Ghostbusters The Video Game Collection Guide with Pictures

This guide is put together by orionpax22 on
Rhamsey on and XBL

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Credit for some of the checkpoints goes to Thegreatest7884, 
DrPoo and Lucky CX7 from as I 
forgot to write some down.

This guide is based upon Ghostbusters The Video Game, all 
rights as well as thanks go to Sony Pictures, Terminal 
Reality, Atari, Three Wave, and Columbia Pictures.
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I.0 Spores, Molds, and Fungus
I.1 Hotel Sedgewick
I.2 Times Square
I.3 The Library
I.4 The Museum
I.5 Return to Hotel Sedgewick
I.6 Lost Island Rising
I.7 Central Park Cemetery

II.0 Ghostbusters Drinking Game
II.1 Ghostbusters Firehouse
II.2 Hotel Sedgewick
II.3 Times Square
II.4 The Library
II.5 The Museum
II.6 Return to Hotel Sedgewick

I.0 Spores, Molds, and Fungus (40GS)
For this achievement all you have to do is scan every 
cursed item in the game (the blue spikes on your PKE 
scanner). There are a total of 6 in every level, I will 
just be uploading a picture of every artifact I find, 
with a brief description where to find it.

Note:This will contain spoilers.

I.1 Hotel Sedgewick
#1 After you get to scanner for the first time and scan 
slimer, you will immediately see your scanner color 
turn blue, follow it as it gets higher till you find 
Gustav Self-Service Tray on the floor, next to some 
vending machines.
(Checkpoint: Slime Trail)

#2 Once taking the elevator downstairs, and being 
confronted by the twin bellhops and Slimer, they will 
split up. Equip your scanner and move back to the room 
you came from, follow the blue and on the desk will be 
The Summoner Bell.
(Checkpoint: Rough Descent)

#3 Once you learn how to do the autograb (in the 
kitchen), use it to move the gray thing in front of 
you and head to the right, keep following the path 
till you find a State Puff Marshmallow Man doll.
(Checkpoint: Air in the Lines)

#4 After you capture that disgusting yet amusing Slimer, 
turn on your scanner and look for the blue (while still 
in the Ballroom). You will be lead to a cabinet, but 
you cant see the artifact. Move to the right side of 
the wall and blast a whole inside, allowing you to grab 
Voyaging Case International.
sorry for this picture being hard to see, in the mist 
of battle, the light was destroyed... just bill the 
insurance company.
(Checkpoint: Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah)

#5 After the cut scene with the fisherman, head up the 
flight of stairs to your right. And scan the flaming 
picture, this will net you Portrait of G. Sedgewick.
(Checkpoint: Charge of the Light Brigade)

#6 While the hotel is flooded, the fisherman will pop 
out and charge at you, and will be told about the strong 
signals from the PKE meter. Ignore that for now and 
head left down the hall, then follow that path straight 
to the end, behind a couch you will find Toaster of 
Sights Unseen.
(Checkpoint: Charge of the Light Brigade)

I.2 Times Square
#1 Great, that giant walking marshmallow is back. So, 
once you start looking for a shortcut, you will enter 
a laundry mat. Before you leave, there will be a room 
on your right (next to the water heater), and on the 
floor will be the first artifact (well, that I've seen) 
on this level. Gaillano's Enchanted Pail.
(Checkpoint: Spin Cycle)

#2 After destroying the truck with the Boson Dart, 
continue down the alley. On your right side right 
past the white truck, and the ECTO 1 be sure to scan 
for 3-Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose. I wonder if we 
will find Jenkin's chicken...
(Checkpoint: Spin Cycle)

#3 Right after Jenkin's Midnight Goose, there will be 
a wooden fence in front of you, shoot it with the 
Boson Dart and take a left. On your first right there 
will be a staircase down, scan away to find 
Patrelli's Mischievous Cone.
(Checkpoint: Spin Cycle)

#4 When you first enter a building again (after running 
from the State Puff Marshmallow Man), it will be 
levitating on the desk. Quickly scan it and grab while 
still fighting the little ghost, as I took the picture 
first, and then was teleported to the next scene missing 
(Checkpoint: Marshmallow Minis)

#5 A little while after the elevator scene, you will be 
told to put on your scanner to follow the red signal. 
Once you get to a door, press A to open it, and all the 
way in the back on the right side (keep your scanner on) 
you will find Hohman's Black Low-Rise.
(Checkpoint: Race to the Roof)

#6 After the ambush, follow the hallway where State Puffs 
head is by the windows (this would be a great time to 
scan him if you havent already). Anyway, as soon as the 
hall turns left check out that wall, where you will 
find The Ravishing Red Prince hanging.
(Checkpoint: Puffy White Menace)

I.3 The Library
#1 After fighting the book ghost, your teammates will 
spot the old lady and open a door for you. Hold off 
on going through that door, and instead go to the 
left side of the room and behind that door is a 
painting, scan it, and you now have Portrait of 
Eleanor Twitty.
(Checkpoint: There She Is)

#2 The next artifact is right after the book maze. Once 
you get to the doorway you will see a ghost shoot past 
you to the right, ignore it for a second and head left, 
scan and you will find Reluctant Reading Lamp on the 
table between the two newspaper readers (i have no idea 
what they are really called).
(Checkpoint: Scary Stories)

#3 This one isnt for a while. After passing the childrens 
area (you can tell by all of the little chairs and the 
tree), head down the stairs and you will see a door 
with a chair up against it, get rid of the chair and 
scan away for Pin-up Calendar of DOOM!
(Checkpoint: Special Collections)

#4 This one is hard to explain, after you enter the 
secret passageway, continue fighting all of those ghost 
and head down stairs. Eventually you will reach a room 
where the only door is blocked by metal bars you have 
to move. On the left side of the room there is a chair, 
scan it, and you now are the proud owner of Seat of 
Vapors Foul.
(Checkpoint: Old Secret Places)

#5 Ok, after the "easy" battle, you will enter one of a 
infinite possible dimensions (i guess). Anyway, once 
inside, your teammates decided to test out the possible 
portals, leaving you to fight their golem. Once he is 
defeated, head into the far left portal and scan that 
rug for Ali El-Baluu's Irksome Rug.
(Checkpoint: The Other Side)

#6 After a very long run through what reminds me of an 
Oblivion quest, you arrive in a room where everything 
is upside down. As this room is needed in order to 
continue, its hard to miss all the furniture on the 
ceiling. Anyway, on the leftish of the ceiling is a 
comfy looking chair, scan it for Featherwell's Stalking 
Chair. I could sit in that thing all day.
(Checkpoint: Topsy Turvy)

I.4 The Museum 
#1 Proceed through the beginning of the level till you 
enter a room with black slime all over the floor (after 
the halway after you leave the beginning room). Winston 
will reminisce about old times. In that room hug the 
left wall and whip out your scanner. Follow it to the 
blue spike, blast the box in front of it (you dont have 
to, but i did) and scan away for Ritual Mask of 
Bad Advice.
(Checkpoint: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?)

#2 The next one is not until the Civil War section, which 
is after the Mayan one. Anyway, once in this room, head 
to your left (they seem to always be on the left...) 
and head to the corner over there. Take out your scanner 
and scan that gun for Cursed Musket of C. Starkey. 
Also, while your here, you might as well grab the 
You Never Studied achievement.
(Checkpoint: American History)

#3 After using your powers of slime to open a door that 
should be there anyway, you will enter another dark 
hallway covered with black slime. When Peter comes back, 
follow the hallway to the exit and on the right 
had side right next to the water fountain will be a 
giant head, scan it for Bagged Head of Azathorep.
(Checkpoint: The Ossuary)

#4 This one is only a room apart from #3. In the next 
hallway ( you will see a giant bird statue when you 
enter) turn left (again) and in one of the cases on 
the left wall is the Phoenician Plague Vase.
(Checkpoint: Board of Trustees)

#5 Now turn around and head down the other side of the 
hallway (cause left is a dead end). After some people 
pop out, Boson them and look at the left wall (before 
following the hallway to the right) and you will see a 
creepy painting, scan it for Painting of the Trustees.
(Checkpoint: Board of Trustees)

#6 Creepy tunnels and no idea what they are for, if you 
kept your scanner out the whole time like I did, you will 
notice that as soon as you come to a left or right choice,
 head left and you will see the blue spikes, well spike. 
When you hear the sirens your getting close, on the floor 
on the left side is the Remote Controlled Ecto-1, so scan 
(Checkpoint: Deep, Dark & Spooky)

I.5 Hotel Sedgewick... Again (Return to Hotel Sedgewick)
#1 Your first left as soon as you start the level. Follow 
the hall and you will see some sweet jeans hanging on 
the wall surrounded by black slime. Scan them for your 
own pair of Possessed Bell-Bottom Jeans.
(Checkpoint: Access Denied)

#2 After you find the source of those extra girlie 
screams, quickly head up the stairs next to you and 
follow them till you can scan yourself Broccoli 
Queen Autobiography.
(Checkpoint: Endless Party)

#3 As soon as you enter the kitchen for the first time, 
your PKE will spike blue, move the refrigerator on your 
right side to scan yourself your own Cruel Oven, screw 
easy bake.
(Checkpoint: The Kitchen)

#4 After the kitchen fiasco, and you see the hotel 
manager again, I recommend turning your scanner back 
on. Head back to the starting area, and on the left 
had side (from the direction your coming from) There 
will be a door you can open, get rid of the black 
slime for the "I've Quit Better Jobs Than This" 
achievement, and then scan the floor for your very 
own Swiss Death Clock.
(Checkpoint: Splitting Up)

#5 Once on the 12th floor continue down the hallways. 
When Egon stops at a door and ask if your ready (or 
he just kicks it in if you go near him), take out your 
scanner (you will see a huge red spike) and head left 
(before going through the doors). Follow the scanner and 
open a door, great, a toilet flushing, open the next door 
and there it is, the Phantom Flush Toilet. As if using 
public restrooms wasnt bad enough, now there are killer 
ghost toilets.
(Checkpoint: The 12th Floor?)

#6 After the next cut scene, Egon heads left, so you 
head right and grab your scanner and scan that weird 
floating thing, congrats you now have The Unruly 
Beard of V. Belascu.
(Checkpoint: Ghostworld Again)

I.6 Lost Island Rising
#1 After the tunnel with the ghost(?) train, you come 
out to a huge open area with a fairly nice few. Head 
to your right and check out between those giant boxes, 
blast the barrels and scan away for Church of 
Gozer Songbook.
(Checkpoint: Million-Dollar View)

#2 The next one is in the hedge maze. Since there is 
an achievement for burning down all of the hedges, 
you should grab that while your here too. Anyway, at 
the back left side is the Anguished Stuffed Bear. Its 
behind one of giant turning wheels. Just use your 
scanner and follow that blue.
(Checkpoint: The Hedge Maze)

#3 Enter the now open castle, and you will view a very 
interesting cut scene. Once thats done with, you are on 
a balcony that overlooks the whole room. Follow it on 
the right side all the way to the end, and you will find 
a hole in the wall, blast the little fences away and 
enter. Scan the painting and you now have "Fox Hunt on 
Tiamat Island" added to your collection.
(Checkpoint: Black Mass)

#4 This one is multistep, and I missed it the first time, 
so watch for it. Once you are alone, follow the path 
till it turns right. After the turn watch the right 
wall carefully for a tunnel that you can enter (past 
some barrels and a divider). Enter it and take a right 
after your outside of this tunnel and follow it it to 
end of the room. The next tunnel is on the right hand 
side of the back wall. Once in this tunnel take a right 
than another right. The artifact is opposite the tunnel 
you just exited, by the steam you can see across the room. 
Scan it and you now have Wheel of the Alabaster Wretch.
(Checkpoint: Rescue Mission)

#5 Now that the black slime is out of your way, its time 
to explore the sewers. When you see a gate block your 
path, that means that your close. since the artifact is 
right behind that door, you have to go around. Continue 
down the path and when a couple spiders come at you, 
eliminate them and take a right. Take out your scanner 
and down that hall you will find your very own shameless 
marketing ploy, a Ghostbusters DVD.
(Checkpoint: Sewer Maze)

#6 After saving Winston, he'll kick down a door. Enter 
it, head straight and right past the creepy tank on 
your left is Singing Slime.
(Checkpoint: The Slime Labs)

I.7 Central Park Cemetery
#1 As soon as you enter this level, you'll notice your 
scanner reading blue. So run down to the end of the 
wall and look to your right for Whistling Bust of Mausch.
(Checkpoint: Outside the Gates)

#2 While traveling alone through the cemetery (cause 
thats always a good idea) you will eventually come 
to a part where you hear a bell ring, and your PKE 
will spike red. Follow it and some ghost will pop 
out at you, yet fly away. To the left of that building 
you will see a smaller one, go to it and behind it 
against the wall you will find Ghostbuster's Mug & 
(Checkpoint: Stone Gardens)

#3 After you first actual battle, you will have to 
go toward the giant energy spiral in the sky. Right 
in front of you (in the next area) is another one of 
those smaller buildings, with some hedges on the right 
side. Burn them down and scan for a Stone Angel Head. 
Who hasn't always wanted one of those.
(Checkpoint: Battle in the Boneyard)

#4 After dragging that key along to the keyhole, and 
after the cut scene, head up the flight of stairs and 
go to your right. Once again you will see two smaller 
buildings again and a statue with a lamp. Head to the 
right side of the right building and look behind it. 
Scan for a Ghostfruit Tree.
(Checkpoint: Chance for Rain)

#5 The next one is once you return to the underground. 
When you come to a pool and waterfall, eliminate the ghost 
swarm you, than cut across through the water and look to 
your right, there will be roots blocking your path. Cut 
them down then follow it to find The Skull of Ivo Shandor.
(Checkpoint: Underground)

#6 Good old number 6 is the last one in the level, and 
better yet, the last one in the game. As soon as you come 
out of the ground and see "daylight". Its to the left of 
the door with the three skulls on it. Try to grab it before 
the battle starts. You now have your own Archangel's 
(Checkpoint: Attack of the Stone Angels)

II.0 Ghostbusters Drinking Game (40GS)
This one seems fairly simple, find all of the water 
fountains and take a drink. I will be taking photos 
of each one as I find them.

Also, because this is a guide, there will be spoilers 
as there is no other way for me to tell you when to 
find something, so use at own risk, or dont look to 
far down the list.

II.1 Ghostbuster's Firehouse
#1 Right after your first capture and before you head 
into the ECTO 1, there will be a water fountain 
by the stairs to the basement.

II.2 Hotel Sedgewick
#1 Your first chance to turn right as soon as you enter
 the Sedgewick Hotel. It is in your right in the room 
with the two vending machines. You also get a second 
chance to get this one, after Slimer and the bellhop 
twins split up, just head back over to it.
(Checkpoint: Extended Service Agreement)

#2 After roaming the flooded hallways for a bit, the 
fisherman will scream out and head into the next area, 
you will then see an elevator open up letting all of the 
water out. Just opposite from the elevator (its kind of 
hard to see) is the water fountain. So take a drink and 
get ready for the boss fight.
(Checkpoint: Charge of the Light Brigade)

II.3 Times Square
#1 This one is hard to miss, its after you enter 
the laundry mat, and just before you leave it, by 
the door on the right had side. If you get Boson Dart 
and havent gotten it yet, you may have gone to far.
(Checkpoint: Spin Cycle)

#2 After the elevator ride with the two guys arguing 
about lunch, continue down the hallway past the 
breakable greenish windows, it will be immediately 
on your left.
(Checkpoint: Race to the Roof)

II.4 The Library
#1 After the cut scene with Winston, head down the 
hall, you can not miss this one, as its the only 
way you can go.
(Checkpoint: Story Hour)

II.5 The Museum
#1 This cold and refreshing drink of water is far into 
the level. After you open an invisible door you enter 
yet another dark hallway covered in black slime. Once 
peter rejoins you, you will see the water fountain on 
the wall right next to the cursed artifact Bagged Head 
of Azathotep right next to the Exit sign. Might as 
well grab both.
(Checkpoint: The Ossuary)

II.6 Return to Hotel Sedgewick
#1 Ahh, if your following this, than its the last one, 
congrats. Anyway, this one is impossible to miss, when 
you open the generator door its right on the wall.
(Checkpoint: Emergency Generator)