Guide and FAQ for GTA:VC
Written by James Daniels
My progress in the  game: 100%-I am done

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8.       MMS                            MM               
WM                       M                       7X                        M  
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BM           M          Mi           MZ     MM        WM      M         M     
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BM                        MMMMM,                MMMMZMMMMMMZMMMMMMMMMMMMZX72
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      X7;         S                     ,M
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MM        M           M      M            M         MMW2M       MMBMM       
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MM.          .,,@M           M          MS       iMMMMM.     .           aM   
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.7. 8      @        r          Z      . O       aZr                ZM        
W   rMZ  OZ    B.    MMO    aX      aMM.8WMMMW   MMM       OS                 
a.    M     2M    B                         XMM2      MMX                     
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W .     .MO   Mr . ; MMMMMMM@     ;;         ;MMMMMMMMMM        MM
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(mailto:i@MMMMMMMS)            B      MM
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* stand back to see it clearly *   I spent ages doing it.
This is an awesome game. Now I think this game had WAY too  much hype about 
it, it only has one city! There aren't as many missions and  things to do. It 
is sort of a mini-version of GTA3, but it is expanded. You can  now fly 
helicopters; there are more cars, weapons, characters, and better  graphics. While it 
doesn't have the amount of gameplay that GTA3 does and it  isn't as 
groundbreaking, it is still a Grand Theft Auto game and that means it  is awesome. 
Okay, a little information about e-mail. I'm sorry if I can't answer  all of your 
questions because I have a busy schedule and I still will try my  best to 
update this FAQ as much as possible. I probably won't know much more  then my FAQ 
says, but you are welcome to ask. If I don't know, I will respond,  but I will 
simply say that I don't know. NO HATE MAILS! PLEASE READ THE GUIDE  BEFORE 
ASKING QUESTIONS! I will simply delete any e-mail that is answered in the  FAQ. 
Just don't do it and we will be all peachy. Also, DON'T SEND ME SPAM.Now,  
where was I? Oh yes, the following sites have permission to use my guide:
_www.cheatplanet.com_ ( 
_www.gamespot.com_ ( 
I'll let you use it if just ask. NOTE: *This FAQ contains spoilers, so read  
at your own risk!!*
Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a  long 
stretch in maximum security, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old  boss, 
Sonny Forelli. They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in  
Liberty City, so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go  
smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice 
City.  He's set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his 
money  back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians 
stand in his  way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is 
to fight  back and take over the city himself. As a major gateway to South 
America and the  Caribbean and attracting migrants, Vice City is brimming with 
driverse  characters, so there's a friend for everyone. It is a sociable place 
and the new  guy in town is sure to meet all manner of friendly people in the 
sunshine  capital of America. Athletes, pop stars, real estate developers, 
politicians,  trailer trash, everyone is moving to Vice City to find out what 
makes it the  number one growth city in America. But, as Tommy quickly finds out, 
trust is  still the rarest of commodities. GTA: Vice City is not a sequel to 
GTA3. It's  not a prequel either. Vice City is it's own game and story. It 
takes place in  Miami, Florida (nicknamed Vice City) in the 1980s. You play as 
Tommy Vercetti, a  former low-level mobster for the Forelli brothers, who has 
recently been  released from an extended sentence in prison. He was busted 
during a drug  operation and got a 15-year sentence. For not ratting out the 
Forellis, Sonny  Forelli has rewarded Tommy by sending him to Vice City to expand 
the Forelli  criminal empire. Tommy's first big deal goes terribly wrong, and he 
quickly  discovers that he has lost the cash that the Forellis had entrusted 
to him for  their Vice City crime operations. Sonny Forelli is not at all 
happy by this  news, and demands that Tommy get the money back. Through his 
relationship with  Ken Rosenberg, a shady lawyer with huge connections in the Vice 
City underworld,  Tommy finds himself a bit of luck. Rosenberg aids Tommy by 
outfitting him with a  sweet pastel suit and giving him an invitation to a boat 
party - one that many  big bosses of the Vice City criminal community will be 
attending. What happens  next has not yet been revealed. It's safe to say that 
you will face betrayals  and double-crosses as you earn back the money. 

This is pretty much all said in the manual, but I will say  it here for the 
sake of my guide. They are just some common sense tips about the  game. 
----------------- Controls on Foot ----------------
D-Pad or Left  Analog Stick - Move around 
Right Control Stick - Look in first person  mode
Start - Pause 
Select - Toggle camera view 
X button - Hold to  sprint 
Square button- Jump 
Circle button- Fire/Use current  weapon
Triangle button - Enter/steal vehicle 
L1 - Center camera 
L2 -  Change weapon
L3 - Crouch
R1 - Target lock-on 
R2 - Change weapon  
R3 - Look back 
---------------- Controls in Car ----------------  
D-Pad/Left and Right Control Stick - Turn vehicle
Start - Pause  
Select - Toggle camera view 
X button - Accelerate 
Square button -  Reverse/Stop if moving
Circle button - Drive-by 
Triangle button - Exit  vehicle/Bail 
L1 - Change radio station 
L2 - Look left/Stick gun out the  window
L3 - Horn 
R1 - Handbrake
R2 - Look right/Stick gun out the  window 
R3 - Side missions (if applicable)  
-------------------------------- Controls in Helicopter or Plane  
Control Stick/D-Pad Up - Move forward  
Control Stick/D-Pad Down - Move backward 
X button - Accelerate/Gain  height 
Square button - Decrease altitude 
Circle button - Fire attached  gun (if applicable) 
Triangle button - Suicide bail 
L2 - Turn right, hold  to spin 
R2 - Turn left, hold to spin
Many people  consider them as regular police. Well, I am here to prove you 
wrong. They are  their own gang against you in this game. If you don't piss them 
off they don't  do anything. But if you do piss them off, their whole army, 
literally, will come  after you. 
One Star * - This means you have pissed them off slightly. This  occurs if 
you run into them, kill a person walking on the street; steal a car  right in 
front of them, nothing big. Get rid of it by hiding, or just driving  around. 
Two Stars ** - This means you either got in trouble and pushed your  luck 
with the cops, or you ran one over. Running over a cop, and killing it mind  you, 
will automatically give you 2 stars! Not good, don't do it unless you want  
cops on your tail. To get rid of it, get to the Pay n' Spray or find a police  
bribe to get it down to one star, and see above for information on that.  
Three Stars *** - Uh oh. You better start running. Helicopters will come  
after you; countless cop cars will fly at you, even roadblocks will be set up.  
This is a compilation of things and it only happens unless you either want it 
to  or for some reason like to run over a lot of people including cops. GET to 
Four Stars **** - I got just one simple word. Run. In a car  though. Now you 
will have the SWAT team on your butt and helicopters all around  and cars and is not pretty. Usually you get this if you shoot a  helicopter 
down. Pay N' Spray anybody? 
Five Stars ***** - Now you are asking  for it. Getting this far is tough 
anyway, now try to survive. Good luck!  Everything except a tank will after you 
for whatever horrendous things you have  done. You must get to a Pay N' Spray or 
you are going to die my friend! 
Six  Stars ****** - This is suicide. Now tanks will come after you, shooting 
you and  trying to run over you. If you know from GTA 3, if the tank touches 
you, you  will explode! Obviously the missiles will make you explode also. I 
highly doubt  you will survive. Pay N' Spray right away. (That rhymed!)
You can purchase Asset Properties after Tommy's "Shakedown"  mission. These 
are places in Vice City you can purchase and gain revenue. There  are many 
other benefits of this, as well as the fact of getting 100% in the  game. Here are 
the properties. I have had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many e-mails  about this 
so I will address it here since that's where people look I guess. To  get the 
final missions, you need to buy 5 out of these 8 assets. Then you need  to 
complete all of their missions. I hope this is clear. 
Cost:  $10,000 
Location: Viceport
Revenue: Revenue is gained after you complete  the mission "Checkpoint 
Charlie." Generates a maximum of $2,000 a  day.
Benefits: Free boats 
-Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Cost:  $20,000 
Location: Little Haiti 
Revenue: Complete "Distribution" to get  maximum revenue of $3,000. 
Benefits: Ice Cream Delivery Missions  
-Kaufman Cabs 
Cost: $40,000 
Location: Little Haiti 
Revenue:  $5,000 max per day 
Benefits: 3 extra Kaufman taxi missions
-Car Showroom  
Cost: $50,000 
Location: Little Havana
Revenue: $9,000 max per day  
Benefits: Pay N' Spray (not free thanks to JRCbase), Save House, 4 garages,  
and VC racer missions. 
More Information: To get more maximum income, you can  keep on getting cars 
on the list and you also get a new car everytime you  complete a list. (Thanks 
to Kevin) 
-Pole Position 
Cost: $30,000 ($600  dollars more to gain max revenue) 
Location: Ocean Beach
Revenue: After  you spend an additional $600 (You have to stay in the room 
with the stripper for  about 6 minutes because it takes 5 dollars every 3 
seconds remember you have to  spend 600, thanks to Brenden Edwards) $4,000 max per 
day. If you consistently go  in and out of the first room, the dancers will 
cycle through multiple dancers,  including the white hat chick, and some girl in 
red lace (Contributed by Cory  Brown) You don't have to spend the 600 bucks 
all at once, I was in the back room  for a while and I thought I was in there 
for the right amount of time, so I left  and it didn't say anything, then I went 
back in, and hit x accidentally, then it  said I get my revenue. (Thanks to 
Benefits: ...I think you  know what the benefits are of a strip club. 
More Information: If you spend  another 1000 bucks there, you will yet again 
increase your income there. (Thanks  to Kevin) 
Some additional tips from nick ------------------------------  
Here's a tip you might want to put in your guide, is you own property like  
the Vercetti estate or the strip club or anything else that will make you 
money,  save several times then check the places that will make you money, it'll 
have  like 10,000 dollars there or more depending how many times you  saved
These are also properties you can  buy, but they aren't profitable. They are 
used as save points. I think it is  pretty cool to have multiple save points. 
I will list their price, location,  number of garages/helipads and name. 
-Elswanko Casa 
Location: Vice  Point, south of the North Point mall and east of the Leaf 
Links North Island.  
Features: 1 garage 
Price: $8,000
-Links View Apartments 
Location:  East of Leaf Links Island and west of the police station 
Features: 1 garage  
Price: $6,000
-Ocean Heights 
Location: Farthest south in Ocean  Beach
Features: 1 garage
Price: $7,000 
-Hyman Condo
Location:  One block east of Hyman Memorial Stadium. 
Features: 3 garages and one  helipad
Price: $14,000
-1102 Washington Street
Location: Across Ken  Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach
Features: None 
Price: $3,000  
-3321 Vice Point 
Location: Shoreline north of North Point mall.  
Features: None
Price: $2,500 
-Skumole Shack 
Location: On the  rooftop of a building down the street and around the corner 
from the Biker Bar.  
Features: None 
Price: $1,000 
Complete -  All Story Missions  
- All Extra  Missions
-All Odd Jobs  
- All 100 Hidden Packages  
-  All  Rampages
- All Unique  Jumps
- All Properties Purchased  
- All Stores Robbed 
Rewards for getting 100% (Contributed by _MadMaxL004@aol.com_ 
( ): I just completed 100%,  useful bit of info - in other guides 
it doesn't say this...when u complete 100%  u get 3 limos parked outside your 
mansion, plus 200 health and armor and 3 body  guards, they await in the room 
to your left when u come down the stairs from  your save point. (Contributed by 
Bilbo70000) Vehicles get double health as well.  Once you get 100%, another 
outfit appears at your mansion, named "Frankie." It  is a white shirt and 
jeans, and the shirt says "I completed Vice City and all I  got was this lousy 
T-Shirt." It is located in the upper room. (Thanks to Jesse  Procknow) I have some 
quick info on the Frankie outfit you get after getting  100%, in the mid 
1980's their was a band named "Frankie goes to Hollywood", they  started printing 
t-shirts as a part of their marketing campaign so they wont  become a one hit 
wonder w/ their song "relax". And on one of their t-shirts its  says on the 
front "Frankie says" and on the back it says "relax". it looks  exactly like the 
100% outfit, but with different words, this might be why they  call it 
"Frankie". (Thanks to Anthony Taormina) When you complete 100% of the  game, every 
weapon gets unlimited ammo. The strange thing is, if you use a  grenade with 
detonator and try blowing it(after having completed 100% of the  game) the 
grenade will explode, but you can't change your weapon to another but  the 
detonator, and you stay with it and when you press O again nothing happens.  (Thanks 
to stecious) hey, I recently got 100% and I saw in your guide it says in  the 
100% completion reward section, how it says u get 3 limos parked outside  your 
mansion, this is a lie, or else it hasn't happened in my game, and I have  
been visiting my mansion often after I had done 100%. I would also like to point  
out, that when u get 100%, a hunter is occasionally parked at the helipad 
just  south of the strip club in vice city east. (Thanks to elvendale) This is  
incorrect. Regardless if you have 100% or not and regardless if you have all 
100  packages or not, if you beat the game, the Hunter will become available at 
the  helipad at the southern most tip of the eastern island (south of the 
hotel). I  have found that your odds of seeing the Hunter there are greatest if 
you drive a  police vehicle there. (This includes police cars, tanks, and 
everything in  between). Just thought you should know *thumbs up* (Thanks to Deymus) 
I Just  wanted to point out on your FAQ, when you get 100% Completion, the 
bodyguards  aren't exactly for free. I think of them more as mercenaries because 
they cost  $2000 before you can press him into active duty. In case you 
didn't know, they  are armed Uz-I (like other fellow allied gang members) and have 
body armor cause  they stood up to 2 and sometimes even 3 shots from a Colt 
Python! That's strong!  Hope you take this into account on your FAQ. (Thanks to 
Victor Li)
There are 100 hidden packages in Vice City. I have written  down your 
rewards, but not the locations. Look elsewere. ):
10 - Body Armor -  Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island Mansion 
20 - Chainsaw - Ocean View  Hotel & Starfish Island Mansion 
30 - Python - Ocean View Hotel &  Starfish Island Mansion
40 - Flamethrower - Ocean View Hotel & Starfish  Island Mansion 
50 - L.S. Sniper Rifle - Ocean View Hotel & Starfish  Island Mansion 
60 - Minigun - Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island Mansion  
70 - Rocket Launcher - Ocean View Hotel & Starfish Island Mansion 
80  - Sea Sparrow (w/Machine Gun)- Starfish Island Mansion's Helipad 
90 - Rhino  - Fort Baxter's Air Base 
100 - Hunter - Fort Baxter's Air Base 
*Ken Rosenburg*
Mission 1: "AN OLD FRIEND" Reward:  $0 
Just take this time to explore if you want and when you're ready, go to  your 
hotel safe house and talk to Sonny. Then a (L) blip will come on your  radar, 
follow your way to that to Ken Rosenberg's office and the first mission,  
that you do for money anyway. 
Mission 2: "THE PARTY" Reward: $100 
All  you have to do here is talk to Rosenberg and go get on your new clothes 
at  Rafael's. Then make your way to the Colonel's yacht. After a lengthy cut 
scene  you will need to take Cortez's daughter, Mercedes to "Pole Position", 
the strip  club. After dropping her off you complete the mission. Oh, and the 
Soiree Suit  is now available as a clothes change. 
Mission 3: "BACK ALLEY BRAWL" Reward:  $200 
First go see Kent Paul at the Malibu Club, he will inform you about a  chef. 
Go meet that chef in an alleyway and slaughter him up. Doing this is  rather 
easy. Then take his downed Cell-Phone. After that, you will confront  Lance, 
after a scene, some chef's are chasing you around, don't bother killing  them, 
just run towards Lance's car and hop in, wait for Lance to hop in and take  off 
towards AmmuNation. Then return to your Hotel safe house to complete the  
Mission 4: "JURY FURY" Reward: $400 
After you get out of his  office, a car will speed past you and hit a guy, 
and he drops a hammer. Take the  hammer and the car and head towards one of the 
yellow blips on you radar. For  the first one, go to the triangle blip and you 
will see a Sentinel, but no  juror. Use the hammer to smash up the car, and 
the juror will come out, see the  car and flee. One down. For the next one, 
follow the blip to the Ocean Beach  Restaurant. Hit him to make him go into his 
vehicle, and he will crash into a  truck. Open his door, take him out, and beat 
him into submission. You can also  just beat up his car and that will do the 
trick. There is 400 dollars in your  pocket. Head back to Rosenberg for his 
last mission. 
Mission 5: "RIOT"  Reward: $1000, Coveralls available at Tooled Up, and Avery 
Carrington's missions  are available 
This is a difficult mission. First head over to Rafael's to  change into 
overalls. Not much of a strategy can be said, just skill. The  easiest way I found 
out to do was, drive a car into the gates running over most  the workers, 
then drive into the back of the lot and hop in one of the vans on  the LEFT and 
rapidly ram it back and forth into the other van. One will start  flaming and 
park them next to each other. That will take 2 of the vans out and  now head 
for the third van and drive it out of the compound area and ram it into  walls 
till it flames. Let it blow and there, you have it. 
Here is an  additional strategy from Zany 
Of  course get the overalls and then go to where they are rioting. See those 
big box  trucks. Well steal one of those that are out on the street and then 
drive it  into where the riot is. They open the gates and just let you in. 
Drive over a  lot but not all of the workers. Once the gates are open the workers 
will rush  the guards. Now get all of the trucks to the right side. There is a 
barrel over  there u can shoot. Then run what workers are left won't like u 
and what guards  are left wont like u but they will be to busy hitting each 
other to hit you.  
Alternate Strategy from Ben Bird -------------------------------- 
An  easier way to do the 'Riot' mission is as follows: (this is using the 
weapon  cheat so if you don't want to use it, that's understandable. First, use 
one of  the three weapons cheats (r1, r2, l1, r2, left, down, right, up, left, 
down,  down, left is the best in this case). Next go to the fight scene, kill 
a few  people with a weapon, then blow up the trucks with the rocket launcher 
and hey  presto, there you have it. 
Alternate Strategy from Robert Brown  ------------------------------------
I was just reading your guide. It's  pretty good. I have an alternate 
strategy to the Riot Mission. Very simple. No  cheating. All you need is a pistol and 
a bat or nightstick. Get your coverall  out fit. Go to the scene. You have to 
take out 3 of the workers to start the  riot. Just pick a guy in the back and 
kill him with the bat. Move on to the next  guy etc until the riot starts. AS 
long as you are in the back you won't be  attacked as the riot rushes 
forward. You can walk into the gate untouched once  the fighting begins. Target the 
armed guard when prompted to do so and take him  out. Drive the truck that is 
on the left into the empty spot beside the other  two. Walk back across the lot 
and turn and you can auto target the red barrel.  Shoot it. It explodes. All 
three trucks explode. At this time most of the  workers and guards have killed 
one another and you get some easy money a gun  pick-ups before leaving. This 
is not a difficult mission. 
*Colenel  Cortez*
Mission 1: "TREACHEROUS SWINE" Reward: $250, Casual Outfit delivered  to Gash 
This is a fairly easy mission. Cortez has found the person who set  you up. 
Go to Gonzalez's abode and confront him. Kill his 2 guards first, and  then 
chase Gonzalez on foot. Once you kill him you will have 2 wanted level  stars. 
Hurry up and get in the Cheetah from the hotel's parking lot and drive to  the 
Pay 'n' Spray North of you in Vice Point. After painting the car you  complete 
Mission 2: "MALL SHOOTOUT" Reward: $500 Head to  AmmuNation and pick up some 
body armor and a gun. Then head to the Washington  Mall. When you confront the 
courier, the SWAT bursts in. Simply follow the  courier out of the mall, 
avoiding the cops and SWAT. You will get a Level 2  Wanted Level, so they will be 
after you. He will get a vehicle, most likely a  motorcycle, and take off. Hop 
in a car and ram into him until he wipes out. Then  kill the guy if not dead 
and take the chips from him. Before you head back to  Cortez, get to a Pay N' 
Spray to rid yourself of your wanted level. Get the  chips back to Colonel and 
get $500. 
Mission 3: "GUARDIAN ANGELS" Reward:  $1000 This is a difficult mission. 
First go get the Ruger at the car pack and  meet Lance. You two will go meet 
Ricardo Diaz and make sure a drug deal doesn't  go bad. When it does, the Haiti 
will take out Diaz's 2 guards and start  attacking him. Simply pick them off one 
by one. If you look behind you, cars and  vans will drop more gang members 
off; try to pick them off when they are being  dropped off. Lance will also yell 
for help, just disregard this; the gang never  gets him, rarely. If you are 
lucky enough, Diaz will survive. After those thugs  are dead, 2 Cuban gang 
members on Sanchez's will swipe the money. Lance kills  one of them and knocks him 
off his bike. Run over and grab the bike and follow  the other Cuban through 
the alleys. Be careful and use you drive by skills to  shoot at him in front of 
you. Once you knock him off the bike and kill him, grab  the money and take 
it back to Diaz. Now you have him as an ally and get your  $1000 reward.
Alternate Strategy from Daniel Filipe  -------------------------------------
I've got an additional strategy  for the mission " Guardian Angels ". The 
problem was too many people in my area  (Vice City is really big here) had loads 
of problems with this mission, so I got  a really simple way of getting to it, 
without much concern. First, to the  parking lot, get the machinegun and meet 
Diaz with Lance. Then, take your  position, go up to the edge of the platform 
and crouch down, draw your  machinegun and go into 1st person mode. Then the 
deal will go off and the  Haitians will appear. When the first car appears, 
target the driver and then  fire in a straight line to the other side and you 
usually get a head shot into  the other gangster. Then another car will pop up 
from behind the first. Kill the  passenger first (the other one usually gets 
silenced by Diaz) and now aim for  the street. A van will appear, and the driver 
will come out. Instead of killing  him, aim for the back of the van and when 
the 3 guys come out, take them all  with some fast shootin'. Now go down the 
stairs, and wait for the other car that  pops out from the left street to stop 
there. Kill the men that come out (the  driver first) and then SOMETIMES (in 
the PC version at least) another car still  appears in the right street again. 
Kill both men that exit, and then that will  trigger the cut scene with the 
motorbikes and the stolen money. Now here is the  trick. Get the motorbike, BUT 
DONT FOLLOW THE OTHER ONE TROUGHT THE ALLEYS!  Instead, go a little back into 
the road, turn left and the right and follow the  open road there. You should 
catch up with the other one really soon. Now, get a  car...there's usually one 
parked halfway through out the road. Get into it, and  speed up. The 
motorbike will soon enter the open road and now just come out from  behind, sneak on 
it, speed up, and take out the driver. Grab the money and bring  it back to 
Diaz...quite simples, and you don't have to do that boring and hard  chase 
through out the alleys. Hope it helps! 
*Ricardo Diaz*
Mission 1:  "THE CHASE" Reward: $1000 This is another fairly easy mission if 
you play it  safe. Make your way to the thug's house and look through his 
window, he will see  you. Chase him to the rooftop and be quick about it. He will 
fire at you in a  cut scene and that's all. Do not shoot at him. Make your way 
across the rooftops  and don't fall off the narrow planks. Once he hops in 
his getaway vehicle, grab  the nearby Faggio. Trail the BF Injection to the 
thug's house safely and don't  worry about the thug firing at you though. Just 
don't get too close. Once you  see the thug's hideout the mission is over and you 
get $1000. 
Mission 2:  "PHNOM PEHN '86" Reward: $2000 In this mission, you need to go 
back to the  hideout that you saw at the end of the last mission. You get a ride 
from a  helicopter with the pilot being "Quintin", really an alias for Lance. 
You will  have an M60 (Hell yeah!) and he will stop in mid air by the hideout 
so you can  kill people. Shoot all the guys in one area, and the driver will 
move to the  next. Move quickly, the helicopter doesn't have unlimited health 
and if the  helicopter's health is empty, then you fail the mission. A very 
easy way is to  ALWAYS shoot the explosive barrels if there are any because it 
will help. After  you killed all of the guys around the building, you will be 
able to enter the  building as the helicopter sets you down by the door. Enter 
in and shoot right  away at those guys. They can kill you pretty easily and 
you don't want to mess  around with them. After you killed the guys on both 
levels, head up the stairs,  kill the guard at the door, and proceed to the 
rooftop. There you will find the  cash in a briefcase. When you get it, the 
helicopter will pick you up again and  you will be taken back to the mansion, for a 
nice price of $2000 dollars. You  get a call from Cortez after this mission, but 
let's carry on with Diaz 4 the  moment.
Mission 3: "THE FASTEST BOAT" Reward: $4000 In this mission, he wants  you to 
raid a dock to get a new boat that is supposedly the fastest of all the  
boats. I wonder why we wants it so will see in the next mission.  Follow 
the red blip to the docks in the far south part of Viceport. The boat is  in 
the air because of a small crane holding it up. You need to get to the  
controls and lower it. Shoot your way in and kill all the guys, and trigger the  
switch to lower the boat. There will be more guys on the way to the boat, and as  
soon as you enter it, you are greeted with a three star wanted level. Drive,  
with your boat, back to Diaz's mansion, and try to avoid fire from the  
helicopters and avoid the police boats. It isn't too difficult. Head into the  pink 
circle to finish the mission. One more mission for him. I have gotten  
several e-mails about the door to the boathouse with the switches for the crane  
being locked. I don't remember the doors being locked, so I can't help you guys  
out. I looked through other people's walkthroughs and they have the same 
thing.  I don't know what is wrong, but I will try to find out. If anyone has any 
idea  what I'm talking about and has the solution PLEASE E- MAIL ME so I can 
answer  these people's questions. 
Contributed by Thomas Finney  ----------------------------
FYI I got past it thanks for the reply from  looking around it appears to be 
a glitch in the scripting.... (maybe it is  caused by cheats) I restarted the 
game no problem... just you just have to start  over. 
Here is a good solution from _Mrmtallica@aol.com_ ( 
This is about the "fastest  boat mission", my game also had the problem of 
the boatyard doors being locked,  but I found a resourceful solution. I don't 
know why they are locked in the  first place, but they were. Get a helicopter 
from the place with the garages you  buy in downtown (I don't remember the name) 
and take the helicopter to the  location of the boat. Land the helicopter on 
top of the boat and exit the  helicopter. Then you enter the boat and it 
falls, without the switch being hit.  Problem solved. Hopefully this helps. 
Mission 4: "SUPPLY & DEMAND"  Reward: $10,000! Wow! 10,000 bucks! That is 
awesome. But it is not an easy  mission. You have to go to a coke dealer and the 
first boat there gets the  deals. That's why you have the fastest boat! This 
mission is pretty tricky so be  prepared. Get into the new boat and Lance will 
join you again. You will race the  others to the point to get the coke. Take 
the LEFT path, not the right; the  right side has too many narrow passageways. 
Carefully navigate through the  channels, but go fast enough so you don't lose 
your lead. You are faster, so you  will have the lead most of the time. When 
you reach the coke dealer, you get to  use the nice machine gun. Yes! 
Immediately shoot at the other boats behind you,  or hopefully not in front of you. 
After you kill them, or before, Lance will  tell you to shoot the guys on the 
jetty. Kill them first; they can do some  pretty serious damage to your boat. 
After that, a helicopter will come. Shoot  that down right away as well, because 
there is an armed thug on the 'copter.  There is one more boat ahead of to 
victory! I don't recommend blowing this one  up because it could damage your 
boat too. Just kill the guys on the boat. Lance  will then drive you back to the 
mansion for your $10,000 reward. You now get a  call from Kent Paul. What's he 
goin' on about? Nothing, right? HA!!! Just you  wait................But he 
butts in everwhere so lets do Cortez's  mission.
Mission 1: "SIR, YES SIR!" Reward: $2000 Ooh, this is actually  really easy. 
You have to retrieve a tank and bring it back. So follow the red  blip. Once 
you catch up to it, you need to block the convoy that is blocking it  and snipe 
out everyone that you can. Make sure you snipe the turret! After you  do 
that, do to the driver's side of the Tank, smash it open with a melee weapon,  and 
man the Tank. The military will then activate the self-destruct mechanism.  
That is your queue to get the hell out of there and fast. Quickly take the tank 
 back to the storage facility to complete the mission.  
OR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you own the Hyman Condo, instead of taking it to  Cortez's garage, 
take it to yours!!!!! You have to be fast tho, 'cause the tank  still explodes.
*Kent Paul*
Mission 1: "DEATH ROW" Reward: $0 (Only money you get is  actually a lot of 
money from bad guys that you kill, in fact Steve Bond reported  that he picked 
up $11,000!!)-Thanks to Steve Bond. What??? No money!!We need to  rescue Lance 
now, Diaz kidnapped him, that bas**rd. Be prepared to kick some ass  when you 
get to the alley where the green blip tells you to go. Kill all the  guys to 
avoid them when coming back through the alley. Make sure you do that!!!  Make 
sure you killed the guy on the crane also. Once you leave with Lance, take  
the Sentinel because if you don't that same Sentinel will be after you when you  
are going to the hospital. There will still be pursuers however in the form 
of  three Comets filled with enemies, so take the shortest route the hospital  
possible to avoid excessive damage from the very dangerous pursuers. The 
mission  will be complete when you drop Lance off. This allows you to do the next  
Alternate Strategy from Michiel van Heuvelen  
After getting my car blown up  time after time by Diaz' men from ramming me, 
I decided to take the dump truck  that is also on the junkyard. Now you can 
slowly drive to the hospital en let  them ram you. This makes the end much more 
easy. The only thing is that you have  to drive slowly, or the truck will be 
tipped over in the corners. 
Alternate  Strategy from Andrew Jennings 
First I  got a tank by using the cheat code. Then, when you get to the 
junkyard where  Lance is being held, just run over everybody. After Lance is rescued 
and in the  tank, just roll on to the hospital. You don't have to worry about 
the pursures,  cause' when their cars ram the tank, they will explode. 
Another Alternate  Strategy from Andrew Jennings 
First to do this mission, you will need a helicopter, sniper rifle,  
rocket/bazooka launcher, a colt or another one hit kill weapon, and full health  and 
body armor. Park the helicopter over in the grass or road by the Malibu, and  
when the cut scene ends run get in your helicopter and go to the junkyard. 
Right  before you get to the junkyard, go to a close rooftop and launch a rocket 
at the  row of cars at the entrance. Then get back in your helicopter, and fly 
over the  junkyard just low enough that you can see everyone, but high enough 
that you  can't be shot at. You need to find a place over by the building 
where Lance is  being held to put your helicopter. Find a high vantage point in 
the junkyard,  like the top of the crane, and start shooting everyone with your 
colt, since it  has auto aiming. After everyone is out, go to the cut scene 
with Lance and get  in the helicopter and just fly to the hospital. Now you 
don't have to worry  about the pursuers putting you out. 
Alternate Strategy from Andreas Blankert  
When I did the "Guardian Angel"  mission, right when it ended and you see 
Diaz drive off, run towards the road,  his car should be in the middle of it, 
empty and doors unlocked. Just grab it  and drive it to one of your garages. This 
car is bullet, fire, damage and  explosion proof, so there is nothing, except 
for flipping over maybe, and that  can damage this car. I took this car and 
saved Lance by just running over Diaz'  men and did drive-by shootings with my 
Alternate Strategy from bendman  ------------------------------- 
I get around by motorcycles all the  time, so when I started this mission I 
had a motorcycle. I was already loaded  from previous missions, and it was 
timed by Lance's health, so I was in a hurry.  When I turned down the straightaway 
that leads to the 1 car roadblock, I went as  fast as I could and jumped off 
the back when I was about 40' from the guy by the  car. I already had my Uzi 
out, so as soon as I hit the ground I wasted them. Now  I shoot the guy running 
up from the docks, and shoot about 4 people on my way up  a ramp thing about 
50' in the air. From here I take out everybody with my  assault rifle. Now I 
go back and get my bike from where it crashed by the car,  and run over the guy 
guarding lance, then I take off with lance on the bike. If  you usually get 
around by bike in VC, dodging Diaz's men on the way back is  easy, just swerve 
a lot and outrun them. 
*Tommy and Lance*( well its not  really a Diaz mission)
Mission 1: "RUB OUT" Reward: DIAZ'S  MANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not to 
mention $50,000!!
Well, if you do this  mission, the reward pretty much pays for the last 2 
missions. Your mission is  basically to "rub out" Diaz as payback for kidnapping 
Lance. It starts outside  Diaz's mansion on a pink marker. Lance will drive up 
and show you his weapons in  his trunk. Cool. Make sure you have full armor 
and health because you will need  it. Use your M-16 in first person to target 
and shoot the guards at the  entrance. But it is locked! No fear, head around 
the west side and enter there.  Head through the maze in the bushes, killing 
everyone in your way and entering  the mansion. Climb up the stairs to get to 
the second floor and to reach Diaz's  lair. You will have to fight Diaz along 
with several other guards. Be careful  and watch your health, and eventually you 
will prevail. Diaz isn't that tough.  After you kill him you will have 
control of this huge mansion! Sweeeeeeeetttt!  
Lets go and do Cortez's last mission
Mission 2: "ALL HANDS ON DECK"  Reward: $5000 Lots of money for this one. It 
is an escort mission, and those are  never easy. But it is by boat, and you 
will be ambushed on all sides of the  boat. They are the French military trying 
to get their chips back. You won't let  them will you? You need to kill 
everyone who tries to attack the boat. After you  kill the boats to the side of you, 
there will be a bunch of ships blocking you  from the front. Unload on them 
also. When the helicopters arrive, you MUST  destroy them. If you don't guys 
will board the boat FOREVER, until you destroy  the helicopters. Finally, an 
Apache shows up. Uh oh. This helicopter will start  unloading bullets at the 
ship. Just keep firing at the ship and eventually it  will come down. There are 
health and bullets icons on the upper deck, just in  case. If you haven't 
destroyed all of the ships blocking the yacht, do that now.  Then the colonel will 
sail away. $5000 dollars! Yay! That was your last mission  for Cortez, I would 
suggest doing some side missions and getting some property.  But, I will 
continue on with the missions.
*Tommy Vercetti*
Mission 1:  "SHAKEDOWN" Reward: $2,000, and all assets are now purchasable 
Now that you have  Diaz's mansion, it is time to start taking over Vice City. 
These next few for  Tommy will be self-started, and going to the roof will start 
them. For this  mission, you are going to go to a mall and send a message to 
some shops by  busting all of their windows. Sounds easy? Well, you will have 
to deal with the  cops as well, so it isn't as easy as it sounds. After you 
enter the mall, the  purple blips will indicate the stores you need to destroy. 
Only when the purple  blips go away, you know that you have completed it. A 
good strategy is if the  cops are on your trail, go into the store that needs to 
be destroyed, and the  cops will start shooting the glass, doing the work for 
you. Once you destroy all  of the glass windows, you will have completed the 
mission, but you will have a  wanted level of 5. But it goes after you've done 
it anyway.
Alternate  Strategy from Jonathan Plaster 
I  have a different strategy for "the shakedown" mission. It takes a little 
more  preparation but I think that it's much easier during the mission. Before 
the  mission go and get a motorcycle, (I used the PCJ 600 but anyone would 
probably  do) and put it in your garage at your mansion. Also stock up on a gun 
that you  can use while on the motorcycle and get plenty of ammo for it. Now 
start your  mission and get your motorcycle out of your garage drive to the mall 
and drive  through the front doors. Once inside you can drive around to the 
blips and while  on the motorcycle use the L2 or R2 button along with the O 
button to shoot out  the windows while riding. This way you can get from area to 
area quicker and you  don't sustain a lot of damage to your health this way, 
and it also makes it  easier for you to escape after the mission. 
Mission 2: "BAR BRAWL" Reward:  $4000 Once you go to the marker, take the men 
that you get for this mission to  the yellow blip on the map and you will see 
some guys out in front. Take care of  them easily by running the over or 
doing drive-bys. BTW, the point of the  mission is to get into the Front Page bar 
and find out who is supplying their  guards. After you kill the guards 
outside, go inside to the pink marker and the  owner will tell you where they come 
from. Then a timer starts, don't you just  love timers? It will give you 5 
minutes to kill all of the targets, and it is  not an easy task. You have to go to 
the security headquarters in Washington  Beach to kill the rest. I would 
suggest the alley next to it. It has some stairs  so you can snipe them all, or 
throw some bombs at them. Once you kill all of the  guys in the parking lot, the 
last two guys will flee on their motorcycles.  Follow them and use the nearby 
police bribe if needed. Hit them off of their  bikes and run them over in the 
time limit to complete the mission. Pretty hard  eh? Only one more mission 
Alternate strategy from Jake Tomlin  -----------------------------------
In return I've got another strategy for  the Bar Brawl mission. Before you go 
to kill the guys outside the bar go and get  your car rigged with a bomb by 8 
Ball (his shop is down near the port, it's  marked on the map.) Then go and 
kill the guards by the bar, speak to the manger,  and drive your car to the 
security firm. You've got two choices, either aim the  car for the entrance and 
bail out, or just drive it in, get out and run away.  When you're a safe 
distance then blow the bomb. All those baddies with the  assault rifles are smudges 
on the ground. Admittedly, so are your two thugs,  but, hey, they knew the 
risks, right? 
Alternate Strategy from Andreas  Blankert 
An even easier way to  finish this mission without preparation is just go 
talk to the manager and then  drive north up the same road and turn left where 
the blip is. Stop across the  street and check out their entrance with all the 
men standing with pink arrows  above them. Simply fire one rocket in there and 
done... If one survives, just go  in there and shoot him. Alternative option 
is throw a hand grenade or a Molotov  cocktail in there. If you completed the 
fire truck mission and you're fireproof  it's even easier. Then just grab a car 
and follow the bikers and ram them and  run over them to finish the job.
Mission 3: "COPLAND" Reward: $10,000, then  $5,000 forever, see the bottom of 
this mission for details. Haha, this is a  tough mission. At least there is 
no timer right? But it is definitely hard  anyway. One of your men has screwed 
up a bombing and you need to cover it up. So  you think up an intricate plan 
and that involves changing into a cop's uniform.  To do that, do anything to 
get a wanted level. The easiest would be to run into  their car or run over a 
lot of people. Then, head towards your garage, marked by  a yellow blip on your 
radar, and have the cops follow you into the garage. You  need at least 2 cops 
for you and Lance to change into. Once you get 2 cops in  the garage with 
you, the door will close, and then open with you and Lance in  police uniforms. 
Cool. Now head over to the mall in the police car parked  outside which is 
behind the short wall, and follow the pink marker to find it in  the Tarbrush 
cafe. That is where you will plant the bomb. As soon as you enter  the pink 
marker, dash out as fast as you can. The bomb detonates after 5  seconds, and 
appropriately your wanted level reaches a small level 5. Level  5?!?! Holy crap! Get 
out of there as fast as possible and get in your car and  drive like you 
never drove before. The small, speedy, and deadly Vice cop cars  will be after 
you, and try to get to your mansion as fast as possible. If your  car catches on 
fire, bail out but don't go towards the cops and don't run in the  middle of a 
street where a high speed FBI car can kill you. Just a little advice  to help 
you out. Once you reach the mansion, the mission will be complete. The  cool 
part about this is that you will find a $5,000 icon on the front porch of  
your mansion. It regenerates once every day. That's pretty cool huh. (thanks to  
_Mixedbag101@aol.com_ (  for a  correction)
_CactusJack225@aol.com_ (  had a way of  
escaping easier and it really works well. 
"When you are leaving the mall,  there is a lower area just outside the doors 
of the coffee place. Down there is  a cop bribe that u can get fairly easily. 
Thus, you avoid the FBI and have a  relatively easy time escaping just 4 
stars then you would 5."
Additional  Strategy from Doug ----------------------------- 
Here is a near  sure-fire way to beat copland easily. As soon as you start 
the mission at your  mansion, go up to the roof and get the helicopter. Fly it 
down in front of the  mansion. If Lance didn't follow you up to the roof, or 
he's not in front of the  mansion when you land, then go inside the mansion to 
get him. Once Lance is  outside, get inside the helicopter and make sure Lance 
gets in as well. Then,  fly over to the mall. There is an entrance on the side 
of the mall (it's the one  that's closest to the store you need to plant the 
bomb in). To the side of this  entrance there is an area where you can land 
the helicopter (it's the area where  you can get the police star). Once you've 
successfully landed your helicopter  down there, go about the mission as usual: 
get a car, get 2 stars, get in the  garage, get the cops uniforms, get the 
police car that's next to the garage and  drive over to the mall. Before you go 
in the mall, park your car on that side  entrance (the one which is closest to 
where you need to plant the bomb) make  sure your car is in facing down the 
ramp so that you can easily drive down the  ramp to get to the helicopter once 
the bomb has blown. Once you've gone in the  mall and planted the bomb, run 
outside, get in your car, drive down to the  helicopter, get inside and get back 
to your mansion (you can land in front of  the mansion, or if there's cops at 
the mansion when you arrive, land on the roof  and then make your way 
downstairs and to the front). I suppose, in theory, your  Helicopter could be shot up 
to the point of exploding by cops (as you're leaving  the mall), or that you 
could be shot down by the police helicopter; but I did  the mission twice 
using this method and was successful both times.
*Final  Missions*
The reason these are classified as final missions are because  they relate to 
the story, but they aren't in your mansion anymore. Also, there  are some 
requirements for even getting these missions to show up. Thanks to  Craig 
Kostelecky, I know now that the requirements are having the Print Works  and 
completing all of its missions, and having 5 other assets and completing  their 
Mission 1: "CAP THE COLLECTOR" Reward: $30,000 Ooh! We are  getting close to 
the end and they will keep on getting harder. If you think this  is hard, wait 
till the next mission. That one took me a LONG time. Anyway, the  point of 
this mission is to kill 6 collectors, and they travel in pairs. The  Forelli's 
are behind these collections after they hear about what you have been  doing to 
take over Vice City. The pink blips mark your properties, and the more  
properties you have, the easier this mission will be, you will see why in a  
second. You have to follow the red dot, which marks the first pair of collectors  
and they head first for the boathouse. You won't be able to stop them from doing 
 that, but you should be able to see them on the way to the next property,  
Sunshine Autos. You need to knock them off of their bikes and kill them. Once  
you kill them they get replaced. You need to kill three pairs to complete the  
mission. You fail the mission if they tax all of your properties, so if you 
have  a lot of properties, then you have more time to kill them all. I would 
not  suggest killing them at the assets because they have big guns and can kill 
you  fast that way. So after you kill them all, you get $30,000 and the final 
mission  of the main story is available! Yay!!!
Final Mission: "KEEP YOUR FRIENDS  CLOSE..." Reward: $30,000, and the 
completion of the main story missions Are you  ready? Cause this is most likely the 
hardest mission of them all, fittingly the  "last mission." I put that in 
quotations because the game isn't really over yet,  there are all the other things 
to do. Anyway, let us get started. It starts with  a pink marker outside of 
your Starfish Island mansion. Uh oh, the mob is coming  because you killed their 
people. Get ready to fight. You are sending Ken the  lawyer to make a deal 
with counterfeit money, and you send Lance to get the men.  But wait, Lance is a 
traitor! He informs the mob about the bad money and the mob  comes and 
assaults your mansion. First things first. Guard your safe from the  guys that come 
in. After killing a LOT of them, like 15-20 of them, Lance will  show up 
outside the office in the upstairs hallway. Shoot him to get him running  and 
follow him. Every time you shoot him he will go higher, until you get to the  roof. 
Go into the corner to find an Adrenaline pill and that makes this MUCH  
easier. You will see Lance and the thugs, and a bunch of explosives. Hmm, what  to 
do? Lure Lance over to the barrels and waste him. Ahh, the smell of sweet  
revenge. Not much time to celebrate, head back to your safe where the mob is  
after it again. This time it is Sonny Forelli, the big bas**rd with a Ruger, and  
many people with him. This is the hardest part of the game, and the last part 
of  the mission. Getting behind your desk to take cover is the only advice I 
can  give you because you are going to need some serious skill to get past 
this part.  Pick off all of his guys first since they take less damage to kill, 
and deal  with Sonny alone. It is much easier that way, but it is still 
difficult. Once  you kill everyone in that final surge of guys, you have completed 
the mission.  Congratulations! You now own Vice City and have completed the main 
story  missions! Of course there is still lots to do, but you have completed 
A LOT of  the game!
*Avery Carrington*
You can find him in his  limo at the construction site in Vice Point. You can 
find him pretty early in  the game, after you complete the "Riot" mission for 
Rosenberg. Here we go.  
Mission 1: "FOUR IRON" Reward: $500 Pretty good cash for the beginning  
missions. Not. What you have to do is take care of a guy at the local golf  course. 
First, follow the T-shirt to get some golfing clothes...boy he looks  like a 
nerd...and then head to Leaf Link gold course. When you enter, all of  your 
guns will be taken away, and they will leave you with your melee weapon. If  you 
don't have one, there is a golf club right after you go through security. Go  
to yellow blip on the dot and hit one of his guards. This cues a cut scene  
showing your target getting away in a Caddie. Follow him with a Caddie of your  
own. The guards will also chase you, do your best to shrug them off. Either 
take  him out in the caddy, the easiest way, or follow him on the streets. If 
you take  too long, you will fail so make haste. Tip over whatever he is 
driving, and then  run him over to complete the mission. The only problem is if he 
is using a  caddy, and as you all know they don't flip over. So drive-by him 
and set him on  fire that way to finish him off. 
Another way of doing  it--------------------------------------------
If you wait a long time to do  this mission, you can take a helicopter and 
kill the guy with  weapons.
Alternate Strategy from Sid Davis(this really made me laugh)-------  
Basically show up at the driving range and then drive the other golf carts  
that are there into the water. (Bailing out as you get close to edge) I did 
this  figuring that if bad guy didn't have a cart I could just run him over as he 
ran  away. Well Surprise, surprise... he jumps in a Caddy anyway... and it's 
one of  the ones in the water. Apparently he can't swim too well. Mission 
Over.  ;)
Mission 2: "DEMOLITION MAN" Reward: $1,000 A lot of people had  trouble with 
this one but I found it pretty easy. The hardest part about this is  obviously 
the flying of the helicopter, but once you master that, this mission  is 
easy. What you have to do is pick up and drop off four bombs in the  construction 
site. First, the blip on the map will point you to a Top Fun van,  where you 
can control a RC helicopter. Of course, it would be too easy unless  there was 
a time limit. After you drop off the first bomb you have 7:00 to drop  off the 
remaining three bombs. That is plenty of time to complete this mission.  I 
recommend going from the top to the bottom so you leave as much time as  
possible for the hardest one. The thugs that will start shooting you can easily  be 
killed be running them over or chopping them up with your blades. After you  
drop off all 4 bombs, the mission is complete. 
Alternate Strategy from C.  D'Angelo -----------------------------------
For "Demolition Man", the 7 min.  time limit won't start until you pick up 
your first bomb. All you have to do is  fly over and kill all the construction 
workers and security guards with the  blades first. After that, it's smooth 
sailing...just place the bombs in 7 min.  and you're all set. 
Mission 3: "TWO BIT HIT" Reward: $2,500, Havana Outfit  delivered to 
Streetwear in Little Havana Hey, Donald Love is back! Anyway, what  you are supposed 
to do is start a gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians.  First you need 
to change into a Cuban gang outfit by following the T-shirt  again. After you 
change, drive by the Funeral Parlor signified by a yellow blip.  If you get 
the attention of the Haitians, go after the Haitian Gang Lord. If you  are 
lucky, you can kill him before he gets in his Hearse, but if not it is okay,  it is 
pretty hard to kill him before. Chase him and kill him using drive by, and  
after either he dies or the car blows up, you will have completed the mission  
after you leave Little Haiti. 
Alternate Strategy from Brett Dix  --------------------------------- 
Here's a much easier way to complete Two  Bit Hit. You'll need a rocket 
launcher, which can be obtained from the swimming  pool at the Happy Hooker Holiday 
Inn (near the entrance to the airport). After  you get your disguise, hop in 
a car and cruise toward the target area. As you  approach the Cubans, take a 
left before they see you and then turn right down  the alley. Head along the 
alley for a bit and then hop out of the car when you  are close to the target. 
Look around the corner to your right and you should see  the gang lord's car 
with an arrow above it. Fire two rounds from the rocket  launcher into his car 
to blow it up and kill him. To get out of town, just jump  back in your car and 
carry on down the alley. Turn right to get back to the  street, then turn 
left and follow the road around until you get to the highway.  Turn left and 
floor it... If you do this right, you can complete the mission  without the Cubans 
firing a single shot at you.
*Love Fist*
These missions  can be located at the downtown V-Rock building, indicated by 
a skull on the  radar. You can start doing his missions after the mission 
"Shakedown." These  missions are a sequel to one of the last of the main story 
missions so these  won't be a walk in the park. I think we should get more money 
for these but  whatever. Here we go.
Mission 1: "LOVE JUICE" Reward: $2,000 Hmm, I wonder  what Love Juice is. 
Well, frankly, it is a kind of drug. Love Fist wants you to  get some of it from 
a secret source. Get a very fast sports car, or a motorcycle  so you can shoot 
ahead of you. The best vehicle for this is a PCJ-600, but those  don't appear 
out of nowhere. But if you do have one use it here as it will be  much 
easier. Follow the pink blip on the radar to get a pink marker, and make  sure you 
are in your fast car or motorcycle. Honk the horn to signal the dealer  to come 
out and make a deal. He takes your money, and runs without giving you  the 
drugs. Chase him down! That's why you need a fast car or PCJ, he has a PCJ  
himself. Try to destroy his bike without knocking him of his bike; he has a  
stubby shotgun that can pack a mean punch. If you have a motorcycle follow him  and 
shoot him from behind until his bike explodes. If you have a car, you should  
drive-by him. Collect the drugs then get a call from Paul. You have to go to  
Mercede's house and pick her up. Try to park facing the road. When she gets 
in,  FLY!!!!!! You have a minute and thirty seconds to get to the studio. Take  
Mercedes and the "Love Juice" back to Love Fist for a mission completed and  
Alternate Strategy from Andy Robson  ----------------------------------- 
On the "Love Juice" mission an  easy way to complete the second part is after 
you've killed the drug dealer go  and get a helicopter and fly to the woman's 
house, you can just about land on  the red circle, and you can pick her up as 
if you were in a car. Simply fly back  to the studio as fast as you can. you 
can make it with 15 - 20 seconds to  spare.
Mission 2: "PSYCHO KILLER" Reward: $4,000 This mission is where you  have to 
get rid of a stalker, and you know what I mean by get rid of him. But  this 
stalker isn't stupid and he will put up a fight. I have tried many  different 
ways, but I still lose him because the limo is too slow. There is a  trick that 
worked for me in the Brady Games strategy guide. After you start the  mission, 
get a fast car, and put it by the signing area, or by where the stalker  
takes off. When you get there, the killer will kill a few people, hop into his  
car and flee the scene. As soon as you do that, get into your high-powered car  
and zoom after him. Now, just destroy the car and kill him in the process to  
land the $4,000 dollars. For now, you are done with them, because you need to 
do  some Biker missions before you can proceed with him. After you complete 
all of  the Biker missions below, you can proceed with this last one.  
Additional Strategy by Ed Novak -------------------------------  
Seems that not everyone likes the Devils of Rock Excess. Someone's been  
stalking the Fists, making death threats and such. Kent Paul asks you to drive  
the Love Fist limo down to the show, and lure out the psycho killer. First, head 
 outside and jump in the crimson stretch limo, and then drive down the road 
to  the pink marker. Park at the marker, and you'll see a couple of women go 
into  the arena...followed by what appears to be a guy in drag. The drag queen 
shoots  one of the guards, then jumps in his car and takes off. Once again, 
chase him  down! You have two choices now: A) chase him through the entire city 
until one  of you dies, or B) memorize his route and figure out the best place 
to smash  him. The easiest way is to pin him against a building after he makes 
his first  left turn. He'll make a U-turn in the middle of the road, which 
leaves a great  opportunity to impale his car on a lamppost. Once he bails out, 
shoot him a  couple of times to complete the mission.
Note: You must finish the Biker gang  missions before you can do the mission 
Mission 3: "PUBLICITY TOUR"  Reward: $8,000 You get to be a chauffeur, but 
aren't you always? You have to go  fast enough in the limousine you are driving 
so the bomb doesn't detonate, kind  of like the movie Speed. Great movie. 
Anyway, it takes about 140 seconds to  disarm the bomb, and my advice is to find a 
wide freeway and drive along that  until the mission is complete. Slowing 
down enough will detonate the bomb, and  slowing down will make the meter rise 
very quickly. After the bomb is defused,  follow the pink blip as slow as you 
want to the gig and get your $8,000 and  finish.
*Biker Gang*
Mission 1: "ALLOY WHEELS OF STEEL" Reward: $1,000  These missions occur after 
Love Fist's mission "Psycho Killer." They are located  at the Biker bar, 
surprise, with a spade icon on the radar. The first mission is  a checkpoint race 
to prove your worth to them. That shouldn't be too hard. They  all have 
Angels, and after you talk to the leader, you will see other Angels  parked by the 
bar. I suggest you don't use them, however get on the bike go  driving around 
looking for a Freeway (the motorcycle). This puts you at a HUGE  advantage, I 
can't stress it enough. Once you do that, go into the pink circle  to start the 
race. During the race, do not shoot at the guys or you will fail  the mission 
automatically. Just race. Pretty easy to win the race, just go for  control 
over speed, since it is easy to tip over. After you win, you will get  $1,000 
and the next mission.
Additional Strategy from PoweroftheGOM  --------------------------------------
After you come out of the bar, you can  either take the Angel, or go looking 
for a freeway. When you get your bike, go  way behind the other bikers (whom 
are using Angels) and start riding towards  them. When you see the pink marker 
that you're supposed to stop at, don't stop.  Instead go near the pink marker, 
and lightly hit yourself against the biker  nearest to you. This is because 
when you make contact with any racer, the race  will automatically start. This 
allows you to have a huge advantage over the  other bikers. 
Mission 2: "MESSING WITH THE MAN" Reward: $2,000 This next  mission caused me 
a lot of problems, until I realized the secret of how to do it  easier. 
Anyway, you have to raise chaos in the cities, for fun basically. Kind  of 
difficult, the idea here is to raise your chaos meter until it is full. To do  that, 
you must kill people, blow up vehicles, etc. But what I didn't know until  
recently is that the higher your wanted level is, the quicker your chaos level  
will rise. Now you might say, why do you need to do it quickly? A 2-minute time  
limit (it rhymed again!) My suggestion is to get up high, and use your rocket 
 launcher. It is fun and it works. BTW, every four or five people killed 
raises  your meter, and every 4 or 5 vehicles blown up raises your meter. The 
mission is  completed when you fill the chaos meter, and you get $2,000.  
OR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you got the tank from Sir Yes Sir, just use that.  I 
did it in thirty seconds with a tank.
Mission 3: "HOG TIED" Reward: $4,000  The local gang with the burritos, maybe 
Cubans?? Hmm... Anyway they stole  Mitch's bike. Bad idea. You have to get it 
back no matter what. It is hidden on  top of the Ammu-Nation building. A cool 
way to get there, BTW it also nets you a  Unique Jump, is to use the stairs 
across from the Ammu-Nation and land on top.  Score! Anyway, get the Adrenaline 
pill to make things a little easier. There are  many people on the roof and 
people will come up the stairs to the north. There  is a health icon just in 
case. After you kill all the guys, head down the  stairs, and follow the yellow 
blip on the radar to find his bike in a garage.  You might have to kill some 
guys on the way. :) What am I kidding, of course you  will! To get out, go to 
the left side of the place, and then turn right (north),  and use the stairs as 
a jump out onto the streets. It is not over yet!! They  will chase you in 
Gang Burritos, and it will be tough to get past them. Use the  bikes speed and 
some good driving to get back to the bar and get your $4,000.  That was the last 
mission for them. Now, you can finish mission 3 for Love Fist.  
*Assassination Missions*
There are several missions. Don't get me  wrong, just because they are 
assassination, doesn't mean with a sniper. In fact,  some of them aren't with a 
sniper, it is in the middle of the road. Anyway,  enough talk, let's go. You get 
the first call early on in the game from your  cell phone after the mission 
"Riot", and you can find the actual phone in Ocean  Beach, marked by a phone icon.
Mission 1: "ROAD KILL" Reward: $500 This is  sooo easy. But you only get 500 
dollars, so that should explain how easy it is.  You have to kill a guy on a 
Pizza Boy. Not hard. The only catch is that you have  to do it before he 
delivers his pizzas. He has 50 of them. Even then, you  shouldn't have a problem. 
Take him out for the easy 500 dollars. 
Mission 2:  "WASTE THE WIFE" Reward: $2,000 This next phone is located in the 
east side of  Vice Point. You have to kill a jewelry shop owner. Except this 
time, they are in  a car. Oh no! Don't worry it's easy, sort of. Make her car 
burst into flames is  the easiest way, but you can also make her get out of 
her car and kill her that  way. But make sure as soon as you make her car set on 
fire you drive away  quickly so no one suspects you. You will get a message 
saying you need to split,  because it is about to blow. Ker-Ching!
Mission 3: "AUTOCIDE" Reward:  $4,000 This phone is located in Washington, by 
the North Point Mall. You finally  get to snipe somebody! Yay!! But, they 
make it hard now that you get to use it.  Oh well. What you have to do is kill 5 
groups of people in 9 minutes. That's  tough! Oh well, let's get started. You 
will find guns indicated by the blue blip  on the map. Now for the victims. 
The first victim is Mark Griffon, and he is in  Washington building an 
advertising board. Easy enough stop where you can see him  and snipe him. One down. The 
second victim is Dick Tanner. He is in Washington  Beach. You will have to 
take him out on the road, and he is in a Securicar! That  spells trouble. My 
advice is to damage the car before it gets on the road to  make it easier. After 
that, it takes only a little more abuse to take the car  down. This is one of 
the harder ones to do, so if you do this one fast good job!  If not, keep 
trudging along. The third victim is actually a group of people, two  to be exact, 
their names are Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. They are found by  the 
Jewelry shop in Vice Point. They also "run" off in their trucks, but to make  it 
easier on you, the first one jumps out and starts shooting you. Run him down.  
The second guy has a pickup truck, take him off the road any way you can. Don't 
 use bumping; it takes too long, so I suggest drive-by the truck. The fourth  
victim is a breather and a confidence builder after 2 harder victims. He is  
located on a boat off the shore by Washington Beach. Don't use a boat and risk 
 it, just snipe him, saving time. That's easier huh? The fifth victim raises 
the  bar a little, but not a lot. You have to kill Charlie Dilson in 
Washington, and  he is riding a PCJ-600. Although it is fast, chase him in a car and he 
will be  down in no time. Wow! That's a complicated mission huh? Well, next  
Alternate Strategy from Ffej ----------------------------
I  completed the Autocide mission with NO problems using the following 
method. It  may be helpful to practice flying a helicopter first until you get half- 
decent  at it. Get a helicopter and fly it to the south end of the western 
island.  Somewhere around the airport and military base, you will see some 
industrial  cooling towers with a reddish Z-shaped hotel to the south of it This is 
almost  perfectly west but a tiny bit north from the first big container 
ship. Behind  this hotel is a pool with a rocket launcher in it. Land your 
helicopter  somewhere safely on the lawn, and jump in the pool to get the rocket 
launcher.  In order to get out of the pool, be sure to switch back to your "fist" 
and jump  out from the shallow end. Get back in your helicopter and fly to the 
J icon on  your mini-map. There is a nice wide parking lot next to the 
payphones that you  can land in. I recommend landing in the end of the parking lot 
farthest away  from the payphones, closest to where the weapons will spawn, 
this will save you  a few seconds time later. Be careful with the aircraft, we 
don't want to lose it  halfway through. Answer the phone, then run with X held 
down to the blue-blip to  stock up on the weapons (this is actually faster than 
trying to steal a car and  driving there). Then, run to your helicopter and 
just before you get in, arm  your uzi. Then get in, and take off. As soon as 
you're airborne, land on the  roof right next to where you landed, but as close 
to the blip on your mini-map  as possible. Then, quickly do the following in 
rapid succession. Get out of the  helicopter (your uzi should still be armed 
from when you selected it on the  ground), run as close to the billboard as 
possible while still staying on the  roof, hold down R1 to autotarget the victim, 
squeeze off a second or two of  fire, then get back in the helicopter. If you 
did this fast enough and if you  landed your helicopter close enough, the 
helicopter should spin back up almost  immediately, saving you time. Time for 
victim number two! Fly your helicopter to  the next blip on your map but be 
careful not to fly over him because he'll be  alerted and escape. You want to land 
on the roof of the building directly across  the street from the parked 
security van. If he spots you and starts driving  away, you didn't avoid him well 
enough when you were in the air; so try the  mission again. Once you land on the 
roof, get out of the helicopter and arm your  sniper rifle. If you stand 
directly opposite of the security van but still up on  the roof, you should be able 
to zoom in and pick him off through the windshield  before he even pulls 
away. You only get one shot before he panics and escapes,  so aim carefully and 
fire. Easy kill! If you don't mind failing the mission, you  can steal the 
security van now and store it in one of your garages somewhere.  Anyway, once you 
kill victim #2, hop back in the helicopter and fly to victim #3  and his friend 
using the blip on your mini- map. Once again, you want to land on  the HUGE 
roof across the street from where they are parked. Same deal; don't  alert them 
while you are in the air, so you may have to circle around to the  west a 
tiny bit so that you aren't flying over them. Once you're on the roof,  get out 
of your helicopter, arm the rocket launcher you got and shoot the van.  Bye-bye 
victim #3 and friend! Time for victim #4. This one is even easier, but  you 
still need to avoid early detection. This guy is sitting in his boat not far  
off shore. You should have no trouble landing the helicopter a little ways 
away,  getting out, arming your sniper rifle, and finishing him off. If you did 
this  all smoothly enough, you should have lots of time left on the clock for 
victim  #5. This last victim is in a motorcycle and you need only run him down 
with a  half-decently fast vehicle, so you can helicopter over to him until you 
are  close and steal a car, or you can leave the helicopter behind and simply 
drive  away from the area where you killed victim #4. 
Mission 4: "CHECK OUT AT THE  CHECK-IN" Reward: $8,000 This phone is located 
in Escobar International Airport,  and it is a payphone. This one involves 
many steps, but really isn't that hard  until you have to get away. You must 
follow this woman close enough so you see  her, and far away enough to keep her 
from being suspicious. The distance meter  cannot be filled or you will fail. 
She will point out your real target, and then  you can shoot him. DON'T SHOOT 
HER! Shoot the guy she shows you. Once you do  that run! You will get a 2 star 
warning and the guy's crazy buddies after you.  Make sure you get the 
briefcase! Then go! You have to return the briefcase to  the AmmuNation. There are 2 
Pay N' Sprays on the way to it, that will rid you of  the cops, but as for the 
goons, just out run them to complete the mission. One  more assassination 
Mission 5: "LOOSE ENDS" Reward: $16,000 You have  to do some things before 
you do this mission. You must have purchased the Malibu  and completed its 
mission called "The Shootist." Done that? Now let's get  started. This phone is 
located in Little Havana, right across from Starfish  Island. You have to head to 
the top of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company roof.  That's where you will 
do your dirty work. This is a difficult mission, so  beware. Go through the 
gate to get your weapons, then snipe all the people in  suits, or with guns. Make 
sure you get ALL of them; there is one hiding behind  that car. Run towards 
the stairs and fire with an Uzi at the explosive barrel to  take out the 
car/guards. Sweet. Anyway, you will then reach the ledge that you  sniped people 
from. Use that vantage point to kill more people, and try to hit  as many 
explosive boxes to kill multiple guards at the same time. Once they all  die, head to 
the left side to get body armor, then head to the right side to get  to the 
roof. Kill all of the guys on the roof, even on the billboard. Make sure  you 
snipe them before they can see you so they can't kill you. Once they all  die, 
pick up he briefcase, get into the helicopter and fly away! Land in the  pink 
marker at Escobar International Airport to complete the last mission.  Yay!