Demon's Souls FAQ

Version 1.9
14 Jul 2009
For PS3

by Lee Beng Hai a.k.a. Volume a.k.a. Cold_Drake
PSN ID: Cold_Drake

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01. Introduction
02. Soul level
03. Weapon rating
04. Character Build - Assassin Build
05. Weapon upgrades
06. Magical and Physical Damage Enhancement
07. Soul and Body Form
08. World and Character Tendency (WT & CT)
09. World Tendency Events
10. New Game+
11. Combat 101
12. Walkthrough
13. Game Patches
14. Acknowledgement
15. Revision History

01. Introduction

This is a very unique game and is mainly for very hardcore gamers. Unlike 
recent games where the gamers are well pampered, there is only one word to
describe this game: BRUTAL. You will be forced to actually build up your 
gaming skills if you ever want to do well in the game. After spending an 
hour with the game, most of the well pampered gamers will probably give up 
and look for an easier game. On the other hand, for those gamers who 
wanted to prove to others that they are real gamers, they will persist and 
eventually defeat the game. 

After achieving it, restart a new game with a fresh character and you will 
find that everything had became so easy. And you wonder why did you ever 
had any difficulty with the game earlier on.

Such is an experience any true gamers would like to experience.

The saying "What don't kill you make you stronger" is so true in this game.
Demon's Souls will torment you over and over again until you are strong to
survive the experience.

So, flee now and don't read further if you are looking for an easy game
to earn your platinum trophy.

Note: A portion of this material was posted in the english Demon's Souls
earlier using my PSN ID Cold_Drake.

02. Soul Level

When the game starts, you are unable to gain any soul levels until you
had defeated the first Boss, Phalanx. After that, talk to the Maiden in
Black, then look for the Monumental at the higher levels of the Nexus.
Once you had spoken to the Monumental, the Maiden in Black will let you
raise your soul levels. Take note that after all Bosses in the world
were defeated, the Maiden In Black will not let you gain any more soul
levels until you start the next game cycle.

The amount of souls that are required to gain soul levels increases 
gradually until it get harder and harder to reach the higher levels. So,
please do some homework and have an idea of how your final character will
look look, those stats points should not be used casually.

Here’s some figures to illustrate my points:
To reach soul level 10 from 9, you need 825 souls.
To reach soul level 100 from 99, you need 60625 souls.
To reach soul level 150 from 149, you need 161295 souls.
To reach soul level 207 from 206, you need 329477 souls.
To reach soul level 315 from 314, you need 961115 souls.
To reach soul level 712 from 711, you need 8844424 souls.

For those melee type characters, they may want to invest points into
Vitality, Endurance, Strength and Dexterity. For ranged characters with
a bow, you will want points in Dexterity. For mage, you will want points
in Magic and for priest, you want points in Faith.

The way soul levels are computed is as follows:
At level 0, you have a total of 80 stats points.
At level 712, you have a total of 792 stats points giving you full stats
of 99 in all 8 stats.

Each time you gain a soul level, you get 1 point to add to your stats.
It is reasonable to assume that you will get to around soul level 150-200 
when you are done with the game without too much grinding. If you grind a 
lot, you can get to the range of soul level 200-400. Anything beyond that,
you probably make use of the soul glitch.

For those who just want to plough through the game without too much 
problem, you can create a level 712 character easily. However, I will not
discuss the so called soul glitch method in this FAQ.

There is another approach which some gamers used to redistribute their
stats when they want to adjust certain stats point that was put into the
wrong stats. This can be done using the de-leveling trick. The basic idea
is that you lose 1 soul level when you invade another player’s game as
a black phantom and get yourself killed but not by the host. You can 
always invade and jump off a cliff. The stats removed will be a random 
stats, it cannot goes below your initial class level. Another popular 
method is to let False King cast Soul Sucker on you to drain your soul 
level by 1. I was told that this allows you to get negative stats. So if 
you have a Luck of -99, those extra 99 points can be placed elsewhere. 
The de-level trick however will never reduce the Vitality stats. Any 
points placed there will stay there permanently.

So, if you made a mistake putting the stats wrongly, you can adjust it
later with the exception of Vitality. Take note that you will have to gain
back those lost levels by collecting more souls. It may also disallow you
to equip certain items because your stats no longer met the requirements.

03. Weapon Rating

In this game, the weapon came with some ratings, indicated by S, A, B, C, 
D and E. S is the best stats modifier you can find in the game.
It is indicated in the form of Str/Dex/Magic/Faith.
A ‘-‘ means the corresponding stats had no effect on the modifier.
Some weapon had a few stats modifiers, e.g. E/E/-/-. 
The dominant stats for your weapon are Str, Dex, Magic and Faith.

If you look at your weapon, there is base stats that is fixed and another
modifier beside it indicating the ratings bonus.
e.g. base attack 100, modifier +10.

If your stats is unable to meet the basic requirements of the weapon, you
will get negative modifiers. An exception to this rule is when you wield
the weapon two handed. In this case, the stats requirement is lowered.

The modifier ratings can be roughly estimated as follows:
S - +200% +/- ? of base stats
A - +100% +/- ? of base stats
B - +80% +/- ? of base stats
C - +60% +/- ? of base stats
D - +40% +/- ? of base stats
E - +20% +/- ? of base stats
Note: the above figures assume you have a stats of 99.

Here’s some weapon to illustrate the point.

Mirdan Hammer +10
Physical Attack 190 +176 (Str 99, Dex 99)
176 is 92.6% of 190. C + D is 100%.
You get a bit less than expected.

Quality Winged Spear +5
Physical Attack 149 +199 (Str 99, Dex 99)
199 is 134% of 149. C + C is 120%.
You get a bit more than expected.

Viscous Compound Long Bow +5
Physical Attack 68 +114 (Str 99, Dex 99)
With Heavy Arrows: 68 +342 (Str 99, Dex 99)
342 is 224% of (68 + 85 base attack of heavy arrow)
E + S = 220%
You get slightly more than expected.

As you can see, the above formula is just a rough guide but should be
considered a reasonable estimation.

Here’s an attempt to calculate the modifier when your stats is lesser than 
A rough guide is that at around 30, you should be getting about 50% of
the modifier at 99. This is because the effect of adding points to a stats
diminished after a while.

So if you expect to get +100 at Str 99. 
Here’s how it may look:

Str 30 - +50 (50%)
Str 31 - +50
Str 32 - +51
Str 33 - +52
Str 34 - +52
Str 35 - +53
Str 99 - +100 (100%)

Again, this a rough estimate.

04. Character Build - Assassin Build

Different gamers have different set of skills. Some had superb reflexes
and can handle large number of foes without getting a scratch.
While others may prefer to keep their distance from an enemy and try to
take them down with a more cautious approach.

In Demon’s Souls, even if you had attained higher levels, it is still
better to take a more cautious approach. Always keep your shield up while 
moving or running. There are many places where enemies can ambush and 
killed you if you let your guard down. If you fell off a cliff, even a Dex 
of 99 will not save you.

In my walkthrough, I used a very specialize character that focus on 
dealing the maximum amount of damage possible. Since the main focus is
on the damage output, he/she will have very low vitality and endurance. 
With a low endurance, you don’t expect to wear those heavy armor tailored 
for Male character. The build also relies on special item such as the 
Clever Rat’s Ring which boost your physical and magical damage when your 
HP is