Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Wild FAQ
    (Combo / Hidden Move / Customization / Taunts / Secrets FAQ)
                           Version 2.20

       ---------  -------  |  /  |  /  -------  |\     |  5
           |      |        | /   | /   |        | \    |
           |      |---     |/    |/    |---     |  \   |
           |      |        |\    |\    |        |   \  |
           |      |        | \   | \   |        |    \ |
           |      -------  |  \  |  \  -------  |     \|
                        Dark Resurrection

             Written by: Kenneth Walton (Wild Man X)
                    Written on: May 24, 2009
                 E-mail: Tekkenomics@hotmail.com
               Website: Tekkenomics (Listed below)
                        PSN: Wild_Man_X

              This FAQ version will be available at:
              Tekkenomics (http://www.tekkenomics.tk)
                 GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
                Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
                     IGN (http://faqs.ign.com)
          Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com)
              SuperCheats (http://www.supercheats.com)

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~                          Table of Contents                           ~
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 1.    Version Updates
 2.    Legal Stuff
 3.    FAQ Description
 4.    Legend
 5.    Legend Explanations
 6.    Fighter Specific Legend Commands (FSLC)
 7.    Definitions
 8.    New Moves / Changed Commands
 9.    Changed Move Properties
10.    Hidden Moves
11.    Combo List
12.    Customized Outfits
13.    Taunts
14.    Secrets / Unlockables / Nice-To-Know (TDR/PSP)
15.    Secrets / Unlockables / Nice-To-Know (T5DR/PS3)
16.    Secrets / Unlockables / Nice-To-Know (T5DRO/PS3)
17.    Questions
18.    Special Thanks
19.    About Tekkenomics
20.    About The Author
21.    Closing

~                                                                      ~
~                         1. Version Updates                           ~
~                                                                      ~

 v# - (mm-dd-yy)

0.10 - (03-24-07)  First release, based on my Tekken 5 FAQs:
       "Combo FAQ v3.1", "Customization v3.1", "Hidden Moves v3.1",
       "Taunts v2.1"

0.20 - (04-15-07)  More combos and custom outfits
       Combo List
            - Added combos for: Anna, Asuka, Baek, Bryan, Christie, Craig,
                 Devil Jin, Feng, Hwoarang, Jack-5, Jin, Kazuya, King,
                 Kuma, Lei, Ling, Marshall, Nina, Raven, Roger Jr., Steve
       Customized Outfits
            - Added custom outfits for: Eddy, Lee, Sergei, Steve, Yoshimitsu

0.30 - (04-26-07)  More combos and custom outfits
       Combo List
            - Added combos for: Devil Jin, Feng, Ganryu, Heihachi, Hwoarang,
                 Jin, Julia, Kazuya, King, Kuma, Lee, Marshall, Paul,
                 Yoshimitsu, Wang
       Customized Outfits
            - Added custom outfits for: Lei, Ling, Nina
            - Updated custom outfits for: Eddy, Lee, Sergei, Steve,

1.00 - (06-24-07)  First version released outside of Tekkenomics website
           - Lei - Changed notation AOP to PNX
           - Raven - Changed notation BT to SDW
      New Moves / Changed Commands
           - Added modified version of new moves list from TZ
      Hidden Moves
           - Added moves for Armor King, Bruce, Christie, Craig, Devil Jin,
             Ganryu, Jack-5, Kuma, Lei, Lili, Ling, Nina, Raven, Roger Jr.,
             Sergei, Steve
      Changed Move Properties
           - Added moves for Bryan, Feng, Kazuya, Lei, Raven, Steve,
      Combo List
           - Added combos for Armor King, Devil Jin, Kazuya, King, Kuma,
             Lee, Lei, Lili, Ling, Raven, Roger Jr., Sergei, Steve
      Customized Outfits
           Added custom outfits for Jin, King
      Tekken DR PSP Secrets
           - Added number of Tekken Lords required for background to change
           - Modified information about gamesave data
      About The Author
           - Made a few minor changes
            - Moved around a few sections
            - Added more comments
            - Changed some of the formatting
            - Added Lili's last name

1.10 - (07-08-07)  Made a few additions and corrections
       Hidden Moves
            - Added moves for Lili
            - Made changes to Lili
       Changed Move Properties
            - Added moves for Ganryu, Paul
       Combo List
            - Changed some of the formatting
            - Added combos for Baek, Ganryu, Lee, Paul
            - Made changes to Craig, Lee

1.20 - (04-15-09)  Made a few additions and corrections, removed AIM
       screen name, added PSN screen name, updated "Questions"

       Hidden Moves
            - Added moves for Armor King, Jin, Lili
       Combo List
            - Added combos for Armor King, Bryan, Jin, Lili
            - Made changes to Armor King, Jin, Lili
       Customized Outfits
            - Added custom outfits for Hwoarang, Lei, Marshall, Wang

2.00 - (05-10-09)  Updated FAQ to also cover T5DR for PS3

       Hidden Moves
            - Added moves for Jinpachi, Paul, Sergei
            - Updated Sergei
       Combo List
            - Added combos for Armor King, Jinpachi, Lili
            - Made changes to Jin, Lili
       Customized Outfits
            - Added note for Jinpachi
            - Added taunts for Armor King, Jinpachi, Lili, Sergei
            - Added new section to cover T5DR for PS3
            - Updated "FAQ Description", "Special Thanks",
              "About Tekkenomics", "About The Author", "Closing"

2.10 - (05-15-09)  Updated FAQ to also T5DR Online for PS3

       Hidden Moves
            - Updated Jinpachi
       Combo List
            - Added combos for Jin, Jinpachi, King, Sergei
            - Made updates to Jin, King
            - Added description
            - Updated Jinpachi
            - Added new section to cover T5DR Online for PS3
            - Made changes and additions for T5DR Secrets
            - Updated "Legend Explanations", "Special Thanks"
            - Minor format changes

2.20 - (05-24-09)  (See below...)

            - Minor changes
       Changed Move Properties
            - Added move to Feng
       Hidden Moves
            - Added link to my T5 FAQ
            - Added move to Armor King, Feng, Jinpachi, Lili
            - Updated Armor King, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Lili, Sergei
       Combo List
            - Added link to my T5 FAQ
            - Added launcher for Armor King, Feng, Lili
            - Added combos for Armor King, Feng, Lili
            - Made corrections to Armor King
       Customized Outfits
            - Added link to my T5 FAQ
            - Added a note about item prices
            - Added link to my T5 FAQ
            - Updated "Special Thanks"
            - Replaced "Lili Rochefort" with "Lili (Emily Rochefort)"
            - Other fixes/changes

  Whenever a new section or customization is added to this FAQ,
       the word  will appear after the new addition.

  Things that have been changed, edited, or have been added to.

NOTE: Corrections include adding any notes, changing names,
      correcting grammar, correcting command mistakes, fixing typos,
      and removing a move from a section.

~                                                                      ~
~                           2. Legal Stuff                             ~
~                                                                      ~

You can download and print this FAQ, but under no circumstances can you
put this FAQ on your web page without my permission.  You MAY NOT ALTER
IT IN ANY WAY or claim it as your own.

~                                                                      ~
~                          3. FAQ Description                          ~
~                                                                      ~

Shortly after the release of Tekken: Dark Resurrection for the PSP in
July 2006, I was in the process of updating all of my T5 FAQs for TDR.
But, halfway through the process, my harddrive crashed, and I lost all
of my data.  I was going to give up on trying to update the FAQs for TDR,
but I got an idea.  Since TDR is an upgrade of T5, my idea was to use my
T5 FAQs as a reference and only write one FAQ that covers things that are
unique to TDR.  This FAQ covers new moves, combos, customizations, taunts,
etc.  Because of this, I will also periodically update my T5 FAQs.  Feel
free to contribute anything.

Because TDR is an upgrade to T5, most of the commands T5 are the same in
TDR, and most of the combos still work.  However, there are some changes
in TDR that affect these two categories.  I will try to point out those
differnces with this FAQ, as well as add new material that is specific to

This FAQ covers Tekken: Dark Resurrection (U.S. Version) for the PSP and
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (U.S. Version) for the PS3.  The things in
this FAQ should work in the Arcade, PS3, and other PSP versions of TDR,
but they were only tested with the U.S. Version.

The "Character Strategy & Combos" Forums at Tekken Zaibatsu is also a
great place to find strategies and combos for your favorite fighter:

~                                                                      ~
~                             4. Legend                                ~
~                                                                      ~

This is the Legend for the commands used in this FAQ.


 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  1           Left Punch (Square)
  2           Right Punch (Triangle)
  3           Left Kick (X)
  4           Right Kick (Circle)


 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  f           Press Forward (Towards opponent)
  F           Hold Forward (Towards opponent)
  F#          Hold Forward until next D-Pad command
  b           Press Backward (Away from opponent)
  B           Hold Backward (Away from opponent)
  B#          Hold Back until next D-Pad command
  u           Press Up
  U           Hold Up
  U#          Hold Up until next D-Pad command
  d           Press Down
  D           Hold Down
  D#          Hold Down until next D-Pad command
  D/B#        Hold Down/Back until next D-Pad command
  D/F#        Hold Down/Forward until next D-Pad command
  qcb         Quarter Circle Backward; Down to Back (d,d/b,b)
  QCB         Quarter Circle Backward; Down to Back (d,d/b,B)
  qcf         Quarter Circle Forward; Down to Forward (d,d/f,f)
  QCF         Quarter Circle Forward; Down to Forward (d,d/f,F)
  hcf         Half circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
  HCF         Half circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,F)

Note1: D-pad represents the arrows (up, down, left, right) on the
       PS2 controller or Arcade stick

Note2: "F#" requires you to hold forward for a longer period of time
       than "F".

     FAQ Notations

 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  #           Hold; Hold indicated button(s) until that move is executed
                 or until N (Neutral)
  ( _ )       Or; Choose one of the moves within the parenthesis to do
  ~           Press button immediately after
  /           Press indicated directional buttons at the same time
  +           Press buttons at same exact time
  N           Leave joy pad neutral
  *           Short pause between button presses
  **          Medium pause between button presses
  ***         Long pause between button presses
  [ ]         Optional command(s)
  { }         Action within these must be completed in order for the command
                 to be executed correctly
  :           The command following this requires "just frame" input
  ( )...      Repeat the pattern within the brackets
  ,           Separates commands
  <           Delayed input
  =           Next in sequence

    Action Notation

 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  BLK         Attack must be blocked by opponent
  BT          Back Towards Opponent
  cd          Crouch Dash (f,N,d,d/f)
  CD          Crouch Dash (f,N,d,D/F)
  CH          During Counter Hit/Attack
  CL          Clean Hit
  ecd         Electric Crouch Dash (f~N,d~d/f)
  FC          Full Crouch; While Crouching
  GRAB        Opponent must be grabbed from the front
  HIT         While opponent is being hit (damaged)
  HIT*        After opponent is hit (damaged)
  OBT         Opponent's Back Turned
  OCR         Crouching Opponent
  OGR         Grounded Opponent (Opponent on ground)
  Parry       Move is parried
  RevL        While opponent is reversing your left attack
  RevR        While opponent is reversing your right attack
  SS          Side Step
  SSL         Side Step Left
  SSR         Side Step Right
  SSW         Side Step Walk
  TAC         Tackle
  WR          While your fighter is running; While running
  WS          While standing from a crouch; While Rising

  Grounded Positions

 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  FUFA        Face up & feet away
  FUFT        Face up & feet towards
  FDFA        Face down & feet away
  FDFT        Face down & feet towards
  GRND        While lying on ground
  KNDW        Right after the opponent knocks to you the floor

Fighter Specific Legend

 Notation     Meaning                 Fighter
 --------     -------                 -------

  ALB         Albatross Spin          Steve Fox
  AOP         Art of Phoenix          Ling Xiaoyu
  CDS         Crouching Demon Stance  Jin Kazama
  CJM         Chaos Judgment          Anna Williams
  CRA         Crane Stance            Lei Wulong
  DCT         Dragon Charge           Marshall Law
  DFS         Dragon Fake Step        Marshall Law
  DGF         Dragonfly Stance        Yoshimitsu
  DGN         Dragon Stance           Lei Wulong
  DRU         Drunken Master          Lei Wulong
  DSS         Dragon Sign Stance/     Marshall Law
                Dragon Charge
  FKS         Fake Step               Marshall Law
  FLE         Flea Stance             Yoshimitsu
  FLK         Flicker Stance          Steve Fox
  FLM         Flamingo Stance         Baek Doo San
  HBS         Hunting Bear Stance     Kuma / Panda
  HMS         Hitman Stance           Lee Chaolan
  HSP         Handstand Position      Christie Monteiro / Eddy Gordo
  HYP         Hypnotist               Ling Xiaoyu
  INS         Indian Stance           Yoshimitsu
  LFF         Left Foot Forward/      Hwoarang
                Left Stance
  LFS         Left Flamingo Stance    Hwoarang
  MED         Meditation              Yoshimitsu
  MNP         Mount Position          Craig Marduk
  PAN         Panther Stance          Lei Wulong
  RDS         Rain Dance Stance       Ling Xiaoyu
  PNX         Phoenix Illusion        Lei Wulong
  RFF         Right Foot Forward/     Hwoarang
                Right Stance
  RFS         Right Flamingo Stance   Hwoarang
  RLX         Negativa/               Christie Monteiro / Eddy Gordo
                Relaxed Position
  ROL         Prowling Grizzly Roll   Kuma / Panda
  SDW         Shadow Stance           Raven
  SIT         Sit Down                Ganryu, Jack-5, Kuma/Panda
  SNA         Snake Stance            Lei Wulong
  SOM         After Soul Omen         Jin Kazama
  SPL         During Splits           Ganryu
  SUS         During Slap U Silly     Yoshimitsu
  SWY         Sway                    Paul, Steve
  TAUNT       After Taunt             Bryan Fury
  TGR         Tiger Stance            Lei Wulong
  VTS         Vale Tudo Stance/       Craig Marduk
                Ready Position

 Combo Specific Legend

These are commands that relate to the combo section.

All combos will be written in the format:
 move; move; ... (damage)

 Notation     Meaning
 --------     -------

  {}          The stance that you should be in after executing the
                previous move
  ( )         For the combo to work, this move will not hit the
  [+/- dmg]   The amount of damage that the launcher adds to or
                subtracts from the total
  ;           Separates different moves used within a combo
  *           Possibility of escape from full damage
  WALL        Your opponent must hit a wall
  WGF         Wind Godfist (f,N,d,d/f+2)
  EWGF        Electric Wind Godfist (f~N,d~d/f+2)
  DEWGF       Dashing Electric Wind Godfist
  WHF         Wind Hookfist (f,N,d,d/f+2)
  EWHF        Electric Wind Hookfist (f~N,d~d/f+2)
  DEWHF       Dashing Electric Wind Hookfist
  ecd         Electric Crouch Dash (f~N,d~d/f)
  BIG         Combos that will only work on large opponents
  CC          Crouch Cancel
  iWS         Instant While Standing

~                                                                      ~
~                       5. Legend Explanations                         ~
~                                                                      ~

1)  + -> and

    Christie Monteiro
      Rasteila to Handstand
           d/b+3, B

      Press "d/b" and "3" at the same exact time.

2)  [ ] -> Optional command
    Bryan Fury
      Vulcan Cannon Body Blow
          D/F#+1, 1, [1], [1], 2

      This move can be expanded into these moves...
         Vulcan Cannon Body Blow 1
              D/F#+1, 1, 2
         Vulcan Cannon Body Blow 2
              D/F#+1, 1, 1, 2
         Vulcan Cannon Body Blow 3
              D/F#+1, 1, 1, 1, 2

3)  ( _ ) -> or

    Steve Fox
      Left Right Left to Swaying
           1, 2, 1, b+(3 _ 4)

      This move can be performed by doing:
         1, 2, 1, b+3
      or by doing...
         1, 2, 1, b+4
      Only one of these commands is needed.

4)  "Dragon Fake Step to Dragon Sign Stance" Explanation

    Marshall Law
      Dragon Fake Step to Dragon Sign Stance
           DCT ~ b, f, f

    Explanation: Performing a move that can be transitioned into DFS by
    pressing "b,f" afterwards can be transitioned into DSS by pressing
    "b,f,f" instead.

    An example can be shown with the Junkyard Kick:
    In this example, "b+2,3,4" is the DCT move.
    Junkyard Kick to Dragon Fake Step
         b+2, 3, 4 ~ b, f
    Junkyard Kick to Dragon Sign Stance
         b+2, 3, 4 ~ b, f, f

5)  "Dragon Sign Stance Transition" (DSST) Explanation

    Explanation: Performing a move that can be transitioned into DSS by
    pressing "b,f" afterwards, such as 1,2~b,f.

6)  "Indian Stance Motion Taunt" (Explanation)
      Indian Stance Motion Taunt
           INS 3+4#, (1 _ 2 _ 1+2), (u _ d _ f _ b)
    While in Yoshimitsu's Indian stance, hold down "3+4".  While
    still holding these buttons, press "1" or "2".  Then while you are
    still holding down "3+4", press any directional D-PAD button.
    You will hear Yoshimitsu's taunt whenever you press any D-PAD
    Note1: During this entire hidden move, you will be holding down the
           "3+4" buttons.

    Note2: Pressing the "1", "2", or "1+2" buttons will give you three
           different taunts.

7)  PHX BT (Explanation)

    Ling Xiaoyu
      Reverse Phoenix Mistrust
           PHX BT 4

    "PHX BT" means that you are in the PHX stance with your back
    towards your enemy.  This can occur when you are in "PHX"
    and the opponent jumps over you or sidesteps around you.

8)  Crouched Step Combo (Explanation)
      FC, d/f, d, d/f, N, f+(Any button preceded by f,f)

    For example, Lee has the following "Crouched Step Combo" moves:
    Crouched Step to Pulse Blast
         FC, d/f, d, d/f, N, f+3
    Crouched Step to Deadly Edge
         FC, d/f, d, d/f, N, f+4

    However, this move doesn't seem to work with Lee's f,f+3+4 grab.

9)  Snakeshot Rolling Dash Punch Combo (Explanation)
      SS+1, F, 1, (Any move preceded by d/f+1)

    For example, Nina has the following moves:
    Snakeshot Rolling Dash to 10-Hit Combo 2
         SS+1, F, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 4
    Snakeshot Rolling Dash to Double Explosion 3
         SS+1, F, 1, 2, F+1+2
    Snakeshot Rolling Dash to Spider Knee Combo
         SS+1, F, 1, 2, 3

10) Soul Omen (Explanation)

    Jin Kazama - Soul Omen
         b+1+2#, d, u, b, f

    "Soul Omen" is performed from Jin's "Power Stance" (b+1+2).
    During the execution of the move you will hold "1+2" until you see Jin
    perform "Mental Alertness" (Check out Jin's in-game move list to see
    what it looks like).  You are able to input the "d,u,b,f" part quickly
    or at normal speed.  The most important part is to make sure that you
    are still holding "1+2".

    Right after you execute Jin's soul omen, you have a window of 5
    seconds to perform any Soul Omen with the letters "SOM" in front of it
    (See "Hidden Moves" section).

~                                                                      ~
~            6. Fighter Specific Legend Commands (FSLC)                ~
~                                                                      ~

In this section, you will find the commands for different ways to perform
the moves listed under the "Fighter Specific Legend".  Listed in here
will just be some of the ways, not all.

Anna Williams
     CJM (Chaos Judgment)          b+3

Baek Doo San
     FLM (Flamingo Stance)         b+3

Bryan Fury
     TAUNT (Taunt)                 1+3+4

Christie Monteiro / Eddy Gordo
     HSP (Handstand Position)      f+1+2  FC, d/f+1+2
     RLX (Negativa /               d+3+4  3~4,N  SS+3  d+3~3 
            Relaxed Position)         b+3,3  1,2,4,3  1,2,4,4

Craig Marduk
     MNP (Mount Position)          VTS 1+2
     VTS (Vale Tudo Stance /       3+4  d/b+3+4
            Ready Position)

     SIT (Sit Down)                3+4  u/f+3+4

     LFF (Left Stance)             N {Default Stance}  RFF 3+4
     LFS (Left Flamingo Stance)    f+3  RFF f+3  [1],2,3
     RFF (Right Stance)            LFF 3+4
     RFS (Right Flamingo Stance)   f+4  RFF f+4  [1],2,4

     SIT (Sit Down)                d+3+4  u/f+3+4

Jin Kazama
     CDS (Crouching Demon Stance)  b+1
     SOM (Soul Omen)               b+1+2#, d, u, b, f

     (Backdrop)                    f, D/F+(1+3 _ 2+4) * 2, 1, 1+2
     (Cannonball Buster)           SS+2+4

Kuma / Panda
     FDFA (Play Dead)              HBS d+3+4
     HBS (Hunting Bear Stance)     3+4
     ROL (Prowling Grizzly Roll)   HBS f,f  FC, d/f+1+2
     SIT (Sit Down)                d+3+4  u/f+3+4
     (Forward Roll Attacks)        N _ 1 _ 2 _ 3 _ 4 _ 1+2 _ 3+4

Lee Chaolan
     HMS (Hitman Stance)           3+4  d+3,4  FC+3+4

Lei Wulong
     BT (Back Turn)                b+3+4  f,f+3~b
     CRA (Crane)                   (u _ u/f _ u/b)+3  b+4,f 
                                      f,N+1,2,1,2,4,(u_d)  f+1+2,F
     DGN (Dragon Stance)           f,N+1,2,(u_d)
     DRU (Drunken Master)          f+3+4  SS+2,2,f  b,b+1,F
     FDFA (Sidewind)               d+1+2
     FDFT (Reverse Sidewind)       BT d+1+2  4~3
     FUFA (Play Dead)              d+3+4
     FUFT (Reverse Play Dead)      BT d+3+4
     PAN (Panther Stance)          f,N+1,2,1,(u_d)  f+1+2,(u_d)
     PNX (Phoenix Illusion)        b+1+4  PAN 3,B
     SNA (Snake Stance)            SS+1+4  SS+2+3  f+2+3 
     TGR (Tiger Stance)            f,N+1,2,1,2,(u_d)  d/f+1+2,f

Ling Xiaoyu
     AOP (Art of Phoenix)          d+1+2  RDS d+1+2  D+1
     HYP (Hypnotist)               b+1+2
     RDS (Rain Dance Stance)       b+3+4  d/f+1  2,1

Marshall Law
     DFS (Dragon Fake Step)        WS+3  WS+4~b,f  b+2,3,4~b,f
     DSS (Dragon Sign Stance /     d+1+2
            Dragon Charge)
     FKS (Fake Step)               b+1+2

Nina Williams
     (Triple Slaps)                [1],2,3:1+2  b,f+3:1+2  WS+3:1+2

     SDW (Shadow Stance)           b+3+4

Steve Fox
     ALB (Albatross Spin)          3+4
     FLK (Flicker Stance)          1+2
     SWY (Sway)                    b+(3 _ 4)

     BT (Back Turn)                f,f+1+2,N  f,f+1+4,N  MED 3+4
     DGF (Dragonfly)               u+1+2
     FLE (Flea Stance)             1+2
     INS (Indian Stance)           d+3+4
     MED (Meditation)              3+4

     FC (While Crouching)          D
     SS (Side Step)                (u,N _ d,N)
     SSL (Side Step Left)          u,N on left side
                                   d,N on right side
     SSR (Side Step Right)         u,N on right side
                                   d,N on left side
     SSW (Side Step Walk)          (u,U _ d,D)
     WR (While Running)            (f,f,f _ f,F)
     WS (While Rising)             FC, N

     cd (Crouch Dash)              f,N,d,d/f
     CD (Crouch Dash)              f,N,d,D/F
     ecd (Electric Crouch Dash)    f~N,d~d/f
     EWGF (Electric Wind Godfist)  f~N,d~d/f+2
     EWHF (Electric Wind Hookfist) f~N,d~d/f+2
     WGF (Wind Godfist)            f,N,d,d/f+2

~                                                                      ~
~                          7. Definitions                              ~
~                                                                      ~

- "Clean Hit" and "Juggle" definitions taken from the "Still Standing"
  website (http://www.manji-clan.com/wtcl/index.html)
- "okizeme" and "Tech roll" definition by sithlord
- For more words, check out "The Tekken Zaibatsu Jargon Dictionary":

Clean Hit
    Hitting your opponent from very close range.  Clean hits inflict
    more damage than a normal hit.  However, not all attacks will be
    able to become a clean hit.

Counter Hit
    Occurs when you hit an opponent that is getting ready to attack
    or is in the process of attacking.  Counter hits inflict more
    damage than a normal hit.

Ground roll
    To roll around while lying down on the ground (not instantly after
    hitting the ground like "tech roll").

    An event that occurs when a character is thrusted into the air by an
    attack followed by a series of combos, punches or kicks while falling
    down to the ground. The juggling process stops once the character has
    hit the ground.

    A move that makes it possible for your opponent to be juggled.
    (Also known as "Juggle Starter")

Okizeme (often called "oki")
    Japanese for "wake-up". In other words, the art of hitting someone on
    the ground or as they try to get up.

Tech roll
    To instantly roll away and then stand up the moment your body impacts
    the ground.

    An attack that does not touch the opponent.  The attack misses the
    opponent completely.

~                                                                      ~
~                    8. New Moves / Changed Commands                   ~
~                                                                      ~

The following is a list of new moves available in TDR that weren't
available in Tekken 5 and are listed in the in-game move lists.

NOTE: This is a modified/updated version of the information available in the
      "New Move (Command) Compilation Thread" on the Tekken Zaibatsu forums:
      You can view the TZ legend at:

Anna Williams
qcf+2 (m)
d/f+3,2,1,4 (m,h,h,h)
d/f+3,2,1,d+4 (m,h,h,L - old d/f+3,2,1,4)
u/f+3+4 (m,m)
CJM 2,1 (h,m)

Asuka Kazama
d/b+1 (m)
b+2 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online Bundle (Full Game
and Add-On)

NOTE: If you previously purchased T5DR or T5DR Online seperately, you
      will not be able to download the bundle.

- How do you re-download T5DR/Online
If for some reason you need to re-download T5DR/Online, follow these steps:
     1. Log into the PlayStation Store under the account you used to
        purchase T5DR/Online.
     2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the "View
        Downloads" icon.
     3. Scroll down until you locate T5DR/Online.
     4. Click on T5DR/Online to begin download.

- What are the download sizes?
T5DR (only) = 555 MB
T5DR Online (only) = 591 MB
T5DR Online Bundle = ??? (at least 591 MB)



The Online Manual for T5DR can be accessed by entering the URL below
into a web browser, or from within the game by going to
Options > Online Manual




(Informaion taken from the T5DRO Online Manual; URL located above)

Arcade Battle
     - "In this mode, you try to win a series of battles against
        the computer. After selecting a character and starting the
        game, the first match begins. If you defeat all opponents,
        you will have cleared the Arcade Battle Mode."

Ghost Battle
     - "In this mode, ghost opponents appear one after another.
        The difficulty level you set in Game Options under Options
        will apply only to the first opponent.  After that, the
        difficulty will very depending on the opponent you select
        to fight. Ghosts will continue to appear until you lose a
        match [or choose to exit]."

VS Battle
     - "This mode is exclusively for challenging another player
        to a battle. Customize Data may be used to battle another
        playing using a customized character."

Online Battle (T5DRO only)
     - "Battle other players over the PLAYSTATION Network. Refer
        to in-game instructions for details regarding controls or
        game play."

Survival (T5DRO only)
     - "Defeat a series of opponents with limited health."

Practice (T5DRO only)
     - "Select a character, an opponent character, and a stage,
        to practice various techniques in this mode."

Gallery (More images added)
     - "In this mode, you can purchase and enjoy movies and other
        content with the fight money you've earned."

     - "Configure game options, sound options, controller setup
        or delete save data here."



The rankings should be the same as in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.



The items should be the same as in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.  No
new items appear to have been added with the expansion.



Movie: (50,000G each)
Tekken Dark Resurrection - Epilogue - Lili
Tekken Dark Resurrection - Epilogue - Sergei Dragunov
Tekken Dark Resurrection - Epilogue - Armor King

Image: (30,000G each)
Tekken Illustation - Ling Xiaoyu 3 (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Kunimitsu (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Christie Monteiro (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Nina Williams (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Asuka Kazama 4 (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Asuka Kazama 3 (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Lili 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken Illustation - Jun Kazama 2
Tekken Illustation - Jin Kazama
Tekken Illustation - Anna Williams
Tekken Illustation - Julia Chang 2
Tekken Illustation - Ling Xiaoyu 2
Tekken Illustation - Ling Xiaoyu & Jin Kazama
Tekken Illustation - Asuka Kazama
Tekken Illustation - Lili
Tekken Illustation - Asuka Kazama 2
Tekken Illustation - Julia Chang
Tekken Illustation - Jun Kazama
Tekken Illustation - Ling Xiaoyu
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Acid Rain 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Cathedral 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Burning Temple (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Moonlit Wilderness (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Pirate's Cove 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Secret Garden 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Waterfall (T5DRO only)
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Dojo 2
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Hell's Gate
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Cathedral
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Poolside
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - The Final Frontier
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Acid Rain
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Dojo
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Urban Jungle
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Secret Garden
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - City at Sunset
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Polar Paradise
Tekken 5 - Stage Image - Pirate's Cove
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Jin Kazama 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 4 - Character Image - King (T5DRO only)
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Paul Phoenix 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Christie Monteiro 2 (T5DRO only)
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Jin Kazama
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Kazuya Mishima
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Paul Phoenix
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Christie Monteiro
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Hwoarang
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Tekken Force
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Eddy Gordo
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Craig Marduk
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Ling Xiaoyu
Tekken 4 - Character Image - Yoshimitsu
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Jin & Heihachi (T5DRO only)
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Unknown 3 (T5DRO only)
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Jin Kazama
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Jun Kazama
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Unknown 2
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Kunimitsu
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Kazuya Mishima
Tekken Tag Tournament - Character Image - Unknown

* NOTE: You have to have an internet connection available in order to
  unlock/download these items.



As of May 2009, there are items and clothing from T5DR Online available
for purchase for use within the U.S. PlayStation Home for the PS3.  The
following is a list of items and the stores they can be purchased from.
After entering the door to the store, look for the T5DR Online logo
with a black background.

Store name: ??? (furniture store with burgundy walls)
Location: Mall, 2nd floor
     - Heihachi Mishima Figurine ($0.49)
     - Paul Phoenix ($0.49)
     - Asuka Kazama ($0.49)
     - Nina Williams ($0.49)
     - Anna Williams ($0.49)
     - Kazuya Mishima ($0.49)
     - Devil Jin ($0.49)
     - King ($0.49)
     - Mokujin ($0.49)

Store name: Home Threads
Location: Mall, 2nd floor
          > Paul Phoenix
               - Paul's Wig ($0.99)
               - Paul's Shirt & Tattoo Sticker ($0.99)
               - Paul's Pants ($0.99)
               - Paul's Hands ($0.49)
               - Paul's Feet ($0.49)
          > Heihachi Mishima
               - Heihachi's Wig ($0.99)
               - Heihachi's Shirt ($0.99)
               - Heihachi's Pants ($0.99)
               - Heihachi's Hands ($0.49)
          > NONE

~                                                                      ~
~                          17. Questions                               ~
~                                                                      ~

In this section, I will try my best to answer questions that I have
received through e-mail.

Question 1 - DEWGF and WDEWGF

Q: How do you do DEWGF and WDEWGF?

A: I'm not good at doing DEWGF or WDEWGF, but this link might help:

Question 2 - Long time between updates

Q: What took so long for another update to come out?

A: I was working on an update soon after I released the last version.  At
   the time, I was storing the file that I was updating only on a portable
   hard drive that I got from Best Buy about two months earlier.  One day,
   that hard drive decided to stop working and I was unable to retrieve
   the file I was working on.  I was so angry about losing all of the work
   that I put into the update I was working on that I decided to stop
   updating the FAQ.  However, I recenetly received some questions about
   T5DR, which re-kindled my interest in updating the FAQ again.  A word of

~                                                                      ~
~                       18. Special Thanks                             ~
~                                                                      ~

Name                       Reason
----                       ------

Namco                      Creating another incredible game

"Still Standing"           Creating a dictionary of Tekken related terms

sithlord                   Posting definitions of Tekken terms on TZ

Kirin                      For the idea of adding the cost for each
                           customization item and custom outfit.

Kurichan                   Changed Move Properties for Raven.

yoshimitsutqt              For creating a youtube video about Raven's
                           Instant Shadow Clone Technique:

mpaynting                  Making me realize that I should include links
                           to my Tekken 5 FAQs.

Thanks to all who contributed to the "Tekken DR PSP Secrets / Unlockables /
Nice-To-Know" and "Tekken DR PS3 Unlockables/General Info" threads on TZ:
Jaytech, Drake the Demon, Koston, Esseph, MYK [jamgi], Keviiinn, James Pham,
H.K. Lei, tae-kwon-do, DevilSjin, SHAHED, 3zX

Thanks to all who contributed to the "New Move (Command) Compilation Thread"
thread on TZ:

Thanks to all of these people who have either e-mailed me, posted combos
on Tekken Zaibatsu or made a combo video (in alphabetical order):
alucardis (Feng), Brahma (Julia), Dark-Muerte (Dragunov),
DevilSjin (Jinpachi), DigitalCount (Armor King/Jinpachi), Jaytech (Jin),
Kazama Master (Jin), MYK [jamgi] (Armor King), n8nmonster (Craig),
RoyalFlush (Jin), Waking Rage (Jinpachi), W3iRdKiD (Feng),
wooden-man (Feng), Zakuta (Lili)

Thanks to all of these people who have either e-mailed me, or posted
hidden moves on Tekken Zaibatsu (in alphabetical order):
burnin6_desir3 (Dragunov), Dark-Muerte (Dragunov), LingXiaoyurules (Dragunov),
tyler2k (Dragunov), White Russian (Dragunov)

Thanks to all of the following people for providing customizations:
GC Boombox, Swift

Also, thanks to everyone who has contributed to any of my other FAQs.

~                                                                      ~
~                     19. About Tekkenomics                            ~
~                                                                      ~

"Tekkenomics" is the name of the website created by Wild Man X,
with help from Paulinstein and Drake the Demon.

"Tekkenomics" is guaranteed to contain some material that has never
been seen on any other Tekken website.  The site will contain
exclusive articles, original FAQ files, move lists, combos/juggles,
combo movies, in-game matches, ending movies, and fan-based material.

Be sure to chack out the site often for updates, and feel free to
join the forum.  I hope you enjoy the site.

If you're having problems visiting the "Tekkenomics" website at
http://tekkenomics.tk, then you can also visit it at the link below:

If you were wondering how we came up with the name "Tekkenomics":
Back in my high school days in the year 2000, Paulinstein, me, and
some other high school friends would get together to play Tekken 3.
At the time, we were also taking Economics class.  So, whenever we
would get together to play, we would say that we were going to study
some "Tekkenomics".
So, basically "Tekken" + "Economics" = "Tekkenomics".

There are a few references on the web about the name "Tekkenomics"
that isn't related to us or our website.  There are some members
on the Tekken Zaibatsu forums that are known as Tekkenomics,
Tekkenomics_101, and TekkenNomics Jr. that aren't related to us.
On Tekken Zaibatsu, we go by the names Wild Man X and Paulinstein.
The things that are related to us are at: GameFAQs, Neoseeker, IGN,
1UP.com, Gamerhelp, Gamespot, AIM, MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and Gmail.

~                                                                      ~
~                      20. About The Author                            ~
~                                                                      ~

I have been a fan of the Tekken series since 2000.  A few of my friends
got me into the series with Tekken 3.

My first FAQ was "Hidden Moves" for Tekken 4.  Writing this FAQ, I've
learned some new things about Tekken along the way that I probably
wouldn't have learned otherwise.  My FAQs are a way for me to share
what I have learned.

When I bought Tekken Tag for the PS2, I decided to learn how to play
with all of the fighters, and this has carried over to Tekken 4,
Tekken 5, and Tekken: Dark Resurrection.  So, you can rest assured that
I do atleast know a little bit about what I'm talking about :)

Lei Wulong is my main fighter, and has been since Tekken 3.  If you
ever play Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in Southern California, I have
a Lei IC Card named "Get Leid".

I hope that you've enjoyed my FAQs!

~                                                                      ~
~                           21. Closing                                ~
~                                                                      ~

Feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments about this FAQ or
the Tekkenomics website.  When sending e-mail, please make sure that
"Tekken", "Soul Calibur", or "FAQ" is somewhere in the e-mail subject
name, or it will most likely be deleted.  Also, I only speak English.

Please let me know if you are confused about any part of this FAQ.
I will do my best to clarify any part that may seem confusing.

I hope you find this FAQ helpful.  Thanks for your time.

                      Class is now in session!!!

                  Copyright 2000-2009 - Tekkenomics