***Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped*** 
CRASH BANDICOOT 3 WARPED FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                         
Date started writing: Monday 2nd June 2003
Date finished writing: Thursday 10th June 2003
Last updated -- 
Developer: Naughty Dog
Producer: Universal Interactive Studios
Created in: Nov ë98
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I: Table of Contents
II: Version Information
III: Legal Things
IV: Introduction
V: Controls
VI: Boxes   
VII: Powers
VIII: Crystals, Gems and Relics
IX: Platforms
X: Level Walkthrough
XI: Bosses
XII: Cheats and secrets
XIII: Getting 105%
XIV: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
XV: E-Mail
XV: Credits
XVI: About Me
Version 1.0: Complete. FAQ Posted
This FAQ is copyright of the author (ME, Shay Irwin). You cannot take any credit 
for anything you may have printed from this FAQ. Feel free to print or take a 
chunk out of this FAQ without the glorious credit (You donít have to print out 
the whole thing as it is 18 pages long). I have only allowed gamefaqs.com to 
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I just want to say a couple of things in the intro. Firstly, thank you to 
Naughty Dog for making such a great game! Also, this is the first FAQ I have 
written so if you find a mistake (no, not a spelling or grammar mistake!) then 
please e-mail me at Juliejirwin@aol.com. Feel free! You can also e-mail me 
questions, most of which will be answered unless the answer is in the FAQ. 
Anyone who e-mails me about a mistake will get their name on the credits bit 
(chapter 13). This brill game was released in Nov 1998, but I only got a 
computer this year (2003) so... there you go. There are some new things to CB3 
Here are the controls for everything in the game
***All the Time***
X = X (Duh!)
() = Circle
[] = Square
/\ = Triangle
Left Directional Button/Push Left on Left Stick: Move Left
Down Directional Button/Push Down on Left Stick: Move Down
Right Directional Button/Push Right on Left Stick: Move Right
Up Directional Button/Push Up on Left Stick: Move Up
Left + Down Directional Button/Push Left + Down on Left Stick: Move Left + Down
Left + Up Directional Button/Push Left + Up on Left Stick: Move Left + Up
Right + Down Directional Button/Push Right + Down on Left Stick: Move Right + 
Right + Up Directional Button/Push Right + Up on Left Stick: Move Right + Up
Start during Play: Pause
Start during Pause: Play
/\: Show Status Panel
***Basic Controls***
X: Jump
X + ()/[R1]: Body Slam
[]: Spin
()/[R1]: Crouch
Hold ()/[R1] + Directional Button/Left Stick: Crawl
Hold ()/[R1] + X: Hi Jump
Directional buttons/Left Stick + ()/[R1]: Slide
Directional buttons/Left Stick + ()/[R1] + X: Super Slide Hi Jump
***While Hanging***
X: Fall off
[]: Spin
(): Pull up Legs (What is the point of this?)
***While Swimming***
X: Short Speed Burst
[]/()/[R1]: Short Spin Burst
***While in the Jet Sub***
X/[]: Shoot Torpedo Forwards
()/[R1]: Turbo Boost
***While on the Motorbike***
X: Accelerate
[]/()/[R1]: Brake
***While on the Jet Boat***
X: Accelerate
***While in the Bi-Plane***
[]: Barrel Roll
X: Brake
Hold ()/[R1]: Machine Gun
***While Riding Pura***
X: Jump
Hold []/()/[R1]: Sprint
***While on the Baby T-Rex***
X: Jump
()/[R1]: Get off T-Rex
***Special Moves***
See Powers (Chapter VII) 
There are more boxes in CB3
***Normal Box***
ID: A normal wooden box. Nuthiní special
    Spin it to get an apple
***? Box***
ID: A wooden box with a yellow ? on it
    Spin it and get 1, 5, 10 apples
***Bouncy Box***
ID: A wooden box with vertical stripes on it
    Bounce on it 5 times to get 10 apples
***! Box***
ID: A metal box with a yellow ! on it
    Spin it to fill in those stupid outline boxes
***Outline Box***
ID: A white outline of a box
    Useless until you hit the ! box
***Spring Box***
ID: A wooden box with an upwards yellow arrow on it
    Bounce on it to get to those hard-to-reach places, then spin it to get an 
***Metal Spring Box***
ID: A metal box with an upwards yellow arrow on it
    Bounce on it to get to those hard-to-reach places, but you CANNOT spin it
***Green ! Box***
ID: A green metal box with a yellow ! on it
    Spin it to blow up all the NITROís on the level
***NITRO Box***
ID: A green box with NITRO written on it
    Stay far, far away. One touch and adios Bandicoot!
***TNT Box***
ID: A red box with TNT written on it
    Do anything but jump on this and youíll make a burnt barbecued Bandicoot
***Locked Box***
ID: A wooden box with chains and crap all over it
    Body slam these and get some apples
***Extra Life Box***
ID: A wooden box with a cheesy Crash face on it
    Yep, you guessed
***Checkpoint Box***
ID: A wooden box with a yellow C on it
    Spin this and if you die youíll return to the last one you spinned
***Mask Box***
ID: A wooden box with an Aku Aku mask on it
    Get protection with one, more with two, 20 seconds invulnerable with three
***Random Box***
ID: A box that changes appearance
    Spin it on the thing you want. HURRY UP, or it will become unbreakable
***Power One***
Obtained From: Tiny Tiger: Boss One
Name: Super Body Slam
Description: This makes Crashís body slam more powerful, eliminating anything in 
the yellow power surge Crash releases (Note: When you gain this power the 
original body slam will be deleted)
Controls: X then ()/R1
***Power Two***
Obtained From: Dingodile: Boss Two
Name: Double Jump
Description: Crash can now jump twice as high
Controls: X + X
***Power Three***
Obtained From: N. Tropy: Boss Three
Name: Death Tornado Spin
Description: Crash spins longer and his spin does more damage
Controls: Tap [] repeatedly
***Power Four***
Obtained From: N. Gin: Boss Four
Name: Fruit Bazooka
Description: Crash pulls out a whacking great bazooka that shoots Wumpa Fruit!
Controls: L2 to pull out Directional Buttons/Left Stick to aim and () to fire
***Power Five***
Obtained From: N. Cortex: Boss Five
Name: Crash Dash
Description: Crash can run (now get all the relics as thereís no excuse!)
Controls: Directional Buttons/Left Stick to move and R2 to run
***Power Combination*** (I made this one up, but itís pretty good)
Obtained From: Dingodile, Boss Two, N. Tropy: Boss Three and N. Cortex: Boss 
Name: Power Combination
Description: Crash takes a run, leaps into the air and spin-glides over great 
Controls: Directional Buttons/Left Stick to move and R2 to run, X + X to double 
leap and [] repeatedly in the air to spin-glide 
Crystals are easy to find in a level. Thereís one in every level and they are 
ever easy to find. They are pink/purple diamonds that float around in the level. 
You have to collect 5 to be able to open the first boss level, 10 for the second 
etc. You have to collect 25 to complete the game (Only about 60%)
There are three types of gem and here they are:
***Box Gem***
A gem obtained by spinning all the boxes in a level. It is a gem shaped grey gem
***Clear Gem***
A gem obtained by going on a skull and cross bones or coloured gem platform. In 
the last world (world 6) you may get SOME like a crystal. Itíll be at the end 
and it looks like a box gem
***Coloured Gem***
A gem obtained through secrets... ssshhh...
There are three types of relics as well. Get these by going for a trial and 
passing (There are times on the level walkthrough):
***Sapphire Relics***
A blue colour. Obtained by getting an average time trial
***Gold Relics***
Theyíre gold (Duh!) and worth more than sapphires but still quite easy to get. 
Obtained by getting an above average trial
***Platinum Relics***
Theyíre white and are notoriously hard to get. Obtained by getting an 
extraordinary trial 
There are also three types of platform. Platforms are bits of stone which take 
you to a different part of level
***Bonus Platform***
Yep, it sure is. They start off nice, honest and simple, but they get harder
***Skull and Cross Bones Platform***
Like outline boxes, Skull and Cross Bone platforms begin as a white outline of a 
platform. To activate it, you have to get through the level without dying before 
you see it. These take you to a very tricky part of level, but usually end up at 
a gem. Howís that for a reward?
***Gem Platform***
These again begin as outlines, except these ones are coloured outlines. Once you 
get the gem of the same colour (red, yellow, blue, green or purple) they 
activate. These are crucial as they contain missing boxes and clear gems. Not as 
hard as Skull and Cross Bones platforms, but still hard
This is going to be one looong bit of writing...
Note that the difficulty is how hard _I_ found it first time round. You may find 
it easier or harder depending on your skill
***World One***
***Level 1: Toad Village***
***Difficulty: 1/10***
***Gems: Box***
Not too hard. In fact this level is easy-peasy and very bog-standard. The only 
problem you may face first time round is the sword swinging guys, but theyíre 
easy. Just jump the sword and spin them. Very easy. Good to get to grips with 
the controls. Once youíve finished, go back in and get the relic. The crystal is 
about halfway through the level. The relic and gem are easy to get too. No 
problems here
***Level 2: Under Pressure***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box***
A new style of level: The under sea levels. This is the first of three. This is 
quite hard. Just ignore the enemies and concentrate on living, not dying. A must 
is getting the water jet sub as it can fire torpedoes, get a speed burst (vital 
for the mega hard to get relic) and acts like a mask. The relic is very hard to 
get, even the sapphire one. Nuff said
***Level 3: Orient Express***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box***
A wild boar in Crash 1, and Baby Bear in Crash 2, now what? Arrrhhh... itís an 
adorable baby tiger called Pura. Arrrhhh... Anyway this level is quite difficult 
for first time players. There are a lot of obstacles in this one which are 
annoying. The rolling barrels can be smashed through while sprinting, but the 
springboard men make you jump high, which could be to your advantage or 
disadvantage. It depends. The dragons are also annoying as the come in three 
waves: High, Low and a mixture of both. Decide where to get past them. The gem 
is hard to get, but the relic is actually quite easy to get when you complete 
this level. I got platinum 3rd time round. Easy, easy, easy...
***Level 4: Bone Yard***
***Difficulty: 3/10***
***Gems: Box, Red Platform Clear***
Another into-the-screen nightmare returns with... wait for it... not a boulder, 
not a great, whacking polar bear, but a big, bloody Triceratops. :faints: Oh 
well. Like Level 3 the relic is actually quite easy to get when you complete the 
level. Just watch the grass which will slow you down and the lava streams which 
will burn you into ashes. Dodge the grass, donít spin it because this slows you 
down too. Jump over it. These are the things which made me change the difficulty 
from 2 to 3/10. 
***Clear Gem***
When you get the Red Gem from level 12 return here. The red outline will become 
solid and you can jump aboard and nab that gem at the end
***Level 5: Makiní Waves***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
***Gems: Box***
The first of the jet boat levels. Keep an eye on the arrow up top ëcoz itís easy 
to get lost here. Avoid the floating bombs as best as you can. Some FBís move, 
so especially avoid these ones. Other annoyers are the men in the boats, 
cannonballs, and the men who swing anchors. When going for the box gem you may 
have to backtrack a lot ëcoz some boxes are hidden. Quite hard, especially the 
***World Two***
***Level 6: Gee Wiz***
***Difficulty: 2/10***
***Gems: Box***
Another bog-standard level that is very easy like level 1. Just play through it 
like level 1. The reason for the 2/10 difficulty is the wizards and right at the 
end. The wizards are hard first time and then theyíre easy. They shoot spells 
that turn you into a frog. After they shoot, give them the spin treatment. They 
take two hits to kill. Oh, yeah... The end bit. Well thereís a green ! box 
surrounded by NITROís.
***Level 7: Hang ëem High***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box, Yellow***
This game takes a lot from the MegaDrive game Aladdin. Easy except for 3 
enemies: The sword swingers: Spin ëem when their backís turned. The Pot Lady: 
Slide into her (()), and the scorpions on the netting: Spin ëem. The relic is 
actually quite hard, as you find yourself rushing it usually. My advice is take 
it slowly and smoothly, then youíll at least get sapphire, but the gemís easy to 
***Yellow Gem*** 
You have to have ten relics to unlock ëHang ëem High IIí (level 27) and play it 
like a level from there. The yellow gem is near the end, floating around 
***Level 8: Hog Ride***
***Difficulty: 4/10*** 
***Gems: Box***
Old name (CB1), new game. Unlike the Hog from CB1, you have a bike. Unlike the 
Hog, you now have control :cheers, whoops: To get the crystal you must come 
first. Simple, eh? WRONG! Itís HHHAAARRRDDD! To come first take the green Zippo 
pads: Upside? you go super-fast until you release X. Downside? Hardly any 
control! When going for a fast time wait about a minute at the start line, then 
go. Also use every Zippo pad and never release X... EVER! The gem is hard. Go 
rrreeeaaalllyyy ssslllooowww...
***Level 9: Tomb Time***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
***Gems: Box, Purple Gem Doorway Clear***
First tomb level in the game. Have your wits about you on this level, because 
there are some really strange enemies here. The flamethrower men are really 
dangerous here, as you have to have perfect timing here or youíll get burnt. 
Stepping on switches will make platforms pop out for a short time (no, not the 
ones in the platform chapter, just stone ledges). TAKE YOUR TIME, as you are 
more than likely to fall off rushing. Crawl over the spotlights ëcoz then you 
wonít get hit by the darts that come out
***Clear Gem***
When you have the purple gem from level 13 return here. Go through the door 
which has a purple gem painted on it and follow this tricky route to the end
***Level 10: Midnight Run***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
***Gems: Box***
All the enemies from level 3 make a welcome return at your midnight run, with a 
couple of new recruits too. Just play through like level 3 and hope you donít 
get smashed, crashed, splashed etc. When going for the relic, gallop the whole 
way and donít carelessly jump or you will probably smack into a bridge. Oh yeah 
and the gem is hard to get. I mean it. No, seriously... Itís annoyed me so much
***World Three***
***Level 11: Dino Might***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box, Yellow Platform Clear***
Play through this prehistoric spitting image of level 4 like level 4. Thereís 
only one new enemy: The crash seals. Theyíre not hard. Just spin ëem when 
theyíve finished spinning. Unlike level 4 just after the start thereís an 
adorable baby T-rex in an egg you have to hatch. Easy as level 4.
***Clear Gem***
When you have the yellow gem from ëHang ëem High IIí (You might already have it) 
take the yellow gem platform. Itís what youíd expect here. Running into the 
screen, side scrolls, U-Bends etc. easy. You can also get to level 32 from here 
(see Chapter 11: Cheats and secrets)
***Level 12: Deep Trouble***
***Difficulty: 7/10***
***Gems: Box, Red***
Another sub-aqua nightmare is presented to you by N. Tropy. The main threat here 
is the whirlpools ëcoz they turn on and off, so you must have perfecto timing. 
Also tap X repeatedly to make an extra effort of flip-flopping your way through. 
The relic and gem are hard to get and thereís no real advice here. SORRY...
***Red Gem***
Make way for :drum rolls: my super red gem explanation. Hurrah, at last! Anyway, 
letís go. Right near the end youíll find an ! box. Spin it and GO BACK. Yes you 
read me right... GO BACK ëtil you find a load of TNTís mixed with metal crates. 
Tap the TNT and take cover. Now just take the new route, nab the red gem and get 
back to level 4 for another clear gem to add to your collection
***Level 13: High Time***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box, Purple***
Not different with the enemies from Hang ëem High, but the level is different. 
You do way more net hanging. The hanging is harder in this, as there are more 
scorpions nesting there. Holding X after youíve jumped on the trampoline makes 
you leap higher, which is valuable for the relic. The gem is quite easy to get 
***Purple Gem***
Donít go dying on me and you should see the dreaded Skull and Cross Bone 
Platform. Take this very tricky route which will end up in a purple glory story.
***Level 14: Road Crash***
***Difficulty 7/10***
***Gems: Box***
Another bike race with more things to avoid e.g. Police cars parked in the 
middle of the road, barriers, deep pits and obviously... your fellow racers. 
Play through it like level 8 with extra verbal thrown in. Use the green Zippo 
pads whenever possible. When going for the relic wait about a minute again 
before you begin. When going for the gem again go rrreeeaaalllyyy 
ssslllooowwwlllyyy. You can also access level 31 from here so see Chapter 11: 
Cheats and Secrets
***Level 15: Double Header***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
***Gems: Box***
Some rather nasty giants roam around this new bog-standard level clubbing 
everything in sight into the camera, including you (well, only you actually, but 
oh well, thatís life). Anyway, the best way to get past these 2-headed freaks is 
to wait till one side clubs, then leg it past that side. The gem is easy but I 
recommend waiting ëtil youíve got the Crash Dash power before attempting the 
relic, especially platinum
***World Four***
***Level 16: Sphinxinator***
***Difficulty: 9/10***
***Gems: Box, Blue Platform Clear***
The most difficult tomb level youíll face. The same advice is hanging around 
from the other tomb level (level 9) and wonít go. Watch the falling blocks, ëcoz 
theyíre wider then you think and as you think youíre safely past... SPLAT!!! You 
get the idea. Eeewww!!! Getting the gem is very tricky as most people miss the 
four behind you at the start, and then you have to go through the level avoiding 
mummies and other crap until you get to a gap on your left. Double leap over it 
and spin them then double-back. Whew... The relic is hard and sadly thereís no 
real advice...
***Clear Gem***
Come back when you have the blue gem and take a very hard route (the hardest one 
of all) and nab it
***Level 17: Bye Bye Blimps***
***Difficulty: 2/10***
***Gems: Box***
This level is very easy. Just keep your finger on () to shoot the 7 blimps and 
tap [] occasionally to evade enemies fire. Gem? Shoot the boxes hanging from hot 
air balloons. Relic? Itís so easy I donít have to explain
***Level 18: Tell no Tales***
***Difficulty: 7/10***
***Gems: Box***
Another jet boat level. Play through it like level 5, and remember to keep your 
eye on the arrow up top. When going for the gem you may have to backtrack the 
whole level maybe. Also, around the back of the last pirate ship are 5 boxes to 
add to your quest for the lavishing gem. The relic is hard and again thereís no 
real advice for it. BIG SORRYís here
***Level 19: Future Frenzy***
***Difficulty: 8/10***
***Gems: Box, Secret Warp Room Clear***
Gawd, this level really annoys me. Do I have to write this? :YES!: OK. Play 
through the level as usual. Avoid the enemies here ëcoz they are hard to kill. 
Touching anything orange will FRY you alive so stay away! Plz?! When going for 
the gem remember to hit the ! box midway through the level. The relic is really, 
REAlly, REALLY annoying ëcoz you have to rush and usually die. Plus the facts 
that the level is 2 minutes (more like hours) long running with Crash Dash and 
if you die you have to start all over again. Not too hard :YEAH RIGHT!:
***Level 20: Tomb Wader*** (Har, har, very funny. Tomb Raider, geddit? Right? Oh 
forget it already...)
***Difficulty: 8/10***
***Gems: Box, Blue***
This level is quite hard. Take your time with it and the difficulty level will 
go down (Yeah, to 7/10). Crash cannot swim without his trusty goggle and 
flippers :BOO: so donít try going sub-aqua. When going for a platform if you 
think you canít make it donít risk it. Better to wait then get wet. The 
difficulty level of this level goes down to 5/10 when you get the Fruit Bazooka, 
as you can shoot NITROís and things etc. Wait ëtil you get the Fruit Bazooka to 
get the gem. The relic? Itís bloody hard. Get the Crash Dash... NOW...
***World Five***
***Level 21: Gone Tomorrow***
***Difficulty: 8/10***
***Gems: Box, Green Platform Clear***
This level is a spitting image of level 19 (Future Frenzy), except that theyíve 
thrown in a new, tougher enemy: The ED 209 like robots. To kill them avoid the 
rockets then spin his green ass to tomorrow. Taking your time on this level 
ensures getting through it easily. The relic is a real nightmare though, and 
only pure speed and luck will get you through. The gem is a nightmare too as you 
have to go back and forth between the green platform bit to get it
***Clear Gem***
Return from level 23 with a green glamour and take the platform planned for you
***Level 22: Orange Asphalt***
***Difficulty: 7/10***
***Gems: Box***
3...2...1... GO! Yes youíre back at the races, itís true. The police cars now 
move back and forth, back and forth which is really annoying and if you crash 
you are (simply) going to lose. The ramps and Zippo pads are a must, and the 
drivers suddenly riot and they hate you... trying to bash you into the nearest 
pit on purpose, so keep your distance. Again, when going for the relic, wait a 
minute at the start line and then go. The gem? Keyword = SLOWLY
***Level 23: Flaming Passion***
***Difficulty: 7/10***
***Gems: Box, Green***
This level really is what the name describes. There is LOADS of fire to avoid. 
Just shoot the people at the windows who chuck the charcoal at the floor. There 
are a couple of tricky corner jumps so take your time here. Getting past the 
level ainít hard, but getting the relic, even with R2, is. The gem is VERY easy 
***Green Gem***
Donít die. Climb aboard the Skull and Cross Bone platform and follow this tricky 
route to get a green glamour
***Level 24: Mad Bombers***
***Difficulty: 6/10***
***Gems: Box***
Just like ëBye Bye Blimpsí this is a free flight level, except this is harder, 
as your target are smaller, they move and you have to hit 2 points on them. 
Remember to evade enemy fire if you are under enemy fire ([]). Getting the gem 
is well easy, but the relic is very tough to get. Remember to follow the arrow 
pointer up top ëcoz it shows you the way to the nearest bomber 
***Level 25: Bug Light***
***Difficulty: 9/10***
***Gems: Box, All Coloured Platforms Clear***
Make a welcome return to the annoying glow bugs from CB2! The bugs stay with you 
in this night time tomb level, then nick off after 1/2 a minute. DONíT grab a 
bug as soon as you see it. Time it right when doors open or somethiní like that. 
Getting the 3 masks midway through will turn you invincible for 20 secs. 
Valuable for smashing and crashing through those NITROís. Getting the gem is 
quite hard, but the relic is way harder! If you get platinum then you are very, 
very good! 
WHEW! All Done!
***Boss One***
***Power Obtained: Super Body Slam***
***Name: Tiny Tiger***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
Tiny will start jumping around like mad at the start. When he sticks his 
fork-thingy into the ground attack him. He will flee and unleash his lion army. 
Just dodge them. Only spin in a life-or-death situation. Repeat this tactic 
twice more to get your new move
***Boss Two***
***Power Obtained: Double Jump***
***Name: Dingodile***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
This boss is tricky. Avoid his shadows from the gunshots from above or 
SSSIIIZZZZZZLLLEEE, PPPOOOOOOFFF, OOOWWW! Then he will start shooting directly 
at you. Dodge the shots. He will have created holes in his special shield. Run 
through them and spin him. NOW GET OUT! He will blow up. Do this procedure twice 
more and he is dead. Note: He will change his pattern when shooting from above. 
1st: Anticlockwise. 2nd: Clockwise. 3rd: Anticlockwise 2 shots at a time. Note 
II: If he makes his shield disappear completely he will get a new one
***Boss Three***
***Power Obtained: Death Tornado Spin***
***Name: N. Tropy***
***Difficulty: 3/10***
EEEAAASSSYYY. Jump his energy balls. Jump his lasers. Wait for the blue tiles to 
make a pathway towards him. Walk across it. Spin him. Do it twice more. :Yawn, 
snore, bump, ouch, where was I?, oh look Iíve done it, yawn:
***Boss Four***
***Power Obtained: Fruit Bazooka!***
***Name: N. Gin***
***Difficulty: 6/10***
Playing as Coco, you get to fly a rather groovy machine in attempt to save the 
World! Right. Pressing () shoots the laser thingy on your ship. Aim for the 
yellow parts on N. Gins whacked out robot with the cross-air and dodge his 
rockets and other crap. When you hit all the yellow parts he will die. Easy, 
huh? NOT! He returns, with a new suped up robot, with new weapons. Still, he is 
very easy to kill. Just aim for more yellow parts, and dodge the rockets. 
Congrats, youíve saved the World!!!
***Boss Five***
***Power Obtained: Crash Dash***
***Name: N. Cortex***
***Difficulty: 9/10***
This Boss is very hard. This Boss will take about 25 lives up first time round, 
so get fully supplied. Leap the Aku spinning Beam constantly, and dodge N. 
Cortexís fireball shots. When he starts chucking mines dodge then and the Aku 
Beam and make your way over to Cortex. His shield should go and you can now spin 
him. Keep spinning him down ëtil he goes down the hole. Repeat this procedure 
twice more, dodging the fireballs etc. Note: The masks change their pattern each 
time he loses energy. 1st: Huge, slow circle. 2nd: Small, fast set pattern 
(follow it and learn the pattern). 3rd: They dive at you well bloody fast
HEY, youíve done all the bosses and levels!
Yep, you heard right. There are 7 secret levels in order to complete the game
If you have a sad life and suck your toes for fun, then this is the chapter for 
Spyro the Dragon Demo: At the title screen press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, 
Right, Left, Right, []
Get 1 Mask: During Play Press: X, [], () and /\ altogether. Note: This only 
works once per life
You donít have to suck your toes through this part...
***Extra Levels***
Levels 26 ñ 30
To get secret levels 26 ñ 30 you must get five relics to unlock World Six. These 
levels do not have crystals in 
***Level 26: Ski Crazed***
***Difficulty: 4/10***
***Gems: Box***
***Relics Needed to Unlock: 5***
This level is not too hard to get the gem. Itís just the relic thatís going to 
get you annoyed. Getting platinum is very, very (lots of verysí here, about 
1,000, no, 1,000,000, no, oh forget it already) hard. This is by far the hardest 
level to  
get platinum on
***Level 27: Hang ëem High II***
***Difficulty: 6/10***
***Gems: Yellow***
***Relics Needed to Unlock: 10***
Not a level. Just an add on to get the yellow gem. No advice really, except 
there are lots of NITROís and holes around. No relic either
***Yellow Gem***
Right at the end, floating around
***Level 28: Area 51?***
***Difficulty: 9/10***
***Gems: Box, Clear***
***Relics Needed to Unlock: 15***
This is by far the hardest race level. Youíre now against UFOís, the Police 
drive towards you, and your opponents can fly over pits! Plus the facts that 
itís night time and have only your little flashlight to guide you. Move over 
sharp if you see a barrier, ëcoz thereís a deep pit right behind. Relic? Wait. 
Gem? Slowly
***Clear Gem***
Come first
***Level 29: Future Frenzy II***
***Difficulty: 5/10***
***Gems: Clear***                                                                
***Relics Needed to Unlock: 20***
Like Hang ëem High II, this is just an add on to the original. Not too hard if 
you take your time. This level ends in the clear gem. Use your Fruit Bazooka 
often here
***Clear Gem***
The End
***Level 30: Rings of Power***
***Difficulty: 3/10***
***Gems: Box, Clear***
***Relics Needed to Unlock: 25***
Not very hard at all. Just fly through the rings. Easy. The relic is hard to get 
though; especially platinum (I got it!). To gain super-speed, spin as you go 
through the rings. However, your plane will be hard to control. To get platinum 
you need to spin trough every ring for the entire race. The box gem is very, 
very easy. Just shoot (()) the boxes off of the hot air balloons
***Clear Gem***
Come First
***Cheat Secrets***
Here are cheat secrets
There are hidden levels (31 and 32) and here is how to get them and how to get 
past them
***Level 31: Hot Coco***
***Difficulty: 10/10***
***Gems: Box***
***How to get there***
Simply go to level 14: Road Crash. Midway through youíll see a strange, yellow, 
alien crossing sign. Smash crash it and youíll be warped to Hot Coco
This level is the hardest level in the game. Itís a jet boat level (Oh no!). 
Firstly, ignore the arrow up at the top and zoom around wherever you want to. 
What you want to do is find the green ! box, then follow the arrow. Why? Because 
the end is surrounded by NITROís. It may sound easy, but gawd, is it hard! The 
layout of the level is a huge maze, so this makes it all the easier (yeah, of 
course). The relic is ssssssoooooo hhhhhhaaaaaarrrrrrdddddd to get. Do I have to 
explain why, really? No? Good. The gem is hard too, as you have to navigate 
through the whole maze to get it. VERY HARD
***Level 32: Eggipus Rex***
***Difficulty: 3/10***
***Gems: Box***
***How to get there***
Go to level 11: Dino Might and get on the yellow platform. When you are getting 
chased by your Dino buddy jump into the claws of the SECOND pterodactyl and be 
warped straight there
This level is a nice easy one to finish Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (Woo hoo!). 
Right, grab the T-Rex and have fffuuunnn!!!
Getting 105% isnít THAT hard if you have at least Gold and Platinum relics and 
104%. Just walk up to Coco by the Load/Save screen and nick the clear gem she 
gives you! Hang around to watch a short yet entertaining fireworks display!
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ME: For writing this FAQ! I have had much fun writing it! I may write another 
one for CTR: Crash Team Racing! This FAQ took ages to write!
Naughty Dog and Universal Interactive Studios: For this brill game!
My power company: For not having a power cut while I was writing this!
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The manual: For some stuff on boxes and controls. The boxes bit wasnít that good 
though ëcoz some were missed out
You: For reading this!
My name is Shay Irwin and I live in London UK. I have loved Crash since the 
first day I got Crash Bandicoot 1 in 1999 (Oh my Gawd!). Since then I have 
collected all the games (except Crash Bandicoot XS ëcoz I ainít got a GBA). I am 
an expert at the CB games (If I say so myself) and are pretty good at all other 
PS and PS2 games
I hope you enjoyed my FAQ!!!