Cosmosphere Guide
                      Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica  
                         By: Cyril [Stephanie Nutter]
                       Last Updated: February 14th, 2009
                                Version: .7

This is a guide that assists with levels of the Cosmosphere for all four
characters that are available for diving.  There may be minor spoilers in the
FAQ section and in the side information in later levels of each girl's
Cosmosphere.  I will not be discussing the storyline or plot information. This
guide is here to help you if you're stuck and can not continue, to point out
hidden scenes and paths, and to give you a general idea of how many Dive
Points are required to complete the level.

                              [Table of Contents]
1.  Frequently Asked Questions                                   [frasqu]
2.  Cosmosphere Guide                                            [gncsgd]
         Luca's Cosmosphere                                      [luccos]
         Cloche's Cosmosphere                                    [cloccs]
         Third Reyvateil's Cosmosphere                           [thrtcs]
         Fourth Cosmosphere                                      [fthcos]  
3.  Conclusion                                                   [cnclde]

The Cosmosphere in the Ar Tonelico universe is the "soulspace" where someone
who is close to a Reyvateil can enter to get to know her, help solve her
internal conflicts, and learn stronger Song Magic to help in battle. In
Ar Tonelico 2,you are given three new characters to "Dive" into to learn
more about and help them mature.

If you're looking for a certain level, you can use the Control+F function and
use the codes in the Table of Contents in each section.  Alternatively, you
can also type in "[Character Name] [Cosmosphere Level]" or "Luca 2" to help
you easily find each section.


                           Frequently Asked Questions


This is a section devoted to questions that I see pop up most frequently about
each Cosmosphere.

Question 1: Can I finish all of the Cosmospheres in one game?           [fcs1g]
Question 2: What does the decision in Phase 1 determine?                [ph1ch]
Question 3: How and when do I access the Fourth Cosmosphere?            [4csac]
Question 4: How many endings are there? How do I lock an ending?        [enaml]
Question 5: Can you give me information on the Third Reyvateil?         [rtjac]
Question 6: Why do you get talk topics more quickly for the Reyvateil you
didn't choose in Phase 1?                                               [gatt1]
Question 7: How do I complete Cloche's or Luca's level 7 Cosmosphere?   [cllci]
Question 8: Why can't I complete Luca's level 1 Cosmosphere?            [ll1cs]
Question 9: Do I really need to buy the dress from young Luca in level 9?
Question 10: Why didn't I get a costume for completing a Cosmosphere?   [cscos]
Question 11: Where do I get Luca and Cloche's last outfits?             [lccst]
Question 12: I need help with Talk Topics!                              [talkt]

Question: Can I finish all of the Cosmospheres in one game? [fcs1g]
Nope. Unlike in the first Ar Tonelico game you can only finish one of the
three main Reyvateil's Cosmospheres.  It's actually more realistic to finish
only one, since Croix is devoting himself to one woman rather than being
promiscuous with all three.

Question: What does the decision in Phase 1 determine? [ph1ch]
The decision in Phase 1 immediately locks you out one of the endings.  If you
choose Luca, you'll be locked out of Cloche's ending.  If you choose Cloche,
you'll never be able to complete Luca's Cosmosphere.  Whichever girl that
you don't choose will stay at level 5 and Croix will automatically tell her
"no" once you reach the end of their level 5 Cosmosphere.

Other than Cosmospheres, the decision influences the entire set of events in
Phase 2 and which Reyvateil you use in Phase 1 and 2.  The main game after
Phase 2 is not altered significantly.

Question: How and when do I access the Fourth Cosmosphere? [4csac]
The Fourth Cosmosphere is an entirely optional Cosmosphere that has no impact
on the ending.  You can complete this Cosmosphere without having to worry
about your relationship with the other girls.  It is just as the third
Reyvateil says: it's just for fun.

You can only access this Cosmosphere right before the final boss of the game,
which is after the Raki fight that is known for glitching and after a certain
scene that has the Third Reyvateil speaking with someone from the Tower of
Eoria.  After this, head back to the Hot Spot and watch a scene, which will
give you access to the Cosmosphere.

What do you get for completing it?
The most powerful Combo Magic in the game, Phantasmagoria, and some extra
costumes for Luca and Cloche.  It's also fun to complete if you've played the
original Ar Tonelico.

Question: How many endings are there? How do I lock an ending? [enaml]
There are four endings in all.  One with Luca, one with Cloche, one with the
third Reyvateil, and a neutral ending.

To "lock" an ending, you must choose "yes" in one girl's level 5 Cosmosphere.
This sets your "devotion" to a character and once you choose this girl, you
can not proceed further than level 5 in the other two Cosmospheres.

To get the fourth ending, you must not choose to protect any of the three
girls by either telling them all "no" or just not proceeding beyond level 5 in
their Cosmosphere.

It's possible to get 3 endings in one playthrough if you wait until right
before the final boss to complete the Cosmospheres of choice.  The ones you
can get in one playthrough are your choice of Luca and Cloche (determined by
your Phase 1 choice), the Third Reyvateil, and the Neutral fourth ending. In
order to get all three, you'll need separate save files.

Question: Can you give me information on the Third Reyvateil? [rtjac]
The Third Reyvateil is not just a character added "for the hell of it."  She
is actually a very important character in the Ar Tonelico Universe.

The Third Reyvateil joins you near the very end of Phase 1 and you can get
an ending with her if you choose to dive beyond level 5 in her Cosmosphere.
She's the hardest Reyvateil to get the ending for, since she requires 5 talk
topics to proceed beyond to level 8 with.  Her level 8 Cosmosphere is also
the one that is likely to cause you a good deal of problems because of the
lack of talk topics.

She is the strongest Reyvateil in the game with the most powerful Red Magic.

If you're interested in her backstory, play through Ar Tonelico 1.

Only the first five levels of her Cosmosphere are the "game" type.

Question: Why do you get talk topics more quickly for the Reyvateil you
didn't choose in Phase 1? [gatt1]
Play through Phase 2 and you'll find out why.  You're required to use the
Reyvateil that you did not pick in Phase 1, therefore you'll end up with more
talk topics for her than the Reyvateil that you chose to protect.  To get
100% on all talk topics with Cloche and Luca, you need to pick both routes in
either a separate save file or a new game.

Question: How do I complete Cloche's or Luca's level 7 Cosmosphere? [cllci]
You need to complete the Infelsphere.  In other words, you need to be in at
least Phase 5.  They also require certain events to have passed in Phase 5 to
complete it.

Question: Why can't I complete Luca's level 1 Cosmosphere? [ll1cs]
You must complete Cloche's level 1 Cosmosphere in order to pass Luca's level
1 Cosmosphere.  Did you just rush through the events at the very beginning
where Cloche wanted to get new magic and not complete her Cosmosphere?

Question: Do I really need to buy the dress from young Luca in level 9? [50kdp]
Yes, you do need to spend 50,000 DP on the dress in Luca's level 9 Cosmosphere.
However, because DP are so easy to obtain in this game, just Guard your
Reyvateil's effectively and you should easily hit 50,000 in just the course of
the normal game.

Even though the game says CRASH after this, you'll still be able to finish the

Question: Why didn't I get a costume for completing a Cosmosphere? [cscos]
You need to clear a Cosmosphere to get a costume. Therefore, for the girl
you didn't choose in Phase 1 will never get her fifth level Costume and if
you don't devote yourself to the Third Reyvateil you'll never get her level 5
costume, either.  

If you decline a girl at level 5 by telling her "it's better to be friends,"
you may still be able to get the costume at level 5, but not if the game
automatically declines for you.

Question: Where do I get Luca and Cloche's last outfits? [lccst]
Luca and Cloche's final outfits are obtained in the Fourth Cosmosphere, which
is accessed right before the end of the game. 

Question: I need help with Talk Topics! [talkt]
That is not what this guide is for.  However, there's a nice talk topic guide
on http(colon)//weezy.freeforums(dot)org that may help you.  At a later point,
a guide may be posted on GameFAQs as well, but at the time of posting this,
there is no talk topic guide.
I can give you some general tips, though.
Continue through the game.  Many talk topics are just found automatically as
you go through the game.
Synthesize!  Make everything you possibly can as soon as possible and even
spend time devoted to synthesis.  That means entering and exiting the shops,
fighting battles, and coming back.  This will probably one of the fastest
ways to get talk topics.
Wear every costume you get on a new level, that's always a free talk topic
after a few battles with it on. 
Don't rush the game!  There are talk topics that have a very small amount of
time to watch, so make sure that you check your menu periodically after
every scene to see if you have an open topic.  The girl's face in the bottom
left corners will show if you have a topic to see with them or not.  If they
are colored, there's a topic, if they aren't, there is no topic to see.

Unless you completely rush the game, the only level you should have any
problems with is the Third Reyvateil's level 8 Cosmosphere.


                               Cosmosphere Guide


This is a general guide to the Cosmospheres.  This is not meant to be used as
a script.  The information in this section will tell you the required DP
necessary and any "optional" DP you can spend.

Also, I suggest you bring at least 10% more DP than what is necessary to
complete a level in case you want to see optional scenes 

Required or Optional?
Certain scenes in different levels of the Cosmosphere open up a few "stars"
all over the map.  To find which one is the "right" one, you'll want to check
the amount of "Stars" (1/3, 2/3, 3/3) of importance.  If they're all 3/3 
Stars in "Importance," then look for the one with the highest DP cost.  If 
they're all the same, then just explore and you'll eventually trigger a scene.

Optional Scenes?
Scenes with 0 stars of importance are considered completely optional scenes.
When running around a Cosmosphere, you may notice an area that isn't starred
with an event that has a high DP cost.  These have optional events that give
a tidbit of information about the girl you're in.

Why did I get kicked out?

There are three reasons you can get kicked out of a CS.
One: At level 5, you've already chosen to protect another girl.  If you've
devoted yourself to one girl, you can't pass level 5 in another girl's
Two:  You picked the wrong option when given a choice.
Three: You ran out of DP on an event that requires DP to continue.  When you
see CLEAR! in red words, you'll notice DP deducated from your total.  If you
run out of DP during an event, your Reyvateil won't have enough strength to
continue and you'll get kicked out.

Any fast way to make DP?

Learn to Guard.  Seriously.  Once you can get consistent A and S ranks,
you'll have more DP than you know what to do with.  If you're having trouble,
use Girl Power with Guard ++, +++, or ++++ to help you perform Perfects.

DPs Varying?

Depending on options you choose, some Cosmosphere levels may take a good deal
more DP than what is the "minimum." It may not effect your actions now, but
just a bit later in the same level you may get a more expensive or cheaper
CLEAR! cost. 

Because of this, you'll always want to bring quite a bit more DP with you
than what would be the "minimum" cost.


                            - Luca's Cosmosphere -


Luca's Cosmosphere Level 1: [lccs1]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 2: [lccs2]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 3: [lccs3]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 4: [lccs4]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 5: [lccs5]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 6: [lccs6]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 7: [lccs7]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 8: [lccs8]
Luca's Cosmosphere Level 9: [lccs9]

                       [Luca 1: Invadable Territory]

Required DP: 95
Event DP: 10 or 15
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 110-115
Costume: None
Song Magic: Smiley Girl, Snow Firefly

- Cherry Town: 10DP
- Flower Garden: 5DP, Stonehenge: 5DP, Rest Stop: 5DP
     - Any one of three required
     - Requires 10DP to Clear Stonehenge, 15 for Rest Stop and Flower Garden
     - RED MAGIC: [Hidden Enchant: LV 1A] "Smiley Girl" Learned.
- Flower Garden: 20DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Chilling Song: LV 2] "Snow Firefly" Learned.
- Flower Garden: 50DP
- Stonehenge: 10DP

You can not clear Luca's level 1 Cosmosphere until you clear Cloche's level 1.
This is a frequent problem that people seem to come across when starting the
game for the first time.  Cloche's first level Cosmosphere is a part of the
main storyline.

If you're going for the cheapest DP cost, go to Stonehenge when given three

                            [Luca 2: Cubicrusade]

Required DP: 495
Event DP: 210-990
Optional DP: 0-10
Total DP: 715, 1045, or 1495
Costume: Stylishy
Song Magic: Brilliant Ring, Snowy Flower

- M's Coffee Shop: 20DP
- Optional scene at M's Coffee Shop: 5DP
- Stonehenge: 40DP
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Soft Tune Heal: LV 2] "Brilliant Ring" Learned.
- Optional scene at M's Coffee Shop: 5DP
- M's Coffee Shop: 45DP
- Wall?: 30DP
     - Requires 50DP to Clear.
- M's Coffee Shop: 50DP
     - Requires 100DP to Clear.
- Stonehenge: 50DP
- M's Coffee Shop: 70DP
- Stonehenge: 60DP
     - You're given three choices:
          - "Take the Wall Down." Requires 790DP to Clear.
          - "I want to get to know Luca." Requires 10DP to Clear.
          - "Leave it alone." Requires 240DP to clear.
- Wall?: 100DP
     - You're given two options, it doesn't matter which you pick. 0DP used.
     - 50DP Required to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Chilling Song: LV 3] "Snowy Flower" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 30DP

This level can either be really cheap or quite expensive, depending on your
choices.  Choosing the wrong option the first time costs you a whopping 790DP!

                         [Luca 3: A World in a Chest]

Required DP: 965
Event DP: 280-840
Optional DP: 0-1020
Total DP: 1245-1985
Costume: Lady Emperor
Song Magic: No Problem, Rolling Riceball, Easy Fullcourse

- Eastern Village: 50DP
- Optional scene at Western Village: 10DP
- Western Village: 50DP
- Optional scene at Eastern Village: 10DP
- Maiden's House: 100DP
- End of the World: 15DP
     - You're given an option to help or not help.  You're given the song no
matter which option you choose, so if you're cheap, excuse yourself.
     - "Help." Requires 500DP.
     - "Excuse yourself." Requires no DP.
     - RED MAGIC: [Easy Chorus: LV 1A] "No Problem" Learned.
- End of the World: 120DP
     - Requires 160DP to Clear.
- Stonehenge: 200DP
     - You're given two choices:
          - "Honesty to point out the bad." Requires 520DP to Clear.
          - "To be honest with yourself." Requires no DP to clear.
- End of the World: 140DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Easy Chorus: LV2] "Rolling Riceball" Learned.
- Maiden's House: 90DP
     - Requires 120DP to Clear.
- Stonehenge: 80DP
- Maiden's House: 120DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Easy Chorus: LV 1B] "Easy Fullcourse" Learned.

                           [Luca 4: Cherry's Task]

Required DP: 1280
Event DP: 350-800
Optional DP: 30
Total DP: 1630-2110
Costume: Pretty Cherry
Song Magic: Dual Gem, Lady Momoyo

- Cherry City: 140DP
- Luca's House: 160DP
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Guardian Curse: LV 1] "Dual Gem" Learned.
- Optional scene at Luca's House: 20DP
- Cherry City: 200DP
     - Requires 300DP to Clear.
- Optional scene at Cherry City: 10DP
- End of the World: 50DP
- End of the World: 140DP
     - You're given two choices.  Neither choice takes DP yet, but which one
you choose determines how much DP is required for the next event.  Choosing
"Don't fight if you need to." is the cheaper route.
- Nightsun Castle: 220DP
     - Requires 50DP to Clear if you chose "Don't fight if you need to."
     - Requires 450DP if you chose "I want to fight with Luca."
     - RED MAGIC: [Hidden Enchant: LV 2A] "Lady Momoyo" Learned.
- Luca's House: 230DP
- Stonehenge: 140DP

                          [Luca 5: Deep Mind Invasion]

Required DP: 1670
Event DP: 1600
Optional DP: 500
Total DP: 3270-3770
Costume: Assault Pain
Song Magic: Thorn Princess, Receptionist Rumble

- Opening: 700DP
- End of the World: 170DP
- Optional Scene at End of the World: 170DP
- West Fields: 150DP
- Optional Scene at West Fields: 50DP
- Eastern Hills: 150 DP
     - You're given a choice here, neither option requires DP.  It doesn't seem
to alter any decisions or DP cost on the level, either.
- Flower Field: 150DP
- Stonehenge: 150DP
     - You're given a choice.  What you choose does not have an immediate
effect, but the next scene will be altered.
          - "Give her your Seeds" Makes it so that Croix has the least seeds.
          - "Don't do anything." Will make Cloche have the least seeds.
- Mountain Lodge: 200DP
     - This locale only opens up once you've spoken to Young Luca in the Flower
Field, Cloche in Stonehenge, and Luca in the Eastern Hills.
     - If you didn't give Cloche any seeds in the last decision, she'll have
the least amount of seeds and you'll get a CG with her.
     - If you did give Cloche some seeds, Croix will end up with the least
seeds and you'll see a different CG.
- End of the World: 230DP
     - Requires 600DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Hidden Enchant LV 3A] "Thorn Princess" Learned.
- Optional scenes at West Fields, Eastern Hills, and the Flower Field for 150
DP each.
- Mountain Lodge: 300DP
     - Requires 300DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Super Potential LV 1A] "Receptionist Rumble" Learned.
- End of the World: 170DP
- Stonehenge: 330DP
     -The decision here is the one that determines whether or not you want
Luca's ending.  If you're not given a decision, that means you chose Cloche's
route in Phase 1.  If you deny Luca, you're stuck with the Third Reyvateil or
the neutral ending.  If you accept Luca, you lock out the chance for the
Third Reyvateil and Neutral ending.  If you're not sure which ending you want,
you can save this decision as long as you want by choosing "Let me think about
it."  That doesn't count as denying or accepting and you can come back later
if you want to try for a different ending and then Luca's.

Depending on your decision with Cloche about the seeds, you'll get a different
CG.  If Croix has the least seeds, you'll get a CG with Croix and Luca, but if
Cloche has the least seeds you'll get something much, much different.  Which is
the better scene?  Well, that's up to you.  The scene with Croix is fluff
filled while the scene with Cloche involves Luca's bondage outfit.

You can not clear Luca's level 5 Cosmosphere unless you choose her path in
Phase 1.  I also suggest not clearing it right away, as you may change your
mind once you meet the Third Reyvateil.  Because you can only devote yourself
to one female, choosing Luca will prevent you from finishing the Third
Reyvateil's Cosmosphere.  You can wait as long as you like, even until right
before the final battle.  I suggest you do that, since that way you can get
Luca's ending, the Neutral ending, and the Thierd Reyvateil ending all in one

                          [Luca 6: To Love in Truth]

Required DP: 810
Event DP: 460-1770
Optional DP: 1365
Total DP: 1270-3945
Costume: Sorcerer Maria
Song Magic: Sweet Incense

- Optional Scene at the Tower of Life: 600DP
     - This is a fun little scene that tells you more about Luca.
- Optional scene at the D-Point: 50DP
- Witch's House: 300DP
- Optional scene at Witch's House: 5DP
- Optional scene at Sunset Volcano: 10DP
- Optional scene at Mountain Lodge: 150DP
- Optional Scene at Rubble Plains: 150DP
- Red Forest: 150DP
     - You're given two options:
          - "Yes." Requires no DP.
          - "No, it's not like that." Requires 550DP for Clear.
- Mountain Lodge: 150DP
- Witch's House: 200DP
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Guardian Curse: LV 2] "Sweet Incense" Learned.
- Mountain Lodge: 400DP
- D-Point: 260DP
     - Requires 320DP to Clear.
     - Depending on if you went to the Mountain Lodge or not before this scene,
slightly different events will occur.
          - If you did not visit the Mountain Lodge, 900DP are required.
          - If you did visit the Mountain Lodge before D-Point, no DP are
used and the scenario is still Cleared.
-Sunset Volcano: 10DP
     -There are two options:
          - "I love Luca no matter what." Requires 140DP to Clear.
          - "Was I being tricked?" Requires 760DP to Clear.

This level automatically ends.

                         [Luca 7: Absolute Girlfriend]

Required DP: 2550
Event DP: 770-940
Optional DP: 220
Total DP: 3320-3710
Costume: Venus Torial
Song Magic: Flying Clog

- Optional scene at the Tower of Life: 100DP
- Optional scene at D-Point: 70DP
- North City: 150DP
     - Requires 320DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Easy Chorus: LV 3A] "Flying Clog" Learned.
- Ancient Prison: 350DP
     - There are four options this time, none require DP but your choice does
not seem to affect the rest of the level.
          - "How she locked little Luca up in Jail."
          - "How she's always trying to look good." This seems to be the
correct answer.  Luca scolds you if you pick the others.
          - "How she was a schemer."
          - "Nothing."
- Divine Altar: 200DP
- South City: 270DP
- Ambition Strand: 300DP
     - You're given two options:
          - "Help Cocona." Requires 400DP to Clear and 50DP for the later part.
          - "Just watch." Requires no DP, but it's pretty heartless. However,
if you choose this option, Ambition Strand requires 620 DP to clear.  This is
actually the more expensive option.
     - Requires 620DP or 50DP to Clear. 620DP if you chose to let Cocona die
and 50DP if you helped her.
- Ancient Prison: 200DP
- Optional scene at Ancient Prison: 50DP
- Stonehenge: 340DP
     - You will not be able to access this scene until you've reached Phase 5.
If you're at Phase 5 already, proceed through the Phase a bit first and you'll
be allowed to proceed.
- Ancient Prison: 300DP
- Divine Altar: 440DP

You can not clear this level Cosmosphere until Phase 5. If you try before then,
you won't be able to find what Luca is looking for.

                         [Luca 8: Blank Score Lullaby]

Required DP: 3410
Event DP: 1100
Optional DP: 100
Total DP: 4510-4610
Costume: Bathgirl
Song Magic: Crylady, Clearnight Bell

- Optional Scene at D-Point: 50DP
- Tower of Life: 150DP
- Divine Altar: 390DP
- Optional scene at the Divine Altar: 50DP
- Home of Nostalgia: 200DP
- Tower of Life: 200DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Hidden Enchant: LV 1B] "Crylady" Learned.
- Home of Nostalgia: 400DP
     - Requires 400DP for Clear.
- Stonehenge: 440DP
- D-Point: 340DP
- Home of Nostalgia: 330DP
     - Requires 700DP for Clear.
- Tower of Life: 450DP
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Soft Tune Heal: LV 3] "Clearnight Bell" Learned.
- Divine Altar: 500DP
- Stonehenge: 10DP

Compared to the others, this is an incredibly straightforward level.

                          [Luca 9: Love can be Shame]

Required DP: 4,850
Event DP: 50,000
Optional DP: 2,050
Total DP: 54,850-57,000
Costume: Vow
Song Magic: Gaea, Loveydov, Meteor Shine, Reception Lights

- Optional scene at the Tower of Life: 2,000DP
     - This is another cute little scene about Luca's secrets.
     - RED MAGIC: [Super Potential: LV 3A] "Gaea" Learned.
- Luca's House: 520DP
     - You're given a choice almost immediately:
          - "Hold Her" will automatically end your trip into the Cosmosphere
and you'll need to re-enter.  In other words, this is the wrong answer.
          - "Leave for now" is the right answer.
- Optional scene at Luca's House: 50DP
- Healing Forest: 300DP
- Flower Garden: 30DP
     - To clear this level, you must pay Luca in the Flower garden 50,000DP.
- Luca's House: 250DP
- Healing Forest: 600DP
     -  If you enter this forest a second time and tell Loveydove that you're
ready before buying the Kimono and giving it to Luca, you'll be kicked out
of the Cosmosphere.
     - Tell Loveydov that you're ready and that you've made up your mind once
you've given the dress to Luca, since you'll just cancel out of the screen if
you say you're not ready.
     - RED MAGIC: [Hidden Enchant: LV 2B] "Loveydov" Learned.
- Luca's House: 250DP
- Holy Church: 1,000DP
- Tower of Life: 600DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Super Potential: LV 2B] "Meteor Shine" Learned.

Once you've completed level 9 and have obtained the costume, dive back in.
There are two more songs that you need to get.

- D-Point: 800DP
     - RED MAGIC [Super Potential: LV 1B] "Reception Lights" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 500DP

You are required to pay 50,000DP to Luca in order to complete this level. Even
though the game says "CRASH," you can still complete the level.


                          - Cloche's Cosmosphere -


Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 1:  [clcs1]
Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 2:  [clcs2]
Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 3:  [clcs3]
Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 4:  [clcs4]

More to come soon!

                          [Cloche 1: Lamplit Nights]

Required DP: 100
Event DP: 65-260
Optional DP: 10
Total DP: 165-370 
Costume: None
Song Magic: F.S.T., Lanternal

- Tower of Life: 5DP
- Lone City: 20DP
     - You're given a choice:
          - "Get disappointed." Requires no DP to Clear.
          - "Get angry." Requires 5DP to Clear.
- Tower of Life: 20DP
     - Requires 10DP to Clear.
- Heart's Prison: 20DP
     - You're given a choice:
          - "A friend!" Requires 15DP to Clear.
          - "A foe!" Requires 200DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Brave Thunder: LV 1A] "F. S. T." Learned.
- Optional scene at Lone City: 10DP
- Tower of Life: 30DP
     - Requires 40DP to Clear.
     - Yet another choice is presented:
          - "Scared of letting people see her mind." Will get you kicked out.
          - "All beings are a threat." The correct option.
     - RED MAGIC: [Holy Burst: LV 2] "Lanternal" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 5DP

Cloche's Level 1 Cosmosphere is a part of the main storyline and you must
complete it in order to get beyond level 1 in Luca's Cosmosphere.

Be careful with your choices, as you'll end up spending quite a bit more DP
than you intended.

                          [Cloche 2: Attraction of Youth]

Required DP: 540
Event DP: 420
Optional DP: 5
Total DP: 960-965
Costume: Oldmodern Style
Song Magic: SunSun Summon, Eggy G, Jean Ishikawa

- Optional scene at the Tower of Life: 5DP
- Lone City: 50DP
     - Requires 80DP to Clear.
- Grand Bell Cafe:60DP
     - Requires 100DP to Clear.
- Lone City: 50DP
- Grand Bell Cafe: 100DP
     - Requires 60DP to Clear.
- Tower of Life: 60DP
     - Requires 180DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Cute Drive: LV 1A] "SunSun Summon" Learned.
- Flower Garden: 70DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Cute Drive: LV 2A] "Eggy G" Learned.
- Grand Bell Cafe: 100DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Brave Thunder: LV2A] "Jean Ishikawa" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 50DP

                          [Cloche 3: ---------------]

Required DP: 150
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 150
Costume: None
Song Magic: None

- Stonehenge: 150DP

Your game did not have an error.  Cloche's level 3 Cosmosphere is not playable.
You'll automatically advance to level 4 with the same talk topics that it
takes to access level 3.  If you look at Cloche's Talk Topic list on the
menu, it now states that her level 3 is "4," so you don't need any additional

In fact, Level 3 is a part of level 4.

                         [Cloche 4: Honor Student Scream]

Required DP: 480
Event DP: 300
Optional DP: 30
Total DP: 780-810
Costume: Metamorole Model
Song Magic: Curall, Volcanics

- Opening:
     - Requires 100DP to Clear.
- Optional scene at Abyssal Darkness: 30DP
- Grand Bell Academy: 60DP
     - You're given a choice, but neither seems to alter anything significantly.
          - "Go to the classroom."
          - "Go to the school grounds."
- Lone City: 100DP
     - Requires 200DP to Clear.
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Cure Melody: LV 2] "Curall" Learned.
- Grand Bell Academy: 150DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Holy Burst: LV 3] "Volcanics" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 170DP


                        - Third Reyvateil's Cosmosphere -


Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 1:  [jacs1]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 2:  [jacs2]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 3:  [jacs3]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 4:  [jacs4]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 5:  [jacs5]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 6:  [jacs6]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 7-C:[jcs7c]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 7-P:[jcs7p]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 8:  [jacs8]
Jacqli's Cosmosphere Level 9:  [jacs9]

Only the first five levels of this Cosmosphere are in "game" form.  Once you
devote yourself to her you'll see her true world.

Also, unlike the other Cosmospheres, you'll be doing fighting in the earlier
levels, but only with Luca and Cloche.  Your preferred magic will most likely
be Luca's Lady Momoyo or Receptionist Rumble.

For the note on how Jacqli's level 7-C and 7-P work, check the section between
level 6 and 7, or Control+F [ch7cp]

                         [Jacqli 1: Temp Battle Member]

Required DP: 345
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0 
Total DP: 345
Costume: Long Skirt
Song Magic: Staring Eye

     - A choice is almost immediately presented, but it doesn't seem to make a
          - "I agree. . ."
          - "I don't agree."
- School Grounds: 100DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Moody Girl: LV 2] "Staring Eye" Learned.
- Boys' Dormitory: 50DP
- Sea of Nam: 70DP
- Boys' Dormitory: 75DP
- Stonehenge: 50DP

                           [Jacqli 2: Doll and Human]

Required DP: 570
Event DP: 500
Optional DP: 250
Total DP: 1,070-1,320
Costume: Spirit Gunner
Song Magic: Deathly Deathlene, Cute ELMA

- Optional scene at the Classroom: 100DP
     - You're quizzed, but your answer does not seem to negatively impact any
          - "Functions as a mouth." Is the correct answer.
          - "Functions as eyes."
- Optional scene at the Classroom: 100DP
- Optional scene Downtown: 50DP
- Doll Shop: 120DP
     - Requires 500DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Moody Girl: Lv 3] "Deadly Deathlene" Learned.
- Sea of Nam: 120DP
- Boys' Dormitory: 120DP
- Classroom: 110DP
     - Your first battle is fought here.  I suggest using Lady Momoyo for how
powerful she is at low Burst Percentages and because you'll automatically
extract to her.  If you have Receptionist Rumble at this point, she will
probably be a better choice. Just raise your Burst to 2,000 or so, and it'll
die to the attack.
     - RED MAGIC: [My Slaves: LV 1] "Cute ELMA" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 100DP

                        [Jacqli 3: A Scarf Psychology]

Required DP: 1,370
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 1,370
Costume: Dorky Girl
Song Magic: Pi, Zodma Special

- School Grounds: 180DP
- Classroom: 180DP
- School Grounds: 180DP
- Classroom: 180DP
- School Gate: 220DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Dream Diver: LV 1] "Pi" Learned.
- Sea of Nam: 110DP
- Downtown: 170DP
     - There is another battle at this point.  As with before, stick with
Song Magic that is powerful at level 1. Lady Momoyo and Receptionist Rumble are
probably your best options.  Charge them for about 4 rounds and the "boss"
will die.
     - RED MAGIC: [My Slaves: LV 2] "Zodma Special" Learned.
- Stonehenge: 150DP

                        [Jacqli 4: Separated Rendezvous]

Required DP: 1,010
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0 
Total DP: 1,010
Costume: Southern Cross
Song Magic: Go! Jacqli Robo

- Classroom: 220DP
- Downtown: 210DP
     - You're given a choice:
          - "Isn't it too much?"
          - "I think it's cute."  This seems to be the correct choice.
- Downtown: 210DP
     - There's another battle at this point.  It's pretty much the same as the
others. Stick with Songs that are strong on the first and second levels and
sing for 3-4 rounds and you'll win.
     - RED MAGIC: [My Slaves: LV 3] "Go! Jacqli Robo" Learned
- Sea of Nam: 170DP
- Stonehenge: 200DP

                         [Jacqli 5: What the Blade Sees]

Required DP: 930-1,180
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 930-1,180
Costume: FunboT
Song Magic: Bandeid, Demon's Dance

- Sea of Nam: 220DP
- Doll Shop: 240DP
- Boys' Dormitory: 250DP
- Miros Castle: 220DP
     - It's time for yet another Cosmosphere battle.  Treat it the same way as
you have been treating the others and, as long as you have decent gear on your
Reyvateils, it shouldn't be too bad.
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Pretty Medicine: LV2] "Bandeid" Learned.
     - The final battle has arrived!  It's the same as the others, so just
wait 4 or so rounds and finish her off!
     - RED MAGIC: [My Slaves: LV 4] "Demon's Dance" Learned.

- Stonehenge: 250DP
    - This is where you make your decision on if you wish to lock Jacqli's
ending or not.

Like any other Cosmosphere, you can only clear this level 5 if you've not
devoted yourself to any of the other female characters. This is, if you want to
finish Jacqli's level 5, you need to reject the girl you chose during Phase 1,
or simply not accept them and choose "Let me decide." when finishing their
level 5 Cosmosphere.  After you've chosen, head back into the level and speak
with Ayatane in order to continue to level 6, or to reject Jacqli.

Jacqli's is the hardest Cosmosphere in the game to complete because her later
levels require 5 talk topics.  Level 8 usually ends up as extremely problematic
for players. Jacqli is also the only character you can reach 100% Talk Topics
with in a single game.

                          [Jacqli 6: Fragment of Mind]

Required DP: 1,660-1,810
Event DP: 700-1,050
Optional DP: 400
Total DP: 2,360-3,260
Costume: Lady Drape
Song Magic: None

- Optional scene at the Boys' Dormitory: 200DP
     - This is a fun scene to see, especially if you've played the first game.
- Doll Shop: 170DP
- Downtown: 220DP
     - Requires 700DP to Clear.
- Optional scene at the Doll Shop: 100DP
- Silver Horn: 330DP
     - You're given a choice:
          - "Call for Help." Requires 350DP to Clear.
          - "Go along with it." Requires no DP to Clear.
     - In the Classroom, there's another choice.  Which of these you choose
determines the temporary scenario for this level, not level 7. No matter which
you choose, you still end up going to the same place.  Of the two, the one
that makes more sense would be choosing "Agree to help." but it doesn't
matter, really.
          - "Agree to help." If you choose this, you'll go assist Miros.
          - "End things here."  If you choose this, Jacqli will come help you.
- Sea of Nam: 340DP
- Optional scene at the Doll Shop: 100DP
Depending on if you chose to Help Miros or told her no, you'll go to different
places for this last scene.
     - If you helped Miros, you'll go to the Silver Horn.
          - Silver Horn: 300DP
          - Stonehenge: 300DP
     - If you helped Jacqli, you'll go to the School Gate.
          - School Gate: 150DP
          - Silver Horn: 300DP
          - Stonehenge: 300DP

The path after level 6 splits into two, Crime and Punishment, based on your
decision with Harmonius.  Crime is probably the better of the two to start
with, as you get a new costume at level 7-C. The ONLY decision that changes
the later levels is who you give Harmonius to, not which of the girls you
side with during the middle portion of this level.

You will eventually have to play through both 7-C and 7-P once you get access
to level 8.  

*****************************Very Important Note!******************************

Depending on which option you chose at the end of Jacqli's Cosmosphere level 6,
about Harmonius and helping either Jacqli or Miros, you'll reach a different
level 7. You will have to eventually play through both once you reach level 8,
that is, you clear one of the level 7s. 

Which do you choose first?  It doesn't matter, but choosing Crime, or siding
with Miros, may be a bit easier to help find the necessary Talk Topics for
level 8. Miros' side also gives you a new costume, while Jacqli's only gives
you an interesting optional cutscene about Ayatane.

Once you've cleared one level 7, you'll hit level 8.  At level 8, you'll be
forced to replay Level 6 again and you then must choose the option that you
did not the first time around.  For example, if you choose Miros the first
time with Harmonius, you must choose Jacqli the second time.

Choosing Miros will lead to 7-Crime.
Choosing Jacqli will lead to 7-Punishment.

Once you've cleared the first level 6, a level 7, and the first events on level
8, you'll then be transported back to level 6 to finish the second 7 and then
reach the "true" 8, which will allow you to finish the Cosmosphere.

Here's an example, in case you still don't understand:
Level 6 Cleared, Choose to assist Miros with Harmonius.
Reach and Clear level 7-C.
Reach level 8 and be sent back to level 6.
Re-Clear level 6, but choosing the other option. In this case, Jacqli.
Reach and Clear level 7-P.
Reach the true level 8, where you'll finally be able to clear to level 9.

                              [Jacqli 7A: Crime]

Required DP: 1,760
Event DP: 1,940
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 3,700
Costume: Miros
Song Magic: Glutomy, Pew, Heart's Prison

- Opening
     - COMBO MAGIC: [Moody Girl: LV E] "Glutomy" Learned.
- Cliff of Grief: 600DP
     - Requires 1,040DP to Clear.
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Pretty Medicine: LV 3] "Pew" Learned.
- Silver Horn: 560DP
     - Requires 900DP to Clear.
     - BLUE MAGIC: [Darkside: LV 2] "Heart's Prison" Learned.
- Cliff of Grief: 600DP

The Crime Path is reached by choosing Miros on level 6.

                            [Jacqli 7B: Punishment]

Required DP: 2,600
Event DP: 1,740
Optional DP: 300
Total DP: 4,340-4,740
Costume: None
Song Magic: Bubbleba

- Optional scene at the Tower of Life: 300DP
     - This is an interesting scene to see if you've played the first game.
- Scaffold: 600DP
- Sea of Nam: 500DP
     - Requires 700DP to Clear.
     - RED MAGIC: [Those Memories: LV 2] "Bubbleba" Learned.
- Scaffold: 600DP
     -Requires 1,040DP to Clear.
- Stonehenge: 500DP

The Punishment Path is reached by choosing Jacqli on level 6.

                         [Jacqli 8: Escape from the Womb]

Required DP: 3,240
Event DP: 0
Optional DP: 0
Total DP: 3,240
Costume: Pure Ritual
Song Magic: None

- Doll Shop: 700DP
- Sea of Nam: 740DP
- Silver Horn: 600DP
- Scaffold: 700DP
- Stonehenge: 500DP

You can only reach the true level 8 once you've completed both 7-C and 7-P.

Jacqli's level 8 Cosmosphere is easily the hardest Cosmosphere in the game to
reach.  If you're having problems getting the five talk topics, you need to
do the following:

- There's an optional scene at Mikri Forest right before it "falls."  By right
before, I mean literally, before.  You'll know when this is because Luca and
Cloche go there and retreive a hairpin.  There's a rock you need to examine
that has a ! over Croix's head.  This leads to a short set of optional events
that will give you the talk topic.  You'll also get Jacqli's last level 5
topic after this set of events.
- Collect 80 I.P.Ds for Cloche's fanclub.  This is the hardest of the bunch,
but if you missed the topic in Mikri Forest, you're pretty much required to do
this.  You can even do this right before the final boss, so even if you didn't
spend any time with Dive Therapy before this, you can still hit level 8.  It
may take a few hours of killing monsters to gain the influence of each girl,
- Clear 7C or Clear 7P.  Each one gives you a talk topic. 7P seems to give an
extra topic since you can't get the Miros topic, as you don't have the
costume if you went through Punishment before Crime.  This is just there to
balance out the two paths and their talk topics.
- 7C and 7P also have a talk topic each with synthesis items.  Clearing 7C will
give you a topic if you've made the "Decorative Mail" armor at Skycat's
restaurant.  7P will give you the talk topic about the Handmade Poncho, which
is made at Sasha's General Store.
- Wearing the Miros costume in a few battles and getting the costume topic.
- Proceed through the game. After the song "Veena" and the events shortly 
after you'll get a talk topic.

                        [Jacqli 9: The Way Love Pierces]

Required DP: 3,500
Event DP: 1,000
Optional DP: 300
Total DP: 4,500-4,800
Costume: Dark Rose
Song Magic: Ar tonelico, Lucid Slayer

- Optional scene at the Doll Shop: 150DP
- Optional scene Downtown: 150DP
- Sea of Nam: 700DP
     - You're given an option at this point, but not really, since there's only
one choice.
- Chapel: 800DP
- Classroom: 550DP
     - You're given a choice:
          - "Stab Miros." You'll be kicked out if you choose this option.
          - "Don't stab Miros."  This is the correct option. Requires 1,000DP
to clear.
- Chapel: 1,000DP
- Tower of Life: 450DP
     - RED MAGIC: [Those Memories: LV 3] "Ar tonelico" Learned.

Once you've cleared Level 9, re-enter and speak with Ayatane at Stonehenge.
You'll learn the COMBO MAGIC: [Dream Diver: LV E] "Lucid Slayer."


                          - The Fourth Cosmosphere -


Fourth Cosmosphere Level 1:  [ftcs1]
Fourth Cosmosphere Level 2:  [ftcs2]
Fourth Cosmosphere Level 3:  [ftcs3]
Fourth Cosmosphere Level 4:  [ftcs4]
Fourth Cosmosphere Level 5:  [ftcs5]

The Fourth Cosmosphere isn't a Cosmosphere at all.  You'll understand what it
is when you reach the point that you can enter it.  This Cosmosphere is like
the first five levels of the Third Reyvateil's Cosmosphere in that it's a
game within a game.

You can only access this "cosmosphere" when you're right before the final boss.
After the Third Reyvateil contacts someone from the Tower of Eoria and you
fight against a familiar boss, after the Raki battle, head back into the Hot
Spot where Reki is and you'll see a scene.  This gives you access to the
fourth Cosmosphere.

There are a few critical differences between this Cosmosphere and the others.

First: Diving into the Fourth Cosmosphere uses SP instead of DP.
Second: Clearing this Cosmosphere will not change your ending at all.
Third: If you pick the wrong option at any point in the Cosmosphere, you'll
get a "Game Over" and be kicked from the Cosmosphere. 
Fourth:  You get spells and costumes for all three of your Reyvateils.  It 
is not just focused on one of them.
Fifth: SP is not required for "CLEAR!" events, like in normal Cosmospheres.
However, you'll probably have enough SP by the time this section is open that
even if there were events, you'd have no problems.

Choices marked with a "*" are the correct choices.  I'll also say which one
leads to a Game Over, just in case someone doesn't read this note.

                         [Fourth 1: Days of Kuroaki]

Required SP: 1,110
Optional SP: 100
Total SP: 1,110-1,210
Costume: None
Song Magic: Jacqli: Cursing Aid

- Optional scene at Skyfield Station: 100SP
- Detective's Office: 350SP
          - "Let yourself succumb to the temptation." Game Over.
          * "Keep your Integrity."
- Skyfield Station: 370SP
          * "Obey."
          - "Don't Obey." Game Over.
- Detective's Office: 390SP
     - Jacqli BLUE MAGIC: [Darkside: LV 1] "Cursing Aid" Learned.

Please remember that the correct options are starred ("*").

                       [Fourth 2: Melancholy of Fururu]

Required SP: 970
Optional SP: 120
Total SP: 970-1,090
Costume: Cloche: Pippenna
Song Magic: Luca: Artsy Bomb

- Optional scene at Home: 120SP
- Skyfield Station: 120SP
- Maid Cafe - Mewon: 400SP
          * "Ask Miwa for help."
          - "Contact the Syndicate." Game Over.
     - There's a second choice in the same area:
          - "Chase." Game Over.
          * "Don't chase."
     - Luca RED MAGIC: [Easy Chorus LV 2B] "Artsy Bomb" Learned.
Skyfield Station: 450SP

Please remember that the correct options are starred ("*").

                       [Fourth 3: Temptation of Reisha]

Required SP: 500+550
Optional SP: 0
Total SP: 1,050
Costume: Luca: Tres Super Bien
Song Magic: None

     - You're asked the same question twice in a row.  Be sure to keep your
integrity both times in order to continue.
          - "Succumb to the Temptation." Game Over.
          * "Keep my integrity."
- Maid Cafe - Mewon: 500SP
- Skyfield Station: 550SP
     - There is a terrible translation in the question of this section.  While
they're asking you to rejoin, you actually have to say YES to get the game to
continue, as choosing YES actually means "NO." Be sure to pick to rejoin,
because this is quite a bad typo by NISA.
          * "Rejoin the Syndicate."
          - "No way!" Game Over.

Please remember that the correct options are starred ("*").

                        [Fourth 4: Invoice of a Memory]

Required SP: 1910
Optional SP: 0
Total SP: 1910
Costume: None
Song Magic: None

Maid Cafe - Mewon: 600SP
Skyfield Station: 640SP
Detective's Office: 670SP
          * "Contact Miwa."
          - "Run with Fururu." Game Over.

Please remember that the correct options are starred ("*").

                        [Fourth 5: Devil Sold its Soul]

Required SP: 1,000
Optional SP: 330+320
Total SP: 
Costume: None
Song Magic: Jacqli: Sonata ~ Despair, Phantasmagoria, Cloche: Cat Shaker

- Optional scene at Home: 330SP
- Optional scene at Maid Cafe - Mewon: 320SP
- Syndicate Hideout: 1,000SP
     - Jacqli: COMBO MAGIC: [My Slaves: LV E] " Sonata ~ Despair" Learned.
     - Your choice comes a bit farther into this scenario, this time. The
effect of this choice isn't readily apparent but it is important in the next
          * "Stop by."
          - "I don't need to." Game Over
     - Another choice is soon encountered:
          - "Stay a Demon" Game Over
          * "I want to be human again."
     - Cloche: RED MAGIC: [Cute Drive: LV 2B] "Cat Shaker" Learned.
- Complete
     - Jacqli: COMBO MAGIC: [Those Memories: LV E] "Phantasmagoria" Learned.

Please remember that the correct options are starred ("*").




Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and I hope it was of use to
you.  Hopefully it will alleviate some of your problems while going through
Ar Tonelico 2.

- Contacting Me -
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I can not give my EMail address away.

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- Contributors -
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While that did not assist me in the creation of this guide, I am still giving
credit to them because they did help me.

- What Needs to be Done? -
Only Cloche's Cosmosphere completion, but unfortunately, my PS3 deleted my
Cloche game save so this is going to take time.

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