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This FAQ can be posted on other websites other than gamefaqs.com as long as the FAQ remains unchanged and proper credit is given to me. This FAQ is for non-profitable purposes. This FAQ is copyright Kyle Boon 1999. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Worms 2 is the long awaited sequel to Worms. Worms was a sell out selling millions of copies. All the hype about Worms 2 coming out and is it really worth the wait...... Yes it is. Another sell out from Micro Prose and Team 17. With more weapons, cool animations, great sounds and better graphics. This strategy game has lot of humor and is recommended for relieving stress( maybe ). Anyway, get ready to have a laugh as you blow away your most hated teacher or even your mom or dad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ STRATEGY/SUIVIVAL GUIDE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mission 1: You shouldn't have much problems here. The easiest stage. Just use your weapons to the max. You can't go wrong. Mission 2: Another pretty easy stage. The thing is, you need to have sharp shooting. It's the key to this stage. Mission 3: The TEAM 17 terrain.You've got to wait a few turns before you get your weapons so there's no harm in getting the crates that are droppping from the sky.Remember that if you don't take the crates, your opponents will probably gain the upper hand. Heed this advice and you'll win. Mission 4: A stage with not much space to move. Wait a few turns and you'll get a couple of homing missiles. Quite a few mines around so try not to get within the mines' area to blow up. You can also try to setup your opponents by using your weapons. If you can get a direct hit by using a bazooka and the fella hits two mines, he's dead meat. Mission 5: Quite an easy stage. Your worms will be positioned in such a way that they will only need one shot to kill an opponent. But the bad thing is that your opponent can do the same to you. Just be careful. Your opponents are bound to make a least one mistake. Mission 6: the map of America! Hey! How come there are such maps? But there are even weirder ones in the later stages. You'll need sharp shooting here again as usual. Pick up that shotgun and fire away. Wipe out the easy to kill enemies first. then go for the harder ones. Do not be afraid to commit suicide with the enemy. Uzis and miniguns come in useful here too. But you'll have to wait for the minigun. They can push your enemies into the water. Mission 7: Yet another waiting stage. Remember to pick up those crates that are falling from the sky. Use the stuff in them to your advantage before the enemy gets it's reinforcements. Ninja ropes come in handy on this stage. You can also combo your opponents here. Try to use your bazooka( when you get it ) to get a shot on the enemy on the highest ledge. If done correctly, he'll fly and hit a mine, followed by another mine. A confirmed kill. Another to do this is to prod the enemy if you have gotten a prod from the crates. Note that there's a higher chance of your opponent hitting the mines when you use prod. Mission 8: I kinda hate this stage as your characters are put at the worst places. Plus your enemy's got a guy hiding between two platforms. Quite a few mines too. Weapons like the shotgun are useful here. It's worth the wait for the air and napalm strikes too. Mission 9: The terrain is seperated into two parts. Most of your guys will be on the left island. The rest should the right island with the CPU worms. All you need is those on the side with your enemies to do the job. Abuse your dynamite to your hearts content. Don't go stingy on your weapons. Mission 10: Another hard stage. You've got two of your worms standing at the edges of the island and they'll probably get eliminated. Plus, you can't move. It makes things worse. Some aiming is needed for this stage. A cheap but good tactic on this stage would be to teleport your dying men onto your opponents. Then commit suicide with them. Mission 11: 14 worms cramped onto one small puny island. It's way easy to kill and get killed. Remember that you have a limited amount of bazooka shots so use in moderation. Combo your opponents as there are quite a few mines. Mission 12: Same like stage two. With the exception that you have a limited amount of shotgun shots and that you have more opponents. All in all, this is an easy stage. Mission 13: The WORMS 2 terrain. Another stage where you have to pick up as many crates as possible as it'll give you an advantage over your opponents Because it's another waiting stage. Keep to this strategy and you'll win. Remember that you can jump from letter to letter. Mission 14: A very weird stage indeed. The terrain is seperated into three parts. These three islands or whatever you wanna call them look like three different aliens. Anyway, there's a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. It's worth waiting for the air and napalm strikes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHEATS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some cheats: NOTE THAT I HAVE NOT GOTTEN ALL THE LEVEL PASSWORDS Level passwords: Mission 2: TIMETHEREWERE Mission 3: SOMESMALLWORMS Mission 4: WHOGOTVERYVERY Mission 5: ANNOYEDAND Mission 6: DECIDEDTO Mission 7: GOTOARMSIN Mission 8: ORDERTOWIPE Mission 9: OUTTHEIR Mission 10: VICIOUSENEMY Mission 11: COUNTERPARTS Mission 12: THEYDEVELOPED Mission 13: SOMEREALLY Mission 14: COOLWEAPONSSUCH Create a team called "TEAM17MICROPROSE". Then name you worms. When you go in a match, you and your opponent will have all the weapons. That's all I have now, but more to come later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ TIPS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some tips : During a match, always look at the wind direction and how powerful it is. This is quite important as it'll tell you whether you should fire a straight bazooka shot, depend on the wind to direct your shot and hit the opponent, or use a different weapon. The wind direction and power can for example change the direction of your bazooka missile. It can do the same for other missiles, bullets and bombs etc. When firing bullets and bombs etc, aim properly. You'll need a bit of luck and quite good aiming to get a direct hit on your opponent. Stuff like the shotgun, handgun, uzi and minigun don't need much aiming. When parachuting, press F1 and your worm will take out it's bazooka and will automatically aim and shoot your enemy. That's all folks.