HALO 3 version 0.something, just started Ok, before I give advice and that for Halo 3, some facts and ground rules: I tried to do the title with symbols like other FAQs I've seen but I got impatient and yeah. This is my first FAQ so be nice. IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!!!! The information on this FAQ is based on MY experiences, not someone else’s so no 'You stole stuff from my FAQ, I'm gonna sue you!' or some crap like that. This FAQ was made by me, not some random idiot. If anyone finds it on any site either than cheatplanet - Gamesradar or whatever it's called now, get it removed please! So basically I'm saying that copyright stuff...I think. Now on to the FAQ! Table of Contents: 1. Story of Halo 3 2. Weapons a) UNSC b) Covenant c) Other 3. Vehicles a) UNSC b) Covenant 4. Enemies a) Covenant b) Flood c) Other 5. Equipment 6. Campaign a) Sierra 117 b) Crow's Nest c) Tsavo Highway d) The Storm e) Floodgate f) The Ark g) The Covenant h) Cortana i) Halo 7. Multiplayer maps a) Avalanche b) Blackout c) Construct d) Cold Storage e) Epitaph f) Foundry g) Ghost Town h) Guardian i) High Ground j) Isolation l) Last Resort m) Narrows n) Rat's Nest o) Sandtrap p) Standoff q) Snowbound r) The Pit s) Valhalla 8. Strategies, Tips, Hints 9. Wrap-up 1. The Story of Halo 3 takes place right after Halo 2. Chief is coming down on a Forerunner pod of some sort and lands in a forest. After getting to the UNSC base Master Chief, Johnson, Keyes and Lord Hood prepare for an attack on Earth-based Covenant forces. The attack works, but Truth escapes and the Flood land on Earth, near you. The Elites then get involved fighting off the Flood. The UNSC and the Elites then form an alliance and both forces go through the portal the Forerunner artifact Truth excavated created. Chief finds out that the portal led to the Ark. The alliance then moves to attack the Citadel where Truth can activate all the Halo arrays at once. The Flood followed the UNSC to the Ark. Arbiter kills Truth and the Flood attack. Chief and the Arbiter then find the way to destroy the Flood: a Halo ring on the Ark. To activate it, Chief needs Cortana's activation index and Spark volunteers to fix up the ring. Chief rescues Cortana from High Charity, destroying it in the process. Arbiter and Chief then go to the Control Tower on Halo. Johnson starts up Halo, but Spark didn't want it activated just yet, so to prevent the ring from Firing, Guilty Spark goes berserk. Chief kills Spark, then begins Halo's firing sequence. Chief and Arbiter escape from Halo from the frigate Forward Unto Dawn, but only a part gets through the portal, leaving Chief and Cortana to drift through space. Told ya there'd be spoilers. 2. There are plenty of weapons in Halo 3. Here's the complete list, starting with: UNSC Assault Rifle: Hold a 32 bullet clip and can hold up to 352 spare rounds. Useful for medium-close range combat. Best for Multiplayer 1 vs 1. Battle Rifle: One of the most accurate weapons second to only the sniper weapons, this gun fires a 3-bullet burst from a 36 round clip. Holds 108 spare rounds. Magnum: A dual-wield pistol that actually packs a punch. Hold up to 48 rounds per gun. Shotgun: One of the best weapons you can come by, multi-player or Campaign. Holds 6 shells per clip and holds up to 30 spare shells. Low rate of fire makes up for massive damage up close and personal. Sniper Rifle. This rifle screams 'Head-shot!'. Useful on multi-player and Covenant Brutes. Hold 4 bullets per clip and 20 spare. SMG: A dual-wield rapid fire weapon. Holds 60 bullets a clip and holds 180 spare. Very useful on Multiplayer when dual-wield. There's always better weapons available on Campaign. Rocket Launcher: This is your anti-vehicle weapon. Holds 2 rockets per set and holds 6 spare. Spartan Laser: This is also an anti-vehicle weapon. It uses a battery like some Covenant weapons. It has 5 shots before you have to pick up another. I believe it's stronger than the Rocket Launcher but you need a direct hit and it takes a few seconds to charge. Machinegun Turret: This weapon traditionally was stuck in place wherever it was but in Halo 3, you can now rip it off the mount and move around with it. When like this, the gun has 200 rounds and slows you down. Massive firepower though. Flamethrower: This gun is like the Machinegun when ripped off. It slows you down, but burns absolutely everything it touches, including you. It overheats slowly if you keep it going, but is devastating when up against large groups. Use only on enemies on foot. Missile Pod. A weaker version of the Rocket Launcher. Only mounted in the Campaign, it contains 8 missiles and can tear through a Scorpion tank with about 4 shots. They home in on their target and are fired quite quickly. Covenant Plasma Pistol: This weapon is basically crap, except for one special feature introduced into this game. When charged and the bolt hits a vehicle, it stops it in its tracks. Very useful when enemy vehicles are involved. It can also eliminate a player's shield when fully charged. It can fire 100 normal shots and 5-10 charged shots depending on how long you leave the gun charged. It has dual-wield capabilities and overheats. Plasma Rifle. A dual-wield gun like the Assault Rifle but uses a battery. It can fire about 300 bullets and overheats. Extremely useful when dual-wield in Multiplayer and against Brute and Flood Combat forms. Carbine. Similar to the UNSC Battle Rifle but is single fire, holds 18 bullets a clip and holds 72 spare. It is also slightly less accurate but packs a bit more punch. Beam Rifle: The Covenant version of the Sniper Rifle. It uses a battery capable of 20 shots. It also overheats so be careful of going trigger-happy with this baby. Same usefulness as the Sniper Rifle, just less ammo and better rate of fire. Fuel Rod Gun: This gun is pretty good. It's a Covenant Rocket Launcher with 5 rounds a clip and 25 spare. The rockets this baby fires are weaker than the Rocket Launcher's but fire way quicker. Key to this weapon is to direct all fire to a single target until destroyed. Energy Sword: This is one of 2 melee weapons. Using the trigger, you can lunge at the enemy and with B, you can quickly slash at your enemy. It has 10 kills before shorting out. Needler: This weapon has been improved since the previous Halo games. It is no longer dual-wieldable but for a good reason. When enough needles have been stuck into a target they EXPLODE! This will result in massive damage. Carries 19 needles a clip and 76 spare. The needles still track their target. Spiker: Is like the SMG except plenty more powerful, has lower rate of fire and 40 spikes per clip, with 120 spare. Brute Shot: A semi-powerful grenade launcher weapon. It has 6 shots per belt and 12 spares. Direct hits are powerful but splash damage not so much. Quite useful for Campaign against its makers and Flood. Gravity Hammer: The new melee weapon in Halo 3, its gravity attack is with the trigger and lunges. The B attack is a standard attack so not very useful. It's low rate of fire makes it important to kill its target. It has the same ammo as the Energy Sword but Lunge attacks take up the ammo. Plasma Cannon: The Covenant Turret, possesses slightly lower rate of fire but stronger bullets. Has the same ammo amount as the Machinegun Turret when ripped of its Hover-mount or whatever it's called. Mauler: A dual-wield Brute shotgun weapon that is far weaker than a Shotgun but dual wield makes it as powerful. Has 5 shots a clip and I think 20 spare. Other Sentinel Beam: Same weapon the Sentinels use, this gun uses a battery and fires a solid, accurate beam at your opponents. Don't move it about quickly or there'll be gaps in the attack. This gun overheats so careful. Quite effective in Multiplayer but there are better weapons. 3. Vehicles are plenty fun to use, especially how they REALLY hurt people on foot. Here's a list, starting with the UNSC: UNSC Warthog: The basic UNSC vehicle, it has 3 seats: driver, side and gunner. The Gunner seat can be either a Machinegun, Gauss Cannon or a Troop Carrier. Machinegun is useful against foot enemies especially with the Warthog's mobility. The Gauss cannon is an anti-vehicle gun and an effective one at that. The Troop Carrier is only in Campaign and you can't get into it. It carries 4 extra people in it. Mongoose: Think of this vehicle as a bike but with a seat behind the driver. It is slightly slower than the Warthog but more mobile and smaller. The person on the seat should have a good weapon to fend off enemies. Hornet: Finally, a UNSC aircraft! This baby has twin-linked machineguns and twin-linked homing missiles. Perfect for infantry and vehicle alike. The Legendary Map pack with Hornets unfortunately do not have missiles. Still very useful. It has a driver seat and 2 side seats. Scorpion: This is one of my favorite vehicles. This tank has a driver seat, which fires a tank shell, a machinegun turret seat and 4 jumpseats Marines use in the Campaign. Perfect against vehicles and infantry like the Hornet, just better and on land. Pelican: The UNSC dropship. You will NEVER pilot this as the Campaign won't let you. Covenant Ghost: The standard 'gun 'n' run' vehicle. Has only 1 seat but packed 2 plasma guns and a Booster. Useful against standard enemies, not vehicles. Shade Turret: Only in the Campaign, this vehicle-type turret has twin-plasma guns and good front protection. A sticky grenade, a backward attack or a well-placed sniper bullet will often kill the Grunt in the turret. If a Brute at least uses the Turret then the sniper solution is a no-go. Wraith: This vehicle has 2 variations in the main cannon. The common version is the artillery cannon, shooting a powerful plasma shot in an arc. You can tell it's this kind because it's blue. The cannon is useful at destroying vehicles and infantry from afar. The red Anti-air variant actually excels in attacking ground enemies. This kind can only be used in Campaign and even then, you have to glitch to use it, as it self-destructs the instant you leave it. Both kinds have a Plasma turret for support. Banshee: The Covenant air unit. It flies like a fighter unlike the helicopter Hornet. It has twin Plasma guns and a Fuel Rod missile. It can do tricks which can save your life sometimes like barrel rolls and vertical rolls *Can't remember what it's called, sorry.* Phantom: The Covenant Dropship. Same as the Pelican, you'll never use this. Chopper: Think Ghost except slower, temporary boost, worse mobility, lower rate of fire, higher power and the ABILITY TO SHRED THROUGH LIGHT VEHICLES! Oh yeah! It has what appears to be Spiker cannons and several spinning blades in its front which rips any light vehicle in its way. Prowler: The same as the now non-existent Spectre. One driver, 2 side seats and a plasma turret. Scarab: New and improved! Watch as an AI operated vehicle shoots at you with a HUGE Plasma Turret and Fuel Rod beam, with crew members operating 2 Plasma turrets on the sides and Fuel Rod guns from the outside! All this bundled with the Halo 3 Campaign! What are you waiting for, go commit suicide! *Disclaimer: Do not damage knees or generator in the back as this will result in destruction shortly followed by victory.* 4. Now for a list of the enemies you'll face. Covenant Grunt: The basic enemy. Incredibly weak and cowardly. A single headshot with accuracy weapons like the Battle Rifle or Magnum will kill these guys. Often found with Plasma Pistols or Needlers. Sometimes they carry Fuel Rod Guns. Careful when this happens. Brute: These guys replace The Elites for this game, seeing as how Elites are now friendly. They are the same except for a few differences: Their armour BREAKS, when in packs they behave like a pack as well. They'll use a wide variety of weapons too so be careful. Break the armour then shoot their head. Jackals: Jackals are light scout forces. Easy to kill, if you're accurate with your guns. Most will have destroyable energy shields and Plasma Pistols. No, you can't take the shields. There are also Sniper Jackals with either Carbines or Beam Rifles. You'll know when you're fighting Sniper Jackals by the light on their head. Probably a targeting reticule or something. Best way to eliminate Shield Jackals is to shoot their gun hands then their head as the reel back. Sniper Jackals just need a headshot with a Battle Rifle, Carbine or other weapon like that. Hunters: These guys have a Fuel Rod Beam like the Scarab and big shields that protect their weak point: a gap in their armour around the waist. One easy way to kill these guys is to use a sticky grenade like a Plasma or Spike and that should kill them. They'll come in pairs so ready yourself. Avoid their melee swings too, they're devastating. LEGENDARY TIP: Usually Stickies will not kill them in one blow. Instead of wasting grenades try meleeing them in the back. This can break the plating on their back. This will make their back VERY vulnerable. Shoot him here. Drone: These annoying guys are like Grunts, except take 2 shots on average to kill them with the suggested weapons. They'll often have Plasma Pistols or Needlers and come at you literally swarming you. Flood Parasite: These little buggers infect corpses and various NPCs like Marines. They turn their target into a Combat form depending on what particular corpse they infect. Combat Form: These guys are what the Parasites make. There are 3 variations: Marine - small, agile enemy, often carries UNSC weapons. Brute - slower, bigger and carries Brute weapons like the Brute Shot and sometimes a Gravity Hammer. Elite - faster than the Brute form and has shields from their armour. Carry Plasma Rifles and sometimes an Energy Sword. Pure Form: These guys are really annoying. They can change into any of these 3 forms: Spider - these guys have no ranged capabilities but can ram into you, jump damn fast and climb up walls. These can change into either 2 variations at will. Turret - These guys shoot spikes with yellow trails behind them. They can fire from pretty much anywhere, including a wall or upside down. They aren't mobile, but can reduce damage taken by curling up. This makes them incapable of shooting at you so take this opportunity to sticky them. Tank. These guys ARE tanks with feet. The only way to damage them without grenades is by shooting them in the head. These guys have the melee capabilities of a Hunter but better defenses. They can also produce Parasites by spitting them out. Carrier: These guys are walking bombs. When you get close enough or it takes enough damage they'll explode and a ton of Parasites will burst forth. Other Sentinels: These guys will attack on the last level. They use the Sentinel Beam on you and are just plain annoying. Just shoot them with weapons like Assault Rifles or Plasma Rifles. 5. Time for the new Halo 3 Equipment Power Drain: An offensive equipment item, when used, they emit a shield draining field. When the field disappears they explode. If a normal Multiplayer player stands next to one he will die. It looks like a silver ball with blue glowing. Flare: This offensive equipment acts like a flashbang, blinding whatever is near it. Explodes like a Power Drain when finished. Looks like a Power Drain except with yellow glowing. Radar Jammer: Causes any player's radar when in range to malfunction, sending red bleeps flying all around the radar, rendering it useless. Same as a Power Drain when finished, and with red glowing. Regenerator: This defensive equipment item quickly recharges your shield. Actually quite useless in Multiplayer and Campaign. Enemies in Campaign will find this momentarily useful. It looks like a green diamond on a small stand and emits a green field when activated. Bubble Shield: This could be considered one of the best defensive equipment items available. It emits a bubble-shaped shield, blocking all projectiles. It will not stop enemies from entering the shield, or vehicles. Deployable Cover: The same shields the Covenant used in Halo 1 and 2, only portable until deployed. Camouflage: Campaign - Gives you Good Camo for a short time. Looks like a small device glowing blue. Multiplayer - A blue sphere that gives you Good Camo when touched. Invincibility: Only in Campaign. Gives you total damage reduction for a short time. Overshield: Only in Multiplayer. A red sphere that doubles your shields when touched. Frag grenade: The UNSC grenade. Great for killing off groups of hurt enemies. Often breaks Brute armour. Does bounce. Plasma Grenade (AKA the Sticky Grenade): A powerful grenade that sticks to whatever they hit. Does not bounce and is stronger than the Frag. Spike Grenade: This new Brute grenade is a sticky grenade that lobs when you throw it. It stabs into the target then explodes in a shower of spikes. Does not bounce. Firebomb Grenade: Another new grenade that I assume is used by Brutes. Whatever it hits is set on fire. Will kill whatever player gets hit by the grenade. 6. Now for the main body of this FAQ. The Campaign Walkthrough. a) Sierra 117 The level starts with you holding a full Assault Rifle and full Magnum with plenty of Marine back-up, including Johnson and the Arbiter. Follow the group if you're new. A Phantom will fly overhead and Johnson orders the group to split. Half of the Marines go with Johnson over the waterfall. You're with Arbiter and the rest. There's a log you can jump over. Do it and you'll see a gold-plated Brute with Grunt back-up. Depending on difficulty, he'll either have a Spiker or Brute Shot. The Grunts will have Plasma Pistols. You can use your Assault Rifle to break the Brute's armour then shoot his head with your Magnum. Grunts just need a Magnum bullet loaded into their head. Simple. LEGENDARY TIP: ALWAYS take cover when under fire. Even a few hits from a Plasma Pistol could kill you. Continue from where the Grunts came from. There should be some buildings to your right. Get there fast as a Phantom will fly up. It'll drop a group of Grunts led by a Brute. A Plasma Cannon is manned on its side and has a turret on the front but just ignore them. When the Phantom leaves take out the fresh group. From the water flow's perspective, there's a passage to the left with plenty of Grunts and a couple of Brutes. LEGENDARY TIP: This will be a challenging spot. Keep your cool, take cover whenever possible and take out the enemies on at a time. When the big group is dead move into the tunnel. This bit is fun. A well-known fact about Grunts is that they sleep on the field of battle. Crouch down and melee as many of the sleeping Grunts as possible. If done correctly none of them will wake. There are several patrolling groups of Grunts led by a few Brutes. Go up the hill to the left and keep going. You'll see some Shield Jackals here. Shoot their hand holding the Plasma Pistol then their head. You'll run out of Magnum shots very quickly so be as accurate as possible. Follow the path through another Grunt and Brute group. Advance and a few Shield Jackals will come at you. Kill them off then go to the left behind some rocks. Shoot the Grunts and take out the Brute. You'll be coming up to the river now but to your left there's some dead Marines with Battle Rifles. Replace your Magnum with this baby and keep going. There's some more BR ammo and some Frag grenades. Use one on a Brute with a couple of Grunts. Kill off the survivors and you'll see some Banshees destroying a couple of Pelicans. Move along the river, killing the Shield Jackals and Grunts along the way. LEGENDARY TIP: There'll be some Sniper Jackals on the other side of the river with Beam Rifles. Use your Battle Rifle and shoot them in the head to kill quickly. A single shot will kill. You'll come up to some more Shield Jackals and Grunts with some Sniper Jackals with Carbines. Keep going and you'll meet a big group of Grunts and 3 Brutes. Kill them all and run back into the jungle. This area is made of Sniper Jackals with Carbines. Shoot them in the head and advance. LEGENDARY TIP: This area will become a sniping ambush. Nearly all of the Jackals here will have Beam Snipers. Trial and error will get you through. This next area has Johnson and a few Marines running across a bridge into a tunnel. Your goal here is to follow them. Drop down and kill off all Grunts, Brutes and Sniper Jackals. LEGENDARY TIP: Whatever Sniper Jackals here will have Beam Rifles. There'll be a Phantom here so careful. Wait for it to leave then advance. Kill off the group BUT before you go to the bridge drop down to your left and there'll be Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, 2 Sniper Rifles and Frag Grenades. Replace whatever weapon you replaced the Assault Rifle with if you did with the Sniper. Proceed across the bridge and mop up. Go through the tunnel and you'll come to the last section of the level. This area is a huge mix of Grunts, Brutes, both kinds of Jackal and your first Chieftain. Use your Sniper Rifle to kill off all Sniper Jackals and Brutes in the immediate area. Use your Battle Rifle to kill of the Grunts and Shield Jackals. LEGENDARY TIP: There'll be about 2-3 Sniper Jackals here with Beam Rifles. Move into the building and you'll come to the main bridge. There are several Brutes, Grunts and a Brute Chieftain holding a Gravity Hammer. If you can kill him before he uses his Invincibility, you can claim it for yourself. There'll be more Sniper Jackals here with Carbines. LEGENDARY TIP: These guys have Beam Rifles. You may have killed them here before though. Continue across the bridge and you'll fight some more Grunts and Shield Jackals. Kill them and proceed. There are a few Brutes guarding the building Johnson is in. Kill them then enter. Hold RB to disable the energy shield. The Marines with him can get up if you don't have any other Marines with you. There are some Covenant weapons in the building and a couple of Phantoms will come to the scene. Here you must protect the building from the incoming Grunt and Brute groups until the Pelican arrives. Hold out long enough and the Pelican will arrive, blasting the closest Phantom to bits. It'll then destroy the second Phantom and any straggler enemies then rest by the bridge. Go there and get into the Pelican. You have won the first Halo 3 level! But this is only the beginning... b) Crow's Nest Damn Truth...he sounds a lot more confident since the previous Halo games doesn't he? Whoever does his voice is a pro. Anyway, Commander Miranda Keyes will order to 'close up shop'. Johnson will tell you to help out the Marines in the Hangar downstairs. Proceed forward until you see some steps going down. Get down there and you'll see some various UNSC weapons like ARs, BRs, SMGs and Magnums. Grab an Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle and fill 'em up. Go through the opened door and you'll come into a cave. Run past some Marines talking and the ground will rumble. Go up the steps into the small building with the door. Open it and a Warthog will get stickied. Take a left and you'll have to fight through Grunts, Shield Jackals and a Brute. When they're all dead go through the open door and there'll be some Sniper Jackals with Carbines and Grunts. Take another left and go through the door. You'll be in the Hangar and there are plenty of enemies in this section. Kill off the lot here and a Phantom will pull in and drop a couple of squads of Grunt/Brute combo with a couple of Shield Jackals. Kill 'em off and another Jackal will come in. Same procedure, just more Brutes. When done backtrack all the way back to the Op Centre. Basically, a bomb's being prepared but there are Marines trapped in the Barracks. Go to the door on the other side of the room. Grab a Shotgun BUT KEEP YOUR BATTLE RIFLE! This combo is absolutely devastating against Brutes. Time to test it out too. Brutes. A lot of them with various weapons. Wait behind some cover then shotgun blast the first Brute then BR his head. Rinse and repeat. You might need to force the Brutes to you. When they're all dead the Chieftain will charge at you. This bit can be hell. Chuck all your grenades and stay away from his Grav Hammer. Shotgun, melee, repeat until target is dead. Go through the door on the right then take another right. A Drone will fly up the vent. Shoot it with your BR then go down the vent. Run across, waiting for Drones to fly out of the pipes. Don't shoot, or they'll attack. Drop down again and you'll see Arbiter shooting at some Drones. Let him handle them then drop down. Open the door to your left. Damn, that must've hurt that Marine's spine. Get your Shotgun and slowly walk to the Brutes. Kill the one holding the Marine by assassinating him, then shotty blast and melee the other 2. You can win this section easily by hiding behind cover and shotty/melee any Brutes that get close. There'll be some Brutes behind some cover ahead. Use grenades to kill or break them, then mop up. The hall to the right will have more Brutes and a Brute Chieftain holding a Plasma Cannon. LEGENDARY TIP: That Plasma Cannon can shred your shields away. Weaken the Chieftain any way you can, then BR his head if you can. When all the Brutes are dead go through the door on the right and open the lift. Wait for everyone to get inside then use the switch. There'll be Jump Pack Brutes here with Spikers and Carbines. LEGENDARY TIP: This section can be a little rough. Keep your cool and stay low. When they're all dead look for some Drones and where they're coming from. You need to go that way when they're all dead. The bomb got disarmed and the Op Centre was taken. Damn. Keep going and take the first open door you see. Keep going until you see a Grunt manning a Plasma Cannon. BR his head before he fires. There's a weapon cache behind the Grunt but the Plasma Cannon will be all what you'll need. LEGENDARY TIP: Carrying the Plasma Cannon makes you slower so I only recommend using it while mounted to fight off any Shield Jackals coming at you. They usually do. Continue until you see a hall similar to the one you fought those Brutes and Hammer Chieftain in, except from a side perspective. There'll be 2 manned Plasma Cannons, Grunts and Sniper Jackals. LEGENDARY TIP: Those Jackals will have Beam Rifles! The only snipers on this level. You need to stay behind cover and prioritize on them. When they're all dead take a left and you'll be at the Command Centre. LEGENDARY TIP: Take a Beam Sniper with you. It'll be easier. The Op Centre will have Grunts, Brutes and a Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun. LEGENDARY TIP: Heroic onward there's a Plasma Cannon on the opposite side of the room, on the balcony. Kill off all enemies THEN rearm the bomb. Now, I don't know if the timer is hidden or something, but the developers want you to run your legs off. To finish the level, you have to go back to the Hangar, so go downstairs. When you see a swarm of Drones flying past, let them! Don't run into a suicide ambush. Go all the way to the Hangar and there's an elevator to your right at the bottom. Run through, ignoring the enemies if necessary. Get in there and flip the switch. The door will close about 4/5 of the way and fire will explode in. The elevator will work, but the bomb goes off. Ow. You will have noticed Cortana talking to you through 'visions' I guess. What she says here basically means 'Welcome to Halo 3'. Bungie's just getting started. c) Tsavo Highway Holy… that elevator got smashed! A group of Marines are down here too… Well, time to shake it off. For this level, you won’t be using your shotgun. Refill on Battle Rifle and grab an Assault Rifle. Follow the Marines into a garage of some kind. There are 2 Warthogs available here. Get into driver of the Turret Hog. The Marines will pile into both Hogs and someone will open the door. Drive through until you see some Jackals and Grunts shooting at some more Marines. Help ‘em out would ya? When they’re all dead drive on and you’ll see a couple of Sniper Jackals with Beam Rifles. Jackpot! Why? Those snipers will be hell useful in this level. Run them over and relax, as long as you’re the driver, you won’t get hurt from frontal attacks. When they’re dead get out and replace your Assault Rifle with the Beam Sniper will the most charge. Get back into the Warthog and drive up the hill. There’ll be a Brute with some Grunts. You can either run them over or get out and BR them off with Machinegun support. If you want to run them over be careful of Plasma Grenades. Take a right afterward and you’ll come up to a dam. There’ll be a Shade Turret set up, several Brute-Grunt squads and 2 teams of Sniper Jackals. Two on the Dam and 2 on a watchtower. LEGENDARY TIP: These Sniper Jackals will have Beam Rifles. One shot WILL KILL! Use whatever cover you can with your own rifle and kill them off. When they’re all dead take a Hog to the left of the dam. There’s a path past the dam. Drive on and there’ll be some Jackals and, if there weren’t a few extra Brutes with the Grunts, 3 Brutes. When they’re all dead drive on to some buildings and a tunnel. Seems like some Marines are in trouble. When you come to the fight scene, the Warthog the Marines are in will most likely be shredded by a Chopper. There’s about 2-3 Choppers, a Grunt-Brute squad, a Shade Turret, a group of Brutes and an energy shield blocking the tunnel. LEGENDARY TIP: This area will most certainly kill you MANY times. Keep your cool, as there’s a Brute with a Beam Sniper on the watchtower near the tunnel and an extra Shade Turret on the hill. The Grunt squad will also have a Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun instead of a Brute. This can be hell. Use whatever weapons you can to kill the enemy in this area. Just don’t get too close to the energy shield. When they’re all dead approach the shield. Get a good rapid-fire weapon or a BR and get ready. A swarm of Drones will fly out of the tunnel. Kill them all then go through the shield. Melee the generator then drive on through. Through the tunnel you’ll come to the actual Tsavo Highway. Keep going and drive over the first gap. The second gap has barriers however, so I don’t recommend trying to jump it with the Warthog. Instead, get out and search around the left side of the second hole. There’s a broken girder acting as a foothold. Walk over it and jump to the broken girder on the other side. When you approach the arch you’ll come to the second big fight in this level. Some Marines are pinned down to your right, along with Grunts and a Brute shooting at them. Help them out, and then advance. The following area has these groups of enemies: Jump pack Brutes, a stand-alone pair of Grunts, a Brute/Grunt squad, same except the Brute has a Fuel Rod Gun. Instead of heading out, go to your left and there’ll be several UNSC buildings with broken walls in front of them. In the buildings, there is a BR weapon cache and a Sniper Rifle. If your Beam Rifle is nearly out (below 12 shots) then take the Sniper. A couple of Phantoms will pull in, dropping a group of Brutes led by a Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun and a Jump Pack squad wielding Carbines. Use your Sniper Rifle to kill the Chieftain nice and quick before he can use the Fuel Rod Gun, then mop up. A Wraith will come into view and start firing. Its turret is manned. What you need to do is grab the Fuel Rod Gun in place of the Sniper Rifle and blast the Wraith to pieces. There are 2 Fuel Rod Guns in this area so be sure to grab both to fill up on ammo. You’ll need it later. *Note: This is your first Wraith encounter in the game. There is a different method to killing a heavy vehicle like this. You can get on its back and stuff a grenade in there. If you don’t have a grenade, just melee it. Two Pelicans will pull in, dropping a Turret Hog and a Troop Hog. Get on the Turret and let the Marines drive. This next section will have your first encounter with Choppers. Beware of their ability to shred light vehicles, like Warthogs. There is also a couple of Brutes on a watchtower with Beam Rifles. Use the Turret to kill them easy. LEGENDARY TIP: Things here can get a little hectic. Don’t get out of any vehicle at this point until those snipers are dead. When all enemy forces here are dead, move on through a small tunnel. A couple of Brutes near Choppers are here, but not on them. Kill them fast and grab the Fuel Rod Guns here. Continue along the broken bridge. This area will require thinking, as there are several Choppers, a couple of Wraith tanks and a Shade turret. There are 2 ways you can do this, both equally dangerous. Method 1: Stay in the Warthog, but drive. Allow the Marines to shoot for you. They usually get the job done against Choppers. You’ll have to handle the Wraiths and the Shade though. Method 2: replace your handy BR with a Plasma Pistol at the fork at the broken bridge. Yes, replace your BR. You’ll get it back soon enough. Climb up the hill by jumping up the left side of the upper broken bridge. Charge your Plasma Pistol while climbing as you’ll most likely get only one shot at this. Shoo the charge as the Wraith comes into view, and then pelt it with Fuel Rod Gun shots. You’ll be lucky if the Wraith doesn’t use its artillery attack. Hang around though as another Wraith will come up the hill, opposite where you jumped up. Same procedure, just be careful of the Shade, if you haven’t destroyed it already. A Chopper might come up too. In that case, you better have at least some Fuel Rod Gun ammo left. If not, Plasma Pistol it then kill up close. LEGENDARY TIP: Method 2 is the method you MUST take on Legendary, maybe even Heroic. The Marine AI is too dumb to even falsely guarantee your safety in the Warthog. Just be careful, and save whenever you destroy a Wraith. When the vehicles are dead move up the highway to the Brute Blockade. Some drop pods have hit nearby, containing a couple of BRs, an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. Take the Sniper and BR, after pelting the Brutes with your Fuel Rod Gun, if any ammo is left. There are Brutes with Jump Packs wielding Carbines. LEGENDARY TIP: Beam Rifle alert! A Brute has a Beam Rifle here. Target him with your Fuel Rod Gun, if you were lucky enough to have ammo left. When the blockade is dead, keep going. This is the last section of the level. Many Brutes with Spikers, Brute Shots, and Jump Packs with Carbines are stationed here. A Brute Chieftain co-ordinates them all. He wields a Plasma Cannon. If that wasn’t bad to you, it gets worse. A Grunt manning a Shade Turret is also set up here. Your Sniper Rifle is incredibly useful here. First thing’s first. Snipe any Brutes in view, and then handle the Shade Turret. Try to keep the Shade empty, as Brutes are known to get in there. When enemy numbers are thin, move down the slope, sniping any Brutes that pop up. The crashed Pelican has some weapons, including BRs. When all the Brutes are dead, smash the shield generator blocking the tunnel, same procedure as before. The level won’t end until ALL enemies AND the shield generator is gone. Congratulations, now go take a breather, the next level is worse. d) The Storm The level starts with you in a Warthog. You have an Assault Rifle, a Magnum and 2 Frags. Both weapons are full. When you get out, head toward the door and use the button. Your objective here is to get the next door open. I only found this out recently, but there’s a switch like the one you just pressed above the door you need to open. To get there, take the stairs to your left and follow the path. Instead of going left like I’ve always been doing, take a right and the switch in there. The door opens, Marines storm in with a Warthog and the fight starts. Use your Magnum here, as there are only Grunts and Shield Jackals here. Melee the Jackals first, then head-shot them. Grunts, just shoot them. Get the next door open, and you’ll fight Grunts, Shield Jackals and a Brute. Use Frags to weaken the Brute, as you don’t have a BR. When they’re all dead, open the door and get into the Ghost. Drive on the path along the lakebed until you reach some Marines shooting at Covenant holed up in a building. There are BRs and a Sniper Rifle in there. Your main objective here is to destroy your first AA Wraith (the red one). Use the Ghost’s twin guns to kill what enemies you can in the building, particularly the Brute, then storm in. The BR cache is beneath the stairs, and the sniper is on the roof. Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the Brute manning the turret on Both AA Wraith and regular Wraith. This will attract the attention of the Wraith so be careful. I’ve been killed from a direct hit by the Wraith; it was both irritating, and annoying. Ghosts will get in the way, so try to snipe the Grunts driving them. When the enemy resistance is thin, get behind the AA Wraith, and shove a grenade in it. Jump off, then get into a Ghost. Use the ramp nearby to get to the Wraith quickly. Get out, then board the tank. Push another grenade into the cockpit and that’s 2 down. Kill the remaining Grunts, then enter the next room. Some Marines are having trouble with a group led by a Chieftain wielding a Plasma Cannon. It’s now your job to kill them all. Use Grenades to weaken the enemy, and maybe kill any Grunts in the blast. A Power Drain will be useful here, VERY useful. When the group is dead, you’ll notice that this section is very similar to the first area before the first lakebed. There’s a BR and Rocket Launcher cache down on the floor near a couple of Marines. Make sure you have a BR and Rocket Launcher with you. A Drone swarm will fly down on you now, but you don’t have to fight them. Just run through the door and you’ll have another ‘Cortana vision’. The Drones will fly away automatically. There’s more BRs and Rocket Launcher caches here, along with 4 Mongooses. The next lakebed will have 2 AA Wraiths with Chopper, Ghost and infantry support. There are 2 methods you can take here. Method 1: Get on a driver seat of a Mongoose with a Marine in back and go with the others. Your Marine will shoot at whatever gets too close. Dangerous tactic, not recommended. Method 2: Less dangerous, there are still risks. Go, on foot, to the Missile Pods. There’ll be a Brute and Grunt pack so take them out. Sometimes the first AA Wraith would have been destroyed by now. Use the Missile Pod to destroy the second and use your Rocket Launcher on any Ghosts and Choppers that get near. DON’T RIP OFF THE MISSILE PODS! LEGENDARY TIP: The second method is the safest and therefore best solution to this section. When all enemies are dead, a Scarab will climb into the lakebed. This Scarab is far different to he one in Halo 2, so pay attention. A Scarab’s knees can be destroyed. If one is wrecked, it will become immobile, allowing it to be boarded. You are to then find the power generator and destroy it. Another method is to destroy its back, revealing the generator, allowing a swift victory. The Missile Pods will prove immensely useful here. When the Scarab is dead, move on to the next area, past the Missile Pods. The Arbiter will now be with you, after a complete disappearance in the previous level. Follow him until you reach a warehouse. This area can be divided into 3 parts. The Shotgun is available here, but if you have more rockets available, save them. Use your BR to kill the Brutes in the way until you reach the end of the warehouse. A green beam will fire, killing a couple of civilians. Hunters. This is where your Rocket Launcher will come in handy. If you don’t have enough rockets to kill both Hunters, grab a shotgun. If you have some to spare after the Hunters, use them on the Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer up ahead. He has the Invincibility equipment, use it wisely. Move up, killing any Covenant forces you come to. You’ll soon see the anti-air battery you need to destroy, but first you need to get up there. There’s a Sniper Rifle here so grab with, keep your BR handy. Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the Chieftain with the Fuel Rod Gun. Advance, killing all the Grunts, Shield Jackals and Brutes in the area until the gun is all that remains. Grab a Fuel Rod Gun and shoot the white orb when it is exposed. When the gun explodes you win the level. LEGENDARY TIP: This level isn’t any different on any difficulty, just harder. e) Floodgate Your first Halo 3 encounter with the Flood. This level features all Flood enemies. It is also a backtrack to the first lakebed from the previous level, except you only fight Flood. Start by going back to the end of the warehouse. When you get there some Marines will be ambushed by a group of Combat Flood and a lot of Parasites. There’ll always be plenty of these guys so I’m not going to mention them. Kill them all by aiming at the parasite in the body. It’s considered a headshot. The warehouse door is closed shut and there’s no way opening it. Instead head to some UNSC weapon caches and grab a Shotgun, replacing your Assault Rifle. Head through the door and you’ll see a Marine get infected right before your eyes. When the corpse transforms shotgun it point blank, making the corpse now unusable. Head through the door into the warehouse. Kill the Flood attacking a small group of Marines. Head through the warehouse until you see a Marine using a Flamethrower on some advancing Flood. To continue to the next area, you must get up there. Fight your way through until you get there and cross the bridge to the next door. Jump down the hole in the floor and you’ll see a small twisting corridor up ahead. Get a frag ready and chuck it so it stops in front of the corner. If done correctly you’ll kill quite a few Flood. Use a frag again then mop up. You’ll come to the lockdown area previously seen after the Scarab. Only one Marine is here, driven close to insanity. You can’t help him, as far as I know, so ignore him and keep going to the second lakebed. This is where the Elites become commonly involved. Get down to where they landed and help them out. Advance, but go up the ramp. Kill whatever Flood get in your way and help out the Elites if necessary. You’ll see some round Flood with stubbed arms walking towards you. These are Flood Carriers. If they explode, killed or self-destruct, they release a lot of Parasites. Experiment with kill methods as you play this game, and use whatever kills both Carrier and Parasites in one go. Enter the next area and carefully headshot the Flood here. You’ll come to a wide-ish area with a closed door. Flood will ambush you here so use your Shotgun. When they’re all dead climb the stairs into the next area. There’ll be plenty of Flood here, one of the Elite Combat forms may have an Energy Sword! Drop it from afar and grab it, replacing your Shotgun. Only use this weapon when up against Pure Forms, which you’ll fight pretty soon. Keep going, until you reach the lakebed floor, at least what’s left of it. Get to a hole in the crashed ship and jump down. There’s a set path you follow here and DON”T ATTACK ANYTHING! There’s no need. At the end, grab ‘Cortana’ and the level will end. LEGENDARY TIP: Only difference here is harder difficulty, no different weapons. f) The Ark Turns out what you grabbed was a message. But it is very useful. I forgot to mention that the previous level marked the end of Part 1 of Halo 3. Now you’re in Part 2. You start the level in a flying Pelican with a BR and Sniper Rifle, looking out into a desert. When you have control follow the Marines until you see an outpost of sorts. This part is simple. Use Sniper Rifle on armoured Brutes and BR on everything else. You should take note that there’s a Sniper Rifle in a drop pod on the hill you snipe from. When the outpost is clear drop down and follow the Marines into a tunnel. There’s a BR and Sniper Rifle in a pair of drop pods here. You’ll come to another outpost with one of those guns you blew up in The Storm being assembled. There’s a couple of Carbine Jackals here on the gun with Brutes, Grunts and Shield Jackals. When you kill the majority or get close enough, a Phantom will drop a pair of Hunters. In case you haven’t noticed, Hunters only fight in pairs. Kill the Hunters any way you wish. Personally, I like to melee them in the back or sticky them, or both. Go up the hill to fight a Grunt and Brute Squad. The Brute has a Brute Shot so careful. Enter the cave and there’ll be some Brute Shots and Spikers in weapon containers here. Grab them if you want but keep the Sniper. It’ll be useful in the next area. Keep going until you leave the building and you meet a few Marines. Apparently they know of a good Landing Zone, but need their vehicles to get you there. The said vehicles are in the area below but there are 2 groups of Grunts led by Brutes. The Sniper Rifle should be used here. Use up as much ammo as you want, you’ll be replacing the gun very soon. When they’re all dead go down to the crashed Pelican there. Grab the Rocket Launcher there in place of the Sniper Rifle and get ready. A couple of Prowlers will come at you, fully packed. Use the Rocket Launcher to take out the Brutes. If the Prowlers are in tact, the Marines will get in the Prowlers instead of the Mongoose. This next part will have you up against Ghosts and infantry. To the north-east there’s a dead Marine with a Battle Rifle. Grab it if you want. If you can get in a Chopper then you can mow down Ghosts, Choppers and infantry alike. Keep going until you reach a valley. There should be a Forerunner building jutting out of the wall to your right. Two Choppers will drive off a ramp and head towards you. A Plasma Grenade, rocket or another vehicle will waste them, just don’t get rammed or run over. There’s a Wraith further ahead so take it out as you see fit. A Grunt Squad led by a Brute is in the way. A Ghost or a Chopper will waste them easy. Travel along the bridge and you’ll see some Brutes to your right. Take them out any way you see fit. A Pelican will show up. Grab the nearby Chopper and follow the Pelican. Instead of going where you came, you have to take the left path. Two Ghosts will come at you, so shred them up! You’ll see some Shield Jackals fighting some Marines, and some Grunts with Brutes. Kill them all and advance through the tunnel. There are several groups of enemies here. The first group you should deal with is a group of Brutes around a Grav Watchtower. There’s a Plasma Cannon manned by a Grunt on the tower, kill that first, then the Brutes. A couple of Ghosts will interfere here, kill them before advancing. There’s a Wraith here, so be careful before and during the attack on it. When it’s down there’s another Watchtower in view with a manned Plasma Cannon. Kill the Grunt with the Cannon then sneak into the rock formation to your left. There’s some Plasma Cannons and Brutes there so take them out. Now for your target: two AA Wraiths shooting into the sky. Load a grenade into the back of them to easily destroy them. (LEGENDARY TIP: During this section, you can and will easily die MANY times. You will get through eventually). With that done Keyes’ frigate will land so take cover. Seriously, if something flies at you, you could die, it’s nearly happened to me. The Frigate will unload some Scorpions, the Pelican you were following will unload some Marines and Guilty Spark will fly out of the frigate. Get into a Scorpion and get ready to kick some ass. Some Ghosts and a Prowler will come at you. Your Scorpion cannon should blow them into pieces with one shot each. Some Hunters will emerge from the tunnel. One shot can kill both of them. At the end of the tunnel there’s a Phantom dropping off a Grav Watchtower with infantry already here. Out of sight to your left is a Shade Turret too. With the Scorpion, you can actually destroy the Phantom before it leaves. Kill the infantry and Shade Turret and continue back toward the wall. Some Ghosts will come at you but their like Grunts with Plasma Pistols with a Scorpion. A Wraith will stand in your way. A couple of shots should blow it open. Continue onto the wall the way you took before, killing two Ghosts and a Wraith, a Shade Turret with a Brute and Grunts, some of which holding Fuel Rod Guns which you should pick up, some infantry, another Wraith and another Spectre with Brute support. The last group should be fighting some Sentinels. When they’re all gone get out of the Scorpion and enter the structure when Spark opens the door. There’s no combat until you get to the other side. You’ll need to open up a light bridge to let the Scorpions through, which you’ll need later. When you’re at the other side a Scarab will climb over the wall and toward the spire ahead. Don’t worry about it for now. What you should be worrying about is the Warthog with the Gauss Cannon being chased by a couple of Ghosts coming at you. Climb onto the gun and destroy those Ghosts. The driver will take you down the path and there should be Shield Jackals and some Grunts manning a Plasma Cannon. Kill them all and you should see the Scorpions coming out of the wall (finally) so climb into one and get ready to move fast, as you’re under attack by a couple of lines of Ghosts, Wraiths and Choppers. Clear them out one line at a time until you come into a clearing at the foot of the spire. Kill the Chieftains with the Fuel Rod Guns and advance. The Scarab will come back but this time you’re ready. Use the Scorpion to break one of the legs then shoot the back to reveal the generator. Finish the Scarab off but this is not the last time you’ll be seeing one. There are Choppers attacking you while you’re doing this also. (LEGENDARY TIP: In the small building to your left there are some enemies wielding Fuel Rod Guns. If you don’t deal with them first before anything else they will tear you apart.) Use the Scorpion’s cannon to kill and visible infantry on the ramp up the spire, then proceed up on foot, killing and foes you missed which you will have. They include Shield and Sniper Jackals with Carbines and Brutes. When you meet the Arbiter up there the next part of the level will begin. (LEGENDARY TIP: There is a Jackal Sniper with a Beam Rifle up here. When you see him, kill him off before he gets a chance to shoot you.) Enter the Spire in your search for the Cartographer, and watch Spark break a door and shoot a Marine when he tries to fix it ‘to make sure he doesn’t come to any harm’. Yeah right! Anyway, when the door opens there’ll be plenty of Grunts sleeping and a Brute…..well, I’ll leave it to you to decide what he’s doing. Assassinate the Brute without waking the Grunts before he turns around so you can knock out the Grunts without any interference. Continue through the door and down the ramp into a small room with a Grunt patrolling here alone. Stay low and don’t shoot him yet. When he leaves the room go through the door the Grunt didn’t go through and you’ll see a Brute coming your way. Use a Plasma or Spike grenade to kill him off easy. (NOTE: There are a lot of Grunts in this room and nearly all of them can go suicidal on you. It’s funny and dangerous.) When all the enemies are dead go through the downstairs door which will lead to another ramp leading to a big room. The door will open with a Brute right in front of you. Kill him quickly because there are Grunts, Shield Jackals and Brutes with Brute Shots here. Kill them all to get to the other side. This door will lead to the Cartographer which is outside this time. A Phantom will show up during the cutscene and the Arbiter tells you to run while he deals with it with Johnson’s Pelican. You have to find your way down another level. Back into the big room, there are more Brutes with Brute Shots and Maulers, and a Chieftain with a Plasma Cannon. It is difficult but definitely possible. Continue until you reach a two-story room with enemies you can’t see. These are Brutes with Firebomb grenades and an Active Camouflage. Much like the Stealth Elites and previous Halo titles, these guys are easier to kill once spotted due to weaker armour. If an Active Camo equipment drops, grab it! Go through the door and down the ramp, killing the Shield Jackals in the way until you reach an outside area with Jump pack Brutes and a Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer. This is where the Active Camo will come in handy. Activate it then assassinate the Chieftain before he uses the Invincibility equipment. Grab it if you can and use it while killing the Brutes here. There are some Sniper Jackals with Carbines here so kill them after the Brutes are dealt with. Johnson’s Pelican will show up to pick you up. That’s Level 6 down! g) The Covenant Truth has activated a shield barrier that protects the Ark’s Citadel, where he can activate all the Halo rings. There are 3 towers that power the barrier. You are to attack the first tower, the Marines will attack the third and the Elites led by the Arbiter attack the middle one. The Pelican behind yours gets shot down by an AA Wraith and destroys your Warthog. Your Pelican then lands and you grab the Spartan Laser. You begin the level with a Battle Rifle full of ammo and a Spartan Laser with 5 shots. There are 3 ODST Marines with you wielding an AR, BR and Shotgun. The first group of enemies ahead of you is a Grunt squad led by a Brute Shot wielding Brute. There are a few Grunts coming at you from the left and right in a flanking attempt. Kill them all then using the Spartan Laser, destroy both Shade Turrets. Go up the path to your right, killing the 3 Grunts there and you’ll meet some Brutes with Maulers and a Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun. Kill them all then shove a grenade into the AA Wraith’s engine. Check the crashed Pelican for any supplies then get into the Warthog gun. The driver will go up the hill and you have to kill off any enemies you meet. You’ll fight a couple of Ghosts and a group of Shield Jackals, Grunts and a Shade Turret near the foot of the hill. (LEGENDARY TIP: Two of the Banshees above you will attack you before the inclining hill so the Turret should be able to take them down, just be careful. The Spartan Laser can help here too.) You’ll come to the top of the hill and you’ll see a Beam Rifle stash among some Grunts and an unmanned Ghost. Kill the Grunts fast then destroy the incoming Ghosts. Get out of the Warthog and you should see a Wraith among Ghosts in the valley below. The Forerunner structure is the tower you need to shut down. With your Spartan Laser, you can kill both pilot and turret gunner with one blow. Grab a Beam Rifle and pick off as many enemies as 20 shots will allow. Try to save at least 2 shots in the Spartan Laser for later. When you feel safe pull out your Laser and proceed down the slope. (LEGENDARY TIP: There’s a Shade Turret nearly at the end of the slope. Destroy it any way you can.) If you already took care of the Shade Turret facing the tower you won’t need to worry about it. Two Prowlers with a pilot and gunner will come at you. A Spartan Laser can kill the pilot at least and the Beam Rifle can kill the gunners if they’re still alive. A Pelican will drop off an Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, and two Magnums in drop pods. Grab a Battle Rifle and a Shotgun, and then enter the tower, killing the Shade Turret and guards there. (I can’t quite remember all the rooms of this tower, or the next one so forgive me. I’ll need to update this.) This room will contain a big group of enemies and a Shield Jackal guard squad led by a Brute at the other side. There is a Brute in the middle with a ton of Grunts. There are some Grunts to your right and left. Take them all out carefully; this area can suddenly crawl with kamikazes. The next room contains a group of Grunts, Shield Jackals and a Brute. A grenade can kill most of them with the plasma batteries in there. Get onto the lift which will take you to the Control Room of the tower. There is a hell of a lot of Brutes and a Chieftain with a Grav Hammer. If playing in Co-Op a Beam Sniper here would do wonders. When all the enemies are dead, pull the switch and the first tower will turn off, as will the second tower. The third tower doesn’t seem to go off though. Get back outside and head back to the beachhead. Hornets will land and trust me they rock! Grab one and get going. You have to take down the Phantom and Banshees and force your way through the third tower. There’ll be another AA Wraith on an island with a group of Brutes. Take them out or ignore, doesn’t matter. When the Phantom goes down kill the AA Wraiths by the third tower to let the Elite Phantoms drop off reinforcements. Land and kill all enemies outside before proceeding. This room contains a whole swarm of Drones with a pair of Hunters. By going to the sides you can get the bulk of the force to leave. That just leaves the two Hunters and a few Drone stragglers. Use similar tactics to take them down. The next room will contain a group of Brutes containing Maulers: one handed shotguns that are only effective when dual-wielded, or fired en masse. A Plasma Grenade should kill a couple and weaken a lot of them. When they’re all dead head to the lift and kill all the Drones that come down. Take the lift and you’ll see Stalker Brutes with a Chieftain holding a Plasma Cannon. Using Invincibility equipment you can get from the previous tower to charge at the chieftain and kill him fast. The Stalkers here use Firebombs, which will be useful later. These guys will use an Active Camo, so spot them fast or their Plasma Rifles can chop you up piecemeal. Pull the switch and the barrier will go down. Looks like High Charity found its way to the Ark, with the Flood inside. Dispersion pods will drop into the tower. The Plasma Cannon can be useful here. Tear the Flood apart then head back outside, killing all the Flood along the way. Pelicans will drop off Marines, a Gauss Warthog, a Mongoose and a Scorpion Tank. Get into the Gauss turret or the Scorpion and let’s roll! Proceed through the tunnel killing the Covenant in the way. When you can see the Citadel the Brutes will apparently send everything at you. This includes: Prowlers, Ghosts, Wraiths, Shades and Fuel Rod Guns. The Scorpion can shred through these no problem. When you’re right across from the Citadel Hornets will land nearby, as will 2, that’s right, 2 Scarabs. Take a Hornet and fly right at them. Use a preferred strategy to kill ‘em both. Prowlers, Ghosts and Banshees will attack you on sight too. When they’re all dead land by the Elite Phantom and Spark will open the light bridge. Enter the Citadel and Truth has captured Johnson. What else is new? I’ll tell you. Miranda is DEAD! Now you get ambushed by the Flood, except they’re…..friendly? Weird. This section will have you up against Grunts, Shield Jackals and Grunts with Fuel Rod Guns. Push through and the next area will have you up against Brutes of all kinds, except Stalkers. A Chieftain with a Grav Hammer is here too. Kill them all then head toward the next section. All the enemies are already dead here. Open the bridge. Oh crap….did we just do that……well, now the Flood have just trapped you and you gotta run back to the lift. Once you get there the lift won’t work, so go down the vent on the wall facing you and glowing blue. Cortana seems to be guiding Chief to something…. So, another Halo ring, probably a backup in case the Flood got to the Ark, which is has. We need an Activation Index. Ever played Halo 1? Well, Cortana has an Activation Index, and she’s on High Charity on the count of Halo 2, so now, we’re going ship-raiding. h) Cortana Let me tell you something. I absolutely HATE this level, and I’m sure other will agree, so I will not be giving you directions (lack of experience in the level) but I do know what weapons will appear in Legendary. If you start the level from the Campaign Lobby, you’ll have an Assault Rifle and a Shotgun. That last one WILL save your life on numerous occasions. There is a general direction but there are problems with the level design. A tip: do not shoot the bulging things on the walls, they contain Parasites. Keep going ahead, using Shotgun on Combat and Pure forms and Assault Rifle on Parasites. When you drop down the first time you have to climb up then go to the right. (LEGENDARY TIP: A Marine Combat Form will use a Rocket Launcher here. An Elite Combat Form will use an Energy Sword here too. The Rocket Launcher can help here.) Keep going and you’ll eventually get into the Reactor room. Ignore the pylons for now and keep going. You’ll see a glowing dome which you must destroy. We got her. And the Index. Now we just gotta get out, because the Gravemind is pissed. Let’s mess with him. A lot. Go back to the Reactor Room and now destroy the 3 pylons. (LEGENDARY TIP: There’ll be another Energy Sword wielder here. Watch out.) A path will open up eventually. Get through there, killing all Flood in your path, which includes an Energy Sword wielder. When you see the opening to the Pelican you’ll see the Arbiter using a Flamethrower. Run past into the Pelican. (LEGENDARY TIP: Arbiter WILL die here, don’t try to save him.) Now you and the Arbiter will fly from High Charity before it blows apart. Next stop: Halo. i) Halo You’ll land pretty damn close to the Control room, the layout a lot different from Halo 1. There are SMGs, BRs, Ars and Shotguns. Pick whatever you want then go on. Flood Dispersal Pods will fly down around the Control Tower. One of them will have a Grav Hammer. Keep going around the other side, the entrance isn’t at this side. More Flood will land here so be careful. Now you’re on the Control Tower you have to make your way up to the Entrance. Flood will attack you from the front and behind. Stay sharp. When you get to the Entrance you have to defend yourself from several waves of enemies until Spark can open the door. DO NOT USE THE AUTO-TURRETS! They’ll just betray you. When the door opens make your way to the Control Room. Johnson will put Cortana in the Core. Sparky will say that Halo can fire in a few days. Obviously that will take too long so Johnson says he has to start it now. Spark succumbs to his precious protocols again and attacks Johnson. Chief runs at him but gets shot too. So does the Arbiter. You now have to fight Spark. Boss: 343 Guilty Spark Finally, an actual boss battle. Rocket Launchers will do a bit of damage but everything else will do squat. Spark will eventually push you against the door and Johnson will fire his Spartan Laser. Grab it from him and when Spark comes into view blast him 3-4 times. That’s the only way to kill him. Pretty crap boss I know. Halo has begun. Obviously Spark was right about it not firing properly. You now have to get out of here. Go back outside and take the new path to the right. Head through the cliffs, killing all Flood and Sentinels who attack you. Keep going until you reach a Warthog. Get in the driver seat, NPCs can’t drive for crap. Arbiter will get in the turret. Drive man drive! The path is pretty direct so just don’t get tipped over. There’ll be Flood and Sentinels everywhere. Always go as fast as possible unless you need to get straight. You’ll see the frigate soon, just keep going. At the end, floor it into the frigate hangar. Congratulations! You have won Halo 3. Watch the finishing cutscene. Does Master Chief really die? Watch the credits to the end to find out. 7. Multiplayer Maps a) Avalanche A map obviously intended for team-based combat. There are two bases separated from each other by a wall of ice and snow. Vehicles are a must-use here so that means there are anti-vehicle weapons here too. A Sniper Rifle can be useful if you’re good at sniping guys while they’re driving. A good tip is to destroy the enemy vehicles while your team’s vehicles are all in use can strand the enemy, giving you a good moment to complete the objective. b) Blackout A remake of Halo 2’s Lockout, this map has been given the icy tundra feel. A Free-for-all map, close-combat weapons are pretty useful, as well as the Sniper Rifle to pick off any open foes. Again, it’s meant to be a free-for-all map, so watch your back. c) Construct You’ll find yourself fighting upstairs far more than downstairs as the Energy Sword is highly prized on this map. Weapons like the Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle will be very useful when fighting on this map. Use the Energy Sword with caution, the opposing side will want it. d) Cold Storage Another Halo 2 map remake, this map screams ‘close-combat’. A player with a Shotgun and skill can rack up the kills here with ease. If the Shotgun is in the hands of the enemy and you know it, have a good counter-weapon ready. You’re going to need it. e) Epitaph Not a very popular map, to me anyway, it’s a mix between close-combat and long range, depending on which floor you’re on. Watch for BR or Carbine snipers, and the Rocket noob. Dual-wielding weapons here are plentiful, so it’s a good tactic. f) Foundry This map is intended to be a Forge map, where you can modify it to your needs in Forge. Its base setup is obviously a Team map, albeit a small one. Asymmetrical gametypes has a Ghost available on this map. Snipers, Shotguns AND the Rocket Launcher are available so go nuts. g) Ghost Town Not an often played map, it’s a bit of a random map really. Best for Slayer gametypes, grab what weapon you want, as it only has a Sniper Rifle as its power weapon on the map. It’s a good idea to grab the Sniper Rifle and secure the turret. h) Guardian Ah Guardian. This map is good for core Team Slayer maps, or Sniper gametypes. Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and a Gravity Hammer are the key weapons here. Grab ‘em and rack up the kills. i) High Ground A personal favourite of mine, High Ground is a good Objective map as well co-ordinated teams can literally siege and defend the base. Forging can further enforce this fact. The weapon of particular notice here is the Rocket Launcher just outside the base. Vehicles are also on this map, so put them to good use. j) Isolation A map best for Slayer games, this map has an interesting layout, with a ‘basement’ area below the main ground level. The Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Sniper Rifle exist here. k) Last Resort This map is one of those all-around maps; good for all gametypes (Infection can be scary as hell). Vehicles are mostly on the beach, so secure those. There are a couple of Sniper Rifles so try to stay under cover. A Spartan Laser exists as well so use that when you know the enemy has vehicles. An Active Camo powerup lies hidden on this map. l) Narrows A Team Slayer map, there are Sniper Rifles galore here and a Shotgun on the lower level of the map. It’ll be a sniper-fest as teams compete for the Rocket Launcher in the centre of the map on the upper level. Grav-lifts promote infiltrators so watch your back. m) Rat’s Nest A vehicle-based team map. Control of the vehicles and anti-vehicle weapons is key to dominating this map. n) Sandtrap One of the biggest maps in the game, vehicles and power weapons are plentiful here. Co-ordinate your team with the best weapons for the job. o) Snowbound This map isn’t very liked, mainly for the frag-fest that fights over the shotgun in the cave below the snow and crappy bases (there’s nothing in them). There is a Spartan Laser here but there’s little use for it. p) Standoff A team-based map, there are plenty of power weapons and vehicles. You know the drill: co-ordinate and win. q) The Pit This map is one of my most hated maps. There are Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Machinegun Turrets, a Rocket Launcher and an Energy Sword. Sounds good huh? Wrong. The layout is pretty bad and so, renders a few of these weapons useless. Also, you need sniper rifles and the Rocket Launcher just to get a decent amount of kills. My advice: stay the hell away from this map. r) Valhalla This is one of my favourites, a big team map with a Spartan Laser right in the middle of the map on a hill. Vehicles and Sniper Rifles are distributed to the two bases. It’s nearly impossible to spawn-snipe players that spawn in the base due to the base’s structure and that the hill is too high to snipe from one base to another. 8. Strategies, Hints and Tips Always keep moving. Anyone you kill will usually try to get payback and then some. Not being predictable in your movement patterns can further throw off your pursuers. If your shields are low or out, take cover and don’t take another hit. It takes about 4 seconds for your shields to quickly recharge, but on the field it seems like 10. Don’t freaking team-kill for a good weapon. This is nooby, unethical, annoying and you’ll probably get killed, either by the enemy or the guy you killed for the weapon, which is just setting your team back even more. Just don’t team-kill. Use your radar. Not just for seeing where nearby enemies are, but also to see if YOU are visible on the radar. Even one millisecond under the enemy radar will alert them of your presense. When your clip is dry, don’t reload then keep firing, switch to your other weapon! I rarely see this tactic being used. Using a shield-draining weapon like the Assault Rifle to kill their shields. Usually you can kill with this weapon. If you don’t, switch to another weapon like the BR, or Magnum even, and drop them while they’re reloading. In Infection, don’t be isolated. Always have backup. Never know when someone else’s firepower just might save both your lives. And lastly: Don’t give up. A lot of people get upset after getting killed a couple of times while getting no kills themselves. If you’re getting killed repeatedly with the same tactic, try something else. You might actually catch the enemy completely by surprise and set the momentum to win the match. 9. Wrap-up So, I hope this guide helps you with Campaign and Multiplayer. Many of these tips have let me own others, and I hope you can own too. If there are any major errors with this guide or you have a specific question please e-mail me at steel.w@hotmail.com. That’s all you need I think so, yeah, good luck!