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Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.9
Date Started: 31/8/08


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History
    [1.03] Retirement from the Sims
[2] Apartments
    [2.01] Apartment Basics
    [2.02] Rents and Bills
    [2.03] Landlord
    [2.04] Roommates
    [2.05] Furnishing
    [2.06] Other Families
    [2.07] Neighbours
    [2.08] Noise
    [2.09] Smell
    [2.10] Moving Out
    [2.11] Social Groups
[3] Magic, Magick, Magickal Faeries in my Garden
    [3.01] Obtaining Magic
    [3.02] The Powers Behold
    [3.03] Alignment
    [3.04] Neutral Magic
    [3.05] Good Magic
    [3.06] Bad Magic
    [3.07] Potions and Craftables
[4] Studying, Its Boring
    [4.01] New Skills    
[5] Transport
    [5.01] Walking
    [5.02] Stairs
    [5.03] Helicopter
[6] Service! Ding!
    [6.01] The Butler

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright
[1.01] Introduction

Welcome to my 39th guide, and, just wait a sec, 18th for the Sims 2 series,
and the last guide in the Sims 2 Series, because I don't plan to write any
more for the Sims 2, because the Sims 3 is soon to be out. Anyway, this guide
is for the expansion pack Apartment Life for the Sims 2, and the eighth 
expansion pack for the series. Below, a nice excerpt from the game.

"Get to know your new landlord and meet the neighbours down the hall as your
 Sims move into their first apartments. While apartment living may bring 	
 about the annoyances of noisy neighbours and remembering to pay the rent, 
 it's certainly cheaper than having to buy your own place immediately! Learn
 to live in the smaller space and your Sims may find that having other Sims
 close by brings certain advantages - especially if your Sims can maintain 
 good reputations. And if things ever get too rough, your Sim can now look
 for a roommate to share the burden.

 There are also some rumours of Sims exhibiting some odd behaviour recently.
 Some have even gone so far as to say that there's a feeling of magic in the

 Welcome to Apartment Life!"

And by the way, sorry if I spell magic, magick. FFTA2 has certainly distorted
the way I spell magick, I mean magick, magic, well, whatever. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.1 [31/8/08]
Completed the Template. Ready for Writing. Some niblets on Apartments in

Version 0.2 [1/9/08]
A nice update on apartments, it is progressing nicely. Might submit, or I
might not. 

Version 0.3 [2/9/08]
Well, I got Spore, as the little leaflet says, so that will be taking over
this project. More work done. 

Version 0.4 [3/9/08]
Been playing Spore most of the time, so a small update.

Version 0.5 [6/9/08]
Started on Magic. 

Version 0.6 [8/9/08]
More on Magick, started on Alignment, but not finished.

Version 0.7 [18/10/08]
My Retirement is set in Stone. Spore is complete, so more time for my other
projects. Completed all the Neutral spells.

Version 0.8 [19/10/08]
Completed all the spells, the potions and craftables to go. 	

Version 0.9 [20/10/08]
Completed all the sections about magic. More and more added. 

[1.03] Retirement from the Sims

Where is a good point to mention, that this will most likely be my last 
guide for the Sims series, that is, any The Sims title. That means no more
Sims 2, or Sims 3 for that matter. The reasons are numerous but I'll list
some of the following.

* There is going to be no point in the Sims 3, in my opinion, it will be the
  same as the Sims 2, with better graphics. I've noticed that the Sims 2 has
  done the same as the Sims 1, same everything, same additions from the 
  expansion packs, etc. I mean, 12 expansion packs isn't my thing. 

* Expansion pack hell again. The Sims 3 is going to be released, but after
  that would be the hundreds of thousands of expansion packs, stuff packs, 
  misc packs, everything, and I can't stand to waste money on improvement on
  improvement that should have been placed in the base game. 

* Time problems. As I get older, no, I don't get aging cheats and I'm not
  getting any younger, a very long series, dragging out for 4 years, is a
  thing that I seriously don't be to be stuck with. My recent gaming has been
  more for large, single games, and the odd expansion pack. 

* My Writing has been dragging more and more away from Simulation based 
  games. Although the majority of my work is Simulation, more and more are
  going to Strategy and Real Time Strategy games. Some have headed into 
  Action and RPG games, as well as tactical war games. 

* Finally, I do need to get on in life. While the last few years are pretty
  much very free, I do need to progress in life and don't expect to be writing
  any more than I have in the last two years in particular. I do need to get
  on in life, even if that means sacrifices in gaming. If you haven't really
  noticed, today is the 18th of October, and I've updated a guide every day,
  continiously, for nearly 4 months straight. I won't have time for that in
  the future.

However, if you think that I should write for the Sims 3, public opinion 
MIGHT sway my mind. You can always send in an email protesting at my decision,
and though I do have discretionary power over this, I may reconsider. But
that doesn't mean I'll stick to my promises. 

[2.01] Apartment Basics

Well, as the name of the game is Apartment Life, the main aim of the game is
the Apartment. The Apartment is a residential lot that has been modified by
the respective cheat code that is in your manual, if not, readme file during

In each apartment lot or complex, there are 4 seperate apartments where you
can send in your families. When you send in a family to live in an apartment
lot, you have a choice of 4 apartments, and the rest will be occupied by

Anyway, Apartments are completely different from housing. Unlike a house, you
can have up to four families living at the same location, yet you can only
play one at a time. However, you can live in it like a normal household, with
a maximum of 8 Sims and 2 Pets, as you normally would. That means that in a
completely full apartment lot, there will be 40 inhabitants in the lot.

Another important thing about apartments is that when you play between 
families, what happens in one family in the future will effect the other
families in the past. Below is an example:

Sim A finishes off at 4pm Monday. You save then. You play Sim B in the same
apartment and promptly become friends with Sims A and you save at 5pm Tuesday.
You reload the game with Sim A, back at 4pm Monday, and you'll still be 
friends with Sim B even though it happened in the future. 

Another part of the basics. Every Monday, your Sims need to pay the rent
on the apartment. The rent on the apartment is fixed, it is the price that
you pay which was shown when your chose the apartment. After the rent, you
still need to pay your bills, but more on that later. 

Well, these are the basics. You need to pick an apartment, rent it, pay 
your rent every Monday, bills on Tuesday and Thursday. Thats the basics, now
we move into the more complex issues.

[2.02] Rents and Bills

The rent on the apartment is pre-determined when you move into the lot. When
you move into the lot, you get to take a pick at the apartment you want. The
apartment you pick will have a rent price, which is the amount of rent you
need to pay per week. The general rule of thumb here is that the more space
you have in your apartment, the more rent you are going to be paying. More
space means more rent. Less space means less rent. 

Once you choose an apartment, you need to sign a lease with your landlord
and when you do, you pay the rent for the week, since you seem to start on a
Monday all the time. That is your rent for the week.

Rent is collected every Monday, and you have until the end of the day, till
exactly midnight, to collect the rent at the mailbox and pay for it. If you
haven't been paying attention to the game, at the front of the apartment
complex, there is a nine-slot mailbox there. That is where your rent is 
delivered and where you pay your bills.

If you do not pay your rent, you will need to face your landlord as he or 
she knocks relentlessly at your door and will force a confrontation with your
Sim, and when he or she answers her, the rent money will automatically be 
deducted from your Household funds if you have the money. Of course, this will
lower your relationship with the Landlord, which isn't all that nice.

If you cannot pay the rent when the landlord asks, or your are unable to 
answer the door due to sleeping, work, or some other task, or if the Landlord
gets tired of knocking, they will repeat the process for three days, or until
you pay the rent. After three days, they will stop knocking.

However, that doesn't mean that you can get off rent free. You still need to
pay the rent, but it is added to your normal bills that you will get on 
Thursday. You will normally have a few more days to pay that, but once those
bills turn red, if you do not pay your rent, the Repoman will come and take
your items for not paying. Therefore, it is advised that you pay your rent
or you will have some problems. 

Household bills are still added expenses that you need to pay, think of it
as a telephone bill, electricity bill, natural gas bill, water bill, any sort
of bill that you would need to pay. It is the same as a normal lot, the bill
is about 1% of the value of the area that you are living in. The same process
applies as usual, failure to pay will make the Repoman take your items. 

If you want your rent lowered, it is best that you stay friends with all your
fellow renters in your apartment complex, because if you annoy them, they can
influence the landlord to increase your rent by 5%, but if you manage to stay
friends with them, they will put in a good word to lower it by 10%. Therefore,
it is best that you don't piss off your neighbours.

Also, if you are friends with the landlord, they will help you by reducing 
your rent as well. If you are friends, or someone in the household is friends
with your landlord or in love with them, this will help you because that means
a nice lowering in your rent. If you are renting a large apartment, thats a 
lot of savings.

[2.03] Landlord

Your Landlord is ALWAYS an NPC, so you cannot have one of your Sims to be a
landlord. Anyway, the Landlord is the person who owns the apartment complex
and effectively takes control of the daily goings of the lot. There are three
landlords that can be allocated to the lot, though throughout the life of the
lot, the landlord will be the same. Should they be married into your family,
or otherwise "disappear", a new landlord will be spawned to take their place.

So what does the landlord do? Well, there are a lot of things.


Every day, the landlord will visit the lot for a maximum stretch of eight to
nine hours, which is quite a lot, but they do need to take care of their own
home, if they have one. When they start, they will maintain the lot. You may
think that it is such a simple thing, but in reality, it isn't.

They will maintain the garden, trimming the hedges, watering flowers, 
generally making sure that garden is in good shape and so, you have a good
environment score. Puddles will be dried up, weeds killed, a lot of general

Next, they will repair any broken items in the common area, that is, area 
that doesn't belong to you or any of the other roommates. All dirty items such
as dirty plates are cleaned up. Also, trash is removed, such as overdue 
newspapers at your Sims front door. 

Other things that your landlord is going to do is to ensure that all the bugs
on the lot are killed off, so no roaches due to a bin that has been knocked
over by a nasty passerby. 


When you first choose to rent the apartment, you get to know the landlord as 
you sign the lease for the apartment with the landlord. After that, they 
will turn up and knock on your door for overdue payments on the rent, so make
sure that you pay the rent or they will come a knocking. If they need to do
this, that is, collect rent by knocking at the door, they will lose a bit of
relationship with them. 

It pays to be nice for the landlord, if you befriend them or someone in the
household falls in love with them, the rent will belowed, so that is rather


Don't think that your landlord will tolerate you making a racket out of your
apartment because at the end of the day, it is still their lot. So if you 
continiously make a lot of noise between the hours of 10pm and 8am, your
neighbours get upset and start to complain. More on noise later. Also, if you
leave too many dirty items around, such as green plates, diapers, trash and
other stinky items, they will also come around and start knocking to tell you
to clean up your act.


You can call your landlord, or click on them and request them to come up to
your apartment if you either have a broken item or a breakout of vermin that
can effect the entire apartment. If you have any broken items such as 
electricial items or clogged up toilets, anything that is broken and you 
really want fixed.

However, they will not clean your apartment for you. If your apartment is
dirty, dirty to the point where people complain, your landlord is still not
going to clean it up for you. You need to do that yourself. It isn't all that
hard anyway, if you have the money, get a maid. 

And if they finish, they might even ask to hang out! Wow, hang out with some
elder. I'll pass.


Every Saturday, around midday, they will start a party for all the Sims on 
your lot. You can tell when they start the party when they give you a little
dialog box where you will be told that there a little party starting where
they will mix the drinks, or grill some food, or, if they can afford it, order
some Pizza for the party. 

This is the best time to meet your neighbours if you haven't already done so
and a good place to meet your landlord as well. The food here is free, so if 
you are really on a tight budget, you can easily just wait for the free 
feed on Saturdays. The more people living in the apartment, the better.

Note that the time isn't exactly set in stone, it might start earlier or even
later depending on what chore they need to and how demanding they are. Just
make sure that you don't really depend on that meal for life and death.


As you can see, the Landlord is going to be an important figure in the life
of your Sims who live in Apartments. Not only do they collect the rent, they
make sure the lot is in good order. Because of that, on Apartment lots, you
cannot summon a Gardener or Exterminator, because the Landlord takes over
those roles. 

[2.04] Roommates

Roommates are going to be a fact of life if you are living on a lot in which
you cannot afford to pay the rent yourself, or you can, but want to save some
money on essentials, such as food, or that plasma TV. Anyway, Roommates are
going to be important. Please note that you can only have a single roommate
at a time, no more than one is possible or allowed.

Why? Roommates will help pay the rent, the amount of rent will depend on the
rent of the apartment and the amount of household members. You see, the 
roommate will pay rent in accordance of total Sims. The amount of the total
rent that they pay will be equal to 1 over the amount of Sims on the lot.

For example, if there are 2 Sims altogether, the Roommate will pay half the
rent, if there are 4 Sims, the Roommate will pay a Quarter. If there are a 
total of eight Sims, they will pay one Eighth. So, if you look at it, the 
more people in your household, the less beneficial that having a roommate is
going to be.

--==Finding the Perfect Buddy==--

Roommates can be hired in three different way. There includes the newspaper,
the Computer and the telephone. Two are the same, one is completely different.
Because two are the same, there is one more method, asking a Townie yourself.

The Newspaper and the Computer are exactly the same, you get a pool of 
potential roommates to choose from. You can access this operation via the
command on both the computer and the newspaper of searching for roommates.

There will be a list of potential roommates for the day, the list will 
refresh itself after a day has passed, making it like looking for a new
job or rather, career. The information that will be provided on each roommate
will include their name, skills, job and personality, which is rather handy.
The skillset of the potential roommates will depend on the type of your
apartment, but more on that later. There are 4 hopefuls in the newspaper and
6 on the computer. The internet is a big place.

The next way is the telephone. This is in effect, the opposite of an ad in 
the newspaper. This is you putting out a room for hire basically and you will
soon have a potential roommate at the door soon. The problem with this method
is that you don't have any say on what kind of roommate you have for your Sim
so that is a little risky. Russian Roulette anyone?

The final method is asking a random townie that you happen to be good friends
with to enter your apartment for the sake of it. This way, you are hiring a 
friend into the apartment, so you can be sure of what happens next.


If you are on decent terms with your roommate, then they will effectively pay
their rent on time. They will pay their share when the time comes, but not all
roommates are going to be like that. Some will refuse to pay their rent, and 
that is where you need to take some action. Try not to demand payment for the
rent, it will give you the money, but lowers the relationship score. 

If they refuse, you can get them to pay by asking them nicely with the 
interaction that will present itself on rent day monday. If that doesn't work,
then you can influence them to pay the rent. Those are your two options, 
because if the landlord knocks, you are faced with a problem.

If you landlord knocks, you will be forced to pay for your deadbeat roommate
and that surely won't make you happy.


Roommates will have a meter on how happy they are to be your roommate. This
is accessed when you enter their moods panel and instead of rewards, there 
will be the satisifaction meter. 

This meter ranges from -100 to 100, just like a relationship panel. This is
based on two seperate things, the mood of the Sim at the current point in
time and their relationship with your Sim, or all the other Sims that are 
on the lot. Therefore, it is harder if there are a lot of other Household
members there. 

With this meter, there are 5 stages, with Red meaning not good, Yellow is
neutral and Green is good. This meter is important because it will tell if
there are going to be bumps in the future with this roommate, and if there
are, well, it isn't good.

Dropping below the magic number, -60, is going to be the problem. Then and
there, there is a 50% chance that they might not pay the rent for the 
week, and a equal chance, but not stacked, that they are going to leave you
and your apartment, and you'll be roommateless.

--==Their Life==--

Roommates are still living people, and they still have lives. They won't
age or die from needs decay, nor can they be vampires or pregnant. However,
they are still Sims, they will die from other disasters, but that is just
the housekeeping.

Roommates still go to work and make money to pay the rent, except that they
won't be able to give you any of the money. They will head off to community
lots on errands, and they will be off the lot, but they won't get anything
decent, like actually buying food to cook. 

They will improve their skills to make sure that they get a better job and
can even get promoted. Even with all that money, they won't buy any items
for the apartment, so don't count on them for a furnished apartment.

And if you want to play with the locking feature in the game, don't bother.
Even if you lock them in a room, they will just teleport off and then come
back. But if you lock them out, it will lower their mood, and that will
lower the relationship and satisifaction with you.

--==The Future==--

There are two paths you can have with a roommate if you move onwards. The
good path is letting them move in, they will be a part of the family but
the downside is that they will actually be a part of the family, and you
will have control of them, so they are no longer a roommate. And if this
happens, you can get a roommate. A quick way of getting another Sim to

However, the other path is kicking them out if you cannot tolerate them
any longer. They will be able to be kicked out if you don't want them to 
be in your apartment any longer, due to whatever reason you deem necessary.
However, if you kick them out, they will leave, this always does happen, but
there will be a relationship dropout. 

The fallout will depend on your relationship with the roomie. A strong 
relationship will result in little or no fallout, but a weak relationship
will not be nice. However, it is entirely your choice to kick them out, so
make it count. 


Roommates are an interesting addition, because they help you finanically
and make decent friends, but if they aren't who they say they are, well, it
is going to be a problem. They can be the same or the opposite of your own
Sim, even be the cleaner of the apartment, the choice is entirely up to
you, but make sure it is a good choice. 

[2.05] Furnishing

Furnishing your apartment is going to be important because no items in your
apartment means you pretty much have no items for your Sims to use.

You should have noticed that when you moved into the Apartment, there is
pretty much nothing except for the bar, kitchen and bathroom appliances
and other such items such as burglar alarms, smoke alarms and that is pretty
much it. But you get a hot tub!

The reason for this is that your apartment is meant to be furnished as you
want it, and to break your budget, but they really don't bother to mention
that part. 

However, do remember that the room you get to furnish your home is fixed as
well, you can't added on extra space for your items, so make sure that you
have plenty of room for your items, but just enough room to actually move
around, because you don't want to be sandwiched between 10 ovens. 

[2.06] Other Families

If you want to move in additional households, there is a little checklist
that you need to be aware of in order to allow them to move in. First of all,
there needs to be an available apartment for the family to stay.

If that is not possible, that is, all 4 units are taken up by other families,
then there needs to be room in a currently occupied apartment for the family
you wish to move in. That is the only alternative to 4 filled apartments, 
because if there is also no room, then there is no way you can move into the

When you move a family in, you have the option to move in or merge family.
Move in means exactly just that, you will be able to move the family in as a
seperate group, but if you merge family, that iso means exactly just that, you
will combine both families, so that is entirely your choice.

As another note if you decide to move in another family into a currently 
used apartment lot, the townies that occupy the lots will be removed, but the
ones occupied by controllable Sims won't be. This might be a dangerous 
situation because your other Sims might like the other townies that took over
the other Apartments.

[2.07] Neighbours

Your neighbours are going to be townies, these are people that are already
sorted out by the game in terms of social status. This is the reason why
expensive apartments that cost so much are used by Sims with relatively well
paying jobs and pretty developed skills. 

Anyway, your neighbours are a great source of friends and people you can 
easily brfriend because they will be around the same social status as you.
They will normally be living along, so it does get a bit lonely for them,
but that is how life is, I mean, you can always invite them to move in.

Your neighbours however, will be completely seperate in terms of people in
your Neighbourhood. No body in your neighbourhood will be sourced as a 
potential roommate, there is a seperate spawning pool for the roommates of
all apartments, because accidents do happen.

While we are on that note, should an accident or some love of life passes by
the your neighbour no longer needs to ocucpy the apartment that they once 
leased, they will simply disappear wherever they need to be, and another 
townie will spawn on their location and take over their apartment. 

--==The Fog==--

During your timein the apartment, you will notice that all the area inside
your neighbour's apartments is going to be invisible, even in buy and build
mode. This is because you aren't meant to know what actually goes on in their
apartment, but in reality, it isn't much, just enough to sustain their needs
and that is about it. 

Note that there is no game friendly way to remove the fog except to be 
accepted into the room of your neighbour, but more on that later. The fog is
really there for another reason. It will be horribly straining on your 
computer to allow full vision on all the apartments and direct control of more
than 5 Sims on the single lot, so it does save system resources somewhat, 
which is nice. 


If you haven't noticed already, neighbours are a great source of free friends
because they are so close by, don't leave all that often and they are pretty
friendly due to their similar personality since you are all living in the same
apartment building. 

When you first arrive at the building, there will be a welcome party like when
you would normally arrive in the normal neighbourhood. This is a nice way to
start things off with your neighbours.

The second method is when you still don't know your neighbours and you can 
knock on their door and introduce yourself to them to make sure they know you
are a real Sim. This is a great way to start off the friendship.

If you don't like those two options, you can just wait still they appear in 
the common areas in the apartment lot and they will turn up and you can talk
to them. They do need to come up and breathe some time.

--==Inside their Apartment==--

If you have a decent relationship with the roommate, you can access their 
apartment by knocking on their door and they will let you in. Or you can ask
them to come out and they'll head out to talk to you, so those are your two
options if you want to talk to them.

On a side note, if you want them to come over to your apartment, you need to
make an invite over the phone, they will not come over if you call them over
because there is a special lock on the apartment door only allowing household
members and roommates, and unless someone is invited, or is the Landlord, they
aren't going to be let in.

--==Babysitters Next Door==--

If you have children (Sim Children), and you head off to a community lot or
even work if you dare to, you can ask your next door neighbour to be the nanny
for your Sims. This allows you time to duck off to the community lot to do 
some shopping without the social worker calling.

You can also ask your neighbour to babysit over work, even vacations, and
this doesn't extend to kids either, pets are also allowed. While they babysit,
they are like the normal nanny, they don't lose needs, they don't attend 
whatever appointments such as job or school in the case of teens, so really,
this is a good way to go. You do need to have a decent relationship, 50 Daily
and 20 Lifetime, and the best thing is that you don't need to pay a cent.

--==Off Lot==--

Your neighbours, if they go off lot to head to the local shops, off to work
or school, they won't be home, they will be off, like a regular Sim. However,
they don't actually earn anything, or get promoted, or even have their grades
boosted for attendance. They don't actually do anything. 

Despite the fact that they don't earn anything, they will still head off like
they actually go to work, though what kind of work do they do if they still
turn up for the hours and don't get paid? FAQ Writing of course!

[2.08] Noise

Noise is basically something that will mean you hearing something that you
really don't want to, or something that you will do that you probably don't
want your neighbours to know about.

The apartment walls are paper thin, they will allow noise to pass through if
you make too much noise. So, what does too much noise do? Well, you will be

Noise will lower the environment score, after all, no one wants to be in a 
room where you can hear the crap going on next door. Bear in mind that 
Environment is the one you really want to keep high, because it is one you
have pretty much NO CONTROL over when noise breaks through.

The second reason, and this is during the night, noise will wake up any
Sleeping Sim, and sleep is something you really want to have when your guys
need to head off to work the next day. Imagine a loud TV going off in your
bedroom when you're trying to sleep, and you get the general idea.

--==Where Does it Come From?==--

A lot of items will generate noise, but it all depends when you decide to
use the items. The following interactions will create noise anytime during
the day, which means it will create noise all the time, no matter when you
use it.

* Jumping on the Bed
* Jumping on the Couch
* Playing the Drums
* Singing Karaoke
* Playing Musical instruments with LOW Creativity Skills

The next set of items are sort of different. These are only going to make
noise during the night when your neighbours are going to be asleep, and for
this game, it isn't the 7pm to 7am, it is 10pm to 8am. These items are:

* A Television Turned On
* Active Stereo
* A Party
* ANY Musical Instrument
* WooHoo's (Squeeky Bed)
* Dogs Barking
* Domestic Arguments = Fighting
* Toy or Robots Crafting Bench
* Train Set

--==Why Is It OK During the Day?==--

You see, the reason why the second list of items are forbidden during the 
night is because those items are going to be common use. No one is going to
tell you off for watching television. Also, your apartment neighbours are 
going to be able to tolerate a certain level of noise, but at night, when
all one wants is a good night's sleep, then tolerances really plummets.

If you do perform any of those activities during the night, you will be 
sure that a knock on the door by a very angry neighbour or the Landlord
will ensue, which might not be good.

--==When Sims Come a Knockin'==--

When the angry Sims decide to knock on your door to TONE IT DOWN, you will
have two reactions by the Sim who answers the door. Depending on the 
relationship, your Sim can apologise for the ruckus, or they will just forget
about it.

This will always lead to a drop in relationship, and this is very important
because if you do let the relationship fall, your need to remember that your
neighbour and your landlord will be able to increase your rent, so if you 
really want to party or lets your Sims reproduce all night long, prepare for a
more rent to be paid.

--==When Can I Make Noise?==--

If you want to play the drums or sing karaoke, you can either invite everyone
up so they don't need to hear the noise, or, just let them leave apartment lot
and then make all the noise you want. 

If you really want to make some noise, remember that the noise goes through
walls, so put your really loud items in the middle of the apartment so that
the noise takes some time to transmit through the apartment, and hopefully, by
the time it reaches the neighbour's wall, the noise is practically nothing

The Wall that is shared between your apartment and your neighbours will also
block some noise if some items were placed between the wall and the noise
maker. This is done by lining the wall with a whole line of items, so that
there is no accessible place for the wall. That is a sure fire way to make
sure that there is no noise going through.


Your neighbours are going to make noise too, they aren't exactly perfect
either, so you can be sure that there is going to be noise that is going to
get through. Noise will be created by neighbours, and audible in your own
apartment if:

A) There is an apartment on the other side
B) That Apartment is actually being used by a Townie or Family
C) Someone is currently in the apartment
D) There needs to be a free space in front of the wall

Noise is going to be very annoying, because the noise will wake you up, and
it acts like a telephone in the bedroom, once it goes off, everyone in the
room is going to be up. 

If you are going to be a smart apartment player, you know that if you don't
want noise in your bedroom, just move the bedroom where there is no neighbour
wall in the room, so place them there. The important thing is that the common
areas (outdoors and hallways), will NEVER generate noise, so those areas are
safe. And no, noise cannot head through the floor.


The type of neighbour is going to determine the odds that they are going to 
make noise. These are based on the social groups, and I'll mention them later
in the guide, or when I get some solid figures. 

Lower Class workers are 10% more likely make noise, the Middle Class are 5%
likely to make noise and the High Class with a low 2%. As you can see, living
in a rich apartment building is going to have its perks. However, these stats
are for the chance that their objects will make noise, it doesn't give the 
odds for the social class itself.

Low Class citizens have a 10-20% chance to make noise, Middle Class have a 5
to 15% chance and High Class are 2% to 12%. So this is where it will start off
itself, so any lower is a great thing.

Relationship is also going to have a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE. This is the sole 
factor in most noise making situations. All the figures are going to based
off Lifetime Relationship scores, not the daily one.

A Lifetime Score of -100 to Zero has 10% probability for noise, score of 1 to
50 is 5% probability and 51 to 100 is 0%. This is a very important score, but
you need to remember that this is going to be an average of the household, not
just for only one Sim, because that would be a bit unbalanced. 

As such, noise can never be avoided, but with sound prevention and decent 
relationships, it will make it like it will never exist, well, noise that is.

--==Don't Make Me Come In There==--

How to stop noise. Well, first, noise is visible on the neighbouring wall with
the red lines going through it. You get an invisible object perking its head
through the wall, so you can be sure noise is there.

To make sure that the noise is gone, you can just BANG on the wall. This will
pretty much mean the neighbour shuts up and stops making the noise, but there
is a cost, there's always a cost. This cost is the lowering Social bar for
starters, and more importantly, there will be a drop in relationship. No body
likes being told to shut up. 

Of course, this will stop the noise. However, the more sleepy a Sim is, or the
less energy they have, if Free Will is on, the odds of them banging on the 
wall to stop the noise is going to be higher and higher. 

[2.09] Smell

Smell is a smaller problem than noise, but still a problem that you landlord
can knock on the door for. Only the landlord will knock for this, well you
are stinking up their building, that they own, so I guess that they will have
all reason to be concerned.

Smell is created by anything that is considered trash in the apartment. Kitty
litter lying around, garbage piles, rotten pizzas boxes, rotten chinese
takeaway, diapers, smelly milk bottles and rotten food, they will all cause
some smell. The sure-fire way to detect if there is going to be a scent issue
is that if an item is emitting the green whiff around it, that is going to be 
a bad smell.

Neighbours might do something about it, but it is more or less going to be 
the landlord that is going to do some angry door knocking, and again, 
depending on your relationship, it will determine the action that your Sim
will undertake with the complaintee and the amount of relationship points

[2.10] Moving Out

There comes a time where you need to move out of the Apartment, and the 
amount you get is much different than the 20000 that you used to get when you
started in the neighbourhood bin.

When you decide to move a family out on the neighbourhood screen, the amount
of funds that they have will pretty much be the amount of funds they have 
in their household, so I suggest a sizable amount when moving out, or you
can just simply sell all your items before moving out. Remember, anything 
that you value and don't want lost should be kept in the inventory. 

Also, if you live in a household with more than a single controllable Sim, you
can move out via the respective commands on the Computer and the Newspaper.
However, the moving out system has changed altogether.

When you move out, the first elder/adult, the one who requested the moveout 
will get 20,000 Simoleons, as you do. However, the next part has changed. 
For every other adult or elder that decides to move out, there is a bonus of
5000 Simoleons per head. Teens will get a bonus of 3000 Simoleons, Children,
2000 Simoleons and finally, the Toddlers get 1000. The Baby and the Pet don't
get the bonus. Shame that. 

However, except for all that, everything else is the same, moving out from
the neighbourhood screen is like normal moving out, so thats it. 

[2.11] Social Groups

Social groups are a new additon to the game. There are social groups in the
game, and they will normally depend on the wealth of that Sim. Normally, to
find people belonging to a social group in the general community, but they 
seem to be everywhere in the apartment blocks.

There are many social groups, I'm not actually sure how many there are, but
the point of this is quite clear, you want to be friends with everyone you
can, because you never know if they are in a social group or not, and if you
get "in" the social group, you get some advantages.

Such social groups will get you discounts on your items, or increased skill
learning rates, or even money at times, or promotions. Quite useful to be in
a social group. 

[3.01] Obtaining Magic

It is possible to obtain magic in only one single way. Unlike Harry Potter 
where you need to be born with the ability to cast spells, you need to find
the head witch. It is always a Witch, but you need to make them your friend
before you can start to make them give you some magick powers, so you to 
first, find them.

--==Where Are They?==--

Where are they? They, the evil and nice witches, will only appear on community
lots, and only community lots, regardless whether it is in your neighbourhood,
in the University District, the Nightlife Downtown, the Open for Business
Shopping District, the Pets Park, the Seasons Greengrocers, the Bon Voyage
Holiday lots or the Freetime Hobby spots. They will not appear in the secret
lots, such as the University's Secret Society, the Bon Voyage Secret Vacation
Lots or the Freetime Secret Hobby Lots.

You can mark the appearance of the head witch by their entrance to a 
community lot, through once your game has many witches, this pretty much 
becomes a moot point. All witches will enter a lot via their magical 
Broomstick, but there is a key selling point.

The Good Witch will arrive on a nice White Broomstick, while the evil Witch
will only appear on a Black Broomstick. They land right next to the Phonebooth
on Community Lots, and if you manage to invite them over to your home, they
will land on next to the Mailbox and Trash Can.

They will also enter the lot casting a spell right after they have entered
the lot. The Good Witch will cast a spell that will immediately stop the rain
from raining, if it is raining, as well as spawning fireflys and butterflies
depending on the time, and, the best sign, it makes the whole screen go golden
as the spell is a golden shiny spell. 

The Evil Witch, who will also cast a spell, pretty much does the exact 
opposite where it will make it rain if it isn't raining already, and it will
also create some thunder and lightning, though it doesn't behave like it, 
so it won't kill your Sims. Also, it creates Roaches to infest the lot, so it
isn't a nice thing if you manage or own the lot in question.

--==Optimal Conditions==--

Though the Witches can appear on community lots at anytime or under any set of

The Good Witch, as you'd expect, is more likely to appear during the day hours
of 7am to 7pm, but also when it is raining, so the spell she will 
automatically cast dispels rain. The Evil Witch will appear during the exact
same conditions, but is more likely to appear during the night, as you do, and
when it is not raining. 

Note that the appearance of one of the witches does not alter the chance of 
the other witch appearing. Therefore, it is possible that the good witch and
the bad witch are on the same lot, but to spoil the fun, they don't go into a
battle royale a la Voldemont vs Potter or Saruman vs Gandalf. 

Although you would normally see a Witch during the first hour or so of Sim 
time on a commercial lot, they might not be spawning due to low PC specs 
because there is a limit on the amount of Sims you can have on the lot. Since,
if you haven't realised, the PC specs have been increased for this game from
the base game and other expansion packs, there is a limit on the amount of
Sims on a lot to optimise PC operation. Therefore, you might be restricted by

--==Easier Methods==--

The first method is the wait and wait method. It requires you to be extremely
patient, so you are more likely to do something during the time on a community
lot to let the time pass. There are two good ways of making sure that you can
hang long enough to let the witch appear. 

The first is meditate, which allows you to perserve your current stats until
the witch appears, or the second, which is much easier, but does involve 
actual cheating, is doind what you would normally do, but use maxmotives to
make sure your Sims don't fizz out. 

The best method, if you have Open for Business, it using the business perk 
that allows you to call any person you want, including the Repo man, is to
talk to the Witch, build up a relationship, invite over, and BAM, you can be
friends in no time. 

A suggested option is the Nightlife's Matchmaker, where you alter the turn 
ons to include the Witchiness, but this methods will cost you, it is also
a bit random because you don't get to choose which witch you get. 

--==To be a Witch, A Pokemon Master==--

To be a Witch, or to be politically correct in the case of males, Warlocks, 
you need to socialise with the Witch to the point where your relationship
with the Witch and the Witch's relationship with your Sim is 70 Daily and
20 Lifetime.

Since you are more than likely to make it all work out, that is, make your
Sim a magical entity in a single go, you are going to need the score, which 
is based on several trials on errors, where your relationship is 100 Daily
and 23 Lifetime. This ensures you can become a magickal person.

Once you have reached the required lifetime relationship, you can ask the
Witch to teach you the Ways of Light or Darkness, depending on the witch 
you decided to ask. The Witch will agree, transforming you to a Witch or
Warlock. Though there is going to be a land once you click that interaction
and when you can play, because it takes the game a bit of time to chance
your clothes, yes, your clothes of your Sim will be changed, to the colour
of the Alignment you've entered.

The Alignment is based on the Witch you asked. The Good Witch will make
your new wizard or witch to have a slightly good alignment, and the reverse
for the evil witch. You can't really have the Neutral Witch because there
really isn't the Neutrally Neutral Witch of the Planet Neutral. 

There is another way, but that requires another controllable magickal 
being, so really, more on that later. Anyway, once you have become a Witch,
you will get a free Spellbook and a Cauldron, and left to your own devices. 

[3.02] The Powers Behold

Now, you have a magical entity, a witch or a wizard, and you have a free
spellbook and a cauldron, you need to access your inventory and place both 
items in a location where you want to make your potions and create your 

Before you can use them, you need to claim them first of all, and this is done
by clicking on the item and selecting the claim option. This lets your Sim 
control that spellbook and cauldron, and if you don't claim it, it isn't
yours to use. As such, you are remove a claim if you decide to click the
abandon button, and that will remove your Sims ownership off the item. Note
that while you have claimed a spellbook and a cauldron, any Witch or Wizard
who has the same alignment as your magickal being will be able to use it as

Next, as a magickal being, you will find it easier to befriend cats from the
Pets expansion pack, as well as the familiars that your witches can summon,
but more on that later. It is easier to gain relationship points with the
cats, so if you are a cat lover, there you go. No such luck for dogs.

If you want additional spellbooks and cauldrons because you have several lots
that you can live on, then more can be purchased off the Head Witch for a 
small fee, 630 Simoleons for the Spellbook, 870 Simoleons for the Cauldron. 
Of course, you need to be on good terms with said witch before they will sell
it to you. You cannot be a nice witch and buy it off an evil witch.

The Witches will also offer you advice, but you don't really need it. They 
will also sell you some very important items, items that you really need to
get a kick start in the business of casting spells on people. 

They will sell reagents which allows you to cast your spells. You see, your
spells need items in order to work, no reagents means that you have no source
of magical energy. They will always sell Mystic Dust and Dragon Scales, but 
only the Good Witch sells Crystallised Moonbeams and Essence of Light and the
Evil Witch will exclusively have the Viper's Essence and Eye of Newt, but 
don't worry too much, you can craft your own later.

They will also sell you some potions. Not just the potion to remove your 
magickal abilities, and some other nasty diseases, they will sell you some 
nifty potions, the Enchanted Essence of Cur Tails and the Magically Spiced
Sugar, which will alter your personality, the Cur Tails make you more 
grouchy and the Sugar makes you nice. Well, Sugar does make anyone nice. 

If you aren't happy with your travel options, such as the carpool, the car,
walking, or even the helicopter, you get the nice travel option of using the
broomstick. Click on your Sim and you should get the option to fly to another
lot and you go off to another lot. The best thing is that you don't even need
to pay a cent for this, and it is more cool looking, at least better than the

Once you become a Witch, you also get the ability to head to the two secret 
lots that are only available to those who have magickal ability. There is the
Palace of Neverending Light and the Fortress of Eternal Darkness, and you can
easily guess which one is the one belonging to light and evil. 

However, while they may have names attached to them, and the Head Witch of
Good and Evil at their respective palaces, you are not denied entry based on 
your magickal alignment. Evil Witches can enter the Palace, and the Good
Witches can enter the Fortress. There are plenty of Cauldrons and Spellbooks
around, as well as Toilets, a Dining Area, and some Sleeping Area. 

After reading this, you are ready to cast some spells, but lets look at the
powers of your Magical Alignment first. 

[3.03] Alignment

Every single action that has to do with your magical powers will be important
because it will effect your alignment with magick. Alignment is the basic
measure of what type of magic your Sim is more close with, either it be the
Dark Side of the Force, the Neutral or the Jedi Side of the Force. So it is
possible to have a witch, initially initiated as a Good Witch, then turn to
the Dark Side, like Anakin Skywalker. Alternatively, you can have an Evil 
Witch turn to the good side, like Darth Vader at the end of the 6th movie. 

--==My Alignment?==--

You can easily check your Alignment with your claimed Spellbook under the 
Check Abilities function. The bar below your Magic Skill will be a line that
has a little circle in the middle. That is the middle point. To the right, 
which is white, will be the good side, and to the left, in the black, is the
evil side. For the next bit, let the Circle be the 0 mark. 

There is a title that is bestowed on each Sim that has magickal power to 
show off what kind of Witch or Wizard they are. This is entirely determined by
your alignment to the magickal arts, and they make your name longer, as if 
it wasn't enough already. So you can be Longfellow Surreallastname the 
Infallibly Good Warlock. Points for the movie the name Longfellow was in. 

-100 to -90 = The Atrociously Evil Witch or Warlock
-89  to -50 = The Evil Witch or Warlock
-49  to -20 = The Mean Witch or Warlock
-19  to  19 = The Witch or Warlock
 20  to  49 = The Nice Witch or Warlock
 50  to  89 = The Good Witch or Warlock
 90  to 100 = The Infallibly Good Witch or Warlock

Anyway, what do you need to do to change your alignment so your Sims name
cannot fit the entire screen, exceeding beyond the barriers. Well, first of
all, you need to understand where your actions are taking you. Any move to 
the evil side will always display the - Sign when you are making magic, the
+ Sign will always be displayed for the movement towards the Good side. 

Neutral is a more difficult matter. If you are on the Evil Side (Black) and
you move towards Neutral, you will get the + Sign, but if you are on the Good
Side (White) and you move towards neutral, it will be a - Sign. Note that when
you are studying to be Neutral, you will never move past the centre circle, so
a Good Witch can't go bad, and a Bad Witch can't go Good. 

--==Studying Alignment==--

Yes, you can study alignment in the lieu of studying spells. When you click on
a claimed spellbook, you have the options to study the paths of the Neutral, 
the Light or the Darkness. While these paths are mainly to build up the skill
of your mages, it will help with alignment.

[3.04] Neutral Magic

Neutral magic is the type of magic for those who really can't be bothered to
do any household chores. Hey, its raining, I know, lets cast a spell to get
rid of all of them, so you don't have to go mop it up. Their body smells 
funny, instead of having a shower like we all do, you go a cast a spell to 
remove the stench. It still doesn't make you feel clean though. 

--==Aqua Deletus==--

Your Target           : Water Puddles
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 1 X Crystallised Moonbeams

Well, as you can imagine, this spell will delete water puddles. This spell
will delete all the water puddles on the map, regardless of where the water
originated from. That means, any water from anything such as rain, leaky
plumbing appliances, ghosts, pets, sprinklers that decide to go off for no
real reason, all the puddles deleted. Of course, best for those using Seasons
with the rain, and University, with them sprinklers.

--==Cleanius Corpus==--

Your Target           : Your Own Stinking Body
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 X Mystic Dust

Well, it literally means to clean your damn corpse, or body, and this means
that your hygiene bars gets filled to about half way, which isn't a lot, but
that does mean you don't need to take showers. Seriously, you can go for
years on end without having a shower. If that happened in reality, you'd be
a biological weapon of mass destruction, no one would live near you. You'd
grow some fungal growth where you really don't want it. 

--==Folium Deletus==--

Your Target           : Fallen Leaves
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 1 X Eye of Newt

Well, this is a Season's expansion pack only spell, since Seasons is the
one that adds leaves on the floor. Anyway, this is one of the most useful
spells ever for Seasons, during Autumn, this will delete all the leaves
on the ground, and you can do this several times, which is more than
useful since leaves fall pretty damn quickly.

--==Corpus Athleticus==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 1
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scale, 2 X Mystic Dust

Well, this pretty much means it will make your body completely fit, and 
if you want a translate, it means that whatever your status is, it will
pretty much make you completely fit, but not 100% fit. So, you can 
literally have a 5 course meal, starting with some Chef's Salad, before
moving to a Turkey, Lobster, Ribs and then a slice of Baked Alaska, and
just a little magic, and you'll be as fit as a football player.

--==Corpus Fleshicus==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 1
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 x Dragon Scale, 1 X Mystic Dust

Well, the reverse of the above skill, this will pretty much sink any
target that you have into a fat person, regardless of where they will
start. This is rather impractical to use on yourself, unless you plan on
getting fit, but it is a nice prank trick. Of course, the person on the
receiving end won't be all too happy.


Your Target           : Any Tile
Skill Points Required : 3
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : NONE!

Well, this is ANOTHER teleport spell. There is this, the meditation teleport
spell and the ninja style one from Bon Voyage. This is just another recycle
of the same ability, to move from one spot to another instantly. This is a 
good method of travel overall, but the odds are you've already seen this type
of ability before and see it as a rehash. 

--==Creatum Nutrimens==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 4
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Mystic Dust

Well, this is a rather useful ability. This pretty much creates a nice meal
at the exact time of casting, you get a nice dish of food on your hands. It 
will always be a group meal, so you can eat for days on end while you sit at
your little cauldron stirring and plotting some end of the world type plan.
This will be a nice touch if you are quite hungry, but there is really no real
method to determine what you will get, it is quite random. Quite fun to play 
with, FREE FOOD.

--==Expello Simae==--

Your Target           : Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 4
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Eye of Newt, 1 X Mystic Dust

This is a get rid of spell. If you cast this on any other Sim, you will 
pretty much get rid of them for a good while. If you use it on a member of
your household, they will disappear and return in a few hours, but if used
on a non household member, whatever they are doing, you will get rid of
them, well off the lot, for good. So if they are in the hot tub, and they
won't get out, cast and get rid of them. Though this isn't a nice way to make
friends, after all, what people are left when they are all gone?

--==Apello Cattus Amicus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 5
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 3 X Mystic Dust

This requires you to have the Pets expansion pack, one of the most worthless
expansion packs I've ever seen, in order to have this work. This will allow
you to have a spectral or magic cat for yourself. There are a few advantages
of this.

First, you need to name your pet. After all, it has to have a name. When you
get one, you'll see why they are good. You will have them summoned and you
can make them leave whenever you like, but whenever you leave the lot, they
will disappear, regardless of action. If you go to a community lot, you need
to select them as a companion for the journey, or you can have them disappear
and resummon them back when you get to the community lot. 

However, they have some benefits. They don't have the need to use the toilet
or kitty litter box. They can't be killed, however many times you decide that 
catmeat might seem like a good idea. They will always be there until you 
dismiss them or leave the lot.

However, if you move your own while they are still there, without choosing
them as a person who is going to move out with you, then you will need to get
a new cat, unless they are attacked to you, they belong to the lot that they
were summoned on. 

Also, these familiars are also unisex, they cannot reproduce, no matter how
hard you decide to try. And, their personality depends totally on your 
witch's or wizard's alignment with the arcane arts. A nice cat will be rather
friendly and look for affection. Mean cats will go and seek to dominate and
control other pets. And no, they can't get a job either. And they are missing
a mood, no need to pee. 

Everytime you summon it, they will arrive with full meters, but they will 
degrade over time so you do need to look after them somewhat, or just dismiss
and resummon them back to you to fix that problem up. Remember, they can't 
die, but you do need to have some more reagents if you want to resummon them


Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 6
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 X Dragon Scales, 2 X Mystic Dust

This will pretty much remove all magical effects from all spells from the 
target Sim. That means, when you see a Sim who has been effected by magic,
this spell will remove those nasty effects, or nice effects of they are
as such, from them. However, there is one spell that cannot be reversed from
the powers that be this spell, the Tabula Rasa. And yes, it does sound rather

--==Apello Simae==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 7
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 X Dragon Scales, 2 X Mystic Dust, 
                        2 X Crystalled Moonbeams

This one is the opposite of the Expello Simae. Instead it will summon any Sim
that is in yoiur contact book to your current location, and despite the time
problems, they will come whenever you call them, so even if they are normally
sleeping, you can summon them to talk with you, whatever. However, don't think
that once their here, they'll stay, they will go home, sooner or later. Thats
if they can escape your room of death. You've gotta love crank calls.

--==Magus Mutatio==--

Your Target           : Another Non-Magical Sim
Skill Points Required : 9
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 2 X Eye of Newt, 1 X Mystic Dust,
                        2 X Crystallised Moonbeams

Well, this spell is the second way of creating magical beings. This will allow
you to have another Sim and make them into a Witch or Wizard. This is rather 
useful if you don't want your other Sims top go through all the necessary
steps to become a magical being. They will even get their own cauldrom and 
their own spellbook from you as well, so there is really no difference between
using this to make new witches and wizards and ye olde traditional method that
is a sure fire path, but takes a long time.

--==Tempus Interruptus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 9
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 2 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Eye of Newt, 1 X Mystic Dust,
                        1 X Crystallised Moonbeams

A rather nice spell to play around with if you want to stop time in itself. It
will stop time completely so that the clock cannot move, and this will effect
all Sims and pets, except for those who have magical abilities or as the 
spectral cats. 

When the time has been stopped, you are able to do what you want, pretty much
as you do, but there are some things that you can't do, and some spells that
you can cast, like start some fires. Seriously, there is no real way to start
a fire when time has been stopped. You can't create sparks without giving the
spark time to ignite. Anyway, just figure out what you can and can't do 
without time.

To make time start again, you need to cast Tempus Resumo, which will be in 
the slot where Tempus Interruptus used to be. Note that Tempus Resumo won't
be in your spellbook for the obvious reason that you can't resume time when
time is already flowing. Note that there are some conditions where you can't
use the spell, such as when Mr Reaper decides that it is a great time to drop
in and say hi. 

This is best used before you decide to go to work or something of the like
where you can easily go and boost your needs bars to complete status before
you head to work, and that would easily allow you to get a promotion that
you want. However, you can't boost relationships though, be careful. 

[3.05] Good Magic

Good magic is a rather useful form of magic. It is there to boost to mood and
positive effects on relationships, but these are all the positive spells that
you can cast. This is the good side of life, this is all nice and dandy, but
if you want to be extremely evil, try the section below this. 

--==Benemoodus Simae==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Mystic Dust

This is a nice little boosting spell that will boost all your motives bar
by about 1 fifth, all of them except for the environment bar, since it doesn't
actually improve the layout of your house. This is rather useful if you need
that little boost before you head off to work, or a nice way to save yourself
from falling dead asleep or dying of starvation, so this is rather useful. It
is a small boost, but a useful boost none for less. 

--==Creatum Insecto Volucris==--

Your Target           : Any Tile Outside
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : Alignment above -89%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Essence of Light, 1 X Crystallised Moonbeams

This is one of the spells that is generally designated for Seasons. This
will summon many different insects to your lot, such as the nice butterflies
to your lot, where they will boost the environment score outside. This is
rather useful since before you head to work, you want as much of a boost as
you can. This can be summoned any time of the day, whenever you want, so you
can have them butterflies freeze their wings.


Your Target           : Fire
Skill Points Required : 2
Alignment Required    : Alignment above -49%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 2 X Crystallised Moonbeams

This is a rather quick emergency spell. This is where you need a fire to
start off with. Now, cast this spell, and it will pretty much flood the
fire with a lot of nice water to put it out. This is better than normally
extinguishing a fire, since it doesn't require you to get down and dirty
like a normal fire. However, this will only extinguish a single fire tile,
not many. So this is good for single tile fires, or you need to save an 
item, or a Sim. 

--==Remedis Simae==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 3
Alignment Required    : Alignment above -19%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Essence of Light, 1 X Mystic Dust, 
                        1 X Crystallised Moonbeams

This is a rather useful spell if any of your Sims are sick. This will
pretty much heal the Sim completely, taking away any illness that is 
effecting them, such as the cold or flu. But you need to bear in mind
that this is far better than the hours of rest that you need in order to
cure it the old fashioned way. Of course, this won't effect any morning
sickness, because, despite its name, it isn't a sickness at all. 

--==Beautificus Locus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 20%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Essence of Light, 
                        1 X Crystallised Moonbeams, 1 X Mystic Dust

This is the spell that a White Witch will always cast when entering the
lot, and what this does, besides expelling a large amount of bright white
light, is to dispel all rain, so it will instantly stop raining, as well
as removing all the roaches from the lot. Well, this might be good to
save the exterminator costs, and this is better than using the Weathernaught
to change the weather, but this does cost a fair bit in reagents, so if
you want them roaches dead, use this.

--==Compello Acceptus==--

Your Target           : Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 5
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 20%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Mystic Dust, 
                        1 X Crystallised Moonbeams

This is an interesting spell to say the least. This will force the person
that you can this upon to accept all the interactions that you will force
upon them, well, the next 5 interactions anyway. That is, the next 5 
interactions you will have with them will HAVE TO BE ACCEPTED. If you can,
this is a great way to make a love interest, you can force them to love you,
you can force them to make out with you. If this occured in real life, someone
will either end up in a psyc ward, mental instituation or prison. 

--==Apello Servantus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 6
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 50%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Mystic Dust, 
                        1 X Crystallised Moonbeams, 2 X Essence of Light

This is one of the most useful spells that you can cast on yourself, well,
it really is for your house, but none the less, a useful ability. This will 
perform all the jobs, or many of the jobs of the experts. The little ghost
will clean up for you, repair your broken items, exterminate any bugs that
infest your property and any gardening that needs to be done.

This is useful because all those jobs are being done and you don't even need
to do anything. This will only require reagents and don't think that the 
little ghost is going anywhere until the job is done, because that ghost will
stay and only disappear when all possible jobs that need to be done are done,
and won't leave before that. This gives you more time, and more importantly,
more money.

--==Benemoodus Populus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 7
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 50% 
Reagents Required     : 2 X Essence of Light, 1 X Mystic Dust, 
                        2 X Crystallised Moonbeams

Well, just like the Benemoodus Simae, this will boost all the needs of the
Sim by about 1 fifth or nearly 20% but the difference is that this is for
all the Sims on the lot. While this is a good thing, there is a high cost in
terms of reagents, and this isn't useful since they might not be effective
as the original base spell, which is more effective than this.


Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 8
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 90%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 2 X Crystallised Moonbeams,
                        1 X Mystic Dust, 2 X Essence of Light

This is more of a manipulation spell more than anything else. This spell
will let you pick one Sim on the lot to hug another Sim on the lot, and
this will ALWAYS result in a hug. No matter what their status is in terms
of relationships, they will always hug the other Sim. Even if they are 
mortal enemies that want each other into a tombstone, they will always have
a hug.

In fact, this is a rather useful ability for making videos. You can have a 
massive series of fights, then, hugging. Interesting, isn't it, manipulating
others to do as you command. Who said the Jedi couldn't be as bad as the Sith?

--==Expello Mortis==--

Your Target           : Dead Sim or The Grim Reaper
Skill Points Required : 9
Alignment Required    : Alignment above 90%
Reagents Required     : 2 X Essence of Light, 2 X Crystallised Moonbeams,
                        2 X Dragon Scales

Well, this is to be used on the Sim that has just died or the Grim Reaper
himself. The whole point of this is to save the life of a dead person, and
you need to cast this spell and complete the casting of it before the Grim
Reaper can finish the paperwork necessary, as well as the phone call to his
supervisor, you will get the dead Sim back to life as if they hadn't died in
that "accidential" fire.

Of course, best used if you really want a certain revival, can't revive them
using the telephone, or don't be stuffed to plead to the Grim Reaper. He 
really hates nagging, and will grant your wish, but he is going to test you
so you can't revive everyone. Course, 10% of the time, he is on a tight
schedule and can't be bothered to be nagged, but otherwise, he will listen,
sort of. 

[3.06] Bad Magic

There is good magic, and you will always expect the dark side to be here and
ready to roll. Of course, to counter act the Jedi force here, there is always
going to be the Sith lords among us. Anyway, this spells are designed to 
piss people off to no end, as well making enemies, but they are for the 
pranksters among us.

--==Spiritus Poultria==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : None
Reagents Required     : 1 X Eye of Newt, 2 X Mystic Dust

Well, this is a rather amusing spell to cast. This will turn the target, 
literally, into a chicken. They will be possessed by the chicken, and while
this does a little damage on the Social, it doesn't do anything else, except
for the fact that it does make great videos. Imagine the strongest person
in town, downsized into a chicken, or the most powerful, or the richest, or
the mayor. Anything is possible. Amusing as hell. 

--==Mellifera Attackum==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : Alignment below 89%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Viper Essence, 2 X Eye of Newt

You know what bees do when they are angry right? Like the Bon Voyage ability
to wish on a shrine, a swarm of angry bees will suddenly appear and chase a
sim all over the lot, trying to sting them. Though it isn't fatal at all, it
does seem that no Sims are allergic to bee stings, Again, it doesn't actually
do anything, except provide some cheap laughs. Guess this is where the crude
humour starts to kick in. 


Your Target           : Any Tile
Skill Points Required : 2
Alignment Required    : Alignment below 49%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 2 X Eye of Newt

The opposite of Exflammo, this will start fires rather than stop fires. Well,
the amount of damage you can do with this spell will be determined by your
location. Placing this next to some electronics is bound to start a fire, but
placing it in the middle of some empty space is rather wasteful. This is the
spell that can cause death, albeit indirectly, but this is the only spell that
does so, and is the only one that can do some sort of destruction. Don't like
that fridge. Point and fire.

--==Heavus Ho==--

Your Target           : Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 3
Alignment Required    : Alignment below 19%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 1 X Eye of Newt, 1 X Viper Essence

Well, this only works if there is a toilet. If there is, great. Anyway, this
will simply mean that it will make the target puke. They will rush to the 
toilet and spill their guts out, and their mood is seriously going to take 
a hit. This is rather fun to play with, but they won't like you for it, and
you might want to clean up that toilet if it does belong to you. 

--==Corruptus Locus==--

Your Target           : Yourself
Skill Points Required : 0
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -20%
Reagents Required     : 2 X Eye of Newt, 1 X Viper Essence, 1 X Mystic Dust,
                        1 X Dragon Scales

Well, this is the wicked witch's spell, and is the complete opposite of the
nice witch's spell. This will summon thunderstorms to the lot, if you have the
correct expansion packs, and a hell of a lot of cockroaches as well, which
will make that exterminator very happy for all the money he gets for this. 
However, since only Inflammo can kill someone, this storm can't actually kill
anyone. This will only be an effect, so you can't be, literally, thunderstruck
at all. 

--==Compello Discrepo==--

Your Target           : Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 5
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -20%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Dragon Scales, 1 X Mystic Dust, 2 X Eye of Newt

This is the exact opposite of the white magic version of the spell. This will
force the other sim to reject the next 5 interactions that anyone will have
with them. This is fun to make videos of since you can make two lovers reject
one another for a good deal. This will seriously mess with their relationship
and decrease it, quite a fair bit if the correct interactions are used. Best
if you want people to hate one another.

--==Servantus Attackum==--

Your Target           : Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 6
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -50%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Eye of Newt, 2 X Viper Essence, 1 X Mystic Dust
                        1 X Dragon Scales

Well, this is one where you want some high body skill, but you don't really
need it. This is where you will summon a ghost to fight for you against some
other Sim that you don't want. 

The reason is that the body skill of the summoner will be the body skill of
the ghost. And since the more body points means the higher chance of winning
in a fight, and the more joy it will be for you, someone getting beating by
something that doesn't even have matter. Though they will know it was you 
who summon the ghost to beat the crap out of them though, so bear that in
mind, and they will hate you for it. 

--==Tabula Rasa==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 7
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -50%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 2 X Viper Essence, 2 X Eye of Newt

This is one of the most dangerous spells because there is no way to remove
the spell once it is in effect. This will basically wipe all the relationship
scores as well as all the memories of the Sim. Think Jason Bourne. You will
have all your skills, your job, your badges, you know what to do. But you
have no idea who you are, what you did in your past, who you knew, all that
will be wiped. That is why this is dangerous, because after you do this, 
unlike David Webb, there is no going back. 

--==Extractum Amorus==--

Your Target           : Yourself or Another Sim
Skill Points Required : 8
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -90%
Reagents Required     : 1 X Mystic Dust, 1 X Dragon Scales, 2 X Eye of Newt,
                        2 X Viper Essence

This is one of the most powerful relationship buster that you can think of.
This will pretty much give a massive negative boost to the relationship, that
is, enough to clean up friendships in a single go. This will also cancel out
all the relationship status, such as love and crush, even marriage. But it 
will only effect lovers, no one else. And they will be dead furious at each
other, but for what?

--==Vivificus Zombiae==--

Your Target           : Yourself or a Tombstone / Urn
Skill Points Required : 9
Alignment Required    : Alignment below -90%
Reagents Required     : 2 X Eye of Newt, 2 X Viper Essence, 2 X Dragon Scales

The final spell, this is the revival of the dead people. This is the only way
to get Zombies without the university expansion pack, and this will allow you
to make a zombie out of someone deceased person that you know, and this will
allow you to make them rise out, from the dead, and to serve you. You can
click on the grave you want to target, or someone that you know, that means 
you target yourself. 

For more information, use my University expansion pack guide for more 
information, there isn't a need to paste it again anyway. 

[3.07] Potions and Craftables

The Cauldron is needed for the creation of reagents, which is more than 
necessary for the creation of spells, but it can also make potions, well,
any sort of potion in the game, even perfume, and somehow, objects that you
can use around the home. These objects are, more effective than their normal
counterparts, for example, the lights will give more environment points, but
they will only, and only effect those belong to that alignment, but more on
that later.


You need to note that the potions will only be available and useful if you
have the necessary expansion pack. There is no point to cure the disease of
being a Plantsim without being able to be a Plantsim, and likewise with a
werewolf, you don't need to be cured if you weren't a werewolf to start off

Lycanthropic - B

Skill Level Required - 1
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Removes the effect of being a Werewolf (Pets Expansion

Plantophic - C

Skill Level Required - 1
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Removes the Plantsim ailment (Seasons Expansion Pack)

Vampirocillin - D

Skill Level Required - 1
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Removes Vampirism totally (Nightlife Expansion Pack)

Witchbegone - E

Skill Level Required - 1
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Removes all forms of magickal powers 

Essence of Cure Tails

Skill Level Required - 4
Alignment Required   - Alignment below -20%
Effect               - Decreases the Niceness of your Sim

Magically Spiced Sugar

Skill Level Required - 4
Alignment Required   - Alignment above 50%
Effect               - Increases the Niceness of your Sim

Love Potion #8.5

Skill Level Required - 7
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Increases the Chemistry and attractiveness between your
                       Sims (Nightlife Expansion Pack)

ReNuYu Porta Chug

Skill Level Required - 7
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - Reprograms your Sims with Turn Ons and Offs, etc 
                       (Nightlife Expansion Pack)


You can also create a limited amount of objects with your magical powers 
along with the spells. These are not as useful, but the Throne certainly
is. All the lights provide a light that is different to that produced by
normal lights, but that is about the extent of the changes.

Faerie Fire Floor Lamp

Skill Level Required - 2
Alignment Required   - Alignment above 20%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp

Skill Level Required - 2
Alignment Required   - Alignment below -20%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Little Miss Wendolyn Structure

Skill Level Required - 2
Alignment Required   - None
Effect               - A statue...

Palm of Darkness Wall Sconce

Skill Level Required - 5
Alignment Required   - Alignment below -50%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Fist of Darkness Ceiling Lamp

Skill Level Required - 5
Alignment Required   - Alignment below -50%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Stardust Wall Sconce

Skill Level Required - 5
Alignment Required   - Alignment above 50%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Star Dusted Ceiling Lamp

Skill Level Required - 5
Alignment Required   - Alignment above 50%
Effect               - Provides a nice light

Claw of Darkness Throne

Skill Level Required - 9
Alignment Required   - Alignment below -90%
Effect               - Restores needs of evil witches and wizards, as well as 
                       familiars, but will decay the needs of nice witches and
                       wizards, as well as their familiars. 

Throne of Light

Skill Level Required - 9
Alignment Required   - Alignment above 90%
Effect               - Restores needs of nice witches and wizards, as well as 
                       familiars, but will decay the needs of evil witches and
                       wizards, as well as their familiars. 

[4.01] New Skills

There are some new skills for you to study. Unlike skills such as creativity
and cooking, you will only need one, and can only have one, level for the 
new skill. There are 5 new skills that you can learn from the bookshelf, and
that will help you throughout the game.

--==Fire Prevention==--

This will decrease the time that you will need to extinguish a fire when it 
breaks out and you decide to fight the fire yourself. This doesn't not take
into account the effect of sprinklers, the ability of your magic to extinguish
the fire, or the time it will take for the Fire Department to break down the
door and extinguish the fire. 

--==Anger Management==--

Anger Management is when a Sim gets seriously furious at another Sim while
they are at it. It will take a shorter period of time for that Sim to get rid
of that furious status. Also, it will decrease the chance that an action 
against the anger managed Sim will result in the furious status being 
unleashed on the other Skm who decided it would be fun to piss off another
Sim by throwing a punch.

--==Couples Counseling==--

This is an interesting one. For Sims who have this and are in a relationship,
this will allow for actions such as cheating on their significant other, well
they can't be too significant if they are being cheated upon, but anyway, to
decay, but it will slow the relationship decay. This allows for a fast 
recovery to patch up that little cheating issue. Don't worry, I was thinking
about you when I was WooHooing her, don't worry...

--==Lifelong Happiness==--

This is to do with the Aspiration Meter. This will slow the decay of the
Aspiration Meter over time, so this will only apply if you don't have the
effect of a lifelong aspiraiton completed. This will help if you want to
keep that nice mood from the Gold or Platinum aspiration meter for that little
bit longer.


This is a nice one to play with. This will, first of all, decrease the chance
that your Sim will get sick. Doesn't matter, sickness is a thing of the past
with some nice spells here and there. The second part is that this will allow
for your Sims to work out and get fit far better than before. Now if everyone
who wants to get fit can do that, it would save a lot of money, and gyms would
be out of business. 

[5.01] Walking

Walking is the new fad. Anyway, it was introduced in the Bon Voyage expansion
pack, but it is now in service here. It allows you to walk to work, which
is more than useful in this expansion pack. 

Apartments, more often than not, will not come with a driveway for you to 
drive to work, and carpooling just isn't the cool thing anymore. This is also
good because if you somehow miss your designated carpool, and you are late 
for work, you can walk to work instead. You are still late, and you will lose
a bit on your job performance meter, but at the end of the day, you still get
some money, which won't happen if you don't turn up unless you fake a sickie,
or you could be fired if you are late all the time. 

This is great for those who are always, somehow, late. 

[5.02] Stairs

Stairs got a new edition as well. You had the elevator, which was a nice 
addition, but it could break and you could take some time to repair it or
you could just hope it all works out and you can just plunge to your death,
but that is really up to you. 

Spiral stairs are a better edition because they take far less space than 
normal stairs, they take a 2 X 2 tile and you can stack them on top of each
other, which is even more useful since that was something that you couldn't
do with normal stairs. They are a nice touch, but still, it doesn't match
the powers of teleportation. 

[5.03] Helicopter

Finally, the helicopter. You need to build a new helipad for this which 
is much larger than a driveway, think two driveways, but then you get to 
travel in a helicopter.

No, they are all of the civilian type, there is no way that you will be able
to get a helicopter that is armed with M134 miniguns or even a .50 calibre
machine gun on them. They are just your average transport choppers. What
really gets me is the ability that your Sim can just hope in and fly the
chopper. They don't need any training, they don't need to read a manual, they
just hope in a fly away.

Don't forget to install an alarm on your chopper, and you might want to place
it on the roof and not indoors for the obvious reasons. Well, it is rather
obvious why you keep a helicopter on a rooftop rather than inside. 

[6.01] The Butler

The Butler is one of the best servants in the game, and although he is quite
expensive to hire, well, very expensive to hire, hey, its more than a pizza
an hour, thats expensive. But there are many things that this guy can do.

First of all, he starts his shift at 9am and he will not stop until 8pm that
very night. However, no matter what he was doing at that time, he will stop
and leave you. He will be here, no matter what there is or isn't here to do.
That means, no matter what happens, he will be here for those hours, even if
there are no chores to do.

Now, what he actually does. First of all, he is a maid. You don't think that
he wears those gloves as a fashion statement do you? He will clean your 
dishes, makes those beds, scrub those toilets and bathtubs, showers as well.
He will wash the dishes, take out the trash, clean those fishtanks. 

He also does the gardening. He will go and pluck out those weeds, water those
plants, trim the hedges. It is quite useful since the garden, especially in
Seasons, requires daily attention, and the normal gardener turns up once every
three days. 

His last job is the repair services. He will be able to repair any items, be
it the clogged up toilet, to the broken plasma TV, he will do all of that. 
Bear in mind that he will ask you, when he joins you, if you want to fire
the maid, gardener and the repairman, since he is much better than they are.
And he is right.

However, he cannot exterminate bugs. He will not be able to stomp on them
roaches because that would dirty his nice shoes, and you don't want them to be
dirty as well. Also, any other jobs that he can't do, he'll outsource them
to private contractors, so have fun there.

What does make him useful is the extra step or touch that goes into his
job. He will constantly order groceries in order to restock the fridge. Even
if there is plenty of food, some more fresh groceries surely can't hurt?

He will be able to greet anyone at the door. You can make him greet all 
visitors so they can join the party straight away, or you can make him make
sure that no one, and absolutely no one, gets in. Or he will leave that option
up to you. Somehow, this reminds me of Batman and Michael Caine. 

Finally, his last job is the ability to cook group meals, just the small basic
ones to keep you people alive. He will only cook food when there are a number
of hungry Sims on the lot and there is no source of decent, edible food on
the lot. That means that food with green whiff clouds hanging over it aren't
going to be accepted as food. At least he is sensible as well. 

However, for his price tag, you need to have a lot of money before you will 
hire him. Large houses with large gardens will seriously benefit since it will
be rather time consuming to do all the gardening youtself. 

[A] Contact Information

APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. Never on that
c,h,e,a,t,c,c.c,o,m. Remove the commas.

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in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or
form of its expression, such as books, pamphlets and other writings; lectures,
addresses, sermons and other works of the same nature; dramatic or 
dramatico-musical works; choreographic works and entertainments in dumb show;
musical compositions with or without words; cinematographic works to which
are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to cinematography;
works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving and 
lithography; photographic works to which are assimilated works expressed by a
process analogous to photography; works of applied art; illustrations, maps, 
plans, sketches and three-dimensional works relative to geography, 
topography, architecture or science.

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find a job if you have a criminal record. Do not sell this document or claim 
it as your own or you will be punishable under the law. If you wish to know 
more about this law as you don't believe that you are breaking copyright, 
feel free to do a google search on the Bernes Copyright Convention. 

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finanical gain out of this guide, or any other illegal activity. You are 
allowed to print this guide out and use it for personal uses but that is the
only thing you can do with this guide. 

Please abide with the terms. If not, you will be facing a lawsuit you cannot

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