Chrono Trigger - Bestiary Ver 1.1
By Shinrin

1. Version History		[VHS1]
2. Layout			[LOS2]
3. Bestiary			[BTS3]
	A. Present		[PRST]
	B. Middle Ages		[MDAG]
	C. Future		[FUTU]
	D. Prehistory		[PRHI]
	E. Antiquity		[ANQU]
	F. Black Omen		[BLOM]
	G. Nu			[NUNU]
	H. End of Time		[EDOT]
	I. Lost Sanctum		[LSSC]
	J. Dimensional Vortex	[DIVO]
	K. Bosses		[BOSS]
4. Legal Stuff			[LSS4]
5. Contact Info			[CIS5]
6. Thanks			[TKS6]

1. Version History	[VHS1]

Ver 0.1 (11/24/08)

I started the Bestiary. Only got the monster up to before you go back
to 1000 A.D. Added MISSABLE to monsters which can be missed.
Monster Defeated: 16/246

Ver 0.2 (11/25/08)

Fixed some issues with the document so it can be uploaded to GameFAQs.

Ver 0.3 (11/26/08)

Fixed Yakra's entry, as it showed up his name twice in his entry on here.
Got finished up to Lab 16.
Added # form to the guide.
Monsters Defeated 28/246

Ver 0.4 (12/03/08)

Bestiary completed up until you go back to 600 A.D This includes monsters
from 65,000,000 BC from Mystic Mountains, Hunting Grounds, and Dactyls
Nest. It also inculudes monsters from the Sewer Access as well.
Added a new section called Combocounter in the bestiary info, as some
monsters have combos with other monsters when counter.
Monsters Defeated 58/246

Ver 1.0 (12/05/08)

Thanks to a friend of mine I now have a complete bestiary.
Monsters in the FAQ is now at 246.
Added a easy find function for each section.
Spruced up the Version section.
Added Combos to each bestiary List.
Removed Missable for you can still fight some missable enemies in
The Dimensional Vortex.

Ver 1.1 (12/08/08)

Thanks to Adam Heishman for finding errors in this FAQ.
Added a quick search function to the document. I thought about making it
easier to find enemies by eras and bosses.
Please see the Bestiary section for more information on how to use the
search function.
Found a slight error in the bestiary and fixed it.

Ver 1.1b (12/08/08)
Added Thanks to gameradar and cheatplanet in the thanks section and the
legal section.

2. Layout		[LOS2]

Here's the lay out I have the monster's information in this document.
This will vary with how the data is shown in the game.

XXX. Name		 BOSS