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Version History 2. Introduction 3. Secondary Weapons 4. Pistols 5. Shotguns 6. Sub-Machine Guns 7. Assualt Rifles 8. Sniper Rifles 9. Tips and Tricks 10. Closing Statements _____________________________________ /* Version History *\ |_______________________________________| June 28, 2004- Started this guide. I got the Title and TOC done, as well as the version history for the day. July 1, 2004- Secondary Weapons are finished. July 2, 2004- Completed guide. Will add more details when data is collected. October 9, 2004- Bah, sorry for taking long. I totally forgot. Fix a few errors. ____________________________________ /* Introduction *\ |______________________________________| Hello, and welcome to my Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (hereby refered to as Max Payne 2) Weapons Guide, where I will explain the details of each weapon. First I would like to remind you all to email me with any questions, concerns and problems, and I will respond promptly. I guarantee it. For a faster response, you have my permission to add me to your MSN list. If you would like to use this Guide on your site, contact me. I won't say no, but I would like to to know where it is being used. If you would like to email me with any comments, suggestions, problems or corrections, I will be more than happy to respond to your demands and include credits towards you. _____________________________________ /* Secondary Weapons *\ |_______________________________________| Grenades Accuracy: N/A Fire Rate: N/A Range: N/A These are your basic grenades. You hold down the Fire Button to get it ready, adjust your trajectory and let loose. The accuracy all depends on yur judgement of trajectory and there is no Fire Rate, but there is a fair period of time between grenades which you should fill in with your you primary weapon's fire. The grenades, after thrown, take some time to explode, but when they do, it causes some great damage and will instantly detonate any explosives nearby, including bullets! Advanced users can rebound grandes off of walls to reach some great spots. Molotovs Accuracy: N/A Fire Rate: N/A Range: N/A A liquor bottle with a burning rag. Like the grenades, except they instantly explode upon impact and cannot rebound off of any surface whatsoever. When they explode, they spread fire around the impact in a short radius and remains for a few seconds. Advanced users can use this to make traps for any enemies, which is guaranteed hilarity. Melee Attack Accuracy: N/A Fire Rate: N/A Range: Extremely Close This is basically what you think it is. You whack the guy with your primary weapon so that he can feel the pain from the butt of your gun. You can hit the guy from any angle but it will never hit when your crosshairs are, well at least it seems that way for me. This attack does pretty good damage, but it will take about 2 hits to kill someone. _____________________________________ /* Pistols *\ |_______________________________________| (Dual) Desert Eagle(s) Accuracy: **** Fire Rate: ** Range: The pistol's answer to the sniper rifle. It has amazing accuracy for a pistol, but still doesn't have the best accuracy in the world, and because it is a variation of the magnum, it does amazing damage, but it will still require about 2 hits to bring down someone. The only drawback to this gun is that it has a slow rate of fire, and should not be used if there are more than 3 people around you. When weilding 2 Deagles, accuracy is somewhat reduced but fire rate is evened out over 2 guns. (Dual) 9mm(s) Accuracy: *** Fire Rate: *** Range: Close-Medium Your basic weapon of the game, and it does it's job quite well. It does it's job at close-medium range and has a decent rate of fire. Coupled with bullettime, it will make for a quick bringer of death if used correctly. It has decent damage and will require at least 3 hits to kill and the fire rate is go od enough to take out any given enemy while sustaining no damage. When weilding two, accuracy is slightly reduced, but fire rated is quickened as a result of two guns. ______________________________________ /* Shotguns *\ |________________________________________| Striker Accuracy: * Fire Rate: ** Range: Close The autmoatic shotgun of the game, it does what any other shotgun would do; rip the guy apart. At close range, this will send bodies flying, and at medium will damage them severely. At long range, however, this gun will do next to nothing. It has the accuracy of almost all shotguns. At long range, you would be lucky if it hit your target. The fire rate matches the Deagle but you would be safer with the Striker because it kills quite quickly and will hit more than one person most of the time. Pump-Action Shotgun Accuracy: * Fire Rate: * Range: Close-Medium The pump-action shotgun is the shotgun you see in most games. It holds a small amount of shells, that require pumping after each shot. This shotgun has the best accuracy out of the three since it's medium range is pretty accurate but it also has the worst fire rate. It's close range will kill instantly and the medium will severly hurt most of the time. Even it's long range will do some damage, but still not much. Sawed-Off Shotgun Accuracy: * Fire Rate: **** Range: Close The only shotgun which can be used one handed, it is easily the worst of the three shotguns. It's accuracy is horrible. At close range, it will hit, but at medium and long ranges, you would be lucky to hit anywhere near the target. It does have the fastest fire rate out of the shotguns and one of the fastest fire rates in the game, but this comes at a cost. It can only hold 2 shells at a time. There is almost no need for such a fast fire rate. One hit would kill someone at close range and attempting to fire both shots at a target at medium or long range will do next to nothing. The one thing this shotgun is good for is ripping people apart at close range, so use it indoors, preferrably in hall ways. Heh, I happened to find an interesting glitch. You can get 3 shots off with this gun. If you fire one shot, then go into a Shootdodge, you can shoot twice! Sweetness! 3 shots! ______________________________________ /* Sub-machine Guns *\ |________________________________________| MP5 Accuracy: **** Fire Rate: **** Range: Medium-Long The standard sub-machine gun of most security companies, police organizations S.W.A.T. teams, etc. It has good accuracy and good fire rate and does a constan t amount of damage. As a bonus, the MP5 in Max Payne 2 comes with a scope to snipe with! It would have gotten 5 stars for accuracy but the bullets hit on and around the reticle, so that it makes a flower type design but do not let that ruin it for you because the accuracy is still great. The fire rate is good enough to waste a group full of bad guys before they know what happens. It will do the same amount of damage at any range, which is a good thing. (Dual) Ingram(s) Accuracy: ** Fire Rate: ***** Range: Close-Medium What shooter would be complete without a variation of the Uzi 9mm? This gun has pretty bad accuracy, but when a gun shoots this fast, who cares? You can easily waste a group of guys at medium range with this gun. This gun will hit at long range but will require you to shoot a lot more bullets before you kill one guy. However, if it was a group, they would all be dead. With Dual Ingrams, accuracy is reduced, but 2x the already insane fire rate! Couple this with bullettime at close or medium range and you will waste everybody really quickly. You can use this gun at long range if you want but it won't have as good of an effect. ____________________________________ /* Assault Rifles *\ |______________________________________| M4 Accuracy: ***** Fire Rate: **** Range: Medium-Long I bet you can't name one present day shooter that has come out within the past year that doesnt have this gun? You can't, because there is none. Every present day shooter has this gun because it is simply one of the best guns in the world. In Max Payne 2, it has the accuracy of a sniper rifle, it will hit the reticle without fail, so don't be afraid to snipe with it. It's fire rate is great too. It's bullets are powerful and will almost always kill within 2 shots and you can kill an entire group before they can shoot. The only problem I have with this gun is that it is too accurate. Sometimes, you can't get your re ticle to your target fast enough, so they might hit you while youre struggling to get your reticle on the target. This all depends on preference, but most seem to like the Kalashnikov more. Kalashnikov Accuracy: **** Fire Rate: **** Range: Medium-Long You can't name too many present day shooters without a variation of the AK either. Best gun in the game for most. It has a fire rate to match the M4 and the MP5, but it doesn't have the best accuracy. Hell, even the MP5 has better accuracy, but thats what makes this gun so good. It has the perfect blend of a accuracy for a gun. Not too accurate so that you can only pick off one guy at a time, and not inaccurate enough to hit nobody. This gun will spray bullets around the reticle, but only far enough so that all bullets will hit the person if you are aiming at them. If you can't get your reticle to your target in time, no problem, a bullet or two will stray of from the reticle to hit your target and possiible delaying his shot. You could probably even use this gun to snipe with but it won't hit exactly. This gun also features some pretty high powered bullets, since ive plastered a guy to the ceiling more than once with this gun. ___________________________________ /* Sniper Rifles *\ |_____________________________________| Dragunov Accuracy: **** Fire Rate: *** Range: Long The worst sniper of the two. It's not even as accurate as a sniper rifle should be. It has the accuracy to match the MP5, but at least it has a decent fire rate for a sniper rifle. Only Mona gets to use this gun, so Max is saved the trouble of using this cheap excuse for a sniper. It only has one level of zoom as well so that makes it even more frustrating to use. Sniper Rifle Accuracy: ***** Fire Rate: * Range: Long This is the best sniper rifle in the game. It has amazing accuracy and multiple levels of zoom. It zooms in twice as far as the Dragunov. It has the worst fire rate in the game, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem, since one shot is ususally all it takes to kill someone. ___________________________________ /* Tips & Tricks *\ |_____________________________________| Bullettime Always use bullettime, since it infinite after all. In any firefight, if you don't want to be hit, use bullettime, and fire away. If you ever run out, run for cover and wait until it recharges. Shootdodging This is when you leap away from your position in bullettime, but you don't actually use any. This can be used to dodgebullets, or get behind cover quickly in case you run out of bullettime. It's also usefulto get close to you enemy if you want to blast him with your shotgun. Cover Allways use your cover wisely. if you are taking on 5 guys, get behind cover and occasionally emerge in bullettime to shoot back. If done properly, you won't sustain any damage and you would have killed all your enemies. Accuracy With guns, like the Mp5 or M4, with a lot of accuracy, you must be exact so it will take you a bit longer to kill someone, while with other guns, like the Ingram or Kalashnikov, you don't have to be as exact, and can therefore kill a lot faster. ____________________________________ /* Closing Statements *\ |______________________________________| Thanks to: Remedy for making this game Rockstar for publishing El Greco for reviewing this guide Omikaru for previewing this guide GameFAQs for hosting this guide People who can use this guide thus far: GameFAQs.com Gamespot.com IGN.com neoseeker.com dlh.net This guide is Copyright (2004) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like it to be passed off as somebody else's.