Cross Generation of Heroes
                             Ultimate All-Stars

                                by Greed Sever

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This document was created and owned by Sean O'Donovan (me)
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faq version: I'm going to stop numbering the versions since the guides fully
functional for Cross Generation of Heroes and Ultimate All Stars isn't out yet.

I've also changed the button notations, just to confuse you.

This guide will function for both the Japan only Cross Generation of Heroes,
and it's update Ultimate All-Stars. Any differences between the 2 versions
will be noted.


Welcome to Greedy's guide to one of the best fighting games to be released in
years, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. TvC is the latest and greatest entry in Capcom's
long running "Vs. Series" which includes great games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2
and Capcom vs. SNK 2. The gameplay is much more reminiscent of the former, but
actually somewhat balanced. The game features, possibly, the best cast of any
of the previous installments so far, even though it's relatively small, the
variety is immense and you'd be hard pressed to find 2 characters that play
even remotely similar. Excellent cel shaded graphics, superior production
values, very refined gameplay and tons of lightning paced fighting fun will
make any fighting game fan proud to own a Wii.

Q & A

Q-What's Tatsunoko?
A-Tatsunoko is a Japanese animation production company responsible for some of
the most infuential anime ever. Stuff like Gatchaman inspired what became known
as Tokusatsu (the kind of stuff that was later bastardized and hocked on us
under the title of Power Rangers) and worked on several anime that became
popular outside of Japan. Gatchaman became one of the first notable anime in
the U.S., before the term anime was even coined (You probably knew it as
G-Force or Battle of the Planets) They also handled the anime adaptations of
such classics as Mach Gogogo (a.k.a. Speed Racer) and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Q-What's Capcom?
A-Capcom is one of the most enduringly influencial third party video game
companies. Responsible for many of the most recognized franchises in gaming,
such as Street Fighter, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and so on, if
you play video games you've almost definitely played a Capcom game.

Q-Where do I recognize some of these Tatsunoko characters from?
A-Ken, Jun and Joe are from Gatchaman, which was released overseas as G-Force
or Battle of the Planets. Tekkaman Blade was released here as Teknoman, and
from what I hear Yatterman is becoming quite popular in the states lately as

Q-Where's Speed Racer???
A-Unfortunately Speed's not in the cards for the game, since Tatsunoko doesn't
actually OWN the character, they just produced the anime. Same goes for Macross
and Evangelion.

...if you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at the address at
the end of the guide. Just be sure to put TvC somewhere in the title, so I
know you're not a kidnapped African princess wanting me to send money to her
father or anything.


d = down
f = forward
u = up
b = back
n = neutral
df etc. = diaginally down and forward, etc.
d,df,f = Input the directions in a sequence, i.e. the example to the left would
be Ryu's Hadouken motion.
360 = Input a sequence of directions going either clockwise or counter clock-
wise so that you hit at least 6 directions in a row (i.e. b,db,d,df,f,uf)
[d] = direction must be held for about 1-2 seconds for the command to work.
[A/B/C] = The attack button can/must be charged
air = the attack CAN be used in mid-air
AIR = the attack MUST be used in mid-air
move command-(#) = can be followed with the appropriate follow up attack
(#)-move name = can only be used as a follow up attack to the appropriate

A = Light Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Heavy Attack
P = Partner Action
AA = Any 2 attack buttons

-#- = Hyper Combo, requires however many stocks are where the # is (usually
either 1 or 3)

"" = Move names in quotes are just made up by me and aren't official. Also
some names I have for command normals are from other games, but aren't
technically official for this game (i.e. I call Soki's df-H Lift, because
that's what it's called in Onimusha, but it's not the official name in TvC)


This game only uses 3 attack buttons: light, medium and hard, which I will be
noting as A, B and C respectively.

This game uses the typical Vs. Series "Dial-a-combo" system which basically
-light normal attacks can be cancelled into anything
-medium normal attacks can be cancelled into anything except light or medium
-hard normal attacks can be cancelled into anything but normal attacks
-command normals (i.e. f-B) can be cancelled into special moves or hyper combos
-special moves can be cancelled into hyper combos

...This is a generalization of course, but most attacks tend to follow this
system. Also, you can always cancel into a launcher, pursue your enemy then
start comboing again from normal attacks.

Hyper Combo:
This is this games super attack. Every character has two hyper combos that 
cost 1 stock (noted with -1-) and 1 hyper combo that costs 3 stocks (noted with
-3-) You can build stocks by attacking, hitting your enemy and being hit.
Level 3 Hyper Combos cause a "cinematic effect" which can disrupt other attacks
on screen (i.e. Ryu does an assist attack, you hit the opponent with your -3-
before the Hadouken hits, the Hadouken disappears once the cinematic starts)

The life gauge is seperated into 3 parts: yellow is your actual health. When 
this runs out your character is knocked out. Red is recoverable. This will 
gradually refill while the character is off screen. Empty is life lost 
forever. When both characters lose all yellow health, you lose.

Pressing forward or backward and hard attack while close to your opponent will
make you throw them. Throws are unblockable. You can also throw while in the
air by pressing any direction (except up) and hard attack while close.

Tech Throw/Breakaway:
When you are thrown, if you enter a throw command yourself quickly enough you
will escape the throw. You can generally only tech out of regular throws.
Beides the usual walking, crouching and jumping there are a few other means of
transportation in this game...

Tapping forward or backward twice quickly will make your character dash in that
direction. Different characters dash in different ways.

Super Jump:
Tapping down then up will make your character jump much higher than normal.
This is used to pursue your enemy after they've been launched.

Air Dash/Backdash:
Once per jump your character can dash or backdash in the air, just like on the

Air Jump:
Once while you are in the air you can jump. You can airdash and airjump while
you are in the air without touching the ground BUT you cannot, say jump then
air dash twice or air jump then airdash twice. You CAN however jump, airdash,
airjump then airdash again.

Jump Cancelling:
More of an expansion to air jumping, but important enough for it's own header,
jump cancelling is the act of air jumping during an aerial rave in order to
reset the combo, i.e. you can't usually combo a light attack off of a hard
attack, but you can jump cancel a hard attack then connect with a light attack.

Recovery Roll:
When knocked down, hold left or right to roll in that direction as you get up.
Note that all partner actions require that you be "Assist O.K." What this
basically means is, whenever you use a partner action your partners portrait
will be all scrambly for a second or so, during which you cannot use partner
actions. Also, if your partner is knocked out you cannot use partner actions at
all anymore.

Pressing P will call your partner on screen to do a pre-specified attack. Your
teammate can be hit out of the attack, and any damage he/she takes will be
recoverable. You can only call for an assist when you are close to the ground
(you don't necessarily have to be standing)

Tagging Out:
You must hold back and press P to switch characters. This can only be done
while standing.

Variable Air Raid:
While you are doing an aerial rave (air combo) you can input d,df,f-P to do a
special attack that, if it hits, will cause you to instantly tag out. This
costs 1 stock to use.

Variable Counter:
While you're blocking press f-P to call in your partner to counter your
opponent's attack. Costs 1 level of Super Meter.

Variable Combination:
When your character does a hyper combo, by pressing P during the start-up your
partner will come out and do a pre-determined hyper combo of their own. This
costs an additional 2 stocks, on top of the cost of the original hyper combo.

Delayed Hyper Combo:
On the other hand, while your character is actually performing a hyper combo,
you can enter the command for any of your partner's hyper combos to immediately
stop the first hyper and have your partner come on screen to do his/her own
hyper combo. This can only be done once (you can't keep tagging back and forth)

If you want to switch characters at the beginning of a match, just hold P
during the characters' intro animations, before "Ready?" pops up.

Mega Crash/Assault: Press A+B+C+P simultaneously. Consumes 1 stock and some
health. Can be done in the air. This is very similar to Guilty Gear's Psych
Burst, in that you can activate this while being hit to break your opponent's
combo. I've heard that it can also be used offensively to continue combos, but
I haven't been able to get it to work.

Baroque: Press P+A/B/C while hitting the opponent. Another possibly Guilty Gear
inspired move, this is pretty similar to Forced Roman Cancels. At the cost of
all of your character's red health, this will cancel whatever attack you were
performing and cause your character to glow. You character will continue
glowing until the current combo ends. While glowing, your character's attack
strength will be increased relative to the amount of red health you had when
activating the Baroque.

Push-Block: Press f+AA while blocking. Not actually new, it's been around in
most (if not all) of the Marvel vs. Capcom games, but it doesn't fit in another
category. This will basically just push your opponent away while you are
blocking their attack, allowing you to mitigate chip damage or escape from a
combo alltogether. This does extend the amount of time your character recovers
after blocking however.

                     C H A R A C T E R   M O V E - L I S T S
Use the code (with brackets) to quickly find who you're looking for...

  Ken the Eagle		[KTEGL]
  Jun the Swan		[JTSWN]
  Casshan		[CASHN]
  Tekkaman		[TEKMN]
  Polimar		[HRCPM]
  Yatterman-1		[YATR1]
  Doronjo		[DRNJO]
  Karas			[HEZTK]
  Gold Lightan		[GLDLT]
  Hakushon Daimao	[HKSDM]
  Ippatsuman		[IPTSM]
  Tekkaman Blade	[TKMBL]
  Joe the Condor	[JTCDR]
  Yatterman-2		[YATR2]

  Ryu			[SKHDK]
  Chun Li		[CHNLI]
  Alex			[AELSR]
  Morrigan		[MORGN]
  Batsu			[ZKKAD]
  MegaMan Volnutt	[ROCKV]
  Roll			[RCHAN]
  Kaijin no Soki	[KNSKI]
  PTX-40A		[LPPTX]
  Saki			[SKOMK]
  Viewtiful Joe		[VTFJO]
  Frank West		[FRNKW]
  Zero			[ZSABR]

Ken the Eagle			Science Ninja Team Gatchaman            [KTEGL]
     1	Bird Run			[b]f-A/B/C-air
     2	Bird Shoot			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     3	Eagle Rush			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C-AIR
     4	Random Fly			b,d,db-A/B/C-air
     5	"Axe Kick"			f-B
     6	"Somersault Kick"		df-C
  -1-7	Gatchaman Senpou Inazuma Kiri	d,df,f-AA
  -1-8	Kagaku Ninpou Bird Smash	f,d,df-AA-air
  -3-9	Kagaku Ninpou Hinotori		d,db,b-AA-air

ASSIST ATTACK:  Bird Run (doesn't return)
VARIABLE HYPER: Kagaku Ninpou Bird Smash

#-You probably know Ken better as Ace Goodhart from Battle of the Planets.
#-"Kagaku Ninpou" means Science Ninja.

1-BIRD RUN-The projectile will fly at different paths depending on what button
you used. It will also hit the opponent on the return path.

2-BIRD SHOOT-A version goes straight, B version goes upward at a 45 degree
angle, C version goes directly up.

3-EAGLE RUSH-After a slow start up, Ken dives down and does a series of stomps.
Not safe on block.

4-RANDOM FLY-A simple teleport. Teleports almost to the top of the screen with
A putting him about 2/5 from the far left, B in the middle and C 2/5 from the
far right.

5-An overhead kick.

6-Ken's launcher.

7-GATCHAMAN SENPOU INAZUMA KIRI-The first upward kick must connect for the move
to come out. Will not work against armored characters.

8-KAGAKU NINPOU BIRD SMASH-A simple dashing attack, similar to Jill's Close
Fighting A+ in MvC2. Will lose most of it's hits if it hits slightly above or
below the opponent.

9-KAGAKU NINPOU HINOTORI-Ken flies to the back corner then flies diagonally
downward to initiate the attack, much like Spider-Man's Maximum Spider in the
Marvel games. Hits at about the fourth fifth of the screen. Nice for punishing
Jun the Swan			Science Ninja Team Gatchaman            [JTSWN]
     1	Bind Bomb			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Bingo!				(bomb attached)-d,db,b-A/B/C-air
     3	Dancing Swan			b,d,db-A/B/C
     4	Inazuma Kick			f,d,df-A/B/C
     5	Swan Crush			b,d,db-A/B/C-AIR
     6	"Hop Sweep"			f-B
     7	"Side and Drop Kick"		f-C
     8	"Double Handstand Kick"		df-C
  -1-9	Scratch Burst			d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-10	Mirage Swan			b,d,db-AA
  -3-11	Kagaku Ninpou Hinotori		d,db,b-AA-air

ASSIST ATTACK:  Bind Bomb (doesn't leave a bomb in CGH, does in UAS)

#-Again, better known as Agatha, or Princess from Battle of the Planets.

1-BIND BOMB-The move will hit farther, the harder the button used was. When
this move hits there will be a flashing bomb on the enemy. As long as there is
a bomb on the enemy, you can use Bingo! to detonate it, providing some
interesting combo setups. Bombs stay on the enemy until you use Bingo! or that
character tags out. (If Jun tags out, the bomb will stay attached)

2-BINGO!-Detonates any bombs attacked to the opponent and puts them into a
juggle-able state.

3-DANCING SWAN-The dive forward must connect for the rest of the attack to come

4-INAZUMA KICK-Jun will shoot a wire straight up, which doesn't hit. The A
version will end there (as a feint) and has almost no delay afterward. The B
and C versions will continue with Jun doing a somersault kick, which will
juggle the enemy and leave Jun in the air when she recovers, enabling an air

5-SWAN CRUSH-Works similarly to Ken's Eagle Rush.

6-Jun will hop forward harmlessly then perform a low hitting kick.

7-The second hit is an overhead.

8-Jun's launcher.

9-SCRATCH BURST-The combo must hit for the "Bingo!" part to happen
automatically (but you can always use Bingo! manually later)
Casshan				Neo-Human Casshan                       [CASHN]
     1	Denkou Punch			d,df,f-A/B/[C]
     2	Zan Iwa Chop			f,d,df-A/B/C
     3	Ryuusei Kick			d,df,f-A/B-AIR
     4	Flying Drill			d,df,f-C-AIR
     5	Friender Yobidashi		f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     6	Hiza Kyaku			b,d,db-A/B/C
     7	"Side Kick"			f-B
     8	"Upper Chop"			df-C
  -1-9	Brutal Axe			f,d,df-AA
  -1-10	Scrap Andro			b,db,d,df,f-AA
  -3-11	Chou Hakai Kousen		b,d,db-AA


#-Casshan is also sometimes called "Casshern" or "Kyashaan" (which is actually
how it would be literally spelled in Romanji) but it's Casshan in Ultimate
All-Stars, so that's what I'm going with.

1-DENKOU PUNCH-C version can be held. If fully held, it becomes unblockable
and Casshan will throw the enemy afterwards.

2-ZAN IWA CHOP-Can hit enemies on who are knocked down. Casshan jumps further
based on the strength of the button used.

3-RYUUSEI KICK-The angle is a little steeper for the A version.

4-FLYING DRILL-Knocks down any enemy hit, even Lightan and PTX-40A.

5-FRIENDER YOBIDASHI-Casshan whistles as Friender does an attack:
 A: Friender dives in an arc, doing a single hit bite attack.
 B: Friender runs forward and, if it hits, bites hold of the enemy, holding
    them for you to attack. If you do not hit the enemy, he'll be knocked down.
 C: Friender runs to Casshan's side and breathes flames for a moment.

6-HIZA KYAKU-Slow anti-air, but Casshan has auto-gaurd the whole time he's
crouching down. This move must be blocked high.

8-Casshan's launcher.

9-BRUTAL AXE-Hits knocked down opponents.

10-SCRAP ANDRO-If the initial 2 hits don't hit, Casshan will not finish the

11-CHOU HAKAI KOUSEN-Casshan emits a very slowly lengthening beam. If it hits,
Casshan will blow the enemy up for lots of damage. If Casshan misses or the
attack is blocked, he will hunch over and be left vulnerable (he does this
when it hits also, but the enemy doesn't recover fast enough to do anything
about it)
Tekkaman			Tekkaman the Space Knight               [TEKMN]
     1	Tekk Lancer			[b]f-A/B/C
     2	Zanga Kazaguruma		[d]u-A/B/C-air
     3	Tekk Winn			d,db,b-A/B/C
     4	Gatling Lancer			A/B/C...-air
     5	Dai Ouichi Kougeki		d-C-AIR
     6	"Double Lance Slash"		f-C
     7	"Upper Stab"			df-C
  -1-8	Voltekka			d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-9	Daikaiten Tekk Lancer		f,d,df-AA
  -3-10	Space Knight Formation		d,db,b-AA


#-Tekkaman must have his lance to perform any special moves, except Tekk Winn.
#-Most of Tekkaman's normal attacks will be pretty much the same without the
lance, just with vastly reduced range and less damage.

1-TEKK LANCER-Tekkaman will be unarmed after throwing the lance, shortening
the reach of his normal attacks. The lance should fly back to you after the
move ends, but if you move or are hit before it returns it will stick in the
ground waiting to be picked up (much like Balrog/Vega's claw from the Street
Fighter games) You can tag out to have the lance instantly returned to

3-TEKK WINN-The height of the angle at which Tekkaman shoots the grapple is
higher the harder the button used. If it hits a standing opponent, Tekkaman
will pull the opponent behind him, during which they can be hit. If it hits an
aerial opponent, they'll be slammed to the ground.

4-GATLING LANCER-C version will only let you tap for so long before Tekkaman
automatically stops stabbing.

5-DAI OUICHI KOUGEKI-Can hit knocked down opponents.

7-Tekkaman's launcher.

8-VOLTEKKA-Much like Ironman's Proton Cannon from the Marvel games. Tekkaman
will ready himself before the flash, but after losing a stock, then perform the
blast. There is also a delay after using this attack where Tekkaman hunches
#-If you use this move in the air, Tekkaman will stand on Pegas (his big blue
robot) as he fires the beam.

9-DAIKAITEN TEKK LANCER-Tekkaman will throw his lance diaginally upward before
the flash, then fire a Voltekka at the lance, which refracts down in a spread.
I find this much more useful as an anti-air, since the lance throw can hit and
juggle the opponent in place as the Voltekka hits it.
Polimar				Hurricane Polimar                       [HRCPM]
     1	Tsunagiashi Katana Kyaku	d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	Handou Sandan Kyaku		f,d,df-A/B/C-air; A/B/C; d,db,b-A/B/C
     3	Hazaki Ura Kuzureken		[b]f-A/B/C
     4	Arashi no Kamae			d,db,b-A/B/C-(1)
     5	(1)-Polimar Sliding		A
     6	(1)-Backdraft			B
     7	(1)-Hurricane Rush		C
     8	"Rolling"			f-B
     9	"Rolling Arashi no Kamae"	f-[B]-(1)
     10	"Uraken"			f-C
     11	"Rising Palm"			df-C
  -1-12	Shinkuu Katate Koma		360-AA-air
  -1-13	Tenshin Polimar Drill		L+M, L+M, M+H
  -3-14	Hissatsu Gen'ei Hurricane	d,df,f-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Tsunagiashi Katana Kyaku
VARIABLE HYPER: Tenshin Polimar Drill

#-I'm really not sure why Capcom decided to spell his name with an "I" in UAS,
I've NEVER seen it spelled any way other than PolYmar.
#-Benimaru fans should have their ears perked up after reading the names of
Polimar's attacks ;)

1-TSUNUGIASHI KATANA KYAKU-This move can be cancelled into itself, Handou
Sandan Kyaku or Hazaki Ura Kuzureken at the cost of one "mark".

3-HAZAKI URA KUZUREKEN-The last hit will bounce the enemy off of the wall,
allowing you to uggle if you were close enough to the corner.

4-ARASHI NO KAMAE-Adds one "mark" and can be cancelled into Polimar Sliding,
Backdraft or Hurricane Rush.

5-POLIMAR SLIDING-Hits low. Can be cancelled into Tsunagiashi Katana Kyaku,
Handou Sandan Kyaku or Hazaki Ura Kuzureken at the cost of a "mark".

6-BACKDRAFT-Can be cancelled into Tsunagiashi Katana Kyaku, Handou Sandan Kyaku
or Hazaki Ura Kuzureken at the cost of a "mark".

7-HURRICANE RUSH-Polimar moves forward and performs his normal throw.

8-Polimar moves quickly forward. if you are close enough, Polimar will end up
behind his enemy. Has almost no recovery.

9-Holding B will cause Polimar to do his Arashi no Kamae.

10-Useful as a mix up with the f-B.

11-Polimar's launcher.

12-SHINKUU KATATE KOMA-Very slow command grab, but is unblockable and does
tremendous amounts of damage, as much as most lvl.3 Hyper Combos. Very
difficult to connect on the ground, but it comes out MUCH quicker in the
air, and is the ending for most of Polimar's big combos. In the air this move
connects in front of or slightly above Polimar.

13-TENSHIN POLIMAR DRILL-Has a lot of start up but does tremendous damage and
can hit knocked down enemies. However, this is the attack used when you do a
Variable Combination, making your VCs MUCH more damaging.
#-In an early preview video for the game this move was different. Polimar would
start by pushing his opponent all the way to the screen's corner (a la Rugal
Bernstein) before becoming the drill and ramming into him.

14-HISSATSU GEN'EI HURRICANE-You must have 3 "marks" to do this move. Does
insane amounts of damage.
Yatterman No.1			Yatterman                               [YATR1]
     1	Kendamagic			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Yatter Kanden			[b]f-A/B/C
     3	Yatter Chuudan			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     4	Yatter Run			d,db,b-A/B/C-(1)
     5	(1)-Yatter Jump			A
     6	(1)-Yatter Sliding		B
     7	(1)-Yatter Chuudan		C
     8	"Angled Shot"			f-B
     9	"Sweep Shot"			f-C
     10	"Rising Club"			df-C
  -1-11	Tokkoutai Yatterwan		d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-12	Shakunetsu Yatterwan		d,db,b-AA (aim u/d)
  -3-13	This Week's Surprise Robot	f,d,df-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Kendamagic
VARIABLE HYPER: Tokkoutai Yatterwan

#-I'll be referring to Yatterman-1 as Gan to avoid confusion with Yatterman-2
#-In CGH, Yatterwan will be replaced by Yatterpelican when Gan is in his
alternate color.
#-Yatterwan's name comes from the fact that "wan" is the Japanese version of
the sound a dog makes.

1-KENDAMAGIC-The range increases the harder the button used. The attack will
only hit where the little "pop" occurs at the attack maximum range.
#-The thing Gan fights with is called a Kendama (hence the oh-so-witty name)
It's kind of like those cup with a string and ball toys you get in crappy
goody bags at birthday parties.

2-YATTER KANDEN-Gan kicks, then tries to bind the enemy with his toy,
shocking them. The enemy then falls slowly, during which they can be hit.
This works on Lightan and PTX-40A also, but not Yami of course.

3/7-YATTER CHUUDAN-Gan jumps forward flailing his toy.

5-YATTER JUMP-Gan... uh, jumps.



11-TOKKOUTAI YATTERWAN-Gan is completely invincible and cannot be hit out of
this move, making it the bane of all giant characters, especially Yami. This
move can hit knocked down enemies. At the beginning of this move Gan will
instantly hop off screen before coming back on riding Yatterwan. All of this
makes this move a great, unorthodox counter since it gets Gan out of the way
(even while airborne) then returns attacking and invincible.

12-SHAKUNETSU YATTERWAN-Yatterwan can hit when he's moving forward. Yatterwan
will start breathing fire as soon as it reaches Gan, so the closer you are to
the corner, the sooner the attack really starts. You can aim the stream of fire
up and down. It seems to me, and apparently others as well, that if you use
this move with Yatterpelican (in Gan's 2p color) the fire stream doesn't work
quite right and it tends to hit in a stupid way or just completely wiff when it
should hit. Of course, you won't have to worry about this in UAS.

13-THIS WEEK'S SURPRISE ROBOT-The projectile must connect for the rest of the
move to activate.
#-In the anime, Gan throws a mecha-bone to Yatterwan to give it the ability to
make mini-robots (which would be different every episode)
#-Also, in CGH, if you use Gan's 2p color he'll throw a mecha-fish to
Yatterpelican instead and it will make mini-duck robots instead of crocodiles.
Doronjo (w/Boyakki & Tonzra)	Yatterman                               [DRNJO]
     1	Aidzuwakamatsuken		d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	Buta Moodaterya...		f,d,df-A/B/C
     3	Muhou Ishi			d,db,b-A/B/C-air
     4	Naniwa Clutch			b,d,db-A/B/C
     5	Ultra Relax			d,d-(1)
     6	(1)-Doronjo Somersault		C
     7	(1)-Doronjo Spin		d-C
     8	(1)-"Get Up"			u
     9	"Doronjo Somersault"		df-C
  -1-10	Zen Tehakokokara		d,df,f-AA
  -1-11	Dai Fukuro Matsuru		d,db,b-AA
  -3-12	Akunobana			f,d,df-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Zen Tehakokokara

#-Doronjo is assisted in almost all of her attacks by her goons, Boyakki and
Tonzra. Boyakki is the skinny one in green and Tonzra is the fat one
in purple.
#-Obviously, Tonzra and Boyakki can only be doing one attack at a time, so if
Tonzra is already out doing a Naniwa Clutch, you can't use Muhou Ishi or
another Clutch until he drops back into a porthole. You can have both goons
doing different attacks at the same time though.
#-The physical attacks of Boyakki and Tonzra (like Aidzuwakamatsuken) will
trigger counter moves. In fact, if Boyakki hits Karas during his Shiranui,
Karas will still hit Doronjo.

#-Doronjo's taunt serves like an actual projectile. It hits for 2000 damage
and can even be done in the air.

1-AIDZUWAKAMATSUKEN-What a name. Boyakki will appear from a porthole next to
where Doronjo starts the attack then move forward while thrusting his hands to
attack. Boyakki moves further the harder the button used.

2-BUTA MOODATERYA...-Boyakki will make a palm tree (?) pop up on the screen
with a pig (??) climbing up. When the pig reaches the top the tree
explodes(???). A appears to the left of the field, B in the middle and C to
the right.

3-MUHOU ISHI-Tonzra pops up next to Doronjo and throws a boulder. The arc is
wider (and thus the range is longer) the harder the button used.

3-MUHOU ISHI (aerial version)-Tonzra will instead drop from the top of the
screen. L drops on the left side of the screen and H is on the right.

4-NANIWA CLUTCH-Tonzra will appear and attempt to grab the enemy and hold them
vulnerable. Again, A makes him appear to the left and C makes him appear to the

5-ULTRA RELAX-Doronjo lies down, giving her a very low profile. Can be
cancelled with Doronjo Somersault or Doronjo Spin.


7-DORONJO SPIN-Hits low and knocks down.

8-Quickly cancels Ultra Relax.


10-ZEN TEHAKOKARA-It takes a LONG time for this attack to do anything, but
luckily Doronjo recovers fairly quickly. Tonzra will cause a HUGE ball to drop
down and roll across the field.

11-DAI FUKURO MATSURA-This is a physical counter. Despite being a Hyper Combo,
it doesn't counter Hyper Combos.

12-AKUNOBANA-Doronjo kneels down as a pig bomb goes off in front of her,
triggering a very cinematic series of explosions as the Doronbos try to escape
on their bicycle-made-for-three. And fail.
#-Sadly Doronjo doesn't get her clothes blasted off like she does in the anime.

#-In an early preview version of CGH Doronjo had a pretty funny looking hyper
combo where the three goons tip-toed over the opponent. It didn't make much
sense and was obviously canned from the final product but it's maybe worth
looking up on Youtube.
Karas				Karas                                   [HEZTK]
     1	Kasha				[b]f-A/B/C-(1)
     2	(1)-Yoi Nagi			d,df,f-A/B/C-(2)
     3	(2)-Yasha Kuruma		f-C
     4	(2)-Yoru Katana			b,f-A/B/C
     5	Narukami			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     6	Hikou				f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C-(3)
     7	(3)-Ukifune			d,df,f-A/B/C
     8	(3)-Tsuri Kitsune		d,db,b-A/B/C
     9	Kumo Soto Kagami		d,df,f-A/B/C-(4)
     10	"Dashing Slice"			f-[C]
     11	"Reverse Slash"			df-C
  -1-12	(4)-Zan'eijin			d,df,f-AA
  -1-13	Shiranui			f,d,df-AA
  -3-14	Hieizan Tsuki			f,df,d,db,b-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Kumo Soto Kagami

#-Karas can pass thru his enemy with his dash and backdash, and is invincible
while he's all hazy.
#-Karas has the lowest vitality of any character in the game (yeah, even Roll
takes a hit better than Karas) It's entirely possible for Yami's 3rd form to
kill Karas in TWO HITS!
#-Despite this, Karas is still the coolest thing that has ever existed, ever.

1-KASHA-When you hit with the dash, this move can be cancelled into Yoi Nagi.

2-YOI NAGI-A simple dashing slash. Can be cancelled into Yasha Kuruma or Yoru

3-YASHA KURUMA-A jumping overhead slash.

5-NARUKAMI-A pretty simple uppercut. Very fast to come out.
#-Contrary to what I previously believed, Karas doesn't turn into a jet for
this move (yes, Karas is so cool he can actually turn into a jet)

6-HIKOU-A grapple attack similar to Tekkaman's Tekk Winn. If it hits you can
follow it up with Ukifune or Tsuri Kitsune.

7-UKIFUNE-Karas flying kicks the enemy to the wall, then slashes them.

8-TSURI KITSUNE-Karas pulls the enemy towards them, leaving them vulnerable in
the air.

9-KUMO SOTO KAGAMI-This move reflects projectiles and can be cancelled into
Zan'eijin whether it hits or not.

10-Holding C will make this move more damaging and cause the enemy to fall down
in place when they're hit.


12-ZAN'EIJIN-This move must be done during the Kumo Soto Kagami (unless it's
used as a Delayed Hyper Combo) After a few passes of the sword Karas will go
invisible, and thus invincible, until the end of the move.

13-SHIRANUI-Physical counter. Despite being a Hyper Combo, it doesn't counter
Hyper Combos.

14-HIEIZAN TSUKI-This move IS blockable. Tsuri Kitsune is a nice set up for it.
#-I'm really impressed by how faithful Karas is to the source material,
especially this move, which is ripped right out of the anime.
Gold Lightan			Golden Warrior Gold Lightan             [GLDLT]
     1	Sensha Hanshi			b,db,d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	Kuuho Wari			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     3	Gold Quick			d,d-A/B/C
     4	Gold Press			360-C
     5	"Hammer Punch"			f-B
     6	"Throw"				b/f-C
     7	"Gold Uppercut"			df-C
  -1-8	Gold Kick			f,df,d,db,b-AA
  -1-9	Gold Crush			b,db,d,df,f-AA-air-(1)
  -2-10	(1)-Gold Finger Crush		d,df,f-AA

#-Lightan cannot be teamed up with another character, and thus cannot use any
tagging abilities. He can use Mega Crush and Baroque though.
#-Lightan and PTX-40A are the only characters that can be dizzied.
#-Lightan also has super armor, meaning moset attacks don't cause him to go
into hitstun, he can't be thrown normally and most attacks generally act as
though Lightan blocked them. This effect doesn't work against another Lightan,
PTX-40A or Yami though, and Lightan can be knocked down if he is dizzied.
#-Lightan cannot air jump or air dash.
#-For some reason, Lightan's 2nd and 4th colors (which are silver) are actually
named "Silver Lightan". His name is printed that way, his picture is silver and
the announcer even calls him Silver Lightan when you select him! I've finally
found the basis for this color, it seems to be a variant Gold Lightan toy
called "Gold Lightan Black Ver." which, despite the name is in fact silver.

1-SENSHA HANSHI-Reflects projectiles.

2-KUUHO WARI-If Lightan hits an aerial opponent with the jump kick it will
be a snap-back and force your opponent to switch characters. If the kick
misses, Lightan's landing will also hit as an overhead attack. This has MUCH
more range in UAS than in CGH.

4-GOLD PRESS-Unblockable. You CAN tech out of this (pretty easily at that)

5-Can hit opponents who are knocked down.

6-For some reason, Lightan will do his throw animation regardless of how close
he is to the enemy. Lightan can throw another Lightan or PTX-40A and can throw
an aerial opponent even though this is a standing throw.

7-Lightan's launcher. Can be cancelled effectively into Kuuho Wari and Gold

8-GOLD KICK-The straight kick must hit for the rest of the attack to come out.

9-GOLD CRUSH-The opponent must be standing to get hit by the shockwave and
start the move. The aerial version is preferred for it's MUCH better recovery
time. Can be followed with Gold Finger Crush.
#-If this move is used against another Lightan or PTX-40A, you can see Lightan
pulling out the enemies mechanical "heart" and crushing it.

10-GOLD FINGER CRUSH-Only takes 2 stocks to use and must be done during Gold
Hakushon Daimao			The Genie Family                        [HKSDM]
     1	Nazeka Slip			d,d-A/B/C
     2	Itsumono Mahou			d,df,f-A/B/C
     3	Totsuzen Tackle			[b]f-A/B/C
     4	Sekka Kunanode Kyuuin		f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     5	Shoushiya Risugitakan		f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     6	"Stick Flick"			f-C
     7	"Big Sneeze"			df-C
     8	"Big Drop"			d-C-AIR
  -1-9	Honka Kutekini			d,df,f-AA
  -1-10	Nakkou Yerisugitan Kan		f,d,df-AA
  -3-11	Dousenari Motto Kyuuin		d,db,b-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Honka Kutekini

#-Due to "liscencing problems" Daimao is not playable in Ultimate All-Stars.

1-NAZEKA SLIP-Daimao falls down, which can hit, and causes a pile of junk to
fall down, which can hit. Using A will drop junk on the left side of the
screen, B in the middle and C on the right. There can only be 2 junk piles on
the screen at a time. The junk piles will remain on the screen until they are
destryed by Itsumono Mahou.
#-The banana peel Daimao slips on will hit but it does almost no damage

2-ITSUMONO MAHOU-Daimao waves his hands around, and if theres any junk lying
around from the Nazeka Slip, it will explode and damage nearby enemies. This
move is really unpredictable as far as which pile will blow up. The button used
for this move determines what happens to the junk pile...
 A: The junk will turn into an ugly little dog that will run towrds the nearest
    enemy (you'll know who the dogs going after because a targetting reticle
    will appear) Even after the dog attacks whoever it's targetting, it will
    turn and run off screen, hitting whoever is in it's way.
 B: The junk pile explodes damaging the opponent if he/she's nearby.
 C: The junk turns into a very not-delicious lookin pile of food that will
    heal whoever touches it.

3-TOTSUZEN TACKLE-Daimao runs forward trying to hit the enemy with his glowing

4-SEKKA KUNANODE KYUUIN-Short ranged, unblockable throw with long start-up. The
B version will make the enemy bounce off of the wall, allowing juggles or
either of Daimao's anti-air throws. The C version is one of the few "snap-back"
attacks in the game and will force your opponent to switch characters.

5-SHOUSHIYA RISUGITAKAN-Unblockable throw that can only hit airborne enemies.

7-Launches. Pretty slow for a launcher.

8-Can hit knocked down enemies. Daimao will fall straight down no matter what
his jump trajectory was.

9-HONKA KUTENIKI-Some of the first bunch of hits must hit for the last hit to
come out. Right before the last hit the enemy will be dizzied, making this
attack great for Delayed hyper Combos going into slow start-up moves like Joe's
Six Machine Cannon or Polymar's Tenshin Polymar Drill.

10-NAKKOU YERISUGITAN KAN-Stronger version of the Shoushiya Risugitakan.
Involves farting.

11-DOUSENARI MOTTO KYUUIN-Unblockable throw.
Ippatsuman			Gyakuten! Ippatsuman                    [IPTSM]
     1 	Rainball			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Quick Stance			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     3	Mound Zapper			d,db,b-A/B/C
     4	Justice Liner			[b]f-A/B/C
     5	"Rising Side Kick"		f-B
     6	"Shoulder Rush"			f-C
     7	"Upper Punch"			df-C
  -1-8	Ippatsu Gyakuten Homerun	f,df,d,db,b-AA
  -1-9	Zettai Gyakuten Breaker		f,d,df-AA-air
  -3-10	Gyakuten Ou, Nanzan!		b,d,db-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Justice Liner
VARIABLE HYPER: Ippatsu Gyakuten Homerun

1-RAINBALL-Ippatsuman throws a baseball that return to him. A throws fairly
straight, B throws in an arch and C makes the ball spin in a broad spiral and
moves slower.

2-QUICK STANCE-If this move is done while dashing, Ippatsuman will punch
diagonally forward instead of straight up (think Demitri's Demon Cradle in

3-MOUND ZAPPER-The column of energy can hit. This move can hit a knocked down


8-IPPATSU GYAKUTEN HOMERUN-The multicolored pyrotechnics can hit. Very good
against Yami.

9-HEAVENLY POTEMKIN BUSTER-Will only hit airborne enemies. Unblockable.

10-GYAKUTEN OU, NANZAN!-Ippatsuman will jump into a giant robot and stay there
until you run out of energy (which constantly drains) or use the H attack. The
robot can only be hit in it's chest.
-A: will punch with the left hand, B will punch with the right.
-Holding down will make the corresponding hand pound the ground with it's fist,
 and can hit knocked down opponents.
-Holding up will make the corresponding hand swing a sword horizontally. B
 version will slash higher than the A version.
-C will make the robot S-L-O-W-L-Y charge up the crystal in it's chest. When
 fully charged it will release an unblockable, unavoidable blast.
Tekkaman Blade			Tekkaman Blade                          [TKMBL]
     1	Shamshir			A/B/C...
     2	Baselard			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     3	Katzbalger			[d]u-A/B/C
     4	Falchion			d,db,b-A/B/C
     5	"Lance Burst"			df-C
     6	Dai Ouichi Kougeki		d-C-AIR
  -1-7	Crash Intrude			d,df,f-ABC-air
  -1-8	Voltekka			f,d,df-ABC
  -3-9	Omnidirectional Super Voltekka	f,df,d,db,b-ABC-air

ASSIST ATTACK:  Katzbalger (A version)

#-Blade is only playable in Ultimate All-Stars.
#-You may know this character better as the titular character in "Teknoman"
#-Blade has very funky dashes. All of them have relatively long start up, but
travel very fast once they get going. Also, his ground dashes go upward at a
very sharp angle.
#-However, if you cancel his dash too early you'll still do a standing attack
even though Blade was already slightly airborne.

1-SHAMSHIR-Unlike most tapping special moves, this can't be done continuously.
There's a pause between slashes no matter what strength you use.

2-BASELARD-The A version will throw the broken lance either forward (standing)
or diagonally down (jumping) and will just act as a projectile. If the B or C
version hits however, Blade will teleport to the opponent to slash them away.
The C version flies at the same trajectory as the A version and the B version
flies at the opposite trajectory of A and C

3-KATZBALGER-A and B versions are simple stationary uppercut type attacks, but
the C version will follow the uppercut with Blade dashing forward while
spinning his blade.

4-FALCHION-Blade will dash forward (further depending on how hard the button
you pressed was) while leaving his lance spinning in place. He'll then pull the
lance to him with his wire. The dash does no damage, but passes through your

5-Blade's launcher.

6-Basically the same as Tekkaman's version.

7-CRASH INTRUDE-Blade will dart forward, wrapped in green energy, then if he
hits, will go into a cinematic where he criss-crosses the opponent repeatedly
then slams into them from the background. You can follow up his launcher with
this attack almost instantaneously.

8-Voltekka-Unlike Tekkaman's version, Blade's shoots diagonally upwards (like
Saki's Positron Storm) and cannot be performed in the air.

9-OMNIDIRECTIONAL SUPER VOLTEKKA-At first Blade will crate a spherical pulse
around himself. If that hits he'll go into the cinematic portion of the attack
(which your opponent obviously can't escape. However, if the pulse misses,
Blade will still shoot his Voltekka horizontally.
*That's an Alba Meira move name if I've ever heard one.
Joe the Condor			Science Ninja Team Gatchaman            [JTCDR]
     1	Wild Lasso			[b]f-A/B/C
     2	Savage Shot			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     3	Shuriken Feathers		[A/B/C]-air
     4	Cactus Bunker			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     5	Batering Ram			d,df,f-A/B/C
     6	"Palm Upper"			df-C
  -1-7	Condor Magnum			d,df,f-ABC-air
  -1-8	Bird Missile Strike		f,d,df-ABC
  -3-9	Science Ninpo:Tatsumaki Fighter	f,df,d,db,b-ABC-air

ASSIST ATTACK:  Savage Shot (upward)

#-Joe is only playable in Ultimate All-Stars.
#-Joe's crouching C is a projectile.
#-Joe is so badass, a viable strategy would be to just stand idle and let Joe
mad-dog your opponent until they forfeit.

1-WILD LASSO-Joe will shoot a tether diagonally down (A version), forward (B
version) or diagonally upward (C version). If the tether hits, it will WRAP

2-SAVAGE SHOT-Joe will shoot a few rounds off at about a 45 degree angle.

3-SHURIKEN FEATHERS-It doesn't seem like the amount of time you hold the attack
does anything. A version will hit once, B twice and C three times.

4-CACTUS BUNKER-Joe will turn his back tto his opponent (cuz he ain't got time
for your jive-ass). If he gets hit the background will go blood red, Joe and
the opponent will go silhouette and Joe will underarm bust a cap into the
opponent's gut. God Joe is badass.
#-Sorry for the colorful descriptions, the Training Stage music is making me
feel all funky and gangster.

5-BATERING RAM-A slowish attack with good range. A version will make your
opponent crumple, B will leave them stunned long enough to combo and C will
make them bounce off of the wall.

6-Joe's launcher.

7-CONDOR MAGNUM-Joe will throw 2 spreads of Shuriken Feathers (diagonally down
for the aerial version) If they hit Joe will then Falcon Punch your opponent.
Sorry, did I say Falcon Punch? I meant Falcon Punch to the balls.

8-BIRD MISSILE STRIKE-Joe will call the God Phoenix with his Jimmy Olsen watch.
The jet will swoop by peppering the field with machine gun fire. Joe is
entirely vulnerable during this part because he's still talking on his radio
watch, saying dirty things to Jun no doubt. When the God Phoenix is done firing
it will launch a missile straight up. After a few seconds the missile will
crash down hurting ANYONE (including Joe) whose standing on the ground.
#-Nothing is cooler than killing your opponent with the machine gun fire, Joe
doing his whistling victory pose, then the missile setting everything around
Joe on fire just before the screen goes black.

9-SCIENCE NINPO: TATSUMAKI FIGHTER-The flip kick must connect for the rest of
the move to come out, but Joe kind of leaps forward when he does it so it's
easier to land than Ken's Inazuma Kiri.
Yatterman-2			Yatterman                               [YATR2]
     1	Yatter Shield			d,db,b-A/B/C
     2	Yatter Step			d,df,f-A/B/C; A/B/C
     3	Yatter Swing			[b]f-A/B/C-air
     4	Yatter Splash			A/B/C...-air
     5	"Yatter Sliding"		df-B
     6	"Electric Stick"		[C]
     7	"Low Electric Stick"		d-[C]
     8	"Flying Electric Stick"		[C]-AIR
     9	"Zap Stick"			df-C
  -1-10	Super Passion			d,df,f-ABC
  -1-11	Omotchama's Roll		f,d,df-ABC
  -3-12	This Week's Surprise Robots	d,db,b-ABC

ASSIST ATTACK:  Yatter Splash (B version)
VARIABLE HYPER: Super Passion (half charged)

#-Yatterman-2 is only playable in Ultimate All-Stars.
#-I'll be referring to Yatterman-2 as Ai to avoid confusion with Yatterman-1.

1-YATTER SHIELD-A lot like Karas' d,df,f-A/B/C. Reflects projectiles.

2-YATTER STEP-Ai will do a quick dash forwards which can be cancelled into a
followup. A hits in the middle with the most range, B hits high and C hits low.

3-Yatter Swing-Ai will "bat" an electric spark at her opponent. A will hit it
downwards, which will then rebound up and forward, and then up off of the edge
of the screen. B will hit it straight forward and it will actually keep
rebounding off of the edges of the screen until it hits or is blocked. C will
hit it straight upwards. It will then fall down about half of the maximum
screen width away, then rebound back upward and fall again at the edge of the
#-If Ai is in her 1st or 3rd color the spark will be a heart. If she's in her
2nd or 4th color it will be a star.

4-YATTER SPLASH-On the ground, A will do a normal, Hyakuretsu Kyaku-ish forward
stab. B will stab upward and C will have Ai dash forward before doing the A
version. In the air, A stabs forward, B downward at 45 degrees, and C stabs
straight downward. The dash at the beginning of the ground C version is
identical to Yatter Step (even Ai's little shout), so it may be good for

5-A simple sliding kick.

6/7-Ai's standing and crouching C attacks can be held down to charge them. If
they're fully charged they will be unblockable.

8-Her jumping C can be charged the same way, but it's not unblockable.

9-Ai's launcher

10-SUPER PASSION-If you don't charge it Ai will throw down a spark that will
bounce back and forth in an arc several times. If you charge it, it can grow
to 2 levels. When either charged version is released it will slowly decend.
It's almost identical to Oro's Yagyu Oodama from SFIII or Wang-Tang's Big
Dragon Ball from Power Stone.
#-The spark will take the same shape as the Yatter Swing.

11-OMOTCHAMA'S ROLL-Omotchama (that little dice robot from the Yatterman stage)
will start buzzing around the opponent and occasionally hit them.

12-THIS WEEK'S SURPRISE ROBOT-Unlike Gan, Ai dashes forward to physically
attack in order to start this attack.
#-Surprise, surprise, this is why Gan doesn't have Yatterpelican in his 2p
color anymore. Also notice that Ai uses the robot fish Gan use to use in CGH,
but instead of ducks, Ai's attack makes flying fish.
Ryu				Street Fighter                          [SKHDK]
     1	Hadouken			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Shouryuuken			f,d,df-A/B/C
     3	Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku		d,db,b-A/B/C-air
     4	Joudan Sokutou Wari		b,d,db-A/B/C
     5	Sakotsu Wari			f-B
     6	"Spin Side Kick"		f-C
     7	"Ducking Fierce"		df-C
  -1-8	Shinkuu Hadouken		d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-9	Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku	d,db,b-AA
  -3-10	Shin Shouryuuken		f,d,df-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Shinkuu Hadouken

1-HADOUKEN-A simple projectile. Goes straight in air also. Seems laggier than
in other games.

3-TATSUMAKI SENPUUKYAKU-This move hits multiple times, and always goes straight
forward when used in the air; both unlike how this move works in Street

4-HIGH BLADE-LEG KICK-This move will cause the enemy to bounce against the
wall, allowing you to juggle with Shinkuu Hadouken, or pretty much anything if
you're close enough.
#-aka High Blade-Leg Kick.

5-SAKOTSU WARI-Hits overhead.

7-Ryu's launcher.

10-SHIN SHOURYUUKEN-The first hit must connect before Ryu leaves the ground
for the move to come out properly. Otherwise Ryu will just do an underpowered
Chun Li				Street Fighter II                       [CHNLI]
     1	Hyakuretsu Kyaku		A/B/C...-air
     2	Kikouken			b,db,d,df,f-A/B/C
     3	Tenshou Kyaku			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     4	Spinning Bird Kick		[d]u-A/B/C-air
     5	Kaku Kyaku Raku			f-C
     6	Senjou Shuu			df-C
     7	Yousou Kyaku			d-B-AIR
  -1-8	Kikoushou			d,df,f-AA
  -1-9	Houyokusen			f,d,df-AA
  -3-10	Shichisei Senkuukyaku		d,df,f-AA-AIR

ASSIST ATTACK:  Tenshoukyaku

#-Chun Li's taunt doesn't hit in this game.
#-Chun Li appears to be a cross between her SFIII and SFA versions.

1-HYAKURETSU KYAKU-A version will keep kicking as long as you keep tapping. B
and C will only kick for a smaller burst, but are more damaging.

2-KIKOUKEN-Start up is faster the harder the button used, but the range is also
shorter, A going about 3/4 of the screen while C doesn't even leave Chun's

4-SPINNING BIRD KICK-Can be used in the air again. This move will always move
forward when used in the air. Since Chun-Li is technically in the air during
this move you can cancel it directly into the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku.

5-KAKU KYAKU RAKU-leaping overhead hit.

6-SENJOU SHUU-Launches.

7-YOUSOU KYAKU-Chun will bounce off of the enemy when this hits and can keep
attacking afterwards.

8-KIKOUSHOU-This will actually negate beam super combos like Shinkuu Hadouken
(although it won't outlast Shinkuu Hadouken so you'll still lose out)

9-HOUYOUKUSEN-The last hit launches.
Alex				Street Fighter III                      [AELSR]
     1	Flash Chop			d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	Machine Gun Chop		d,df,f-[C]
     3	Power Bomb			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C-air
     4	Air Knee Smash			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     5	Slash Elbow			[b]f-A/B/C-(1)
     6	(1)-Drop Kick			f,d,df-C
     7	Aerial Stampede			[d]u-A/B/C
     8	Lariat				f-C
     9	"Rising Shoulder"		df-C
  -1-10	Boomerang Raid			d,df,f-AA
  -1-11	Stungun Headbutt		b,d,db-AA
  -3-12	Hyper Bomb			360-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Boomerang Raid

#-Alex has an AWFUL voice over in this game! No "At ease losah!" equals not
Alex :{
#-Alex's Flying Cross Chop, which was a command normal in SFIII is now Alex's
normal jumping Hard Attack.
#-You can no longer hold down Alex's taunt to prolong it like you could in
Street Fighter III.

1-FLASH CHOP-The attack's start-up and range both get longer, the harder the
button used. Using the B or C version will turn your opponent around long
enough to hit them with the "behind" versions of either the Power Bomb or
Hyper Bomb.

2-MACHINE GUN CHOP-Holding C during Flash Chop will change it to the Machine
Gun Chop. C must be held until the attack releases automatically to get this
version to come out. You cannot follow this move with the "behind" throws (as
far as I can tell). This move is unblockable.

3-POWER BOMB-An unblockable throw. This move can now be done in the air and can
be comboed into. Performing this move from behind the opponent (i.e. after
Flash Chop) results in the "Power Backdrop", which is slightly more damaging.

4-AIR KNEE SMASH-This move can also be done in the air now. This move can only
hit an airborne opponent.

5-SLASH ELBOW-If this attack connects it can be followed by the Dropkick.

6-DROPKICK-This move acts like a Snapback from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. If both of
your opponent's characters are still alive it will force the characters to
tag out.

7-AERIAL STAMPEDE-The distance Alex jumps is determined by the button strength.
Can hit knocked down opponents (a good way to be an asshole when the match is
over :)

9-Alex's launcher.

10-BOOMERANG RAID-If the chops connect Alex will follow with an unblockable
(I assume) Power Bomb.

11-STUNGUN HEADBUTT-Alex jumps forward and does an unblockable throw when he
lands, which will automatically dizzy the opponent. It's difficult to tell if
activating this move with A+C gives it more range than A+B, but B+C deffinitely
goes the furthest of the three.
#-Alex does a pretty cool looking variation of this move against Lightan and
PTX-40A where he actually climbs onto their head to headbutt them.

12-HYPER BOMB-Unblockable throw. Like in SFIII this move does not appear to be
instantaneous, meaning it works better as a punishment or a counter. Doing this
move on a turned around enemy results in the "Backdrop Bomb", which does more
Morrigan			Darkstalkers                            [MORGN]
     1	Soul Fist			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Shadow Blade			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     3	Vector Drain			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     4	Shell Kick			d,db,b-C-AIR
     5	"Needle Wings"			f-B
     6	Crescent Liner			f-C
     7	Mysterious Arc			df-C
  -1-8	Finishing Shower		d,df,f-AA-air (aim u/d)
  -1-9	Valkyrie Turn			f,df,d,db,b-AA-air; [A]
  -3-10	Darkness Illusion		b,d,db-AA-air

VARIABLE HYPER: Finishing Shower

#-Morrigan is one of the few characters who appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom to be
in this game, but she plays much more like her Darkstalkers 3 incarnation than
her MvC version.
#-Darkstalkers is known as "Vampire" in Japan.
#-Morrigan has a weird dash in this game. If you do a ground dash she'll fly
slightly upwards and if you air dash she'll sort of swoop down. You can also
cancel her dashes by pressing up which will pop her upward a bit.
#-Her full name is Morrigan Aensland.

1-SOUL FIST-The projectile travels a little less than full screen when done
with A or B. The projectile travels at a 45 degree angle downward when used in
the air. This is not only a big fireball but it also moves pretty slowly making
it pretty good for zoning and taking up screen room.
#-This move uses the ES Soul Fist fireball like in MvC.

2-SHADOW BLADE-A simple multi-hit dragon punch type attack.
#-No more shadows...

3-VECTOR DRAIN-Unblockable throw.

7-MYTERIOUS ARC-Morrigan's launcher.

8-FINISHING SHOWER-This move has quite a bit of delay as Morrigan has to "make"
the missiles for a bit before they begin to fire at your opponent. However, if
Morrigan is hit out of this move after she has made some missiles, the missiles
will still fly toward your opponent. You can hold up or down to direct the
missiles somewhat.

9-VALKYRIE TURN-The first command will make Morrigan fly across the screen,
during which she is invincible. She will then slowly fly back, during which you
can press an attack button to make her do a Shell Kick which does a good amount
of chip damage.

10-DARKNESS ILLUSION-Unblockable auto-combo.
#-Instead of a Morrigan doppelganger helping with this combo, Lilith attacks
with Morrigan.
Batsu				Rival Schools: United by Fate           [ZKKAD]
     1	Kiai Dan			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Guts Upper			f,d,df-A/B/C
     3	Mikazuki Kick			d,db,b-A/B/C
     4	Ryusei Kick			d,db,b-A/B/C-AIR
     5	"Overhead Punch"		f-B
     6	"Elbow Smash"			f-C
     7	"Donkey Kick"			df-C
  -1-8	Zenkai Kiai Dan			d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-9	Zenkai Guts Upper		f,d,df-AA
  -3-10	Final Symphony			f,df,d,db,b-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Maximum Guts Bullet

#-Rival Schools is known as "Shiritsu Justice Gakuen" in Japan.
#-Some of Batsu's command normals will cause a "clash" effect like in Project
Justice. If f-M or f-H hits an attack (probably just normal attacks) the two
attacks will just cancel each other out. I've seen Batsu's f-H cancel out
Lightan's d-H!!!
#-You can also do a Tardy Counter using these moves by entering the command
while blocking.
#-His full name is Batsu Ichimonji.

1-KIAI DAN-The range is longer, the harder the button you used. A reaches just
past Batsu's fist, while C reaches almost full screen. In mid-air, Batsu will
throw the projectile at a 45 degree angle.
#-aka Guts Bullet

2-GUTS UPPER-Batsu will move forward further the harder the button used.

3-MIKAZUKI KICK-Hits overhead.
#-This move now has flame effects, instead of the wind effects it had in the
Justice gakuen series.
#-aka Crescent Star Kick

4-RYUUSEI KICK-The angle of decent will be very steep for A, about 45 degrees
for B, and extremely shallow for C.
#-aka Shooting Star Kick



8-ZENKAI KIAI DAN-Works just like Guts Bullet, but always has long range.
#-aka Maximum Guts Bullet

9-ZENKAI GUTS UPPER-Launches, but I find it hard to follow up.
#-aka Maximum Guts Upper

10-FINAL SYMPHONY-Batsu will start with an overhead punch, then his partner
will come out and the two will perform a team Hyper Combo. Which combo they do
depends on who Batsu's partner is:

-DOUBLE GUTS UPPER-Tekkaman, Polimar, Daimao, Alex, Rock, Soki
-DOUBLE GUTS BULLET-Ken, Yatterman-1, Ippatsuman, Ryu, Chun Li, Morrigan,
 Viewtiful Joe
-DOUBLE SHOOTING STAR KICK-Jun, Casshan, Karas, Doronjo, Roll, Saki

Using this move WILL lock your assist for a moment just like doing any other
double hyper combo would. You can still use this move if your partner is
knocked out, but their ghost will join Batsu (who's weeping ridiculously the
whole time) instead, and you will always do the Maximum Guts Bullet.
#-Notice that this move uses the same start up effects as the Team-Up attacks
do in Project Justice.
#-The official name for this move is "Ai To Yuujou no Tsuupuraton", but I like
Final Symphony better :)
MegaMan Volnutt			Mega Man Legends                        [ROCKV]
     1	Weapon Change (Forward)		d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Weapon Change (Backward)	d,db,b-A/B/C-air
     3	Weapon Change (Neutral)		d,d-A/B/C-air
     4	Mega Buster			(stand/jump/crouch)-[C]
  -1-5	Machine Buster Sweep		d,db,b-AA-air (aim u/d)
  -1-6	Full Burst Drill Upper		f,d,df-AA
  -3-7	MAX Shining Laser		d,df,f-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Machine Buster Sweep

#-MegaMan is known as Rock in Japan, and Mega Man Legends is known as
"Rockman Dash".
#-I'll just be referring to him as Rock, because it's quicker and I like it

1-WEAPON CHANGE (FORWARD)-Rock will roll forward slightly while changing his
weapon. Using this in the air will make Rock pop diagonally upward.

2-BACKWARD-Same as Forward, but Rock will roll backward instead.

3-NEUTRAL-Same as the other Weapon Changes, but Rock does not move.

1/2/3-WEAPON CHANGE-When you perform any Weapon Change Rock will equip one of
three weapons based on which button you used. If you use the same button (say,
you're equipped with the Shield Arm and do d,df,f-B) Rock will take off that
weapon and go back to being unarmed.
      f-B: A simple overhead punch that must be blocked high. has pretty good
           range for an overhead.
 A: Machine Buster
      f-B: Shoots several bullets forward.
      b-B: Shoots several bullets at an angle, either upward if done while
           standing, or downward if done in the air.
 B: Shield Arm
      f-B: Very short ranged, but it reflects projectiles and will blast
           your opponent really far away if the shield hits them.
 C: Drill Arm
      f-B: Rock slides across the ground with the drill, hitting low.
      b-B: Rock does a Shouryuuken type attack with the drill arm. Aside
from the Shield Arm, the weapons only affect Rock by changing his B command
normals. The Shield Arm seems to reinforce his blocking abilities (Though this
may be purely cosmetic)

4-Rock fires a small energy shot forward, or diagonally upward if crouching.
If you hold C Rock will charge the shot up (you can do whatever you want while
charging, except use C attacks obviously) Charging the shot will significantly
increase the size, hits and damage the projectile causes, but being knocked
down will cause Rock to lose the charge.

5-MACHINE BUSTER SWEEP-Rock fires a long stream of machine gun shots. On the
ground Rock can angle the shots upward or back down to horizontal. In the air
Rock can angle the shots downward. After this move, Rock will be equipped with
the Machine Buster.

6-FULL BURST DRILL UPPER-A vertical rising attack with the Drill Arm. After
the attack Rock will be equipped with the Drill Arm.

7-MAX SHINING LASER-Rock does a short ranged gut punch while his Buster is
charged, then launches the opponent into the air, equips the Shining Laser and
blasts the opponent all to hell. This move will leave Rock without a weapon
#-When Rock was first announced for the game, a video showed him firing the
Shining Laser as a straight forward, horizontal beam attack.
#-Gundam RX-78, eat your heart out ;D

#-In CGH Rock had a VERY easy infinite consisting of just repeatedly doing Lx3
into M into H into Weapon Change (Forward) then repeating from the beginning
since the weapon changes have almost no recovery. This has apparently been
taken out in UAS though.
Roll				Mega Man                                [RCHAN]
     1	Roll Homerun			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     2	Roll Goshigoshi			[b]f-A/B/C; A/B/C...
     3	Roll Basha			f,d,df-A/B/C
     4	Roll Ikuwayoo			d,db,b-A/B/C
     5	"Broom Smash"			f-B
     6	"Broom Upper"			df-C
  -1-7	Roll Goshigoshi TURBO		[b]f-AA
  -1-8	Roll Hitoyasumi			d,db,b-AA
  -3-9	...Taihen			f,d,df-AA


#-Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan.
#-Roll is based on her Mega Man Powered Up (a.k.a. Rockman Rockman) version,
thus she fights with her broom and has entirely different attacks than in
Marvel vs. Capcom.

1-ROLL HOMERUN-A fairly simple horizontal broom slash that knocks the enemy a
good ways away. If Roll is powered up by Roll Ikuwayoo the move does more
damage and knocks back much further. I fact, if you're close enough to the
corner and hit with the charged up Homerun, it will bounce the enemy off of the
wall like Ryu's High Blade-Leg Kick.

2-ROLL GOSHIGOSHI-Roll rushes forward mopping the ground with her broom (?)
doing multiple hits. This move can hit a knocked down enemy. While Roll is
rushing forward, if you tap an attack rapidly she'll stand in place and scrub
the ground repeatedly. When you're powered up this move does a lot more hits.
Keep in mind that if this moves OTGs an opponent they can't Mega Crash it.
#-In CGH Roll can hit a knocked down Hakushon Daimao with Roll GoshiGoshi
#-I think Goshigoshi is an onomotopoeia similar to sloshing or splashing.

3-ROLL BASHA-Roll takes out a bucket and tosses water in an arc. The arc is
wider (thus having more range) the stronger the button used. If the water
doesn't hit the enemy, it will create a puddly on the ground which stays there
for a few seconds. If the enemy walks over the puddly they'll slip and fall
down. Lightan and PTX-40A don't slip on puddles, but they kind of lose their
balance a bit, but not long enough to really have any impact. If Roll is
charged up, the water will gravity-defyingly fly out directly forward.

4-ROLL IKUWAYOO-Roll charges up her broom. Next time you perform one of her
other special moves it will be upgraded. You can't lose this charge (like, say,
Rock can) and it only works on the next special move you use, and can't be
stacked if you use it multiple times. This move is pretty quick, so it's a good
idea to use it every time you have a little breathing room.

5-An overhead. The entire rainbow over Roll's head can hit, making it a decent
(but slow) anti-air attack also.

6-Roll's launcher.

7-ROLL GOSHIGOSHI TURBO-Like Roll Goshigoshi but hits many more times for more
damage and ends with a Roll Homerun. The sweeping part can OTG like the normal
version of GoshiGoshi, but the Homerun part doesn't and an OTG'ed opponent has
plenty of time to get up and beat face while Roll is staring into the distance.
Roll is kind of slow ;)

8-ROLL HITOYASUMI-Roll prays, then an energy pellet falls from the sky onto
her. If it hits her she will recover some health. If it hits your opponent it
will justinflict a very small amount of damage.
#-The pellet will actually heal any character (whether it's your opponent or
your partner) so long as that character is "robotic", in other words: Megaman,
another Roll, Zero, PTX-40A, Casshan or Gold Lightan.
#-When Roll is healed by this, a Megaman style health gauge will appear on the
screen and fill up.

9-...TAIHEN-Roll scrubs furiously in front of her, creating a flame. If the
opponent is hit by the flame, they'll catch their ass on fire and Roll will
pick up a HUGE bucket of water and dump it out, creating a tidal wave that
overtakes the enemy.
#-Of course, the tidal wave doesn't hit the enemy until their ass has gone
out anyway.
Kaijin no Soki			Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams                [KNSKI]
     1	Kabuto Wari			b,db,d,df,f-A/B/C-(1)
     2	Hajiki Issetsu			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C-(1)
     3	(1)-Rensa Issetsu		B+C
     4	Tetsu Sai Hazaki		f,d,df-A/B/C
     5	Ouichi				d,d-C
     6	Thrust				f-C-(1)
     7	Lift				df-C
  -1-8	Joukaken			d,df,f-AA
  -1-9	Oni Senjutsu			f,d,df-[AA]
  -3-10	Oni Kakusei			f,df,d,db,b-AA
	> Absorb Souls			[P]
     11	> Oni Nagi			(all souls)-f,d,df-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Tetsu Sai Hazaki

#-Soki's game is called Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams in Japan.

1-KABUTO WARI-Soki slowly raises his sword above his head and then chops
downward. The attack is powerful and has a lot of range, but the start up is
very slow. However, Soki cannot be knocked out of this attack! You can press
medium attack and hard attack simultaneously the moment this attack hits to
follow up with Rensa Issetsu.

2-HAJIKI ISSETSU-A counter attack that will reverse non-low, non-throw,
physical attacks. You can press medium attack and hard attack simultaneously
the moment this attack hits to follow up with Rensa Issetsu.

3-RENSA ISSETSU-A very quick slash that launches the opponent.

4-TETSU SAI HAZAKI-Soki does an elbow rush forward (the distance is further
the stronger the button used). Soki cannot be knocked out of this attack,
making it a good way to get in on projectile users, etc.

5-OUICHI-A simple downward stab that can hit knocked down opponents. Has more
range than it seems.

6-THRUST-Soki rears back a bit then thrusts his sword forward. This attack
has crazy long range and can be followed by Rensa Issetsu.

7-LIFT-Soki's launcher.

8-JOUKAKEN-Soki throws his sealing sword (the red one) toward the opponent,
then it rises up spinning and on fire. Then it stops, aims itself at the enemy
and shoots toward them. The last part can hit a knocked down enemy.

9-ONI SENJUTSU-Soki gathers souls to his sword then slashes forward quickly.
If you just tap AA the attack will do a pretty measely amount of damage, but it
can be charged up to 3 levels by holding AA. Level 2 and 3 has Soki do the
slash, then leap into the air and come down with a powerful lightning slash,
doing much more damage. You can do some neat stuff with the level 1 charge
version of this move in a Delayed Hyper Combo since it ends so quickly.

10-ONI KAKUSEI-Soki transforms into his demonic Oni form, getting much faster
and gaining super armor. Soki's hyper meter will begin to rapidly diminish, and
when it is empty he'll return to normal (you can still get more meter back to
prolong the transformation). In this form, when Soki hits the enemy, souls will
begin to float around. Soki cannot use partner related abilities in Oni form,
but holding the P button will cause Soki to gather the souls, filling in the
dots above his hyper meter. If he is knocked down, he will lose souls, but if
he can gather enough to fill in all of the dots, he can perform the Oni Nagi.
Soki can still use Joukaken in this form, but not Oni Senjutsu.

11-ONI NAGI-This move requires you to have all of the "soul dots" filled in.
Very quick, damaging, and cool looking. Using this will end Oni mode.
PTX-40A				Lost Planet: Extreme Condition          [LPPTX]
     1	R Weapon Shot			d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	L Weapon Shot			d,db,b-A/B/C
     3	Riot Tackle			[b]f-A/B/C
     4	Critical Caliber		[d]u-A/B/C
     5	"Chainsaw Swipe"		f-B
     6	"Throw"				b/f-C
     7	"Leg Exhaust"			df-C
  -1-8	Barrage Shot			b,db,d,df,f-AA
  -1-9	Tactical Blitz			f,d,df-AA
  -3-10	L-P				b,d,db-AA

#-PTX-40A cannot be teamed up with another character, and thus cannot use any
tagging abilities. He can use Mega Crush and Baroque though.
#-Lightan and PTX-40A are the only characters that can be dizzied.
#-PTX-40A also has super armor, meaning most attacks don't cause him to go into
hitstun, he can't be thrown normally and most attacks generally act as though
PTX blocked them. This effect doesn't work against Lightan, another PTX-40A or
Yami though, and PTX can be knocked down if he is dizzied.
#-PTX-40A cannot air jump or air dash.

1-R WEAPON SHOT-PTX will fire his right weapon (duh) or replace the right
weapon if he doesn't have one equipped. L fires diagonally downward, M fires
straight and H fires diaginally upward.

2-L WEAPON SHOT-Does the same thing as the R Weapon Shot, just with the left

#-PTX's weapons have limited amuntition, and when the ammo runs out the weapon
will fall off. You must then use the Weapon Attack to replace it.
#-Which button you use when replacing the weapon determines which weapon you
 A: Gatling gun, which has 3 shots
 B: Short ranged, wide spread buckshot with 3 shots
 C: Homing missile with only 1 shot.

3-RIOT TACKLE-The C version of this attack is a snapback, meaning if you hit
the opponent and their partner is still alive, it will force them to tag.

4-CRITICAL CALIBER-The distance PTX moves forward is further the stronger the
button used.

6-Like Lightan, PTX will go into his throw animation no matter how far away
your enemy is and can throw aerial enemies even though it's a standing throw.


8-BARRAGE SHOT-PTX will replace his guns with gatling guns and fire a tream of
bullets, then equip 2 rocket launchers and fire the rockets at the enemy. When
the rockets explode, the explosions hang around for a while, requiring you to
keep blocking for a while. This attack will automatically aim for your
opponent. This attack will leave PTX with no weapons equipped.

9-TACTICAL BLITZ-The second chainsaw swipe must hit for PTX to do the third

10-L-P-PTX will be left with no weapons equipped after this move is used.
Saki				Quiz Nanairo Dreams                     [SKOMK]
     1	Shisaku Youdenshi Hou		b,db,d,df,f-A/B/C
     2	Shiyou Taoshi			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     3	Hand Grenade			b,d,db-A/B/C-air
     4	Tokushuudan Reload		d,d-A/B/C
     5	"Cannon Swing"			f-C
     6	"Handstand Kick"		df-C
  -1-7	Positron Storm			d,df,f-AA
  -1-8	Kyouka Tekkoudan Reload		f,df,d,db,b-AA
  -3-9	Shijousaidai no Senryaku	f,d,df-AA

VARIABLE HYPER: Positron Storm

#-You probably know Saki better as a special partner in Marvel vs. Capcom.
#-Her full name is Saki Omokane (it's Saki Kanebou in the arcade version of
Quiz Naniro Dreams, but was changed because it's also the name of a candy
company in Japan)

#-Saki's hard attacks shoot bullets from her cannon. Standing C shoots
straight forward, crouching C shoots at an upward angle, jumping C shoots
at a downward angle. Saki can change the shot she fires with her Reload moves.

1-SHISAKU YOUDENSHI HOU-Thank god this is the ONLY beam special move in the

2-SHIYOU TAOSHI-A close range throw that leaves the enemy vulnerable after
Saki recovers, enabling you to follow it up safely.

3-HAND GRENADE-A will make Saki throw the grenade low to the ground, B will
throw it in a normal arch, C will throw it in a fairly high and steep arch.

4-TOKUSHUUDAN RELOAD-Saki will load a special bullet into her cannon for the
next time she uses C, d-C or C-AIR.
 A: equips a short ranged buckshot
 B: fires a short ranged electric ball that will hold the enemy in place for
    a while allowing you to continue hitting them.
 C: loads a more powerful version of the normal bullet.

5-Knocks down.


8-KYOUKA TEKKOUDAN RELOAD-Loads a very powerful, unblockable version of Saki's
regular bullet for the next time she uses her cannon. You can do some neat
tricks with this and Delayed Hyper Combos, since Saki recovers so much faster
than her opponent, i.e., do a DHC with Ryu, then shoot the bullet to break the
opponent's gaurd so the rest of Shinkuu Hadouken hits and you can run up and
do whatever you want.

Viewtiful Joe			Viewtiful Joe                           [VTFJO]
     1	Voomerang			d,df,f-[A/B/C]-air
     2	Air Joe				A/B/C...-AIR
     3	Shocking Pink			d,db,b-[A/B/C]
     4	Red Hot Kick			d,db,b-A/B/C-AIR
     5	"Back Hand"			f-B
     6	"Uppercut"			df-C
  -1-7	Six Machine Cannon		d,df,f-AA-air
  -1-8	Mach Speed			f,d,df-AA
  -3-9	Slow and Zoom			d,db,b-AA

ASSIST ATTACK:  Shocking Pink
VARIABLE HYPER: Six Machine Cannon

#-Joe's Japanese voice over horrifies me when he says "Henshin a-go-go baby"

1-VOOMERANG-Joe can hold down the button used to make his boomerang catch fire
and change it's effects. Charging this move in the air will slow Joe's decent
 A: Throws the boomerang directly forward. If it's charged up it will fly off
    screen then loop back to hit the opponent from behind.
 B: Goes forward a bit then curves and goes straight upward. In the air it
    curves downward instead. If the ground version is charged it will drop
    back down after flying upward. If the aerial version is charged, it will
    spin in the ground then roll forward.
 C: On the ground it will curve sharply upward and go above and behind Joe.
    In the air it will loop downwards instead. If you charge up either version
    the boomerang will continue on it's trajectory all the way around Joe then
    fly forward.

2-AIR JOE-Joe does a very rapid auto-combo as long as you keep tapping.

3-SHOCKING PINK-Holding A/B/C will make Joe keep juggling the bomb. The button
used determines how far Joe kicks the bomb. The bomb can be knocked back and
forth by any attack from either character and the explosion will hurt either

4-RED HOT KICK-A goes straight down, B goes diagonally and C goes straight
forward. Joe will bounce off of whatever he hits after this move allowing you
to attack more or even use this attack again (in CGH only). In UAS Joe can only
use this move once while airborne.

5-I have no idea what the point of this move is. It has very little range and
doesn't seem too special.
#-If you're standing next to an idle Doronjo and try to use this move it's
actually impossible to get it to hit! Doronjo's pipe will push Joe's big head
away and Joe's stubby arms can't reach Doronjo's body!


7-SIX MACHINE CANNON-Extremely long start up, but does lots of damage
(especially for a projectile) Shoots at an angle when used in air.
#-If you look closely, Sexy Silvia is piloting the Six Machine.

8-MACH SPEED-The first hit must connect (not get blocked) for the rest of the
combo to come out. Last hit launches.

9-SLOW AND ZOOM-The first kick must connect to get the rest of the move out.
#-Joe closes his mask for this move like he does before a boss fight in VJ.
Frank West			Dead Rising                             [FRNKW]
     1	Roundhouse Kick			[b]f-A/B/C
     2	Zombie Attack			f,d,df-A/B/C
     3	Zombie Spree			b,d,db-A/B/C
     4	Grand Slam			d,df,f-A/B/C-air
     5	Giant Swing			f,df,d,db,b-A/B/C
     6	"Shoulder Tackle"		df-C
     7	"Knee Drop"			d-C-AIR
  -1-8	The Real Mega Buster		d,df,f-ABC
  -1-9	Dead Rising			f,df,d,db,b-ABC
  -3-10	Zombie Charge			f,d,df-ABC

ASSIST ATTACK:  Taunt (hits anywhere, but does no damage)
VARIABLE HYPER: Real Mega Buster

#-Frank is only playable in Ultimate All-Stars.
#-After the zombies start wandering around they will attack either player
(who will automatically push them off but still be vulnerable while fighting
off the zombie) After they take a hit they will die. Frank can't summon more
zombies if there's already one on screen but he can attack or throw them to
use them as sort of improvised projectiles.
#-For Franks standing C he'll randomly use either a golf club or a plunger.

1-ROUNDHOUSE KICK-A version seems to be a feint. B version is a straight kick
forward, C version is a sweep kick, kind of like Cyclops' Cyclone Kick from
the Marvel games.

2-ZOMBIE ATTACK-A makes a zombie appear from behind Frank, B makes it appear
from behind the opponent, C makes it drop from the center of the screen. The
dropping zombie will hit either player (Frank recovers fast enough to block it

3-ZOMBIE SPREE-The stronger the button used, the faster the cart will go. Also,
A summons a blue cart, B a yellow cart and C a red cart.

4-GRAND SLAM-You can knock zombies with this attack to turn them into dead
human sized projectiles. You can als reflect projectiles with this attack.

5-GIANT SWING-Unblockable command throw. If you grab a zombie with this attack
the zombie will hit the opponent as it's spinning and when it's thrown.

6-Frank's launcher. Has great range thanks to the little shoulder charge at the

7-Pretty much like all of the other d-C attacks in the game.

8-THE REAL MEGA BUSTER-Frank hops into his goofy Mega Man X costume and fires
a stupidly huge laser while claiming it's the Mega Buster (it seems like it
should be the X-Buster, right?)
#-The beam from this attack looked different (and better IMO) in the E3 2009
trailer for UAS.

9-DEAD RISING-Another unblockable command throw. You can't catch zombies with
this unfortunately (you'll just push them off of you and waste a stock)

10-ZOMBIE CHARGE-Words do this attack no justice, you have to see it yourself.
Frank will leap slightly forward in the beginning, so don't start to close or
you'll hop right over them. This has to be blocked high also.
#-When used against Lightan or PTX this attack changes completely. The robot is
distracted by a falling zombie, then looks down to notice gas tanks piled
around it's feet, which Frank then shoots with a shotgun to detonate.
Zero				Mega Man X                              [ZSABR]
     1	Ryuenjin			f,d,df-A/B/C-air
     2	Hadangeki			[b]f-A/B/C
     3	Hienkyaku			d,db,b-A/B/D-air
     4	Hyper Zero Buster		[A/B/C]-air
     5	Sentsuizan			d,df,f-A/B/C-AIR
     6	"Shouenzan... kinda"		df-C
     7	Shippuuga			f-C
     8	"Reverse Kuuenzan"		d-C-AIR
  -1-9	Rekkoha				d,df,f-ABC
  -1-10	Sougenmu			d,db,b-ABC
  -3-11	Dark Hold			f,d,df-ABC


#-Zero is only playable in Ultimate All-Stars.
#-If you hold forward when Zero dashes he'll continue to run.
#-Zero has one of the few standing A attacks that isn't self cancellable.
Gotta do the old fashioned "hu-huh-hooo!" combo.
#-Anyone else think it's odd that Zero doesn't have some equivalent to
Hyouretsuzan? And that so many of his moves come from awful games?

1-RYUENJIN-Does more hits for stronger versions.
#-From Mega Man X4.

2-HADANGEKI-A version is slower, B version is pretty fast, C version ha a
slighly longer start up, but does a "Double Hadangeki" which is about as slow
as the A version. All in all very Sonic Boom/Ventose-ish.
#-From Mega Man X7 *blegh*

3-HIENKYAKU-Sort of like a teleport, but without actually being invincible.
Zero will pass through opponents with this attack however. On the ground, A and
B go forward (B goes further) and C goes upward. In the air, A goes straight
down, B goes forward and C goes diagonally upward.
#-From Mega Man X4

4-HYPER ZERO BUSTER-Not Blaster dammit. The longer you hold it the more power-
ful it gets (but not as much so as Megaman's) You can hold it to three
different levels altogether. The button used doesn't seem to make a difference.
Shoots diagonally downward in the air.

5-SENTSUIZAN-A is a feint, B and C dive diagonally downward.
#-From Mega Man X6 *blegh*

6-Zero's launcher

7-There's pretty much never a reason not to cancel this into C Ryuenjin if it
#-From Mega Man X4.

8-I guess it's for cross-ups?
#-In the MMX games, when you used Kuuenzan on big enemies, you could wiggle
backward and forward to get more damage.
#-From Mega Man X4.

9-REKKOHA-The ground punch doesn't hit so this is pretty difficult to actually
land, but if it's blocked it'll quickly push ypur opponent to the corner of the
#-I should point out that -I can't get the first part to hit- but I'm almost
possitive I've seen it in a video and done it once. Maybe my imagination.
#-From Mega Man X6 *blegh*

10-SOUGENMU-While this is active, a shadow Zero will repeat any special move
you do.
#-You may know this move better by it's English name, Twin Dream, from MMX6.
#-From Mega Man X5.

11-DARK HOLD-The uppercut has to hit for the rest to come out, but it's so
fast that at point blank range you won't even see the uppercut come out.
#-From Mega Man X5.
Yami				Okami
Yami is the last boss of the game and thus is unplayable. He has many of the
same qualities as Lightan and PTX, except his Super Armor works against
everything, including all Hyper Combos. Like previous Vs. Bosses, he has a
Super Meter, but it's always empty and just for show, he can do Hyper Combos
any time he wants. You'll have to fight 3 different forms of Yami, but unlike
previous bosses from the series, your characters will recover some health in
between forms. Yami really isn't THAT hard (don't expect Onslaught or anything)
but he's definitely harder than Abyss was in MvC2.

In his first form Yami is just a ball. Doesn't look very threatening and isn't,
unless your name is Gold Lightan or PTX-40A, then you should just give up.
Yami's attacks include sweeping the ground with a buzzsaw (hits low), hopping
up and slamming the ground with a hammer (hits overhead, and the shockwave can
hit if you're too close and not blocking) popping out some homing missiles,
Sticking out two buzzsaws and spinning back and forth, or releasing a red
pulse of energy which will not only damage you, but also drains most of your
super meter.

Try to get close to Yami and use quick normal attacks with little recovery so
you aren't stuck in an attack when Yami hits you. Characters with good
projectiles (especially aerial ones) are very efficient here also (Ken's
Bird Run is pretty good since it hit's twice and recovers very fast) If you
want an easy time beating Yami (say to unlock characters) use Yatterman-1.
He has very quick attacks and Toukkutai Yatterwan absolutely demolishes Yami.

After that form is defeated Yami turns in to a ball with tentacles. This form
will mostly swing it's tentacles at you or attempt to grab and throw you. These
attacks are very easy to dodge. He also has 2 faux Hyper Combos. One involves
Yami sending a shockwave of flames toward you. You can try to airdash over, but
I would just block them. For the other Yami will whip it's arm downward and
try to grab and electrocute you. If you're right up against Yami and crouching
this will sail over most characters' heads. This is deffinitely the easiest
form, so hopefully you managed to get everyone nice and healthy for the last
form, you'll probably need it.

Yami's last form takes the shape of a ball with a big creepy looking hand
coming out of it. Yami will be floating around constantly during this fight
making it tricky to hit him with some moves. Yami's attacks this time around
include firing missiles from it's wrist (hits overhead) pounding the ground
with his fist (the fist hits overhead, the ensuing shockwave hits low) tossing
a tornado at you (easy to block but will keep you pinned down for a while) also
impossible to avoid for most characters) a faux HC where he shoots a horizontal
ray of fire towards the top of the screen then sweeps it across the ground
(just block this, it's not usually worth trying to avoid) and another HC where
he'll charge up similarly to the last move, but instead will grab for you then
blow you all to hell with a sun beam (does absolutely stupid damage, and all
but kills Karas)

When fighting this form my only advice is to BE PATIENT. Yami leaves very few
good openings to attack in this fight, but he does leave them so just hang
tight, block correctly and wait for your moment... Or use Yatterman-1 and do
Toukkutai Yatterwan every chance you get ;)


-Hakushon Daimao is no longer in the game due to liscencing shenanigans, plus
I'm sure Capcom figured 99% of Americans wouldn't like him anyway (even though
he's awesome)
-Tekkaman Blade, Joe the Condor, Yatterman-2, Frank West and Zero have all been
added to the cast.
-Mini-games are gone, but we get 1 really great new one instead.
-All of the characters from CGH are available without having to unlock or buy
them. The new characters must be unlocked, but you don't have to buy them.
-Due to more liscencing shenanigans, the awesome character specific music has
been replaced by stage specific music. I personally consider this a big loss,
although the new music is surprisingly not-too-terrible (much better than MvC2)
-No more Doronbos on the menu screen.
-WI-FIIIIIIIIIIIII! I haven't messed with it yet, but I hear it's pretty decent
for Wii.

Short answer: Ultimate All-Stars.
Long answer: Ultimate All-Stars may be missing some stuff, but aside from the
character-specific music and Daimao, none of it is a big loss, and even those
are pretty easily forgiven. The 5 new characters are amazingly well done, the
new mini-game far more than makes up for the rest of the missing ones, and we
get Wi-Fi. So yeah, if you were a sucker like me and imported CGH, yes, you
really should shell out more money to get UAS. It's pretty much a sequel.

However, if you're really a completionist, and you have UAS, there are a lot
stupider ways to spend money than on CGH. Well, maybe just a few... like meth
for instance.


These are listed in decending order...

1-Arcade Mode - If you get lost, listen for Boyakki to say "Akeido Modo".

2-Versus Mode - If you only have 1 controller synced this will be scrambled
out, making a good "check point"

3-Survival Mode - Your characters won't recover any health between fights.

4-Time Attack Mode - All conditions are set to default and you can't continue.

5-Training Mode - "Tureiningu Modo Yo".

6-Records Display

7-Game Options


9-Gallery-View Music, pictures, stage data, etc.


UNLOCKABLES (Cross Generation of Heroes)

Hakushon Daimao - Beat arcade mode once (as in land the last hit against Yami's
last form) with a Tatsunoko character. You can then buy Daimao from the shop
for 1000 points.

Saki - Beat arcade mode once with a Capcom character. You can then buy Saki
from the shop for 1000 points.

Ippatsuman - Beat arcade mode with 3 different Tatsunoko characters. You can
then buy Ippatsuman from the shop for 3000 points.

Viewtiful Joe - Beat arcade mode with 3 different Capcom characters. You can
then buy Joe from the shop for 3000 points.

Mini-Games - Play as a character in arcade mode. You don't need to beat arcade
mode with that character or even beat anyone with him, you just need to play as
him. That character's mini-game will be available in the shop menu for 500

Extra colors - Play a Capcom character's mini-game. That characters extra
color will then be available in the shop for 1000 points. Yes, only Capcom
characters have extra colors (LAME!) Select the extra colors by pressing H
when you select a character.
  Ryu - Red gi, white gloves
  Chun Li - Pink dress, brown stockings
  Alex - Same as his second color, but with darker skin
  Morrigan - "Dark" palette from Night Warriors & Darkstalkers 3
  Rock - Purple with gold trimmings
  Roll - Pink dress
  Soki - Silver armor, red trimmings, black underoos
  Batsu - White jacket and pants, black gloves
  Saki - Orange on black suit, white hair
  V.Joe - Gold suit, blue golves, boots and scarf

Stage Data - Play a Tatsunoko character's mini-game. A stage data will then be
available in the shop for 1000 points. Stage Data IS NOT a new stage, it just
lets you look at a stage in the gallery section (DOUBLE LAME!!). Yami's stage
data will be available after beating arcade mode.

Character Profiles - I believe these show up for purchase when you beat arcade
with a character on your team, you'll then be able to buy the profile for that
character. Unless you read Japanese, I wouldn't bother.

Music - Because of my lack of ability in reading Japanese (and not even paying
attention until I'd already gotten most of them) I'm not really sure what the
requirements are for music to become available, but, uh... yeah you can buy
music... and you should because it's all awesome.

*EASY POINTS* - The easiest way I've found to get points in the game is to play
Rock's mini-game. Not only is it very easy, but getting it perfect (not hard to
do at all) will net you a quick 300 points.

CREDITS GAME - Not really an unlockable so much as an Easter egg, but when you
beat the game and the credits are rolling push any button and you'll start
playing a variation of Doronjo's mini-game where you must jump the bicycle to
collect letters of the staff's names and avoid falling into pits. If you do
well you'll get "THANK YOU" at the end. Otherwise only some of the letters will
appear (I usually just get T A K YOU) There's no reward in CGH, but in UAS you
get TONS of extra points for going through this. Also in UAS, you need to
complete the "Thank You For Playing" message to unlock Ultimate All-Shooters.

UNLOCKABLES (Ultimate All-Stars)

Characters are automatically unlocked once you meet the requirements, you don't
need to buy them.
-Tekkaman Blade-Get 3 Tatsunoko character endings.
-Frank West-Get 3 Capcom character endings.
-Joe the Condor-Get 6 Tatsunoko character endings.
-Zero-Get 6 Capcom character endings.
-Yatterman-2-Get Blade's, Frank's, Joe's and Zero's endings.
*By "getting endings" I mean beating Yami's last form with a character from

Every character now has 2 extra colors to buy. The first is made available at
the shop once that character has beaten Lightan/PTX-40A in Arcade mode. The
second is made available once that character has beaten Yami.

There's a bunch of other stuff you can buy like in CGH, it's all pictures and
junk, none is too exciting.

Ultimate All-Shooters-Collect all of the gold letters in the credits game
(below). You don't have to buy this.

CREDITS GAME - Not really an unlockable so much as an Easter egg, but when you
beat the game and the credits are rolling push any button and you'll start
playing a variation of Doronjo's mini-game where you must jump the bicycle to
collect letters of the staff's names and avoid falling into pits. If you do
well you'll get "THANK YOU" at the end. Otherwise only some of the letters will
appear (I usually just get T A K YOU) There's no reward in CGH, but in UAS you
get TONS of extra points for going through this. Also in UAS, you need to
complete the "Thank You For Playing" message to unlock Ultimate All-Shooters.

America gets none of these, but we get Ultimate All-Shooters instead, which is
way better, so don't feel too left out.

Ken the Eagle
A very fun whack-a-mole type shooting game where you aim with the pointer and
and try to shoot mutants. Occasionally other playable characters will pop up.
Hitting them will cost you some points. Also, Berg Katse will sometimes go
screaming across the screen. You'll get bonus points if you manage to hit him.

Jun the Swan
Jun will go free diving through the air and you move the remote to direct her
through rings which will get you points. The controls are very tight and I
find this game to be really difficult.

Waggle like mad to make Friender win the race. Lame.

He'll ride Pegas along a ramp, during which you need to waggle to build up
speed. At the end of the ramp there's a red zone where you need to press A to
make Tekkaman throw his lance. Based  on the speed you've built up you'll
destroy a number of spaceships which determines your score.

Swing the remote in circles to make Polimar's drill win a race digging through
the ground. A fantastic way to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yatterwan will run through a stadium and you have to make him brake as close
to the finish line as possible without actually ending on the finish line.

Much like the hidden credits mini game, you control the Doronbo's on their
bicycle, jumping over pits, dodging bombs and collecting coins. Definitely
one of the more fun mini games.

Karas dashes forward and you have to swing the remote to cut down ghosts.

Hakushon Daimao
Math! Yayz!

Two meters will pop up moving left and right or up and down. Press A to pick
where you'll aim. You then have to swing the remote to throw a baseball where
you aimed with the meters and try to knock out windows which award various
amounts of points.

Gold Lightan
Waggle the remote to clean up a dirty Lightan. Weird and pretty boring.

There's a meter to the side that constantly fills then resets. You have to
flick the remote when the gauge is as full as possible to shoot a Hadouken at
objects to destroy them. The higher the meter, the stronger the Hadouken and
the more quickly you'll destroy the objects. At the split second when the gauge
is totally full it will turn red and you'll throw a Shakunetsu Hadouken which
destroys pretty much anything in one hit.

Chun Li
Tap like crazy to use Hyakuretsu Kyaku to chisel rocks into statues of Ryu.

Ever play WarioWare Smooth Moves? It's like that hammer throwing game, but even
harder. Spin the remote then release once you've built enough energy to throw
a car.

Tap A with the right timing as the little bats cross the line to the left of
the bar then... uh do something at the end. I don't know, I've never actually
done this one right.

You'll be given a series of commands which you have to replecate.

Megaman Volnutt
Each player has a colored box. Servbots will run in and out of the boxes and at
the end of each of three rounds you'll have to try to guess how many Servbots
where in your box. This is by far the easiest and most lucrative mini game.

A pretty fun game where Roll will constantly be running upward and you have to
maneuver her around obstacles and Servbots. Running over dirty spots gets you
extra points.

Kaijin no Soki
Time your waggles to hit fireballs flying at you.

A pretty fun rail-shooter type game where you shoot down meteors and robots.
Sometimes Pegas will appear.

Viewtiful Joe
Try to snap the best shot of Joe as he runs by. A lot harder than it seems.

A really cool old school style game where you control PTX from and overhead
view and try to destroy aliens attacking you. Very tricky but quite fun if
you're into hard old-school games.

The only remaining mini-game is basically PTX-40A's, but it's been heavily
modified and is better than all of the others put together. You pick from Ken,
Ryu, Blade and PTX and go on a little over-head shooting spree. The only
problem is that this rewards you with tons of points... but as far as I can
tell there's no way to quit without resetting and losing all of your winnings.
Still, it's super fun.

When you startyou choose your character from Ryu, Ken the Eagle, PTX-40A or
Tekkaman Blade. Each character has a different weapon, sub weapon and special,
which I'll describe below...
   Weapon-Hadouken-Large projectile that goes straight forward and fires slowly
   Sub-Weapon-Joudan Sakotsu Wari-A very strong, very short ranged kick
   Special-Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku-Ryu spins around and you can maneuver him
    wherever you want
   Weapon-Bird Run-Throws a boomerang straight forward,which will then return
    to Ken. Fires kind of slowly but the returning boomerangs help alleviate
   Sub-Weapon-Feather Shuriken-Ken throws a feather straight forward. Decent
    firing rate, but pretty meh altogether
   Special-Kagaku Ninpo Hintori-Ken turns into a phoenix. Same as Ryu's Special
   Weapon-Vulcan-Very rapid, weak shots forward
   Sub-Weapon-Buckshot-Shoots a spread of short ranged projectiles
   Special-Missile-PTX constantly fires missiles that home in on the nearest
    enemy. PTX can't fire anything else during this special.

As you go along you'll pick up power-ups from defeated enemies and destroyed
obstacles. Red blobs restore health, POW increases your normal weapons strength
the weird acorn thingies give extra points, the little spaceman (who's from the
Capcom game Side-Arms Hyper Dyne btw) gives ammo for your sub-weapon and the SP
gives you 1 use of your special. As I mentioned before, don't get too excited
about the scads of points you win, as far as I can tell there's no way to save
them (and if you figure out a way to, PLEASE e-mail me)

These were taken from the English official site...

"I always lead by example, and that's why I must win every fight."
Ken is the Science Ninja Team leader. His real name is Ken Washio, he’s 18
years old, and he works as a test pilot. As Ken the Eagle he uses an eagle-
shaped boomerang weapon known as the Bird Run. His “light jet,” which he uses
for air races while undercover, transforms into the high speed G1 which can be
attached to the God Phoenix super-ship. One of his objectives is to find
information about his father, whom he barely knew due to them being separated
from one another when he was young.
PRO: Pretty good at almost everything. Nice projectile, above average movement
     abilities thanks to f,d,df-A/B/C and Random Fly and generally a very well
     rounded and versatile character.
CON: Not spectacularly good at anything, difficult to rack up huge damage.

"Don't mistake my Science Ninja Team-issued yo-yo for a simple toy."
The only female member of the Science Ninja Team (which fights the evil
organization Galactor), Jun specializes in explosives and sabotaging enemies’
forts. In battle she uses a customized yo-yo-type weapon that has been merged
with a knife, and mesmerizes her enemies with her sophisticated moves
PRO: Very tricky and lends herself to some interesting combos.
CON: Not a heavy hitter at all, you must be tricky to survive.

"Every victory brings me closer to the destruction of the Andro Army!"
Tetsuya Azuma transformed himself from an ordinary human into the
indestructible neoroider, Casshan. After his transformation, he awakened to
awesome, newfound powers. He chooses to use these powers to fight against the
android Braiking Boss, who has violently seized control of the world.
Casshan’s signature face mask and pulsar weapon is accompanied by neoroider
abilities such as extendable legs and superhuman strength. He is joined by
Friender, his robotic dog partner who has a variety of special powers,
including the ability to transform into a number of useful machines.
PRO: A variety of verstile attacks, Friender can really drive opponents insane.
CON: Most special attacks have pretty long start up so you'll rely a lot on
     using Friender to buy you time.

"I'm fighting for the very future of Earth itself!"
With his state-of the art Tekset system technology, Joji Mionami transforms
himself into Tekkaman, the space knight. Tekkaman protects humanity by fighting
off the evil organization, Waldaster, that killed his father.
PRO: A big, strong tough character with great attack range? Heck yes! Tekk Winn
     can set up some cool stuff also.
CON: VERY laggy attacks all across the board, slow movement and no unblockable
     attacks (besides basic throws) all give Tekkaman a hard time putting that
     muscle to good use.

"Transformation is just one of my many abilities!"
A heroic crime fighter with a strong sense of justice, Polimar is a master of
the invincible Hurricane-style martial art, which is known for its magical
movements. He also wears the Polimar Suit, a special high-tech crime-fighting
suit made of shape-shifting memory plastic. The real man hidden under the suit
is Takeshi Yoroi, a private detective’s assistant, whose undercover identity is
that of a hapless loser.
PRO: No one can really lay on the hurt like Polimar can. Excellent combos and
     ludicrously damaging Hyper Combos.
CON: No one is quite as awkward as Polimar either. Hypers take a lot to set up
     generally and you'll have to work around his super slow walking speed.

"When I get in close like that, I just unleash the ole Kendamagic."
Yatterman-1 is a globe-trotting hero who invents massive mechanical weapons to
save the world. His trademarks are his bright smile, signature mask, and his
crime-fighting weapon, the Kendamagic.
PRO: Very combo friendly thanks to [b]f-A/B/C. Very fast with great range and
     overall pretty versatile.
CON: Very difficult to use Hyper Combos aggressively, low damage output.

"Only true beauty can achieve victory, and I am the very definition of true
Doronjo is a mysterious beauty who leads the Dorombo Gang (which includes her
henchmen, Tonzura and Boyacky). She can be easily spotted by her wisps of
blond hair peaking from behind her mask and her perfect form-fitting outfit.
Although the Dorombo Gang keeps busy with many different evil activities, they
are focused on finding the fabled Dokuro Stone, which they believe will lead
them to the world’s greatest treasure.
PRO: Extremely confusing to play against.
CON: Extremely confusing to play as.

"The duty of a Karas... is to protect the city..."
Karas is the dark hunter who tries to maintain the order between the human
world and the Spirit world. His partner, a cat-like female spirit, acts as his
liaison, listening to pleas for help from the human world. When someone needs
to be punished, she summons Karas to take care of the matter.
PRO: Lightning fast with great range and great combos. Has multiple versatile
     special attacks. An absolute offensive beast.
CON: THE lowest vitality in the game. No aerial Hyper Combos to finish off his
     great aerial raves.

"If you have the will, you can overcome an opponent of any size!"
Lightan is a golden warrior who came to Earth from the Robot Dimension to save
humanity from the invasion of King Ibalda. He retains the form of a small
pocket-sized lighter until summoned. When he is called, he transforms into a
giant robot traveling along the Rainbow Road and crushes enemies with his
dynamic moves. His signature move, “Gold Crash,” pierces straight into his
opponents’ heart with his “hand sword” and crushes their core.
PRO: Can really put a ton of pressure on once he gets you in the corner.
CON: Has a very hard time dealing with opponents with great projectiles.

Since Daimao isn't in UAS he doesn't have an official bio, but here's a quick
rundown from what I've gathered. Basically, Daimao is a genie who gets found by
a family. Whenever someone sneezes he's summoned and tries to grant their wish,
except Daimao's kind of an idiot so he usually screws the wish up. He also has
a daughter who appears when someone yawns. She actually intentionally screws up
wishes just to be a bitch. Also, on a side note, in Japan both sneezing and
yawning in public are considered very impolite, kind of like picking your nose.
PRO: Nazeka Slip is a nice way to hit oppponents at any range. His ground throw
     has three different effects, all useful and his air throw is very quick
     and damaging. d,df,f-AA is great for DHCs to get off other characters'
     slower, more powerful Hypers. He can also take lots of damage and heal
     himself so killing him can really be a hassle.
CON: Super slow, huge target and has a hard time dealing damage outside of his
     command throws. Nazeka Slip can only be used twice before you have to get
     rid of some junk with his very slow d,df,f-A/B/C. One of the slowest
     launchers in the game.

"I fight to see evil vanquished and good rewarded!"
Ippatsuman is a mysterious hero who always appears just in time to save Ran
and Harubou, who work for the highly successful Time Lease leasing company. His
special rubber suit protects him from attacks by redirecting the impact. He can
also throw the “Ultimate Rainball” projectile weapon and manipulate its
direction with his superpowers.
PRO: Extremely versatile with great attacks for all ranges. Normal attacks have
     lots of range and often move Ippatsuman forward.
CON: A little weak in the anti-air department.

"My hatred and anger for the Radam is the only thing that fuels me!"
A mysterious young man named "D-boy," driven by resentment towards the alien
life forms known as Radam, transforms into the agile and powerful warrior
Tekkaman Blade. He hunts down the extraterrestrial enemy with the Tekklancer
(variable twin-lances) which provides him with a barrage of diverse, powerful
and lightning fast attacks. Coupled with his Voltekka body armor, he is capable
of emitting a lethal dose of antimatter particles, sending enemies running for
PRO: Has really cool attacks and almost Tekkaman range but with good speed. His
     level 3 Hyper will still come out even if you don't land it at first.
CON: Those funky dashes are a real pain to get used to. You'll have to adjust
     your play style a good deal to get used to him.

"The tragedy of all losers is that they think they were on the verge of
Joe the Condor puts his skills as a crack shot to use as the second-in-command
for the Science Ninja Team. His weapons of choice are his trusty Air Gun and
Feather Shuriken, and he employs them to a deadly advantage in battle. After
his parents were killed when he was very young, he vowed that he would not rest
until all evil was eradicated, and he will use any means to achieve that
single-minded goal.
PRO: The baddest mofo around. Has devastating attacks, great projectiles and
     ranged attacks and is really easy to make cool combos with.
CON: Bird Missile Strike is fairly useless. Maybe too baddass?

So the games already out and they still haven't added her to the site.... well
all you really need to know is that she's Yatterman-1's ever-swooning girlfrend.
PRO: Has a lot of neat attacks that make her fun and unique to play as.
CON: Said unique attacks can take some time to get used to, so she's not as
     easy to just jump in and learn.

"If you keep repeating your mistakes, you will not get anywhere."
Ryu is a dedicated martial artist who aspires to become a true fighter. He
tirelessly wanders the globe looking for stronger opponents to ensure he
continues to improve upon his techniques and strength. He has previously
revealed in other VS series his desire to gain the mutual respect of his
opponents strictly through battle. His special Hadoken and Shoryuken moves are,
inarguably, his trademarks.
PRO: Maybe the best Ryu in years. Very versatile. Green my be the new black,
     but Shinkuu Hadouken is the new Hyper Viper Beam.
CON: Um... he's a little boring?

"Even in the air I can still dance all over your face!"
Chun-Li, a famous Chinese fighter and Interpol agent, is a prominent martial
artist who is renowned for her speedy and powerful kicks. Whether showcasing
her fighting ability on the job or in the ring, she has never given up hope of
finding her missing father. She knows that the Shadaloo crime organization, and
its leader, her longtime arch-enemy M. Bison, are linked to her father’s
PRO: High combo potential and overall solid attacks.
CON: No truly dominant Hyper Combos.

"You can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk yet, loser!"
Alex, a young fighter born and raised in Manhattan, sets out to find the
mysterious challenger who defeated his mentor and trainer, Tom. Extremely quick
and powerful, Alex specializes in hand-to-hand combat with a fighting style that
utilizes wrestling techniques and throws, complemented by swinging punches.
PRO: One of the few heavy grapplers in the game and a really good one at that
     with a large variety of attacks.
CON: He's big and slow, but he still manages to lay on some pressure.

"There's no crime in doing something that feels good, is there?"
Morrigan is a mysterious succubus and the ruler of Aensland. Born to one of the
noble families in the Makai world, Morrigan detests boredom and ventures down to
the human world in pursuit of stimulating events. She has large wings comprised
of bats that also act as her fighting assistants. In battle, her wings can morph
into a wide range of weapons to suit her needs, including a drill, blades, a jet
booster, and many other forms.
PRO: Overall pretty balanced with some interesting tricks here and there (like
     her weird dashes)
CON: None of her Hyper Combos are very useful at all. Darkness Illusion is the
     most viable but it costs 3 levels and isn't even unblockable like in CvS.

"Only a few bumps and scrapes, and I barely wasted any ammo."
An excavator who makes his living digging for ancient ruins, MegaMan Volnutt
never backs down from a fight, regardless of his opponent’s size or strength.
His unwavering courage supplements his wisdom in battle. His weapons are the
Mega Buster cannon equipped on his left arm and a detachable right arm that can
be swapped for a variety of battle-proven attachments.
PRO: Very strong at a distance thanks to his multiple great projectiles. Easy
     infinites don't hurt either.
CON: I find it really easy to, say, try to do a Drill Upper (df-B) and
     accidentally switch weapons instead. Weapon switching is interesting, but
     I can't help but feel like they could have just made the weapon attacks
     special moves and just left the whole equipping thing out altogether.

"I'll just have to give it my all since my brother isn't here to give me a
A sweet female robot, Roll is often known as Mega Man’s sister. She was created
by Dr. Light, a prominent roboticist, to assist him in the lab. She is a
peace-loving robot, but is not afraid to confront villains with her broom
during times of emergency.
PRO: Tiny target. Some of her moves can really lay on hurt and set up some
     tricky stuff.
CON: She seems to have a hard time accomplishing anything substantial. But if
     you're a big Roll fan, you'll be happy to hear that she's definitely
     better than she was in MvC2.

"Put your punches where your mouth is and actually try to hit me!"
Batsu Ichimonji is a high school student driven to fight for his friends and
family. His fierce moves of the Kiai Dan (“Guts Bullet”) fireball and dashing
aerial “Guts Uppercut” represent his straightforward personality and pure
fighting style.
PRO: Another strong well-rounded character in the vein of Ryu with some neat
     tricks up his sleeve.
CON: He trades variety of utility and doesn't have anything as effective as
     Shinkuu Hadouken.

"I am Soki-slayer of demons, destroyer of darkness! I am the Oni of the Ashes!"
Soki, a young warrior equipped with easily identifiable blue armor, is on a
mission to destroy the evil Genma. By absorbing souls of the Genma he defeats,
he awakens the demon’s power within him and turns into the ultimate Onimusha.
Soki’s real name is Hideyasu Yuki, but he was given the nickname of Soki in
honor of his wild fighting style, which is similar to the Demon God’s style.
PRO: TONS of range and a couple of attacks that he cannot be knocked out of,
     Soki is a juggernaut who excels at forcing his way into his huge attack
     range and not getting out of it.
CON: Super slow. Beginners may like him for a bit when they see they can't get
     hit out of Kabuto Wari/Tetsu Sai Hazaki, but it'll take some skill to
     learn how and when to use his attacks.

"This is a perfectly balanced VS. You can't even begin to compare it's weight,
firepower, and mobility."
A prototype VS (Vital Suit), nicknamed Ivan, no other VS comes close to the
PTX-40A in terms of power and capabilities. It is equipped with heavy armaments
attached to its shoulders, shotguns for close-up battles, and lighting quick
moves never thought possible for its size
PRO: Unlike Lightan, PTX mixes good melee attacks with great projectiles and is
     very dangerous all around.
CON: He's a GIGANTIC target. Also, you have to reload his projectiles (though
     his super armor makes this a lot easier)

"No need to worry! The Earth Defense Squad is on the job!"
Saki appears to be an ordinary 16-year-old high school girl, but once a monster
appears in her town, she undergoes an unexpected transformation. She becomes an
Earth Defense Force specialist, armed with a giant rifle to aid her in
defending the town against the attacker.
PRO: Not only is her projectile good but she can do a lot of tricky stuff to
     really make her threatening at long range.
CON: Absolutely terrible at close range. I guess her command throw helps some,
     but overall Saki has an extremely hard time dealing with opponents in her

"Who's the most viewtiful hero around? That's right, yours truly!"
Joe transforms himself into the invincible superhero, Viewtiful Joe, and
battles enemies to save Movieland, a place of movies. He expertly manipulates
VFX Power, a super ability which contains camera tricks such as Slow Motion and
Zoom. With these amazingly beautiful tricks, he thrashes his enemies
PRO: Tiny and quick with one of the trickiest and most useful projectiles in the
CON: Very short range and less than spectacular Hyper Combos.

"There's gotta be a scoop around here, and I'm gonna find it!"
Sensing the scoop of a lifetime, freelance photojournalist Frank West grabs his
trusty camera and heads to Willamette, Colorado by himself to investigate a
mysterious disturbance. Franks shows a fortitude and resourcefulness during
crisis situations not found in the average person.
PRO: Zombies are awesome. He's gott some hard hitting attacks, crazy zombie
     mix-ups and The Real Mega Buster is very powerful. His assist is really
     useful also.
CON: If your opponent isn't swamped with zombies, it's gonna be hard for you
     to do much, because he's really slow. He also doesn't have any aerial
     Hypers to finish combos with.

"The key to victory is understanding your enemy's strengths and weeknesses."
Zero is a member of the Maverick Hunters, a group that hunts down renegade
Reploids known as Mavericks.  He is one of the top hunters and has earned an A
rank.  He is easily distinguished by his crimson highlights and long, blonde
hair. His weapon of choice is the Z-Saber, a sword with a blade of concentrated
energy. This powerful weapon can be changed to match the vagaries of battle.
PRO: Ryuenjin. There are so many ways to combo into this powerful move it's
     silly. He also has two really good projectiles and great mobility.
CON: Aside from Dark Hold, his Hypers pretty much suck. Comboing can feel
     unnatural since you can't spam his standing A.


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