- Full Moves List / Short Combo / Explanation FAQ V1.4
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This is just a short guide to what you can do with the game (in the
Training and Original Character Modes), the differences between the
modes and also acts as a full moves list. Please note that this is based
on the Japanese version of the game, and certain features might not be
available in the US version.


	A/G	Delta A (Flying Sting)		F, DF, D, DB, B + K
	A/G	SxP (Rapid Sting)		TAP KICK RAPIDLY
	G	R.M. (GR ONLY)			F, D, DF + K
	G	C.M. (Giant Sting)		F, DF, D, DB, B + P

EX1	A/G	Qj (Royal Jelly)		F, D, DF + 2P
EX1	A/G	+B (Bee Swarm)			B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K

EX1	G	Flight (DFP)			B, D, DB + 2K

DARK FORCE:	Q-Bee gets flying abilities.

	G	Sonic Wave			[B], F + P
	G	Swamp Gas			[B], F + K
	G	Trick Fish (GR ONLY)		F, D, DF + K
	G	Frenzy Rage			F, DF, D, DB, B + P
	G	Oyster Pearls			F, DF, D, DB, B + K

EX1	G	Rage of the Sea			B, DB, D, DF, F + 2P
EX1	G	Water Jail			F, D, DF + 2P
EX1	G	Aqua Spread (DFP-X)		F, DF, D, DB, B + HOLD 2P (OR) 2K, RELEASE 2P (OR) 2K
EX3	G	Scissor Smash			D, D + 2P (ONLY ORIGINAL COLOR)

DARK FORCE:	Water rises while Rikuo rides on the sea shell.
DF POWER NOTES:	- Trick Fish (F, D, DF + K) can be done anytime.

	G	Ice Breath			D, DF, F + P
	G	Typhoon Kick (GR)		F, D, DF + K
	G	Ice Fortress			D, D + P
	G	Deep Freezer			F, DF, D, DB, B + P
	G	Big Swing			360 (OR) F, D, U + K

EX1	G	Big Freeze			B, DB, D, DF, F + 2P
EX1	G	Thin Ice (DFP-X)		B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K
EX1	G	Sleigh Ride			720 + 2K
EX1	G	Banana Peel			B, DB, D, DF, F + START

EX1	G	Penguin Bombs (DFP)		B, D, DB + 2K

DARK FORCE 1:	Sasquatch gains super armor.
DARK FORCE 2:	Sasquatch calls some penguins that acts like bombs.

	G	Giga Fist			[D], U + P
	G	Giga Smash			[B], F + P
	G	Giga Knee (GR)			F, D, DF + P
	G	Giga Shock			D, DB, B + P
	G	Mega Shock			D, DF, F + K
	G	Power Bolt Throw		360 (OR) F, D, U + P
	G	Short Hop			D + 3K

EX1	G	Thunderstrike			[D], U + 2K
EX1	G	Gerdenheim			720 + 2K

EX1	G	Rushing Punches (DFP)		F, D, DF + 2P
EX1	G	Great Gerdenheim (DFP) (DFP-X)	B, DB, D, DF, F + 2P, THEN GRAB

DARK FORCE 1:	Victor starts the Great Gerdenheim.
DARK FORCE 2:	All attacks are electrified.

Shadow and Marionette are not normal characters. They will use the
other characters to fight. Shadow will take the form of the character
that you last defeated (except the first). Marionette will always use
the same character as your opponent.


>> A FEW COMBOS  LK -> MP -> MK -> HP -> HK

All characters can do the chain combo above, but how effective are
they depends on the character. You can start the chain combo from any
button and als skip any move in the middle (i.e. MP -> MK -> HK). So,
with this, you can find which combination your character does best.
The moves will surely chain (i.e. your character will execute them),
but whether it's in range to hit is another question.

Once you started a chain combo into the MP or MK region, you cannot
cancel them into a Special or EX Special Move (unless you set DX Cancel
on), unless they are part of a button combination EX Special. Therefore,
Special Move combos are done with the following

	LP -> LK -> Special Move

Again, you can skip start with any part and skip the middle parts. This
also applies to the following combos below. The good thing about CAPCOM
start anywhere within the combo.

	A -> B -> C -> D

The above example can be done either from A to D, or B to D, or just
C and D. Use this method to find and create your own combos. That would
be the main fun in playing the game anyway.

But if you need any combos, here are just some that I found, that requires
some practice to pull it off. If you can do these flawlessly, congratulations.
I'll try to add more combos if I find anything else interesting. But,
seriously, the most fun you get out of the game would be to find your
own ways of attacking.

ES Saw Blade (D, DF, F + P), move forward a little, LP, ES Imprisoning Claw
(D, DB, B + P), ES Pursuit Attack
	- Rather simple. However, the hit counter won't show it's a
	  combo because of the delay of the ES Imprisoning Claw

ES Saw Blade (D, DF, F + P), The Contract (B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K, K)
	- The Contract has to be done VERY fast, or else the opponent
	  might be able to escape.

ES Saw Blade (D, DF, F + P), Underworld (D, D + 2P), ES Pursuit
	- Like the above, it has to be done VERY fast.

ES Fallen Angel (D, DB, B + K), MK, ES Chaos Fire (D, DF, F + P), Dash
forward, ES Demon Cradle (F, D, DF + P), ES Pursuit
	- The MK must be pressed exactly when Demitri touches the floor.
	  Timing is very crucial.

ES Fallen Angel (D, DB, B + K), ES Demon Cradle (F, D, DF + P), ES Pursuit
	- Shorter version of the above combo. The ES Demon Cradle has
	  to be done exactly when you touch the floor.

ES Fallen Angel (D, DB, B + K), MK, ES Chaos Fire (D, DF, F + P),
Midnight Bliss (D, F, DF + 2P)
	- It's not really a combo, it's very hard to escape this trick.
	  Furthermore, the Midnight Bliss in unblockable.

ES Fallen Angel (D, DB, B + K), Midnight Bliss (D, F, DF + 2P)
	- Easier...

Jump in, HK, land, Midnight Bliss (D, F, DF + 2P)
	- Even easier...

Jump in, HK, land, LP, MP, (F, MK, MK)
	- Do the bracket moves quickly and you'll surprise your opponent
	  with the Midnight Pleasure.

Multiple Images, Jump in, HP, land, LP, ES Nunchaku Flail (D, DB, B + P)
	- An easy 27 hit combo, if you get most of the hits.

Jump in, HP, land, LP, MP, (F, LK, MK)
	- The best way to hit with the Moment Slice. The LP, MP will
	  be a combo, stunning the opponent, and if you do the moves
	  in parenthesis quickly, he'll connect into the Moment Slice.

Missile Launcher (MP, LP, B, LK, MK), Darkness Illusion (LP, LP, F, LK, HP),
ES Pursuit
	- This only works if the opponent gets hit by the Missile
	  Launcher very close to you (not more than 1 character distance)
	  Start the Darkness Illusion near the end of the Missile Launcher
	  and Morrigan will go straight into the move.

Missile Launcher (MP, LP, B, LK, MK), Needle Impaler (F, HP, MP, LP, F)
	- If you hit the opponents from across the screen with the Missile
	  Launcher, do this instead. It'll hit if you time it right. However,
	  the opponent must first be hit by the Missile Launcher while
	  standing on the floor.

Valkyrie Drill (F, DF, D, DB, B + K, THEN KICK), Darkness Illusion (LP, LP, F, LK, HP),
ES Pursuit
	- The best move for Morrigan. Works best when your opponent's in
	  the corner, especially when they're stun doing some move. You
	  have to time the Darkness Illusion like the Missile Launcher
	  combos, and both moves will connect.

Jump in, HP, land, LP, LP, F, LK, HP
	-  Very easy move to connect the Darkness Illusion.

Jump in, LP, LP, F, LK, HP (all in the air)
	- Even easier...

Jump in, HP, land, LP, LK, HK (MP, MP, U), ES Knockdown
	- Rather hard combo. The MP, MP, U has to be done FAST or else
	  the opponent could recover and block. Also, it depends on the
	  distance between you and your opponent as well. If it's too
	  far, the spiked balls would not hit the opponent.

ES Bow & Arrow (F, DF, D, DB, B + P), Luminous Illusion (LP, LP, F, LK, HP)
	- Very easy combo. It'll hit while in the air.

ES Soul Flash (D, DF, F + P), Luminous Illusion (LP, LP, F, LK, HP)
	- Can only be done in the corner, and you must be VERY close
	  to the opponent. And you have to start the Luminous Illusion
	  instantly after your Soul Flash's stun frame finishes.

ES Bow & Arrow (F, DF, D, DB, B + P), Gloomy Puppet Show (B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K)
	- Very much like the first combo.

ES Bow & Arrow (F, DF, D, DB, B + P), Splendour Love (F, D, DF + 2K)
	- Not as good as the previous ones, as it hits very little.

Not much of a combo, but strategy. Since the Water Jail (F, D, DF + 2P)
only allows one extra hit when hit, it would be best to use the Aqua
Spread (F, DF, D, DB, B + 2P (OR) 2K) right after that. This would give
you more time to move around before the opponent can move. If you have
more Super Levels, time it right so that, when you release another
Water Jail, it would be very hard for them to escape. A trick is to
release a Water Jail very close to them, and if it appears behind the
opponent, hit them to push them into the Water Jail.

Again, not a combo but tip. When using the Flying Ability, have Q-Bee
float slightly above the floor (tap UP lightly). Then, keep holding forward
and tap LP, LK, MP, MK, HK, and repeat. This won't do much good if the
opponent blocks, but it kinda pressures them a little. You can could
them but come back to the ground and grab them once they are confused.
By holding forward all the time, you will be sticking to the opponent,
and would not distance yourself from him/her when attacking like usual.
Also, DO NOT press HP while flying, as it will automatically bring you
up higher.