Warriors Orochi
                                   Lu Meng
                                 Version 1.0
By: Black Murasame63 (c)2008
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Table of Contents
I.   What's new...................................(LM001)
II.  Copyright....................................(LM002)
III. Contact......................................(LM003)
IV.  Introduction.................................(LM004)
V.   General Overview.............................(LM005)
        A. Unlocking Lu Meng......................(GN00A)
        B. Skills.................................(GN00B)
        C. Personal Item..........................(GN00C)
VI.  Character Evaluation.........................(LM006)
VII. Moveset......................................(LM007)
        A. Move Analysis..........................(MA00A)
        A. Weapon Recomendation...................(WR00A)
IX.  Credits......................................(LM009)

I. What's New (LM001)

Intial release

Version History 

January 13, 2008

1.0 Initial release

II. Copyright (LM002)

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III. Contact Info (LM003)

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IV. Introduction (LM004)

I know what you are thinking, "Why use Lu Meng?" This question alone has mind-
boggled many Dynasty Warriors fans for years. For many, people would use Guan
Yu, Zhao Yun or even the omnipotent Lu Bu as their spear user. Those three are 
a powerhouse with their effective strikes and their monsterous crowd control.
Beyond the commonly used spear characters, there's Lu Meng in the mix. The
intital responses are usually, "Lu Meng's moveset is lacking compared to the
other crowd control users out there." The initial impressions can go as far as
being a Zhang Liao clone. In all seriousness, Lu Meng's moveset is similar
to Zhang Liao's moveset, but definitely NOT a clone. Although he is not as
powerful or technical as the other spear users, he is one of the most decent
crowd killers out there. Personally, I liked using Lu Meng although I didn't
like his moves at first. But, his playing style eventually grew on me. His
crowd controlling moves are the key essentials to get through the toughest
stages. So, this faq will tell an in-depth analysis of this character.

V. General Overview (LM005)

Lu Meng is known as the "White Tiger" due to his reputation in the war between
the three kingdoms. His role in Warriors Orochi is to support Sun Ce to find
his family. 

A. Unlocking Lu Meng (GN00A)
Anyways, obtaining Lu Meng is very easy. All you have to do is to play the Wu
side in story mode. From there, beat chapter 3 called: "The Battle of Odani
Castle." Once you clear that stage, you now can play as Lu Meng. Like
Nobunaga said, "It's just that simple."

B. Skills (GN00B)

When playing as Lu Meng, he has 3 abilities to obtain. Once you satify the
condtions, the skill will add up for one more notch. It's benefical to all
the characters. He has 3 abilities to get.

1) Boost: Increases the strength of charged attacks

Just kill 3 officers.

2) Awakening: Enhances the attack power of moves that uses musou

It's similar to the previous objective. Kill 3 officers while your health is
30% or higher

3. Acclaim: Gain more EXP than usual

A little more difficult than the previous 2. Kill 3 officers with your health
well above the 50% range but do not use any musou at all.

C.Personal Item (GN00C)

Way of the Warrior: Raises the Parameter of Lu Meng

Getting his personal item is also easy to get. You can find his personal item
in Wu stage 7-X on story mode. This gaiden chapter is called "The Battle of
Ji Province." 

The objective is within 4 minutes, you must defeat 100 soldiers along with
Tadakatsu within the time frame. There you can grab the personal item near the
starting point of the stage. At the start of the stage, just get the ones that
are in the huge crowd. As you move forward to the stage, knock off the soldiers
as much as you can. Disregard the ones that comes in a small group. You get 100
soldiers very easy where Honda is. Also, if you don't have enough soldier kills,
there are also a large cluster of foot soldiers where Sakon is. Once you do
have over 100 kills, you can take on Tadakatsu. When you fight him, he has a
defense buff. The fastest way is to switch your character that can knock off
a substantial amount of health and let Lu Meng get the final blow or beat the
crap out of Tadakatsu with Lu Meng's c3, c4, c6 with flash and slay ability. If
you managed to defeat Tadakatsu before the 41:00 timeframe, there will be a
report that there is a PI near the starting point.

VI. Character Evaluation (LM006)

In terms of overall usefulness, Lu Meng is definitely on the solid side. For
starters, he makes a great crowd controller. Although his R1 spread shot attack
takes up musou, the projectiles can pierce through numerous foot soldiers as 
well as getting significant damages from the general officers. With the 
infinite musou for 10 seconds, you can literally take down a huge cluster of 
enemies within seconds. Other than the R1 specials, his overall moveset is
build to alieviate the overwhelming crowds. For example, majority of his
attacks swings at a 180 to 270 degree angle. His C2 attack can get a handful
of the enemies and can toss them in the air. Also, his C6 attack can seriously
reduce the amount of enemies in a crowd. Not only his C6 can damage enemies at
a wide range, it knocks them back giving you some breathing room. Speaking of
breathing room, Lu Meng is a speed type character. He is granted the ability
to airdash for a quick escape. You can do the C6 attack and make a airdash
to avoid the crowd.

Although his attacks can really wipe out the crowd, his skill against 
individual generals is mediocre. His square string combo is only effective if
the general is stunned or you are attacking from behind. Also his C5 attack
isn't great against generals. Most of the time, the C5 attack is more likely
to miss against a general. His only decent general attack is his c4 attack.
For the most part, he can stagger the blocking opponent with the unblockable
swing at the end of the C4. Just hope that there are not a lot of enemies
behind Lu Meng or multiple riflemen/Archers. As a general killer, Lu Meng
alone cannot go up against the tougher generals; especially with anyone with
hyper armor and/or defense enhancements. You are better off switching someone
who is capable of killing generals.

The only way to compensate his weakness, Lu Meng really needs to equip flash
and slay against generals. With flash, your square strings and the charged
attacks are more useful. Also, with slay, Lu Meng can do some damage against
generals. Overall, Lu Meng is definitely worth trying. Lu Meng is great as a
secondary character. Lu Meng has a great crowd killing attacks both his combo
strings and his R1 special. As a speed type along his crowd control skill, he
can get knock off some the soldiers while escaping. But, as for the general
killing, leave it to the characters who are capable of doing serious damage
towards generals.

VII. Moveset (LM007)


S: Square Button
T: Triangle Button
O: Circle Button
X: "X" Button

Regular Attacks
S:           |A 180 degree horizontal right slash 
SS:          |Another 180 degree horizontal left slash
SSS:         |A jab from the hilt end of the spear
SSSS:        |A 270 Degree slash from the right
SSSSS:       |A horizontal downward slash
SSSSSS:      |Another jab from the hilt of the spear
SSSSSSS:     |Another Horzontal slash
SSSSSSSS:    |Another 180 degree horizontal left slash
SSSSSSSSS:   |A 180 degree wide slash (Unblockable)

Jump + S:    |A wide 270 degree slash
Jump + T:    |Lunges up and does a downward stab
Dash + S:    |A tackle from the body of the spear

Charge Attacks:
C1-T:        |A detonating fire bomb
C2-ST:       |A charge upward slash
C3-STTT:     |A series of diagonal vertical slashes with a unblockable blow at
             |the end
C4-SSST:     |A wide slash follow-up from the jab
C5-SSSST:    |A downward stab to the ground
C6-SSSSST:   |A unblockable 270 degree slash with a knockdown effect

R1                          |Does a spread shot going at a forward direction
Jump + X:                   |Does an airdash
Any directional button + R1 |Block from all angles

O:          |Does multiple slashes and ends with a stab
Critical    |Does the same thing except it ends with an surrounding blast

Mounting Attacks:
A series of squares: |Multiple slashes from side to side
End with a triangle: |Does an unblockable slash
Press Circle:        |Does multiple slashes while the horse can attack while
Press Triangle:      |The Horse jumps and stomps

A. Move Analysis: (MA00A)

The Square string: It's your typical 9 hit combo. It does a decent amount of
                   damage. Use it when you are air juggling an opponent or
                   stunned opponent. It's a very modest move. Since Lu Meng
                   has a special guard, he can do so during a combo.

C1- T: It's the same one used in Dynasty Warriors 5. A detonating
       fireball ignites causing damage to a small cluster of enemies.
       It's not too bad. Using this can damage weak enemies. The
       problem is that the blast isn't wide enough to cause havoc
       to the surrounding enemy. 

C2-ST: When Lu Meng does C2, it gives him an opening for numerous air juggle.
       For example, you can pop the enemy up in the air and you can follow it
       up with the square juggles or the C3 attack. It does a decent damage,
       but be aware for its slow start-up. Don't do it when there are a huge
       crowd in back of you.

C3-SSTTT: In this combo, it does a 7 hit combo at the end. At the end of the
          combo, Lu Meng finishes off with a unblockable slash. It is great
          against blocking opponents. It does a moderate damage, it works when
          you are hitting the opponent in the air.

C4-SSST: After pressing triangle after pressing square the third time, Lu Meng
         will do an unblockable slash at the end. For the most part, C4 will
         stagger the blocking opponent leaving you a guaranteed hit for the
         enemy. Be warned, this move have somewhat a slow start up at the end
         of the attack. Use this if you are not bunched up in the crowd or you
         are against a single general.

C5-SSSST: Basically, after the fourth slash on the square combo, Lu Meng
          finishes up with a downward stab to the ground causing a small wave
          of energy surrounding him. First off, there's not a lot of range.
          Wherever Lu Meng's position is on the 4th hit, that's where the
          stab will end up. You have to be real close to the enemies in order
          to pop them up to the air. Please use range to widen the parameters
          a bit.

C6-SSSSST: C6 is probably the most useful out of all of his charged attack.
           After the 5th hit, press triangle to unleash Lu Meng's powerful
           wide slash. The reason why this move is effective is because, it
           can wipe out the crowd with its very wide range. Not only that, the
           slash can knock back the enemies. Also, it's an unblockable attack.
           Regardless, how much the general block your attack, they can get
           knocked back while taking damage. With that you have the time to
           escape the large crowd. The only drawback is that the 5th hit has
           a slow start-up. He jumps up in the air and does the slash. A huge
           crowd surrounding him or flourishing projectiles can stop this

R1 Special: One of Lu Meng's special is that he has a special guard that can
"Block"     block from all angles. This ability is useful especially if you
            have a whole raid of arrows or bullets flying at you. You can
            even do your special guard during the middle of your combo. If
            you successfully block the attack, you can follow up with the
            R1 spread shot attack. But be careful, you must have a precise
            timing in order to execute it correctly; or else you might get
            hit from behind. But, the special guard has its drawback. Once
            you managed to block, you stagger a bit, giving a opening to your
            foes. Only use this special guard against singular projectiles or
            anticipating that your foe will do an attack.

R1 Attack:    His R1 attack is probably the most useful feature of all of his 
"Spread Shot" moveset. For instance, this is easily spammable. His spread shot
              can obliterate the entire crowd depending where is he facing. It
              pierces through enemies like a knife cutting through butter. If
              he manages to get the item that grants infinite musou for 10
              seconds, he can wipe off an entire army and kill off several
              minor generals within the entire 10 second frame. The problem
              with this move is that this move alone uses musou. If you are
              too dependant on the move and you're caught in the middle of
              a crowd, you may not enough to use your emergency musou attack.
              Just try to be aware of your musou gauge as well as your situation
              during the stage.

VII. Weapon (LM008)

Weapon name  | Weapon Base
Glaive             9

Great Glaive      19

Tiger Hook        39

White Tiger       79

Unlike the previous Dynasty Warriors, getting the fourth weapon is no longer
doing certain actions and find it. Instead, you can find the fourth weapon
by playing any stages 3 stars or higher in hard mode or play any stage on
Chaos mode. It's all luck when trying to get the fourth weapon. So, playing
the 3-5 star on chaos is recommended. But, if you are the patient type and
need to find managable stage, go play Chapter 3-X on the Wu story.

A. Weapon Recomendations (WR00A)
There are many abilities out there. However, there are some abilities that
are more useful for that particular character. For instance, Lu Meng is built
to be a crowd controller. 


This ability is a must for Lu Meng. He can rack up huge damage against enemies
especially generals. He has a good chance taking out a good chunk of health
with that ability. This ability alone should compensate his weakness towards
general killing.


Flash is also a good ability Lu Meng Should have. There are a lot of enemies
especially the higher difficulties, tend to block a lot. With this ability
you can destroy the opponent's guard and finish them off with your combo. This
ability should counterbalance against the major generals due to his weakness
towards individual generals.


Since his R1 Spread Shot takes up musou and I assume you are going to use this
frequently, it is ideal to add this for your repetoire. Absorb basically takes
the enemy's musou and use it to recover your own musou. So, if you are the type
that spams on the R1 special, use this as one of your ability.


Obviously, Lu Meng has enough range to take on a huge cluster of soldiers. It
doesn't hurt to give Lu Meng some extended reach to optimize his effectiveness.


Agility is an abilty that speeds up the attack of the weapon swing. This is
good for Lu Meng because some of his move such as C2 and his C5 have a slow
start-up. Increase this ability to reduce the lag time for the chraged attack.


Well, Might as an ability also works. He can rack up some extra damage against
foot soldiers with that ability. It seriously doesn't hurt to rack up extra
damage against your foes.


Bolt gives Lu Meng the ability to stun the enemy after your series of hits.
This allows you to damage your enemies even further or enough to make your


Brave as an ability gives greater damage against generals. Brave should rein-
-force his ability a bit since some of his moveset lack the effectiveness
towards generals. So, if you want to make more use against generals, this
ability is a way to go.


Air as an ability, it gives Lu Meng extra hits towards airborne enemies. He
has some moves such as his C2 or to some extent C5 to start them up in the
air. You can replace brave for air if you plan to emphasize more on the air

There are several other abilities out there. I don't recommend using ice
because this ability often conflicts with the other elements and it doesn't
come by as often. Also rage doesn't work into the mix as well. Although this
ability can increase your strengh, you are sacrificing some of your health.
It's not recommended especially at the higher difficulties. You could put two
elements such as Flame and bolt together for extra chip damage. But for the
most part, you're just wasting a slot. There's probably a few of the abilities
that I haven't mention. Try to experiment some of the other abilites. Maybe
some abilites might go well with your playstyle.

IX. Credits: (LM009)

I would like to thank the following people.

Koei/W-Force: For making Warriors Orochi
Gamefaqs: For accepting this FAQ.

Last but not least, I thank YOU for taking the time to read this faq.

I look forward to hear more about the this FAQ. So if you feel like there's
something is missing, please feel free to contact me. If it's well thought
out, I'll add it and credit you for the next revision. So once again, thank
you for taking the time to read this.