+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | DIRGE OF CERBERUS: FINAL FANTASY VII | | FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0 | | Written By: Mogg 13-42 | | E-mail: thaei@yahoo.com | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ____________________________________________________________________________ This FAQ is (c)2006 Mogg 13-42. No part of this document may be used for anything profitable, either electronic or mechanical. Likewise, never try to rip it off! You may print a part of this FAQ or all of it provided that it's only for personal use. One more thing, if you wish to post this guide on your site just send me an e-mail and ask for my permission. ____________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL POLICY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Only send questions that are not yet answered in the guide and please allow at least a day or two to get a reply back. I'll try to answer all your e-mails if possible, so be patient. * Make the subject of your mails obvious. I get a lot of different e-mails sent to the address above, so there's a pretty good chance that I might overlook your mail. * State your questions clearly. I've received a lot of mails before with questions I don't understand. So if I can't make out what you wish to know, then I will ignore your mail. * NO VIRUSES OR SPAM MAILS!!! * You can also contact me via MSN Messenger [ mogg13-42@hotmail.com ], or Yahoo Messenger [ thaei@yahoo.com ]. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION HISTORY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ TABLE OF CONTENTS ============================================================================ Press CTRL + F and type [keyword] to jump to a specific section of this guide. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. INTRODUCTION 01 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. GAME BASICS 02 - Controls 02a - Gameplay Mechanics 02b > Battle System 02b-1 > Performance Evaluation 02b-2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. WALKTHROUGH 03 - Chapter 01 : Sea of Flames 03a - Chapter 02 : Showdown in the Wastes 03b - Chapter 03 : Silent Edge 03c - Chapter 04 : Headquarters Under Siege 03d - Chapter 05 : Manor of Despair 03e - Chapter 06 : Deepground Strikes Back 03f - Chapter 07 : The Shera 03g - Chapter 08a : Midgar Assault 03h - Chapter 08b : Fight for the Central Complex 03i - Chapter 09 : An Empire in Ruins 03j - Chapter 10 : Shinra's Dark Secret 03k - Chapter 11 : Beginnings 03l - Chapter 12a : Omega & Chaos 03m - Chapter 12b : A Finale Chaotic 03n ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. GAME LIST 04 - Unlockables 04a - Memory Capsules Locations 04b - Omega Reports 04c - G Reports 04d - Equipments 04e > Customizable Weapons 04e-1 > Special Weapons 04e-2 > Accessories 04e-3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. EXTRA 05 - Frequently Asked Questions 05a - Credits 05b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ I. INTRODUCTION [01] ============================================================================ ============================================================================ II. GAME BASICS [02] ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CONTROLS [02a] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Left Stick (L3) -- Move character Right Stick (R3) -- Adjust camera / Zoom (press once) / Control crosshair Up (D-Pad) -- Displays map Left (D-Pad) -- Change shortcut item Right (D-Pad) -- Use shortcut item Triangle -- Opens main menu Square -- Crouch / Stand Circle -- Cancel selection / Lower weapon / Use Melee Attacks X -- Confirm / Jump (tap twice to double jump) L1 -- Use magic (while aiming weapon) L2 -- Toggle weapons / Switch pages (main menu) R1 -- Fire weapon R2 -- Reload weapon / Switch pages (main menu) L1 + R1 -- Deactivate Limit Break L3 + Square -- Roll Start + X -- Skip cut-scene / FMV -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= GAMEPLAY MECHANICS [02b] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle System [02b-1] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destroying Targets ------------------ Press either the L1 or R1 shoulder buttons to aim, and use the right analog stick to control the crosshair. The crosshair should turn purple if your intended target is in range. Be sure to constantly adjust the camera, to avoid getting awkward angles. R2 reloads your weapon, while L2 changes it. Level Up -------- You will receive the cumulative total of all the eperience points, from the enemies you defeated at the end of each chapter, or upon getting KO'ed. You can also choose to exchange the experience points for gil. But Vincent won't level up if you do that. Equipment Modification ---------------------- You can upgrade your equipments, (weapon and accessories) at vending machines for a certain fee of course. So decide properly whether you want experience points or gil, every time you complete a chapter. Mako Points ----------- This is a spot of blue energy, which restores a moderate amount of MP when stepped on. These things get recharged after a while. Save Points ----------- There are no save points in this game. Instead, it has an auto-save feature which is triggered, whenever you reach a designated point within chapters. You can also manually save by pausing the game, and selecting "Tempsave" from the menu. You'll automatically be taken back to the tite screen afterwards. Also, a tempsave file can only be loaded once, before the game deletes it. Items Inventory --------------- You are only allowed to carry a limited number of consumable items. Here's a list: +----------------+------------+ | Item | Max Amount | +----------------+------------+ | Potion | 4 | | Hi-Potion | 2 | | Mega Potion | 2 | | X-Potion | 2 | | Ether | 2 | | Elixir | 1 | | Elixor | 1 | | Phoenix Down | 1 | | Red Potion | 5 | | Red Ether | 5 | | Potoin | 5 | | Limit Breaker | 3 | +----------------+------------+ Item Effects ------------ Potion -- Restores small amount of HP. Hi-Potion -- Restores moderate amount of HP. Mega Potion -- Restores large amount of HP. X-Potion -- Fully restores HP. Ether -- Restores moderate amount of MP, Elixir -- Fully restores HP & MP. Elixor -- Combined effect of both an Elixir & a Phoenix Down. Phoenix Down -- Automatically revives character when KO'ed. Red Potion -- Restores random amount of HP. Red Ether -- Restores random amount of MP. Potoin -- Useless item. Restores 1 HP. (The item name isn't a typo.) Limit Breaker -- Allows Vincent to transform into Gallian Beast. Also restores all HP. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Evaluation [02b-2] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game evaluates your performance at the end of each chapter, and gives you a ranking. (S being highest, and D lowest) There are a number of factors that will affect your rank: Targets Destroyed : More enemies defeated = Higher rank. Accuracy Rate : Less missed shots = Higher rank. Damage Sustained : Less damage received = Higher rank. Critical Hits : More red damage values caused = Higher rank. Killchains : Kill more enemies in quick successions = Higher rank (Note that barrels and boxes also count.) Items Used : Less items consumed per chapter = Higher rank Magic Casted : More materia shots fired = Higher rank Mako Collected : More Mako Points found & used = Higher rank Times KO'ed : Fewer times died = Higher rank (KOs don't count if you're revived by a Phoenix Down. Time Expired : Faster chapter completion = Higher rank (Note that the time you spend for watching cut-scenes will be counted.) You also get evaluated for your performance in each of the stage missions within a chapter. ============================================================================ III. WALKTHROUGH [03] ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 01 : SEA OF FLAMES [03a] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Potion (x8) Hi-Potion (x2), Phoenix Down (x3), Limit | | Breaker, Machine Gun Bullets (x200), Handgun Bullets (x446) | | Equipments: Fire Materia, Sniper Scope, Long Barrel, Short Barrel, | | Griffon, Cerberus Relief | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Protect the civilians. (Total: 25) - - Save the abducted girl. (Total: 1) - - Assist the WRO Members. (Total: 12) - ============================================================================ Kill the 3 soldiers on the roof. Move on and pick up the POTION. Climb the ladder. Take out 2 more enemies, one of which drops 36 HANDGUN BULLETS. Take a right at the split and destroy the crate for 500 GIL. Turn around and head for the opposite direction. Now face west, then shoot the barrel to kill all the soldiers at the other side. The northwest dead end has a POTION. Go back and head down several flights of stairs. There are 3 enemies to be dispatched on your way down. You've now reached the main part of town. Protect the civilians by killing the DG Soldiers chasing them down. Continue north for a couple of POTIONS. Make your to the southern part of the map to find a boy that needs saving. Return to the main path, turn left into an alley for the FIRE MATERIA. There's a Mako Point here as well. Moving on, take out another soldier, then examine the laser gate to the north. An enemy will pop out from behind, so kill her to pick up the Card Key. Use it to unlock the gate. Dispatch all the enemies along the way. (The first one drops a LIMIT BREAKER.) After the cut-scene, it's time to go save another citizen. Take out all the soldiers around the area, some of which are shooting from the windows above. The item cases contain a POTION, a PHOENIX DOWN & a HI- POTION. Press X in front of the container to open it. Kill off the dog to save Rio.. Back to the main path. Proceed to the west dead end for a SNIPER SCOPE. Now turn into the other alley, and defeat all the soldiers to get the next CARD KEY. Head to the laser gate and unlock it. Indoors! Finally! More enemies to clear. Head to the top floor for a PHOENIX DOWN and 180 HANDGUN BULLETS. Go back downstairs then dispatch 4 more soldiers. One of them drops the LONG BARREL, so take it. Get a HI-POTION, along with some handgun bullets from the item cases. Exit through the door for a sub-boss fight. ============================================================================ BATTLE: DRAGONFLY ============================================================================ Equip the Long Barrel and Fire Materia, then blast away. Just make sure no other structures are in the way before you fire. A group of Deepground soldiers will drop from the chopper once you've done enough damage. Take them out. Also, there are breakable boxes with items, and several Mako Points around the area. Use them if necessary. As for the missiles, avoid them by jumping or dashing. ============================================================================ You'll be indoors again. Pick up the SHORT BARREL. The first room to your left has 500 GIL and 180 HANDGUN BULLETS. There's a vending machine in the second left room, so restock on items if necessary. Leave the room, then grab a PHOENIX DOWN from behind the desk. Head upstairs for a cut-scene. Equip the Short Barrel and start dispatching the horde of soldiers. There's one that's a lot tougher than the rest, just keep shooting him and he'll go down eventually. Another cut-scene. You'll regain control outside, where you'll be required to assist the WRO members. (A stage mission) Your main objective here is to get to the door where there are stacks of boxes and several Mako Points nearby. It's pointless to try killing the enemies before the WRO members come in. You'll simply be wasting bullets, since the enemy supply is endless. Proceed through the newly opened exit. 3 POTIONS can also be found in the crates. You can shop from the guy here if you need to. Grab the GRIFFON and 200 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. Follow the WRO members, help them clear out all the enemy soldiers. Pick up the CERBERUS RELIEF from one of the DG soldiers. Look around for a stack of boxes at a corner, and destroy them to get a CARD KEY. Unlock the laser gate leading to the dead end first. Behind it, you'll find 500 GIL as well as another CARD KEY. Open the other gate. Moving forward, jump onto the higher section to get 180 HANDGUN BULLETS. Continue on towards the red dot on the map for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: DRAGONFLY GL ============================================================================ The same thing from before with barely any improvements. Equip the Griffon and start shooting. Once you've chained enough damage, the chopper will temporarily breakdown. All your bullets will deal critical damage during this time. Rinse and repeat until you destroy it. You can avoid the rockets by running as they head towards you. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 02 : SHOWDOWN IN THE WASTES [03b] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ============================================================================ Stage Mission: - Eradicate the Guard Hounds. (Total: 70) - ============================================================================ This chapter starts out with you in the back of the truck, armed with a turret gun. Eliminate as many Guard Hounds as you can. A cut-scene eventually plays and you'll regain control on the roof of the truck. More Guard Hounds to take out, followed by another cut-scene. You'll be on foot now. Just keep heading northeast, towards the red dot on the map to proceed. There are 3 Mako Points at the south end of the mountain, so use them if you want a better score in your evaluation at the end of this stage. ============================================================================ BATTLE: CRIMSON HOUND ============================================================================ Equip the Long Barrel with your Handgun. Kill the Guard Hounds first, since one of them drops the Thunder Materia. The others drop some Handgun Bullets. As for your real target, it usually stays atop the cliffs, so keep your aim high and fire once you get a lock. ============================================================================ Continue on towards your destination, and fight one more battle once you reach the top. ============================================================================ BATTLE: PEGASUS RIDERS ============================================================================ This is a 5 against 1 affair, and they will be circling around you. You can damage them here, but I suggest shooting each of them from the front, as they attempt to run you over. That way, you'll be able to eliminate one with just a single shot. The last Mako Point is somewhere in this area. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 03 : SILENT EDGE [03c] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Handgun Bullets (x72), Machine Gun Bullets (x330), | | Rifle Bullets (x36), Potion (x2), Hi-Potion (x2), | | Phoenix Down | | Equipments: Hydra, Model Gun | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Eliminate the Snipers in Hiding. (Total: 15) - Protect the boy. (Total: 1) - ============================================================================ There's a vending machine nearby, so shop if you need to. Now make your way to the dead end at the north side. The dog enemies here drop 60 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. Climb the stairs, and go around until you see an item case below, containing 36 HANDGUN BULLETS. Head for the alleyway at the northwest section of the area. There's a Mako Point here. Approach the WRO Member for a cut-scene. Pick up the CARD KEY and go unlock the laser gate. Open the door to the Bar. Inside, grab the POTION, along with the HYDRA next to the stairs behind the counter. Go up, get a total of 36 RIFLE BULLETS from 3 item cases, then exit through the door. Take out 4 enemies at the alley. Equip the Hydra. Continue on until you reach an open area. There are several snipers here, so running around is pretty much suicide. Pull out the Hydra and aim high, then pick off the snipers one by one. There's one hiding behind a crate at the central corner to the south. Destroy that box for 60 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, next to it is a Mako Point. Follow the kid into the room. Kill 2 soldiers. Shop at the vending machine if you want. (Modify the Cerberus II if you can afford it.) Head up the stairs. Pick up a couple of item cases containing a POTION and 150 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. Return to the first floor. Follow the kid outside and kill the 2 soldiers hiding at the corner. Proceed to the laser gate, then kill 3 more soldiers. Approach the boy for a cut-scene. Follow the boy, while protecting him from several enemies along the way. Once you reach the last room, wait at the top of the stairs, and kill the soldier to get your CARD KEY. After the cut-scene, you'll be back outside. Head into the room at the east side to get the MODEL GUN. Go unlock the laser gate to proceed. From here, just make your way to the red dot at the southern part of the map. There are a lot of enemies on stand by along the way, so watch out. Be sure to pick the HI POTION and 60 MACHINE GUN BULLETS too. The crate at the top of some stairs contains 3000 GIL. Just shoot it, activate your Limit Break, then jump to reach it. Keep going until you trigger a short cut-scene. Kill the first soldier, then wait for the other 2 to come down and take them out. Continue onwards. Once you reach a fence with several enemies behind it, shoot the explosive barrels to finish them off quickly. Restock at the vending machine. Enter the room for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: HEAVY ARMORED SOLDIER ============================================================================ Besides the large creature, some minor Deepground soldiers and 4 snipers will be joining this battle. The stairs can provide pretty good cover, so go hide behind it if necessary. There really is nothing special about the big guy. Just keep shooting him with your handgun. (An upgraded one will be better.) Your bullets can destroy his missiles, so that shouldn't be a problem. Do shoot him with the Fire materia as well. When he starts coming your way, run as far away as you can. Since his sword slash deals a lot of damage. You may want to kill off all the snipers, to complete the earlier stage mission. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 04 : HEADQUARTERS UNDER SIEGE [03d] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Handgun Bullets (x120), Rifle Bullets (x90), Machine Gun | | Bullets (x30), Limit Breaker (x2), Potion | | Equipments: Gravity Floater, Power Cross | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Assist the WRO Members! (Total: 20) - - Hurry to the Command Center! - ============================================================================ This chapter immediately starts out with a stage mission. Help the WRO Members clear out all DG soldiers. The boxes around here has bullets for both handgun and rifle. (60 and 30 respectively.) There is a Mako Point here as well. Climb up the left staircase. Head north at the top and destroy 2 more boxes for 30 MACHINE GUN & RIFLE BULLETS. Turn around going south, killing 3 soldiers along the way. Skip the stairs up, and get to the end of the hall, dispatching one more soldier for the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate by the stairs. Go up, then into the room. Check both ends for a LIMIT BREAKER & 30 RIFLE BULLETS. There's also a vending machine in here, so shop if you have to. Exit back to the hallway. Proceed into the room closest to the laser gate. Inside, take out the soldier, and exit through the other door. The northern dead end has a box with a POTION, as well as a Mako Point. Turn back south, and up the stairs. Go all the way around to the north dead end at the right wing. Disptch the soldier here to take his CARD KEY. Unlock the gate blocking the next flight of stairs. After the short cut-scene, head down the stairs, (the red dot on the map) then go north. A sword-weilding guy will intercept you, so take care of him and grab his GRAVITY FLOATER. Continue west then press the switch to activate the elevator. Now, there's a turret guy waiting for you here. Simply blow him away with the fire materia. Go in the room. Just follow the solitary path leading to the command center, while getting rid of some enemies along the way. After the cut-scene, run all the way back out of the room. Ride the elevator down and enter the room to the northeast. Grab 60 HANDGUN BULLETS & a LIMIT BREAKER from the item cases. Descend the stairs, then kill all the soldiers to get your CARD KEY & the POWER CROSS. Unlock the gate. Blast everything with the fire materia, and pick up one more CARD KEY. Open the next gate. Blast through another group of enemies for the last CARD KEY. Go into the pool room to find a Mako Point. Head further north through the door. Make use of the vending machine in here, and once you're ready proceed throgh the other door for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: SHELKE THE TRANSPARENT ============================================================================ Don't bother wasting your bullets here, since you most probably won't hit her anyway. Instead, equip the Power Cross, use a Limit Breaker, and just melee her to death. ============================================================================ After that battle, leave the room for a cut-scene, followed by another boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: AZUL THE CERULEAN ============================================================================ There are plenty of explosive barrels here. Shoot the ones he's standing close to for some serious damage. If the barrels are too far away from him, just fire at Azul to get him walking. Then blow up the barrels once he gets close enough. Avoid rooting yourself to single spot, since you wouldn't want to see how much damage that massive gun of his can do. Move away once he faces your direction, and you won't get hit at all. As for the shockwaves, simply jump over them. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 05 : MANOR OF DESPAIR [03e] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Handgun Bullets (x264), Rifle Bullets (x150), Potion (x4), | | Phoenix Down (x2), Limit Breaker (x2), 6500 Gil, Omega | | Report (x4), Machine Gun Bullets (x200) | | Equipments: Blizzard Materia, Power Booster | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nibelheim Sewers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ Stage Mission: - Eliminate the Sahagins. (Total: 33) - ============================================================================ Welcome to the Nibelheim Sewers! Now, remember that melee attacks work best against Sahagins, the only enemy you'll encounter down here. With that said, get rid of the ambush party. Moving on, check the corner pockets for a POTION & 72 HANDGUN BULLETS. The succeeding left side hole has a PHOENIX DOWN. Continue north, then right into the hole and climb up the ladder. At the top, go right for a Mako Point. Jump into the water, kill all the Sahagins, take the CARD KEY to unlock the gate. Make your way to the red dot on the map. Drop into the water, then head south through the small tunnel. Climb up the stairs and take the item case with 56 RIFLE BULLETS at the left hand corner. Jump back into the water. Head up the ladder to the north. Take the 1000 Gil, then get rid of the Sahagins in the tunnel. Go in and grab the LIMIT BREAKER. Take the right hand path towards the next section. At the intersection, head left to get the BLIZZARD MATERIA. Turn around and go the other way. Check the side holes for a POTION & 40 RIFLE BULLETS. Move on north and get rid of the Sahagin for the CARD KEY. Use it to unlock the nearby gate. Grab 72 HANDGUN BULLETS inside, and you'll get locked in. Just kill the bunch of enemies to get another CARD KEY. Unlock the west gate to get 2500 Gil. Turn back east up the ladder to find a Mako Point. Continue along the path until you reach a switch. Press it to open the gate blocking the exit. Jump down into the water and destroy the boxes to get a POTION & some machine gun bullets. Make your way to the red dot on the map and out of the sewer. There are plenty of enemies waiting up here, so take them out. Head to the northeast section, then crouch to get through the small opening, into the storage room. Grab both the 500 GIL and POWER BOOSTER. An infinite number of enemies will suddenly appear afterwards, so hurry up and get out of there. Now go to the elevator. Ride it up to the second floor, then head down the stairs to find a vending machine. If you don't need to shop, take the elevator directly up to the 3rd floor. Once there, go north for some items. The shutters on both sides will close up and lock you in. Use your rifle to take out all the enemies above, from either side. Continue up the stairs to get finally reach the mansion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nibelheim Sewers (Cait Sith) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ Stage Mission: - Sneak by the DG Soldiers. (Total: 13) - ============================================================================ Your controls will switch over to Cait Sith now. He doesn't have any weapon, so you'll have to sneak by as many enemy soldiers as possible to survive. Take the south stairs up and jump over the pipes. Wait for the soldier to get farther to the left, then run up and hide behind the box. Once the guy walks back to the to the right, run left, stop at the tip. Look down and you should see another soldier. Wait for him to the lower portion of his patrol area. Drop down. Climb up the ladder. For the next group, wait for the left side guy to turn the other way. (back facing you) Then follow him and turn towards the ladder. After the cut-scene, drop to the bottom, quickly turn around, and run behind the steel ladder. Push the barrel to kill the enemy ahead. Do the same for the next guard when you round the corner. Jump onto the crates to the hole. In the next area, jump over the barrel. Push it once the guard passes by to get rid of him. The next obstacle involves 2 guards patrolling in a circle. Follow the soldier at the left side closely from behind, and drop onto the pipes below. Move on a bit to trigger a cut-scene. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shinra Manor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Collect the Omega Files. (Total: 4) - - Deactivate the mines. (Total: 4) - ============================================================================ Back to Vincent. Head south through a couple of doors. After the cut-scene, go to the east room and get rid of the 3 soldiers. Grab 60 HANDGUN and RIFLE BULLETS. Return to the center room, go through the south door. There's a POTION in the item case here. Turn back west, then south to the hallway. Take the left path into the first room. Pick up a LIMIT BREAKER, along with 60 HANDGUN BULLETS. Next, proceed into the other room. You'll find the 3rd OMEGA REPORT in here. Go back to the hallway, and this time take the right path south. Blast your way through several enemies. You've just reached an underground cave. Destroy the box for a PHOENIX DOWN. Continue south, then head east into the coffin room. The ninja in here drops 1000 GIL. Exit and follow the path until you reach a point, where you need to deactivate some land mines to proceed. There are 4 mines in the area, and the faster the beeping gets, the closer you are to a land mine. Once you find them, back up a bit then fire at the mine. Get the CARD KEY for the gate when you're done. At the next room, press the switch to activate the platform, then jump off once you get to the other side. There's a Mako Point at the bottom. You can use the ladder to climb back up afterwards. Follow the path, turn west into the room. Run all the way to the end to find 2 LIMIT BREAKERS and 70 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. Go back outside. Move on further north to the red dot. Now blast through all the enemies, as you make your way up the winding path. At the second floor, head through the doors until you get to the manor's foyer. Proceed to the west room, then kill the lone soldier. Grab an OMEGA REPORT from behind the barrels. Get out of there, and into the nearby room. Destroy the box for 1500 GIL. Annihilate all the enemies at the first floor. Go down and enter the east room, to find the another OMEGA REPORT behind the crates. Go back out. Proceed to the west room. Defeat all the enemies, then leave through the northeast door. From there, make your way around the room to the red dot, picking up a total of 130 MACHINE GUN BULLETS along the way. At the next section, pick up the POTION then head northwest down the stairs. Try opening the door to trigger a cut-scene. Once you regain control, head for the red dot on the map. Be sure to buy some Ethers from the vending machine. Continue towards the foyer for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: BLACK WIDOW ============================================================================ This machine has a devastating laser attack. Thankfully, you can completely keep the spider from using it, by staying upstairs. Equip the Blizzard Materia, Cerberus, plus the Short Barrel. Start off by firing magic, then immediately follow it up with a barrage of normal shots. In short, damage chaining is the best way to go here. The spider is most vulnerable when it starts crawling along the walls. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 06 : DEEPGROUND STRIKES BACK [03f] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: 3100 Gil, Handgun Bullets (x60), Potion (x3), Limit Breaker, | | Rifle Bullets (x30), Machine Gun Bullets (x300) | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Destroy the choppers attacking the headquarters! (Total: 15) - - Save the WRO members! (Total: 12) - ============================================================================ Destroy 3 mobile artilleries for the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate to proceed. Go along the path, while taking out enemies. (mostly guard hounds) You should see the enemy camp once you reach the edge of the cliff. Take out some more soldiers from your current spot. Also, you can watch the beetle creatures bite your human enemies, just for fun. Kill the beetles with the fire materia. Drop down, kill some more some more soldiers. Loot the place for a POTION, 1100 GIL, 60 HANDGUN BULLETS & LIMIT BREAKER. Move along towards an open area and assist the WRO members, by shooting the barrels to clear out enemy soldiers. Now, sit on the turret gun and shoot down as many choppers as you can. (A total of 15) The last chopper is the toughest to shoot down. After taking care of the last chopper, get off your sit. Kill all the approaching sword-swinging guys to get the CARD KEY. Check around the area for a POTION & 15 RIFLE BULLETS. Unlock the gate. There's a vending machine and a Mako point in the next room. Go on outside. This place is an enemy infested area. Use a Phoenix Down on yourself, as a precautionary measure in case you get KOed. Use all the items you need to survive, since you can always go back to the previous room to shop. Once you've cleaned up the place, look around to find a POTION & 120 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. Proceed north ito the left door. Just keep moving until you get outside. Clear some more enemies for the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate to reach the HQ Entrance. More enemies waiting to be dispatched. Check the area for a POTION, 120 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, & 1000 GIL. Destroy the Black Widow at the entrance. You're now inside the HQ. Most of the enemies are shooting from the beams at the ceiling, it only takes a single shot to take them out. Again, look around the area to get a POTION, 60 HANDGUN BULLETS, & 15 RIFLE BULLETS. Proceed to the next room, clear out more enemies, then go into the northeast room. Just follow the path, picking up another thousand gil along the way. Head towards the red dot to trigger a cut-scene. Chapter complete. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 07 : THE SHERA [03g] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This one is a story chapter. Simply involves running around the airship, talking to people. Cid tells you to have a look around, so let's go do that. Every single person here has something to say, so talk to them if you want. But the only ones really need to speak to are Yuffie, Reeve and Shelke. Yuffie is just outside the bridge. Shelke is in the central room of the upper deck. While Reeve is in the east-most room on the upper deck. A series of cut-scenes and FMVs follow. Once you regain control, talk to the same group of people again. Talk to Cid, Reeve & Yuffie 3 times, but only once to Shelke. There is a vending machine in the room where Reeve is, that sells items real cheap. So be sure to fully restock your bullets here. Mega Potions, Elixirs, and X-Potions are also for sale from now on. After talking to the said people, head to the lower deck, towards the area near the engine room to trigger another set of cut-scenes and FMVs. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 08A : MIDGAR ASSAULT [03h] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Hi-Potion (x2), Mega Potion | | Equipments: L Adjuster | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Escort the WRO Squad to the Central Complex. (Total: 5) - - Save the surviving WRO Members. (Total: 9) - - Defeat the Deepground Commander. (Total: 1) - ============================================================================ You'll regain control at the Train Graveyard. Follow the WRO members, and blow up the barrels to make short work of the opposition. Go on to meet the rest of the squad members. More enemies to take out. Pick up a HI-POTION at the corner up ahead. Turn back, and go into the warehouse. Clear out another group of soldiers to get the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate. Clear out the place then head north to pick up the MEGA POTION, along with an L ADJUSTER. (Dropped by a DG soldier.) After the cut-scene, dispatch some more soldiers atop the buildings. Proceed to the southwest sector and kill the "sword guy" for your CARD KEY. Open the gate, continue north. Trash all the robot sentries to get the next CARD KEY. Unlock the gate to trigger some more cut-scenes. Replenish your supplies at the vending if necessary. Otherwise, it's time to move on. Make your way around the maze of trains until you get to a huge open area. Once there, defeat all the enemies. Grab another CARD KEY and unlock the gate further north. Just follow the path inside the tunnel to the red dot, while blasting through all enemies on the way. You can also find a HI-POTION in here. Outside, move through the next train maze. Cut-scene. You'll have to defeat several aerial troopers, or the Shrikes. Just fire whenever they fly close to a support beam above, and watch them crash into the steel beams. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 08B: FIGHT FOR THE CENTRAL COMPLEX [03i] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: 2000 Gil, Limit Breaker (x2), Potion, Handgun Bullets (x24), | | Rifle Bullets (x10), Machine Gun Bullets (x50), Hi-Potion, | | G Report | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Avoid the Aerial Mines! (Total: 3) - - Destroy the Robotic Assault Units! (Total: 2) - Assist the WRO Members! (Total: 40 (locks)) ============================================================================ There's a vending machine here, so shop if you need to. Move forward, then clear out the southwest room for the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate. There are whole of boxes in this area, which can used for cover. Dispatch some more enemies. Grab a LIMIT BREAKER from atop the steel container, along with 1000 GIL from one of the boxes. Contine along the path northwest. Take the CARD KEY from the next group of soldiers, and go open another gate. Destroy the box here to find 1000 GIL. Climb up the ladder afterwards. At the top, just run through the gates, once they open. Watch out for the maines hovering overhead, since those things deal a lot of damage. There's a POTION by the stairs at the end. Run up the stairs and continue on, until a robot comes stomping in. Go hide at the corner as the machine slams into the wall. Climb some more stairs, and you'll come across a vending machine. There's a turret guy at the end of the hall, so run up then drop into the shallow pit, and get rid of him from there. Continue forward. Sit behind the gun, and kill all the approaching soldiers if you like. Go up the ladder nearby. At the top, crouch by the gate up ahead, and provide some cover fire for the guy deactivating the laser gate inside. Once done, enter the said gate. Now take out all the soldiers at the top of the stairs. Climb up and continue onward. Climb the laddder at the end for a LIMIT BREAKER, 10 RIFLE BULLETS, 50 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, 24 HANDGUN BULLETS, HI-POTION, & the first G REPORT. Go all the way back down, and out through the garage door. Go into the nearby room, kill all the enemies for the CARD KEY, and unlock the gate. Press the elevator switch to activate it. At the next floor, defeat more soldiers. Trash all the robot sentries upstairs. Destroy all the boxes for some cash. Press the switch up ahead to activate the lift. Next floor, get rid of some more robot sentries, and a couple of turret guys. Head south, shop at the vending machine if necessary. Go through the nearby door for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: ROSSO THE CRIMSON / BLOODBURST ROSSO ============================================================================ The first part of this fight is easy. Just hit her several times to trigger a cut-scene, and then she gets serious afterwards. The disc blades she throws at you can be avoided by dashing, then jumping at the last moment. A hit from this will knock you over, so be sure to press X or [] while you're airborne to get up quickly. Despite her fast movements, she does pause for a short time in between dashes. So take this opportunity to fire at her with your strongest weapon. The pipes around the area provide good cover against the disc blades. Also, limit break melees do deal a lot of damage on her. (with the Power Cross equipped.) But since she moves fast, I recommend that you try to pin her against a wall with the fire ball attack instead. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 09 : AN EMPIRE IN RUINS [03j] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: 8000 Gil, Machine Gun Bullets (x180), Rifle Bullets (x48), | | Handgun Bullets (x252), Limit Breaker (x2), Phoenix Down, | | Potion, Red Ether, Mega Potion, Red Potion (x2), Top Secret | | Files (x5), X-Potion | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Collect Top Secret Deepground Data Files (Total: 5) - - Destroy the Surveillance Mines (Total: 99) - ============================================================================ Before proceeding into the Shinra building, look around for plenty of items: 12 RIFLE BULLETS, 90 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, LIMIT BREAKER, 1000 GIL & PHOENIX DOWN. In the building, defeat some ninjas, and climb up the right staircase. Grab 12 RIFLE BULLETS at the northeast corner. Contine up the opposite staircase, grab 1000 GIL. From there, go north then drop into the pit. Look around for a POTION & 36 HANDUN BULLETS. Now, go jump over the railing at the southeast corner, towards the next section. Get 12 RIFLE BULLETS from the northeast corner. Follow the path northwest. At the lower floor, look behind you to find a RED ETHER. Continue to the next room afterwards. Take out a total of 4 enemies on the catwalks. Pick up 90 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, and go through the northeast exit. Go around a couple of rooms, until you get to one with a beetle enemy. Shoot it and its other friends will come to help. Dispatch them all, take the MEGA POTION, then exit out to the hallway. Kill 3 soldiers, and take the 1000 GIL in the room. At the hallway, pick up a couple of RED POTIONS west. Continue along the path to reach a vending machine, and through the door. Here, jump on the barrel positioned directly under the item case. Jump again to grab it. The box contains 5000 GIL. Now head north out to another hallway. Pick up 180 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, & 72 HANDGUN BULLETS. Follow the path north west. Press the switch to open the door. After the cut-scene, press forward, through some more doors. The beetle enemies are endless. Though I do suggest defeating a few, to improve your evaluation scores at the end of this chapter. Go through the last door for a mini boss fight. ============================================================================ BATTLE: BLACK WIDOW TW ============================================================================ There are 2 of these things here. And they also have that laser attack, similar to that of their friend, you fought back at Shinra Manor. Now equip the Griffon + an upgraded Short Barrel, and fire away. Constantly strafe sideways to avoid the laser. The spiders' machine gun fire are pretty weak, so you should concentrate more on getting away from the giant laser. ============================================================================ Ride the elevator up. You'll now be in an unknown part of the Shinra building, with no map... joy! Anyway, you need to collect Deepground's top secret data files. Take a look around the area to find a LIMIT BREAKER, along with a dozen RIFLE BULLETS. Now from the elevator, go northwest to get hold of the first TOP SECRET FILE, behind the glass observation panels. Ruturn to the elevator, and head south through a door from there. Keep going forward for a couple of screens. You'll eventually reach the "display room". Make your way around the huge (and rather bare) place, until you find the door that leads to the elevator platform. Go in for a cut-scene. You finally get your map afterwards, thanks to Tifa. Move on. In the next room, go around the walkway to get 108 HANDGUN BULLETS. Get on the elevatot and press the switch to activate it. You'll be surrounded by surveillance maines on the way up. Destroy as many as you can before you get to the next floor. Once there, continue out the door. Shop at the vending machine if you like. Go along the path north into the room at the end of the hall. An item case with 90 MACHINE GUN BULLETS can be seen lying around along the way. This section consists of 4 small rooms, connected to each other. Majority of which are guarded by several enemies. Take them out and continue your search for the top secret files. 3 out of the 4 rooms have files inside. The southwest room has an exit that leads to the west side hallway. Go there and proceed to the next elevator. Grab another 108 HANDGUN BULLETS from the item case by the walkway. Activate lift to go up. More surveillance mines to destroy. But this time, they spin around you really fast, and destroying one can trigger a major chain reaction. Be careful about this, since getting hit by an explosion can cause serious damage. Move on to your destination once you reach the next floor. You will be at Shinra's Quarantine Facility. Shop and grab the X-POTION. Head to red dot for a boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: NEO AZUL ============================================================================ First part is the easy part. Just keep shooting him with your strongest weapon, and back up as he approaches. For his beast form, he'll be hot on your heels the whole time, so run. If you're gonna use magic, go for Blizzard. (It does the most damage on him) Normal guns don't help much either. The best thing to do here is just to equip the Power Cross, use a Limit Breaker, and melee him to death. Back away after a few melee hits, to avoid getting swiped. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 10 : SHINRA'S DARK SECRET [03k] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Handgun Bullets (x160), Limit Breaker (x2), Ether, G Report, | | X-Potion, Machine Gun Bullets (x60), Rifle Bullets (x12), | | Elixor, Mega Potion, Omega Report (x1) | | Equipments: Blast Machine Gun, Faerie L Barrel | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Eliminate the Pursuers. (Total: 10) - - Swiftly Neutralize the Enemy Onslaught - ============================================================================ Grab 90 HANDGUN BULLETS downstairs. Defeat the group of enemies that appear (8 Gargoyles, some soldiers and a sword guy) to get the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate, drop to the lower section. Pick up the OMEGA REPORT behind you. Continue to the red dot towards the outer wall's interior. Here, you'll have a couple more CARD KEYS to get. Move on to the next sector. These group of soldiers are protected by a force field. Maybe the barrier can be broken with several shots, I'm not sure. So use melee attacks or magics instead. Another CARD KEY along with a LIMIT BREAKER. Unlock the gate, proceed to the southwest door. Here, make your way to the bottom sector. Destroy the boxes for some items and the CARD KEY. Go unlock the barricade upstairs. Head for the door to the next room. Watch your step here to avoid getting hit by the hail of bullets coming from the ceiling. Once you get on the cart, aim behind you and take out all the enemies in pursuit. At the ruins, you'll find a vending machine, so replenish your supplies if needed. Destroy the box for an ETHER. Go southwest, defeat some "barrier soldiers to get the CARD KEY. Proceed along the catwalk and down the stairs, onto the rooftops. Check the other side of the roof to find the second G REPORT. Backtrack down the stairs, and unlock the gate. Kill 3 ninja enemies for another CARD KEY. Take out one more soldier in the next room to get yet another CARD KEY. Drop below after unlocking the barricade. Get the X-POTION. Keep going down to the bottom area. You can obtain the BLAST MACHINE GUN at the opposite end of the barricade. Defeat the horde of Guard & Crimson Hounds for the CARD KEY to get out. Now make your way upstairs, while blasting through all the enemies. When you get to around E-9, aim for the box atop some balcony to make it fall. Head towards the spot where it had fallen to get the FAERIE L BARREL. Follow the path and you'll eventually be surrounded by several barricades. Go south, man the turret gun, and blast the horde of enemies up ahead. Once done, go pick up the CARD KEY. Unlock the gate. Go downstairs to the ground level. There's an ELIXIR in the item case on top of the stairs. Check around the area for plenty of ammo: 60 MACHINE GUN BULLETS, 36 HANDGUN BULLETS, & 12 RIFLE BULLETS. From the spot where you found the rifle ammos, head up the stairs around the corner. There's a vending machine here. Continue eastward, and defeat the horde of soldiers for one more CARD KEY. Grab the LIMIT BREAKER, then unlock the gate for a cut-scene. Get 36 HANDGUN BULLETS from under the stairs, as well as 12 RIFLE BULLETS & 60 MACHINE GUN BULLETS on the way up. Kill a couple of soldiers for CARD KEY, and proceed further up. Now you have to obtain several card keys as you move along, to unlock the barricades. There will be traps along the way. Go downstairs. Pick up a dozen RIFLE BULLETS. Defeat the enemies outside. (Some on the roof, others on the ground. Continue further down. Dispatch of all the enemies by the exit. Grab the CARD KEY and unlock the barricade. There's an item case containing 3000 GIL, along with a Mako Point nearby. Descend another flight of stairs. The left door leads to a vending machine, and go through the right one to proceed. Drop down below, then go east into the tunnel. Aim at the ceiling and shoot the mine for the first CARD KEY in this barricade puzzle. Contunue further in, and go through the small passage along the left wall. Unlock the barricade at the top for the BAYONET RIFLE. Next, man the turret gun, shoot the box at the top of the cliffs. That box contains another CARD KEY. Make your way back out of the tunnel. Grab the CARD KEY. The nearby barricade keeps an ELIXOR. Go the opposite direction from the tunnel entrance, unlock the gate there to get hold of 2 more CARD KEYS. Head back to room with the turret gun. Drop down the nearby pit. Defeat all the soldiers, grab the MEGA POTION. There are 2 ladders here, climb up one of the ladders to get another CARD KEY. The barricade below contains a LIMIT BREAKER. Keep going up the ladders. At the top, continue north to the red dot. Boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: NERO THE SABLE ============================================================================ Shoot him with your strongest combination of equipments. The P Cerberus Gamma worked well for me. Jump over him when he tries to get close with his spinning attack. He'll eventually summon 2 dopplegangers. Only the real Nero will receive damage, so spend a bullet on each copy. If your target does not receive damage, then switch to another one. Limit Breaks are also worth a try. And finally, Nero is invulnerable whenever he's surrounded by the purple aura. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 11 : BEGINNINGS [03l] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Handgun Bullets (x153), Rifle Bullets (x40), Hi-Potion (x3), Mega | | Potion, Machine Gun Bullets (x80), X-Potion, G Report (x1) | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ Stage Missions: - Defeat the Gargoyles! 1 (Total: 2) - - Defeat the Gargoyles! 2 (Total: 3) - - Defeat all targets on the central pillar (Total: 8) - - Defeat the Gargoyles! 3 (Total: 9) ============================================================================ Grab a caseful of HANDGUN BULLETS as well as a HI-POTION. There's a Mako Point here too. Moving on, you'll be confronted by plenty of "barrier soldiers". Just get rid of the first couple of them, then run to the left intersection to reach a door. You'll find a vending machine inside. At the next area, head down several flights of stairs to another door. Be sure to pick up the case with 51 HANDGUN BULLETS along the way. Drop to the lower walkway for 20 RIFLE BULLETS. Dispatch another group of barrier soldiers and a launcher guy. Grab the CARD KEY, and unlock the south barricade. Jump on the platform to get the MEGA POTION. After that, jump down onto the pipe below and again over the small gap. There are a lot of item cases here, all of them containing 100 GIL. Step on the Mako Point to summon a horde of beetles. Fight them off for one more CARD KEY. You'll encounter some more Gargoyles in the next room. Continue downstairs to another door. Plenty of bullets waiting to be picked up (51 HANDGUN, 20 RIFLE & 80 MACHINE GUN BULLETS. You'll have yo defeat all the enemies on the central pillar. The quickest way to do this is to aim for the barrels just above the pillar, and blow them up once they fall next to the soldiers. Head for the door to the next room. Pick up an X-POTION & a HI-POTION. Eliminate more Gargoyles. Just use the turret gun to shoot them down. Go downstairs into yet another room. Shop at the vending machiene if needed. After the cut-scene, take CARD KEY from the barrier soldier, and unlock the gate. Run towards the other soldier, who's pushing the turret gun, and take him out. Continue through several empty rooms, until you reach one with enemies shooting at you from the ceiling. Use magic to take out the one closest to you, and make a run for it. Defeat the beetle horde to get your CARD KEY. Unlock the gate, and go to the next area. The enemies in this elevator room are endless, so run towards the door diectly ahead. There's a G-REPORT in here, but I recommend coming back after the game saves your progress. Take the bullets and the HI-POTION. the switch, head out, boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: DRAGONFLY PT ============================================================================ Attach a long-range barrel to your machine gun, (preferably the Blast Machine Gun) and fire away. Do make sure its not hiding behind any obstacle before shooting. The Gargoyles are definitely a nuisance so shoot them down if there's one flying nearby. The sentry robots always drop bullets or items. Lastly make use of the pillars as cover against PT's missiles. ============================================================================ Now go back to the elevator room. Use a Limit Breaker to get rid of the enemies quickly. Once the circular platform in the middle of the room starts to ascend, jump on it. Face the direction of the "door" at the top, them jump on the pipe. The G REPORT is at the dead end opposite of the door. Return to the room where you fought PT and go north. Press the sitch to proceed. Defeat the horde of barrier soldiers using the fire materia. Make use of the vending machine, continue to the next room, another boss fight. ============================================================================ BOSS: ARACHNERO / GORGONERO ============================================================================ Take out the 4 beam cannons first. Shoot them as they prepare to fire. Once they're gone, fire a few shots at Nero's barrier to break it. At this point, hit him with the Blizzard materia, and quickly follow through with normal shots -- this will chain the damage. If you run of MP, just use your strongest weapon on him. (Preferably a handgun or a rifle.) The fire balls can knock you down, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Rinse and repeat until you win. For Gorgonero, just remember that he'll pop up at the area with a purple- black aura. Aim at that spot and shoot him once he appears. ============================================================================ Get 5000 GIL from the item case. Replenish your supplies at the vending machine, and continue east. Boss fight... again. There's no way you can win against Weiss the Immaculate, so just let him kill you. After the cut-scene, the real fight begins. ============================================================================ BOSS: WEISS EMPOWERED ============================================================================ Stay as far away from him as possible at all times. And fire away with your strongest weapon. (better if it's "P Class") Constantly strafe sideways to keep up with his as he moves around. If he dashes towards you, back up and keep shooting. For the sonic blades, strafe sideways or hide behind the glass tubes. He can also use his staff to block your bullets, so wait for a few moments, after he lowers it before you attack again. And finally, you can avoid his missiles by hiding behind the tubes, or by dashing then jumping at the last moment. ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 12A : OMEGA & CHAOS [03m] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Items: Elixir, Omega Report (x2) | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Vincent will be in demon form here, with the Death Penalty in his possession. That gun can kill everything here in a single shot, so try it out for a bit if you like. Again, make your way to the red dot on the map. There's only one available path to follow here so go on. Take a sharp left at the split path near the starting point, to get an ELIXIR (if you need one.) In the next area, blast your way through the enemies and head for the upper level. The first of the last 2 OMEGA REPORTS is tucked in the small space between the stack of crates, and the giant cylinder tank to the north. Once you reach the circular path, go towards the opposite direction for the last OMEGA REPORT. Turn back and take the stairs up. Defeat all the enemies. After the FMV, kill some more enemies as you fly through the tunnel. Real nice music here. In the next room, keep defeating the flying enemies, until you trigger a cut-scene. When you regain control, go along the spiral paths to top. Step on the circle. Continue forward. Chapter 12A complete. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CHAPTER 12B : A FINALE CHAOTIC [03n] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hopefully you did take some time to shop for bullets, before you started this chapter. You'll be fighting the last 3 battles of the game. ============================================================================ BOSS: CRYSTAL FEELERS & OMEGA COCOON ============================================================================ Do bother to take out the spawning flying creatures with your ordinary guns, since they drop bullets for the Death Penalty. (This is why I told you to buy bullets at the shop.) Keep blasting enemies until you have at least 350 Death Penalty Bullets. (Yes, you'll need lots of it later, though not that much.) As for the feelers, approach them once they open, and use melee attacks. The crystals remain exposed, as long as you don't kill off all the flying enemies. Omega Cocoon appears once all the Crystal Feelers are destroyed. Keep shooting it with the Death Penalty, while taking out the minor enemies that spawn. ============================================================================ ============================================================================ FINAL BOSS: OMEGA WEISS ============================================================================ The explosion from the Death Penalty will damage both Weiss & Omega. Their offensives are quite deadly, but fortunately most can be avoided by Vincent's enhanced dash ability. Don't get too close to this boss, since it attempts to flatten you with its fist. When he puts a shield of small blue panels, quickly destroy it before he uses it as a weapon. Sometimes, Weiss gets off his craft to attack you himself. His moves are very similar to that of Shelke (when you fought her back in Chapter 4.) When this happens, make sure you shoot him and he'll rejoin Omega. Eventually, Omega will start glowing -- which gives it a huge boost in defense. It also becomes a lot more agressive at this point, constantly unloading missiles on you. Avoid them by dashing, then jumping as the missiles approach. ============================================================================ Unlike most games, the ending movie for this one plays after the credits. ============================================================================ IV. GAME LIST [04] ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= UNLOCKABLES [04a] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MEMORY CAPSULES LOCATIONS [04b] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= These capsules are hidden targets scattered throughout the game. Shoot them to unlock cut-scene entries in the Event Viewer extra feature. The game automatically saves your progress for every capsule destroyed. So you won't ever find them again, unless you delete the game's save file from your memory card. ============================================================================ Chapter 01 ============================================================================ Capsule 01 : At the place where you found the second Potion, face south so that you're overlooking the rooftops. The capsule is on the white chimney of a house. The target is pretty small, and therefore hard to spot. Capsule 02 : After obtaining the first card key, unlock the laser gate and go to around I-10. (Near the Mako Point) Turn north, and aim high at the window of the houses. It's at the 1st or 2nd house to the right of the Mako Point. Capsule 03 : After Rio gets abducted by the hound enemy, look into the fountain to see it. Capsule 04 : After getting the 2nd card key, (for the "Locate the Card Key" stage mission) head to around H-6 and turn south. Aim towards the roof of a house with a fence. Capsule 05 : In the shed where you found the Long Barrel. It's tucked in between 2 crates under the stairs. Capsule 06 : After obtaining the Griffon, jump on the second crate to the right and aim towards the rooftops. You should spot it on the rusted balcony of a house to the left side. Capsule 07 : Grab the 4th card key and head to around G-8. The capsule is in the fire towards the north side. Capsule 08 : From where you got the 180 Handgun Bullets, (near a Mako Point) aim along the rooftops. You'll find the capsule between the rooves of the 1st and 2nd houses from the left. ============================================================================ Chapter 02 ============================================================================ Capsule 01 : Stand on the protruding piece of land between J-11 & J-12. Face northeast to spot it. Capsule 02 : On the ground in front of the truck. Capsule 03 : At the west side of H-15. Look down the waterfall and use the Sniper Scope to hit it. ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 03 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 04 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 05 ============================================================================ Capsule 01 : After defeating the 3 Sahagins at the beginning of the sewer area, turn south and crouch. You should see the capsule in the small opening at lower part of the wall. Capsule 04 : When you regain control after the cut-scene, with Lucrecia at the manor basement library, proceed to the east room. The capsule should be under the fallen shelf to the north. ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 06 ============================================================================ Capsule 01: After getting the 1st card key, proceed to the west side dead end (D-13) and face south. ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 08 ============================================================================ Capsule 02 : You can find this one in beween the crates, where you spotted the WRO Member slacking off. (Train Graveyard, Chapter 8A) ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 09 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 10 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 11 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Chapter 12 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= OMEGA REPORTS [04c] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= There are 8 of these documents to be found from Chapter 5 onwards. +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 01 : Discovery | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | - Ancient Tablet Discovered - | | | | Soul wrought of terra corrupt, | | Quelling Impurity, | | Purging the stream | | To beckon forth the ultimate fate | | Behold mighty Chaos, | | Omega's squire to the lofty heavens. | | | | After further study of the tablet by our research team, it has been | | determined that this passage was written by the Centra over 2000 years | | ago. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 02 : No New Findings | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Could "Omega" be a place and "Chaos" a person? While our search for the | | site has continued, we have been unable to locate any new artifacts, | | that may help to answer our many questions. | | | | - Promised Land - | | | | Quite a few of my colleagues come to the conclusion that, Omega may be | | the fabled "promised land" to which the legend states that Centra are to | | lead us. However, I still have my doubts. If Omega were an actual | | location, then how could Chaos be its "squire to the lofty heavens"? | | | | Next month administration will finally be sending me the assistant I | | have been asking for. Rumor has it she graduated at the top of her | | university class. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 03 : Alternate Theories | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | - Memo - | | | | Review of several dated reports of our Lifestream has shed new light to | | my many theories about the Centa inscription. Just as we are born from | | the flowing matter below our feet, I now believe that Chaos and Omega | | may also be sentient life forms that the planet creates at its own will | | | | If we were able to discover the exact location where these two beings | | are to be born, the scientific repurcussions would be enormous. | | | | I was informed by a fellow paleontologist this morning that the new | | company had discovered another Centra artifact, and a new large-scale | | research project was scheduled to begin. She also said that my | | assistant had been offered a place on the team. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 04 : The Terrasystem | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | -Memo- | | | | The more I learn of this wonderous planet's inner-workings, the more I | | am in awe of that which lies before me. | | | | Omega... Part of a system created by our world to preserve the constant | | circulation of life. And therein lies the key to solving this mystery... | | For many years it has been documented that local legends not only speak | | of this phenomenon in terms of a planetary scale, but also suggest that | | the entire cosmos may follow the same rules. | | | | I must say, I am quite pleased with the work of my fine assistant. Her | | ardent approach to the tasks before her will most certainly lead us to | | the many answers which continue to elude our team. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 05 : Omega and Chaos | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | The two names which appear on the tablet... | | | | If Omega is to act as the ark which guides all life to the boundless | | sea of stars... then what of Chaos? | | | | The ancient inscription implies that his duty is to "beckon forth an | | ultimate fate." Perhaps it is he who is destined to lead us to Omega. | | | | Soul wrought of terra corrupt... | | What message lurks behind these ominous words? | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 06 : Impurities | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | The spring that Dr. Valentine discovered is amazing! I am certain that | | it is some sort of reservoir for the "terra corrupt" mentioned on the | | Centra tablet. | | | | The doctor believes the crystalline spring contains contaminated | | deposits of bioplasma that have overflown from the pure Lifestream. In | | fact, all of our readings indicate a strange type of energy radiating | | from the site. Could this grotto be the location where the legendary | | Chaos is destined to be born? | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 07 : Chaos | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | My conscience tells me that I must leave some sort of record | | documenting all that I have attempted. | | | | That which slumbers within him... The antithesis of Omega... Chaos... | | | | Soul wrought of terra corrupt... | | Before Omega begins his journey to the sea of stars, Chaos will scourge | | the world of all things living, sending them back to the Lifestream... | | | | Only to be left with the burden of bearing the discarded remains of a | | dying world. | | | | And it was I who... | | I am so sorry... | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 08 : Protomateria | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | - Protomateria - | | | | I have determined the materia found by Dr. Valentine at the fountain of | | Chaos to be a type of refined anti-matter formed within the grotto over | | the past several millenia. | | | | I believe the planet created this instrument out of necessity as a | | means to control Chaos and prolong its own inevitable fate. | | | | By controlling Chaos, the planet also succeeds in preventing the advent | | of Omega. If Chaos is allowed to fulfill his destiny of destruction, | | Omega's awakening cannot be far behind. | | | | That is why I... | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= G REPORTS [04d] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Collecting all 3 of these documents will unlock the hidden ending. The movie shows after the "THE END" screen. Locations of the files are as follows: ============================================================================ Chapter 08B : Provide cover fire for the WRO member that's trying to deactivate the laser barricade. Once open, go through it, and climb the ladder at the end of the path. Chapter 10 : Find it under the stairs on along the back of the rooftops. Chapter 11 : At the room with a round elevator platform. Have that platform take you up, and walk on the pipes towards the north edge. ============================================================================ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 01 : Taboo | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | The Shinra Company is feared across the globe for its ruthless army, | | SOLDIER. | | | | However, there are two members of this legion of whom few have the | | courage to speak. | | | | While one is well known: the infamous "S" -- a symbol of strength and | | destruction -- the other remains shrouded in an eldritch veil of | | shadows. All records of this man's existence have been deleted, the | | only remnant of his legacy being the lone letter "G". | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 02 : A Single Record | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | "G"... | | We can only begin to imagine who this enigmatic warrior might be. | | | | There are rumors that he was a biochemically constructed prototype for | | the soldier who would become "S". However, there are no documents to | | support these claims. In fact, there is so little information on "G" | | that his existance may be nothing but a fabrication. | | | | The only thing that may give insight into this mystery is a lone | | personnel record which indicates that several years ago, a soldier 1st | | class was assigned a top-secret mission to pursue a target referred to | | only as "G". Unfortunately, any further data on this mission has been | | lost or destroyed... | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Report # 03 : Below Midgar | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | "G" slumbers below Midgar... | | Silently abiding his awakening... | | | | Or so tell the stories of vagrants who dwell in the slums of the | | mephitic metropolis. However, could there exist some truth behind these | | rumors? | | | | Being one of the few who was involved in their construction, I know all | | too well of the vast caverns that sprawl deep beneath our city's | | streets. | | | | This will more than likely be my final entry. The last fragment of data | | I have uncovered reads as follows: | | | | Soldiers branded with epithets of color... | | These are the hellspawn of "G". | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= EQUIPMENTS [04e] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customizable Weapons [04e-1] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ CERBERUS MODIFICATION TREE ============================================================================ Cerberus | Cerberus II | Cerberus III | +-------------+-------------+ | | | P Cerberus S Cerberus M Cerberus | | | P Cerberus Gamma S Cerberus Gamma M Cerbeus Gamma | | | Powered Cerberus Zero Cerberus Quantum Ceberus ============================================================================ +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Weapon | Cost | Weight | Power | Speed | Range | Ammo | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Cerberus | 1000 | 540 | 60 | 80 | 60 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Cerberus II | 2000 | 540 | 105 | 80 | 60 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Cerberus III | 5000 | 540 | 105 | 80 | 60 | 24 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Cerberus | 10000 | 540 | 145 | 55 | 60 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Cerberus | 10000 | 420 | 105 | 95 | 60 | 24 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Cerberus | 10000 | 420 | 110 | 80 | 60 | 48 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Cerberus Gamma | 17000 | 540 | 145 | 55 | 60 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Cerberus Gamma | 17000 | 420 | 105 | 110 | 60 | 24 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Cerberus Gamma | 17000 | 420 | 115 | 80 | 60 | 60 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Powered Cerberus | 26000 | 420 | 200 | 55 | 60 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Zero Cerberus | 26000 | 120 | 105 | 125 | 60 | 24 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Quantum Cerberus | 26000 | 240 | 120 | 80 | 60 | 84 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ * The "Gamma" modifications have higher accuracies than their predecessors. ============================================================================ HYDRA MODIFICATION TREE ============================================================================ Hydra | Hydra II | Hydra III | +---------------+----------------+ | | | P Hydra S Hydra M Hydra | | | P Hydra Gamma S Hydra Gamma M Hydra Gamma | | | Gigant Hydra Feather Hydra Velvet Hydra ============================================================================ +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Weapon | Cost | Weight | Power | Speed | Range | Ammo | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Hydra | 1000 | 1050 | 140 | 65 | 140 | 05 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Hydra II | 2000 | 1050 | 140 | 65 | 150 | 08 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Hydra III | 5000 | 1050 | 160 | 65 | 150 | 08 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Hydra | 10000 | 1050 | 185 | 65 | 150 | 05 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Hydra | 10000 | 570 | 130 | 65 | 150 | 07 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Hydra | 10000 | 570 | 160 | 55 | 150 | 16 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Hydra Gamma | 17000 | 1050 | 225 | 30 | 150 | 03 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Hydra Gamma | 17000 | 330 | 130 | 85 | 150 | 07 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Hydra Gamma | 17000 | 570 | 165 | 55 | 150 | 28 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Gigant Hydra | 26000 | 1050 | 280 | 01 | 200 | 01 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Feather Hydra | 26000 | 30 | 140 | 125 | 170 | 08 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Velvet Hydra | 26000 | 570 | 170 | 80 | 170 | 42 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ ============================================================================ GRIFFON MODIFICATION TREE ============================================================================ Griffon | Griffon II | +-------------+----------------+ | | | P Griffon S Griffon M Griffon | | | P Griffon Beta S Griffon Beta M Griffon Beta | | | P Griffon Gamma S Griffon Gamma M Griffon Gamma | | | Dueling Griffon Sonic Griffon Starry Griffon ============================================================================ +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Weapon | Cost | Weight | Power | Speed | Range | Ammo | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Griffon | 1000 | 1050 | 25 | 140 | 20 | 35 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Griffon II | 2000 | 1050 | 35 | 140 | 20 | 40 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Griffon | 5000 | 1050 | 50 | 130 | 20 | 35 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Griffon | 5000 | 810 | 35 | 200 | 20 | 40 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Griffon | 5000 | 900 | 35 | 140 | 20 | 60 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Griffon Beta | 10000 | 1050 | 60 | 130 | 20 | 35 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Griffon Beta | 10000 | 810 | 35 | 200 | 40 | 40 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Griffon Beta | 10000 | 900 | 40 | 140 | 20 | 70 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | P Griffon Gamma | 17000 | 1050 | 60 | 130 | 20 | 35 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | S Griffon Gamma | 17000 | 510 | 35 | 200 | 40 | 40 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | M Griffon Gamma | 17000 | 510 | 45 | 140 | 20 | 70 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Dueling Griffon | 26000 | 1050 | 75 | 130 | 20 | 35 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Sonic Griffon | 26000 | 300 | 35 | 200 | 40 | 99 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Starry Griffon | 26000 | 300 | 50 | 140 | 20 | 99 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ ============================================================================ MODEL GUN MODIFICATION TREE ============================================================================ Model Gun -> Silver Model Gun -> Golden Model Gun -> Ultima Weapon ============================================================================ +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Weapon | Cost | Weight | Power | Speed | Range | Ammo | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Model Gun | -- | 30 | 01 | 85 | 05 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Silver Model Gun | 15000 | 30 | 02 | 85 | 40 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Golden Model Gun | 35000 | 30 | 03 | 85 | 40 | 18 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Ultima Weapon | 200000 | 30 | 200 | 140 | 200 | 99 | +------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Weapons [04e-2] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +-------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Weapon | Cost | Weight | Power | Speed | Range | Ammo | +-------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Bayonet Rifle | -- | 600 | 150 | 85 | 160 | 10 | +-------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Blast Machine Gun | -- | 1350 | 35 | 160 | 20 | 35 | +-------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ | Death Penalty | -- | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 06 | +-------------------+---------+--------+-------+-------+-------+------+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessories [04e-3] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ V. EXTRA [05] ============================================================================ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [05a] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CREDITS [05b] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=