Mystic Valley: River King (DS)
By Dragonkyrie
Email: Dragonkyrie@gmail.com 
Started May 11th, 2008
Last revised August 28th, 2008
Version 0.9

I have now compiled all of my River King guides into one. Look at the table
of contents to see all! xD Item and Equipment guides coming soon! Well...I'll 
be sure to make one...eventually...^^"

If anyone has questions, comments, or anything to contribute to the parts I've 
completed in this guide, feel free to email me at dragonkyrie@gmail.com. 
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====================THINGS I NEED TO CONFIRM==================================

So far, this guide has completed events up to the Mountain River. So...don't
email me anything about anything after that. However, you may contact me about
anything I've covered so far in this walkthrough. I have a few questions
myself I need answered! XD Of course, credit will be given to those who help
answer these. =) 

1) Any locations of fish, plants, and bugs missing. Please note I need the
   exact slot it goes into in your fishing stats because that is the order I'm
   listing them in.

2) Any cards missing. Please specify where it is located in the card folder and
   refer to the card layout in the Card Guide section. If the fish is already
   listed but has no info, it means I already have the card and I'm just too
   lazy to fill it in yet...or too busy.

3) Any fish the pets like or dislike that is not listed yet.

4) Anything else you think I should add.

5) Ah. The ranks. I forgot to keep track of them...^^" Lets see...

   Beginner: 500 Energy
   Amateur: 600 Energy
   Intermediate: 700 Energy
   Expert: 800 Energy
   Master: 900 Energy
   Grandmaster: 1000 Energy

6) Anything else I did wrong or is missing. X3

====================TABLE OF CONTENTS==========================================

To search for a specific item or part, just use Ctrl + F and stick in whatever 
you’re looking for listed below. Be sure to include the +’s, -‘s, or < >’s.

+General Stuff
   -Basic Controls
   -Outside View
   -Game Menus
   -Saving Your Game
   -Bugs and Plants
   -Mountain River
   -Upper Waterfall
   -Under Lake
   -Mountain Lake
+Pet Guide
   -General Stuff
+Item Guide (coming soon!) *edit* Okay not soon, but when I feel like it. O-o"
+Equipment Guide (coming soon!) *edit* Look right above this line.
+Card Guide
   -General Stuff
            =Japanese Minnow=
            =Red-Spotted Trout=
            =White-Spotted Trout=
            =Japanese Huchen=
            =Wonder Huchen=
            =Three-Spined Stickleback=
            =Duke Char=
            =Big-Scaled Redfin=
            =Pale Chub=
            =Dolly Varden=
            =Northern Snakehead=
            =Brook Trout=
            =Gold Crucian Carp=
            =Silver Crucian Carp=
            =Cherry Salmon=
            =Super Cherry=
            =Ishikawa Salmon=
            =Chinese Minnow=
            =Field Ludgeon=
            =Chinese False Ludgeon=
            =Electric Eel=
            =Fighting Fish=
            =Dark Sleeper=
            =Monster Catfish=
            =Barbel Steed=
            =Rainbow Trout=
            =Princess Trout=
            =Brown Trout=
            =Sockeye Salmon=
            =Neotropical Silverside=
            =White Crucian Carp=
            =Giant Crucian Carp=
            =Willow Minnow=
            =Crucian Carp=
            =Ricefish (White)=
            =Roughskin Sculpin=
            =Seema (White)=
            =Giant Snakehead=
            =Alligator Arowana=
            =Asian Arowana=
            =Butterfly Fish=
            =Royal Knife Fish=
            =White Clover=
            =Daikon Radish=
            =Amur Adonis=
            =Chinese Milk Yetch=
            =Swallowtail Butterfly=
            =Rhinoceros Beetle=
            =Praying Mantis=
            =Longhorn Beetle=
            =Jewel Beetle=
            =Migratory Locust=
            =Seven-Spotted Ladybug=
            =Pine Cricket=
            =Clouded Yellow=
            =Cabbage Butterfly=
+Fish, Plant, and Bug Location Guide
   -General Stuff
===================+GENERAL STUFF==============================================

I plan to revamp this section so it will be more through and nicer. xD Once
I finish everything else that is.

-Basic Controls
L Button: Takes out / puts away your fishing rod.
R Button: Opens up Pet Menu if a pet is with you.
Control Pad: Moves your character / goes through options on game menus.
Start Button: Pauses the game / opens menus
Select Button: Nothing.
Y Button: Retrieve line without reeling it in.
X Button: Opens game menus.
A Button: Casts fishing line if equipped / talk to characters / Retrieve line
          without reeling it in.
B Button: Returns to previous game menu / reels in fishing line if cast out

-Outside View
Top Screen:
Location    D        SP|          0|

 ========= Your Name
   Your    Engy:         500 / 500  
  Picture  Rank:         Beginner
           Eqip:         Bait Picture X 5
Location: Where you are right now.

M , D/A, or N: Tells you if it's morning, daytime \ afternoon or nighttime.

SP: The amount of points you have. Local currency obtained by catching fish.

Name: Your character's name.

Your Picture: A picture of your character.

Engy: Shows the amount of energy you have left and the most you can have.

Rank: Shows your current rank

Eqip: Shows what kind of bait or lure you're using and how much you have left.

When you have a Pet:

 ========= Pet Name
    Pet    Race:         Kyubi  
  Picture  Abty:         Heal Lvl. 1

Pet name: Your pet's name.

Pet picture: Picture of your pet.

Race: What race it is.

Abty: Your pet's ability.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||: Food Gauge 

Bottom Screen:

Top Left Corner: Menu button, takes you to the menus screen.

Not Right Corner: Equipment button, takes you to Equipment screen.

-Game Menus

This menu lists all the rods and bait you own. Go to this menu to choose your
rod and bait. Some things may not be compatible with the current rod you're 

Shows what food, bugs, and flowers you have. Same kinds of food, flowers, 
and bugs stack.

Shows what fish you have caught. You start with a basket that can only hold
10 fish. Buy larger baskets from Jango. You can choose fish in this basket
to feed to your pet.

Shows all the cards you currently own. Cards show information on specific
kinds of fish, plants, and bugs. You can trade in fish, plants, and bugs to 
Sasara to get cards. You can sell cards to Jango for SP. You can only carry
one card of each type. 

Shows how many of each type of fish you have caught and the biggest size you 
caught of its type. 

Shows what your current objective is. Usually appears after talking to a 

Add friend codes, edit friend codes, and view your friend list here.

-Saving your Game
To save your game, go to your house and talk to Yunna. You will have the
option of saving your game. 

To rest or replenish your energy, sleep in your bed at your house. When you
wake up it will be morning. 

First make sure you have a rod with compatible bait. Otherwise, pick the 
rod and the kind of bait you're going to use at the equipment menu. 
Now press the L button. To throw out your line, draw a line from your character
to the spot in the water you want to fish and your character will cast the 
line. When a fish starts to nibble the bait, wait for the floater to go
completely underwater. Then tap the floater to start fishing. It may be easier
just to use the X, Y, A, B Buttons to fish though.

-Try to throw the line about a centimeter in front of the fish you are trying
to catch.
-If you cast the line on top of the fish, the fish will be scared away.
-Fish will only notice your lure if the lure is in front of it.
-If the area you are fishing in does not have a current, try to get the lure
in front of the fish you want. 
-If there is a current, try to use it to your advantage by allowing it to 
carry your lure closer to the fish.
-Use the reel to get your lure in the right spot if you are too far.

Top Screen:

Your picture and the blue bar shows your stamina. Decreases as you fish.

Rod and the red bar shows the tension of the line. If the bar fills, then
your line will snap and fish will get away.

Bottom Screen:
To reel in the fish, draw small circles on the fish until it goes to
the top of the screen. 
If the fish decides to run, wear it down by tapping the right or left side
of the screen.

-Bugs and Plants
To search for bugs and plants, just press the A button in front of a bush or
something like that. In each area, there are specific searchable spots. You
can't just search anywhere. I will list how many spots are searchable in each 
area. Pets will make a noise when you are near a searchable spot! 


Senri is fishing at the Pond. He finishes and starts walking home. On the way
he sees Sasara looking around the trees and bushes. Sasara says hi and decides
to come over to eat breakfast with Senri and Yunna. Senri goes home to wake
Yunna up but can't. Sasara comes in and checks Yunna. Sasara doesn't know why
Yunna can't wake up. Senri paces around the room. Sasara comes in and believes
Yunna's condition is because of some influence in the forest. She suggests 
that Senri go talk to the forest people. Sasara leaves.

Now you're free to control your character for the first time. If you talk to 
Yunna, you can choose to save your game. There's no point in resting in your 
bed since your energy is already full. There's nothing else to do here so 
head on out to the Pond.

Characters in this area:
-Hiro (Daytime only)

Sasara is located in the northwest area and will trade you things for cards.
Jango is located in the southwest area and will sell you all kinds of items.
Hiro is located near the road to your house.

Searchable Spots:
-Bush and trees near where Hiro is standing.
-Bushes to the left of Jango.
-Tree stumps on the right side of the pond.
-Single bush on the northern side of the pond right of Sasari. 

Sasara will approach you and ask you if you know how to fish. If you select
the first option "Well, um...", she will go on and tell you how to fish. 
If you choose the second option "Of course!", then she will just tell
you about cards. If you bring a certain number of fish to her she will trade
you a card for them. Sasara gives you a Card Folder.

Talk to Hiro and he will tell you that there's a strange 'guy' on the road 
to the river. Head over to the southeast area to see an orange blob. Talk to
it to activate a scene.

You will hear the monster's stomach growl. You then have the option of feeding
it fish. Don't feed it and it will have a frustration mood bubble. Feed it a
fish and it will still be hungry. Feed it another fish and it will still be 
hungry. Feed it a third fish and it will finally be full. It will want to join
you as a pet. You then name it. 

Job Memo #1:
(Rescue the monster's? child)
Description: A monster's? child hungry and unable to move in the middle
of the road. ...Maybe it will eat some fish?

You can now go to the Mountain Stream area. 

Talk to Hiro after completing Job Memo #1 and obtaining at least one bug card.
You will have the option of getting bug cards for Hiro. If you say yes, Hiro
will give you rewards for the bug cards. 

Here is the order of cards he will ask you for:

-Cricket Card
-Cabbage Butterfly Card
-Scarab Card 
-Swallowtail Butterfly Card
-Cicada Card
-Pine Cricket Card
-Lesser Emperor Card

Looks like what you get from Hiro is random, but is always either Snacks,
Rice Balls, and Lunch Boxes. I, as for one, never used any food...what's the
point if you have Kyuubi with you? xD And you can just go back home and rest
in your bed anyways. O.o

-Mountain Stream
Characters in this area:
-Ayaha (Daytime only)
-Ren (Daytime and after meeting Ayaha only)
-Tree Spirit
-??? (Morning and after reuniting Ren and Ayaha)

Ayaha is located on the left and southern side of the stream the first time.
Ayaha is located on the right and southern side of the stream after finding 
Ayaha is located on the left and southern side of the stream when she is with
Ayaha is located on the right and southern side of the stream after getting your
second pet.
Ren will be fishing on the right and southern side of the stream.
The Tree Spirit is located on the right and northern side of the stream.
??? will be found on the left southern side of the stream. 

Please note that Ren and Ayaha will be in different areas as you progress 
through the storyline. 

Searchable Spots:
-Grassy area west of the flat stones.
-Pile of rocks south of the flat stones.
-Trees south of the grassy patch by the Tree Spirit
-Southeastern area behind the breakable rocks. 

Talk to Ayaha to activate a scene.

She's crying and then notices you. She asks who you are. You talk to your pet
and take Ayaha to your house. She apologizes for crying. She says she came
with her brother but got separated. She was crying because she was scared and
alone, but then you came. She was so relieved she started crying again. She
asks who your pet is. Choose the first option and Ayaha will say it is cute.
Ayaha then asks if there's someone else in your house. Ayaha says you may
be able to help your sister if you can catch the River King. She wishes you 
luck. Ayaha says she is going to go back to the mountain stream to look for
her brother. She thanks you and leaves. 

Leave your living room and return back to it. A scene will occur.

He says he's sorry to bother you but is looking for his sister. He says they
were walking around when he noticed she was gone. He describes her and asks
if you've seen her. You say you know her and he asks where you saw her. Choose
the second option. He will then ask you to take him to her. You and Ren will
walk to where Ayaha first was. Ren apologizes to Ayaha. She forgives him. They
say it's because of you that they found each other. They both thank you. Ayaha
tells Ren about your sister and her problem. Ayaha asks Ren if he can tell 
you anything about the River King. Ren is silent. He then asks Ayaha if she
knows why he came here. Ren says he also came to catch the River King. Ren
doesn't know where the River King is either. Ren says he will be glad to
cooperate with you. He says you need to be well prepared and equipped to catch
the River King. Ren gives you 3 Panacea Bait and Legendary Bait for finding
Ayaha. Ren and Ayaha leave.

Talk to the Tree Spirit and it will say it's really itchy. You will search
the tree and get a Cicada.

The tree spirit will say how much better he is. He'll notice you and say
how considerate you are. He asks for your name. He tells you to keep the bug.
He says if you ever need help, go see him. 

Talk to the Tree Spirit to activate another scene.

You tell him about your sister. The Tree Spirit says it's very bad if someone
doesn't wake up. He then talks about the River King, a fish that lived in the
forest area since ancient times. The Tree Spirit says you need to get a scale
and boil it to make a drink. He doesn't know where the River King is because
the River King seems to change locations. You get frustrated. The Tree Spirit
assures you that the River King is definitely in the forest somewhere. He says
that you should practice your fishing if you want to catch it. He then mentions
other monsters in the forest that may help you. He wishes you luck.

Once you hear about the River King, when you go to your menu screen, the bottom
right corner will say: River King 1 Day. The day count increases with each day 
from the day you first learn about the River King. I'm assuming that this just
tells you how many days it took for you to find the River King. 

After the scenes with Ayaha, Ren, and the Tree Spirit, return to the Mountain
Stream in the morning and go to the left southern area of the river to find a
green monster. Talk to it to activate a scene.

The monster will hop to the river. Ayaha will ask you what's wrong. She remarks
that the monster looks like your monster. She wonders what's wrong. Ayaha asks
if the monster wants to go in the river, but apparently not cause the monster
then shows a frustration mood bubble. Ayaha then figures it out and realises
the monster wants to go down the river. You wonder how she knew and she says
it was just a feeling. She then says it's too dangerous to go in the river 
by yourselves. Choose the first option and Ayaha will agree to think of a way
with you. She decides to stay there with the monster. 

Now go to the right side of the river and you will see a log next to the
wooden bridge. Examine the log using the A Button and you will activate yet
another scene.

Ayaha will ask if you found a way. You say yes and you tell her about the log.
She will say that you can use the log as a boat and put the monster on it. The
monster seems to agree with the plan. Now you need to figure out how to get
the log over. After some thinking Ayaha comes up with an idea. She says her
brother can help. She asks you to get him.

Go to the right southern side of the stream to find Ren. Talk to Ren to 
activate a scene.

Ren asks what it is. You tell him. Ren says he doesn't mind helping out but
is looking for a White-Spotted Trout card. He says he doesn't like stopping
in the middle of things. He says he will help you after he gets the card. He
apologizes to you.

Well, looks like you've got some fishing to do if you don't have that card.
You'll need 5 White-Spotted Trout, which can be found right here in the 
Mountain Stream. They're the biggest fish around here so you should have no
trouble telling which ones are the White-Spotted Trout. Once you get the card,
return to Ren to activate a scene.

Ren asks you if you're giving him the card. Choose the first option to give 
the card to him. Ren then says it's time to help you out with the monster.
You and Ren carry the log over to where Ayaha and the monster is. Ayaha thanks
both of you. You put the monster on top of the log. Ayaha wonders if the
monster will be okay. After a while the monster will break the stone blocking
the path on the left southern side of the river. Ayaha says the monster looks
like it's thanking you guys for your help. Ren says he's going back. Ayaha also
leaves. Now you get to name your second pet!

Now you will return to your home and be given instructions on how to choose
which pet you want to go with you. Basically, you approach the pet you want
to take with you and touch it with the stylus. The pet menu will appear and
you select the 'Change Pet' option. 

Anyhow, you can now travel to the Waterfall!

If you talk to the Tree Spirit after getting your second pet, he will tell you
the ability of the pet you currently have with you. The first has the power
to heal and the second has the power to smash rocks. There are rocks south
of the Tree Spirit. If your green pet grows enough, it will be able to smash
those rocks to reveal another search spot. 

During another day, during Daytime, if you head over to the Mountain Stream, 
you can experience a scene with Ren and his sister Ayaha.

Ren will fish a Great Brown and Ayaha will be impressed. Ren says you can find
Great Browns in the upperstream area. Ren says that Chum will lure them out!
Ren offers to let Ayaha try. Ayaha refuses and says she just likes watching 
the fish. 

Characters in this area:
-Sachi (Daytime only)
-Manato (Morning and Daytime only)
-Arai (Morning and Night only)

Sachi is located in the northwestern area. 
Manato is located in the southwestern area.
Arai will be located in the southeastern area after you bring Manato an
Ayu that is at least 8 inches long.

Searchable Spots:
-Tree on the left and northern area. 
-Tree on the left and southern area.
-Stone wall on the right and northern area. 
-Grass on the rocks in the middle of the river.

In the northeastern area, there are a set of rocks that your green monster 
pet can break once it grows up enough.

Talk to Manato to activate a scene.

He asks you if you're also a fisherman and you say yes. He says it's great.
Then he tells you he's the best fisherman around here. He asks you to be
his apprentice. Manato challenges you and tells you to catch Ayu 8 inches or
larger. Choose the first option and he'll say you have spirit. He tells you
that he will be waiting there.

Well, you know what to do. Go catch an Ayu fish 8 inches or longer! 
I finally caught an Ayu that was 10 inches after like an hour...x_x Give him
the Ayu to activate a scene.

He accepts you as his rival. He says he'll never lose. You're just like,"Yeah,

Have you noticed the basket of stuff blocking the southeastern path? Now Arai
will be there. Go talk to Arai (green dude) to activate a scene.

Your pet will call out to Arai. Yours may say something different but mine
said, "Hey! Old man!". Now for no reason your pet and Arai get pissed at 
each other. You tell Arai that you want to get through but that he is in the 
way. He won't move until he gets all his beans washed. He tells you to come 
back later. Now you get pissed off. You then call him slow. He challenges you 
to wash beans. -.- Say yes, to hear instructions. If you already know how, 
just say no. Now it's time to wash beans! Beat him and he'll be surprised. 
He now allows you to pass through!

After unblocking this path, Ren and Ayaha will be at the Waterfall and Manato
will be gone. Well, Manato will now be found at the Pond and you may compete
with him at fishing. In the tournament, Ren will get 5 fish, and Manato will
get 2 fish. So get at least 6 fish and you will win. The winner gets a Snack.
After winning, you may compete again at the Mountain Stream and so on.

Characters in this area:
-Yasu (Day only)

Nekomata is located a little south of the entrance.
Nekomata is located southwestern after the ??? disappears.
Yasu is located southwestern of the river.
??? is located a little south of the entrance.

Searchable Spots:
-Trees to the left of the entrance
-Trees to the right of the entrance
-Two trees in the middle of the circle-path
-Southwestern patch of trees
-Northwestern log

Go a bit south and you will see Nekomata and a blue monster. Talk to Nekomata
to activate a scene.

Apparently Neomata is abusing the poor thing. She says she's playing but you
say the ??? isn't having fun. Nekomata apparently tries to beat you up and
then the ??? disappears! Nekumata then walks across the river.

There are a set of rocks your second pet can break to the northwestern area.
There is a searchable log here.

During Daytime, head to the Waterfall to activate a scene between Ren and

Ayaha shows Ren some Cottonweed she found. Ayaha then goes on talking about
Cottonweed but Ren is too occupied to listen. Then Ren shows Ayaha a white
Seema he caught. He asks her if she thinks it's pretty. Then Ren tells her
he was listening all along. They keep talking...

Now talk to Sachi to activate yet another scene.

She says she's been watching and says you're really good at fishing. She 
wonders if she can fish when she's older. Then she notices your plant cards.
Well, we can all see where this is going. *cough* Hiro *cough* Sachi asks
where you got your card and you tell her. She says she's too afraid to go
talk to Sasara. Say yes to help her get cards. First she wants a White Clover

Here is the order of the cards she will ask you to get:

-White Clover Card
-Dandelion Card
-Bellflower Card
-Amur Adonis Card
-Daikon Radish Card
-Cottonweed Card
-Catnip Card
-Chinese Milk Yetch Card 
-Daffodil Card

Looks like what you get from Sachi is random, but is always either Snacks,
Rice Balls, and Lunch Boxes.

Go to the Mountain Stream and talk to the Tree Spirit to activate a scene.

You tell the Tree Spirit about Nekomata. You're mad and your pet says that
you guys need to do something now. The Tree Spirit says you don't need to rush
it. The Tree Spirit walks