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Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 06:00:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Jim Tamangan 

King of Fighters Kyo FAQ v0.1
System PlayStation
By Jim Tamangan (ryo79@yahoo.com)


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About the game!!!
As u may have guessed, King of Fighters Kyo is not your standard run-
of-the-mill Beat em up!!! OH NO NO NO, this is a RPG game YES YOU 
HEARD...a R...P...G!!!!  It bases around 11 months after the KoF '96
Tournament and soon the KoF '97 will be here!  The game focuses on 
that final month and indeed the actual tournament itself!!!  Kyo must
solve his own personal problems, also get himself some partners for
the Tournament (U don't have to pick Goro and Benimaru), and also help
his friends!!!

About the Author
OK, my name is Jim Tamangan,  I only recently started writing game 
guides.  My last guide was to the RPG Azure Dreams which can be found
in Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com).  My Japanese is very very poor, (Then 
again so is my English) so do not expect me to know the names of every 
and everything.  I welcome all the corrections u tend to throw at me!
I write this as I know there are ppl all over the place that will, like
me have bought this game, and unlike me, have no idea how to read at 
least some Japanese!  So this is really for them!  Have fun with this
I hope it helps!!!!  One more thing, this was written by my experiences with the game.
I may have missed some things out or most likely got the story completely wrong.  
So again I ask u to forgive me for this and correct me where I am wrong.


1.	Main Characters
	1.1 Kyo
	1.2 Iori
	1.3 Shingo
	1.4 Yuki
	1.5 Saishu
	1.6 Sendo Siblings
	1.7 Souji and Aoi

2. 	Other Characters
	2.1 In Japan
  	    2.1.1 Osaka
	    2.1.2 Tokyo

	2.2 In America
	    2.2.1 South Town
	    2.2.2 California
	    2.2.3 Mexico

	2.3 In Asia
	    2.3.1 China
	    2.3.2 Korea


3.	Controls
	3.1 Map controls
	3.2 Chatting
	3.3 Battle Controls

4.	Places
	4.1 Japan
	    4.1.1 Osaka
          4.1.2 Tokyo

	4.2 America
	    4.2.1 South Town
	    4.2.2 California
	    4.2.3 Mexico

	4.3 Asia
	    4.3.1 China
	    4.3.2 Korea

	4.4 How to Travel

5.  The WalkThrough
	5.1 The beginning
	5.2 The Souji Thing
	5.3 The Disease Thing
	5.4 The Yuki Thing
	5.5 General Hints

6.	How to get them
	In Osaka
	In Tokyo
	In South Town
	In California
	In Mexico
	In China
	In Korea

7.  Iori things explained
8.  Battle system explained
9.  Miscellaneous stuff

!!!! 1 Main Characters !!!!

1.1 	Kyo Kusanagi- You!!  The Champion of the last three
	tournaments and the successor to the Kusanagi clan.
	This game focuses on him and his progress for the 
	next tournament!!

1.2	Iori Yagami- Your Rival/Nemesis/Enemy/Thorn-in-the-side etc.
	From the Yagami Clan, Iori has a hatred for Kyo like no other.
	With tainted Blood due to the Orochi pact made He has the
	tendency to go "MAD"

1.3	Shingo Yabuki- Kyo's Student, and at times shadow, he will not
	actually fight during the game except when u first meet him 
	and if u pick him for the tournament!  He "reminds".. no hints
	at what u should be doing in the game!

1.4 	Yuki- Kyo's girlfriend nuff said!!!!

1.5	Saishu and Shizuka Kusanagi- Kyo's father, current head of the
	Kusanagi clan (What's left of it)!!  Shizuka is Kyo's mum.  
	Found in the Kusanagi house in Osaka

1.6 	Sendo Siblings- The most annoying "clan" (sic) in the game!  	
	These 3-2 Brothers(Kyoji, Syoti) and a Sister (Junko) pester u 	
	for the invitation for the KoF '97 Tournament but for what 	
	reason?  They wonder throughout Osaka!

1.7	Souji Kusanagi and Aoi Kusanagi- Siblings, and your cousins.  
	Souji was learning the art of Kusanagi no Ken when he quit!
	Aoi blames you for his quitting and she has learned to use the
	Yagami Purple flames of the Orochi-how?  Souji has a house in
	Tokyo,  Aoi is found elsewhere

!!!! 2 Other Characters !!!!

2.1 In Japan
	2.1.1 Osaka
		Goro Daimon-     	Found in the University teaching Judo
	 	Benimaru Nikaido- 	Found on the Bridge
		Athena Asamiya-   	Found in the Park/Playground/School
		Sie Kensou-       	As Athena and also the Games Zone
		Chris and Shermie 	Around Tokyo

	2.1.2 Tokyo
		Mai Shiranui-	Found in her house or the Temple
		Kagura Chizuru-	found in the Temple

2.2 In America
	2.2.1 South Town
		Billy Kane-		First found in Slums then he wonders
		Mr Big-		first found in Slums then the Warehouse
		Terry Bogard-	Usually found in Downtown or the Basket 					ball court
		Andy Bogard-		The Graveyard and after a while Mai's 					house

	2.2.2 California
		King-			Her Bar
		Blue Mary-		Main Street (after 1900hrs only)
		Ikari Team-		The Hospital, The Beach and The Bar
					(U will find one of them all over the
		Geese Howard-	The Medicine Centre

	2.2.3 Mexico
		Takuma Sakazaki- 	Sakazaki House
		Ryo Sakazaki-	Sakazaki House, Sakazaki Dojo, Asia
		Yuri Sakazaki-	Cafe, Sakazaki Dojo, Asia

2.3 In Asia
	2.3.1 China
		Robert Garcia-	Garcia Building
		Chin Gentsai-	Chin's House

	2.3.2 Korea
		Joe Higashi-		Joe's campsite
		Kim Team-		Kim's dojo and the Avenue

2.4 Others
		Yamazaki and Yashiro wonder the whole damn world		
		Lei Ling is found in Chin's house
!!!! 3 Controls !!!!

3.1 Map Controls:
	Circle     = Select place to go
	X          = Nothing
	R1/R2      = Jumps back and forth places on Map
	Start      = Go to Save Game Screen
	Select     = Go to Status Screen

3.2 Chatting Controls:
	Circle     = Speed text quickly/ Make selections 
	X          = Displays Text at once	

3.3 Battle Controls:
	R1/R2      =Step Right 1 or 2 steps
	L1/L2      =Step left  1 or 2 steps
      Up         =Dodge
      Back       =Guard
      Down       =POW Charge
      Circle     =Display Kick moves*
	X          =Display Punch moves*
	Square     =Display Combo moves*
	Triangle   =Display DM moves*
	Start      =Cancel selections
      Select     =Remove menu

	NB moves with a * will display a new menu where further
 	selections must be made!!!

!!!! 4 Places!!!!

	4.1 Japan:
		4.1.1 Osaka:
			Kusanagi house
			Play Ground
			Riding House (a club)
			Game Zone
			Back Streets
			Highway in the Mountains
			Train Station

		4.1.2	Tokyo:
			Mai Shiraniu's House
			Souji Kusanagi's House

	4.2 America:
		4.2.1 South Town:
			Basketball court
		4.2.2 California:
			King's bar
			Main Street
			Game Zone
			Medicine Centre
		4.2.3 Mexico:
			Sakazaki House
			Sakazaki Dojo

	4.3 Asia:
		4.3.1	China:
			Garcia Building
			Chin's House
			Rich mans house
			Train Station

		4.3.2 Korea:
			Kim's Dojo
			The Avenue
			Joe Higashi's Campsite
			Train Station
	4.4 How to Travel
Usually Train stations will always be accessible in the
game (Trains run between Osaka-Tokyo, and Korea and China)
But sometimes u will not be able to use the trains if u
have something important to do in the area (e.g. when
looking for Aoi).  Airports become accessible when u have a 
reason to travel (e.g. when u have to find partners for the 
Tournament)!  And like the Trains u will not be able to use 	
them if u have something important to do in the area!  Also   
note that each journey will take about 2.5 hours.

!!!! 5 WalkThrough!!!!
	5.1 The Beginning

	The game begins raining in the night with Iori and Kyo in the
park.  Again about to fight,  as I can make out this about Iori
questioning Kyo's reason to fight.  Then Iori suffers from a "Riot"
He leaves Kyo (presumably beaten).  The New Face Team are then seen
watching from a distance.  And Chizuru is watching through her mirror.

Here the game really starts!!!  The next day Kyo is sleeping again is
school.  A shadow looms and says "ORA!!  Either u come here just to sleep"
 it is Yuki! (well only she can say that and probably come
away unscratched).  They chat to each other when another person comes
and introduces himself (KUSANAGI SAN!!!- b prepared to here this all
over the place) it is Yabuki Shingo, he wishes to challenge u.  After
the fight (win or lose) Shingo will ask u to take him as your student!!! 
Kyo accepts him.  As the 3 of u are about to leave the school u r
greeted by the Sendo siblings.  They know u r the King Of Fighters
champion therefore u have an automatic invite to the next Tournament.
They want your invitation, unfortunately Kyo misunderstands them and
thinks that they are asking for a "party" invitation.  You will fight
with Kyoji (who happens to have the moves of Ryo Sakazaki- but not the
DMs thankfully!!)  Beat his ass and send them packing!!!

Kyo leaves and wonders to the park and playground.  Here U find Yamazaki and
Yashiro trying to intimidate Iori (YEAH RIGHT!!!!) Kyo spots this and
warns them that Iori is more dangerous then they think.  They dismiss
this then, nicely timed, Iori Riots again!!!  Yamazaki and Yashiro beat
a hasty retreat!!

Go home and Saishu and Shizuka greet u.  Kyo is told by Saishu that this
invitation is to the Kof '97 tournament and is only a month (OK 31
days)away!   Both of u go to the Dojo and  Saishu will fight u to see if
u have got what it takes (Note u will keep fighting Saishu until u win)

5.2  The Souji thing

	Kyo will be told by Saishu to visit his Cousin Souji-san in Tokyo
and deliver a letter!  When u get to the Station Shingo will ask who
Souji Kusanagi is,  Kyo tells him that Souji also studied Kusanagi no
Ken until one day he just quit!  Shingo persuades Kyo to open the letter
and they find a picture of a man RIOTING!!!!

Souji is happy in Tokyo.  He has a wife, a kid and his sister Aoi lives
with them!!!  Kyo is troubled by what Souji says and after fighting with
him (friendly of course) returns to Saishu to question him!  Saishu says
u should direct your questions to Souji.  So Kyo returns to Tokyo but
not b4 Yuki and Athena see you and tell u to bring them to Tokyo (note
how u answer will affect your friendship with Athena slightly) and again
talks to Souji.  Souji admits that the man is the photo is actually him. 
He went through a Riot one day and it has scared him that he may
actually Riot again and hurt ppl close to him!  He then tells Kyo that
Saishu has even gone through a Riot b4!  Kyo thinks that maybe the
Kusanagi clan may have a similar curse to the of Yagami's!  Kyo goes
home and Saishu tells him it is true and asks if Kyo is willing to
chance the possibility that he may Riot as well!  Kyo is willing to take
that Chance!!!

After some wondering Kyo comes home and finds that Souji has called and
said that Aoi is missing for some time now!  Kyo calls Souji back for
some more information!  Aoi believes it is actually Kyo's fault for
Souji not learning Kusanagi no Ken anymore!  Kyo agrees to look for here
and finds her at the Highway to the mountains!  Aoi has a right go at
Kyo and challenges him to a fight, then Kyo spots that Aoi is casting
PURPLE flame (Yagami style).  He questions how and who she learned that
from by b4 he gets any answers the Sendo's jump in again for a fight
(Kyoji again- I think)  After the fight Aoi is gone!!

Kyo goes to the Train Station to go to Tokyo to see Souji but Souji is
already at Osaka Train Station.  Souji asks that Kyo looks in Tokyo for
her and he will look in Osaka!  After looking in Tokyo,  Kyo returns to
Tokyo Station where he meets Iori, they battle, and afterwards Kyo
questions Iori if he taught Aoi the use of Purple flame.  Yagami is a
bit shocked but tells Kyo he will never teach anyone the skills of
Purple flames!
Kyo goes home and tells his dad about the state of affairs!  Since there
is nothing in Osaka, Kyo goes to Tokyo again to look.  When he gets to
the Temple he finds that Chizuru is having some problems, namely Yashiro
and Yamazaki!  Kyo helps her to fight them.  Afterwards Chizuru asks
that u bring Iori to speak to her-  Kyo is quite dubious as since has
Iori done anything for Kyo!  Back in Osaka, Kyo tells Saishu about what
happens and Saishu tells Kyo about the 660 year old something or other
(hey sorry I said my Jap was poor).  Kyo then finds Iori in the park and
by use excessive force (yep u fight) persuades Iori to go with him to
see Chizuru!  Chizuru will now reveal the legend of Yamato no Orochi and
how he was defeated by three ppl.  Kusanagi, Yasakani, and one other.
She also reveals the Yasakami became Yagami after making a pact with
Orochi!  It is about know that Iori has another Riot so stopping Chizuru
continuing!  Kyo decides to visit Mai and she tells him that she cam
read the old scrolls to see if anything can help!  They find out that
the last person was known as Yata, and after brain racking they find out
that the successor to Yata is non other than Chizuru!  Kyo and Mai go
and visit Chizuru and she admits that she is Yata!  Now she finishes the
story and they talk (????) to the flames of Kusanagi and Yasakani!  Kyo
finds out that Kusanagi also have a curse by Orochi which will explain
their Riots.  B4 leaving Kyo drops by Souji's and tells him that he
should carry on learning Kusanagi no Ken to battle his inner demons!

Back in Osaka, after some wondering about, u will run into Yuki (either
in the School, Playground, or Park).  She will ask u to take her on a
date, particularly to Shermie's fashion show!  Here Kyo notices that Aoi
is with then Sendo's backstage!  Kyo tries to reach Aoi but the Sendo's
block his way!  Shingo tries to muscle in and pays for it!  Kyo then
fights one of the Sendo's.  Afterwards Shermie admits to being the one
that taught Aoi Purple Flame skills!  Kyo wants more answers but gives
up to take Shingo to hospital!  At the Hospital Kyo sees Shingo and then
a young boy in a wheelchair recognises Kyo and tells him that he is a
fan.  Kyo promises the boy he will visit tomorrow as visiting hours are
now over!

The next day Kyo finds Yuki at the Playground and they both go to see
Shingo and the kid in the Hospital!  They chat to Shingo and then they
visit the boy.  He is happy that they came!  Kyo then finds out that he
is they younger brother of the 3 Sendo's!  They tell him that they
wanted the invitation so that their little bro could see them fight!!!
They request that Kyo doesn't tell him and in exchange they give Kyo
their information about Aoi!  Kyo finds Aoi again at the Highway and she
realises her error!  The agree to go to Souji's house but they find him
already in Osaka Station.  They all go to Kyo's house and chat!!!

Shingo tells Kyo that Terry has actually has invited Kyo to America and
that Kyo should also start looking for partners!

N.B The Souji thing should really take no more then 9 days max.

	5.3 The Disease thing
	Kyo takes the plane from Tokyo airport to California in America.
In Main Street Kyo finds Terry on his Motorcycle.  After some chatting
Terry suggests a Friendly match between Kyo and himself!  After the
fight Terry tells Kyo that he is going over to South Town to see his
Dad's grave.  When they both reach there Andy is spotted by Terry.  The
four of them (remember Shingo is there) chat some more until Shingo
suggest lunch!  Now Terry and Andy have differing tastes in food.  Terry
being more American would prefer fast food (such as his HAN BAH GA),
while Andy being more "cultural" wants Spaghetti.  Kyo has to decide who
he eats with- (Note Kyo's decision will have a slight effect on either
Terry's or Andy's friendship level).  After lunch Kyo and whichever
Bogard he was with must find the other!  Andy is found Downtown while
Terry is found in the Fast Food Restaurant!  Also either Yashiro or
Yamazaki will be there and Kyo has to decide if he will help them or
not!  After the fight, they gather and head to Down Town where Blue Mary
should be!  They chat and Mary tells them all about how residents are
being forced out of their houses!  After some wondering Kyo heads back
to Down Town to see this "eviction" take place.  Well the Landlord is
Geese as the force is non other than Billy Kane.  Now you have a choice
to who u fight with as your choice here can affect who u may team up
with!  The first Choice lets u light for the Bogards, the second lets u
fight for Billy, and the last lets u fight either (Note I choice the
first and therefore have no idea what happens if u pick the any of the
other 2).  After the fight Billy makes a quick get-away.  The 5 of u get
together and agree to solve this mystery!  Now Kyo ain't all that good
investigations so he seeks the help of Blue Mary.  She tells him that he
should go to California and find King in her Bar.

Back in California, Kyo spots some blood outside King's bar.  King then
appears and they chat.  Kyo is told about the strange illnesses going
about.  Afterwards Kyo goes back to South Town with Terry and Andy. 
They search everywhere and find no clues.  Kyo then remembers what Mary
said about this happening in Mexico.  So Kyo sets off for Mexico.

In Mexico Kyo finds Ryo Sakazaki and Takuma and they told Kyo about what
happened to their students b4.  Everything is pointing to the Hospital!

Back in California Kyo attempts to enter the hospital but Ralf and Clark
stop him.  Kyo tries again and this time runs into Mary and King.  They
ask Kyo for help tonight when they will go to the hospital!.  When night
comes the 3 of them enter the Hospital an attempt to access some files. 
But b4 they can guess who stops them- THE SENDO BROTHERS!!!!!  Again u
fight them.  Afterwards Mary and King find a computer terminal.  Mary
says the password has 6 letters (well then it is either OROCHI or
ATHENA).  They see that the Medicine plant has been doing experiments. 
So Kyo heads there and Terry and Andy are waiting!

Soon as u go in the 3 of u run into Yashiro and Yamazaki.  They tell u
how Geese is being used for Orochi's purposes.  Then u fight!  After Kyo
et al win, the 3 of them head to the top floor.  There Geese? tells u
about what he is upto.  He has been intrigued by the power of Orochi
since the '96 Tournament and has been experimenting to find something
that will recreate the power of Orochi!  The 3 of u fight Geese? and
Billy.  When u win Geese will get up and say that he has the power of
Orochi and again the 5 of u fight!  After his second defeat Geese? is
shocked and then killed by something (probably a Reppu ken).  Standing
now is the real Geese Howard, the one they were fighting was merely
Shadow.  Geese tells them that power through drugs does not interest him
and Billy and Geese escape by helicopter, much to the annoyance of Terry
and co.

Shingo says Kyo should return to Japan.

N.B  These events should not take more that 7 days
	5.4 The Yuki thing

Back in Osaka Kyo and Shingo head for the school.  Here Shingo shows Kyo
what he as picked up and if Kyo would teach him something!  Kyo agrees
to teach Shingo a move- if he can get Kyo's some Noodles in just 3
minutes.  Off goes Shingo, and here comes Yuki.  They chat nut Shingo
kinda breaks the moment when he returns kinda pissed cos he realised
than the noodle bar is 10 minutes away.  Yuki has left!  Some wondering
around makes Kyo run into Yuki again, and she asks for a date the next
day!  (Now u have to kill time until the next day so u should visit Goro
and Benimaru to earn them).  The next day Kyo is going to meet Yuki when
he runs into the Sendo's again.  Again they want the Invitation and Kyo
is getting a bit agitated.  They fight again.  Kyo comes away delayed
and pissed off.  At the park Athena has a go at Kyo for standing Yuki up
and that she went off.  Kyo returns home and is shocked when Shizuka
tells Kyo that Yuki's parents called asking if they knew where she was-
SHE DID NOT RETURN HOME LAST NIGHT!!!  Kyo goes everywhere looking for
Yuki.  Finally he goes to Chizuru who tells him that Yuki is not even in
Japan!  Kyo goes to see Mai (see her twice) and she tells him that Andy
saw someone that may have been Yuki in California Airport!  Kyo heads to
the Airport where he sees Saishu.  Saishu tells him that he has
contacted Takuma Sakazaki for help.

Kyo is greeted by Andy in California Airport.  Andy then begins to tell
Kyo all that he saw and heard.  Kyo is enraged by this and questions
Andy on why he didn't do a damn thing!  When Kyo is about to fly off
Andy appears again and suggests that Kyo looks for Blue Mary and ask for
her help.  During the night Kyo finds Mary in Main Street shadowing
Yamazaki.  They start chatting when they are confronted by Yashiro. 
Mary asks for your help in defeating Yashiro (or more specifically- beat
him for me).  Afterwards Mary asks for any information u may get about
Yamazaki for her help with Yuki.  Kyo agrees, then flies off to Mexico
to see if Takuma has any news.

In Mexico, Kyo finds Takuma in the Sakazaki household.  Takuma cannot do
anything except that he tells Kyo to find Robert Garcia and ask for his
help, as they are much better at gathering information.

Kyo flies to China and finds Robert in the Garcia building.  Robert
tells Kyo that he should be able to help and that Kyo should come back
later (this is a good time to go to Korea and talk to Kim and Joe).  A
couple of hours later Kyo returns to the Garcia building to see Robert. 
Robert says how one of his aides was able to locate Yuki and gave Robert
a map.  Then Yamazaki appears and takes a good punch at Shingo (OOOWWW). 
He steals the map and runs off.  Kyo and Robert give chase and find
Robert in the slums of China.  Here they fight.  Yamazaki drops the map
and flees.  Robert is excited and wants to carry on helping Kyo as he is
bored with what he does these days.  Shingo reminds Kyo that he must
contact Mary as to the whereabouts of Yamazaki.

Back in California, Kyo finds Mary in Main Street at night and tells
Mary about Yamazaki.  She cannot help Kyo though as she cannot leave
America.  At the airport Kyo runs into Yuri and Ryo.  They are going to
see Robert as he has a treasure map.  Kyo does think it is his place to
tell them the truth.

In China, they all go to the Garcia building where Robert admits to Ryo
the truth of the Map.  Ryo and Yuri agree to help.  Robert then suggests
that they find Chin Gentsai as he knows the area well.  The party go to
Chins house and find only his Grand Daughter Lei Ling there.  She
explains the Chin has been kidnapped by some Millionaire that lives in
the mountains.  Robert and Kyo agree to help rescue him.  They go to the
House and find that Chin is blind drunk.  The man that kidnapped him
actually only wanted Chin to teach him some Martial Arts.  They all go
back to Chin's house so he can sober up.

The next day Kyo and co. visit Chin again and Chin now tells them that
the spot on the map is actually the spot where Yamato no Orochi was
defeated 1800 years ago.  Kyo asks that Chin bring them there
immediately.  When they arrive they find Yamazaki and Yashiro there. 
Again a fight ensues between Yashiro and Yamazaki Vs Kyo and Robert.
After this fight Kyo is angry as he still cannot find Yuki.  Fire is
raging all around him and he lunges at Yamazaki and Yashiro.  The only
thing that stopped Kyo barbecuing the two of them was Chizuru.  Chizuru
explains that the whole incident was a set-up by her to see if Kyo has a
reason to fight- To protect your loved ones.  The fact that Yamazaki and
Yashiro was there was nothing to do with her.  Yuki runs to Kyo and
apologises for putting him through that pain.  OK then, that is that. 
All that remains is to go and see Saishu see he can name u as the
official Kusanagi Successor and to tie up loose ends with getting

N.B Kyo has now learnt his second super (the one where he cries "kore
ga, Kusanagi no ken da".  There should be about 13 days left for Kyo to
level up and grab as many friends as partners.
5.5  General Hints.

1) The more u stick to the plot lines the less Iori will
   strike.  As soon as u just start aimlessly wondering
   Iori will start striking as ppl who are really friendly
   with you.

2) U should try to start the process of getting ppl ASAP.   
   Most of the story lines will get u to meet them (except 
   Joe and Kim's Team- the whole plotline never takes you to Korea).
   While u r waiting for time to pass (e.g. to meet Mary), you 
   should try to further the story.

3) Try to time Travels on flights and the train to maximise the 
   time u have.  Basically try to catch the train and Plane at about 
   2100hrs whenever possible.

4)  Kyo can reach level 10 max(While that is the highest I got to).
    At levels 3,5,7 Kyo will learn a new move to add to his arsenal.

5)  It is advisable that u reach level 10 b4 the Tournament.
    When u get Goro he will ask if u want to spar.  Fight with him to level up.

!!!! 6 How to get Them!!!!	

	There are 2 requirements to get Characters to partner with u at
the Tournament.  The first is obvious and that is to get a top 
friendship level (really happy face with them in the status screen).
The second which ain't obvious is to complete a sub plot with that
Here is the guide to do so.

	In Osaka:

Goro Daimon-
Goro can be found at "School Hours" in the University
Just keep visiting and help him when the Sendo's
challenge and when Yam and Yash challenge!

Benimaru is available at the bridge from the 			
afternoon onwards.  Just keep visiting and fighting
him when it occurs.

She is in found in the playground/park/school.  
It ain't that hard not to earn her.  Just do not piss
her off too much and make sure u stop Iori getting to

Much found with Athena but to get him on his own and
chat to him.  Soon he will be found with Benimaru and
trying to learn how to chat up girls.  When here he
will ask if u are gonna team up with Athena.  Choose
The third answer to make him happy  

In Tokyo:

The first time u visit she will chat with u about the
this years tournament and how she wanna team up with
Andy.  After a while Mai will chat with u and invite
u and Yuki to a tea ceremony.  When u visit with Yuki
(that is anytime when the plot line doesn't involve
her) for the tea ceremony,  U and Mai notice Shermie
and Chris wondering in her house.  Help her defeat
them.  Now just make sure that Iori doesn't get to

Help her when Yashiro and Yamazaki are with her, and
just help her when Iori is there.  (note u may what
to get Chizuru pretty early as Iori does not approach
her after the Souji incident and it is pretty hard to 
get her friendship level high enough).

In South Town:

Mr Big-	
Sorry I ain't got him yet

Billy Kane-
Sorry I ain't got him yet

Basically defeat Billy with him and also defeat Geese.
Also stop Iori getting to him.

as above.  With the Bogard brothers the brother u has 
lunch with helps to get them as it pushes the
friendship bar up.

In California:

Bit complicated.  Defeat Geese.  next time u visit 
her, King should introduce her brother Jan.  Jan 
disappears so u should volunteer to help ( first 	
answer).  Jan is found in the Game Zone, he is
questioning his sister's reason to fight(choose the
third answer).  Again visit the Game Zone and tell
Jan the he should go home (Fourth answer).  Go back
to the bar and King will cook u dinner.  At a later
date she talks to you about how business is going and 
asks to join u.

Blue Mary-
Help force out Billy in South town.  Help her and
King in the Hospital.  When Iori approaches her in
Main Street (this is not your usual approaching by 	
Iori) help her out.  She will ask if u will have
dinner with her (pick the second answer)

Ikari Team-	
Before defeating Geese, Ralf, Clark, or Heidern will
stop u getting into the Hospital.  After u defeat
Geese, Heidern allows u to see Leona in hospital
but she attacks u.  After the fight Heidern will ask
u to talk to Leona (pick the second answer).  The two
of u go for a walk along the beach and chat (choose
the second answer).  Back at the Hospital U see Iori.
Fight him and ask him to talk to Leona about Riot
after u kick his ass.  Sometime later u will King
says there is someone to meet u.  Heidern approaches
u and tells u that Leona will replace Heidern in the
team and that they will help u.

In Mexico:
After u defeat Geese speak to Takuma and he will tell
u his plans to let Ryo, Yuri, and Robert team up.  Go
to the Dojo and Yuri will complain as she wants to 
team up with King and Mai again.  At the airport,
Yuri wants to go to California to talk with King, but
Robert has ALL the plane tickets.  Yuri wants to
challenge Ryo for the decision.  Help Ryo (first
answer) and defeat Yuri.  Stop Iori getting to them.

In China:

Do the Yuki story line and help him when Athena
and Kensou fight him.  Stop Iori getting to him.

The Yuki Story Line will get him for u.  Just stop
Iori getting to him.

In Korea:
Joe Higashi-
Keep visiting him at his camp and help fight the
Sendo's.  When u defeat Joe in the underground arena
(pick the second answer).

Kim's team-
At the Kim dojo.  When Kim asks u to participate in
the training, agree but lose the fight.  Then find
Choi and Chang in the Avenue in the afternoon.
Back at the Dojo, help Kim to locate Chang and Choi.
Go to the Avenue and bring back Choi and Chang.  Back
at Kim's dojo.

NOTE: All people need u to stop Iori beating them up, it is just that 
in most sub plots the end result will not usually end in a really high
friendship level.  E.g. with Ikari, u will after there sub plot they are
only on a neutral level, while Benimaru, and Goro have a really high
friendship level b4 u even start there subplots.  Note that Iori can
still get to them b4 u have even met them.

!!!! 7 Iori Things explained!!!!

Iori goes around to your friends and lowering there friendship levels
with u.  He tends to target the ones that have a high friendship level
with u.  Also Iori likes to hit Characters that are not in your
vicinity, e.g. he will hit Mai in Tokyo when u r in Osaka.  All I can
say is that if he has hit someone u cannot get to then the best option
is to reload. 

OK then if u manage to get to Iori when he is in the process or b4 he
starts annoying your friends you will have to fight him.  Win and your
friendship level goes up, lose and it plummets.  Also the last person u
spoke with friendship level will go up if u win. e.g.  If u chat with
Ralf in California, go to Tokyo and fight Iori there while he is
annoying Chizuru, both Chizuru and Ralf's friendship level goes up.

!!!! Battle System explained!!!!

Anyone who has played all the KoF series will recognise all of Kyo's
moves as he uses everyone he has from 94-97.

The battles are turned based, each turn u have 3 moves that can be 
carried out and so does your opponent.  You must be able to predict
your opponents move so u can pick which moves to use when, and when to

All movements are based on Distance, Speed, Power, and amount of charge
Kyo has.  U can increase Kyo's overall speed by dodging.
But be careful, Guarding will lower your speed, and if someone dodges
your move u Kyo also loses overall speed.

Here are the moves again.

R1/R2		Step Right 1 or 2 steps
L1/L2		Step Left 1 or 2 steps
UP		Dodge (speed up)
BACK		Guard (Speed Down)
DOWN		POW bar recharge
Cross		Punch moves (1)
Circle		Kick Moves (2)
Square		Combination moves (3)
Triangle	DMs (4)
Select 	Remove/bring back list
Start		Cancel selections

(1)Hold down cross and then input next option.
R1		punch	(distance 1)
R2 		Oniyaki (distance 2)
L1		Wild Bite (Distance 2)
L2		Poison Bite (Distance 2)
UP		Darkness Sweep (Distance 3)

(2) Hold down circle and then input next option.
R1		Kick (distance 1)
R2		R.E.D Kick (Distance 3)
L1		Koto Moon Positive (Distance 5)
L2		Style 75 modified (Distance 2)
UP		Indistinct Wheel	(Distance 1-4)

(3) Hold down Square and then input next option
R1		Wild Bite-Nine wounds-needs 2 moves
R2		Wild Bite-Eight Tarnish-needs 2 moves
L1		Poison Bite-Guilt Compose- needs 2 moves
L2		Wild Bite-Eight Tarnish-Time drill- need 3 moves
UP		Wild Bite-Nine Levels-Seven Chance-need 3 moves
Forward	Poison Bite-Guilt Compose-Punishment compose-need 3 moves

All the moves have a distance of 2

(4) Hold down Triangle and then input next option
R1		Serpent Wave (distance 3)
R2		Kore ga Kusanagi no ken da (distance 4)

Personally I believe distance is the main contributor of who wins 
in a contest.  E.g. if someone is 3 spaces apart, does R.E.D Kick
(distance 3), and the opponent does Style 75 modified. R.E.D kick
will connect.  Basically u must:

Judge distance from the green bar at the bottom of the play area.

Pick a move that corresponds to this distance.  E.g. if they are
3 spaces apart, u may pick R.E.D Kick,  if 2 spaces u may pick

Now say both u pick a move that has the same distance then speed 
of the move must come into it.

And if u both pick the same move then Kyo's personal speed will
determine the winner.

This is all I can say about battles right now.  If anyone else has
a few hints and tips, mail me and I will credit u for your help.

!!!! 9 Miscellaneous!!!!
I haven't got much to say here yet.  

OK then here is the beginning of my guide.  I show u what I know
and ask for your help in perfecting this guide.  If u have ANY and I 
mean ANY corrections for thos guide then I would appreciate being told
My email is 


Now thanks go to:

SNK not for just this game but for all there beat-em-ups especially '95

Moonrun for the his 98 FAQ reminding me about the names of Kyo's moves
check out his site at "http://i.am/moonrun"

and.... Websters for a very good Japanese-English dictionary.  I could
not have finished this game without it! :)

*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************