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;;;`    ` `;;;```.;;;;;;;;;;``;;;;  ;;;;;;;;;;;'''' The Ultimate Online Spirit
'[==/[[[[, `]]nnn]]' [[[ [[[,/[[['  [[[     [[               Tracks Handbook
  '''    $  $$$""    $$$ $$$$$$c    $$$     $$   by Robert "Trixter800" Aleman
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  "YMmMY"   YMMMb    MMM MMMM   "W" MMM     MMM    
        :::::::::::::::::::..    :::.       .,-:::::  :::  .    .::::::. 
        ;;;;;;;;'''';;;;``;;;;   ;;`;;    ,;;;'````'  ;;; .;;,.;;;`    ` 
             [[      [[[,/[[['  ,[[ '[[,  [[[         [[[[[/'  '[==/[[[[,
             $$      $$$$$$c   c$$$cc$$$c $$$        _$$$$,      '''    $
             88,     888b "88bo,888   888,`88bo,__,o,"888"88o,  88b    dP
             MMM     MMMM   "W" YMM   ""`   "YUMMMMMP"MMM "MMP"  "YMmMY" 

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      A/   \                   _________________                  /   \A      
     L/     \                  -----------------                 /     \L     
    E/       \                 Table of Contents                /       \E    
   M/________ \	   	       -----------------               /________ \M   
  A/ \      /  \                                              / \      /  \A  
 N/   \    /    \                      0.                    /   \    /    \N 
 /     \  /      \                                          /     \  /      \
/_______\/________\ -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-/_______\/________\

-- I.   Introduction                        --          Press CTRL + F along
                                                        with the roman numeral
-- II.  Basics                              --          of a section to gain
--- IIa. Controls                           ----        quick access to it.
-- III. Walkthrough                         --
---- IIIa. Aboda Village                    ----
---- IIIb. Castle Town                      ----
---- IIIc. Tunnel of Spirits                ----
---- IIId. Tower of Spirits                 ----
---- IIIe. Whittleton                       ----
---- IIIf. Forest Sanctuary                 ----
---- IIIg. Forest Temple                    ----
---- IIIh. Tower of Spirits (Visit II)      ----
---- IIIi. Errands                          ----
---- IIIj. Rabbitland Rescue                ----
---- IIIk. Anouki Village                   ----
---- IIIl. Snow Sanctuary                   ----
---- IIIm. Wellspring Station               ----
---- IIIn. Snow Temple                      ----
---- IIIo. Errands II                       ----
---- IIIp. Tower of Spirits (Visit III)     ----
---- IIIr. Trading Post                     ----
---- IIIs. Ocean Sanctuary                  ----
---- IIIt. Ocean Temple                     ----
---- IIIu. Errands III                      ----
---- IIIv. Tower of Spirits (Visit IV)      ----
---- IIIw. Goron Village                    ----
---- IIIx. Fire Sanctuary                   ----
---- IIIy. Fire Temple                      ----
---- IIIz. Temple of Spirits [Visit V]      ----

-- IV. Collections                          --
---- IVa. Swords & Shields                  ----
---- IVb. Weapons                           ----
---- IVc. Songs                             ----
---- IVd. Stamp Collection                  ----
---- IVe. Rabbit Collection                 ----
---- IVf. Heart Containers                  ----
---- IVg. Force Shards                      ----

-- V.  Mini-Games                           --
---- Va. Take 'Em All Out                   ----
---- Vb. Training Game                      ----
---- Vc. Whip Race                          ----

-- VI. Closings                             --

If you'd like to skip to a certain section quickly, hit CTRL + F on your
keyboard, or if you're on a Mac, Apple + F. This will bring up the FIND
menu. Input the roman numeral code AND the dot after the roman numeral. Then
press Enter/Return to bring yourself to the desired section.

        / \                                                        / \
       /   \  						          /   \
      /     \                                                    /     \
     /       \                    Introduction                  /       \
    /_________\	   		                               /_________\
   / \      /  \                                              / \      /  \
  /   \    /    \                      I.                    /   \    /    \
 /     \  /      \                                          /     \  /      \
/_______\/________\                                        /_______\/________\

Although I dislike writing guides near release, but I honestly just decided
'why not, nothing better to do'. So I cracked open NotePad and just started
writing - I really did not expect myself to get so carried away and write
so much. But nevertheless, welcome to my guide for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit
Tracks. I'm Rob, and I guess you can call me your 'tour-guide' or 'expert'
on the game, so feel free to contact me!

But of course, I know you don't want to hear me ramble on about my life,
so a few simple things. If you like this guide, please press 'Recommend' at
the top of this page. And if you need to contact me for help with the guide
or game, my information is located at the top and bottom of this guide.

Thanks for your help, and remember, a guide isn't made up of it's author, but
rather than by it's viewers!

   - Robert 'Trixter800' Aleman

|                                    TIP                                     |
| When I guide you, I'll use a few specific terms. Note that I use the       |
| American flooring (ie, for those who use the British, the ground floor is  |
| equal to the first floor, your first floor is our second floor). I also    |
| use the Compass directions (north, east, south, west) rather than left,    |
| right, etc.                                                                |

        / \                                                        / \
       /   \  						          /   \
      /     \                                                    /     \
     /       \                       Basics                     /       \
    /_________\	   		                               /_________\
   / \      /  \                                              / \      /  \
  /   \    /    \                      II.                   /   \    /    \
 /     \  /      \                                          /     \  /      \
/_______\/________\                                        /_______\/________\

If you have played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, then you'll
notice the game plays similar to that game - whether it be simply the menus
or controls. However, there are some fairly new features that I'll go over
in this section.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                              Controls                              /__\
/_\/_\                               IIa.                               /_\/_\

The controls, also, are fairly simple to grasp ahold of if you have played
Phantom Hourglass, however, they may take a little while to get accustom to
if you haven't played the title. The game utilizes the touch screen rather
heavily, and the actual Nintendo DS buttons are rarely used outside of
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_              X     V
The game is, for the most part, held in an isometrical gaming view. So,
to move, simply touch the direction you'd like to move towards. For example,
if you'd like to move downwards, touch the lower part of the screen below the
main character. Hold the stylus on it, do not let go, and Link will run in
that direction.

Another part of the game is rolling - tap twice while running to do a roll.
Be careful not to do too many consecutive rolls, however, you'll get dizzy
and be momentarily frozen. However, the occasional roll can help increase
your movement speed if you learn to do it correctly.       //
                                                          /  /
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_     /   /
                              |Swordplay      |         /_  _/
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_     /_/
Swordplay is near identical to how it was in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom
Hourglass. Once you have your sword, tap to release a basic sword slice. Draw
a vertical line to do a sidestep slice. Draw a quick circle around yourself to
perform a spin attack. You can also do a jump attack by targeting a far-away

                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_     | |
                              |Trains         |          | |
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_      |
New to the Zelda series are trains. If you're in one, the train moves
automatically. You can shift it's speed between Very Fast, Fast, Stop, and
Reverse by using the gearbox on the right side of the screen. Also, you can
pull the whistle by sliding the stylus on the whistle graphic at the top right
of the screen. If you come across an intersection, a box will appear at the
bottom of the screen where you can choose your direction. You can map out
the direction you want to go beforehand, but if you can change it mid-course
by pressing the Map button at the bottom left.

Later in the game you will obtain a cannon. Tap an enemy to attack it with
your cannon. You can also destroy boxes and barrels with your cannon!
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_      __/_
                              |Weapons        |          /    \
                             -+-_-_--_--_--_--+_---_     \____/
Along the way you'll come across several weapons - classics like the Boomerang
and Bombs, along with newcomers such as the Whirlwind. You can find how to
use each specific weapon in the Weapons section, but you can activate each
weapon by pressing the icon on the lower-right corner of the screen, or by
pressing 'L' or 'R', the shoulder buttons.

        / \                                                        / \
       /   \  						          /   \
      /     \                                                    /     \
     /       \                    Walkthrough                   /       \
    /_________\	   		                               /_________\
   / \      /  \                                              / \      /  \
  /   \    /    \                     III.                   /   \    /    \
 /     \  /      \                                          /     \  /      \
/_______\/________\                                        /_______\/________\

Ah, here we go. The game opens up with a neat little beginning cutscene. You
may have the option between two dialogue choices in the cutscene, what you
say really doesn't matter. After a while, you gain control of the main
character, Link. If you've read one of my guides, you'd know I'll be bugging
you about searching for rupees, but there's nothing of interest in this
house besides a pot with a heart in it or two. Head south out of the little

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                            Aboda Village                           /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIa.                              /_\/_\

If you go up a little bit, you'll notice a kid with a blue cap on. Talk to
him, and he'll start taunting you. Do a roll into the tree beside him, and
the bees will come down. If you haven't figured it out, angry bees are never
good in a videogame - they'll persue you and damage you. Though the boy will
mention water, don't go towards it as it doesn't scare the bees off. Just
run and roll around in circles to outrun the bees until they get tired.
Once the bees run away, talk to the same boy in the north-easten part of the
village, and he'll give you a [Collection Item]. The item that you recieved
was random, by the way, and varies from game to game.

In your frantic running around, you may have noticed a red-headed girl
calling you. Go up to talk to her, and she'll request that you get rid of the
rocks in front of her house. Tap them, then toss them at the nearest wall.
One of them may contain some rupees, but the main reason that I requested you
talk to her was because if you talk to her after destroying the rocks, she'll
give you a [Red Rupee]. If you're new to the Zelda series, that's equal to
twenty green rupees. A little money is always a good start for a game.

When you're done collecting some extra cash, head to the stairs in the
north-east area to initiate a quick little cut-scene involving a train.
When you're ready, talk to Alfonzo and select the 'Yeah!' dialogue option
to begin. He'll give you a quick briefing, which after you finish listening
to it, you select the 'Yes!' option to continue.


Congratulations, you are now on your first train-ride! The train controls may
seem a bit ackward at first, but it shouldn't take long to adjust. The train
moves automatically, and you can change the speed and/or direction by using
the gearbox on the right side of the screen. On the top right is a whistle,
you can use it by 'pulling on it', or putting your stylus on it and dragging

Though it's mostly just a cool noise, you'll find some use for it around
halfway after your first turn on the tracks - you'll see a cow lounging around
on it. Use your whistle to make it move, and you can continue properly.

That is, until you come across an area where you have to choose between two
directions. You can go either left or right. As there is a train heading
from the left, drag the gear that appears at the bottom of the screen to
your left. There will be a few more interesections to, and the trains coming
may vary depending on what speed you were traveling at. Just make the
appropriate turns based on what trains are coming, and you should be fine.
After a few turns later, you'll get a small cut-scene pointing you out to
Castle Town. Once you're in front of hit, stop the train using the gearbox,
and you'll finish your first train-ride. You'll then arrive in Castle Town!

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                            Castle Town                             /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIb.                              /_\/_\

As you arrive to Castle Town, you can check out the town before you head up
to your graduation ceremony. There's not too much of particular interest, just
a few friendly townsfolk, but make sure to smash all the pots you find in the
town - I was able to pick up a second collection item in one of the sets of
pots, as well as around ten or fifteen rupees total. There is also a shop
at the northern part of town, but most, if not all of the items there are
too expensive for you at the moment.

If you go up to the northern-most part of town, the mailman will arrive
with your first letter! You can read it by going to your collection screen
in the menu, but it's mostly just the postmaster welcoming you to his postal

Head north to the Hyrule Castle area to advance, when you're done exploring


Once you're in the castle area, you can look around for some boulders and
pots for some rupees, but not much else of interest. Just head north and talk
to the guards. Respond with 'Yes, sir' to gain entrance into the actual

On the first floor, the two side hallways are blocked by guards who you
can talk with if you so desire. Go north and into the left and right wings
for some pots that you can break, but talk to the man when you're done. At
first, he won't let you go, but a strange looking, red-haired man convinces the
guard to let you through. You'll then enter a cut-scene where you can finally
get to your ceremony.

During the cut-scene, you'll recieve an engineer's certificate (you are now
a full-fledged engineer, congratulations!) and strangely, a letter. When the
cut-scene is over, access the letter in your collection menu. It seems like
Princess Zelda wants to see you in her quarters. She's drawn a secret path
and attatched to it to her letter. Press the 'Map' button at the bottom of the
screen while viewing the letter, and you can put her drawn map on to your own

Head downstairs, and you may have noticed that the two hallways that the
guards had blocked are now open. The only points of interest are some scattered
pots throughout. But to continue on, go down the right hallway on the first
floor, and head south, then head up the stairs. You'll enter the area where
Zelda has marked on her map! Just go north, north through the small ledge,
then hop down into the building to access the second floor. Careful not to fall
off, it would be a pain to get back up.

Continue heading up through the second floor, and go through the right door,
far north, to enter Zelda's room. A short little cut-scene, and you'll be
given Link's classic clothes! Accept her request to escort her, and leave her
room. You'll have to guide her out - as a bunch of guards have suddenly
appeared on the second floor. What would be a cel-shaded Zelda game without
a stealth sequence?

This room is pretty simple - just wait until the two guards aren't looking,
and head towards the exit to the outside near the middle-eastern area. In
the outside area, you need to get past three guards. For the first, he's
stationary, so you can't just wait until he looks back on his own. Keep Zelda
put, then take Link and talk to him from behind. He'll turn around, and engage
in conversation with you. When he's talking, switch to Zelda by pressing the
Zelda button, and have her sneak behind the bush. Link then go meet up with

The second guard is similar - have Link talk to the guard from behind, and
while he's distracted, direct Zelda behind the long, skinny bush. You'll
then be up to the final guard - but if you try to talk to him and distract him,
it won't work. You need something bigger to distract him. Take a boulder,
and toss it from behind the northern most bush. He'll go investiagate, so
quickly switch to Zelda and have her dash to the front entrance. Have Link go
meet up with her, and you're done with this room!

Head outside, and you'll be presented with a pretty heavy, plot initiating
cut-scene. You'll then end up back in Hyrule Castle. Wake up and talk to the
old man, what you say to him doesn't really matter too much. When you're
done talking, leave the room to see a really short cut-scene involving the
spirit of Zelda having some troubles. Head out the left side of the building,
and into the center - head up to the center stairway.

You'll encounter another quick cut-scene with Zelda, follow her and go through
the right door, then up into Zelda's bedroom. You'll then experience a longer
cut-scene, and at the end, you're presented with the Spirit Flute! Exit the
bedroom, and head south back into the royal room, though. Go through the
left door this time, and continue up to be in a long, skinny area. Talk to the
guard, and he requests that you own a sword before you continue. Before you go
out looking for your sword, however, head right, and bust open the tresure
chest for a [Red Rupee], as well as some pots.

Go all the way back down to the first floor, and then head through the
right hallway, then north. This is the training room - talk to the man
in the upper left corner, who'll give you a [RECRUIT'S SWORD]. Hooray!
However, you'll have to complete a quick training exercise with him before
you can keep it. Just do a targeted attack [tap the enemies], a sidestep
slash [draw a line in front of the enemies], and a spin attack [draw a
circle around yourself while in front of the enemies] and he'll give you the
sword permanently.

Go back the way you came - through the center stairs on the first floor, and
through the left door. But before we depart, head left, then go outside on
the roof to find a tresure chest containing a [Collection Item].

Now, go back up to the stairs on the right side, back to the long, skinny
area with the lone guard. Talk to him, and he'll let you go. Simply follow
the path, slicing the enemies on your way and destroying any pots you find, up
to the northern wall. There used to be a tunnel, but if you talked to the
guard in the field, he told you that there have been rocks covering it.
If you're looking for the entrance, go to the right most tree, and take
four steps (with Link) to your left. The covered entrance is right in front
of there - place one of the bomb flowers there, and it'll explode, revealing
the entrance to the Tunnel of Spirits. Well, that's not it's official name,
but I'm calling it that because it's pretty cool sounding - wouldn't you

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                         Tunnel of Spirits                          /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIc.                              /_\/_\

Go in, and watch out for that flying bat, which I'll call a Keese. Slay it,
and continue to your right for four Red Chus to drop by. Slash them all, I
found luring them all near me and then conquering them all at once using a
spin slash was my method of choice, and continue to your right. You'll find
damn near one of the oldest tricks in the book - the old switch-that-doesn't-
stay-down-when-you-step-on-it-and-requires-you-to-drag-a-block-on-to-it trick.
If it wasn't self explanatory enough, tap the block just south of the brown
switch, and drag it on to the switch. This will open a wall to your right
which contains a tresure chest, which in turn, contains a small key.

Use the key to open up the locked wall by the front stairs (tap the wall to
use it) and continue up the stairs. Watch out for the Red Chu, and continue
north, and simply follow the path, hopping over the little island-ettes.
Watch out for the final Red Chu, and look in the tresure chest for a [Red
Rupee]. Sheesh, Spirit Tracks sure is fond of these freebie rupees, aren't

Nevertheless, take the bomb flower and throw it forward into the little
fragile block pile. Wait for it to explode, and then repeat the process for
the second layer. You'll now have access to a second room. Kill off the
enemies, and you're left with a little mini-puzzle. You can do it yourself
by reading the stones back at the island-ettes, but I'll have to give the
obligatory, 'but this is what you're reading the guide for, correct?
statement and simply give you a diagram.

                               + - - (2) - - +
                               |      |      |
                               |      |      |
                              (4) - - + - - (1)
                               |      |      |
                               |      |      |
                               + - - (3) - - +

There are four purple switches layed out in the diagram above, simply hit
them in the order given above (1, then 2, then 3, then 4) to finish the
puzzle. Also be aware that you have to do it somewhat quick - after you
hit the first orb, a timer starts, and if it runs out, you have to do the
puzzle again.

Head up to the third floor, be wary of the Keese, and smash the pots if you so
desire. Nope, no puzzles on this floor - but there's a cute little cutscene
involving Zelda and some mice - simply slay them to continue on. You can now
exit the tunnel!

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                          Tower of Spirits                          /__\
/_\/_\                               IIId.                              /_\/_\

As you leave the tunnel, you'll encounter a nice little cutscene that thickens
the plot a fair bit. When you're done, head north up the stairs. Continue up
the lengthy set of curving stairs (I was honestly expecting a trap or
something, but I guess not) and head through the door to floor one.


Head through the first floor, and you'll encounter some heavy doors. But
before you can investigate it further, a huge monster with a huge sword
appears, and chases you. Retreat to the ground floor, and you'll recieve 
instructions on how to conquer it - gather three Tears of Light to power the
sword, and slash the monster in the back. Got it? Then head up.

When you're back on the first floor, go into the square path and head left,
through the sparkly floor (you'll learn that it's a safe zone - enemy phantoms
can't touch it) and then continue left for [Tear of Light #1]. When you
finish, head back to the original safe zone and watch your mini-map to make
sure the phantom is far away, then head north through the doorway for the
[Tear of Light #2].

While in the section, follow the pathway just to your right to discover
a purple orb. If you tried to obtain the third tear of light, you may have
noticed that there was a gaping hole blocking it. If you hit the purple orb,
a bridge will cover the hole - but it's only temporary. Quickly run all the way
back to the safe zone spot, down, and follow the curve down to the right
doorway - then dash across the bridge to claim your [Tear of Light #3]. Now
you're done and can conquer the Phantom! Stay in a safe zone until it comes
near, and just when it passes you, leap out and stab it in the back.

But, not so fast - it doesn't quite work! You'll encounter a quick cut-scene
ending with Zelda taking over the phantom's body. When you get control of Link,
you can control the phantom just like how your controlled Zelda during the
escort mission back at the castle. Now to open the door!

Place Link on one side of the door, and place Zelda on the other. Drag Zelda
to the other half of the door and through it - this will make her push it. At
the same time, as Link, run into the door, or, push it. You now have access
to the next floor!


On floor 2, go to the curve of the wall, and you'll notice some spikes. Though
Link can't cross it, Zelda can! Drag her cursor across, and drag the phantom
body to the purple switch, until a little symbol appears over it. Release,
and she'll slash the switch, which in turn, lowers the spikes so you can cross.

If you were to head north, all that there would be there would be a large hole
that's too large to jump across. Head south, and you'll find two switches.
Place Link on one, then Zelda on the other. This will open the door in front
of you. If you continue on, you'll discover some rats. If you remember in the
tunnel, Zelda was petrified by the rats. Same here - even in her huge, bulky,
phantom form. Have Link slash the two rats - but, that's not all. A rat hole
is constantly spewing out rats. Push the block to prevent any more rats from
coming out, then slash whatever rats are left. Zelda is free to pass, now!

Another set of spikes. Have Zelda cross it. Head past the enemy Phantom,
Zelda is immune to them. Have her hit the switch to lower the spikes. But
since the enemy phantom is guarding it, you have to kill it. Have Zelda talk
to the Phantom, make sure it's back is turned, and have Link go behind the
phantom and kill it. You're done with this floor, head up!


The third floor is safe! After some quick cut-scenes, head north and grab the
[FOREST RAIL MAP]. Hooray! After some more dialogue, a blue light will
appear. Step in it to warp back to the Tower of Spirit's lobby. Talk to
Anjean, and you'll encounter another cut-scene. Afterwards, you'll be given
a new train! Awesome. Head towards the town in the middle of the tracks 
labeled as '????'. You won't have to deal with incoming trains, but you still
need to watch out for animals on the tracks.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                             Whittleton                             /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIe.                              /_\/_\
+-----------------------------+  Whittleton is a neat little town tucked away
| Whittleton General Store    |  that you skipped by on your trip to Castle
|-----------------------------|  Town. The first point of interest here would
| Shield ................ 080 |  be obtaining a shield. Go to the general
| Red Potion ............ 100 |  store, the hut on the far left, and purchase
| Prize Postcards ....... 100 |  a shield if you have 80 rupees, which you
| Treasure Items [2] .... 100 |  should if you've been listening and have been
+-----------------------------+  smash pots often. If not, it's okay for right
                                 now, but try to remember to get it next time
you visit. The second point of interest would be advancing the story. If you
tried to enter the Lost Woods, you would have a lot of trouble - so you need
to get some background information here first. Check the house at the northern
most part of the village.

Talk to the village chief, who will direct you to the villagers of the town.
If you talked to all of them, they claim to be on the lookout for a tree
with a treebranch pointing either right of left. However, they also jokingly
tell you that the fourth tree with no leaves has no sense of direction,
which means to go the opposite of the way it points.

Head to the little path that seemingly stops abruptly on your map - to the
Lost Woods. I believe that the direction the branches are pointing at vary
from game to game, so just follow the directions - look out for the tree
with no leaves, and for the fourth one, go in the opposite of the direction
it points you out in. When you're done, you should end up in the Forest

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                          Forest Sanctuary                          /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIf.                              /_\/_\

Here we are! As you dock, before you begin advancing, you may want to clear
the area of enemies - it will make everything a lot easier. Once done, head
north from the station, then up the stairs to your right, then south. You'll
notice two bomb flowers, and if you go west just a bit, you'll notice a switch,
that when hit, opens a bridge, but for only a few seconds. Your goal is to
destroy some wooden blocks on the otherside across the bridge - but the
problem is, the bridge only lasts a few seconds, so we gotta get creative.

Take one bomb, and place it near the purple switch. Rush back to the other side
and grab the other bomb flower. The bomb flower near the purple switch should
have detonated by now, and the delay between you placing it and it detonating
should buy you plenty enough time to lug the second bomb flower across the
bridge. Place it down near the explodable blocks, the brown, cracked ones,
and it'll make a path. There are two spots where you need to do so - one is
continuing west after crossing the bridge, the second is north after crossing
the bridge, to make a shortcut so next time you need to go past here, you can
just take the stairs.

Nevertheless, when you're done, continue west. You'll encounter eight
statues, lined up in an octagon. If you go to the center, you'll notice a sign
that says that we need to connect the two that face each other. If you look
around, you'll notice that these two statues:

                               [o]           o
                         o                         o

                         o                        [o]
                               o             o

are facing each other, so you when 'talking' to the sign in the center,
you need to use your stylus to drag a line between them. Once this is done,
the entrance up north will open where you will meet Gage! You'll get a quick
little cut-scene, followed up by him requiring you play a duet with him on the
Spirit Flute.

It can be a pain to use, but I found it simple once you got the hang of it -
hold the DS microphone about a foot from your face, and blow lightly. Follow
his instructions, and eventually, it'll end, and your Forest Map Piece will
get an upgrade. Now, head out to the Forest Temple! Just have your train go to
the northern-most part.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                            Forest Temple                           /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIg.                              /_\/_\

Once you're in the Forest Temple, you'll get a brief talking from Zelda, and
you'll gain control. Nothing of interest in this main room, so head north
to the first floor. Follow the path past the locked door, where you'll come
upon a gap. The gap's too large to be crossed, though if you look at the other
side, you'll spot a purple switch. Grab one of the acorns and toss it across at
the switch. This will open up a bridge so you can now cross the gap.

Looking north, there's some eerie purple gaseous area, and every gamer knows
that it's not a great idea to just walk into it. Instead, head southward, into
the room, then a-ha. The door closes - another old, Zelda trick! Enemies will
suddenly appear, they're easy to beat, so just give them a few slashes. When
they're all dead, the door opens that was blocking you from advancing, as well
as the one that closes you in. On top of that, a bonus tresure chest appears
to make up for your troubles - pop it open for a [Big Green Rupee]. This baby
is worth 100 normal green rupees. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Nevertheless,
head up the stairs in the western area of the room.


You are now in floor two. Watch out for the purple clouds in the way, and
head north. Go through the door and - dammit, again! The doors close on you,
and three or four bugs appear. They are quicker, yet they still are wimpy in
the fact that they only require one slash to conquer. However, upon death they
release that pesky purple liquid in the spot they died in, so be wary of that
as well. But hey - after they're dead, a whitish-gold tresure chest appears,
and it's pretty large too. Most of us Zelda fans know that that means a great
thing is going to come out of it. Open it to find ... the [WHIRLWIND].

+--------------------------+  Aha. With this new device, you can do plenty of
|        WHIRLWIND         |  things here that you couldn't do before. First
|--------------------------|  off though, you can get rid of the annoying
| Select the WHIRLWIND,    |  purple clouds by blowing a whirlwind at them.
| and a gold line will     |  You can also unlock the door to your left by
| appear in front of you.  |  blowing at the windmill in the center-northern
| Use the stylus to drag   |  section of your current room. We'll enter that
| the gold line in the     |  area in just a second, but first, head south
| direction you want it.   |  into the scattered poison cloud area below
| Blow in the DS           |  and blow away the dense area of clouds in the
| microphone to release a  |  upper-left corner to reveal a tresure chest
| tornado! This can be     |  containing a [Collection Item]. The rest of the
| used to destroy enemies, |  clouds on this floor have nothing of interest,
| blow away poison clouds, |  but remember the large, cloudy area in the floor
| and activate wind using  |  below? Head back to the first floor up to the
| machines like a windmill.|  purple cloudy area, and blow them all away. In
+--------------------------+  the western corner, you'll spot a strange machine
                              that's currently of no use, as well as a switch.
                              Upon activating it, you'll make a tresure chest
appear in the room to the east. Watch out for the newly formed poison bugs,
and open it for a [Big Green Rupee].

Head back upstairs to the windmill room, and then head left to the room you
opened a minute or two ago. Blow away the purple clouds blocking the entrance
to the stairwell, then enter bring back down to the first floor.


Now back at the first floor, head west to find a key stranded on an island.
Stand on either side, then blow your Whirlwind to have the key travel to the
opposite side. Run over, and grab it. Remember that one locked door waaay
at the beginning of the temple? Yeah, we can head to it. But instead of having
to backtrack, you can just hit the neat little brown switch in the upper-east
corner of the room you're in, to bring down the wall below, for a shortcut
back to the very first area you were in. Head south, then west to get to the
locked door, and open it with your key.

Head down the path, and down the path. If you need hearts, you can crack open
the jars to the east, otherwise, head down into the chamber - and the door will
close on you - now I'm starting to get used to it. Two flying skulls will
now appear - use your Whirlwind to first knock the purple gas off them, and
stun them. Run up to the collapsed skull to deliver the final blow. Repeat the
process to the second skull, and the doors will open. Unfortunately, you don't
get any tresure this time around. Head up the stairs back to floor two.


On the next floor, you can head east for a mini-sanctuary of some sorts, filled
with jars and grass to rejuvenate your health. Head north when you're done,
and then continue, watch out for the poison bug, up the stairs to floor three.


Take a left, kill the bug, and you'll notice a switch, along with an acorn.
The gap in between them is too large for you to throw, so this time, break
out your Whirlwind and blow it straight north, it'll land on the purple switch
and cause a tresure chest to appear. Grab it for a [Small Key]. The door is
on the western side of the area you were just in, so head down the stairs.


Head south, then west to the locked door. Make sure your hearts are full,
because you're about to encounter a ...

                                |  Mini-Boss  |

Your enemy is a bird ... thing. He/she flies around the stage, and is smarter
than your average enemy - if you try to just use a Whirlwind on it, it'll
use it's wings to reflect the whirlwind back at you - and if you get hit by
your own whirlwind, it'll take the oppertunity to do a little dash attack at

So what you have to do is play the same reflect game back at it. The miniboss
will release a purple skull projectile attack on you if you wait a bit -
when it releases the skull, use your whirlwind to reflect the skull back at
the mini-boss. It will be stunned, and take this time to rush at it and do a
spin attack. Repeat the process once more, and the mini-boss will die. If you
ever get low on health, there are some grass patches in all four corners of
the chamber. 

When it dies, it will release a red rupee, but sadly, no tresure chest. Head
the only direction you can, north from the mini-boss chamber.


Once you're up on floor four, take a look around. If you've played Phantom
Hourglass, you may remember the boss key - a large key that had to be lugged
around and tossed in the boss door. On this floor, you can see the boss key
not too far away from the boss door - but the problem is, the room where the
boss key is located is closed in by a door. Let's solve that, shall we?

Head south-west into the little area. There's a room to your left, but it's
closed in by a door. Head east to come upon a new enemy - a blue, caterpillar
like creature. If you slash it, it rolls up into a spiky ball. You may also
notice a wall of explodable rocks blocking your way. Put two and two together,
and use your whirlwind to blow the blue catipillar ball remains into the
brown blocks, and it'll destroy them. 

In the next room, quickly blow away the purple gas (watch out for the
blue caterpillar, it respawns) to create a more usable passageway. Head on the
path, then take a little detour east and hit the switch. This will reveal a
tresure chest if you go back on the main path, which contains a [Collection
Item]. Head east, and hit the purple switch to open the door. No timer,
either - I was expecting one, too. So just head all the way west to the newly
opened passage.

In the next room, there are two caterpillars, as well as a gap, and on the
other side of the gap, a row of explodable blocks, and a purple switch on the
end. Take turns slashing and blowing the caterpillars to clear the rocks,
and once you're done, blow one at the purple switch to open the boss key
door. Also, be aware as not to accidently blow one caterpillar into the
other - with them constantly moving around and respawning, it may be hard
not too, and it's also a pretty nasty explosion.

Go back to the boss key - but bringing back isn't as easy as you think. Look
at the floor pattern in the boss key room - little squares with spirals. Try
to avoid stepping on those spots on your path to the boss door. If you happen
to do so, you'll end up in a pretty scary situation involving two powerful,
purple hand enemies (if you get caught by them, just drop the key - it's
easier) so you have to take a small detour around the back end of the door.

Throw the boss key into the door, and prepare for your first boss fight.
Make sure your health is full - there are jars all over if you need them. If
for some strange reason, you need to go back to the front entrance, you can
talk to the stone, but otherwise, enter ...

                                 |     BOSS     |
                          | STAGNOX,  ARMORED COLOSSUS |

For a boss, Stagnox is surprisingly easy, but then again, he's your first one.
For the first part, he's simply going to stand in the center and rotate around,
following you. When he's about to stop, he'll stop rotating. Use this
oppertunity to rush behind him, and use your Whirlwind to blow the purple
clouds on his back end off. He'll then be vulnerable, so go up to him, and
unleash some spin slashes on him. Repeat the process just once to finish part
one of the battle.

For part two, Stagnox takes to the sky, and releases some blue caterpillar
minions on you. The silly boss doesn't know that you'll just use these against
him - slash the caterpillars to turn them into blue, spiky balls, then wait
for him to attempt a dash attack. When he does, use the Whirlwind to launch the
blue spiked balls at him. His dash is fairly fast, though, so you have to be
prepared to launch. Getting into position before hand helps. Repeat the process
once more, and Stagnox falls to the ground, dead.


You'll initiate a few cut-scenes: one involving part of the Spirit Tracks
being repaired, another involving another section of the Tower of Spirits
opening up, and another creating a statue in the boss area. Grab the Heart
Container in front of you, upgrading your health to four hearts! You can now
take the blue portal out, as well.

Normally I'd request you to go to the Tower of Spirits, first, but there's a
quick little thing you may want to do first. You may have remembered a
Cuckoo back at the Forest Sanctuary. Go back to the Forest Sanctuary via
railroad, and go on the ledge by the island with the Cuckoo on it. Blow it off
with your Whirlwind, then grab it. Go back to the stairs leading to the ledge,
and jump off in the direction of the island, Cuckoo in hand, flapping to give
you a boost. You'll land on the island with at tresure chest - pop it open to
reveal a [Big Red Rupee]. That's worth a whopping 200 normal rupees!

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                          Tower of Spirits                          /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIh.                              /_\/_\

Begin your trip back to the Tower of Spirits. Now there are two trains roaming
around that you have to be careful about, but otherwise, nothing different
about the trip to the tower.

Talk to Anjean again, and then head north back to the spiral stair room. I
hate to bring up another Phantom Hourglass comparison, but if you remember,
the Temple of the Ocean King was highly criticized for being repetitive.
Spirit Tracks fixes this problem - now, you have a shortcut - the stairs have
been extended, and skip past the first couple of floors. So now head up the
slightly longer stairwell to the second door.

Make a dash for the first safe zone you see on the floor. You may notice
that there is lava - you can't walk into it, so you have to use your new
Whirlwind to blow the Tear of Light on to the other side. Make sure the
phantom patrolling around the area wasn't looking, and blow. But you have to
be extra careful - the phantom can see across as well as WALK across the
lava. Nevertheless, when the coast is clear, grab the [Tear of Light #1].

Go around in a U-shaped manner, and when you cross the right side of the 'U',
there should be a visible tresure chest. Be careful, though, it's not in a
safe zone, but inside is a [Collection Item]. Head back up north, and then
take a quick right for the [Tear of Light #2]. Head southwest just a fair bit,
be wary of the patrolling phantom, for your [Tear of Light #3]. Also be
careful of the fire breathing statues - they are real royal pains in the

With that, slash either of the phantoms - preferably the southern one, as
it's closest to the area you need to cross, then head to the southern pool
of lava. Have Zelda walk towards the end of the platform, then she'll
mention that Link could ride on Zelda's back. Go up to the phantom, and tap it
to jump on it's back, then continue the way to the other side of the lava.
Head through and go up the stairs.


Go all the way down to the platform near the lava, and hop on Zelda's back.
Continue, and you'll notice a little section where there's a windmill. Use
the Whirlwind to get it blowing, then continue to trek westwards. You'll
notice a second windmill - blow on it too. You can also head to the south-
western most part of the pool of lava for a tresure chest containing a
neat, [Big Green Rupee]! 

Keep heading down the path, ignoring the first turn north, into a little
section where the skull is on the mini-map. Turn out that 'skull' was just one
of the little, unclassifiable brown guys you've seen. However, it may not be
strong, but it sure is fast - and runs away every time you see it. The goal is
to follow it's pattern, and send Zelda packing in one direction, and have Link
go the other to try and sandwich it. Zelda will have it scramble in one
direction, and Link takes the oppertunity to slash it. The enemy will then
yield a [Small Key].

Go north, unlock the door, cross the lava by riding Zelda, and prepare for a
pretty hard mini-boss battle.

                                |  Mini-Boss  |

This guy makes a comeback from Phantom Hourglass. I don't believe he had an
official name (if he did, feel free to correct me) so I just called him
Fishman. Turns out his name in this game is Geozard, so I'll refer to him as
that. Well, he's back, and a lot harder too. He's fast, and delivers hard, 
swift strikes with his sword.

Use Zelda to distract him - target Geozard you'll get a yellow, target
icon - and then have Link go from behind in the swordfight, and strike. Spin
strikes work best. This is about all there is to the battle, but it's a lot
easier said than done, and the whole battle requires around six to nine


Continue on, there's some blue jars to rejuvenate your health if you need it,
then head south through the passageway, then west. There's some sort of
strange, tall goblin on top of a tall creature of some sort, just ignore it.
Go up to the never-ending line of fire, and use Zelda to stand in front of it
and block the flames, allowing Link to past. There's then a little ledge -
put Zelda in front of it, and have Link jump on. You can now go up to the
creature and slash it if you desire.

Go back, and head through the flames. Be careful of the one statue that's
high up, though, wait for it to pass. Continue on, passing by the first
passageway, and going to the room with the key on the island. Use the Whirlwind
to knock it off, then grab the [Small Key].

Continue, careful of the flames, back to the square room. There are two
statue-goblins, so slay them if you want to, or just open the locked door,
and continue up to the seventh and final floor.


Head north and pick up the [Snow Rail Map]. Use the blue light to return
back to the lobby. Talk to Anjean real quick, then let's get going.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                               Errands                              /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIi.                              /_\/_\

Head down to Castle Town - but on the way, you'll get rammed by some animals.
You have no way of defending at the moment, so Zelda suggests that we go to
Castle Town, which is why I asked you to go there. 

Head up to the Hyrule Castle area. Also note that if you didn't get your
shield at Whittleton, Castle Town's general store also supplies it, so grab it
if you haven't already. Once in the castle, head to the clinic area, it was
the hallway on the left if you forgot. Oh yeah, we forgot all about Alfonso,
didn't we? Talk to him, and he states that once he gets back home to Aboda
Village, he can do something about our train problem. Do what the man says
and head to Aboda.


Not really much has changed on the tracks, but still you have to be careful
about the evil spirited trains - it's not that hard to get into a nasty crash
with any of them. But anyways, when you arrive, Alfonso's going to fix you
up with something special for your train. He suggests that you go visit Niko
while he's fixing it up.

Niko's in the western most house, if you forgot. Talk to him, and he'll go on
about how he always wanted a stamp collection. He requests that if you see
any stamp machines, that you should fill up his stamp book with it. He then
gives you his [Stamp Book]. You can start with the one right outside, near
the northern-central part of the village. Anyways, Alfonso's done now, so
if you go near the ship, you'll find out that it's now equipped with a cannon.

+---------------------+  Alright, though we're supposed to be going to the 
|       Note!         |  Snow Temple, I'm going to go ahead and grab some of
+---------------------+  the missed stamps. The first is in Whittleton - so
| After you get your  |  head there. It's a safe trip except for the one
| cannon, the rest of |  group of cattle on the road that you always hit
| this section of the |  when you head to Aboda. Go to the northeastern most
| guide is optional.  |  part of the village, to the second screen. Head north,
+---------------------+  and right next to the beehive is your stamp machine!

Now, exit Whittleton and head to the Forest Sanctuary. Like the trip to
Whittleton, it's a relatively safe trip. The stamp machine in the Forest
Sanctuary is located near the northern-most steps. Head back to the train,
and head to the Forest Temple. Watch out for a skulltula, or two.

You may remember the Stamp Machine in the Forest Temple. Go north into the
main floor, and head through the path. Go down the bridge to your west,
then head north into the poisonous gas area. Blow away all the gas, and then
at the western most part of the chamber, where the switch with the 100
rupees was, is the stamp machine. Go back out the way we came, and now we're
all caught up with stamps!

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                          Rabbitland Rescue                         /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIj.                              /_\/_\

If you're in the Forest Temple, make a U-shape and go in the direction
leading off the map. On the way to the snowy area, however, if you have a keen
eye, you'll notice a small, little docking station tucked away without a map
icon. Enter it, and strangely, the place is called Rabbitland Rescue.

Talk to the lone man dressed in a rabbit costume (or I can't tell, perhaps
he's simply a giant bunny) and he'll give you an item called the [Rabbit
Net]. Apparently, if you're noticed any bunnies on the side of the road,
nail it with the cannon to initiate a catching mini-game. You can then catch
the rabbit, and bring it here so it has a good home. Like the stamp collecting,
collecting rabbits can net you some nice rewards as well.

Strange little visit, but nevertheless, continue on your journey. On the way,
you'll land in the Snow Realm. Take a right, and you'll notice a strange arc.
Hit it with your cannon, and it'll turn yellow. You'll initiate a cut-scene.
If you want to test it out, pull your whistle while running through it to
create a warp between here, and the Forest Realm. Pretty neat.

Either way, continue chugging along to the snowy icon, which is a town called
Anouki Village.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                           Anouki Village                           /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIk.                              /_\/_\

Landing in Anouki Village, you'll notice that it's a snowy village with
Eskimo-like inhabitants. Before you get too into this, however, you may want
to grab the stamp from the [STAMP MACHINE]. If you immediately branch off
from the main, stone path when you depart off the train to your right, then
head north, in the middle of some trees is your stamp machine. A word of
advice, however: this town does have enemies, and one in particular, the
frozen Chu, is undefeatable, and does a lot of damage. If you get caught by
one, rub the stylus on your screen, but try to avoid them.

Once you get on the main path, the one last point of interest would be a new
song. Go up to the whistling stone right below the village chief's house, or
the northern most center house, and play Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue.

+-----------------------------+ A tresure chest will appear in place of the
|      SONG OF DISCOVERY      | stone. Open it, and inside, you will find a
|-----------------------------| [Red Potion]. It may come of use later.
|      A -- B -- A -- G       |
|-----------------------------| The last thing you have to do in this village
| Orange, Yellow, Orange,     | is find some way to access the Snow Sanctuary.
| Blue.                       | Head up to the village chief's house, it's
|-----------------------------| the one at the very top of all the stairs
| Used to uncover hidden      | and hills. Once inside, he's willing to do so,
| spots.                      | but he had a dilemma himself - he needs to
+-----------------------------+ pair up all the Anoukis, but they are very
                                picky about who they want to be paired up with.

You can try and find out yourself, but of course, again, this guide will just
give you the answers. If you would like to find out yourself, just talk to all
the Anouki's, and they'll give you their preference, and you have to put them
all together to find out who doesn't want to pair up with who. When you're
done, talk to the village chief, who'll give you a diagram. For you cheaters
out there, the matches are below. Just match up one with one, two with two,
and three with three.

                                 [2]       [3]
                                  [1]     [2]


Once completed, you'll be rewarded with a [Red Rupee]. Hooray. But also, he'll
tell you how to get to the Snow Sanctuary. Draw a path leading out to the path
leading to the Snow Sanctuary, and jump aboard.

                       |           SNOW RABBIT           |
                       | If you depart westwards from    |
                       | Anouki Village, just a few      |
                       | seconds after departing, you    |
                       | can spot a black rabbit behind  |
                       | a boulder to your right.        |

Once you capture your Snow Rabbit, the ride is relatively calm sans a boar
raid, which are simple enough to fend off. However, the trouble begins when
you enter the tunnel. If you look up at the camera, you may spot something
strange. That's because it's a ...

                                |  Mini-Boss  |

A huge, rock, bug-like creature with a single eye that appears to be in it's
mouth drops from the ceiling. The mini-boss is simple, but I wouldn't quite say
easy. All you have to do is tap it's eye to fire a cannon at it. After about
four or five successful launches at it, it falls down, but starts to chase
you a few seconds later. Simply keep firing at it, and once it had fallen down
about four or five times, the boss is over.

There's no real strategy to this mini-boss if you're having trouble - just
practice aiming, because accuracy is the main key to this mini-boss. 

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                           Snow Sanctuary                           /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIl.                              /_\/_\

+------------------------------+  Immediately after you finish the mini-boss,
|           STAMP VI           |  you'll exit the tunnel and end up in the
|------------------------------|  Snow Sanctuary area. To the east is a
| As soon as you leave the     |  general store, where you can purchase any
| station, head northwest      |  necessities you may need. What's important
| until you come across a set  |  there, however, is a Heart Container. It's
| of stairs. The stairs should |  unfortunately worth a whopping 2,000
| loop around, at the top is a |  rupees - and even with me pointing out most
| Stamp Machine.               |  major sources of cash so far, it's highly
+------------------------------+  unlikely you've even got half the cash.
                                  Remember this general store for later.

Just continue the path - head west, and follow  +----------------------------+
the stairs. Watch out for the white wolves,     |    ANOUKI GENERAL STORE    |
who are craftier than most enemies. To kill     |----------------------------|
them, you'll probably have to corner them. Trek | Shield ...............0150 |
upwards through the path, until you come        | Red Potion ...........0100 |
across a narrow path with some iced Chus.       | Purple Potion ........0100 |
To defeat them, you have to hit them with your  | Prize Postcards ......0100 |
Whirlwind, and while they're stunned, slash     | HEART CONTAINER ......2000 |
them. Continue through the path until you come  +----------------------------+
upon the rocky cave.
                             | \     / XXXXX     |
                             |  1---/--2    X 3---
                             |     / XXX  \  XX  |
                             |    / X   X  \   X |
                             \  4   X  5 X  \ 6X /
                             |\     X   \ X   X /|
                             | \    X    \ XXX / |
                             |  7   X  8------9  |
                             |       X[X]        |

Above is a diagram of the room you are in when you enter the cave. Your goal
is to cross the other side. But it's not that easy - you can't be seen by any
of the statues laying around while crossing. To avoid their line of sight,
simply follow the 'X's I made on the diagram above. Press the switch, follow
the X's, and you should be good to go!

The next room in contains Steem. Perform the song that he requests, and then,
your Snow Map Piece gets an upgrade! That's about all that the Snow
Sanctuary can offer for now, so when you've finished, depart at the station.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                         Wellspring Station                         /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIm.                              /_\/_\

+-------------------------+  If you want, you can technically head straight to
|       SNOW RABBIT       |  the Snow Temple. But the problem is, there's a
|-------------------------|  huge blizzard there, and like the Lost Woods,
| If you're departing     |  you'll probably have trouble going in and finding
| EAST from the Snow      |  the correct path to the temple without
| Sanctuary, you can spot |  some preparation first. So, let's find the
| a snow rabbit right at  |  correct path. When you get to the blizzard area
| the three-way inter-    |  on the tracks, just skip past it and go ahead.
| section. It should be   |  Eventually, you'll come across a lone station.
| on your right side.     |  Stop there.

You can then enter Wellspring Station. There is nothing of interest (the
stamp machine requires additional equipment before you can reach it) except
for a lone house on the east side of the area. Might as well head there. Once
you enter the building, Zelda'll appear and point out a map on the desk. Take
a look at it, and mark the spots on your map. Leave the station and visit

Or rather, it. The guy who made the map, Ferrus, is down at the southern most
marked spot on the map. Head there, and you'll see a blue-haired man taking
photographs. When you get near him, come to a halt to initiate a little cut-
scene. Then, after some dialogue, he'll offer you an old map of the proper
path to the Ice Temple. Blow in the microphone to clear the dust clouds, then
trace the map on to your own map.

Now, head to the Snow Temple using the newly marked path. You may want to stop
at Wellspring again, however, so you don't have to go backwards the entire
trip there.

  /\      								  /\
 /__\                            Snow Temple                             /__\
/_\/_\                               IIIn.                              /_\/_\

As you land, you'll get a quick little talking with Zelda. Otherwise, just
continue up, and head through the north door. Smash the pots in this room if
you so desire. In the next room, watch out for the Keese. Also note that the
frozen grass in this temple needs to be sliced to pass through, and you cannot
just step over it. That said, slash the grass and continue to the room to your
north since there's nothing more we can do here.

In the next room, Zelda points out the bell. First, though, you may want to
clear the room of frozen Chus. Nail them with your Whirlwind, and when
they're stunned, you slash them. Once done, go south of the block carrying the
bell - and push it forwards. This will slide it into the switch, which opens up
a door to your east.

Enter the newly opened room and you now have a puzzle of some sort. You have
to cross a large gap that's too big too jump across. You have to push the
block to make a stepping stone formation to cross the gap - but the problem
is, the block below is on ice, and slips around easily.

                         |--------    X _ ---------- |
                         |X -->       _|_|           |
                         |           |_|X            |
                         |              |            |
                         |^             V            |