----------   BEAT MANIA (2nd Arcade Edition)   ----------          
           ----------   Including Yabisu "Append" Mix     ----------		
                        The Modern DJ's Guide to Better Beat Mixing
                        Or "How to play Beat-mania without Ruining your
                        Dual Shock Controller"

                        By: Alex "DJ Smiley" B.
                        Version 0.0  December 18, 1998
                        I can be reached at cvallido@hotmail.com



Beat Mania is a trademark of Konami Corp. Yada, yada, yada and all that useful 
legal drivel that only people who make 6 figure salaries are interested in)

Sigh, and I guess an FAQ wouldn't be complete without one, so here goes 

DISCLAIMER:  (Hey, you knew it was coming, right?)

This FAQ is an original work.  Trademark Alex B.  All rights reserved.  It may 
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GAMEFAQS.COM has helped me out so much on all the Japanese games that we don't 
have strategy guides for here in the U.S. and in turn, I wanted to give a 
little something back.  By the way, this is my first shot at an FAQ, so if you 
spot something wrong, it's probably just a, a. a misprint!  Don't blame the 
author, blame it on uh, the inadequacies of Windows '98.yeah, that's it!

Okay, now that the legislative mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, ON TO THE 




1. Brief History and Background
2. Game Set-up
3. Controls
4. Scratching Techniques and other tips
5. Complete List of Songs for Arcade mix and Yabisu Append Discs
6. Acknowledgements




This 2-disc game is a fun (and I warn you, completely addictive) music and 
rhythm based "DJ" game, in the tradition of games such as Pa-rappa the Rapper, 
or Bust-a-groove.  If you liked any of the above two, then chances are you 
will not be pushing the eject button on top of your PSX for quite some time 
once you slam this sucka in the lid.  However, the songs here are much more in 
line with "true hip-hop" if you know what I mean.  It even has "flavor-flave" 
samples, of Public Enemy Fame.  No "ribbit-ribbit, I can't hold it." here.  
Alright, now that my shameless plug for the game is over, (You can send the 
check in the mail, Konami.) let's proceed to the history.  This outlandish 
game took the Japanese arcades by storm, culminating in an additional 3 
swequels being made, one right after the other. I heard that it is also on 
it's 3rd version on the Playstation (I think.)  In fact, the Japanese even 
enjoy playing the game the way it was meant to be played.with a "TURN-TABLE" 
controller!  Yes, retailing for about $45, the PSX compatible controller fully 
resembles an actual DJ turn-table, and I hear it works great! (I hope to order 
one myself sometime soon.) Some players overseas have even mastered the style 
of using two such controller ambidextrously, which makes it look for all 
intents and purposes, just like a real DJ spinning wax on 2 wheels of steel.  
In fact, the arcade coin-op has 2 actual turntables that the player must 
manipulate - now that's fresh!  Or in Bust-a-groove terms. "SO NAASTY!"   

Hopefully, the game will be ported over here just like Sony ported Bust-a-
move, ahem, or should I say Bust-a-groove, as the corporate pundits have so 
cleverly renamed it.  I myself have only the 2nd version, and I am feverishly 
looking for the other 2.  On a final note, it helps to have a good quality 
surround sound system on your TV when you play the game, because it brings 
every nuance, every note to life.  (Eg: In 2 player "DJ Battle", if you have a 
stereo system, the head DJ "speaks" to each of you separately through 
different speakers!)  But I digress, on with the quest to expose the delights 
of this game to the uninitiated.




The game's basic plot consists of pressing buttons on your playstation at the 
proper time, which is when a "note" of the song reaches the red line at the 
bottom of the screen.  If done correctly, the pressing of the buttons 
activates a certain designated sound or music effect, that when combined with 
the background track that is already playing, makes for some pretty funky 
songs.  You are bound to like at least a couple of `em out of the more than 2 
dozen or so that are offered in this game.  Actually, there are many different 
types of songs that are showcased in this 2nd version, hip-hop, house  
ambient, techno, rave, jazz, break beats, ballads, (yes.ballads! What the 
hell?) and others more traditional types of songs your mom and pop would 
probably recognize.  You are then scored depending on how well you did, as 
well as ranked on your over-all capabilities as a DJ.  

The beautiful thing about this game is that it can be played by anyone, young 
or old, and you can learn how to play it in one minute - no complicated 
controls, no having to solve complicated puzzles that take hours, or find 
clues.  It only takes one game to get hooked, and the replay value is 
tremendous. ((Sigh.more shameless plugging!))  This is a game you can even 
play with a girlfriend who hates the traditional run-of-the-mill sports games 
or fighting games or definitely at a party you're throwing.  Everyone is gonna 
want a turn on the controller once they start bobbing their heads to the music 
- guaranteed!  I myself like it `cuz it's a game that you can play if you only 
have 10 minutes left before work, or you're trying to squeeze in a game before 
school.  There are several different modes to keep the gamer amused, from 
training, to freeplay (just mess around!), to having the computer play the 
songs for you automatically and even an excellent review mode wherein the game 
coaches you and goes over how you did note for note.  So how does one play the 
game?  Read on!




The diagram below illustrates the controls best.  As previously stated, the 
game calls for pressing a certain button at a certain time, or in many cases, 
many certain buttons all at the same time.  I know it sounds easy, but there 
is more than meets the eye to this game.  It takes hand-eye-to-eye 
coordination, an excellent sense of rhythm, an ear for music, and steady 
nerves.  Yes, parents out there, this game is an excellent learning tool for 
the kiddies!  (Yet another shameless plug.hey, can you tell I love this game?) 
So without further ado, here is more or less what the screen looks like, along 
with the necessary controller/button info:

                           I   I   I   I      I
                           I   I   I   I      I
                           I   I   I   I      I
Left control pad button is I===I   I   I      I  This note is colored grey.
                           I   I   I   I      I
        L1 or L2 button is I  ===  I   I      I  This note is colored blue.
                           I   I   I   I      I
          Square button is I   I===I   I      I  This note is colored grey.
                           I   I   I   I      I
        R1 or R2 button is I   I  ===  I      I  This note is colored blue.
                           I   I   I   I      I
               X button is I   I   I===I      I  This note is colored grey.
                           I   I   I   I      I
          Circle button is I   I   I   I======I  This note is colored orange.
                           I   I   I   I      I
                           I   I   I   I      I
                           I   I   I   I      I

Once the note drops to the red bar at the bottom of the screen, that's when 
you should press the button that is assigned to each note.  If done correctly, 
the computer will flash the prompt:"GREAT".  If you do it acceptably so-so, 
the computer will flash "GOOD".  Do it a little late or early, you will see 
"BAD". Press something you're not supposed to press or do it way too early or 
late, or don't press anything at all when you're supposed to, and the PSX will 
flash "POOR".  Doesn't sound too complicated, does it?  Try one of the techno 
songs at difficulty 5 and you'll see it's not all that easy.  Sometimes, 2 or 
3 notes come down simultaneously, and another 3 after that.  You can end up 
twisting your fingers into knots trying to keep up sometimes!




I'm assuming you've already played the game a few times and would just like 
some more info on the game.  It's really something that if you practice, you 
can improve your skills.  I say this because the pattern and timing of the 
songs are not random.  If you play one song enough, you can memorize the whole 
thing and play the song correctly without even looking at the note guide on 
the screen - you would know which buttons to press just by listening to the 
background music (In fact, there is a mode in freeplay that "hides" the notes 
that come down, leaving you with only your instinct as to when to press the 
buttons).  It also helps to have SOME sense of rhythm.

For timing, I like to press the button just as the bottom of the note hits the 
red bar.  This gets you a "GREAT" prompt 99% of the time. And for those who 
manage to pull off a perfect song, meaning all of the notes were played, no 
"GOOD", "BAD" or "POOR" ones, then there's a "PERFECT BONUS" as well (It's 
3110 extra points, by the way).  There's also an "EDGE BONUS" if you manage to 
score just enough to land on the qualifying line that lets you move on to the 
next level - not too high or too little.  The "DJ BATTLE" mode, which you can 
access after successfully completing 2 songs in "NORMAL MODE", is an excellent 
way to build your skills (Plus, you have got to check out that DJ you're 
battling - he's so wack it's funny!  Trust me, take one look at this chump and 
you'll bust a gut cracking up!)

The best technique is to listen to the song and remember approximately when a 
certain sounds effect or note comes in, and rather than looking at the screen, 
press the button after hearing the part of the song where you think it 
belongs.  You can freestyle too, (The Ambient "Greed-eater" and Bossa Groove 
"Papaya Bossa" - Frnch version are excellent for messing around, you can come 
up with some truly kickin' songs that sound nowhere near the original.  
However, the game does recommend following the designated beat, (that is the 
object of the game after all) in order to get the highest maximum score.




Once you've played a song on the game mode, you can access that song on the 
"training mode".  If you haven't yet played a song on the game mode, you will 
see "???" where the song should be.  For some reason, (and I haven't figured 
it out yet.any one who does, feel free to contact me and I will update this 
FAQ and give you credit) the computer exposes certain songs after you complete 
certain ones beforehand.  Eg:  My friends and I somehow seemed to always get 
"Konamix" and "Japanese Hip-hop" filled in last even though they're not the 
last songs on the order of difficulty.  Here are all the songs, by disc, in 
order of ascending difficulty.  

P.S. I marked the songs I really liked with an asterisk (*) at the end.  I 
gotta admit some of the songs are just really stupid, but some of them I 
wouldn't hesitate to play at a club!  They're that good.

--Disc 1:  Beat Mania 2nd Arcade Mix--   

1) Hip-hop "U Gotta Groove" 
2) Reggae "Jam Jam Reggae"
3) Ambient "Beginning of Life" (1 Player mode only) *
4) Ambient "Greed Eater" (2 Player mode only) *
5) Break Beats "2 Gorgeous 4 U" *
6) Ballade "Do You Love Me"
7) Techno "Overdoser" (Romo Mix)
8) Hip-hop Street Mix "U Gotta Groove Triple `Mazin dub" 
9) Japanese Hip-hop "Tokai"
10)  DJ Battle
11)  Konamix "Salamander Beat Crush Mix" *
12)  Soul "Love So Groovy"
13)  Rave "E-motion" *
14)  House Spiritual Mix "Love so Groovy Nite's After Luv Mix"
15)  Minimal Techno Mix "Overdoser" (Driving Dub Mix)
16)  House "20.November"
17)  Ska "Ska a Go Go"
18)  Drum `N Bass Mix "Deep Clear Eyes"
19)  Hard Tekno "Acid Bomb"
20)  Rave "E-motion" (2nd Mix) *
-This last song is probably the best one if played in 2Player mode correctly. 
Having a surround sound speaker system with your TV really helps the game 
stand out, since most of it is sound based.we played this at my friend's house 
with his zillion dollar sound set-up and it sounded rad!  Then I brought the 
game home and played it on my 1960ish one-speaker TV.  Talk about severe 

--Disc 2:  Yabisu "Append" Mix--

1) Funk "Cat Song - theme of UPA"
2) Style Garage "Body" *
3) Bossa Groove "Papayapa Bossa" *
4) Asian Traditional "Changing the Asia" *
5) Speed Garage "Ain't it Good" *
6) Funky Jazz Groove "Stop the Violence" *
7) Hard House "I.C.B."
8) Bigbeat Mix "Metal Gear Solid" (Main Theme)
-This song contains visuals from the game and even contains some samples from 
the game (soliton radar sound effects, laser camera movements, Otacon:  "I've 
done all I can do, snake!"
9) Bossa Groove (French Version) "La Bossanova de Fabienne" 




--A Big up to my homey David "DJ TACO" M., without whom this FAQ would not 
have been possible.  To borrow a phrase, "What up, fool!?!"  Thanks for the 
game, .PIKA, PIKA, PIKA!!! Oh and by the way. "I am STILL the king of this 
game!" Stick to wack-ass "King of Crusher"!  Maybe you can make an FAQ for 
that dope game. TOP MAANA!  Bompire Butt! Heh, heh.  

--Thanks to Chris "Here.you take it!" V. for contributing all those tips, 
carrying our Sodas into the house in the pouring rain and teaching me how to 
match a Vest and Scarf with a cool-ass leather hat! "OH NOOOO!!!" 

--A Fat shout-out to "Hep-cat Jive-daddy" Shawn H. for play-testing all those 
"Special CD-R's."  You should make an FAQ for Brave Fencer Musashi, homey, if 
you can get off the phone with Erica for one minute!

-- Major props to Konami for a kick-ass game that caters to us Hip-hop 

--And a hearty thanks to GAMEFAQS.COM for putting my FAQ on and helping all of 
us get the most out of our overseas games!  Finally, thanks to Pentium and 
Homer Simpson for collaborating on a cranial implant that gave the world the 
Super-Donut!  Excelsior!