-Cecil Harvey Character guide-
V.- 1.1
By: Manashima Yukanna

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Character Info
1. Info
2. Battle Qoutes
III. Battle Abilities and Strategy
A. Dark Knight
B. Paladin
C. Exmode and Exburst
D. Strategy
E. Combination Attacks
F. Search Light and Paladin Force Combo Analysis
IV. Equipment
1. Weapon Types
2. Specific Weapons
3. Specific Armors
V. Frequently asked Questions
VI. Credits


I. Introduction

This guide is for new players of Dissidia to learn how to use Cecil 
effectively. Certain parts don’t pertain to the game like the next section.
There is a F.A.Q. Section that hopefully answers all the questions about 
Cecil.Most of them will be answered within the course of this guide, but 
that section there is for quick Reference.

This does not contain anything about Dissidia’s story. I don’t list 
character specific strategies(V. 1.0). And I don’t give any advice on what
accessories to equip, or where to find them.

Finally, Enjoy!

Version History

1.1- Added more qoutes(thanks to Mino Spelgud of Gamefaqs!!)
1.0- Basic information.


II. Character Info


1. Info-


Age- 20
Height- 5’10
Race- Half Human, Half Lunarian


Cecil’s mother Cecilia died giving birth to him, and was left in the care of
his father Kluya and brother Theodore. Kluya gave Cecil his name in honor of 
his wife.

Although Kluya was resolved in raising his two sons, Theodore couldn’t live
with the sorrow, he was angered by the death of his mother, and blamed it on
Cecil. After Kluya was killed because the humans blamed him for Cecilia’s 
death, Theodore abandoned Cecil in the woods. Fortunately he was found by the
king of Baron. Cecil became under the kings allegiance as his adoptive son.

Cecil lived under the king as his only son until another tragic occurrence 
happened, when the head of the Dragon Knights died. His son, Kain Highwind, 
was also left and raised by the king, essentially Cecil and Kain were 
basically adoptive brothers and sons to the king of Baron. Here Cecil also 
meets Kains friend Rosa, and they soon all become friends.

After Cecil and Kain graduate from their primary schooling, they join the 
Baron military academy, with Rosa joining the society of White Magic. Cecil
quickly rose through army ranks, becoming noted for his skill with a sword.
At the age of 20, Cecil rose up to the highest rank within the military, 
the Lord Captain of the Red wings. For Cecil to achieve such a prestigious
rank, he had to become a Dark Knight. Once he joined the ranks of the most
elite warriors in the world, the king gave him full command of the Baron 
armed forces.


Cecil is a man with great Courage, will and loyalty. Cecil is very preserved,
without hesitation or backing down from ways to accomplish a means. However 
he is stoic, meaning he has problems showing happiness, joy, and sadness. 
He is also shy, and dislikes social events. His greatest asset is his noble
and courageous heart.

B. FFIV: The After, Return to the Moon-

Age- 37
Wife- Rosa
Children- Ceodore 	

Cecil is the King of Baron at this time, and that’s literally all I know 
about this game. Rest can be found here if you want to know. 


Down to "The After".
Also the story of The After if you want to know;


2. Battle Quotes

Credit to Mino Spelgud of Gamefaqs for Translations
And Anime Kittysama.

Opening Battle Quotes:

*Let us begin.

*You can't run or hide!

*I will find the light in battle!

*I must not lose!

*This is no simple fight!

*This is the end for you...!

*I will overcome this!

*Is this reckless...? Even so!

*Never throw away your compassion...!

*So it's come to a fight.

*Vs. Warrior of Light: With this sword, I shall surpass you!

*Vs. Frioniel: For the sake of our dreams, let us cross swords!

*Vs. Onion Knight: Your light is still immature.

*Vs. Cecil: This is my personal fight!

*Vs. Butz: Please take this seriously!

*Vs. Tina: Don't be afraid to fight!

*Vs. Cloud: Let's find the answer together!

*Vs. Squall: Let's fight as comrades-in-arms!

*Vs. Zidane: Since it's you, this will be a fun battle.

*Vs. Tidus: Don't talk so much!

*Vs. Garland: Nothing good comes from war!

*Vs. The Emperor: Don't look down on and control people!

*Vs. Cloud of Darkness: The darkness will be dispelled in due time.

*Vs. Golbeza: Brother, I will fight!

*Vs. Exdeath: If power is all you have, then you are powerless!

*Vs. Cefca: Why don't you understand the pain of others!?

*Vs. Sephiroth: To carry such coldness... What sad eyes...

*Vs. Ultimecia: Emotions surpass time!

*Vs. Kuja: You should know the importance of bonds!

*Vs. Jecht: You cannot escape destiny!

*Vs. Shantotto: I feel something deeper than darkness...

*Vs. Gabranth: Is your suffering the same as mine...?

*Vs. Chaos: This sword carries the will of my friends!

*Enemy Vs Cecil

WOL: What are you truly fighting for?

Garland: A warrior who has no hope in his eyes...

Firion: You do not seize victory through kindness.

Emperor: Won't you join our side?

OK: Your power is kinda like mine.

COD: Be it the light or the darkness, it will still gobble you up.

Golbez: Can you best me?

Bartz: Cecil is Cecil. That's how I like it.

Exdeath: Fall into the depths of torture!

Terra: When you change, the world will change as well.

Kefka: Be a good boy now.

Cloud: Don't think, just fight.

Sephiroth: The darkness shall consume you.

Squall: Only the strong survive.

Ultimecia: Entrust your body to temptation.

Zidane: Let's get serious!

Kuja: The light doesn't suit you.

Tidus: Don't be hard-headed, take it easy!

Jecht: You're clearly defined by black and white.

Shantotto: That darkness doesn't suit you.

Gabranth: Why do you embrace the darkness in your fight?

Chaos: All bonds are severed in the whirl of chaos.

Exclamation Quotes:


Dodge Quotes:


Attack Quotes:

*Valiant Blow: Hmph! Sorry about that!

*Dark Cannon: Be consumed by the darkness!

*Gravity Ball: Stay back!

*Shadow Lance: Here!

*Paladin Arts: Stay back! Be perplexed by the moon!

*Soul Eater: Darkness, call of the soul!

*Dark Flame: Aura!

*Slash: Aim true!

*Lightning Upper: Go! Yah!

*Dark Step: By the moon's guidance! Yah!

*Ray Wings: Flutter, phantom swords!

*Sacred Cross: Hu! Haaaa!

*Searchlight: Be perplexed by the moon!

*Saint Dive: Those under the light, be judged!

*Paladin Force: Banishing light! Haa!

EX Mode Quotes:

*Decant Job: I won't hesitate!

EX Burst Start Quotes:

*Here it is!

EX Burst Quotes:

*Double Phase (Success): This is it! Under the guidance of the moon, there
is neither darkness nor light.

*Double Phase (Failure): This is it! Under the guidance of the moon...
Sorry... Be consumed by the darkness!

Victory Quotes:

*I must continue down my path.

*This is a victory for my beliefs!

*Embrace kindness, wishes, and prayers...

*I must not be stopped!

*I'm alive... I see...

*It's a precious thing, the heart...

*I have become stronger!

*This is the strength you desire!

*I applaud your courage!

*A knight's path has no end!

Defeat Quote:


Game Over Quotes:

*I... am a coward!

*I won't accept defeat...

*I will definitely stand back up!

*I wasn't up to it...!

*Was this my limit...?

*My friends are depending on me...

*This isn't over!

*Is this my destiny...?

*Was I no good!?

*My negligence is unforgivable... 


III. Battle Abilities and Strategy

A. Dark Knight

-Brave Attacks-


1. Valiant Blow- A swift stab attack
"Hmph! Sorry about that!"
LV- Starting ability
AP- 140
CP- 20/10
Extra- Press O again after attack connects to blow the enemy away.
Info- Cecil’s most basic attack. Valiant Blow is fast, and homes in from
a good close range distance. It’s a great ground attack to use after you
guard a enemy projectile and they’re close enough to get hit by the attack.
Its only draw back is if you miss, the end lag is a long. If combined with
Dark Cannon, it’s adds to the attacks effectiveness.

2. Dark Cannon- Attack that shoots out 4 orbs in front of you, then pulls
them back.
"Be consumed by the darkness!"
LV- Starting Ability
AP- 180
CP- 20/10
Extra- Ranged, Magic Guard
Info- Another of Cecil’s initial attacks. It’s a gateway attack. Links to
all of his Ground attacks. It pulls the enemy close to you, giving you 
enough time to attack again with other attacks.  It also is a great attack
to unleash if your opponent guards a lot, and this attack appears right 
behind them, pulling them in and bypassing they’re guard.

3. Shadow Lance- Attack that throws his lance forward.
LV- 4
AP- 90
CP- 20/10
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect	
Info- A great projectile attack. It’s fast, and has little startup lag. Its
awesome to use it after a guard or after Dark Cannon because it will hit 
about 5 times from close up. It decreases its hit potential as the range
increases. Another great thing about Shadow Lance is that if they guard it
after you throw it you won’t be stunned. If they guard it in your face 
you’ll be stunned like any other attack, so don’t do it unless your sure you
can throw it and not be affected by them guarding. Unfortunately the range 
of Shadow Lance is real poor compared to other projectiles, so keep that in


1. Gravity Ball- Shoots a big ball that homes towards opponent, sending 
them down.
"Stay back!"
LV- Starting Ability
AP- 140
CP- 20/10
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect
Info- Cecil’s standard air attack.  It’s a basic big gravity ball that
homes in on the enemy and makes the enemy fall, making them a prime target 
for your next ability you receive Dark Fall. But the problem with Gravity Ball
is that it’s hard to actually hit someone with it. A great way to hit them 
with it is to guard a melee attack and then use Gravity Ball. Also this attack
when guarded returns back to attack you, so make sure you guard against it 
also and returning it back to them.

2. Dark Fall- Cecil plummets to the floor quickly.
LV- 15
AP- 180
CP- 20/10
Extra- Enables Chase
Info- One of Cecil’s quickest attacks. If your above the enemy use this 
attack and it’ll probably hit them(well the cpu A.I. counters your buttons
input so most likely not against cpu). This enables a chase, so if you want
to chase them press x, don’t press anything if you don’t want to. Gravity 
Ball sets up this attack perfectly, knocking the enemy down stunning them. 
This attack also can only be guarded effectively directly below Cecil, if he
is guarded when the enemy is to the side of him, he won’t stagger, awesome.

3. Paladin Arts- Shoots big ball that homes towards opponent, sending them up.
"Stay back! Be perplexed by the moon!"
LV- 46
AP- 300
CP- 30/15
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect, Press O after attack connects to switch to 
Paladin, and attack with Searchlight.
Info- Basically Gravity Ball, so its just as hard to hit with it. If you do 
manage to hit it becomes one of Cecil’s greatest attacks. You can hit the 
enemy with this, and then Search Light(do a slight pause if they’re right next
to you, or else searchlight will sometimes miss) and finally one of Cecil’s 
other Paladin air attacks to finish of the combo.

-HP- Attacks

*Note* Using a HP attack will automatically change Cecil’s classes. If you use
a ground HP attack, he will change to Dark Knight, Air attacks vice versa for 
the Paladin.

1. Soul Eater- Stabs the enemy with his spear and then blows them away.
"Darkness, call of the soul!"
LV- Starting Ability
AP- 300
CP- 40/20
Extra- Brave damage included
Info- Cecil’s initial ground Hp attack. It’s pretty useful. Its startup is 
really short so you can surprise someone who wants to block your attack. It 
has little end lag so you can dodge if you miss. Its best used after a guard 
though, and it inflicts a lot of counter brave damage. Unfortunately its area
of effect is low, so if you guard an air attack and use Soul Eater, you’re most
likely going to miss them. Soul Eater has good priority, and can knock back HP
projectile attacks like Emperor’s Flare. Using Dark Cannon with Soul Eater 
adds to its effectiveness.

2. Dark Flame- Stabs spear in ground, a trail of flame home towards opponent.
LV- 28
AP- 300 
CP- 40/20
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect
Info- Cecil’s second ground Hp attack. It’s extremely versatile. The attack
homes on the enemy, and has a lot of range, so you can pretty much use it at
anytime. It’s also hard to dodge out of it. I find that if an enemy is ever
directly above you, use Dark flame, you’ll most likely hit them, or get them
to run away from you giving you time to regroup. It’s also pretty good to 
use when you‘re on the high ground and they are dashing towards you, or 
climbing up a wall. It also can be linked with Dark Cannon, or used when 
you crash the enemy into a wall. 

B. Paladin

1. Slash- A quick double slash.
"Aim true!"
LV- Starting ability
AP- 180
CP- 20/10
Extra- Enables Chase. 
Info- A standard slash attack. Just 2 quick hits, and if they land you can
enable a chase. It does have a big area of effect, so if they’re above you,
you can still hit them with this attack.

2. Lightning Upper- After a pause, Cecil executes a fury of slashes.
"Go! Yah!"
LV- 37
AP- 180
CP- 20/10
Extra- Enables chase.
Info- Cecil’s second Ground attack in Paladin form. This attack quiet frankly
isn’t any good. It has really bad startup lag, and horrible ending lag. Once
a human player learns that Cecil posing is a startup for this attack, it
becomes useless as a offensive attack, and it will pretty much never work
on a LV 9 A.I. opponent. Only way it can be used effectively is after a 
guard, or a laggy attack like Sephiroths Octaslash(use an HP attack instead 
-_-). It inflicts about the same amount of damage as Ray Wings, but this 
enables a chase, so of course if you do this on a counter attack you get the
added critical attacks in a chase which are always a huge amount of damage.

3. Dark Step- A quick double slash.
"By the moon's guidance! Yah!"
LV- 51
AP- 200
CP- 20/10
Extra- After slash connects, press O to change to Dark Knight and execute
Dark Fall.

Info- Like Slash, this attack is a quick double slash. But pressing O instead
of X results in a change to a Dark Knight and a execution of the Dark Fall
attack. A great combo if you’re in close quarters and want to change Cecil 
back into a Dark Knight without using a HP attack. Sadly this attack can’t
be used to create a combo like Paladin Arts, but it’s a combo within itself.

1. Ray Wings- An aerial assault with quick attacks
"Flutter, phantom swords!"
LV- Starting Ability
AP- 120
CP- 20/10
Extra- Press O again after attack connects to execute more blows.
Info- A very effective air attack. It’s fast, and has a good range. 
It’s great to use this after another attack, like Search Light or Paladin 
Arts. Another use for this attack is because Cecil slams his opponent into
the ground, he can switch to DK(during Exmode) and quickly use Dark Fall. 
One of my most used attacks for Cecil in the Air.

2. Sacred Cross- Quick aerial dive were you attack from above or below 
"Hu! Haaaa!"
LV- 10
AP- 120
CP- 20/10
Extra- Enables chase.
Info- Another very awesome attack. This attack is VERY fast and like Dark 
Fall can catch people off guard. But unlike Dark Fall you can execute this
below and above the enemy. Though like Dark Fall, it sends the enemy into a
chase. This can be chained with other attacks like Paladin Arts or Search 
Light, and if done after a block the chase damage will have high chances of
being a critical. This attack and Ray wings make Cecil’s air game very 

Its only negative is that it’s range isn’t very far though.

3. Search Light- Projectile attack where a magic disc homes above the enemy
and shoots out 5 rays.
"Be perplexed by the moon!"
LV- 23
AP- 90
CP- 20/10
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect.
Info- A gateway attack. It’s like Dark Cannon, it links to every one of his 
air attacks(even Saint Dive). But unlike Dark Cannon, its range is HUGE. 
Unfortunately it loses its link capability at far enough range, except for one
attack: Paladin Force. This attack is a little slow on the startup, so use it
best during an opponent’s attack that has a long loading time(like Meteor 
Rain),or after slamming them on the ground with Ray Wings(can catch them of 
guard sometimes).

-HP Attacks-

*Note* Using a HP attack will automatically change Cecil’s classes. If you use
a ground HP attack, he will change to Dark Knight, Air attacks vice versa for 
the Paladin.

1. Saint Dive- An aerial swoop towards opponent.
"Those under the light, be judged!"
LV- Starting Ability
AP- 300 
CP- 40/20
Extra- Brave damage included, Homing effect
Info- Cecil’s Initial air Hp attack. It is IMO one of the worst HP attacks in 
the game. It has horrible startup lag, bad ending lag, and horribly low 
priority (which is a horrible combination). Sadly its Cecil’s only Air attack
till LV 33,so if you want to change to Paladin without being in “Ex mode” in 
his early levels, you’re stuck with this. It’s can be used after guarding, and
there isone other use for this, and thanks to “raphealblaze” from gamefaqs, 
who provided me with the combination; use it when you chase after someone and 
they hit the floor and your right next to them. Use it while they recover.

2. Paladin Force- Throw a quick ball of light. If connects, it starts a aerial
"Banishing light! Haa!"
LV- 33
AP- 300 
CP- 40/20
Extra- Ranged, Homing effect, Brave damage included. Can be linked with Search
Light. After Search Light connects, activate Paladin Force and it will execute
the attack from any distance.
Info- Cecil’s second air HP attack. It is pretty fast for a HP attack, with 
little start up lag, and virtually no ending lag. It’s an outstanding attack.
It can catch people of guard because how fast it is, and is a great attack to
be used after a guard. It increases in range when linked up with Searchlight 
and becomes a combo that’s you’re enemies are not able to dodge out of. It 
also has an advantage in that Cecil doesnt need to put himself into harms way
because its a projectile attack. It definitely makes up for Cecil’s horrible
Saint Dive attack.

C. Ex Mode and Burst

I.  Ex Mode bonuses

1. Job Change

"I won't hesitate!"

Press R+[] to Job change freely.(sadly it doesn’t block attacks lol)

2. Damage multiply

Damage output is multiplied by 1.5 

II. Ex Burst

"Here it is!"

1. Mini-game

Cecil has to Simultaneously link directional(D-pad) input with Button(face 
buttons) input.  I find that the easiest way to do this is to memorize the 
buttons, then combine them with the directional output. So if its;

  <- -> <-      O [] O

Remember the face buttons combo O [] O. Then combine them together with the 
directional input. Easy to get a perfect. The time limit is about 4-5 seconds.

Its one of the weaker Exbursts in the game, plus side is that you have a large
time limit, and even if you miss a combination you can continue to do it till 
the time limit is over.

2. Darkness- Weaker Ex Burst

"Double Phase (Failure): This is it! Under the guidance of the moon...
Sorry... Be consumed by the darkness!"

Cecil combines both of his classes to inflict a powerful combo.

0 hits- two initial weak hits, followed by one weak hit of darkness.

1 hit- two initial weak hits by the Dark Knight, Followed by a strong strike 
in Paladin, and a weak hit of Darkness by Dark Knight.

2 hit- two initial weak hits by the Dark Knight, Followed by a strong strike 
in Paladin, continued by a strike from the Dark Knight, and 2 weak final hits
of Darkness by Dark Knight.

3. Double Phase- Perfect Ex Burst

"This is it! Under the guidance of the moon, there
is neither darkness nor light."

3 hit- two initial weak hits by the Dark Knight, Followed by a strong strike 
in Paladin, continued by a strike from the Dark Knight, then 2 weak hits of 
Darkness by Dark Knight, and finally a strong strike from Paladin.

D. Strategy

1. Character Overview

      Cecil Harvey in this game has the concept of “Style Change”. He switches
styles in different situations, and each of his forms styles is completely 
different.  The Dark Knight form is strong and best on the ground, but slow. 
Paladin is fast, best in the air, has better defense, but is weaker. The way 
he switches between the said forms is by doing an HP attack in the air for 
Paladin, and HP attack on the ground of Dark Knight. 

      Cecil is best used by using each form effectively in a given situation. 

2. Dark Knight

A. Info- Cecil’s Dark Knight is very strong, and can easily drain the 
opponents brave with the massive amount of combo’s he can use. His faults are
his slow mobile speed, and bad air combat. 
    While grounded, The Dark Knight form is best on the offensive. His attack
Valiant Blow is very fast, and has a large area of effect. It can easily be 
used as a counter attack also. His next attack Shadow Lance isn’t quite as 
fast, and it has bad range, and bad area of effect(no vertical range), BUT it
is good to use it as a decoy to get the enemy to dodge away from you, and 
hopefully you can land his next attack Dark Cannon. Dark Cannon is why Cecil
is pretty much so good on the ground. This attack can lead to every other DK 
attack on the ground, even his HP attacks. His two HP attacks are great also,
but only Dark Flame is good being used onthe offensive(when the enemy is 
above you, or far away). Soul Eater is better used defensively.

    While in the air The Dark Knight form is best on the defensive. He only 
has 3 attacks, and each is best to be used either after a guard, or during 
an enemy attack. This is the Dark Knight’s worst position. His attack Gravity
ball has bad motion lag(Cecil will stay still even after its shot), and it’s 
slow. His other attack Paladin arts is similarly to Gravity Ball, same exact 
cons. These are horrible surprise attack’s(used after an enemies attack) 
because they’re so slow, and most likely won’t even reach the enemy before 
they can regroup. They can only really be used after a guard. His only good 
offensive attack in the air is Dark Fall, and that’s only if you directly 
above your enemy to catch them off guard. Fortunately Dark Fall is a great 
counter attack in the air, just dodge above them then attack. It can even go 
through HP attacks like Cloud’s Cross Slash. Overall Cecil is not to be used
in the air as an attacker, keep him grounded. Really only use him if he 
happens to get hit in the air, and you’re in close quarters so you can’t 
change to Paladin without retaliation.

     Because The Dark Knight is so slow, this hinders his ability to be used
as a counter attacker on the ground. Because he can’t outrun attacks he’s 
forced to dodge them, making him use important time he can be used to counter
attack. The Dark Knight can’t effectively counter HP attacks on the ground,
except ones with tremendously bad area of effect like Squall’s Fated Circle.
The only way to mend this is jump and counter attack with his Dark Fall, 
which isn’t an HP attack, but it leads to a chase so you may get lucky and 
land an hp attack that way.

B. Summary-

-  Every brave attack he has can combo
-  Can combo both of his HP attacks with Dark Cannon
-  Great offensively on the ground
-  Bad offensively in the air, can only be used defensively because most
air attacks are slow
-  Can punish on ground with Valiant blow, and in the air with Dark Fall
-  Slow, can’t evade HP attacks by running forcing him to dodge(cant 
effectively exploit enemy end lag)

3. Paladin

A. Info-  Cecil’s Paladin form is very fast, has attacks that drain a lot of
brave, and sends the enemy into chases. His faults are that he’s weaker than
the Dark Knight, and absolutely horrible on the ground.

     While Grounded, the Paladin form is just damn near unusable. He’s not 
good on offensive OR defensive because none of his ground attacks can combo.
He has 3 attacks, two which are pretty much unusable because they don’t give 
any rewards.  His attack Slash is just a quick slash, really short range, and
no startup attack to actually get the enemy within that range. Lightning upper
is his next attack on the ground, and it’s probably his worst attack in the 
game. It has start up lag like an HP attack, and it isn’t even unblockable 
like a good start up BRV attack like Firion’s Lead Axe. It leads to a chase 
like every one of Paladins ground attacks, so you can lead them into the air 
where he fights best. His last attack is Dark step, which is pretty much slash
except it can lead into dark step, but it puts you into a chase in the air 
after changing you into a Dark Knight, which is the Dark Knights worse 
position. Paladin just isn’t very good on the ground, too many negatives. 
     In the air is where the Paladin shines(lol). He’s a great offensive 
character here. All of his attacks in the air chain like the Dark Knight
(except the Dark Knight can combo in the air and on the ground). Ray wings are
a quick combo that can be used offensively, or an excellent punisher attack. 
It slams the opponent into the ground though, which effectively gets them 
out of your sweet spot. His next attack is Sacred Cross. It is tremendously 
fast, and can attack from below or above. Its biggest downfall is its range 
though, which isn’t very large. It is a perfect punisher though because how 
fast it is. His final Brave attack in the air is Search Light. Like Dark 
Cannon, it has a long startup, but great rewards if you can hit the enemy. 
Searchlight can combo into your other brave attacks at short range, Saint Dive
at mid-range, and Paladin force at long range. The Search Light and Paladin 
Force Combo is VERY versatile, and can punish a lot of HP attacks.
     Because the Paladin is so fast on the ground, Cecil can outrun attacks, 
and can counter attack with HP Dark Knight attacks. Don’t count on this 
though, a smart enemy won’t be spamming HP attacks, if they did then Paladin 
might actually have a use on the ground.

B. Summary-

-Great in the air offensively
- Horrible attacks on the ground that cant combo
- Bad defensively on the ground because bad AOE , forced to turn back into 
DK which needs to be an HP attack, but gives enemy time to dodge.
- Can combo Paladin force with Search light: it can punish many HP attacks
- Can punish in the air with Sacred Cross or Ray Wings
-  Really fast and can punish enemy attacks on the ground

I personally think the Dark Knight form is better overall, but most battles
tend to end up in the air your pretty much better off using paladin, but 
the Dark Knight can at least be usable in the air, as opposed to Paladin
on the ground.

4. When to change jobs in the midst of a battle.

- High above the enemy(Paladin Force) or below significantly(Dark 
Flame cause you might get a hit)  
- Using Dark Step or Paladin Arts at the correct time(as counters,
they aren't good offensive moves).
- When you can counter their attacks(during one of their lag times or
during an attack like Golbez's warping attack(ambush system?)
- When a far enough away from the enemy, preferabbly Paladin Force and 
Soul Eater.

E. Combination attacks

AA.  Brave Damage combos

1. Dark Cannon-> Valiant Blow
Conditions- N/A
Info- The most basic combo Cecil has. Does a good amount of Damage. Knocks
enemy far back, and if they fly into a wall you might be able to get them
with a Dark Flame.

2. Dark Cannon-> Shadow Lance
Conditions- N/A
Info- Acts much like Valiant Blow combination. Knocks the enemy far back,
and again if they fly into a wall, Dark Flame them.

3. Gravity Ball-> Dark Fall
Conditions- Best if used after a guard and in close-quarters.
Info- Great combo if you’re confident with your chase abilities. If you 
aren’t good at guarding and find yourself above the enemy, shot out a
Gravity ball and immediately execute Dark Fall, and pray that they guard
rather than dodge the ball.If they guard, Dark fall will go through the
ball and still hit them. So, you don’t get the combination, but at 
least you get a hit with dark fall.

4. Paladin Arts->Ray Wings
Conditions- Best if used after a guard and in close-quarters.
Info- One of, if not the best Brave combination attacks in the game(well
besides Chaos -_-). Hits the opponent with 3 different attacks, seeing
as Paladin Arts is Gravity Ball and Search Light combined.  If you do this
after a guard, you’ll get A LOT of criticals, pretty much guaranteeing a
HUGE amount of damage getting taken, and possibly a break. Use this 
combination if you ever manage to guard against a melee attack in the 
air as a Dark Knight.

5. Paladin Arts-> Sacred Cross
Conditions- Best if used after a guard and in close-quarters.
Info- Just like the Paladin Arts and Ray Wings Combo, but replace Ray 
Wings with Sacred Cross. Only thing different is that this will result in
a chase, which I rather do the Ray wings combination.  BIG plus in this 
one is of course if you do this after a guard, your chase damage will be

6. Searchlight-> Ray Wings
Conditions- Close quarters.
Info- Basically just like the Paladin Arts combo, except you start of with
Searchlight. I use this if I’m not planning on using Paladin Force.

7. Searchlight-> Sacred Cross
Conditions- Close quarters.
Info- Just like the previous combo except you use Sacred Cross, and it 
results in a chase. Obviously, use this if you’re good with chases. 

BB. HP Damage combos

1. Dark Cannon-> Soul Eater
Conditions- N/A
Info- Standard HP combo. Only downside is that if you don’t press [] fast 
enough they can dodge out of it, so I constantly press [] during the Dark 
Cannon attack, and hope for the best. It also depends on how you hit them
with Dark Cannon. This video explains it:


2. Dark Cannon-> Dark Flame
Conditions- N/A
Info- A Good combo. Like Soul Eater, except you execute Dark Flame. Again, it
has to be done real quick or they can dodge. Plus side is that if you don’t
do it in time, it homes on the opponent anyways, and may still hit them. 
Downside is that you don’t get extra Brave damage like Soul Eater.

3. Search Light-> Paladin Force
Conditions- N/A
Info- Absolutely outstanding HP combo, Cecil’s best. It works from ANY range.
If Searchlight hits, immediately activate Paladin Force and Cecil will attack.
Even if he’s far away and the enemy dodges his Paladin force initial strike, 
because Cecil automatically does the attack animation(and Paladin Force homes
in) he will still hit the enemy with the rest of the Paladin Force combo. This
is a great combination to use during a charged HP attack(Black Materia), with
a HP attack that takes a while to do(like Meteor Rain), and an attack which 
has a long cooldown (Meltdown).His Best HP combo IMO. See Section F for a 
greater anylysis on this combo.
Here’s a little video where I do most of the combos-


CC. Submitted combo’s

1.Awesomexp -
Cecil: Dark energy orb (up), dodge, Dark energy orb (up), Paladin satellite, 
Neutral brave (original one for paladin), 2nd paladin hp attack. (You need 
practice and proper spacing to pull this combo off correctly).
Cecil: Dark energy orb (up), Dark energy orb (down)

2. Nexus Nocturnal-
Cecil: Shadow ball Down, Shadow Ball Up, Search Light, Second Paladin HP 

3 Mad_Cartoonist-
Cecil: (DK) Paladin Arts -> (P)Satellite -> Initial Air Brave Attack ->Paladin 
Force. This combo will be totally unavoidable if you can't find the trick.

Cecil: (P)Satellite -> Paladin Force / Saint Dive
Most of Cecil's combo depends on the range so all of these might not connect.

4. rapealblaze-

Try to do the Paladin Arts>Sacred Cross Combo, it will start a chase, and 
knock him on the floor, after that, use Saint Dive while he's recovering

F. Search Light And Paladin Force Combo Analysis

    This combo is Cecil's best Combo in the game. It is tremendously 
versatile and is a low risk and high reward combo IF used correctly. I'll 
explain when best to use it, its advantages, and some of the attacks I know 
of that can be countered via this combo.

             First, how and when to use this combo. This attack is best used
not on the fly(though it can catch people of guard sometimes >.>), but rather
during the middle of the enemies attack. Because Search Light has a pretty 
long start up animation, this attack can easily be blocked/dodged, or you can
get slammed by a attack while Cecil is doing the attack :/, so its  best to 
use this attack during an enemies HP attack animation(because the naturally 
long start ups HP attacks have). Since Paladin Cecil is the 4th fastest 
character in the game, and jumps the highest of any character, use these 
skills to your advantage. The trick to this combination is learning when to 
run, jump or dodge, then when to activate Search Light. The video shows some
attacks and when to jump over the animations.

              Cecil's Search Light-> Paladin Force Combo has huge advantages 
compared to most chain attacks(BP-> HP combos). The combo has a huge range 
compared to the most other chain attacks(like Terra's Holy Combo). Since it 
has a huge range and the brave attack is a projectile attack, it doesnt put 
Cecil into harms way when using it during an HP attack. Lastly, its best 
advantage is that it can be used where melee chains can't possible reach or 
get to in time(Terra's Tornado/Meltdown, Sephiroth's Black Materia, Zidane's 
Stellar Circle 5)


              The video shows most of the attacks that can be countered with 
this combo, but here are some others I know of:

- Shield of Light
- Tornado
- Master of Arms
- Whirlwind Blades
- Firaga
- Saint Dive
- Dark Flame(very hard, make sure far enough away)
- Grand Cross
- Almagest

Not everything I know, but a start ^_^.


- Doesn't put Cecil into harms way if used during an enemies attack
- Counter attacks otherwise too hard to combo with regular BP-> HP attacks
- Use Cecil's speed and jumping power to your advantage
- Study every attack to get a feel of when you use Search Light

Everyone should all be Paladin Cecil experts after learning how to use this 
awesome attack!!!

IV. Equipment

1. Weapon types

Cecil can equip swords, giant swords, and axes.

Cecil can wear light armor, heavy armor, Shields, gauntlets and helmets.

2. Specific Weapons-

LV- Level required in order to equip the item.
Stats- What parameter it raises/decreases
Info- How to obtain

A. Sword of Darkness-
LV- 1
Stats- ATK +4, Power of Darkness 1/4
Info- Found in treasure chests.

B. Sword of Legend-
Stats- ATK+ 38, +1 in Paladin mode, Physical Damage +10%
Info-  Trade in shop- 1 Sword of Darkness, 3 Devil’s Skull’s, 2 Giants 
Fragments, and 15,640 Gil.

C. Sword of Light-
LV- 92
Stats- ATK+65, +2 in Paladin mode, Physical Damage +15%
Info- Trade in Shop- 1 Legendary Sword, 5 Carnage Skull, 3 Recovery 
Crystal’s, 30,390 Gil.

Or won by Friend card- Red wings

D. Light Bringer-
Stats- ATK+69, +2 in Paladin mode, Physical Damage +20%
Info- Trade in Shop- 1 Sword of Light, 5 Two Forms’, 5 Giants pearl, 
31,920 Gil.

E. Jet Black Sword-
Stats-  ATK+69, +2 in Dark Knight mode, Physical Damage +20%
Info- Trade in Shop- 1 Sword of Light, 5 Two Forms’, 5 Giants pearl, 
31,920 Gil.

3. Specific Armor-

LV- Level required in order to equip the item.
Stats- What parameter it raises/decreases
Info- How to obtain

A. Shield of Darkness-
LV- 2
Stats- HP +428, Power of Darkness 1/4
Info- Found in treasure chests.

B. Rotating Saw-
LV- HP- 301, BRV+81, DEF+73
Stats- 96
Info- Trade in Shop- 1 Hammer,1 Eden Scale, 31,920 Gil.

C. Helmet of Darkness-
LV- 1
Stats- BRV+37,  DEF+1, Power of Darkness 1/4
Info- Found in treasure chests.

D. Drill-
LV- 96
Stats- HP- 307, BRV+ 411, BRV Damage +30% in Chase, 5% break chance
Info-  Trade in Shop- 1 Hammer, 5 Behemoth Horn, 15, 980 Gil.

E. Auto Crossbow-
LV- 96	
Stats- HP+2666, Physical Damage+ 15%, 5% break Chance
Info- Trade in Shop- 1 Hammer, 1 Hero Skull, 23.940 Gil.	


V. Frequently asked Questions

1. Q.  How do you change from Dark Knight Cecil to Paladin Cecil?

A.  Couple different ways. Initially its HP attacks. Perform an HP attack in
the air and you’ll change to a Paladin automatically. Vice versa on the 
ground you’ll change to a Dark Knight with a HP attack on the ground. Another
way is through brave attacks Paladin Arts and Dark Step. Finally in Cecil’s 
Ex mode press R+[] and you can change between them anywhere, ground or in the

2. Q. Can I just be Cecil’s Dark Knight form (Or Paladin)?

A. Sure, but it’s not really recommended.  Cecil isn’t like Zelda from Smash
Bros, Cecil pretty much is forced to use both of his forms, because his 
shortcomings between his forms in air and ground combat. 

3. Q. Does Dark Cannon only hit back, or forward and back?

A.  It hits forward, and back.

4. Q. Is Saint Dive useless? How DO I use it?

A.  Not completely useless, buts it’s no Grand lethal. It is pretty bad, but 
it does have its uses, like it can actually be combined with Search Light at
mid-range, or like raphealblaze suggests, used while an enemy is stunned on 
the ground after a chase leads there.
5. Q. Are all of Cecil’s ground attacks as a Dark Knight guaranteed to link 
with Dark Cannon?

A.  Not guaranteed, but they all can be linked with Dark Cannon. The HP 
attacks both depend on timing. They need to be done immediately after the 
animation of Dark Cannon is finished. They also depend on the stun time the 
enemy is inflicted with Dark Cannon. If Dark Cannon hits them too far away 
it won’t stun them long enough. It’s best to either counter with this in their
face or hit them from behind after they dodge. If you hit them at the farthest
Dark Cannon can go, the HP attacks will most likely miss, so use a Brave 
attack instead.

Heres a video showing what I mean:


6. Q. Does Paladin Forces range increase with the Search Light attack?

A. Yes.(that was easy lol)

7. Q. What arte Cecil’s most damaging combo’s?

A.  Paladin Arts to Sacred Cross because you can continue with Brave attacks
in his chase. Bad thing about this is that it has to be done by Dark Knight 
in the air, but you can mend that by switching after a guard in Exmode to 
Dark Knight, but then you would have to sacrifice an HP attack opportunity 

8. Q. I have something I want to suggest to you, how do I contribute?

A.  My Email- manashimayukanna@yahoo.com

9. Q. Why does Cecil fight for his friends? Is this an Ike ripoff?

A.  This is a reference to FFIV where Cecil received emotional strength from 
all the friends he met throughout the game at the final battle(telepathically 
strangely enough). 

10. Q. Does Cecil have a BP to HP combo?

A. Not a graphed chain, but rather combo's nonetheless. Becuase he has 2 
forms he has a lot more CP to handle than the other characters, the developers
created a way to have 2 of his attacks function like combos, but not be a 
direct chain combo costing CP. His attacks that combo into HP combos are Dark
Cannon and Search Light.

All the various videos for quick reference:

My Main Name

Dark Cannon Soul Eater Combo

Cecil's Combo video

Search Light and Paladin Force Combo Analysis



VI. Credits

1. Square Enix for making this game.
2. Various Gamefaqs members.
3. People who asked Questions in the F.A.Q.
4. Dissidia Wiki and all its contributors.
5. Final Fantasy Wiki for the After story descriptions.
6. Animekittysama for various translations.	

That’s all!!!

Faq will be expanded on in a months time when I learn new things, or have 
new FAQ questions. May look into character specific stategies too in the
future, if requested on.