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So, you actually went and bought such a kickass game, Congratulations. IGN rated it a 9.8+! This Faq will provide you with all the Information you will need to be an Ace fighter pilot. Any Questions, comments, feedback can be sent directly to me at Reuben@psxrocks.com. Please feel free to send a mail to correct any errors. This Faq is copyright c By Reuben 1999 ================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= 1.0 Updates 1.1 Characters 2.0 Gameplay -2.1 Controls -2.2 Ships -2.3 Primary Weapons -2.4 Secondary Weapons -2.5 Tactics 3.0 Codes 4.0 Missions 11 1.0 _UPDATES_ -New in Version 1.1, Improved ASCII art -Corrected a few Errors here and there -Added Widowmaker into chars section -Added New sections from 2.4 up ========== 1. Characters ========== -You You are Merters, a veteran fighter pilot trained by the navy to fight against the league hierarchy in a struggle between humanity. -Klein A pilot, you trained with, you share many experiences with your old friend, and have a close relationship with him and Beck. -Beck Another pilot you trained with, Merters, Klein and Beck seem to have a good relationship together, however, Beck is hiding something from them. -The Widowmaker A mysterious fighter who's mission and side are yet unknown. -Commander Kron Kron is the all powerful leader behind the Navy, he led the Navy into thinking the league were vent on evil. -The Watch The watch is another organization works with the navy to seek out and destroy traitors working within the Navy. =========== 2.GAMEPLAY =========== Ok, what you need to know to get started, hrm.. When any moving object with an engine moves out of view, you can still see them by a `flashing star' The colors of the star varies dependant on their map colours which is found at the bottom left of your screen. Your top Left corner is your Primary weapon and top right corner is your shield, hull and secondary weapon. The shield/hull meter in the top right of the screen is represented by a yellow bar, that's your shields, when you ram into something or get shot, your shields go down, then when they are depleted, a red bar is left, that's is your hull's structural integrity, when depleted you go, boom! 2.1 These are the controls, -Triangle is to change your secondary weapon -Square is to change your primary weapon -Circle is to fire secondary weapon -X is to fire primary weapon -L1 is to fire reverse thrust -R1 is to fire forward thrust -L1+R1 is to ignite afterburners -L2 is to rotate left -R2 is to rotate right -L2+R2 is Rear View -Start is to pause game -Select is to switch view Watch that your primary weapon doesn't overheat, just spray, wait one sec, spray, wait one sec and so on. Your secondary weapon is limited, be careful 2.4 Ships After completing a certain number of missions, you will get your hands on a new ship, these upgraded ships have a larger token capacities And different default weapons. -HEX Your standard Navy fighter pilot ship, looks small and stout. -SPOCK Hrm. pretty weird ship, used on all planetary missions. Nothing alterable with tokens. -WRAITH This one looks like the Hex, just with two huge cannons at it's side and a larger engine. -DIABLO The best ship the navy has to offer, it's awkward shape makes it pretty hard to know which way it's facing. -VOODOO Having captured the alien ship's technology, VOODOO has it made, it's the coolest ship in the game! Clearly the Unknown Alien technology is far superior to both the Navy and leagues'. 2.3 Primary Weapons Lasers - Your standard laser impulse cannon, good for damaging hull. AS Lasers (Anti-Shield Lasers) - Use these to take down enemy shields, once shields are down, they will reflect. Grappling gun - Attaches something to your ship to move or attaches you to something. Seismic Laser - Strong single continual laser beam, good for breaking off asteroids and mines. Particle Cannon - Press and hold to charge, then bombs away! You now have control over the purple ball that can go boom! Ion Cannon - Super fast jets of laser stream from your ship at random after charging up. Plasma Cannon - Twin powerful charged Cannons can knock out shields at first hit, only backside to this is that you have to wait for the cannons to cool before you can fire them. Best used against big ships. Scatter Gun - Very rapid shots of medium impulse energy beams cut out through your ship, Kinda makes CWV seem like a world war II game, eh? Leach Cannon - Drains enemies shields, and in some missions, drains power and charges up objects, pretty weird if you ask me. Alien Laser - Whoa! This one's cool, its 2Xs the power of an ordinary laser and it's a AS laser as well! Great weapon for dogfights. 2.4 Secondary weapons Missile- Your standard homing tracking tube of destruction, wave your `+' on an enemy ship after loading it for one second and it will lock on and home when you fire it. Defense Pod - Not very many people know how to use pods. Target any ship, and load, then wave the `+' at your target and fire. The defense pod, is like a little fighter in it's own, it will protect the designated craft offensively. Attack Pod - Does the opposite of the Defense pod, Noo! Don't launch it at the navy ships! It WILL ATTACK! Repair Pod - Repairs designated ship, (duh) Probe Pod - Only needed in selected missions, Acts like a spy to probe a ship :P Alien Missile - Har har, and you thought the missile was great, this one's twice as fast, as powerful and it's homing abilities are awesome! Until of course that friggin ship lets out a flare. Alien Torpedo - This one's awesome, it may look like it's slow, but it's actually really fast! I once hit a fighter while he just came out of a `flashing star' in about 2 seconds after a fired it! 2.5 TACTICS One good tactic for battle is the _croak_ method. Fire up your reverse thrust and have the enemy chase you while you have a clear shot of him as he chases you from the front. Just carefully aim, and fire, it won't take very long for them to destruct. To destroy big ships, here are a few methods for optimum speed to do so. -Drain they're shields with leach, then take your time. -Disable shields with AS lasers, then destroy with weapon of choice. -Fire high impulse weapons at target, weakening shield, then hull. -NEVER move too close to big ships which are taking the offensive against you as they are probably armed with a huge laser capable of draining your shields quite rapidly. Try not to ram into things as they damage your hull even if your shields are fully functional. If you see the `INCOMING' signal at the bottom of your screen, meaning you have been locked on by an enemy missile, use your afterburners (L1+R1) to evade the missile, then check your rear view, (L2+R2) To see if it's still following you. Always keep the alert for messages that appear at the bottom of your screen. Use your afterburners when possible to decrease your travelling time. ========= 3.0 CODES ========= I believe any good game should have some codes for you so that when you complete the game, you may use them to enhance the fun and excitement. Please try not to use these codes before you complete the game as it will ruin everything! -Blizzard - Enable codes -Stormlord - Disable codes -Vampire - Invincibility -Tornado - Have all weapons -Dark*Angel - No overheat of primary weapons -Chimera - Infinite Secondary weapons -Avalanche - Infinite afterburner -Hydra - 99 Tokens -Thunderchild - All ships -Demon - Mission and End Select (Please note these codes are case sensitive, meaning the capitals MUST be capital letters.) =========== 4.0 MISSIONS =========== Missions are played so that if you fail a mission, you get to do an extra mission, then after that, you do the mission you were supposed to do if you had completed the first mission. If you fail the extra mission, the game is over. After Completing a mission, you get navy tokens, these are used to upgrade your ship in the hanger. ==== END ==== What?! The end already? Yah, I know I promised I'd put up the missions Section but sorry. Gonna add those in version 1.2 okies? And a whole lot more! Please Email me at reuben@psxrocks.com for questions/comments/whatever. Thanks