MMMM            MMM            NMMMMM     MMMM        MMMMMMMM
    MMM  MM          MMM MM          MMM MM               MMM MMM  MMM
             MMM MMM MMM MM          MMM MM  MMM MMM   MMM  MMM  MMM MMMM
                MMM   MMM             MMM        MM   MMMMMMM          MMM


                      ** Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection**

		    ** Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough and FAQ **

         ** Written By Troy Mossman (AKA. Dark Mirrage/Chaotic_Fusion) **

*****************************                      ****************************
***                            TABLE OF CONTENTS:                            **
****                                                                      *****


             1. Get Rich
             2. Don't Die
             3. Enter the Beast
             4. Holy Water
             5. Stealing points
             6. Easy as pie
             7. Hardly a Hero
             8. Get Ahead
             9. Communication is Key
             10. Taste Like Tuna
             11. Suit Up
             12. Don't Get Lost
             13. Getting Chicks
             14. Garden Gnomes
             15. Tower Up
             16. Saved By magic
             17. TGIF
             18. Twinkle Twinkle
             19. Yatta!
             20. True Ninja Skills
             21. Complete Chaos
             22. A Different Tail
             23. Flicky to the Rescue
             24. Lots of Zeroes
             25. Get to the Chopper
             26. Three Times a Charm
             27. Good Day mate
             28. Super Charged
             29. Can You Dig It?
             30. Blast Processing
             31. Master the System
             32. No Life
             33. Critique
             34. Only in the 80's
             35. Platinarium

        E) FAQ
*****************************                      ****************************
***                           A)Legal Information:                          ***
****                                                                      *****

Sonic's Genesis Collection and all of it's related properties are owned and
copyrighted by Sega and Bacjbone. All Rights Reserved.

This document Copyright 2007 Troy Mossman (Chaotic_Fusion/Dark Mirrage).

is at the end of the FAQ if you wish to get in touch with me.

*****************************                      ****************************
***                             B) Introduction:                            ***
****                                                                      *****

Hey everyone, and welcome to Achievement and Trophy guide for Sonic's
Genesis Collection!

It's about bloody time Sega unleashed a decent collection of their titles, and
it looks like they finally delivered.

This guide tackles all the games in alphabetical order, but obviously you can
do them in any order you like. Make sure to check out the general tips section,
as those tips apply to pretty much every game in the collection.

Aside from that, have fun reliving the 80's and 90's!

 ****************************                      ***************************
***                             C) General Tips:                            ***
****                                                                       ****

- USE SAVE STATES OFTEN! You have three per title, and these will SERIOUSLY
  help you while obtaining these achievements.

- To speed up the process, ALWAYS go in to the game's options, turn on
  easy mode, and max out your lives.

- You have the option to turn on autofire with every game. This really helps
  with titles like Vectorman and Super Thunder Blade, so make sure to use it!

- Using in-game cheats does not detract from your ability to get an 
  achievement. So if you're having trouble and there's an unlimited lives
  code or something, then use it! (Just remember you need to be in ABC
  mode to input them!)

- Be patient. Some of these games have not aged well... some are actually
  so archaic it's painful. Take your time and get used to each game's
  mechanics. The achievements really aren't difficult to get with a little
  patience and memorization.

- If you have a second controller and a friend, bring him along. Not only is
  this fun, but it also makes collecting achievements WAY easier. Especially
  with titles like Alien Storm.

 ****************************                      ***************************
***                         C) Achievments/Trophies:                        ***
****                                                                       ****

1. Get Rich (25 Points/Bronze)

Game: Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle

Goal: Collect $1000 in currency

How: This one is fairly quick. Start by turning the game's difficulty to easy
     mode, then begin the game. What you want to do is collect a bunch of the
     money bags scattered throughout the first level. Start by working your
     way to the right, smashing all the treasure boxes you can. Don't bother
     entering the houses to play Jan Ken Pon. As soon as you pass the house at
     the begining of the level, look for the second palm tree in the
     foreground. Stand to the right of the tree, and jump on the ground. You'll
     eventually reveal a secret passage below ground. Enter it and collect all
     the treasure you can... Then die. Rinse and repeat until you have $1000.
     An easy 25 points.

2. Don't Die (25 Points/Bronze)

Game: Alien Storm

Goal: Reach mission 3 without losing a life

Unlocks: Alien Syndrome

How: This one will take some patience and careful saving. I'd suggest using
     either the Robot or the soldier guy with lightning to do this. For the
     most part, you just need to work your way to the first boss and defeat
     him. Try to attack enemies from a small distance, try not to get
     surrounded, and do NOT use your special move. To make things easier,
     kill a few enemies and save after every wave you work through. Then if
     you get hit too much, you can just reload to a state a few seconds
     old. There's no way to replenish health until later, so this is the only
     way to keep what life you can. Once you get to the boss, stay in front
     of him, a small distance away, and keep wailing away with your ranged
     attack. When he gets really close, he'll switch the direction he's
     facing. Just work your way in front of him and keep shooting. Eventually
     he'll die and the achievement will be yours.

3. Enter the Beast (10 Points/Bronze)

Game: Altered Beast

Goal: Collect 100,000 pts or higher by the end of the first level

Unlocks: Altered Beast Arcade

How: This is another quick one. All you really need to do is defeat as many
     enemies as you can before you get to the boss, and then defeat him. The
     only major requirement is to make certain you collect all three
     transformation orbs the first time you reach the boss. To make things a
     little easier, remember that all the orbs come from the dog enemies, and
     you should wait until they're as close to the center of the screen as
     possible so the orb doesn't fly away before you have a chance to get it.

4. Holy Water (20 Points/Bronze)

Game: Beyond Oasis

Goal: Unlock the Water Spirit

How: You need to complete the first dungeon area to achieve this. Simply make
     your way to the water temple and defeat the first boss. You'll need to
     follow the story until you're given the quest to get the water spirit.
     After talking to your parents for the first time, go one screen east of
     the first town. The water temple is at the bottom of this area. Fight
     your way through the various rooms, grabbing any equipment or healing
     items you can. When you reach the boss, equip the sword you should have
     nabbed in a previous room. Smash his claw and then his face as fast as
     you can, healing if neccessary. Make sure to run out of the way if he
     jumps. Once you've killed him, move to the next room and activate the
     cube to get the achievement.

5. Stealing Points (20 Points/Bronze)

Game: Bonanza bros.

Goal: Reach 40,000 points on the first level

How: There's a few ways you can do this. Typically what I do is collect all
     four treasures in the stage, then spend my time shooting police, SWAT,
     or closing the doors on them. This should get you to 40,000 points if
     you're quick enough. If not, the timer will simply run out and the stage
     will start over if you had any lives remaining. That's fine, because
     your points will roll over. Just repeat the process and you'll get your

6. Easy as Pie (15 Points/Bronze)

Game: Columns

Goal: Get 20,000 points only on Easy Mode

How: Unfortunately there's no fantastic strategy for this. It'll take mostly
     skill, patience, and luck (unless you're awesome at planning combos in
     these sorts of games). The best advice I can give you is save often. If
     you manage to pull off some great combo and whittle your blocks down to
     1/3 of the screen, great! Save and reload from there if you run into
     trouble. If you really need to, you can also pause the game to plan your
     next move. You should also get at least one super column before you hit
     20,000 points. Try to save before it appears so you can use it on
     whatever color is taking up most of your space, or experiment and see if
     it leads to any amazing combos. Aside from that, good luck!

7. Hardly a Hero (20 points/Bronze)

Game: Comix Zone

Goal: Complete first episode

How: This one's a little difficult, so make sure you save the health potion
     until your health is extremely low. Start by working your way to the far
     right of the first page. When given a choice, take the right hand path. 
     This path will take you to Roadkill. Grab him, keep him, and continue on
     your way to the end of the stage (don't fall in the pit at the end of the
     first level!). On the second stage, move right next to the fans, but don't
     attack them. Wait for the enemies to arrive, kill them, and use Roadkill
     near the fans. He'll stop them for you. In the next part, push the box
     into the fan and pass through. You'll fall down and have to fight some
     bats. DON'T destroy the box. Once the bats are dead, use the box to
     choose the left hand path by climbing on top of it. This way is easier.
     Grab the dynamite above the pipes, but save it for the upcoming boss.
     After you deal with the easy green enmies, you'll face a sort of sewer
     dragon thing. Drop the dynamite nearby to start with so you can damage it
     a bit. Now you'll need to wait for him to spit fire at you. Jump over it,
     jump kick the boss, run away before he swipes you, wait for him to spit
     fire, rinse, lather, repeat. Once he dies, you've got your achievement.

8. Get Ahead (30 Points/Bronze)

Game: Decap Attack

Goal: Collect 5 Bonus Coins

Unlocks: Zaxxon

How: Bonus coins are the gold coins that sometimes pop out of the breakable 
     statues. All you need to do is hunt down five of these shiny tokens. Or,
     you can follow the directions below!

     1) 1.1 - Right beneath where you star. Follow the path straight ahead
              until you can go down. Fall down and walk left. There will be two
              statues, one with a coin.

     2) 1.1 - Continue on you way past the giant orange spring in the ground
              next to a bridge. You'll soon have to climb up a little
              cave/mountain area after that. Keep moving to the right and
              eventually you'll reach a bridge with a statue immediately
              past it, and another bridge following the statue. That statue
              has a coin.

     3) 1.2 - You'll start the level in a somewhat narrow pit. You'll be
              forced to climb your way up and out of this to continue. Keep
              climbing until you eventually reach an area where there are
              bouncy arrows pointing left and right to propel you upwards.
              You'll have a choice of using them or not. Use them to bounce
              your way up. They will eventually lead you to a ledge with
              two statues. The left most one has a coin in it.

     4) 1.3 - Keep to the bottom path for the majority of the level. You will
              have to cross several lava pits until you reach your destination
              on the far left hand side of the stage. You'll know you're in
              the right place because you'll cross two consecutive lava pits
              with a steep dip in the path between them. Immeditately
              afterwards, you'll have to climb up a gigantic slope. climb
              up until you see a ledge to your right and one of those walking
              buffalo skull enemies. Jump onto the ledge, and work your
              way directly upwards. At the top, there will be a statue with
              a coin.

     5) 1.3 - Immediately after collecting the previous coin, you'll have
              to continue to the left again. Do so until you reach the end of
              the path. You'll now see a bunch of arrow blocks pointing to
              the left, as well as a bunch of cloud platforms in the sky.
              Jump downwards, following the arrow blocks to the bottom. You'll
              see a statue right below them, next to a bridge. Your last coin
              is housed inside.

9. Communication is Key (10 Points/Bronze)

Game: Echo The Dolphin

Goal: Talk to another Dolphin

How: Wow. Thank the developers for making this one as simple as it is, because
     the actual game is anything but. How do you accomplish this lofty feat?
     Start the game, swim a weeeee bit to the right of the first area, use
     your sonar on a dolphin, and uh... that's about it.

10. Taste like Tuna (20 POints/Bronze)

Game: Echo: The Tide of Time

Goal: Eat 200 Fish

How: Not difficult, but time consuming. I basically looked for areas with lots
     of fish swimming in multiple groups. Just use the dash button and you'll
     see the fish vanish as Echo eats them. Just swim left and right
     repeatedly, moving far enough away each time that the fish respawn. After
     about 10 minutes+ of this, you'll eventually reach the goal.

11. Suit Up (30 Points/Bronze)

Game: E-Swat

Goal: Complete Mission 2

How: You just have to work your way to the third stage. The first level is
     extremely linear, so you should have no problems. Just remember to duck
     if you're being shot at. The Helicopter boss is easy once you remember
     his pattern. If you're having a lot of trouble, turning on autofire really
     helps to maximize your damage. For the second level, ride the lift to the
     very top right corner of the screen. Jump in behind the mesh wall and
     shoot your way down to the second bottom level. A sign saying GO! will
     tell you which gap to jump to reach the boss. The two pig robot things
     are a pain in the ass, but there's a fairly simple way to beat them...
     Turn on rapid fire, crouch in the bottom right corner of the boss arena,
     and just fire away until they die. If you have full health, you'll kill
     them just in time with luck.

12. Don't Get Lost (30 Points/Bronze)

Game: Fatal Labyrinth

Goal: Progress to the fifth level of the labyrinth

How: This one is going to annoy a loooot of people. To start with, DON'T rush!
     You'll never make it if you try to run right through the dungeon. Take
     your time, collect weapons and armor, and walk in circles if you need to
     replenish health. Early on, avoid fighting worms and mages until you have
     a decent weapon (the Axes are fantastic, and the Power Ring helps a lot
     too). Once you're more prepared, go on and explore. The game is randomized
     every time, so there's no exact way of doing this. If you get stuck, look
     for patches of black nothing on your map. Most likely the path you need to
     take is right there, behind a secret door. Secret doors moving vertically
     are easy to see, as the screen will clear away some darkness if you stand
     right infront of them. Horizontal ones, however, don't show up at all.
     Unfortunately, your only hope is to walk in circles around the area until
     you find the door. As long as you take time to power yourself up
     adaquetly, you should run into no problems outside of having to find the
     occasional secret door to progress.

13. Getting Chicks (25 points/Bronze)

Game: Flicky

Goal: Get 80,000 points

Unlocks: Fantasy Zone

How: You'll need to use the save state to do this. Save before EVERY level
     begins. You get way more points for bringing every chick to the door
     at once, so do NOT enter the doorway unless you have all chicks in
     your posession. The only other thing you really need to do is reload the
     bonus level if you don't collect every chick. You'll miss out on a big
     bonus if you drop any. Aside from that, avoid the cats as best you can,
     and you'll have no issues.

14. Garden Gnomes (20 Points/Silver)

Game: Golden Axe

Goal: Collect 20 magic power ups

How:  Ugh, this game is too aged for it's own good. There's no real
      walkthrough for this one. Just set the game to the easiest settings and
      give yourself plenty of lives. Combat will essentially come down to you
      running left and right, repeatedly tackling enemies before they tackle
      you. Other than that, just keep whacking those gnomes. And don't worry
      about using magic. Using it does not take away from the total 

15. Tower Up (35 Points/Silver)

Game: Golden Axe II

Goal: Complete Tower level

How: No different from the first. There's no real walkthrough here. The Tower
     is the third level of the game. Complete that and you'll be set. The
     best directions I can give are essentially the same as Golden Axe 1.

16. Saved by Magic (20 points/Gold)

Game: Golden Axe III

Goal: Use magic 10 times

Unlocks: Golden Axe Warrior

How: Um... this is pretty straight forward. Just use magic 10 times. The
     quickest way to do this is use magic right away, every time you collect
     a bottle. Once you do it ten times, well... isn't this self explainatory?

17. TGIF (35 Points/Silver)

Game: Kid Chameleon

Goal: Collect Maniaxe

How: Simply reach the fourth level. Maniaxe will be in a P block right below
     your starting position.

18. Twinkle Twinkle (30 Points/Bronze)

Game: Ristar

Goal: Collect 5 yellow stars

How: All you need to do is collect five of the yellow stars found in various
     parts of the levels. This does NOT mean you're supposed to get your
     maximum health to five stars (it only reaches four). Blue stars do NOT
     count towards this. I've outlined how to get the first five stars in the
     game below: 

     1) Round 1 - Continue past the beginning, to the point where you land in
                  a pit full of flying dandelion seeds. Grab one and fly with
                  it to the very top most ledge you can reach. Inside the chest
                  there is a star.

     2) Round 1 - Continue on your way until you reach the snake mini-boss.
                  Once you defeat him, a star is at the very top of the
                  tic-tac-toe shaped arena.

     3) Round 1.5 - Keep to the upper most path and follow it to the right.
                    Eventually you'll reach an area with a tree you need to
                    hit. Knock it down and cross it. Beyond that there will be
                    a drop off, only there are rungs in the roof above it if
                    you wish to stay on the upper path. Grab the rungs and
                    cross to the other side. There will be a chest with a star.

     4) Round 2 - As soon as the level begins, hit the wall on your right. The
                  water will rise. Swim to the very top. At the very top of
                  the water there will be an area above the water to your right
                  that you can walk on. Follow it to the right, avoiding the
                  flying fish that try to attck you. Once you reach water again,
                  look above you. The roof will be made out of rocks, but there
                  will be a pink sort of pillar coming down from the roof.
                  Ignore the first pink pillar. Hop in the water and swim to the
                  second one right beside it. Whack the second pillar with your
                  head. A yellow star will fall from the pillar.

     5) Round 2 - Literally right below the one you just grabbed. Swim down and
                  there will be a chest. Break it open for your star.

19. Yatta! (50 Points/Gold)

Game: Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean machine

Goal: Beat the game

How: First, start up scenario mode and go to "Continue". Enter this code:
     Yellow Bean, Happy Bean, Blue Bean, Blue Bean. You'll now be in the final
     level on easy mode. From here on, it's entirely up to you. The same
     strategy I used for the Columns achievement works here. Save when you
     think you're on a roll, and reload from there if you get into trouble.
     The only difference is the ability to pause and plan. Pausing in this
     game does not let you see your beans to plan ahead... So! Instead, just
     use the save menu through the select button. It's transparent, and works
     just as well. 

     Have fun...

20. True Ninja Skills (30 Points/Silver)

Game: Shinobi III

Goal: Complete the first level without using continues

Unlocks: Shinobi Arcade

How: This is amazingly easy with save states. Just do as you're required to
     and you'll unlock 30 points.

21. Complete Chaos (30 Points/Bronze)

Game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Goal: Get a Chaos Emerald

How: Not too hard. Bring 50+ rings to the end of the first act and jump inside
     the gigantic gold ring. You'll now be in a bonus stage. Simply work your
     way to the first emerald, grab it, ?????, and profit. If you're THAT
     impatient, use the Up, Down, Left, Right, Hold A and press Start code
     at the title screen. You can quickly select "Bonus Stage" from the
     level select menu and do it that way.

22. A Different Tail (35 points/Gold)

Game: Sonic 3

Goal: Collect 100 rings with Tails on Angel Island

How: Note that you MUST play as Tails by himself to get this. Simply choose
     him by pressing up or down during the file/stage select. It's very easy
     to collect a hundred rings here. Exploit the ring monitors, swings, and
     loop-de-loops. Following the bottom path, you should be able to grab
     a water shield for extra protection. Just past that, there's also
     a rock you can push before a pair of retracting spikes. Break the ground
     under the rock to find 20 rings and an invincibility monitor. Aside from
     those tips, just do your best not to get hit by anything while on your
     collecting spree.

23. Flicky to the Rescue (15 Points/Bronze)

Game: Sonic 3D Blast

Goal: Rescue 20 Flickies

How:  Really all you need to do is reach the second ring lock on the second
      stage. Doing so will mean you've rescued 20 Flickies.

24. Lots of Zeroes (30 Points/Gold)

Game: Sonic Spinball

Goal: Reach 10,000,000 points on the first level

How: Not as hard as it might seem, this just takes some time. The easiest way
     to get points is to repeatedly destroy the gigantic worm things in the
     first area, enter warp tubes, enter sewer pipes, and hit the score tabs.
     The only thing you should be wary of is reaching the boss too soon. If
     you do, avoid him and constantly enter the warps at the bottom of the
     boss arena. I accidently killed the boss at around 9,000,000 points, but
     my extra stuff was added up afterwards and I hit 13,000,000 and got the
     achievement. So you CAN kill the boss and receive the points still.

25. Get to the Chopper (15 Points/Silver)

Game: Super Thunder Blade

Goal: Score over 1,500,000 points in the first level

Unlocks: Space Harrier

How: Not as hard as it might seem. Simply turn on the autofire option for
     your controls. Now just hold down the attack button while making big
     circles around the stage. You'll pretty much automatically kill
     everything in your way. I managed to reach the goal just as I reached
     the aircraft carrier. If you get that far and you still don't have it,
     no worries. The level doesn't end until you reach the end of the carrier.

26. Three Times a Charm (20 Points/Bronze)

Game: Streets of Rage

Goal: Complete 1st Level using all 3 characters

Unlocks: Congo Bongo

How: Pretty much just as the goal says. Simply beat the first stage with every
     chaarcter once. Once you beat the stage, just go to "reset game" in the
     select button menu, then pick the next character and repeat. My only tip
     is save the bomb attack for the boss at the end of the level. It shaves
     off a good chunk of his health. If you're playing with a friend, whatever
     character they're using counts as well. You'll only need to make two
     trips if you handle it that way.

27. Good Day Mate (15 Points/Silver)

Game: Streets of Rage 3

Goal: Unlock Roo the Kangaroo

How: Ha! I bet you tried to get this using the code to unlock Roo at the
     beginning of the game! Nice try, but that doesn't work. To get this
     achievement, you'll need to work your way to the second stage. Once
     you're there you'll come across Roo and his clown master as a pair
     of mini-bosses. IGNORE ROO!!! Just work on taking out the clown. If Roo
     is still alive after you've killed the clown boss, He'll run off stage
     and you'll get your 15 points.

28. Super Charged (45 Points/Silver)

Game: Vectorman

Goal: Collect 500 Photons

How: No wonder this is worth 45 points... it's a pain in the ass. So, let's
     try make things easier. Start by entering the options menu and using this
     code: A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A (You'll need to have the controls on
     ABC Mode). You'll now be in a debug menu. Turn your lives to 99, your
     health to 10, and leave the starting stage as level 1. And that's about
     all the help you're going to get. You'll now need to actually play the
     game until you collect enough. If you die your collected photons remain
     the same, so don't worry about any mishaps. I evetunally got the
     achievement around the second Ice stage, which was about level 6 or 7.

29. Can You Dig It? (45 Points/Silver)

Game: Vectorman 2

Goal: Reach Scene 11

How: WAY easier than the other Vectorman acheivement. Start the game and
     pause it as you're falling from the sky. Enter this code:
     Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, Left, A, Down. You'll now be on the stage
     select. Just pick the 10th stage (the one where you're rollerblading).
     After you beat it, you'll get the achievement.

30. Blast Processing (50 Points/Silver)

Goal: Play all Genesis™ Titles

How: Well, do as it says! :P

     If you're having trouble picking out what you've played, anything you
     haven't will have a blue tinge to it's text in the game selection menu.
     All you really need to do is get the Sega logo in each title and then
     quit, and you have an easy 50 points.

31. Master the System (50 Points/Silver)

Goal: Unlock Everything

How: Mostly you'll unlock things as you grab the achievements, so this won't
     be difficult to obtain. As a reference though, you can look at this:

UNLOCKABLES                                        How to unlock  
-----------                                        -------------

Alien Syndrome	                   Alien Storm: Reach mission three without
                                                losing a life

Altered Beast Arcade	           Altered Beast: Collect 100,000 points or
                                                  higher by the end of the
                                                  first level

Congo Bongo	                   Streets of Rage: Complete the first level
                                                    as all three characters

Fantasy Zone	                   Flicky: Collect 80,000 points

Golden Axe Warrior	           Golden Axe III: Use magic ten times

Phantasy Star	                   Sonic 2: Defeat the first boss with 
                                            two players

Shinobi Arcade	                   Shinobi III: Complete the first level
                                                without using continues

Space Harrier	                   Super Thunder Blade: Score over 
                                                        1,500,000 points 
                                                        in the first level
Zaxxon	                           DeCap Attack: Collect five bonus coins

Akira Nishino Interview	           Ristar: Collect five yellow stars

Kazunari Tsukamoto Interview	   Phantasy Star III: Play Phantasy Star III

Kazuo Wakihara Interview	   Columns: Get 20,000 points only on easy mode

Makoto Uchida Interview	           Golden Axe: Collect twenty magic power-ups

Reiko Kodama Interview	           Alex Kidd: Collect 1,000 in currency

Shun Nakamura Interview	           Sonic the Hedgehog: Obtain a chaos emerald

Takao Miyoshi Interview	           Phantasy Star IV: Play Phantasy Star IV

Tohru Yoshida Interview	           Phantasy Star II: Play Phantasy Star II

32. No Life (50 Points/Silver)

Goal: Watch every video

How: Just unlock all the interviews fom the chart above. All you need to do
     is turn the movie on. You don't have to fully watch them. There's really
     nothing interesting to be heard from them anyways (Wooo, a full hour of
     old developers repeating the exact same line: "Games have changed greatly
     in the past 20 years"...

     No? Really?

33. Critique (50 points/Silver)

Goal: View all artwork

How: You need to view all the artwork in the compilation. It's actually not
     much since Backbone skimped on providing anything other than box and
     cartridge art. Just press B on every game in the selection menu to open
     that game's museum. Check out the box art and cartirdge art. Repeat for
     all 40 titles.

34. Only in the 80's (50 points/Silver)

Goal: Play all arcade titles

How: Remember all those arcade titles you unlocked through getting the 
     achievements? You simply need to try them out, once each. You can reach
     them in the extras menu.

35. Platinaruim (Platinum)

Goal: Colect all other trophies

How: Follow this guide! Jeez :P. Once you've collected all 34 trophies, you'll
     be rewarded with your platinum trophy.

 ****************************                      ***************************
***                                 E) FAQ:                                 ***
****                                                                       ****

Q. Is Sonic 3 and Knuckles in this collection? Is there any way of unlocking

A. NO. No, no no. It is not in the collection, and there is no way of
   unlocking it. Yes, this is extremely disapointing and completely
   inexcusable. That being said, this is still an amazing collection of games
   and is still completely worth it for the price.

   There are only two reasons I can imagine for S3&K's exclusion. Either
   Sega and Backbone intend to release S3&K for the Live Arcade or PSN the
   the same way they've released Sonic 1 - 2, OR possibly there are plans to
   do another, different compilation down the road.

   If you absolutely MUST play S3&K again, there are other ways. If you have
   to play it legitmately however *ahem*, your best hope is to Ebay the Sonic
   Mega Collection for Gamecube, PS2 and XBox. You're always welcome to dig
   up the actual cartridges and a Genesis as well, or hunt down Sonic Jam if
   you have a Sega Saturn. 


Q. Can you play Co-op online? Are there leaderboards? etc.

A. Both the PS3 and 360 versions of this title have no online features
   whatsoever. You will have to be content in the fact that you have 49
   awesome games to play on your own, or with a friend, at home.


Q. I can't enter any cheat codes for the games! What am I doing wrong?

A. You probably don't have the controls set to ABC mode. To do this, press
   select and go to your control options. Turn on ABC mode, and then choose
   "Accept". The default settings will be as such: X=A, A=B, B=C or
   Square=A, X=B, Circle=C.

   If you are STILL having problems, the only thing I can think of is you're
   trying to enter them with the thumbstick. DON'T DO THIS! Use the bloody
   D-Pad to enter codes. It's much more accurate. Take your time and make sure
   you are inputing them properly, as even the D-pad has it's accuracy issues
   if you're doing this with an XBox controller. The one code almost everyone
   seems to have issues with is the level select for Sonic 3. Unfortunately,
   that's normal. You have to be insanely quick. Either take your time and
   practice, or suck it up and beat the game normally.


Q. I can't get the achievement/Trophy "A Different Tail". What am I doing wrong?

A. You're not paying attention to the guide, that's what :P
   To get it, you MUST play solo as Tails. Playing with Sonic AND Tails does
   not work. To play with Tails all alone, make sure you press up or down at
   the level select until you have a picture of Tails standing by himself. 


Q. I'm having a HELL of a time getting the achievements/trophys for Columns
   and Mean Bean Machine. Is there ANYTHING I can do to make this easier?

A. Nope. Either you'll have to pass on earning these two, or you'll have to
   actually take the time to work up your skill level with these games. I've
   already stated the best thing you can do is save at points where you believe
   yourself to be doing well, and reloading those points when you fail.
   Once in a while you'll luck out and pull off a massive chain unexpectedly,
   which can really help. The only other thing worth mentioning is how horrible
   the AI is in Mean Bean Machine. Sometimes they completely lose it and take
   themselves out by making utterly ridiculous moves (like stacking an entire
   pillar of beans below the drop point). You're welcome to keep reloading or
   restaring, hoping the AI will screw itself up. I've heard this happens far
   more frequently on the hardest mode, but I can't confirm it. 


Q. I'm stuck in Fatal Labyrinth! How do I progress to the fifth floor!

A. Likely the exit is behind some sort of secret wall. Look for decent sized
   areas of darkness around the map, and try pressing X on all the walls around
   the area. Hopefully you'll find a secret door that leads to the stairs.


Q. Can you help me with *such and such* game?

A. Nope. There are a ton of guides and walkthroughs out there for every game in
   this collection. This guide is meant only to help you get all the
   achievements and trophies available.

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- Seth0708 for discovering and providing the chart of unlockables and how
  to  earn them

- GameFAQS, and Pwnguide for giving me somewhere to post stuff like this,
  as well as discuss games in general!

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