From: (Paul Hansen) Newsgroups: Subject: FFVII faq/spoilers/hints/tips Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 19:24:01 +0900 Organization: Polar Bear Graphics Lines: 176 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: Hints, tips, and tricks.... Spoilers below, so people who really believe this is going to spoil the game for them, *STOP READING NOW!*. I mean it! Really! You couldn't help yourself, could you ;) I've started the game over (no, I haven't finished it. I just wanted to do some things right...) and paid attention to the game. And people keep pestering me with questions. So, I'm going to write this, in hopes of inflating my ego to even higher heights, for no known reason. Sue me. The Wall Market. It's after you meet Aerith for the first time. It's confusing as hell. Here's the scoop: You find out that Tifa was taken there in that cart. You need to get in, but it's no go, because the guy in front is only letting ladies in... So what to do? You naturally, of course, are going to dress up as a lady (well, Cloud is, Aerith's to far gone down that path to worry). First off, go to the dress shop. They'll tell you to find the owner of the shop. He's in the bar farther up (not the ramen/sushi shop). Talk to him, and he'll meet you back at the dress shop. He gives you the cotten dress, but you need a wig or something else. The easiest path is the wig, which is at the boxer hall. Do the exercise faster than the other guy, and you'll get the wig. You can then go back to the Dress shop, go to the back, and Cloud will go into the dressing room. Flub it, and you'll have to get the tiara from the guy in the materia shop (he's lying on his side). That guy makes Aerith unhappy, though... You may also have to get the lingerie from the strip bar, though that may be optional (and I believe you get penalized for it, along with pissing off Aerith again). Once you've gotten Cloud into drag, head for the big bosses place.... Getting Pyramided by the guy on the platform. Slap the Pyramided characters, and they will be freed. Simple, but took me about 5 save-returns to figure it out... Shin-ra's tower. If you go up the stairs, it'll take a while, but you will avoid several fights on the way to the 59th floor. Plus you can pick up a Hyper-potion or two. Otherwise, the fights take time, but you'll have more experience. Plus you won't have to listen Barett whine at every floor... You should have picked up the Orb of Stealing earlier in the game, around the wall-market scenario. If you haven't, slap yourself and find a previous save game. You want this for Shin-ra's tower, because the tougher robots and soldiers have some definite must-have items. The robot with the spinning blades on the bottom has the Carbuncle armor, twice as strong as anything you can get in the next 2-3 hours. Very useful. And the higher level soldiers with the swords have the Hard-edge sword, which is the only new/different sword for Cloud in the entire city. It's also twice as powerful as anything you can get for a while. Nice. Also, earlier on in the train-tracks/wrecked trains, you get attacked by one particular character on a chariot. He's carrying the strike-rod, which Aerith can use. Once again, twice as possible, 2-3 hour wait minimum to recieve this weapon otherwise. This is after the Wall-market episode. Any large enemy that takes a while to steal from usually has something nice. But Bosses and Sub-Bosses generally have nothing to steal, or nothing that I've found yet (including my 38-hour game). Chocobo farm. This one is confusing, because most people assume they are buying a chocobo itself. That's not it, you're buying a particular orb called the Chocoboyose, which means Chocobo-bait. When it's equipped, you can encounter Chocobo's outdoors in areas with Chocobo tracks. When you defeat the additional enemies with the Chocobo, you can then gain the Chocobo to ride on afterwards. I haven't verified it, but the first time you meet the Chocobo, you may need to feed it, which is what the chocobo farm is selling in addition to the Chocoboyose. Two, talk to the Chocobo's in the farm (well, chirp at them). They'll go into an extended dance and chirp sequence, and then you'll receive the Chocobo-materia, which will call a chocobo during fights for attacks on the enemy. You must be riding a Chocobo to outrun the snake in the swamp. Otherwise, it will catch up with you, and while it's not impossible to defeat, the first time you meet it, it practically is. Plus chocobo's are fun to ride, anyway. The Golden Saucer's buggy. Unmentioned (in english ;) is the fact that you can cross shallow rivers with it. That's the point to the buggy, since you still get in random encounters with it. The Rocket Ship. You will know this one when you get there, and boy, was it difficult. The Code is Circle, Square, X,X. If I remembered wrong, then it's Square, Circle, X,X. The last two are definitely the X button. The Luna Harp (ie, bone village). Oh boy, one more time. The forest after the village is called the sleeping forest. While it's sleeping, you can never find the end, though you can go back. Also, one tip is to walk through it, there's a materia floating at the edges that doesn't show up if you're running (my usual default:). Anyway, if you go back to the village, one of the characters on the upper level tells you that you need the Luna Harp to wake up the forest, then you can go to the end. But, where's the Luna Harp, you ask? Well, it's buried in this Bone village somewhere. So you're character asks (top choice on list) "I want the Harp...". The reply is to go down and talk to the town's boss down in the tent below... The guy who sell's you items. After the talk with the upper level guy, his dialogue will change and you can ask him about the harp. He'll then offer to either 1. dig for the Harp, 2. dig for other misc. items, or 3., dig for special items (?). Take one, and then he'll explain the system for you, which consists of hiring his guys, one by one, to stand at different spots in the village and set off explosions. It costs 100gil per guy. After you place them, they set off depth-sensor explosions, and then read their meters. They will then be looking in the direction of where you need to indicate for them to dig for the night. The next day, the item that they dug up will be in the chest at the bottem of the village. If you got the location right, the Luna Harp will be there. If you didn't, you have to do it again.... The tiny Bronco. After you meet Cid, you'll end a sequence by crashing the Tiny Bronco plane in the sea. Cid repairs it, but can't get it to fly again. On the other hand, he converts it into a temporary boat. It will land anywhere there's a beach. It can only go into shallow water, also. Not deep sea. It can also go up rivers, which provides some handy short-cuts. The Safe in Nevilheim. Please, somebody, come up with the combination! I'm stuck also! Rumor/Somebody else's information! Unverified, but what the heck! right 36,left 10 and right 59. the last code (4) is right 97 (this is pulled from different sources). The Huge-materia run-away train. It was difficult to do this one. You move the train faster by moving the two-levers in sequence one after another, as fast as possible without mucking up. This will enable you to catch up with the train in front. I managed to do that in two-minutes the second time (8 the first time). You then need to fight to the front, and then muck around with buttons until you stop the train. If you fail, the train goes through the village. If you don't fail, it stops right in front of the village, and in exchange you get some additional materia (altima, a major spell that takes 5000 APB *before* you can use it) along with the huge-materia. Falling through the train-tracks with stuff out where you can't reach it. I'm stumped. Anybody else reached this and figured it out? Extra Characters. Red is easy to get, since you can't miss him. So's Cid. But what about the others? Going by the order that's in my book, you should be able to get Yufi after Red, then Caitlin in the Golden Saucer (you can't leave until you find him, so he's not hard either), and then Vincent. From what I've heard (but not directly experienced), Yufi's in the forests on the way to Red's hometown. Meeting her is a random encounter, and you can't find her if you've gone onto the 2nd cd (as far as I've tried). Make sure you find her before Red's town, or around that time. More rumors on Vincent. He's supposedly in Nevilheim, but behind a door that doesn't open. It may have to do with the aforementioned safe being opened. Yufi and Vincent are not necessary for finishing the game, it seems so far, but there's probably some more story/side-quests involved (especially in Yufi's village, which doesn't go anywhere without her, it seems). Occasional Locked Chests. They are out there. And I haven't found a key for them, yet. Hmmmmmmmmm...... That's all for now. I'm playing the game through again, and am at the Chocobo farm. As I come up with solutions, or find anything new, I'll pass it on... *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************