Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Demo FAQ/Movelist v1.00
Official Playstation Magazine 
Issue #36 September 2000 Demo Disk 
Author: Bear Powell (replicant)
August 10th, 2000

"This document Copyright 2000 Bear Powell."

*This FAQ is written and produced by Bear Powell (replicant) and is
to be used by those who wish to excel in the Dave Mirra game with a
little assistance. No reproductions of this FAQ or links to this FAQ
are allowed without the expressed written consent of myself. I can be 
e-mailed at (replicant@northstate.net) if you would like to add this FAQ
to your site.

**Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is the sole property of Acclaim Entertainment,
Acclaim Max Sports Inc, and Z-Axis. This FAQ is in no way affiliated with 
these fine companies and is only done as a tribute to what promises to be 
the pinnacle of Freestyle BMX games. 

***If you notice any errors in this FAQ or have any information that would
benefit other gamers of this wonderful game, then e-mail me with comments,
missing moves, hints, codes, or secrets at (replicant@northstate.net) and
you will be given full credit for your additions in the future versions of 
this FAQ. I plan on continuing this FAQ ubtil the release of the FULL retail
version and then working on creating the most complete FAQ on the full 
version. Thanks to everyone in advance for their assistance in making this 
FAQ better and I hope it is a help to all who read it.


"Directions on Directional Pad or Analog Joystick"
U = Up
D = Down
L = Left 
R = Right 
U/L = Up and to the left 
U/R = Up and to the right 
D/L = Down and to the left
D/R = Down and to the right

S = Square Button
T = Triangle Button
X = X Button
O = O Button

"Move Modifiers"
+ = Press buttons at same time to complete move
, = Pause slightly after move and do next move (Should be done rapidly.)

Basic Controls:
Up: Tap to start peddling bicycle
    Hold to accelerate
    Turn around(when riding backwards)
Down: Brake
Left: Turn Left
Right: Turn Right
Square: Big Air Tricks (+Directional Buttons)
Triangle: Grind (+Directional Buttons)
X: Tap to start peddling bicycle
   Turn around(when riding backwards)
   Bunny Hop (Jump)
O: Modifier Tricks (+Directional Buttons)
L1/L2: Spin Left
R1/R2: Spin Right


Basic Tricks:
"Square Button Tricks (Big Airs)"
U+S = Table Top
D+S = Back Flip
L+S = Look Down Air
R+S = Can-Can
U/L+S = Rocket Air
U/R+S = Superman 
D/L+S = Candy Bar
D/R+S = Tail Whip Air

"O Button Tricks (Modifier Airs)"
U+O = Cross Up (X-Up)  
D+O = Bar Spin
L+O = One-Footed Air
R+O = One-Handed Air
U/L+O = Peg Grab 
U/R+O = Seat Grab
D/L+O = No Footer Air
D/R+O = No Hander Air

"Triangle Button Tricks (Grinds)"
U+T = Tooth Pick
D+T = Ice Pick
L+T = Smith
R+T = Double Peg
U/L+T = Lip Slide
U/R+T = Luc-E
D/L+T = Crooked
D/R+T = Sprocket

"X Button Tricks"
Bunny Hop = Press X Button and release to jump.
Manual = Press and hold X while in air and press Down when near ground.
Nose Wheelie = Press and hold X while in air and press Up when near ground.
Fast Plant = Press L+X after any jump near lip of ramp, rail, or side of wall.
Wall Tap = Press R+X after any jump near lip of ramp, fence, rail, or side of wall.


Special Tricks:
*These tricks are advanced combo tricks and require much practice to perfect. The
basic premise behind them is that you perform a Big Air Trick and then perform a
Modifier Air or Air Rotation immediately after.

***Big Air Trick List (Square Button)***

"Table Top Moves"
Cross Up Table Top = Table Top, Cross Up
Bar Spin Table Top = Table Top, Bar Spin
One-Footed Table Top = Table Top, One-Footer Air
One-Handed Table Top = Table Top, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Table Top = Table Top, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Table Top = Table Top, Seat Grab
No Footer Table Top = Table Top, No Footer Air
No Hander Table Top = Table Top, No Hander Air

"Back Flip Moves"
Cross Up Back Flip = Back Flip, Cross Up 
One-Footer Back Flip = Back Flip, One-Footer Air
One-Hander Back Flip = Back Flip, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Back Flip = Back Flip, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Back Flip = Back Flip, Seat Grab
No Footer Back Flip = Back Flip, No Footer Air
No Hander Back Flip = Back Flip, No Hander Air

"Look Down Moves"
Cross Up Look Down = Look Down, Cross Up
Bar Spin Look Down = Look Down, Bar Spin
One-Footer Look Down = Look Down, One-Footer Air
One-Hander Look Down = Look Down, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Look Down = Look Down, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Look Down = Look Down, Seat Grab
No Footer Look Down = Look Down, No Footer Air
No Hander Look Down = Look Down, No Hander Air

"Can-Can Moves"
Cross Up Can-Can = Can-Can, Cross Up
Bar Spin Can-Can = Can-Can, Bar Spin
One-Footer Can-Can = Can-Can, One Footer Air
One-Hander Can-Can = Can-Can, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Can-Can = Can-Can, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Can-Can = Can-Can, Seat Grab
No Footer Can-Can = Can-Can, No Footer Air
No Hander Can-Can = Can-Can, No Hander Air

"Rocket Air Moves"
Cross Up Rocket Air = Rocket Air, Cross Up
Bar Spin Rocket Air = Rocket Air, Bar Spin
One-Footer Rocket Air = Rocket Air, One-Footer Air
One-Hander Rocket Air = Rocket Air, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Rocket Air = Rocket Air, Peg Grab
No Hander Rocket Air = Rocket Air, No Hander Air

"Superman Moves"
Cross Up Superman = Superman, Cross Up
Bar Spin Superman = Superman, Bar Spin
One-Hander Superman = Superman, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Superman = Superman, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Superman = Superman, Seat Grab
No Hander Superman = Superman, No Hander Air

"Candy Bar Moves"
Cross Up Candy Bar = Candy Bar, Cross Up
Bar Spin Candy Bar = Candy Bar, Bar Spin
One-Footer Candy Bar = Candy Bar, One-Footer Air
One-Hander Candy Bar = Candy Bar, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Candy Bar = Candy Bar, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Candy Bar = Candy Bar, Seat Grab
No Hander Candy Bar = Candy Bar, No Hander Air

"Tail Whip Air Moves"
Cross Up Tail Whip Air = Tail Whip Air, Cross Up 
Bar Spin Tail Whip Air = Tail Whip Air, Bar Spin
One-Hander Tail Whip Air = Tail Whip Air, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Tail Whip Air = Tail Whip Air, Peg Grab
No Hander Tail Whip Air = Tail WHip Air, No Hander Air

***Modifier Trick List (O Button)***
---A few Modifier Tricks can be linked with other Modifier Tricks to
create other cool combo tricks.

"Cross Up Moves"
"Bar Spin Moves"
"One-Footer Air Moves"
"One-Hander Air Moves"
"Peg Grab Moves"
"Seat Grab Moves"
"No Footer Air Moves"
"No Hander Air Moves"

"Double Tap Tricks"
Cross Down = U,U+O
Bar Spin to Bar SPin Back = D,D+O
Double Peg Grab = U/L,U/L+O
Double Seat Grab = U/R,U/R+O

***Unique Tricks***
Flair = Back Flip+180 degree Rotation
Truck Driver = Bar Spin+360 degree Rotation
Flip Driver = Back Flip, Bar Spin
Nothing = D/R,D/L+O
Crotch Rocket = Rocket Air, Seat Grab 


"Codes and Secrets"

---Infinite Manual and Nose Wheelie---
Do any trick or combo and land to Manual or Nose Wheelie and keep the X button 
held down to prolong the trick, then move the directional keys to steer the 
Manual/Nose Wheelie and slow it down. If you do not oversteer or run into a 
transition you can keep the trick points going up indefinitely. I have scored 
over a million points testing this trick out. It is a neat glitch and fun for
those who are point mongers. You must keep the X button pressed down the whole 
time to keep the points flowing. It is easier to do this trick using the Manual.