All Japan FAQ v 1 FAQ ************************************************************************************************** SECTIONS ************************************************************************************************** INTRO OPENING SCREENS BASIC CONTROLS OPENING SCREENS CHARACTER LIST AND OUTFITS EDIT MODE MOVE LISTS ************************************************************************************************** INTRODUCTION ************************************************************************************************** Thank you to Chris, Mattrlz, Jim Freeman, N Garcia,, Cactus Smack and whoever else I have quoted or not quoted. If you see something you are responsible for, please e-mail me at and I will add your name to the list. If you don't want your name and info (and that's what this pre-release is for) included, also e-mail me and I will remove it. The idea here isn't to steal away heat or thunder from you, but to make a nonframe text based FAQ that has all of the info and movelists in one easy to find (albeit long) file. Thank you for all you help and please, continue to add or subtract or edit what you will! V 1.0 changes right edit slots for Hashimotoh and Yamazaki music edits split movesets into seperate FAQs added web info 5/20/99 What can you do? There are still edit movesets and regular movesets to write. There are, I'm sure, various spelling errors. Only together can we pool our knowledge and create knowledge for others. I wasn't around when Jim and Muka and others were translating Six Man Scramble, I got in too late, but you can rest assured that I will be doing all I can to help make FAQ's for All Japan and Fire Pro G. That's it for my soapbox! AJPW MESSAGE BOARDS Mattrlz's message board: Tag Team Terror message board: All Japan 2 message board: AJPW WEBSITES Mattrlz's site: Planet Saturn: ************************************************************************************************** OPTIONS ************************************************************************************************** when you start game square with Misawa on it is the first square ONE NIGHT MATCH CHAMPION CARNIVAL REAL WORLD TAG LEAGUE BATTLE ROYAL LOAD EDIT CREATE EDIT OPTIONS DEFEND TITLE (hidden) MVP SEASON MODE MATCH OPTIONS start game time of match-30/45/60/infinite ring-all japan 1/all japan 2/us black ring computer level-1-8 ring count-none/10/20 BABA voice-off/on ring announcer voice-off/on (you cannot select Baba without ring announcer) ?-off/on back to character select start match ************************************************************************************************** BASIC CONTROLS ************************************************************************************************** BASIC CONTROLS This section is from Mattrlz's awesome FAQ site. Thanks to, Jim Freeman and N Garcia for this section. is Mattrlz's site. * All grapples require Right 1 and one of the buttons at the sames time, from there moves are determined. R2 is always block for all characters. Your character is giving a certain number of POWERUP, they are balls located by the wrestlers name, the are used in either a special move or to kick out if you feel you are going to be pinned. Each character has a differnt amount. KEY Index T = triangle S = square O = circle X = x R1 = Right 1 R2 = Right 2 L1 = Left 1 L2 = Left 2 Standing T - run (In Tag Mode, used to tag in/out) S - weak strike S + direction- weak strike variation X - medium strike X + direction- medium strike variation 2 O - power strike O + direction- power strike variation 2 L2 - Block (catches strikes, press any button to do move after catch) Running T-Stop running S-Attack 1 X-Attack 2 O-Attack 3 Throw Opponent Off The Ropes ( note; for run counters to work, hold R1 as soon as you irish whip your opponent. Then just as they collide with you press a face button [hold R1 for the entire time]) T - run S ? leapfrog, drop to the mat, etc. X - med. Counter move O ? power counter move( spinebuster, powerslam,etc.) Grapple Moves R1 + T----- note: if you hold down R1 for the entire time, you will usually do a different grappling move. Also many of these moves seem to keep the opponent on the ground longer and serve as a perfect setup to a move off the top rope. R1 + T, then T - Irish Whip* S ? strike, strike combination X ? med. ( snapmare, etc.) O - power move( arm wringer, tombstone, etc.) *-T (with R1 held) -press towards opposite direction your character is facing- toss opponent out of the ring. R1 + S----- note: if you hold down R1 for the entire time you will usually do a different Grappling/strike combination. These moves are used to wear the opponent Down. R1 + S, then T - strike combination, strike, or weak grapple move. S - weakest strike move X - med. Strike, weak grapple move O - power strike combo, weak grapple move( press slam, etc.) R1 + X-----note: note: if you hold down R1 for the entire time you will usually do a diff. Grappling move or put a move such as a powerbomb into a pinning combination. These are usually the power moves such as powerbombs, piledrivers, etc. R1 + X, then T - grapple move S ? strike/ weardown move X - grapple move O - grapple move R1 + C: note: if you hold down R1 for the entire time you will usually do a diff. Grappling move/ put move into pinning position. R1 + C, then T- grapple move S- strike X- grapple move O- grapple move R1+ S+X: just another set of grappling moves, same as above. R1+ T+C: just another set of grappling moves, same as above. Into Buckle R1 + T: superplex, top rope rana, etc R1 + S: normal grapple move, no changes because of corner R1 + X: normal grapple move, no changes because of corner R1 + O: normal grapple move, no changes because of corner T: - S: stomping, shoulders, etc X: stomping, chops, etc O: strike combos or strong corner moves.. such as the reverse splash, etc Running Into Buckle S: running attack X: running attack O: running attack Top Rope---note: for a move like a Frog Splash, firebird Splash, etc. to work the opp. Needs to be parallel to the corner. T- jump down(doesn't perform a move) S- top rope manuver X- top rope manuver O- top rope manuver NOTE: some wrestlers have moves that can be performed if their opponent Is down parallel to the corner by pressing X or C when near the corner( Kawada kneedrop, Kanemura/Kobashi/Mossman moonsault,etc.) Opponent On Ground (On Stomach) T - run: stand a short distance away, run and then press X to perform a running ground move such as a splash, kneedrop, etc. S- pin. ( at torso) thigh kick( legs) X- hold, ground move O- hold, gorund move R1 + T- pick opponent up NOTE: Pressing down while hitting x/o will make you do a down strike, which is different from the normal move. Opponent On Ground (On Back) -Same as above- Opponent On Ground (Getting Up, on knees) T- run S- strike X- hammer blow( standng over opp.), stand at the side of your opponent( a short distance away) and press X to do a low dropkick, Kobashi's guillotine legdrop, etc. O- strike R1 + T-pick opponent up R1 + S R1 + X R1 + O DIVES Run towards far ropes and just as you bounce off, hold either S, X, C to do a varying dive move( tope, tope con hilo, elbow suicida,etc.) To do a plancha or quebrada, stand next to the ropes and press either S, X, C To do a Springboard to opponent on the outside, stand on apron. Press towards the ropes and hold C. You on apron, opp. inside R1 + T, Then C/T: suplex to the outside R1 + S, Then X/S: bash opp. Head into the turnbuckle Opponent on apron, you inside See above You Outside Note: to get back into the ring press T, to ROLL back into the ring HOLD T. Moves from behind--- note: hold R1 to do diff. Moves.. or put moves such as tiger suplexes into pinning combinations Grapple combos R1+ S R1+T R1+X R1+C R1+S+X R1+T+C SPECIAL MOVES: note; virtually anything can be performed using the powerballs.. anything from just adding power to a Boston Crab, to performing special moves off the top rope. L1 + C Standing--- special strike; cyclone elbow, lariat, etc L1 + C Running---- special running move; power lariat, etc L1 + T; (virtually during any grapple combination.) L1 + C; special corner move..Shiga's off the ropes tornado DDT, etc R1+T, then L1 + T; ON APRON: tiger driver 91 off the apron, taue's chokeslam off the apron, etc L1 + R1 + T: CORNER- special top rope manuverÖ Mossman's top rope reverse DDT, etc L1 + X or C: opponent Down (face up) parallel to corner, you by corner.. special top rope move(Sasuke/hayabusa Phoenix Splash, vader's vadersault.) The information in this section is thanks to Chris at His efforts are very appreciated and he is credited for this info at the end of the FAQ. I translated the Japanese meanings into US terms. pose: SEL+S,X,C recover stamina: tap D kick-out of pin: tap S,X,C,T kick-out of submission: tap D pin opp: down opp's side: S (S again stops pin) turn opp 90: down opp's side: T pull opp: down opp's head or feet: T run: T run to rope direction: D+T lock up: standing, facing opp: R1+T german clutch: standing, behind opp: R1+T whip to ropes: tie-up->D+T whip to corner: tie-up->D(towards corner)+T throw out of ring: tie-up->R1+D+T headlock clutch: tie-up->S german clutch: tie-up->R1+S throw into ring: you and opp on floor: tie-up->R1+T grab rope: after you are hammer thrown: T ring to apron: D(towards apron)+T floor to apron: D(towards apron)+T floor to ring: D(towards ring)+T apron to floor: D(towards floor)+T apron to ring: T apron to top rope: D(towards corner)+T top rope to ring: T throw opp into fence: standing on floor: tie-up->T throw opp into ring post: standing on floor (with back to ring post?): tie-up->T go around corner: standing on apron: D(towards corner)+S grab opp(ring) from apron: R1+T grab opp(apron) from ring: R1+T ----Tag Controls come into ring to help partner" SEL+C,X,T stop pin on partner: C,X,S,T apron to floor: D(towards floor)+T floor to apron: D(towards apron)+T ring to apron: D(towards apron)+T touch(tag) partner: on apron: T tag partner: in ring: T call for tag: on apron: T hold opp?: german->T hold opp? (posible lift to shoulders?): german->R1+T ************************************************************************************************** CHARACTERS AND OUTFITS ************************************************************************************************** Giant Baba-1.Red tights 2.Orange tights 3.Green tights 4.Beige tights Mitsuhara Misawa-1.Dark green w/white 2.Light green w/white 3.Green w/white 4.Tiger Mask pants Toshiaki Kawada - 1.Black/yellow pants 2.Black/yellow pants with kickguard boots 3.Blue/yelow pants 4.Footloose 1980's outfit Akira Taue - 1.Red with kneepads 2.Red no kneepads 3.Red with reb elbow pad 4.Red no kneepads Kenta Kobashi - 1.Orange tights, with black kneepad 2.Orange tights, with white kneepad 3.Orange tights, with black/white boots 4.Red tights Jun Akiyama - 1.Tan skin with blue tights 2.Light skin with blue tights 3.Blue tights 4.Purple tights Takao Omori - 1.Black w/kneepads 2.Black w/kneepads 3.Black no kneepads 4.Orange no kneepads Tamon Honda, - 1.Singlet, ponytail 2.Red/black shorts 3.Long hair, red/blue design 4.Red shorts, long hair Masa Fuchi - 1.Black 2.Black 3.Purple 4.Pink Yoshinari Ogawa - 1.Zebra pants 2.Zebra shorts 3.Black/white shorts 4.Red shorts Hiro Hase-1.Yellow/purple tights, mustache 2.Green tights, mustach 3.Younger look, short hair 4.Younger look, long hair Tsuyoshi Kikuchi - 1.Grey long pants 2.Black shorts 3.White/green long pants 4.Japanese flag pants Satoru Asako - 1.Green 2.Lime, elbow pad 3.Lime 4.Lime Mighty Inoue - 1.Red/white 2.Black Kurasawa style 3.Purple 4.Blue Jun Izumida - 1.Black shorts 2.White Kimala 3.White Kimala 2 4.Red shorts Kentaro Shiga - 1.Red with kneepads 2.Red 3.Black 4.Blue Yoshinobu Kanemaru - 1.Red tights, blonde hair 2.Red tights, black hair 3.Red tights, black hair 4.Tiger Mask pants, black hair Jumbo Tsuruta* - 1.Black 2.Blue 3.Red/blue back 4.Red Vader - 1.All Japan 2.WWF 3.New Japan 4.WCW Stan Hansen - 1.Black tights 2.Black tights, blue kneepads, beard 3.Blue tights 4.Black tights, one red knepad, one blue kneepad Johnny Ace - 1.Black/white ace design 2.Blue/yellow tights 3.Black/blue 4.Black tights Gary Albright -1.Red singlet 2.Black singlet 3.Red singlet with kickguard boots 4.Red singlet with Asics westling shoes Johnny Smith - 1.Blue/red pants 2.Pale blue tights 3.Red Bulldogs 4.White Bulldogs Kimala 2 - 1.Singlet 2.Kimala paint 1 3.Kimala paint 2 4.Kimala paint 3 Manneaukea Mossman - 1.Blue tights, blonde hair 2.Blue tights, black hair 3.Black/red tights 4.Red tights ************************************************************************************************** EDIT MODE ************************************************************************************************** option 1-name option three is english next to last option is save Option 2 is appearance Each body has four types of look. Here is the list of the edit wrestlers that do not already appear as playable characters. 26.American strong 1.Steve Williams 2.Scott Norton 3.Kevin Sullivan 4.Ted DiBiase 27.High fliers 1.Hayabusa 2.Darkside Hayabusa 3.Sabu 4.SASUKE 28.Jinsei Shinzaki 1.White 2.Red 3.Purple 4.Hakushi 29.American brawlers 1.Bruiser Brody 2.Terry Funk 3.Undertaker 4.Terry Gordy 30.Giants 1.Old Andre 2.Young Andre 3.Harley Race 4.Antonio Inoki 31.Yoshiro Takayama 1.Takayama 2.Takayama 3.Bret Hart 4.Umouskaede Ueda 32.Shooters 1.Masahito Kakihara 2.Daisuke Ikeda 3.Nobuhiku Takada 4.Kazuo Yamazaki 33.Jadoh 1.Jadoh 2.? 3.? 4.Mochizuki (Bukoh Dojo)? 34.Gedoh 1.Gedoh 2.? 3? 4.W*ING Kanemura 35.WAR/SWS 1.Genichiro Tenryu 2.? 3.Hitman Hara 4.Ricky Fuyuki 36.Big fat bastards 1.Abdullah 2.Headhunters 3.Yokozuna 4.Big Bubba/Big Bossman 37.Tiger Mask 1.Misawa Tiger Mask 2.Black Tiger 3.Sayama Tiger Mask 4.Gran Naniwa 38.Gaijin 1.Bart Gunn 2.Dynamite Kid 3.Gladiator Mike Awesome 4.Ken Shamrock 39.Masked 1.Patriot 2.Lacrosse (Wolf Hawkfield) 3.Spel Delfin 4.Tudor the Turtle 40.Keiji Mutoh 1.Mutoh 2.Orange tights, beard 3.Mutoh 4.Great Muta 41.Riki Chosyu 1.Chosyu blue 2.Chosyu grey 3.Funaki shooter 4.Atsushi Onita 42.Comedy 1.Haruka Eigen 2.Kengo Kimura 3.Mitsuo Momota 4.Tatsumi Fujinami 43.Gaijin 1.Destroyer 2.Dory Funk, Jr. 3.Animal 4.Hawk 44.Shinya Hashimoto 1.Blue 2.Kuniaki Kobayashi 3.Willie Williams 4.Hashimoto 3.Movesets 1.Giant Baba 2.Mitsuhara Misawa 3.Toshiaki Kawada 4.Akira Taue 5.Kenta Kobashi 6.Jun Akiyama 7.Hiroshi Hase 8.Takao Omori 9.Tamon Honda 10.Jun Izumida 11.Mighty Inoue 12.Masa Fuchi 13.Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 14.Yoshinari Ogawa 15.Satoru Asako 16.Kentaro Shiga 17.Yoshinobu Kanemaru 18.Stan Hansen 19.Gary Albright 20.Johnny Ace 21.Johnny Smith 22.Kimala 2 23.Mannueakea Mossman 24.Jumbo Tsuruta 25.Vader 26.Steve Williams 27.Hayabusa 28.Jinsei Shinzaki 29.Bruiser Brody (english ~G) 30.Andre 31.Yoshihiro Takayama 32.Masahito Kakihara 33.Jadoh 34.Gedoh 35.Tenryu 36.Abdullah 37.Misawa Tiger Mask 38.Bart Gunn 39.Patriot 40.Keiji Mutoh 41.Riki Chosyu 42.Haruka Eigen 43.Destroyer 44.Shinya Hashimoto 45.Scott Norton 46.Sabu 47.SASUKE (english HAYATE) 48.Undertaker 49.Kazuo Yamazaki 50.Headhunter 51.Sayama Tiger Mask 52.Gran Naniwa 53.Gladiator 54.Terry Gordy 55.Tatsumi Fujinami 56.Funk style 57.Dynamite Kid 58.Antonio Inoki 4.Edit mode logic The information in this section is thanks to Chris at His efforts are very appreciated and he is credited for this info at the end of the FAQ. ----Edit Mode: Logic(top right option) Logic: Baba type - unique Odo - defend as long as possible then attack Misawa, Kawada, ?Silver, ?Jinsui Nekezu - constant attack ?Nekezu Kozo, Nekezu My Pace - balanced Taue, Akiyama, Hase, My Pace, Luchadore, Gaijin, ?Lightning Dragon Rush - mainly high impact moves High Rush, Rush Hensoku - gambling, no pattern to moves? Hensoku Dageki - strike oriented offense Dageki Odo - same as above Showa Focus: Counter, Front Throw, Back Throw, Strike, Ground, Flying Rhythm (probably means breathing and stamina): Good, Normal, Bad 5.Entrance music and action 1.Entrance music 1.Holy War 2.Eclipse 3.Thruster 4.Sniper 5.Grand Sword 6.Shadow Explosion 7.Omori's theme 8.Honda's theme 9.Masa Fuchi's theme ("Danger Zone") 10.Never Give Me Up 11.Kikuchi's theme 12.Osaka's theme 13.Inoue's theme 14.Shiga's theme 15.Kanemaru's theme 16. 17. 18. 19.All Japan TV theme 20.J 21. 22. 23.Gary Albright's theme "Thunderstruck" 24. 25.Kimala's theme 26. 27.Vader's theme 28.Brave Heart-Williams/Gordy theme 29.Hayabusa's theme 30.Jinsei's theme 31.Innocence 32.Big Bone 33.Indy Blues 34.Shut Out! 35. 36.Thunder Gate 37.Black Devil 38.Super Flyer 39.The Spy 40.Fighting Spirit 41.Edge 42.Theme of Draw 43.Holy War Eclipse 2.Entrance action 1.Giant Baba 2.Mitsuhara Misawa 3.Toshiaki Kawada 4.Akira Taue 5.Kenta Kobashi 6.Jun Akiyama 7.Hiroshi Hase 8.Takao Omori 9.Tamon Honda 10.Jun Izumida 11.Mighty Inoue 12.Masa Fuchi 13.Tsyoshi Kikuchi 14.Yoshinari Ogawa 15.Satoru Asako 16.Kentaro Shiga 17.Yoshinobu Kanemaru 18.Stan Hansen 19.Gary Albright 20.Johnny Ace 21.Johnny Smith 22.Kimala 2 23.Mannueakea Mossman 24.Jumbo Tsuruta 25.Vader 26.Steve Williams 27.Hayabusa 28.Jinsei Shinzaki 29.Bruiser Brody (english ~G) 30.Andre (over top rope) 31.Takayama (over top rope, jumping) 32.Kakihara (jumping in place) 33.Check shoulders 34.Knee stretches 35.Tenryu 36.Misawa Tiger Mask 37.Sayama Tiger Mask 6.Save entry to memory card. This comes from Cactus Smack and it may help you put together good edits. Above all, have fun and try different things! Here's the stats for the edit's I've done so far. (# from left to right) B=Body #(Size small,medium,large/Size2) M=Moveset # E-Entrance # !=If there's more then one choice this one recommended. I left out theme music since there's only 30 some choices, figure you can choose which is best. Although there are some re-hashed versions of actual themes of the edits. Ex. William's is Braveheart. After that is Haya's, then Shinzaki. There's also a theme that sounds a lot like Yamazaki's in there, forgot the # though. And the old Tiger Mask one too. Feel free to put these on the FAQ if you like Mattrlz, they're all pretty accurate. DOC DEATH WILLIAMS B-26 (L/M) M-26 E-26 HAYABUSA B-27 (M/S) M-27 E-27 SASUKE B-27/4 (S/M) M-47 E- 27(Haya) 36(Misawa TM!) 37(Sayama TM) SHINZAKI B-28 (S/L) M-28 E-28 BRODY B-29 (L/M) M-29 E-29 GORDY B-29/4 (L/M) M-54 E-19(Albright)21(Smith)33(Gedoh!) TAKADA B-32/3 (L/S) M-32(Kakihara) E-34(Knee Stretches) IKEDA B-32/2 (M/S) M-31(Takayama) E-32(Kakihara) YAMAZAKI B-32/4 (L/S) M-44 E-10(Izumida)11(Inoue)12(Fuchi) TENRYU B-35 (L/M) M-35 E-35 TIGER MASK (Sayama) B-37/3 (S/M) M-37 E-37 GRAN NANIWA B- 37/4 (S/M) M-52 E- any jr. DYNAMITE KID B- 38/2 (M/M) M-57 E-21(Smith) GLADIATOR (Mike Awesome) B-38/3 (L/M) M-53 E-30(Andre) 25(Vader!) 4(Taue) MUTOH B-40/1 (L/M) M-40 E-6(Akiyama) 7(Hase) 8(Ohmori) HASHIMOTO B-44 (L/M) M-49 E-31(Takayama)