*THIS GUIDE CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING:                             *
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*   {Spoilers                                                   *
*      [100% Completion List                                    *
*      [Mission Solutions                                       *
*      [Awards/Prizes                                           *
*      [360 Achievements                                        *
*      [Other Misc. Spoilers                                    *
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*   {Some mature language (Nothing excessive - I promise)       *
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 Date Started: 10/16/08
Finished Date: 10/22/08

contact: Email me at Saints2faq@hotmail.com

=*=*=*=*=*=Version History=*=*=*=*=*=

Current Version: FIN

   Main Guide finished. Currently each Main Story Mission and Stronghold only
have the quote from the newspaper clippings in-game. Some missions have
more detailed walkthroughs. I will detailed walkthroughs for all of them
over time.
   Activity rewards not all complete. Will add as I complete them, or as
people send them to me.

   I finished the game, and added a lot more missions to the FAQ
   I still would like ANY information you have (See below)
   Fixed some spelling errors
   Added "Contributors" Section. please check it out!
   Added achievements list
   Added awards for activities.
   Added spoiler alerts from my Saints Row 1 FAQ. I know you missed 'em.

   Added 100% completion list (Joe Watson)
   Added numerous suggestions sent in by other people.

   Added a few more sections. Cleaned up some more misc. spots.
   Added Hitman/Chop Shop info that I have recieved.
   Chop Shop lists available.
   Some more errors fixed.
   More Activity information available
   Many contributors added to the FAQ. All of their info has been added, and
      they have all been fully credited. If there has been an error in your
      contribution, please let me know so I can fix it.
   Only a few more things to add.

   Chop Shop info pretty much complete.
   Hitman info pretty much complete.
   Crowd Control Info completed
   More suggestions sent in from contributors for activities and some
   I would estimate this guide at about 97% done. There is some info missing
      in chop shop tips, but nothing really important. It isn't the final
      version yet, but it's close, so keep sending in information =D

   Added more shop info sent in from people. Really it is the only thing
      missing from the FAQ.
   If you have any other information that I don't have, please send it in!

   If you have anything dumb that needs fixing (spelling errors, info errors)
      send me a note telling me please.
   If you have any info that still may be missing from the FAQ
      *cough*shoplistinformation*cough*, please email me.
   This will be the last major update, although some small fixes may be made.
   Reorganized activities section. Tried to make it less busy and easier to
      read. Hopefully it helps somewhat. . .


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   I would appreciate an e-mail telling me if you see someone abusing these


[Players 1] [Co-op 2] [System Link 2-12] [512 KB to save game]
[HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p] [in-game Dolby Digital]


[Online multipler 2-12] [co-op 2] [content download] [leaderboards]

My total playtime to complete career

   Please tell me about any typos or errors you see throughout the FAQ.
I will still make updates every now and then, so it will still get fixed.
   I don't plan to add anymore sections (Tags or CD's), or make any
major changes.

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/  / /  / /Table of Contents

I) Controls                            (Cont123)

II) How to use the guide               (Howto123)

III) The Story                         (Mstor123)
      A) You're Alive!                    (Alive123)

IV) The Main Story Missions            (MAINST123)

   A) 3rd Street Saints                   (SAINT123)
      1a) Jailbreak                          (SAIjb123)
      2a) Appointed Defender                 (SAIad123)
      3a) Down Payment                       (SAIdp134)
      4a) Three Kings                        (SAItk123)

   B) Ronin                               (RONIN123)
      1b) Saint's Seven                      (RONss123)
      2b) Laundry Day                        (RONld123)
      3b) Road Rage                          (RONrr123)
      4b) Bleeding Out                       (RONbo123)
      5b) Orange Threat Level                (RONot123)
      6b) Kanto Connection                   (RONkc123)
      7b) Visiting Hours                     (RONvh123)
      8b) Room Service                       (RONrs123)
      9b) Rest in Peace                      (RONri123)
     10b) Good D                             (RONgd123)
     11b) One Man's Junk                     (RONboss)

   C) Brotherhood                         (BROTHER123)
      1c) First Impressions                  (BROfi123)
      2c) Reunion Tour                       (BROre123)
      3c) Waste Not Want Not                 (BROwa123)
      4c) Red Asphalt                        (BROrd123)
      5c) Bank Error in your Favor           (BROba123)
      6c) Thank you and Goodnight            (BROth123)
      7c) Retribution                        (BROrt123)
      8c) Jail Bait                          (BROja123)
      9c) The Enemy of my Enemy              (BROte123)
     10c) The siege                          (BROts123)
     11c) Showdown                           (BROboss)

   D) Sons of Samedi                      (SONSOFS123)
      1d) Got Dust, Will Travel              (SONgo123)
      2d) File in the Cake                   (SONfi123)
      3d) Airborne Assault                   (SONai123)
      4d) Veteran Child                      (SONve123)
      5d) Burning down the House             (SONbu123)
      6d) Bad Trip                           (SONba123)
      7d) Bonding Experience                 (SONbo123)
      8d) Riot Control                       (SONri123)
      9d) Eternal Sunshine                   (SONet123)
     10d) Assault on Precinct 31             (SONas123)
     11d) The Shopping Maul                  (SONboss)

   E) Ultor                               (ULTOR123)
      (Please note) Ultor missions will contain extreme spoilers.

      1e) Picking a Fight                    (ULTpi123)
      2e) Pyramid Scheme                     (ULTpy123)
      3e) Salting the Earth...Again          (ULTsa123)

   || 4e) ...And a Better Life               (ULTboss)
   || 5e) Revelation                         (ULTextr)

V) Strongholds                         (STRONG123)

   A) 3rd Street Saints                   (SAISTRO123)
      1a) Stilwater Caverns                  (SAISst123)

   B) Ronin                               (RONSTRO123)
      1b) Humboldt Park Science Museum       (RONShu123)
      2b) Amberbrook Museum Pier             (RONSam123)
      3b) New Hennequet Rec Center           (RONSne123)
      4b) Suburbs Strip Club                 (RONSsu123)

   C) Brotherhood                         (BROSTRO123)
      1c) Sommerset Apartments               (BROSso123)
      2c) Imperial Square Pagodas            (BROSim123)
      3c) Poseidon Alley Docks               (BROSpo123)
      4c) Wardill Airport Hangars            (BROSwa123)

   D) Sons of Samedi                      (SONSTRO123)
      1d) Elysian Fields Trailer Park        (SONSel123)
      2d) Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs           (SONSba123)
      3d) Stilwater University Student Union (SONSst123)
      4d) Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock     (SONSsu123)

   E) ULTOR                               (ULTSTRO123)
      1e) Rounds Square Shopping Center      (ULTSro123)

VI) Activities                      (ACTIVI123)

   A) Crowd Control                    (CROACT123)
   B) Demo Derby                       (DEMACT123)
   C) Drug Trafficking                 (DRUACT123)
   D) Escort                           (ESCACT123)
   E) Fight Club                       (FIGACT123)
   F) Fuzz                             (FUZACT123)
   G) Heli Assault                     (HELACT123)
   H) Trail Blazing                    (TRAACT123)
   I) Insurance Fraud                  (INSACT123)
   J) Mayhem                           (MAYACT123)
   K) Septic Avenger                   (SEPACT123)
   L) Snatch                           (SNAACT123)
   M) Hitman                           (HITACT123)
   N) Chop Shop                        (CHOACT123)
   O) Diversions                       (DIVACT123)

VII) Shops                          (shop123)
   A) Customization                    (CUSSHO123)
   B) Drugs and Liquor                 (DALSHO123)
   C) Music                            (MUSSHO123)
   D) Notoriety                        (NOTSHO123)
   E) Clothes                          (CLOSHO123)
   F) Vehicles                         (VEHSHO123)

VIII) Extras                        (Extra123)
   A) Secret Areas List                   (secret123)
   A) 100% Completion List                (100pc123)
   B) Achievements                        (goatse123)
   C) Money-Making strategies             (moneyguide123)
   D) Zombie Uprising                     (zombie123)
   E) F.A.Q.                              (FAQ123)

IX) Contributors                    (contrib123)

X) The End!                         (TheEnd123)

These are the default controls for Saints Row but they are customizable.

Thank you again to Levrar for the layout of this control list. He let me use
his in the last guide, and since I still can't make it for some reason, I
stole his. Thanks!


   On Foot

 * A                         | Reload/pick up weapon/object
 * B                         | inventory
 * B + Left Joystick         | Select Weapon
 * B + D-Pad                 | Select Drug/Food
 * X                         | Jump
 * Y                         | Action/enter car
 * Click of Left Joystick    | Crouch
 * Left Joystick             | Move
 * Right Joystick            | Look (click-fine aim)
 * Left Bumper               | human shield/HOLD-hold human shield 
 * Right Bumper              | Sprint
 * Left Trigger              | Secondary attack/kill shield
 * Right Trigger             | primary attack
 * Up on D-Pad               | Recruit/Dismiss followers
 * Down on D-Pad             | End Activity/Mission
 * Left/Right on D-Pad       | Taunt/Compliment
 * START                     | Pause
 * Select                    | Bring up map


 * A                         | Accelertate
 * B                         | Inventory
 * X                         | Brake/Reverse
 * Y                         | Action/exit car
 * Click of Left Joystick    | Nitrous/Hydraulics
 * Left Joystick             | steer/select weapon
 * Right Joystick            | camera/CLICK-horn
 * Left Bumper               | Cruise control/PLANE-rudder left 
 * Right Bumper              | Look behind/reset camera/PLANE-rudder right
 * Left Trigger              | Handbrake/HELI-Alt attack
 * Right Trigger             | Primary attack
 * Up on D-Pad               | Recruit/Dismiss followers
 * Down on D-Pad             | End Activity/Mission
 * Left/Right on D-Pad       | Change radio
 * START                     | Pause
 * Select                    | Bring up map

{How to use the guide}  (Howto123)

   This guide is set up to let you enjoy it in the simplest way possible.
You'll notice on the Table of Contents that each section has a word followed
by 123 next to it.

   This is for your convenience. if you want to see a certain section and
skip right to it, simply copy the word that is in the parentheses and paste
it into a search bar for the FAQ. the words in the ( ) appear only twice in
the guide, once in the table of contents, and once in the document itself.

{The Story}  (Mstor123)

        You're Alive!           |
         (Alive123)             |

   Oh yes, you're alive. You might have thought that being in the midst of a
large explosion on a boat would have killed you, but you were wrong. And
thats not even the best part! You're in prison. And apparently you've been
there for 6 years in a coma. Hmm. . .

   The doctor removes your bandages and my what 6 years can do. You may
have been one person in that explosion, but i guess 6 years can change your 
sex, race, height, weight, and face. Ok. 
"Did you do something with you're hair?"

   Turns out Troy was an undercover officer who is now the chief of Police.
He "cleaned up the streets" after the Saints died out, and a company called
Ultor owns the land the Saints used to own. Turned it into a tourist trap
to show the cities past plight and how they overcame it. whatever.

   Gat lvies with Aisha and has been wanting to bring back the saints
ever since you left. Nobody has seen Julius since, and nobody has any clue
what happened to him. Either way, Stilwater is still gang infested
and its only about to get one more to deal with.

   So you woke up, and it's big news for one particular prisoner. Big enough
that he gets himself stabbed so he can get sent to the medical ward to talk
to you. He has a plan to get you both out of there.

   This prisoner wants to get back to the mainland. No problem. All
you have to do is. . well. . .all the work. He'll tag along and help you out
if he can. So, i guess we might as well trust him.

{The Main Story Missions}  (MAINST123)

      |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Mission TitleJailbreakAppointed DefenderDown PaymentThree KingsSaint's SevenLaundry Day Road RageBleeding OutOrange Threat LevelKanto ConnectionVisiting HoursRoom ServiceRest in PeaceGood DOne Man's JunkFirst ImpressionsReunion TourWaste not want notRed AsphaltBank Error in your FavorThank you and GoodnightRetribution>>*>>>*>>>*>>>File in the Cake>Airborne Assault>Veteran ChildBurning down the HouseBad TripBonding ExperienceRiot ControlEternal SunshineAssault on Precinct 31The Shopping Maul>>Picking a FightPyramid Scheme