Phantasy Star Portable
                                  By: Talon Shade
                                   Version: 0.20
                             Last Updated:  May 9,2009


This is a basic storyline walkthrough but i may add more later. I want to make
this guide so that people can figure out how to complete the game.  I will try
not to spoil anything.
1. Kill all enemies
2. bust all boxes
3. Do free missions as often as possible in order to get better gear and to lvl
4. Keep plenty of Scape Dolls.

If you follow these tips you should have no problem winning.


Storyline Mission 1
        Machine Frenzy 1        (mf1)
        Machine Frenzy 2        (mf2)
Storyline Mission 2		
        Ranch Wildlife 1        (rw1)
        Ranch Wildlife 2        (rw2)
Storyline Mission 3
        Rogue Recon 1           (rr1)
        Rogue Recon 2           (rr2)
Storyline Mission 4
        Inside the COG 1        (ic1)
        Inside the COG 2        (ic2)
Storyline Mission 5
        Missing Delegate 1      (md1)
        Missing Delegate 2      (md2)
        Missing Delegate 3      (md3)
Storyline Mission 6
        *coming soon*
Storyline Mission 7
        *coming soon*
Storyline Mission 8
        *coming soon*
Free Missions
        Guardians Colony        
            Plant recovery C    (prc) 
            Plant recovery B    (prb)
            Plant recovery A    (pra)
            Plant recovery S    (prs)
            Plains Overlord C   (poc)
            Plains Overlord B   (pob)
            Plains Overlord A   (poa)
            Plains Overlord S   (pos)
            Train Rescue C      (trc)
            Train Rescue B      (trb)
            Train Rescue A      (tra)
            Train Rescue S      (trs)
            *coming soon*
            *coming soon*
Titles                          (ttl)


First thing is to create a character.  Each one has its own abilities.  I
Choose a male CAST.  After that you change your characters appearance.  Then
you name your character and choose a job.  The next screen is for your Partner
Machine.  Name it and choose its type.  After this you save your game into a
save slot.

Next comes the movie that sets up the story.  You have a conversation and map
tutorial.  Go to Guardian H.Q.  You will have another conversation and are
informed of your first mission.  You get another tutorial, after which, you
need to go to the EXIT of the H.Q.  Another dialogue.  You receive two partner
cards and another tutorial.

I suggest adding both people to your party asap.  Then go to Mission counter.
Select Story Mission and then choose Machine Frenzy 1.

                                 Machine Frenzy 1        (mf1)

Block 1: More talking.  When the mission loads you need to follow the path and
make sure to kill all the enemies.  When you go through the door you get more
talking and yet another tutorial.  Followed by more talking.  You lose a person
and enter Block 2.

Block 2: Continue along the path and through the door.  Beat the enemies and Go
through a second door.  In this room you see a red door.  This is a locked door.
Go along path and hit the boxes.  you sometimes get items and meseta from boxes
so bust all of them.  go through the green door down the short hall and through
another green door.  Kill the enemies and bust the boxes and then return to the
previous room for another fight.  After this fight the locked door is unlocked.
Go through it and fight some more.  Go through another door, short hall, and
door.  More enemies.  Go through door and down hall and you get another speech.

This is the end of Machine Frenzy 1.  At this point you can leave counter and
save or you can select story mission Machine Frenzy 2.

                                 Machine Frenzy 2        (mf2)

Block 1: Talking as usual.  Tutorial on keys and locked doors.  Bust the boxes
and you find a key.  Use it to unlock the door.  Continue on and fight enemies.
go through the door on the right.  Down some stairs for more enemies.  Then go
through the door and fight more to get another key. go back through door and up
the steps an through a second door.  Use key to open door.  Contine alon path
killing all enemies.

Block 2: Take left path through door.  Kill.  Bust boxes and take card 1/4.
Back to first room.  Take right path. Enter south and kill for key 2/4 and go
through the door.  More killing and key 3/4.  Go back two doors and turn right
through a door.  This room yields the last key.  go straight through door and
unlocked gate.

Block 3:  Talking. Fight Boss.  I recommend the Hack-n-slash method.  Just keep
swinging and heal when needed.

Mission cleared!

Back at H.Q. you get another scene.  You get to enter your room and receive a
tutorial about it.  At this time You will have to do a free mission.  Make sure
to form a party. The one you choose doesn't matter but as soon as you are done
you will recieve a message to go to H.Q.  After tutorial you need to go into
conference room.  After scene EXIT Conference room. Another scene and then exit
H.Q.  Choose Interplanetary Travel to go to Parum.  When you arrive you get
another scene.  Go to Guardians Branch for another scene.  Start Story Mission
Ranch Wildlife 1.

                                 Ranch Wildlife 1        (rw1)

Block 1: Short scene.  Go down path and hit the haystacks.  They are just like
boxes.  From now on just kill everything.  If you killed everything then at the
locked gate a key should appear.  More killing and another key.  down the path
is a second locked gate.  more killing and three hidden boxes.  Go through

Block 2: Scene.  Follow path and kill enemies.  Get key to unlock gate.  Go
into cave and take left path.  back in cave and go straight at intersection.
Get key for the door.  Scene.

                                 Ranch Wildlife 2        (rw2)

Block 1: Go straight, fight, and enter cave.  Turn left.  Fight to get key.  Go
back into cave and go straight.  At end of cave unlock gate.  Get another key
to unlock a second gate.  Go through door into next block.

Block 2: Go right into cave.  At end get key 1/2 then go back through cave.
Get key 2/2 and unlock gate.  Kill all enemies to unlock second gate.  kill
enemies and go through the north gate.  when you enter this door you can heal
by standing on the pad and restore PP by checking cube.  When you finish go on
down path.

Boss: When the boss is flying just try to dodge his attacks.  When he lands you
can rush up and give him everything you have.  No real strategy here.  Just
watch your HP
   Fire breath - Uses this when on the ground.
   Ground pound- Uses this when on the ground.
   Tail slap   - Uses this when on the ground.
   Slide       - Uses this when on the ground.
   Fireball    - Uses this in air

Mission Cleared!

Another scene and returned to H.Q.  After scenes you are in your room.  This is
time for another free mission.  You can now go to Parum and do some missions.

After doing a mission or two you should get a message about goint to H.Q.  Once
at H.Q. you need to enter the conference room for details on your next story
mission.  Exit and travel to Moatoob.  After a scene go to Guardians branch.
After another scene go to Storyline mission Rogue Recon 1.

                                 Rogue Recon 1        (rr1)

Block 1: Another scene. Kill enemies and go north through the door.  Continue
north and get a key to unlock gate.

Block 2: When you kill all the enemies in this area the gate unlocks.  The next
area has two locked doors.  The right hand door will unlock after clearing out
all enemies.  You will notice that the map shows an area to the south of the
right hand door.  It has a fence blocking it off.  I have found no way around
the fence so ignore it and enter the door.  Use transporter.  This section also
has an inaccessible area.  Grab the key and transport out.  Be careful of the
big monster that appears.  He is a little tough.  For my game, he dropped a B 
rank Axe.  Unlock door and go through it.  Kill everything and enter north

Mine enterance: Scene. This is a boss battle with the three enemies.  Just take
out one at a time and you will be victorious.  Another scene.

Mission Cleared!

                                 Rogue Recon 2        (rr2)

Block 1: Go to straight north into a small branch of the cave.  In here, kill
everthing and then return to previous room.  After clearing this room the north
door should unlock.  Enter.  In this area use the key you will receive and 
unlock gate.  Turn right.  In this area you will find a booby trap.  Or should
I say, it will find you.  If you have googles you can see them but they still
go off if you come near.  They do minimal damage so don't worry.  Near end of
cave go north.  Take out the gun on your right fast then kill the rest for key 
1/2.  go south then continue west past intersection.  Follow path north and
get key 2/2 for the north door.

Block 2:  Go east across the booby trapped bridge and clear area.  Return to
main area and go north through door.  Go through booby trapped hall.  Go
through north door and fight some.  Here is a huge lizard.  They are strong
and have high HP.  With four people it should be easy.  Return to previous
room.  Go north east and watch out for huge lizards.  They can hurt you fast.
Go in door and heal up.  Go north.

Block 3: Scene.  This boss is just an altred form of the last one.  He spits
three rocks that explode.  While he is on the ground hit his neck area.  if he
is in the air, just shoot him or hit his tail.  If this battle is tough then I
recommend gaining some levels And try again.  If you just barely win then gain
plenty of levels before next mission.

Mission Cleard!

Scene. Then you are returned to H.Q. for debriefing.  Back at your room you get
more free missions.  Go to Moatoob for a few free missions after which you will
get a message about going to H.Q. for another story mission.

At H.Q. you get a scene.  Head to conference room for mission briefing.  Go to
Neudaiz Guardian branch.  On way youget a scene.  You, also, get a scene when
you get to the branch.  Afterwards, Start Story Mission Inside the COG 1.

                                 Inside the COG 1        (ic1)

Block 1: Another Scene.  Go North-west and get a key for the Gate.  Continue
north-east and get another key for the door on the south-east.  Go through and
exit the cave.  Get key and unlock east door.  Get key and go North-west
through door.  Travel to the north side of room and unlock gate.  Go north 
through door.

Block 2: Follow path through the door.  Follow northpath and get key to unlock
door.  Step on transporter.  Continue and use this transporter too.  Follow
path to yet another key and locked door.  Follow north to door.

Mission Cleared!

                                 Inside the COG 2        (ic2)

Block 1: Go through north door.  Get key then go back south and head to the 
east door.  Unlock it.  Go through south door and clear the room.  Return to
previous room and go north-east.  Clear the room and go north through door.

Block 2: In this area you will get a key for east door.  Ignore it for the time
being and go south for some treasure.  now go through the east door and clear
it.  After it is cleared you will find a transporter to the east.  Use it.
Go east towards the two red gates and clear the area.  Afterwards get the key
and backtrack to whereyou transported in.  Now there are two transporters.
Take the left one to a hidden area with treasure rocks and another key.  Grab
everything and use the transporter.  Now back at the two red gates, go south
to a room that needs to be cleared.  Return and unlock the other gate now.
Keep going east for a key to the door,  heal up and continue on the path.

Boss: Wait for him to land and then hit him.  This fight might take a while
because he spends so much time in the air.  
       Swipe          - Ground move
       Rock Toss      - Air move
       Dive Bomb      - Air move
       Fireballs      - Air move
       Blue Lightning - Air move
       Blob           - Air move
After fight you get another scene, sent to H.Q. for debreifing, and sent to
your room.  Now for a Free mission on Neudaiz.  After mission you get a message
to return to H.Q. for new mission.  Return and get breifed on the plans of this
mission.  Head to moatoob Guardian branch.  After scene, enter the conference
room for another scene.  Start Storyline Mission Missing Delegate 1.

                                 Missing Delegate 1        (md1)

Block 1: Scene.  Kill enemies and cross the now opened bridge.  Go left at
intersection.  Get the key and return to previous intersection and go the other
way.  Kill the enemies and get the key.  Continue east and across the bridge
for another key.  Return to last area and go through the north door.  Get the
key and go down the east corridor.  At intersection go south and through the
door for the last key.  Return to corridor and continue north to a locked door.
Continue along the path to next block.

Block 2: Travel east and as soon as you cross bridge go North.  When you come
to an intersection go north for the first key.  Then go back and go south for
the next key.  Return to bridge and go south to locked door which you now have 
the keys for.  Go through the door and go south to another door.  The door
unlocks as soon as you clear the enemies.  In the next area you get another
key.  Go north and unlock door.  Continue north for a scene.  

Mission Cleared!

                                 Missing Delegate 2        (md2)

Block 1: Continue along path through the first door.  At Intersection, take
north path for a key.  Return to intersection and unlock door.  The south door
is just treasure.  Continue along  to the north and go through the door.  In
this room the east door is just treasure.  Take the west door.  Get the key,
then continue west for some treasure.  After that return and unlock the north
door.  Continue North.

Block 2: Follow path east and you will find the key for the north door.  Return
to door and unlock it.  In this room, go north for some treasure then return
and go east.  Continue along through the door.  Heal up and proceed when ready.

Boss: This boss is tricky.  He flies around you while you are on a raft.  You
can't hit him from a distance but you can hit him up close.  When he is flying
to the left or right of your raft you must stand on the red buttons to move
your raft closer.  When close, you can attack the spots on his side.  I have,
also, found that you can hit his tail when it is near.  You will see a blue
square on it.  And sometimes he tries a headbutt.  You can hit his head at
that time.  After winning you get a scene.
      Ice Breath - When behind raft
      Spiny shot - when circling raft
      Ice Powder - When flying over the raft
      Headbutt   - 
      Rock fall  - When he flies up high and bangs ceiling
      Dive Bomb  - 

Mission Clear! 

                                 Missing Delegate 3        (md3)

Block 1: Scene.  Go up ramp to the east.  Go north up another ramp.  At 
Intersection, go east down a ramp, then north down another ramp.Go through the
door to next room.  get key and return to first area to unlock the door.
Follow path north then west.  Go west down one ramp and up another.  Go south
and get a key.  Go north for treausre, then return south one room and go east.
Go down ramp and turn north to unlock gate.  Go north to ramp and then east up
it.  Go north through door.

Block 2: Go west down one ramp and up another.  Go through door for key then
return down ramp and turn south.  Continue south for treasure then go north and
east.  Follow path south and unlock door and get key.  Go through door for
treasure then return to intersection and go west up ramp for another key.
Unlock door and go west then south into next room.  Clear room and go through
south door for scene.  Kill enemy.

Mission Clear! 

Scene. Returned to Colony for another scene.  Do one of the new free missions
that just opened up.  As soon as you finish you get another scene to return
to H.Q.  

#####More coming soon#########################

                                 Free Missions
                                 Guardians Colony Missions
Plant Recovery C      (prc)
Prerequisites - None
Creatures     - lvl 1+
Party         - 1-4

Block 1: Go forward and turn right.  Bust boxes to summon enemies which give a 
key.  Back in first room, unlock door.  Get key and unlock gate.  

Block 2: Go forward and fight boss.

Mission Cleared!

If you killed everything and no one died you get an S rank.  Bust all boxes,
then go through door to return to city.

Plant Recovery B      (prb)
Prerequisites - Must be level 10+
Creatures     - lvl 20+
Party         - 1-4

Plant Recovery A      (pra)
Prerequisites - Must be level 25+
Creatures     - lvl 40+
Party         - 1-4

Plant Recovery S      (prs)
Prerequisites - Must be level 40+
Creatures     - lvl 60+
Party         - 1-4

                                 Parum Missions
Plains Overlord C      (poc)
Prerequisites - None
Creatures     - lvl 5+
Party         - 1-4

Block 1: Go into cave on left.  Get key 1/2 and return to first area to get
key 2/2.  Unlock gate and continue on.  Go west though fence.  Kill enemies
and go north.  Go through door.

Block 2: Straight to cave enterance.  In cave turn left and exit to get key. 
back in cave go straight to a locked gate.  Get another key and use it on the
gate.  Go through door.

Block 3: Follow path until you get the key and unlock the gate.  Follow to end.
Go into door and heal up.

Block 4: When the boss is flying just try to dodge his attacks.  When he lands
you can rush up and give him everything you have.  No real strategy here.  Just
watch your HP
   Fire breath - Uses this when on the ground.
   Ground pound- Uses this when on the ground.
   Fireball    - Uses this in air

Mission Cleared!

If you killed everything and no one died you get an S rank.  Bust boxes then
inspect crystal to return.

Plains Overlord B      (pob)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 10+
Creatures     - lvl 20+
Party         - 1-4

Plains Overlord A      (poa)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 25+
Creatures     - lvl 40+
Party         - 1-4

Plains Overlord S      (pos)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 55+
Creatures     - lvl 80+
Party         - 1-4

Train Rescue C      (trc)
Prerequisites - None
Creatures     - lvl 10+
Party         - 1-4

Train Rescue B      (trb)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 20+
Creatures     - lvl 30+
Party         - 1-4

Train Rescue A      (tra)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 35+
Creatures     - lvl 50+
Party         - 1-4

Train Rescue S      (trs)
Prerequisites - Must be lvl 50+
Creatures     - lvl 70+
Party         - 1-4

#####################More coming soon.################################

                                 Titles        (ttl)
Some titles will grant a boost to meseta, Exp, or rare drop rates.  These are 
listed here.  If you want to know how to get the titles check the codes section
or Hahnsoo's Title guide.

Title             Bonus  
Super Rookie          Meseta, EXP +2%  
Super Ace             Meseta, EXP +2%  
Super Elite           Meseta, EXP +2%  
Super Hero            Meseta, EXP +2%  
Combat Newcomer       EXP +3%  
Up and Coming         EXP +3%  
One to Watch          EXP +3%  
Top Contender         EXP +3%  
Ultimate Warrior      EXP +3%  
Young Guardian        Meseta, EXP +2%  
Zealous Guardian      Meseta, EXP +2%  
Solid Guardian        Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Officer      Meseta, EXP +2%
Superior Guardian     Meseta, EXP +2%
1st Class Guardian    Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Instructor   Meseta, EXP +2%
Elite Guardian        Meseta, EXP +2%
Guardian Hero         Meseta, EXP +2%
Skill Master          2x skill EXP  
Bullet Master         2x bullet EXP  
TECHNIC Master        2x TECHNIC EXP  
Angry Solider         Rare drop +2%  
Whirlwind Slicer      Rare drop +2%  
Quiet Hunter          Rare drop +2%  
Lone Sniper           Rare drop +2%  
Shining Mage          Rare drop +2%  
Photon Wizard         Rare drop +2%  
Flying Berzerker      Rare drop +2%  
Mega Destroyer        Rare drop +2%  
Magnificent Gunner    Rare drop +2%  
Supreme Assassin      Rare drop +2%  
Spirit Sorceror       Rare drop +2%  
Photon Protector      Rare drop +2%  
Hurricane Striker     Rare drop +2%  
Light Speed Killer    Rare drop +2%  
Stealthy Tactician    Rare drop +2%  
Explosive Maestro     Rare drop +2%  
Mobile Defense        Meseta, rare drop +2%  
Intel Section         Meseta, rare drop +2%  
SEED Intel Section    Meseta, rare drop +2%  
R&D Section           Meseta, rare drop +2%  
Rogue Family          Meseta, rare drop +2%  
Armed Servant         Meseta, rare drop +2%  
AMF Elite Unit        Meseta, rare drop +2%  
Eternal Traveler      Meseta, rare drop +2%  
Meseta Tycoon         Meseta +3%  
Colony Tourist        EXP +2%  
Parum Tourist         EXP +2%  
Neudaiz Tourist       EXP +2%  
Moatoob Tourist       EXP +2%  


I hope this guide helps out a lot.  I have only posted this guide on Gamefaqs.
I will be doing more work on this as time permits.  I want to add the
achievments.  I will try to update once a week at which time I should be done 
with the storyline missions.  

Help with this Guide came from http://psupedia.info/Main_Page

Version Information

Version 0.20 - Initial release. I did the first 3 story missions and a few free

Version 0.40 - Added Story Mission 4 and 5.  Also added Titles section.  Lost
memory card and hand to start game over.  Should have story missions done soon.