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MOTOR TOON GRANDPRIX 2                                 The Original MTGP2 FAQ
FAQ 1.05, 19 Aug 96                                        by Matthew Sephton


  1.0  Introduction
  1.1  The Game
  1.2  Graphics
  1.3  Gameplay

  2.0  Playing Concepts
  2.1  The Joypad
  2.2  Driving
  2.3  Characters
  2.4  Tracks
  2.5  Weapons
  2.6  Ghost Racers

  3.0  Cheats
  3.1  Goodies
  3.2  Hidden Options
  3.3  Shortcuts
  3.4  Fast Starts

  4.0  What Do You Know?
  4.1  Contacting The Author
  4.2  Release
  4.3  E&OE
  4.4  Thanks

  5.0  Version history



This FAQ aims to be the definitive source of information for the PlayStation
game Motor Toon Grand Prix 2, henceforth MTGP2. It serves no other purpose.
At this time no manual in any language has been seen by the author.


Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 is, in my opinion, and at the time of writing (August
1996), the best game on the Sony PlayStation. It is a cartoon based, cutsey
driving game. It features Championships, Time Attacks, Free Runs, Replays,
Ghost Racers, multitudes of options and overall brilliant gameplay. It is a
collaborative effort between Sony Japan (SCEI E.D.D.#1), Bandit Inc.
(Programming) and Opus Corp. (Music & SFX) and thus features one of the best
combination of programming, graphics and music I have seen to date.


However pretty the scenery may look it is of no functional use. Such items as
the Pirate Ship, Zeppelin, Ferris Wheel, Waterfall, Windmill and so on are
for aesthetic value only - there are no hidden entrances or such. The game
either preevents you from touching the scenery or provides no collision
detection for the scenery. One interesting point is that is possible to jump
onto the top of some buildings, but is that really any use in the game?


The game is simplicity itself to play. However it can take time to become a
master. To show what I mean here's an example. I set a record with Billy
The Tough on Toon Island II and thought that it would take a lot to beat,
trying again and coming within hundredths of it. Coming back to that record
a week later I shaved at least a second off it!

Experimentation with driving lines is the only way to improve lap times.
Learning how each weapon operates and where is best to use it is the key to
ploughing through the field in a race.



As with any other game playing skills will improve over time. Perseverence is
the key. Select a character and stick with them to learn how they drive. The
same can be said when learning courses.


It is essential that a good driving line is taken. Try to enter corners wide
and get as close to the apex as you can without hitting it. Take time to
learn the layout of each course. Driving off course will slow you down.

To turn tight corners more easily hold down the brake whilst still
accelerating, causing your machine to skid or slide. It is sometimes more
beneficial to slow down around a corner than to go full speed around it.
However don't slow down too much (one quick press on the brake is more than
often enough) try dabbing the brake if you have to use it a lot. If you do
need to use it a lot, then try to change the angle of approach to that corner
so you don't have to use it as much.


Here is a list of the default joypad buttons and their functions.

 BUTTON     RACING                REPLAYS
 Left       Turn left
 Right      Turn right
 Square     Brake                 Change driver view direction
 Triangle   Reverse               Change driver view direction
 Circle     Start/select items    Toggle driver or tv camera style replay
 Cross      Accelerate            Toggle driver or tv camera style replay
 L1         Behind view           Zoom view in
 R1                               Zoom view out
 L2         Zoom view in
 R2         Zoom view out
 Start      Pause menu            Pause menu
 Select     Beeps horn            Beeps horn


SCEI use Captain Rock for all their racing, but this is not to say that he is
the best character. On the contrary, I have beat several of the SCEI records
using, for example, Billy The Tough and Raptor & Raptor. Princess Jean is
best for beginners giving a natural progression to Billy The Tough.

Handling    4      1      3        8         7        6        2       5
Forward     303    282    293      311       271      340      291     337
Forward PU  306    287    309      321       282      341      293     349
Backward    74     63     71       59        299      103      87      103
Brake       10     10.5   10.5     11        4.5      5.5      20.5    5
Brake PU    5.5    7.5    6        7         3.5      4.5      16      3.5
Speed       4      7      5        3         8        1        6       2
100km/h     3.27   3.20   3.19     3.20      1.00     3.17     4.75    3.14
200km/h     6.26   6.31   6.61     6.44      2.20     6.41     7.85    6.41
Max         13.09  12.12  15.18    13.62     5.67     17.53    11.75   14.11
Max PU      4.46   4.72   6.16     5.42      2.48     4.84     4.71    5.83
Accel.      3      2      7        6         1        5        8       4

KEY: Rough timings are in seconds, braking distances are in white lines,
     other ratings are in the range 1=best to 8=worst. PU = with 3 Power Ups.

An interesting point is that Raptor & Raptor travels faster backwards than
forwards. I have used this (holding down L1 does not reverse the controls
for steering left and right) to better a number of normal Raptor records but
it does spoil the game a little. In my experience Billy The Tough can beat
records set with backwards Raptor.


The tracks are in no real difficulty order, but some have trickier sections
than others. People have their favourite for different reasons. 
Note the difference between pinkey coloured roadside. Pink, as long as it is
only touched slightly will not affect your speed - unlike other coloured
roadside. (eg. Toon Island II - the chicane just before the home straight)
Driving off the course will also slow down your vehicle's performance.


The time denotes how many seconds the effect lasts for. Times may not apply
or may vary, see the symbol key below. The remaining time the item has left
is displayed just under the lap times. Only the first three Power Ups have an
affect on performance.

 ITEM                  TIME  EFFECT
 2nd Boost *             !   Turbo applied to other player.
 32t Weight              F   Slows down victim.
 Big, Bigger, Biggest!  10   Increases your size and decreases top speed.
 Crazy Mushroom          F   Missile which makes victim dizzy.
 Dynamite                D   Drops behind you, rolls then explodes.
 Fireball                F   Missile which throws victim into the air.
 Jump                    !   Jumps your machine into the air. Handy.
 Magic Hand *            !   Steals current item from other player.
 Missile                 F   Homing missile. Cruise control during flight.
 Oil Slick               D   Erratic driving for whoever drives across it.
 Pandora's Box           !   Disorientates other players.
 Power Up                !   Increases machine performance for race duration.
 Stealth Field          10   Makes your machine invisible to other players.
 Super Shield           10   Makes your machine invincible and faster. 
 Tiny, Tiny, Tiny!       7   Decreases your size and increases top speed.
 Turbo                   !   Gives your machine burst of acceleration.
 Wonder Clock            !   Freezes all other characters.

 KEY: * = items only available in link-up mode, D = Dropped on track,
      F = fired at player in front, ! = instantaneous.

The Wheel o' Items is position dependant, in that the items it contains are
dependant on your race position, or more accurately the time difference
between you and the race leader. Pandora's Box and Wonder Clock will appear
more often if you are nearer the back of the pack. You can quite accurately
select the weapon of your choice through knowing that the wheel if stopped
during the first few rotations (ie. before it starts to slow down) will take
one rotation to stop.
If you get thrown up in the air by another driver try to use it to your
advantage. Try and take a shortcut or land on other drivers.


When you complete a time attack and return to the option screen you will see
that the 'Save Video...' option is now enabled. You can save that replay to your
memory card for future replays or to race against! Later you can 'Load Ghost
from Video...' and you can then race against it in the time attack.

Be aware that the game records every move you make on the joypad so the more
buttons you press or the longer your race is - the more space the replay takes
up. A safe approximation is that you can fit about 10 in one memory card slot.
With an analog controller such as the NegCon from Namco, you can fit only 2 per
slot! This is due to the fact that digital controllers send data in the form
'Left for x seconds, right for y seconds' and analog send it in the form 'a
degrees left for x seconds, b degrees right for y seconds'.



There a few real cheats for MTGP2, but many hidden options or secrets. Those
that I know of are outlined below.


Each time you complete the game you are rewarded with a goody. These are
listed below.

EASY   Extra Characters,
       Vanity (Motorbike), Billy The Tough (Train) and Ching Tong Shang (F1).

NORMAL Extra Tracks,
       These are the first five tracks in reverse mode with different scenery
       and colours.

HARD   Tank Combat,
       Similar to Spectre VR on PC and Mac. A first person tank game in
       keeping with the MTGP2 character themes. Linkable.

PROF.  Submarine X,
       A 3D implementation of the Battleships board game. Linkable.

EXPERT Motor Toon R and README,
       Race a modified version of Toon Island II in a real F1 or Stock car.
       Handles realistically(?).
       A history of MTGP2, its making and cheats(?).

It is possible to get the Goodies without completing the game over and over
using the Debug mode method outlined in the next section.


A number of SCEI options used silently by the game can be activated by a few
button presses.

Hold L1, L2, R1 and R2 whilst choosing Options to obtain more options.

Hold down R1 when selecting any memory card accessing option to divert the
game to the built-in SCEI replays on the game CD. You can now watch or race
against ghosts of the SCEI team's best times.

Choose Goodies from the main menu. Hold anyone of the L or R buttons and push
select. You should see four numbers in the lower right corner of the screen.
Now L1=1, L2=2, R1=4 and R2=8. By combining the button presses (eg. R1+L1=5)
it is possible to compose any base 16 (hex) number. So, hold the appropriate
L and R buttons and press select to enter the digit.

   GOODY             NUMBER
   Extra Characters   4e43
   Extra Tracks       4154
   Tank Combat        5443
   Submarine X        5358
   Motor Toon R       4631


Here are a few legal shortcuts which can speed up your lap times.

   Use a Jump to hop onto the bringe just before the home straight. You may
   find it a little easier if you approach from the left side of the road.

   Just before the table lamp, it is possible to jump the track divider. It
   may be easier to approach from the left side of the road and do a
   handbrake turn just before you jump to make sure you've changed direction
   by almost 180 degrees when you land and still get the speed up arrow.
   Because of Raptor's hovering ability it can jump over low obstructions.
   One such area is the platform with the glass on the right hand side of
   the road before the home straight. Drive between the glass and the wall.

   The pond is frozen over, so it can be driven over just like a corner
   missing out a little bit of road.

   Where the track doubles back on itself the wall has gaps in it. If you are
   travelling fast enough you can jump through the second gap from the right
   onto the road ahead. You may find it a little easier to steer right during
   the jump. Works even better with Raptor & Raptor.


It is possible to do fast starts!  The position on the revometer where the
colours change from blue to green will give a fast start if the needle in
it's vacinity when the character starts to move. There is a slight margin for
error, in that I have got a near enough version of the above by being just
too high on the revometer and got a little bit of a skid before the start.
If this happens just make a instantaneous dab on the accelerator.

However, the needle rises at different speeds for each character. This makes
trying to land the needle in the correct position a game in itself! What I
try to do is pre-empt the comentator saying go. Just keep trying - it is
possible! Try using Princess Jean she was easiest for me, other characters
like Billy The Tough rise so fast I would say it's virtually impossible to
get the very fastest start with him.



If you have any additions which you think should be included in this FAQ then
please send them to me as below. Already there are a number of questions
that need answering.

 1 The last Goody 'README' is in Japanese. Can anybody translate it?

 2 Can anybody access the Yellow Taxi Cabs which you see racing on the demo
   of some tracks?  They seem to replace the three bonus machines.

 3 What does the number to the right of the Replay name mean?  It looks like
   some sort of timing (3:11.23), and decreases with every replay save.

 4 Does the track 'Dawn if The Earth' actually exist? Is it in fact Night
   Island (as this is not mentioned in the end of game credits)?

 5 Does anybody know how to do a better fast start than outlined above?


The author of this FAQ, Matthew Sephton, can be contacted by e-mail or
through his web page (which contains information about Bjork, music, the Sony
PlayStation and contains some Windows 95 Shareware).

  e-mail: u5ms@csc.liv.ac.uk
     www: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~u5ms/


This FAQ is obtainable from various places on the internet, but the latest
version can always be downloaded from this URL:

4.3  E&OE

All errors and omissions excluded. As far as I know the information in this
document is accurate. Correct me if I'm wrong. Use at your own risk.


Origional FAQ by Matthew Sephton. Thanks to my brother Chris Sephton for all
his help. Debug tip from