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~~ ~ ~ Table of Contents ~ ~ ~~

1.0) Who am I/Who Are You?

2.0) Introduction & Biography

3.0) The Basics
____3.1) Controls
____3.2) Pros/Cons

4.0) Moves and Specials
____4.1) Standard Attacks
____4.2) Throws
____4.3) Specials

5.0) How to execute specials

6.0) General Strategies
____6.1) Avoiding Fireballs
____6.2) Torpedo Attacks
____6.3) Throwing

7.0) Character-Specific Strategies
____7.10) **** Matchups
____7.11) Akuma
____7.12) Dhalsim
____7.13) E. Honda
____7.14) Guile
____7.20) *** Matchups
____7.21) Blanka
____7.22) Chun Li
____7.23) T. Hawk
____7.24) Vega (Claw)
____7.30) ** Matchups
____7.31) Balrog (Boxer)
____7.32) Cammy
____7.33) DeeJay
____7.34) Fei Long
____7.35) Ken
____7.36) M. Bison (Dictator)
____7.37) Ryu
____7.38) Sagat
____7.39) Zangief

8.0) Contact and Legal

9.0) Updates and Thanks

1.0) Who am I/Who Are You?
I am the man whose FAQ you are reading. 

There's really not much more to it than that. I can--and will--tell you why I
am a credible guide-writer, but it's really much easier for you to skip this
introduction and simply begin reading my guide and judge for yourself.

Considering you're still reading, I'm assuming you're genuinely interested in
learning about me. Good for you. I'm quite flattered.

As I write this, I am actually a soon-to-be graduating journalism major looking
for a job. While I look at my options, I figure I'll keep my writing muscles
pumping so I don't lose them. 

My Street Fighter experience, which is probably more important than my writing,
dates back to the Super Nintendo. Actually--believe me or not--it dates all the
way back to the original Street Fighter, when it took a full 360 joystick spin
to pull off a hurricane kick!

Most will agree, however, that Street Fighter 2 birthed the series as we know
it today. Admittedly, I sucked at the game back then. I could barely pull off
a fireball and it was a rare day indeed when I could dragon punch successfully.

After the original Street Fighter 2, I sort of lost track of the series for a
while. Since then I played numerous fighting games ranging from Darkstalkers
to Dead or Alive, and even some fighting games that actually had Street Fighter
characters in them. A few years ago, I subscribed to Gametap and my interest in
the Street Fighter series was revitalized.

At first, I played as Ken and Ryu as I did on the Super Nintendo. But honestly,
I started to tire of the "fireball, fireball, uppercut" style of play. I by no
means suggest there's nothing more to those characters, I just wanted to play
as someone different.

I chose Zangief because I had always wanted to try him out, but was intimidated
by the 360 spin requirements. I looked around online for strategies and I
practiced by myself as well. Since then, Zangief has become my main fighter. I
find him to be simultanously the most fun and humorous.

2.0) Introduction & Biography
Zangief is a muscle-bound Russian pro-wrestler who entered the Street Fighter
tournament to prove the might of the Soviet Union. His mission was given to him
by Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the real-life Russian President when Street
Fighter 2 came out. 

In reality, Zangief is a horrible stereotype. While it can be argued that most
SF characters are stereotypes, Zangief stands out amongst them as the worst of
all. He's a massive, hairy, hulking beast of a man, and is often portrayed as
comically idiotic. 

Besides just that, Zangief is considered by many to be one of the worst
characters. He's slow and clunky, and mostly relies on one very powerful attack
to win, but it must be executed at a close distance, so Zangief is always
fighting an uphill battle to get close enough for even a chance to win.

Thinking (perhaps too much) about Zangief's design unveals an anti-Russian
sentiment. To defeat Zangief (and the Soviets?) all we need is to outwit our
stupid enemy to keep that mighty power at bay.

Ironically, to win as Zangief requires thought, patience, and strategy. So
while Zangief as a character is an impatient meatbag of muscle that wrestles
bears in the wilderness, to actually use him effectively requires patience,
determination, prediction, and strategy.

While it is still largely true that Zangief is a one-trick pony with his
Spinning Piledriver, it's also true that the move is far from being "cheap" as
it requires getting close to his enemy, good timing, and predicting an
opponent's attacks to pull it off. 

No other character is quite like Zangief, which is why he holds a certain level
of admiration amongst Street Fighter fans.

Even better, he's considered one of the hardest characters to learn how to play
(which I would argue against, personally), so Zangief players impress when they
gain the skills to win without luck.

3.0) The Basics

____3.1) Controls
*Note, these controls are for Player 1 (the left side)

The following are directional presses on either the control stick or d-pad
Walk forward
V + -> (diagonal)
Crouch without block
Crouch without no block
V +