Dmg: 58, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Normal, Augment: Scourge
Location: Temple of Shadows.. make the most unholy of sacrifices (husband/wife) between 12-1am. This is after reaching 2k points.

Dmg: 61, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Normal, Augment: righteous violence
Location: Make a large donation to the temple of light between 12-1 once the monk starts telling you about the harvest donation thing.

Dmg: 67, Type: Blunt (Mace), Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Flame
Location: Westcliffe Demon Door.

Dmg: 78, Type: Blunt (Hammer), Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Barkskin
Location: Oakfield Demon Door

Dmg: 96, Type: cutting, Attack speed: Fast, Augment: Devastation, Bewitching, Killerwatt
Location: From Brightwood tower jump into Archon's Knot tomb and make your way through it. Coming out of the exit there is a chest containing this weapon, impossible to miss.

Dmg: 96,Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Discipline, Stoneskin
Location: Score 7 perfect rounds in the crucible.


Dmg: 119, Type: Arrow, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Ghoul, Flame, Bewitching
Location; Gargoyles Treasure (Shoot all 50)

Dmg: 41, Type: Bullet, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Devastation, Lucky Charm

Dmg: 177, Type: Blunderbuss, Attack Speed: Slow, Augments: Barkskin, Luck Charm
Location: Complete the quests "cold Comfort Farmer" and "the Blind Date". This will let you buy Farmer Giles farm which contains a key that will let you down into the farm cellar. It's at a dig spot at the end.

Dmg: 81, Type: Turret Rifle, Attack Speed; Normal Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin, Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin
Location: Wraithmarsh Demon Door.


Dmg: 78, Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Normal, Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch, Stoneskin.
Location: Halls of the Dead (DLC Limited Edition)

Dmg: 22, Type: Cutting, Attack Speed: Fast, Augments: 3 empty slots
Location: Chest at the end of the chamber of fate. (DLC)


Winter Lodge
Location: The path leading from wraithmarsh to Bloodstone
How to open: Play a lute
Reward: Master Longsword

The Arid Sea
Location: Bower Lake
How to open: Respond to his script using expressions... The ones needed are: Bloodlust roar, fart, middle finger, worship, blow kiss, growl, point & laugh, dance, laugh, thrust.
Reward: Lucky Charm Augment

Forgotten Keep
Location: Bowerstone Cemetery
How to open: Kick a couple of chickens at the demon door.
Reward: Balverine strength potion, Practiced skill potion, and Infused will potion.

The Sepulchre
Location: Brightwood
How to open: This is a real pain... First, he wants cheese at first.. Second, You must get dreadlocks (bloodstone) or a mullet and mutton chops (bowerstone) or a handlebar moustache.Thirdly, he will want you to wear a tokel hat or bandana, tart shirt or noble trousers, and a noble gent;s shirt or corset. If you show up wearing any of those items he will ask for different ones.
Reward.... Merchant's cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers.

Location: Oakfield
How to open: Wants to see a marriage proposal
Reward: Serenity Farm ( a nice house ) which contains "Come Hither, Dear" and Hammerthyst (legendary mace)

Memory Lane
Location: Rookridge
how to open: Have you dog do tricks ( Tricks are triggered by your expressions )
Reward: Potion of Life

The Vault
Location: Westcliff
How to open: Be halfway corrupt or more
Reward: Calavera (legendary mace)

Terry Cotter's Army
Location: Wraithmarsh (NE corner)
How to open: Bring a large audience to him (have people follow you then fast travel to The Drowned Farm) you need 10 followers.

The Sanctum
Location: Fairfax Gardens under the castle
How to open: Won't open until he is the last demon door left.
Reward: Marcus' Poems and 50k

----------MISSABLE SILVER KEYS----------
These are the only silver keys I've found that were not in the open.

Rookridge - Hobbe Cave - one of the silver keys there is hidden in a dig spot.

Bowerstone Market - there is a silver key in a dig spot behind the bar.

Bloodstone - there is a dive spot containing a silver key.

----------Gargoyle's Treasure----------
These chests are in order for every 10 you destroy.

1 - "Dog Tricks! The Growl"
2 - Potion of Life
3 - Emerald x3
4 - 10k gold
5 - Ghoul Augment
6 - Joke
7 - Secret --- The Rammer (legendary crossbow)