Chapter 4.


✓	Head through the void gate in area 1 of Escondido lane for Regeinland

++ Exploration ++

✓	Talk to your friends at any planet's tavern. You will have a choice between "Let me 

Help" and "Good luck with that". The first option will give +1 to Yuri's control skill, and 

the second will give +1 to Dietrich's control skill.

✓	Upon reaching Radimir and Rufina will give you blueprints for a Mess Hall 6 module.

✓	Enter the tavern on Mindesfelde. Rapiro and Xenakis will have an argument. Choose 

"Own up, Xenakis" and Yuri will gain +50 fame and +30 leadership exp.

++ Rentinen ++

✓	Enter the Alpha Quadrant HQ

✓	Nele Baecker will leave your crew. Speak to Sankt three times. Dietrich Schneizer 

will leave  your crew

✓	Don't forget to re-assign everyone to fill in the empty posts.

++ Exploration ++

✓	Head to the ??? spot in area 4 (lower) to discover a nebula and gain +10 fame. 

You'll also discover a resource asteroid worth 2000g.

✓	Head to the ??? spot in area 5 (lower) to discover a resource asteroid worth 1500g.

✓	Speak to the merchant on Baranietz. He lost his briefcase on Nizia (you can't reach 

this area yet but you will)

++ Noldau -{SIDE QUEST}-  ++

✓	There will be a quick 3 ship battle in the ??? spot just before Noldau

✓	Enter Kallas and Co. 

✓	In the staff assignment room, you can hire two new crew members. Balthasar Hanno 

and Theodore Galatas will cost 4000g and 8000g respectively. Galatas has the star engineer 

lv. 4 ability but has a low maintenance stat (9). Hanno has Abacus lv 3 and a management 

stat of 23.

✓	Enter the training room. For a certain amount of g, you can select which crew 

member you want to give +2 skill to. If you keep doing this, the cost of training will rise 

all the way to 8000g. Once it does, leave and re-enter the room. Paplo will say he is 

considering leaving. Ask him to stay. Leave and enter again. You will then meet Phyllis 

French, who will join your crew. The total amount of g this little side quest will cost you 

is 18,000g.

⁃	[NOTE] French starts at level 1, has the ace pilot skill and a 19 piloting stat.

++ Gunnitz ++

✓	Enter the General HQ for a scene between Yuri and Dietrich. 

✓	Enter again and speak to Scheizer

++ Treumark -{SIDE QUEST}- ++

✓	Enter the rental lab. Choose to "use the rental lab" for 1000g. Minas will discover 

a way to improve your ship, so choose "go for it." After a while, just like an ordinary 

science upgrade, Minas will complete his work. You'll get a shield frame 6 module.

✓	After the above scene, the rental lab will become similar to the training room on 

Noldau. Each use gives you +1 science skill. I have not yet discovered anyone here that 

will join your crew.

✓	Enter the pirate's lair. Proceed through it for a very easy melee battle. You will 

find 1800g. Continue on for another melee battle. After, you'll find 500g. Continue on for 

yet another battle. After you'll find 50g.

⁃	[NOTE] This is an optional quest anyway, so feel free to leave after collecting 

500g to save yourself the hassle of a 3rd battle.

++ Mondschutz -{SIDE QUEST}-  ++

✓	Talk to the drukard in the tavern to open up the pirate's lair.

✓	Speak to the bartender and take his job. He needs photos of the Alpha Quadrant HQ 

and the Armored Fleet HQ. Travel to the HQ on Gunnitz and the HQ on Rentinen. Take the 

photos back for 3500g.

✓	The bartender has a second job for you. Take a package to Noldau, the bartender 

there will give you 1500g.

✓	If you enter the pirate's lair now, you will reach a fork in the road that leads to 

death no matter what. Travel back to Noldau and buy a drink for the zero-g dog there for 

100g. Now if you go back to the pirate's lair, go straight at the fork in the road. You 

will find modules for a Regnlnd Bridge 1, Lookout 3, and Reference 2.

++ Rentinen ++

✓	Enter Alpha Quadrant HQ. You will have a choice to invade Grand Duchy or Zenita. 

✓	For the purpose of this guide, choose to invade Grand Duchy. Proceed to Enemonzo 

via the Xeos belt sector.Go through the void gate in area 1.

++ Cino ++

✓	Enter the tavern and speak to the Archaeologist.

✓	As you depart, Anchjo Luzerno, the guy you took pictures for, will join your crew. 

You'll also get +500 fame from his comic books!

✓	The ??? northeast of Cino is a resource asteroid worth1500g.

✓	Travel to the ??? spot in the low left of area 4 to discover a nebula and +10 fame

✓	Head through the void gate in area 2

++  Enemonzo Sector ++

✓	At the first ??? spot, you'll have to make a decision. For the sake of this guide, 

choose to capture Mesenzana.

✓	Once reaching Savelli, you'll be drawn into a 4 ship battle. After, Kira will 

discover a new starlane.

✓	Head to the upper left ??? spot in area 2 to discover a nebula and +10 fame.

✓	Upon reaching Claviere, you'll be drawn into a 4 ship battle.

✓	Lend the man in the tavern on Claviere 1000g.

✓	The ??? spot next to Claviere holds another 4 ship battle.

✓	Continue on to Mesenzana for back to back battles. The first is a 3 ship fight, 

very easy, followed by a 4 ship battle.

✓	Before continuing, go back to Claviere and save.


⁃	The objective is to take out the flagship, unfortunately it is in the back row as 

usual. You can use Gen's formation foe ability to bring it out front and rush in to try and 

barrage it. If that doesn't work, try to get two full rounds of fighters out before rushing 

in and destroying all 5 ships.

++ Mesenza ++

✓	Enter the Orsina Foundation. You'll find 1000g on the second floor. Search the 

floot again to find an ID card

✓	Search the basement. Talk to Siro Beltrone twice, he'll join your crew. When you 

depart, you will trigger the next sequence of events.

✓	Head back toward the void gate in area 5 as fast as you can.  You need a decent 

cruise speed (around 100) to reach the area in time. I simply removed my slower ship from 

my active fleet and was able to make it in time. Unfortunately if you do this you won't 

have that ship for the battle ahead. If you cannot make it before they fire the weapon, 

you'll lose 300 fame.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Control Ship)-

⁃	Normally this would be a fairly easy battle, but if you are a ship down like I was 

due to the cruise speed factor, it can be a lot harder.   If you have fighters, use them as 

much as possible no matter how long it takes. Be aware the enemy also has fighters. If the 

full 5 ship enemy fleet gets a solid shot off, it can destroy you in one hit. Once the 

support ships are gone, don't underestimate the flagship - it has a lot of HP.

✓	Travel through the void gate in area 1, then through the void gate in the next 

sector (also area 1). Your destination is Rentinen.




++ Rentinen ++

✓	Enter Alpha Quadrant HQ. Choose to join the strategy meeting twice then leave.

✓	Travel to the ??? spot below Ischlausen to trigger a scene with Celina

✓	Enter the General HQ on Gunnitz. If you have Siro in your crew you'll get 

blueprints for an observation room lv 2 module and a battle simulation room lv 2 module

++ Ambach ++

✓	Enter the Royal Fleet HQ and talk to Roth. For the sake of this guide, choose "No, 

I'm not".

✓	Re-enter the HQ and speak to Roth two times. For the sake of this guide, choose 

"You think so?". Speak to Baecker

✓	Travel around until Kira says you have a message from Rentinen. Travel there.

++ Rentinen ++

✓	Enter Alpha HQ and join the strategy meeting.

✓	Travel through the void gate near Rentinen to reach Escondido Lane. Head toward 

Canopus. Take the elevator down and you can choose to visit Gen. If you choose Thomas Veil 

you'll gain +50 leadership exp. Travel through the gate in the lower right of area 1.

✓	Stop by Regulus. Anchjo will speak to you, if you choose "Okay", you'll gain +1000 

fame! (recruiting this guy was definitely worth it)

++ Arenberg ++

✓	Enter the tavern and speak to the bartender. Choose either option, you'll lose 50 

fame regardless. Head for Wahlstatt

✓	Try to stick strictly to the guide for now. Traveling around to certain areas in 

this sector will get you killed.

++ Wahlstatt ++

✓	Enter the smugglers' base. Be prepared for the game's first challenging melee 


✓	BOSS BATTLE (Zachman & Rocco)-

⁃	The boss has 1600 HP but has an attack stat of 149. Make sure you've got your 

strongest melee fighters (they should both have the space warrior skill, I used Balis and 

Help) assigned to the combat post. You can also add security room modules to your ship to 

boost your strength to a level more than adequate.

✓	Travel to the ??? spot at the far right of area 3. You'll be drawn into a battle 

with a single ship. If you destroy it, you won't get the info you need so retreat from 

battle (move back until you can escape).

✓	You can now proceed from where you are to area 4. A scene will take place and a new 

starlane will open up. Before you continue on, move to the left to discover a nebula and 

+10 fame as well as a resource asteroid worth 1500g.

✓	In area 5, Kira will open up another lane, take it to area 6.

✓	On Mensa, the man in the bar is looking for some pheremon. You can find some in the 

mine and sell it to him for 5000g, but you'll lose 500 fame. I wouldn't.

++ ZR 2 ++

✓	Proceed on to ZR 2. You'll have a choice. For the sake of this guide, choose to 

dispatch Aria Serreno. You'll be drawn into a 5 ship battle. This enemy has minimal AA 

defenses but does have a few fighters. After this fight go back and heal. When ready, head 

again toward ZR2 for an identical battle.

✓	Continue on to Taurus for a slightly more difficult 5 ship battle. Like the 

scenario above, heal up after the first battle because you've got another ahead of you, and 

a boss battle after that.


⁃	This is only a single ship, but it is insanely strong. It has massive power, range, 

and defense. The trick to this battle is to get right in its face right away. It has no 

short range weapon, so get as close as possible and use short range weapons of your own 

and/or fighters. At spitting distance, the Taurus will not attack you. Keep up your fighter 

assault and use normal attacks. Barrage when it fires its AA weapons (you'll notice it 

shooting little green lasers and your fighters doing less damage). Do not let up with this 

tactic, because if you give the Taurus any down time it will recover its HP. 


++ Hinwald Sector ++

✓	You can now explore the area freely. Travel from Taurus to the ??? spot in area 2 

to discover a resource asteroid worth 1000g.

✓	Stop by Elson and talk to the old man in the tavern. He'll give one of your crew 

members +2 medicine skill. After, warp through the void gate in area 4 to Galactic 

Federation Central Y

++ Galactic Federation Central Y ++

✓	{SIDE QUEST} - Speak to the bartender on Nezia. He has a lost briefcase (remember 

the guy back on Baranietz?). Take it back to him for blueprints to an Accounting Office 4 

module. The planent is back in the Regeinland Sector.

✓	Speak to the SEGA employee on Estranto. He'll give one of your crew memebers +2 

Artillery Skill.

✓	On your way to area 2, a scene will take place and you'll be given the skill Fleet 

Leader Level 5. You can now use 5 ships in your fleet!

✓	Visit the ??? spot in the middle of area 2 to discover a nebula and +10 fame. 

You'll also discover a resource asteroid worth 2000g.

✓	{SIDE QUEST}- Talk to the bartender on Doleway for a job. You need to deliver a 

package to Wahlstatt one sector back for 3000g.

++ Hydrus ++

✓	If you have the cash, I recommend adding a 5th ship to your active fleet if you 

don't have one. A good configuration is two carriers and three battleships if you can 

afford it.

✓	There is another Kallas & Co here. You can hire two more crew members from the 

staff assignment room. Marsho will cost you 6000g. He is at level 7. He has a high 

maintinence skill (25) and the AS Genius lv. 1 skill. Festono will cost you 9000g. He is at 

level 6. He has a high management skill (26) and the AA Genius lv. 1 skill. 

✓	The training room here is just like the training room on Noldau, except you can 

train your navigation members and pilots. If you use the same method of leaving and coming 

back after the price reaches 8000g, you will get a couple of blueprints from Kallas 

himself. They are the War Room Lv. 4 and Navigation Simulation Room Lv. 3 modules.

++ Merylgild ++

✓	Speak to the merchant in the tavern. He wants an autographed photo of Roth. Enter 

the Galactic Federation HQ.

✓	Inside, visit the president's office and talk to Brian. Now all of the embassies 

can be visited

✓	Enter FSN HQ. Talk to Lennox on the third floor. He'll give you a key for floor 

one. There you can buy ship blueprints based on your fame level.

++ Exploration ++

✓	Go to the embassy on Doleway and Serreno will join your crew. Go to the embassy on 

Estranto and talk to Glorinda Falko twice. Talk to Michaelo Falko and you'll receive a 

letter. Leave.

✓	Visit the embassy on Nizia and speak to Baecker - Volo Natura will join your crew. 

Talk to here again as well as Dietrich, and you'll now have access to a ship co. on this 


✓	Visit the embassy on Greymuth and talk to Norton. Choose to shake hands and Yuri 

will gain +50 fame. For the sake of this guide, choose "Sorry, but..." for your next 

dialogue option.

✓	The lower right ??? spot in area 5 has a resource asteroid worth 1000g.

✓	The bottom ??? spot has a fairly easy 5 ship battle pertinent to the plot.

++ Garlen ++

✓	Reaching Garlen draws you into a boss battle

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Kitson) - 

⁃	This is only a 3 ship battle, however the enemy fleet's weapon spread, damaging all 

your ships. Just beware of the flagship's special (dodge it) and take out the supports 

before going for the flagship. After the battle, Kitson will join your crew.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Stop by the tavern on Garlen and take the job from the bartender. He 

offers 5500g to rescue someone from the pirate's lair (accessible once you accept). If you 

don't take this job now you will miss the chance, as heading back will trigger a 

continuation of the story. If you rescue the hostage and claim your reward, go to 

Estranto's trade hall and speak to Kompaso three times then leave. Sincera will join your 


++ Merylgild ++

✓	Enter the second floor of the FSN HQ. Talk to Weimar and Sankt (Sankt twice). He'll 

give you your mission, as well as a blueprint for a Spoht battleship (if you saved that 

prototype ship).

✓	Travel to the ??? spot in the left part of area 4 to discover a nebula and +10 


✓	Warp through the void gate next to Doleway

++ Argoran Sector ++

✓	Pretty straightforward here, but stop by the offshoot ??? spot in area 2 to 

discover a nebula and +10 fame then on through the void gate in area 3

++  Gibraltar Sector ++

✓	There is a nebula and +10 fame to discover at the ??? spot in area 2. In the tavern 

on Zan, if you speak to the soldier he will give one of your crew members +2 navigation 

skill. The young man in the Boulog tavern is looking for his girlfriend who he last saw on 


✓	Enter the front line HQ on Oz and talk to Horton. You can now access Annon

✓	The lower ??? spot in area 3 has a nebula to discover.

✓	Travel to Annon and speak to the young woman in the tavern, tell her "sure thing", 

then travel back to the tavern on Boulog. You'll get blueprints for an Enemonzon bridge lv 

2 module.

✓	-{SIDE QUEST}- Enter the pirate's lair on Annon. There will be melee battles, but 

you will also find 3000g, a Battle Sim Room Lv 3 module, and a Captain's Cabin Lv 3 module.

✓	Proceed to the ??? spots in area 6 for a fairly easy 3 ship boss battle.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Zanetti) - 

⁃	Besides having high HP, the enemy poses no real threat. It should be a fairly easy 

battle, especially if you've got a lot of fighters. You'll get a nice chunk of g for this 

batle (about 18000) which you can use to get ready for the next several story battles. Gino 

Zanetti will join up, and you'll also receive blueprints for a Zanetti battleship and the 

ZR-2 weapon. Once you've saved and rested up on Annon, travel to the ??? spot above it

✓	When the choice appears, choose "Surrender" for +2 leadership skill. Head left to 

the next ??? spot.

✓	You'll have to fight a 3 ship battle, then move to the lower left ??? spot for a 4 

ship battle. You can proceed to the south, or go right for more battles first (not 

required, but you can make some $$ if you're having an easy time)

✓	When you have a choice between asking Kira or Tatiana, there is little difference. 

Depending on who you choose, you will recover your tiredness by a certain amount. For me, 

Kira brought sandwiches (heal 60%) and Tatiana healed the crew by 50%. If you have a half 

decent crew your tiredness should be so low this choice won't matter

✓	You'll have another choice to go left or right - take your pick, after the battle 

(3 ships) head for Berge to heal up, then on to Zan for a boss battle

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Ursula)

⁃	A 5 ship fleet, with 4 shield ships protecting the flag ship. Deploy fighters and 

move back. After a short time, a scene will take place and the enemy will retreat! Piece of 

cake. Contine on to Oz.

++ Oz ++

✓	Enter front line HQ. Talk to everyone once, then leave. Your destination is now 

Merylgild. Go through the void gate next to Oz, then through the void gate in the next 

area, and you'll be back in Galactic Federation Central.

++ Galactic Federation Central ++

✓	Enter the FSN HQ on Merylgild. On the second floor, speak to Sankt three times, 

then go to the third floor. You'll learn your next destination - Luzir in the Hinwald 

Sector. Travel through the void gate in area 1, then on to Luzir

✓	On Luzir, go to the tavern and speak to Lennox three times (why do they make you do 

this?) then back through the area 4 void gate you came in through.

✓	Stop by Nizia, enter the embassy, and speak to Roth twice and Nele once. Stop by 

the observatory on Lenoi. Speak to Grant twice, then leave the planet and fight some 


✓	After a short time, you can go back to the observatory and pick up Alik and Franny.

✓	Enter the FSN HQ on Merylgild. Speak to Sankt on the second floor, and he'll give 

you your assignment. Travel through the void gate near Doleway, then through the next gate 

to the Gibraltar Sector, then hop over to the void gate to the right of Oz.

++ Andalucia Sector ++

✓	On Satiada, enter the tavern and speak to the wealthy looking man. You'll have a 

choice between a medallion which unlocks a Pirate's Lair or 5000g. I suggest the 5000g. 

From Satiada, head to the ??? spot just left, then on to Beisama.

✓	On your way to Belisama, you'll discover a nebula and +10 fame. Make sure to visit 

the ship co on Belisama. The zero-g dog in the tavern will teach a member of your crew +2 

artillery skill.

✓	Go to Nemetona and Kira will discover yet another lane. You cannot enter the 

pirate's lair unless you have the medallion. No worries if you don't - you'll only find a 

few low level module blueprints there.

✓	In the Nemetona tavern, speak to the man and Garni will join your crew.

✓	In the Ancasta tavern, Barron will join your crew. From here, head toward Pedan. 

✓	Yuri will say you have to make it to the area 2 just past Pedan in 5 waypoints 

exactly. You'll have to go back and forth once before crossing Pedan to your destination.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Merril)

⁃	This is a 5 ship battle. As usual, deploy your figthers right off the bat and let 

them do as much as they can. After that, employ a hit and run strategy to avoid being 

overwhelmed by the enemy weaponry. Try to use your barrage attacks only if possible. If 

your fighters regenerate use them again. The flagship will take no action if you destroy 

all support ships, so take it down to win the battle.

✓	Start traveling toward Quaraso.  After the scenes, you are now free to land on 


✓	Your next destination is Galactic Federation Central

++ Galactic Federation Central ++

✓	Visit Nizia to get Mayr battlship blueprints (really nice ship) from Roth. Travel 

back through the void gate to the Gibraltar sector

++ Gibraltar Sector ++

✓	Go to Oz and speak to Norton at the Frontline HQ - Alik will join up again, and 

he'll be new and improved. You'll need his special skill for the battle with the shield 

ship. Head for Annon for a boss battle.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Ursula)-

⁃	Alik's formation foe skill will bring the flagship out front, so you don't have to 

worry about taking out the shield ships. Use this skill and attack, or, if you're like me 

and have 138 fighters among your fleet, sit back and let them do the work. If you bought 

the Mayr, it has fantastic long range weaponry and a great super ranged special weapon.

✓	Start flying back to Merylgild in the Galactic Federation Central.

++ Merylgild ++

✓	If a scene hasn't happened yet involving Thomas telling you to go here, keep 

fighting random battles until it does. If you go to any planet and take the elevator down, 

you can access "Minas' Report"

✓	Enter the FSN HQ (third floor) and join the meeting.


++ Exploration ++

✓	Go to the HQ on Greymuth. You'll get blueprints for the Independence and Freedom 

class ships. 

✓	Enter the tavern and speak to your friends. When the choice appears, choose "No 

thanks" and Phyllis French will gain +1 piloting skills. The other choice gives Yuri +1 

pilot skill, which is useless.

✓	Enter the embassy on Estranto, and when asked, select yes, then talk to him again. 

You now have a choice between two potential crew members, Jochja Shildo and Glorinda Falko. 

I would suggest Falko because of her unique command skill Fighter Expert Lv2.

✓	Enter the embassy on Doleway and speak to Ettore Visani for 10000g. Your 

destination is Adis. Travel through the void gate in area 4 (left side). Continue along the 

path to the next void gate. Along the way, you'll discover a star and +10 fame.

++  Adis Sector ++

✓	As you travel along, a scene takes place. Choose "hit them swift and hard" to gain 

+50 leadership exp. The alternative gets you nothing. After this scene, you'll be hit with 

3 unescapable battles in a row followed by a boss fight. They aren't overly difficult, but 

just keep it in mind.

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Vanbeleg)

⁃	If you destroy the flagship first, you can end the battle. If you destroy all other 

ships first instead, then the flagship, you'll capture Vanbeleg alive and he will join you 

later in the story.

✓	You'll be given a choice between two routes. For the sake of this guide, choose the 

'normal sector'

✓	You can head back to heal, or continue along the path for a one ship battle. Kira 

will discover some new starlanes, continue down to the ??? spot to discover a new planet.

++ Zuudnutag ++

✓	In the tavern, speak to the bartender and pay him 1000g when he asks. Speak to the 

middle aged man in the tavern as well, he'll tell you about the tv station, which you can 

now access.

✓	Enter the tv station and tell them Dochin sent you. Inside, Atlaso will join your 

crew. If you go back inside, you will get blueprints.

✓	Travel to the unexplored ??? spot nearby, and Kira will discover another starlane 

leading to Hadzmuth. Head there prepared for 2 back to back (4 ship and 3 ship). After the 

fight, you'll receive blueprints for a Dalbaa battleship. Stop by Hadzmuth for 

resting/remodeling and the module company, then proceed on.

✓	After you pass Hadzmuth, you'll discover a nebula and +10 fame. You'll also gain 

+100 fame during a scene as you stop a mutiny. Right after, you'll be drawn into a two 3 

ship battles in a row. Beware of the flagship's special attack in both of the first 2 

fights (it ignores range) and make sure to dodge. After you are forced into a boss battle

✓	BOSS (Myagmar)

⁃	The flagship here has a special skill that raises its critical hit rate by 20%.  At 

this point, most battles in the game can be relatively easy provided you have enough 

fighters and let them do most of the work at the start of battle. I  suggest two Eberlins 

carriers (they can carry 60 fighters each) then fill up any battleships you have that 

contain catapults. With this configuration, your fighters should be doing 300-400 damage 

per hit. 

++ Yanagoron ++

✓	As soon as you reach the planet, you'll receive blueprints for Almas and Goridoh 


✓	Enter the Patriarchal Court and choose "I'm ready" when the option appears. Speak 

to Bogd.

✓	Travel through the void gate just below Yanagoron.

++ Ancestral Site Sector ++

✓	Go to the ??? spot at the top left of area 1 to discover a new starlane. Take it to 

area 2 to discover a resource asteroid worth 1500g.

✓	Go back to area 1, then to area 2 via the original route to discover a resource 

asteroid worth 2000g. Travel left of this spot to discover a new planet, and right of this 

spot to discover another lane.

✓	Visit the ??? spot in area 3 to discover a resource asteroid worth 3000g

++ Parmelia ++

✓	Enter the Ark

✓	Before you leave, make sure to fill any recently vacated crew stations.

✓	You need to travel back through the void gate with which you arrived. As you reach 

it, you will be attacked

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Cico) -

⁃	As usual, use your fighters right away. Cico has a special attack (Critical Hit 

Rate +20) so beware of his attacks - all the more reason to use fighters. Some ships in his 

fleet also possess this ability.


✓	Your goal now is to reach the HQs on Merylgild, so go all the way back to area 1 

and through the gate there (Adis Lane). Travel through the void gate in area 1 of Adis 


✓	Once in the Galactic Federation Central sector, land on Lenoi and speak to Minas.

++ Merylgild ++

✓	Enter the Galactic Federation HQ and enter the president's office. Talk to Brian 

twice and Lennox twice, then select leave.

✓	Enter the FSN HQ and up to the second floor to join the strategy meeting. Your goal 

is the now the dead gatae in the Andalucia sector. 

✓	To reach the dead gate, go through the void gate next to Doleway to reach Argoran, 

then through the next gate to reach Gibraltar, then through the next gate right of Oz to 

reach Andalucia.

++ Andalucia Sector ++

✓	Travel to the dead gate and through it once it is activated. Your destination is 

the Spetses Border. Use the void gate in area 1 of the Kalymnos Junction to reach it.

++ Spetses Border ++

✓	You'll have to fight 2 battles in a row (3 ship, 4 ship) and followed by a boss 

battle (Katida)

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Katida)

⁃	As I've said before, let your fighters do the work. You can have this battle done 

in a few minutes without taking much damage at all. You can end the battle by destroying 

the flagship.

✓	After this battle, continue on for another 5 ship battle then its time to fight 


✓	BOSS BATTLE (Eremon)

⁃	Finally, an enemy that can repel fighters. You might only get one use out of you 

fighters because Eremon's #4 and #5 ships have great AA capabilities, so try and take these 

two ships out BEFORE deploying figthers. If you can successfully do that and keep your 

carriers alive the remaining battle is cake. Otherwise, you'll have to conduct the fight 

with traditional hit and run tactics.

✓	Rest up on Oenus, then make your way to the Sardis Belt for some more fighting.

✓	First up is a 5 ship battle. You can stop after this and head back to a planet to 

heal if you need to. 

✓	BOSS BATTLE (Taranis)

⁃	Only the flagship needs to go down, so use your fighters to target it. They may all 

get shot down, but you can buy time for them to regenerate by doing some hit and run 



✓	Your next destination is Annon. Go through the void gate just past Coventina. 

Travel through the Voyage sector to the next void gate, then make your way to Annon noting 

that both Daurong and Endora have new items in their shops. 

✓	After the scene on Annon, your new destination is the Merylgild in the Galactic 

Federation Central Sector.

✓	You'll have to fight a Phage. It is nothing to worry about, especially considering 

it is all by itself.

✓	Get to the void gate near Oz in area 1. You'll have to fight 2 Phages back to back. 

After, make your way through the Argoran Sector and through the void gate in area 1.

++ Merylgild ++

✓	Enter the Gal Fed HQ and visit the president's office. When the option appears, 

choose to speak to Minas.

✓	Go through the void gate in the left part of area 4, then move forward and you'll 

have to fight a Madre Phage. Make sure to dodge its special attack. Fighters work great 

against this thing.

✓	Go back the way you came, back to Merylgild. Once you reach it, Myagmar, Vanbeleg, 

and Batdarga will join your crew. You'll also get the blueprints for the Haruul battleship. 

At this point you should have blueprints for some pretty awesome ships and the money to buy 

a few. However, if the fleet you have now is working well for you, there's no real need to 


✓	Enter the second floor of the FSN HQ. After the meeting, make sure you are 

completely ready to go, and consider making another save file. The next several events will 

take you to the end of the game. When you're ready, enter the FSN HQ.

++ Solar System ++

✓	Proceed through the system. You'll discover new starlanes as you go. Try not to 

deviate, there's no need to explore the ??? spots, and you will be attacked if you do. When 

you reach Mars, you will be drawn into a battle with a Phage and a Madre Phage.

✓	Once you reach Terra, you'll be drawn into 2 battles. The first is a Madre Phage 

and a Phage, and the second is a Madre Phage, a Phage, and two Bugs. After that, it's time 

for the game's final boss fight.

✓	BOSS FIGHT (Elite Phage)

⁃	This ship has decent AA weaponry so your fighters will be shot down slowly. When 

they return to your fleet, try to avoid getting close to the boss while your fighters 

regenerate. Rinse and repeat. Charging in is not recommended, the enemy's command gauge 

refills very quickly and its normal attack is deadly

Congratulations! You've beat Infinite Space. You now have an option to start the game over 

in "extra mode". You will keep all of your character skills and money, and can make 

different choices.